Stratford Park Development LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 16905 Bondesson St., $162,000.

Larson, Matthew and Sarah to Bierlein, Graham A. and Jill M., 14961 Sage Circle, $350,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16398 Mormon St., $35,850.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16404 Mormon St., $35,850.

Bos, Vanessa L. to Sharp, Greg and Mary, 15701 N. Second St., $185,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Petersen, Timothy and Molly A., 7302 N. 169th St., $508,445.

Vacek, Chad and Jennifer to KC Custom Homes LLC, 12709 N. 179th St., $19,400.

Konrad, Michael and Angela to Bush, Stephen T. and Jessica M., 8116 N. 148th Ave., $223,000.

Callison, Zachary A. and Tara L. to Garcia, Martin and Marlita, 14821 Prairie Star St., $339,900.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Muller, Tyrell and Samantha, 8028 N. 173rd St., $243,220.

JDMartinez LLC to Talmadge, Christopher Winston and Butler, Kasey M., 12801 N. 182nd St., $469,221.

Watson Rei LLC to Carter, Daniel, 14541 Mormon St., $201,800.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Lukehart, Alex J. and Anna L., 7355 N. 170th St., $380,450.

Birulkin, Brandon and Betsy to Ledesma, Brooke A., 14952 Grebe St., $216,500.

Flair, Andrew to Andresen, Bruce and Kristen, 8810 N. 161st St., $270,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 7433 N. 169th St., $55,650.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Roza, Jim and Jennifer, 8932 N. 170th St., $329,737.

Lane, Tyler and Danielle to Schneider, Jacob J. and O’Connor, Katherine, 15915 Fillmore Circle, $230,500.

Mollak, Rebecca L., personal representative of Mollak, David G. to Charvat, Jarek F. and Madison M., 10320 N. 191st Ave., $294,850.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Mills, Richard J., trustee of Trust Mills Revocable Trust, 7104 N. 145th St., $323,736.


Reinhardt, Mark Ardell and Patricia Ann to Sunagawa, David T. G., 1305 S. 218th St., $225,000.

H3 Custom Homes LLC to Phi LLC, 1329 S. 208th St., $80,000.

Meng, Alexander N. and Leanna M. to Shimek, Janae, 20826 Clark St., $237,000.

Tru-Vision Custom Homes LLC to Geiger, Matthew R. and Meredith M., 1714 S. 221st St., $596,900.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Bartos, Patrick G. and Kellie J., 5719 S. 238th St., $182,497.

Denker, Howard C., personal representative of Denker, Lois to Millerd, Glenn L. Jr. and Eloise J., 2702 N. 191st St., $150,000.

Denker, Howard C. to Millerd, Glenn L. Jr. and Eloise J., 2702 N. 191st St., $150,000.

Belt Construction Co Inc. to Romero, Jake A., 19065 George Miller Parkway, $63,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Zych Construction LLC, 2606 N. 188th St., $45,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Osmera, Matthew J. and Jill N., 18419 Willis Ave., $350,172.

Haven Homes Nebraska LLC to Desoe, Michael and Kaitlin, 20912 Sequoia St., $329,950.

Bartunek, Melissa E. and Charles J. to Brant, Tony, 21201 Appaloosa Drive, $175,000.

Sorenson, Eric V. and Tara Lee to Teel, Jason and Robin, 19308 Boyd St., $415,000.

LPC Properties LLC to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 18914 Boyd St., $70,000.

Ladehoff, Rodger J. and Michawn M. to Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC, 3015 N. 200th Ave., $140,000.

Kolli, Venkata and Kanthety, Usha to Wang, Hanjun and Zhang, Yuanyuan, 18669 Webster Circle, $474,000.

Boulevard Homes Inc. to Shannon, Nickolaus and Lindsay, 18238 Farnam St., $325,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Amato, Anthony R., 4901 N. 205th St., $326,216.

Morrison, William R. and Tracy A. to Bailey, Rick A. and Lopez, Ana Sophia, 818 S. 190th Ave., $325,000.

TMKP LLC to Pekedo LLC, 20585 Elkhorn Drive, $240,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 18313 Sherwood Ave., $58,500.

Oster Construction Inc. to Klemke, Matthew and Terra, 1508 S. 218th Ave., $140,000.

Gardner, Jacob M. and Ellen M. to Thomson, Nathaniel L. and Judkins, Melanie M., 1618 N. 213rd St., $395,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kierstead, Alexandra and Thomas, 20509 E St., $273,071.

Tuosto, Stephen J. and McCarthy, Jenny A. to Mattox, Mark and Jill, 19859 Burke St., $340,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Arokiaraj, Noel and Mariyasagayam, Marie, 19019 Boyd St., $399,534.

Robinson, Margaret M. and Robinson, Todd to Harrison, Christopher J. Sr. and Linda J., 19404 Grande Ave., $175,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 2615 N. 185th St., $62,000.

McClenahan, Julia A. to Dilbeck, Jeffrey Scott, 3965 S. 205th St., $344,900.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builder Inc. to Mouw, Nicholas and Sara Ann, 2623 N. 189th St., $326,221.

Jackson, Laurisa R. and Keith to McArdle, Barry, 2115 S. 212nd St., $525,000.

Haskett, Joseph and Marinus, Morgan to KJG Properties LLC, 3402 N. Main St., $150,000.

Miller, Aaron L. and Rachelle B. to Cappello, Cole and Danielle, 4026 N. 211st St., $185,000.

Westerfield, Julia K. and Marc W. to Siemer, Joshua and Jena, 19501 Wirt St., $290,000.

Augustine, Kenneth W. and Judith R. to Murray, Debra, 916 N. 185th St., $280,000.

Grubbe, Eric and Karen S. to Boschee, Jon and Cristine Marie, 3007 N. 194th St., $402,000.

Schoenherr, Jill Lynn to Bartlett, Randall D., 3808 Appaloosa Drive, $155,000.

Kudirka, Tom to Nielsen, Kenneth L. and Sharon R., 20706 Boyd St., $381,000.

ER-North Development LLC to Vanderhaven, Paul M. and Barbara J., 1406 N. 196th St., $70,000.

Shook, Jeoffrey M. and Kathlene I. to Hancock, Douglas and Elgie, 1525 N. 212nd St., $255,000.


Browning, William A. and Josephine M. to Crnkovich, Christine Ann and Randall Scott, 33 Ginger Woods Circle, $597,500.

Troia, Robert and Drake, Carol A. to Brabec, Daniel J. and Esther H., 28 Ginger Cove Road, $489,000.

Charvat and Associates Inc. to Robbins Enterprises LLC, 6060 N. 261st Circle, $175,000.

Timm, Matt D., trustee of Timm Revocable Trust to Kuska, Wayne R. and Teresa A., 26725 Taylor St., $700,000.


Monaco, Cindy L. to Giffin, Doug and Brandie, 414 Riverside Drive, $500,000.

Pirruccello, John J. and Paula R. to Myhre, Chris H. and Deda M., 400 Riverside Drive, $405,000.

Welch, David and Robyn to Altman, Jason A. and Janelle, 23411 Denton St., $35,500.


Probst, Dale E., trustee of Dale E. Probst Revocable Trust to Wood, Janelle and Casey, 312 S. 16th St., $95,000.

Ready, John E., trustee of Ready Family Trust to Tiede, Susan B., 1308 Jackson St., $245,000.

Hamilton, Robin R. to Red Ladder LLC, 210 S. 16th St., $128,500.

Yao, Hsiang Wen and Zhang, Chao to Lwag LLC, 300 S. 16th St., $135,000.

Future Forward LLC to Nodo LLC, 1001 N. 12th St., $1,250,000.

Hudson, Richard H. Jr. and Tamara S. to Bremser, Brett D. and Debra K., 1308 Jackson St., $565,000.


Seitz, Stephen E. to Clark, Monica R., 6322 Ogden St., $179,900.

Reese, Travis J. and Jene N. to Becerra, Yolanda and Sanchez, Saturnino Tlatenchi, 6104 Ruggles St., $152,950.

New Beginnings in Christ to Local Church in Omaha, 6202 Blondo St., $250,000.

Gilroy, James P. and Christine to Ashmore, Marcelia Irene, 6321 Taylor Circle, $115,500.

Yeaman, Paul E. Jr. and Sandra L. to Square 1 Property Solutions LLC, 2738 N. 49th St., $50,000.

Bender, Sarah E. and Lynch, Patrick to Valerio, Marni M., 2047 N. 64th St., $135,000.

Lindquist, Eric H. Trust to Pace & Lee LLC, 7072 Seward St., $110,000.

Berry, Rochelle L. to Collera, Brian Anthony and Allison D., 2024 N. 61st St., $130,500.

Watkins, Sheila to Holmes, Sherrell, 5633 Ogden St., $160,000.

Hayes, Sylvia R. and Langford, Duane E. to Siebrandt Commercial LLC, 4647 Camden Ave., $52,000.

123 N. 37 Street LLC to 360 Rental Properties LLC, 5204 N. 60th St., $950,000.

Matuella, Jeffrey G. and Matczak, Melissa A. to Kourlas, Jim and Sommer, Emily, 2538 Country Club Ave., $335,000.

Pike, Alberta C. to Shirk Management LLC, 6322 Manderson St., $80,000.

Mar, Mi and Reh, Toe to Cho, Maung and Mabee, Yahee, 3208 N. 49th St., $140,000.

Haley, Ross and Ashley to Banks, Jordan Thomas and Taylor P., 5704 Seward St., $269,900.

Griffin, Jackie and Rebecca to Knutson, Samantha, 4735 N. 64th St., $117,000.

Krajicek, William C. and Jane F. to Scott, Jesse, 2301 N. 71st St., $127,800.

Reed, Elbert D. to Reed, Elbert D. and Clark P., 6017 Ruggles St., $37,266.

Lafferty, Janna Mary Kramer and Kramer, Janna M. to Hartman, Joseph and Ashley, 6913 Bedford Ave., $135,000.

SAS Properties LLC to Farkas, Peter, 2908 N. 50th St., $54,500.

Belanger, Richard M. and Susan H. to Moon, Jeffrey A., 3122 N. 49th Ave., $138,500.

York, Glenn P. III to Dundee Bank, 6069 Maple St., $195,000.

Vaccaro, Jodi Ann to Win, Myo, 3908 N. 48th St., $140,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Solis, Maria Evangelina Cruz and Morales, Jesus Antonio Sanchez, 6639 Seward St., $71,000.

Monjaras, Joseph to Farkas, Peter, 5852 Blondo St., $134,000.

Behrens, Gail to Harp, Kimberly, 3302 N. 55th St., $140,000.

Fischer, Gerald L. to Schumacher, Thomas M. and Elizabeth P., 6022 Decatur St., $125,000.

Mangus, Nancy Robbins and Guy D. to Cesh LLC, 5034 Evans St., $91,000.

Alexander, Catrina M. and James D. to Griesbach Construction Inc. and Griesbach, Marty, 3205 N. 56th St., $82,000.

Bank of the West to Sommerer, Kody R. and Sara C., 4421 N. 61st St., $46,000.

Stark, Jane A. and Ron D. to Saw, Maung, 3320 N. 49th St., $129,000.

Growth Financial Services LLC to Kadrow Investments LLC, 1816 Mayfield Ave., $70,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Bellamy, Timothy A. and Danelle L., 4928 Franklin St., $149,000.


Wells Fargo Bank to Ofri, Adam, 3841 Grover St., $85,000.

Wegner, Barbara Ann to Fuller, Stephen and Cynthia, 3503 Vinton St., $38,000.

Jensen, Patricia A. to Mackey Properties LLC, 4362 Pacific St., $100,000.

JG 389 to Greymorr Real Estate LLC, 3410 Jackson St., $100,000.

Bailey, Ryan P. and Karen K. to Milford, Michele R., 4372 Mason St., $138,000.

Anderson, Lindsey E. and Steinbach, Ryan to Farrell, Sean P. and Babe, Alison R., 4303 Woolworth Ave., $305,000.

Rasmussen, Lawrence M. and Marletta A. to Barker, Grace, 2821 S. 36th St., $147,000.

Murguia, Luzelena to S&A Properties LLC, 3519 Walnut St., $146,400.

Cohano Investments LLC to Interiano, Mario Antonio Pineda, 3011 S. 39th St., $150,000.

Santos, Marta A. and Rivera, Adelio to Cortez, Luis E. Medina, 3231 S. 39th St., $103,000.

Oswald, Jesse and Cheryl to Schomer, David and Samantha, 4358 Pacific St., $196,000.

Harrison, Christopher J. and Jane to Phoenix Realty Fund A. LLC, 4323 Marcy St., $95,000.

Motsinger, Molly and Oneil, Kyle to Yager, Mary, 2218 S. 41st St., $177,000.

Cummingham, David J. and Diane S. to Carrig, David J., 3015 S. 33rd St., $156,160.

Murphy, Caitlin N. and Amanda J. to Wiginton, Dawson and Danica, 616 S. 32nd Ave., $200,000.


Durand, Marijoe to Transformation Realty LLC, 6167 Walnut St., $87,000.

Blackmore, Derrick D. to Blackmore, Derrick D. and Bouckaert, Cheryl L., 2213 S. 59th St., $37,500.

Jenson, Alexandra J. and Clatterbuck, Alexandra J. to Potter, Marian J., 6157 Walnut St., $175,000.

Dredla, Jillian M. to Akers, Camille, 1302 S. 63rd St., $206,000.

Lewis, Richard L. III and Sturgeon, Marjorie to Koley, David and Alyssa, 1620 S. 49th St., $188,000.

Twocan LLC to TKC Center LLC, 1916 S. 49th St., $1,700,000.

Judkins, Melanie M. and Thomson, Nathaniel L. to Salazar, Edward and Sarah, 2727 S. 48th Ave., $174,000.

Moray, Brenna M. to Moray, Brenna M. and Cindy Hindman, 516 S. 56th St., $100,950.

Jensen, Kimberly and Maryanski, Kara to Bobbitt, Jason and Burnette, Courtney, 834 S. 59th St., $246,000.

Dinan, Bradley Joseph and Alycia to Adkisson, Brent and Ruth, 1905 S. 61st Ave., $160,000.

Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity to Kresnik, James D. and Stunkard, Cole, 1860 S. 55th St., $116,000.

Green, Mackenzie R. to Harvey, Sara M., 2115 S. 49th Ave., $150,000.

Hofmaier, Dale A. and Jodie A. to Lapar, Jonathan, 4913 Pine St., $101,500.

Schiermeyer, Jeffrey D. and Adams, Kirk E. to Dolinski, Emily L., 961 S. 51st St., $152,000.

Babka, Helen and Helen R. to McCarthy, Brian J. and Christie J., 3004 S. 48th Ave., $58,333.

Babka, Linda to McCarthy, Brian J. and Christie J., 3004 S. 48th Ave., $58,333.

Babka, Scott J. and Heather Leigh to McCarthy, Brian J. and Christie J., 3004 S. 48th Ave., $58,333.

Keeton, Sandra P. to JKP Properties LLC, 3332 S. 52nd St., $95,000.

Sutton, Robert E. and Susan R. to Carpenter, Bruce D. and Rkachea A., 6234 William St., $263,500.

Bane, Barbara E., trustee of Barbara E. Bane Revocable Trust to Moody, Lewis R. and Ruth D., 620 S. 70th St., $118,000.

Freed, Judy to Lee, Marcus, 6152 Walnut St., $189,000.

Smith, Marcella H. to Sanchez, Guillermo, 4513 B St., $119,000.

Kampfe, John and Kristen Kay Seda to Whitehead, Brandon, 6127 Poppleton Ave., $238,000.

Ford, Barry J., trustee of Jean M. Ford Living Trust to Hilgers, Matthew, 2209 S. 51st St., $152,000.


Pattavina, Jarrod L. to Garcia-Diaz, Jose J., 4324 S. 38th St., $115,000.

Hernandez, Luisa and Zuniga, Luisa Hernandez to Chaparro, Miguel Dominguez and Lorenzo, Sonia Abundio, 2801 Monroe St., $93,000.

FA Properties LLC to Imperio Inc., 4814 S. 24th St., $625,000.

Franklin, Cristabet R. to JKTT LLC, 5401 S. 32nd St., $110,100.

Vision Properties LLC to Rangel, Amador and Cira Velazquez De, 5444 S. 21st St., $72,000.

Quezada, David and Eva B. to Owens, Rachel E., 4202 S. 39th Ave., $142,000.

Jambert Land Holdings 6 LLC to 11T Ne LLC, 1527 Madison St., $42,500.

Cechin, Larry T. to Bujarski, Anthony, 3812 S. 22nd St., $30,000.

Dolezal, Troy, personal representative of Dolezal, James Joseph to Krantz, Sherri, 5818 S. 19th St., $68,500.

T & T Realty LLC to Siebrant Commercial LLC, 4823 S. 22nd St., $150,000.

Edison Street LLC to Flores, Tito, 5613 S. 15th St., $32,500.

Phekhit Properties LLC to Meneses, Eleazar and Ruperta, 5622 S. 32nd St., $122,000.

Gary Wilson Investments LLC to CBR Properties LLC, 2114 L St., $107,750.

Ruffcorn, Russell D. to GTM Properties LLC, 3969 S. 38th St., $70,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Bloke Storage LLC, 4542 S. 40th St., $30,000.

Vision Properties LLC to Widtfeldt, Eric S. and Remijio-Widtfeldt, Daniella A., 4228 Dayton St., $113,900.

Pierce, Nicholas to Sheckler, Kegan and Becky, 3640 T St., $129,900.

Vision Properties LLC to Castelan, Arcadio Angel Hernandez, 4212 S. 41st Ave., $75,000.

P&A Holdings LLC to Hurtado, Cristina Leyva and Casanova, Jesus Cantu, 5437 S. 20th St., $25,000.

Richart, James P. Jr. and Nicole to Espinosa, Ricardo Ceballos and Franco, Maria, 2540 Z St., $150,000.

Espinosa, Ricardo Ceballos and Franco, Maria to Nearby Towing LLC, 1920 Drexel St., $167,500.

Stcyr, Theodore L. and Lucia to Stolp, Dale M., 5015 S. 38th St., $100,000.

Solis, Blanca Dilma Carpio to Ramirez, Daniel Roman, 6214 Wilson Circle, $110,000.


Gelnette, Timothy M. and Jolynn to Coronado-Rocha, Jose L. and Hernandez-Deyta, Fabiola C., 3020 S. 16th St., $121,850.

Bogacz, Allan M. to Albers, Ryan M., 2215 S. 19th St., $71,200.

Oremart Properties LLC to Kruse, Skyler and Ashley, 2318 S. 14th St., $100,000.

Flesher, Delores M. and Diane M. to Flesher, Douglas D., 1419 S. 12th St., $22,966.

HBI LLC to McNally, Patrick, 1427 S. 14th St., $60,000.

CSP Properties LLC to Kinnan, Corey T. and Andrea J., 1113 William St., $215,000.

Bell, Leroy E. and Cynthia to Hallman, Kris, 3470 S. 15th St., $120,000.

Banks, Taylor P. and Jordan T. to White, Willie R. and Fritts, Daysha J., 3470 S. 14th St., $147,000.

Carino, Mary E. Duron to Hernandez, Michelle N. and Jesus A., 1425 S. 11th St., $175,000.

Pace, Justin Ronald to Peters, Greg, 622 Pierce St., $285,500.

Mangiamele, Gary Lee and Rosemarie J. to Cesh LLC, 2533 S. 10th St., $72,500.

Hopson, Cynthia J. to Nice Casas LLC, 1809 Center St., $44,000.

Himelic, George M. to Dudley, Ricky Lynn and Kathleen Joann, 1323 Martha St., $147,500.

Diaz, Ruben to Sanchez, Mere Gomez and Viscaino, Evangelina Diaz, 2019 Bancroft St., $50,000.


Kountze Park Crown III to Blake, Matkesha, 2219 Larimore Ave., $24,110.

Flye, Johnny T. to Flye, Johnny T. and Bryant, Adonna, 2120 Sprague St., $21,550.

Moss, Linda and Theodore to Moss, Linda, 2209 Evans St., $20,000.

Mitchell-Butler, Phyllis J. and Mitchell, Jerome Charles to Mott Properties LLC, 3253 N. 20th Court, $76,500.

Bleyhl, Richard A. to Stark, Ron and Jane, 4944 N. 13th St., $85,000.

Omaha Small Business Network Inc. to Seventy-Five North Revitalization Corp., 2505 N. 24th St., $1,450,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 5924 N. 24th St., $20,936.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 5924 N. 24th St., $23,461.


Strickland, Lillie Mae to Cravens, Lee, 4728 N. 41st St., $41,000.

Douglas, Allen S. and Lisa A. to Pohlman, Shane M., 3338 N. 40th Ave., $44,000.

H & S. Partnership LLP to Aguilera, Mario and Landeros, Judy, 3412 Corby St., $60,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Jhat Enterprises LLC, 3338 N. 40th Ave., $25,777.

Cochran, Darin to Brown, Reginald, 3456 Grant St., $53,400.

Jones, Latasha S. to Velasquez, Ana M. Vargas, 4314 N. 39th St., $83,000.

Johnson and Moon LLC to Guardado, Ernesto Antonio Guardado and Sanas, Veronica Del Carmen Guillen, 2611 Binney St., $25,000.

Terry, Timothy L. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 2620 Manderson St., $60,200.

Weinstein, Lee to Navarrete, Delmy Martinez, 5337 N. 35th St., $99,000.

Riskowski, Patrick T., trustee of John Riskowski Revocable Living Trust to Gutierrez-Centen, Martha, 2606 N. 41st St., $50,500.

Omaha Municipal Land Bank to C & N Investments LLC, 4236 Ames Ave., $23,500.

GB Angel Properties LLC to Loya, Geronimo R. and Teresa, 2420 Crown Point Ave., $29,000.

American National Bank Trust to New Wave Real Estate LLC, 2866 Pinkney St., $15,100.

Dawkins, Marquez M. and Janessa C. to Cha Properties LLC, 4243 Curtis Ave., $35,000.

Walker, Steven W. Jr. to Walker, Clois G., 2565 Spaulding St., $24,200.

Zavala, Jose Guadalupe Rosiles and Tapia, Raquel Contreras to Pozos, Alejandra, 2588 Himebaugh Ave., $42,000.

Stovall, Sonia A., personal representative of Stovall, Sandra Y. to Rieckman, Rita, 3429 Curtis Ave., $62,000.

Cesh LLC to Donnelly, Patrick A., 4340 Parker St., $117,000.

My Hometown LLC to Franzen, Randall, 5702 N. 39th St., $48,000.

Harris, Courtney and Bryion to Dean Properties LLC, 3046 Arcadia Ave., $43,500.

Moore, Shemicka, personal representative of Moore, Murry to Ramirez, Jorge Morales and Hernandez, Erika Perez, 4616 N. 31st Ave., $33,000.

Amsden, Richard D. and Donna to Urban Firebird LLC, 5902 N. 39th St., $60,500.

Webster, James W., trustee of James & Donna Webster Trust to JDV LLC, 3732 N. 36th Ave., $22,000.

Maven Avenue LLC and Bt2 Omaha Assets LLC to Mumphrey, Audria A., 4331 Miami St., $139,900.

Ostdiek, Dennis P. and Laurie L. to 39F LLC, 3325 N. 42nd St., $145,000.

Vaughan, Beverly J. to Maya, German Hernandez, 3527 N. 38th St., $20,000.

Corado, Dimas Ramirez to Corado, Ronaldo O. Ramirez and Maeda, Milvia Nohemi Escobar, 2441 Pinkney St., $37,300.


Wells Fargo USA Holdings to Taddy, Bablue and Gay, Ehler, 2877 Sharon Drive, $40,000.

McFarlin, Peggy A. to Wehrili-Mcfarlin, Leslie, 8720 N. 31st St., $99,100.

Bahle, Mark and Jamisin to 98 Properties LLC, 8004 N. 30th St., $75,000.

Curry, Joyce F., trustee of Joyce F. Curry Living Trust to Maloney, Shaun and Elizabeth, 3706 Hawk Woods Circle, $485,000.

Double A. Homes LLC to Wagner, Anthony, 2523 Sharon Drive, $125,000.

Bronte Holdings III LLC and Bronte Companies LLC to Shaw, Thomas A., 3046 Ernst St., $110,000.

Blake, Jeffrey A. and Kathleen to Dendinger, Chad, 2718 Weber St., $66,500.

Coulter, Stephen M. to 39F LLC, 2718 Wyoming St., $125,000.

Comer, Shannon M. and McManus, Shannon M. to 39F LLC, 6525 N. 40th St., $130,000.

Carlisle, Mary to Mays, Maximiano Olvera, 3315 Weber St., $135,000.


Witte, Cheryl L. to Boetcher, Jordan L., 8215 Bowie Drive, $140,000.

Schmidt, Jarrett B. and Tomoko to Hallgren, John and Elizabeth, 8604 Broadmoor Drive, $365,000.

McSharry, Rita L., trustee of Rita L. McSharry Trust to McClure, Laurel Louise and Danny, 1908 N. 103rd Ave., $250,000.

Abrahams, Jennifer Lynn and Robert Bradford to Wageman, Jonathan D. and Virginia E., 9501 Harney St., $690,000.

Rogers, Joshua A. to Sather, Mark C. and Jennifer N., 503 N. 74th Ave., $179,000.

Marsh, Patti J. to Lazoritz, John and Welch-Lazoritz, Melissa, 1027 N. 77th Ave., $132,000.

Singer, Mark, personal representative of Singer, Harriet B. to Maniktala, Sarita, 770 N. 93rd St., $495,000.

8801 Building Inc. to Safe Harbour Eat-XXXIII LLC, 10730 Pacific St., $4,125,000.

Taylor, Daniel L. and Mary Ann to Wells, Mary H. and Adam D., 1022 S. 80th St., $975,000.


Kaser, Jared J. to Panneerselvam, Narayanan and Batcha, Nithya, 4802 N. 175th St., $270,000.

Saint, Travis J. and Rebecca N. to Amiri, John, 2127 N. 167th Circle, $160,000.

Mezera, Nathan P. and Hannah to Drews, Michael and Kristyn L., 4615 N. 165th St., $219,500.

Farnum, Corey L. and Heidi M. to Jarecke, Holly J. and Justin L., 6102 N. 163rd St., $320,000.

Schonlau, Christina J. to Henninger, Julie, 17222 Emmet St., $245,000.

Fuchs, Terri A., trustee of Terri A. Fuchs Trust to Yates, Jim and Cindy, 16312 Camden Ave., $185,000.

Shrestha, Sandila and Bajracharya, Pramod to Compton, Charles II and Barbara, 15066 Meredith Ave., $251,000.

Bossert, Whitney and Michael to Trumbull, Aimee, 16419 Ohio St., $246,000.

Campney, Nicholas R. and Lenae R. to Johnson, Craig and Megan, 2221 N. 176th Ave., $368,000.

Mullen, Laura A. and Tyler J. to Cannon, Jessica, 14942 Ellison Ave., $284,000.

Swahn, Curtis H. to Nelson, Cody and Reese, Milana, 5408 N. 160th Avenue Circle, $450,000.

Bertucci, Todd M. and Kelly M. to Kudrna, Brian and Bobbi J., 17301 Erskine Circle, $345,000.

Arroyo, Brian D. and Jessica to Hancock, Jonathan and Heather, 3305 N. 179th St., $515,000.

Rusche, Damon E. and Melanie to Santiago, Jose Moreno De and Moreno, Fabiola Gutierrez De, 5508 N. 151st St., $295,000.

Carpenter, Michael W. and Joyce A. to Farrell, Janet, 16720 Jaynes Circle, $300,000.

Treadway, Douglas W. to KL Capital LLC, 4401 N. 146th Court, $146,000.

Sandoval, Philip F. to Carrington, Catherine U., trustee of Catherine Carrington Living Trust, 14925 Redman Ave., $240,000.

Sankaraneni, Ram Mohan R. and Pinninti, Mamatha to Christensen, Christopher and Oleary, Rebecca, 2608 N. 169th St., $585,000.

Kountze, Carrie A. and Michael to Merritt, Michael Lee, 4314 N. 163rd St., $267,000.

Muhs, Donald J. and Diane H. to Anderson, Jennifer L., 4901 N. 176th St., $254,900.

Belt, Neal T. and Ashley M. to Murakami, Glenn T., trustee of Glenn & Patricia Murakami Revocable Trust, 15305 Butler Ave., $212,000.

Lukehart, Alex J. and Anna L. to Bell, Mitchell and Alivia, 4305 N. 162nd Ave., $280,000.

Walker, Matt Steven to Price, Pamela J., 2917 N. 149th St., $231,000.

Flatwater Property Management LLC to Nabity, Joe, 5912 N. 167th Place, $150,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Armas, Rolando, 6002 N. 154th Ave., $292,418.

Althoff Properties LLC to Niebur, Gerald L. and Janet J., 14460 Meredith Ave., $183,000.

Gurung, Santi and Chhetri, Nar M. to Meyer, Zachary W., 4627 N. 166th St., $205,000.

Ferrin Jennifer L. to Hansen, Joel S. and Heather E., 4228 N. 163rd St., $275,000.

Desoe, Michael F. and Kate to Dittberner, Morgan L., 17164 Spaulding St., $195,000.

Blase, Robert L., personal representative of Blase, Thomas R. to Lierman, Whitney N., 4822 N. 177th St., $181,000.

Bozco Properties LLC to Wilson, Ellen, 3325 N. 148th Court, $157,900.

D & M. Martin & Associates LLC to Oswalt, Cody M. and McDermott, Taylor L., 2928 N. 155 Circle, $185,000.



Kratky, Bryan and Rebecca to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 6232 I St., $72,000.

Blume, Mark A. and Kim E. to Knoernschild, Paul and Markeeta, 4623 S. 45th St., $143,000.


Carr, Earl E. and Patricia A. to Schlabach, Heidi and Carr, Deanne, 17137 Western Circle, $290,000.

Stone, Nicholas and Megan R. to Pierce, Jacob J. and Jenna C., 16211 Franklin St., $228,500.

Branecki, Doug to Bi, Chang, 16318 Hamilton Circle, $282,000.

Batsukh, Otgontuya to Batsukh, Odontuya, 1722 N. 175th Place, $79,050.

Beaudoin, Nicholas J. and Sarah M. to Wolf, Christopher D. and Mary E., 16315 Underwood Ave., $560,000.

Mazzie, Donna J., trustee of Mazzie Family Revocable Title Holding Trust to Scherer, Matthew and Katherine, 16040 Franklin St., $282,500.

Oleson, Nicklaus P. and Johnston, Nicole A. to Dinan, Bradley and Alycia, 15715 Franklin St., $235,000.

Spikula, James R. to Western Financial LLC, trustee of Om 15692 Jackson Trust, 15692 Jackson Drive, $149,000.

Moylan, Sean D., trustee of Moylan Revocable Trust to Alex, Jeffery T. and Christina N., 428 S. 160th St., $359,650.

Kunken, David N. to Luthra, Sunil and Lala, 17880 Harney St., $363,912.

1823 N. 176th Plaza LLC to Bauwens, Nicholas D. and Ohlinger, Allie R., 1823 N. 176th Place, $185,000.

Kelberg, Larry M. to Cook, Timothy Jay and Jarvis, Todd Edmond, 305 S. 158th Ave., $300,000.

Hollingsworth, Karen H. to Eckersley, Jeffery L. and Ana C., 16371 Page St., $603,000.

Rankin, David D. and Sherol L. to Thorson, Brian and Elizabeth, 17205 Franklin Drive, $330,000.


Brink, Edward E. Trust to SKG Properties LLC, 10778 Potter St., $134,000.

Inc.ontro, Juanita L. and Ricky A. Jr. to Green, William David and Sharon Rae, 7853 Newport Ave., $165,000.

Jean-Baptiste, Decua to Molnar, Steven, trustee of Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 7853 Bauman Ave., $120,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vazquez, Guadalupe G. and Andrea R., 8510 King St., $204,947.

Pack, William G. and Catherine S. to Downing, Matt, 7602 Howell St., $170,000.

Venteicher, Myong to Quail, Rose M., 7962 Morris St., $175,000.

Steffen, Dustin and Tiffany to Duncan, Donald H. and Patti, 7406 N. 106th Ave., $221,000.

Graham, Rebecca to McMurphy, Melinda Ann, 6723 N. 75th St., $147,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sanders, Carlos M. and Talisca R., 8506 King St., $195,136.

Jacobson, Josh N. to Berg, Ryan A., 7384 N. 87th St., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schiermeyer, Jeffrey D. and Adams, Kirk E., 8523 Craig Ave., $212,668.

Roselle, Brad and Susan to Alcantara, Cesar and Naticia, 10314 Newport Ave., $269,000.

Swed, Monica Anne to Hajek, Kolby and Maria, 6722 N. 78th Terrace, $167,295.

Rollins, Bill B. and Carrie E. to Ellis, Angelica, 8334 Potter St., $226,500.

Ziegler, Matt and Jodene K. to Ziegler, Taylor, 8461 Baker St., $149,000.


Kruszka, Sharon to Mahnke, Brian and Brynn, 1756 S. 85th Ave., $580,000.

Halsey, Laurence A. and Cynthia B. to Williams, Pakawan T., 9107 Arbor St., $97,000.

Roach, Mark, personal representative of Roach, Roberta to Weilage, Aaron, 1402 S. 75th St., $199,900.

Brown, Justin P. and Mary J. to Bethune, Gordon L. and Anita M., 8605 B St., $132,500.

Putman, Jay and Coille A. to Adler, Kenneth R. and Julie A., 9829 Woolworth Ave., $265,000.

3650 S. 72nd Owner LLC to Omaha Hotel Property Owner LLC, 3702 S. 72nd St., $17,550,100.

Trout, Daniel C. and Tietjen, Heather to Candor Properties VI LLC, 3013 S. 72nd Ave., $150,000.

Sobczyk, Ann M., trustee of Velma Langenfeld Revocable Trust to Anderson, Travis and Madeline, 3055 S. 105th Ave., $230,000.

Jaixen, Lucille to Jaixen, Stephen and Jennifer, 3513 S. 88th St., $175,000.

Mitchell, Sarah M., trustee of John and Shirley Mitchell Family Trust to Westside Community Schools Foundation Inc., 1111 S. 90th St., $500,000.

Opperman, Michael Paul to McDonald, Jeffrey M., 3605 S. 105th Ave., $299,900.

Morrison, Ryan M. and Betsy L. to Ostdiek, William J. and Colleen D., 9468 Pauline St., $475,000.


Larsen, Candance J., personal representative of Marquis, Lu Jane to Diaz, Diana R., 8205 Walnut Lane, $162,000.

Swanda, William E. Jr. to Grabow, Mary B. and Swanda, William E. Jr., 10417 M St., $56,000.

Leidenthal, Kelley to Garst, Jeffrey, 6114 S. 76th Ave., $162,000.

Issaka, Saluhu and Jordan, Josephine to Coldanghise, Brian and Katie, 5879 S. 104th Ave., $235,000.

Roche, Nicholas J. to Pantoja, Leonel Rangel and Rangel, Irma, 7627 Drexel St., $196,000.

Sistek, Barbara K. to Teeples, Bryan P. and Kristina L., 9113 Adams St., $305,000.

Germer, Michael J. and Debra A. to Judkins, Jeff and Carol A., 4906 S. 78th St., $172,000.

Brayshaw, William J. to Brayshaw, Jean M., 8911 Monroe St., $200,000.

Kentfield, Dennis E. and Lisa J. to Hutton, Kevin J. Jr., 4983 S. 87th St., $190,000.

R&R Enterprises and R. & R. Enterprises to Lakeside Investments LLC, 5620 S. 85th Circle, $950,000.

Bridgeman, Mary Jane B. to Floridia, Alexis, 5610 S. 92nd Place, $122,000.

Krzeminski, Tammie M. to Hayworth, Andrew and Amanda, 5033 S. 90th St., $160,000.


Gamble, Brock R. and Jennifer L. to Stiehl, Joy and Byrne, Angela N., 3650 S. 191st Ave., $227,500.

Rizvi, Barbara C., trustee of Barbara C. Rizvi Revocable Trust to Cornell, William and Mary, 19108 Marinda Circle, $395,000.

Bowen, Timothy P. to McGaffin, Timothy and Lori, 19036 Hansen St., $259,500.

Jakubowski, Brian R. to Kunalic, Adi and Shannon, 17229 Poppleton Ave., $305,000.

Luthra, Sunil and Lala to Kosel, Darren J. and Flor, 2017 S. 183rd Circle, $434,000.

Martin, Karen K. to Caniglia, Jeffrey J. and Ronna B., 15905 Dorcas Circle, $220,000.

Kessler, Rodney R. to Christenson, Rodney and Diane, 1808 S. 183rd Circle, $385,000.

Kennedy, Wayne E. to Anzalone, Antonio O., 1273 S. 165th St., $145,000.

Konstantinov, Elizabeth L. and Andre B. to Vacanti, Matthew J. and Yajaira D., 16523 Pine St., $203,000.

Coldanghise, Brian N. and Katie to Coulter, Stephen, 16229 Arbor St., $215,000.

Grennan, Joann to Baber, Todd D. and Neuvirth, Holly L., 1829 S. 179th St., $325,000.

Sprague, Charles Joseph and Sonja Kay to Kampfe, John S. and Kristen K., 15618 Pine St., $385,000.

Barth, Perry E. and Susan M. to Hani, Ossama, 19018 B St., $246,000.

Gille, Diana E. to McMahon, Leslie D., 17563 Shirley St., $345,000.

Lane, Sandra A. and Brucker, Garrett to Fairchild, Joshua and Erin, 16706 Elm Circle, $322,500.

Plagge, David J. and Shelli K. Wobken to Hartman, David and Teresa, 1417 S. 190th Place, $450,000.

Oswald, John J. and Stephanie C. to Gonzalez, Baldemar III, 18631 Lamont St., $415,000.

Ibarra, Michelle Marie to Widman, Timothy J. and Caitlin C., 16628 Poppleton Ave., $224,500.

Thorson, Brian T. and Elizabeth S. to Enos, William, 1811 S. 169th Circle, $230,000.

Bellinghausen, Brian J. and Angela C. to Lee, Matthew J. and Elisabeth A., 17718 Dorcas Circle, $337,000.

Eitzmann, Donald D., trustee of Donald And Ellen Eitzmann Revocable Trust to Trusler, Timothy F. and Jill L., 1223 S. 167th St., $220,000.

Kamprath, Nathan A. and Jennifer L. to Shively, Ted R. Jr. and Joanne, 3843 S. 191st St., $230,000.

Magenheimer, Susann to Bellinghausen, Brian and Angie, 20179 Nina St., $307,000.

Jarzobski, Joseph A. and Geraldine M. to Hooks Property LLC, 1636 S. 186th Circle, $850,000.

Hayes, Matthew P. and Stacy L. to Ebel, Michael and Fran, 16117 Shirley St., $189,000.

Nygren, Bradley R. and Pamela G. to Ludwick, Kara L., 1304 S. 165th Ave., $228,000.


Thraen, Jerome, trustee of Carey A. Grow Trust Share to Level Up Home Pros Inc., 3439 Webster St., $72,000.

Cudaback, Anne M. and Huddleston, Anne M. to Foss, Jonathan P., 104 S. 37th St., $135,000.

Smith, Robert W. and Denise R. to Smith, Briana R., 105 N. 31st Ave., $96,000.

Level Up Home Pros LLC to Blackborad Properties LLC, 3439 Webster St., $95,000.

Johnson, Genina G. to Grand Slam Investments LLC, 3000 Farnam St., $126,950.

Vondollen, Andy and Angela to Ludwickson, Johanna Marie, 619 N. 34th St., $195,000.

Andrews, John S. to Wilcox, James C., 3000 Farnam St., $71,500.

Whelton, John Mark to Bigsby, Keith E. and Monaghan-Bigsby, Michele M., 4150 Cass St., $135,000.

Young, Edward E. and Gail A. to March, Nichole Cheri and Cota, Tyler Richard, 3000 Farnam St., $128,500.

East Campus Realty LLC to Welch, Donna L., 120 S. 31st Ave., $392,900.

Rogers, Julie Austin to Rogers, Molly, 639 N. 42nd St., $90,000.

11T NE LLC to Transformation Realty LLC, 4031 Lafayette Ave., $50,000.

524 North 36th Street LLC to Kennedy, Amber Starr, 524 N. 36th St., $175,000.

Kraack, Kevin and Rebecca to Gray, Christian and Sonya, 1413 N. 40th St., $76,600.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to Reo Asset Mangement Company LLC, 615 N. 34th St., $64,200.

Reo Asset Mangement Company LLC to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 615 N. 34th St., $66,725.


Roberts, Teresa Jane to Pesek, Alexander C., 1103 N. 50th Ave., $122,300.

McKeever, Bret R. and Ashley A. to Leaf, Alexander Philip and Cara Jeanne, 1310 N. 54th St., $293,088.

Siems, Tiernan T. and Luz A. to Tut, Buey Ray and Nieto, Mariana, 5003 California St., $225,000.

Frasier, Bruce M. and Nielsen, Richard J. to Matuella, Jeffrey G. and Matczak, Melissa A., 5111 Lafayette Ave., $415,000.

Mata, Mi-Ya Emerald and Mi-Ya E. to Linkhart, Andrew and Angela, 124 Dundee Ridge Court, $279,000.

Klenk, Ben and Katherine to Romero, Jake A. and Troy A., 4912 Cuming St., $137,000.

Ruybalid, John and Leslie R. to J Ellis Properties LLC, 4712 Chicago St., $125,000.

Winter, Kenneth M. and Theresa M. to Renken, Lindsay N. and Shawn L., 320 S. 70th Ave., $325,000.

Bender, Ricky and Francois, Tracy to Koslosky, Chase, 109 S. 68th Ave., $190,000.

Aktimur, Beverly A., trustee of Beverly A. Aktimur Living Trust to Gilligan, Melissa J., 4808 Cuming St., $122,500.

Deanery Partners LLC to Arbor Hills Properties LLC, 4911 Davenport St., $272,000.


Murphy, Shane R. and Sierra N. to Koenig, Caleb J., 4305 N. 80th St., $195,900.

Martz, Roger A., personal representative of Martz, Lola E. to Kanne Korp LP, 2415 N. 84th St., $400,000.

Hayes, Justin C. and Kristin N. to Webster, Cody, 4311 N. 100th St., $205,000.

Yabut, Pablo and Maria Irene to Merino, Felipe and Edith N., 4706 N. 95th St., $125,000.

Baylor, Bruce R. and Brummel, Mary J. to Williams, Michaela G., 9373 Ohio St., $173,000.

Harrington, Nathan and Amanda to Kraack, Kevin S., 9016 Tomahawk Blvd., $163,000.

Derr, John William and Nola L. to Derr, Patrick W. and Patricia A., 4624 N. 95th St., $140,000.

Hannam, Marilyn J. to Lor, Thailyone and Vong, Jennifer, 4231 N. 91st St., $160,000.

Duffy, Matthew E. and Mary E. to Pascual, Julia A. Pascual, 4204 N. 92nd Ave., $150,000.

Doke, Tyler and Deborah to Basilico, Kim, 4707 N. 80th Ave., $177,000.

Cook, Barbara L. to Char, Caroline and Der, 9306 Spaulding St., $182,500.

Gilmore, Cody and Bethany M. Nichelson to Larsen, Sarah E., 8711 Grand Ave., $135,000.

Morgan, Anthony M. and Laura L. to Ruzicka, Riley J. and Tara H., 9733 Grand Ave., $130,000.

Just, Josef, trustee of Josef Just Revocable Trust to Eadie, G. Paul, 4624 N. 90th St., $130,000.

Cotto, Enrique F. to Walpus, Kyle, 4617 N. 96th St., $162,000.

Franco, Timothy J. to Schram, Charles, 10640 Laurel Ave., $160,000.

Degraff, Judith K., trustee of Paul & Norma Degraff Revocable Trust to Silk Properties LLC, 9905 Pratt St., $152,000.

Cahoon, John P. and Linda L. to Molnar Investments 401K Trust and Molnar, Steven, 2612 N. 88th St., $30,439.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to Steffes, Paul and Ronette, 10622 Nebraska Ave., $169,400.

Cahoon, John P., personal representative of Cahoon, Patricia J. to Molnar, Steven, trustee of Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 2612 N. 88th St., $30,439.

Vigen, Daniel J. and Nanon R. to Kennedy, Joel O. and Clara J., 5513 N. 78th Ave., $177,000.

Murphy, Heather to Dominico, Janeal R., 4111 N. 92nd Ave., $156,000.

Erdei, Gabriel C. and Mandie E. to Richter, Cindy M., 8726 Pinkney St., $145,000.

Olsen, Renee Louise and Nesmith, Renee Louise to Woodland Properties Nebraska LLC, 3405 Cottonwood Lane, $60,000.

Greco, James F. and Adela J. to Red Ladder LLC, 8516 Templeton Drive, $110,000.

Riewer, Marc L. and Charlotte to Mancuso, Gina, 9157 Taylor St., $185,000.


Radtke, Donald C. and Jonna G. to Metz, C. M., 4817 S. 178th St., $390,000.

Kennedy, Ronald J., trustee of Joseph & Elaine Kennedy Family Trust to Keimig, Richard Linnan and Hennessy-Keimig, Jeanne Katherine, 4977 S. 190th Ave., $229,500.

Robb, Kelli M. to Ebers, Steven D. and Kylie J., 6711 S. 188th Ave., $259,900.

Rockford, Alec J. to Faucher, Laura, 16631 Ehlers St., $210,000.

Souchek, Joshua and Jenna to Santos, Juan and Marla, 17613 H Circle, $221,500.

Barone, Mary E. to Beck, Laura L. and Michael R., 5413 S. 165th St., $418,000.

Riecken, Shannon S. to Maddox, Stephanie M. and Luke T., 4866 S. 170th St., $289,900.

Shockley, Gary W. and Kapsa, Melissa A. to Janulewicz, Michael J., 17559 Z Circle, $389,000.

Tucker, Tim and Lori to Kelley, Kurt A. and Tami M., 19619 Adams St., $387,000.

Smith, Joseph and Wendy to Olson, Jerod and Sarah, 6120 S. 182nd Ave., $357,500.

Thompson, Natalie J. and Francis, Natalie J. to Talbot, Matthew B., 5016 S. 194th St., $237,500.

Wisinski, James G. to Sistek, Barbara K., 6033 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $280,000.

Richt, Julia A. and Timothy P. to Parks, Jennifer Lee and Cunningham, Charles Alvin, 5625 S. 169th St., $355,000.

Rogers Living Trust and Deborah K. & David J. Rogers Living Trust to Merrifield-Olivia, Nicola, 16213 Orchard Circle, $210,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Belt, Neal and Ashley, 6613 S. 199th Ave., $389,555.

Cosgrove, Brien B. and Jessica L. to Ortiz, Daniel J., 19002 Jacobs St., $177,000.

Evans, Gregory J. and Michelle M. to Wilkinson, Ashley, 5317 S. 158th Circle, $252,000.

Welsh, Shane and Mary K. to Clement, Michael J. and Bailey, Shannon R., 5016 S. 188th Ave., $295,000.

Walter, Randy L. to Crockett, Monica F., 19155 Drexel Circle, $174,000.

Schnell, Daniel Robert and Eva Maria to Jeffries, Brandon R. and Lindsay K., 6562 S. 184th St., $360,750.

Towey, Dillon Thomas and Megan to Zafar, Muhammad Awais, 19706 Laci St., $204,000.

Rath, Vanessa and Damon to Schlueter, Rachel K. and Greggory T., 16423 Y St., $280,000.

Lammers, Jacob N. and Lanee to Patchen, Julie R. and Edwin L. III, 19308 L St., $309,000.

McDonald, Shawn Wade and Thompson, Korissa L. to McConachie, Chad and Allison, 6022 S. 159th Circle, $294,500.

Mellor, Gary Dean and Jayne Ann to Mellor, Andrew and Grant, 5725 S. 157th St., $210,000.

Vocelka, Edward J. and Kasey A. to Komp, Jordon and Erinn, 16956 Polk St., $335,000.


Osmera, Matthew J. and Jill N. to Thacker, Carl T. Jr. and Kristina M., 5911 S. 140th Ave., $194,900.

McCaig Investments LLC to Next Life Holdings LLC, 10803 John Galt Blvd., $1,906,790.

Endo, Tsutomu and Geraldine R. to Waters, Samantha, 6356 S. 137th St., $141,000.

Miller, Yvonne L. and Mitchell, Shawn N. to Mitchell, Shawn N., 11413 T Circle, $40,000.

Edstrand Real Estate LLC to Mercury Property Management Inc., 5920 S. 118th Circle, $185,000.

Sonier, Danielle and Matthew to Lee, Laurie D., 4406 S. 150th St., $245,000.

Crews, Curt and Pamela J. to Carlton, Heather Nicole, 6117 S. 142nd St., $150,000.

Heimann, Dale B., trustee of Dale B. Heimann Trust to Vandeman, Belinda M., 5106 Ash St., $135,000.

Rauen, Dean D. and Sonja J. to Klesitz Realty LLC, 15267 W St., $106,200.

HBI LLC to Argotsinger, Tammy L., 6727 S. 117th St., $173,000.

Spoto, Michael J. and Janelle K. to Brown, Melissa D. and Scharfenberg, Delores A., 13355 Adams St., $196,000.

West, Sarah J., personal representative of Negethon, Douglas L. to Costanzo, Cindy and William, 6618 S. 110th St., $211,000.

Bader, Donald E. and Betty M. to Wehry, Erich and Nicole, 15120 Summerwood Drive, $230,000.

Gaston, Grant Robert to Napier, Fernando and Emodi, Alyssa, 11609 Drexel St., $235,000.

Degner, Jane M. to Urlaub, Mark, 11619 Polk St., $190,000.

Sullivan, John and Jackie to Griswold, Lance and Eileen, 4425 S. 153rd Circle, $225,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Zych, Courtney L., 11621 Jefferson Circle, $181,500.

First State Bank to Recar Leasing of Omaha LLC, 4629 S. 108th St., $715,000.

Johnson, Chad E. and Julie to Haefner, Alex and Haley, 6106 S. 135th St., $170,000.

Vierregger, Larry R., trustee of Larry R. Vierregger Revocable Trust to TMJ Ventures LLC, 4517 S. 140th St., $700,000.


Christopherson, Robert J. and Cassie J. to Thangamuthu, Sethupathy and Manoharan, Banudevi, 8220 N. 127th Ave., $577,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Christopherson, Robert J., 12922 Reynolds St., $374,900.

Platinum Builders LLC to Sricharoen, Nattapong and Ubonwan, 12922 Craig St., $530,000.

Juster, Sorin and Eliana P. to Foster, Leanna, 11503 Read Circle, $37,000.


Optimum Data Inc. to T & I. Investments LLC, 3727 S. 149th St., $400,000.

Mackenzie, John J. and Ann D. to Doeden, Jacob A., 12652 Augusta Ave., $157,000.

Lane, Amanda H. and Orand, Amanda H. to Kohout, Robert M. and Diane T., 13605 Marinda St., $256,000.

Merolla, Kimberly K., personal representative of Shober, Arline W. to Decker, Nelson, 3384 S. 112th St., $223,500.

Meyers, Jeffrey P. and Mary L. to Kicic, Denim, 1210 S. 120th Place, $72,000.

Akromis, Bernard J. to McCreedy, Blake A. and Baker, Mikayla R., 1805 Holling Drive, $234,000.

Cejka, John J. and Tonya to Suing, Eric and Green, Mackenzie, 11205 Prairie Lane Drive, $232,000.

Martinson, Richard E. and Leslie J. to Hunt, Nicholas J., 13505 Hascall St., $195,000.

Hacker, Jessica L. and Jeffrey W. to Zach, Aaron and Sydney, 2011 S. 149th Circle, $230,000.

Ryker, Richard R. and Donita M. to Rawley, William R. and Chelsey L., 2330 Mayfair Drive, $279,000.

Prine, Alexander and Maddison Jayne to Savaram, Saipriya, 11323 Arbor St., $210,000.

Reed, Doris C., trustee of Doris C. Reed Living Trust to Jeck, Sandra, 3205 S. 118th St., $211,000.

Valdrighi, John A. to Prine, Alexander and Maddison J., 3124 S. 113rd St., $220,000.

Miller, Jeffrey D. and Angela S. to Red Ladder LLC, 1429 Pine Road, $225,000.

Christiansen, Andrew J., trustee of Andrew & Hannah Christiansen Trust to Dawley, David and Carrie, 3016 S. 113rd St., $217,500.

Lewis, Gary John and Julie Ann to Blenz, Curtis and Annabel, 13512 Montclair Drive, $210,000.

H4 LLC to Kula, Trevor and Kula, Kim, 10805 Poppleton Ave., $844,000.

Kingery, Harry A. and Kuzelka, Terri J. to Jackson, Catrice M. and Roy L., 12420 Woolworth Ave., $192,500.

Legrow, Christopher C. and Kara D. to Reimers, Scott L. Jr. and Loree, 12826 A St., $175,000.

Davitt, Kelly M. and Lori A. to Sayler, Stephen and Sandra, 15405 Howe St., $242,500.

Kolakowski, Kimberly A. to Somerhalder, Brian J., 12005 Pedersen Drive, $160,000.

Langel, Vernon Peter, trustee of Vernon and Delores Langel Trust to Herrington, Michael J. and Michel D., 2517 S. 138th St., $239,900.


Polk, Andre C. to Brown, Cainon G., 6308 Newport Ave., $142,500.


Adams, Lindsey to Wachner, Barbara, 10842 Seward St., $115,000.

Brown, Richard E. and Susan J. to Gildersleeve, Leon and Kelsey, 14936 Paul Place, $180,000.

Hughes, Ryan N. to Lantry, Maxine H., 1623 N. 109th Place, $115,500.

Knott, Jacob and Katrina to Oberhelman, Daniel S. and Samantha N., 15518 Marcy Circle, $210,000.

McNeil, Terry and Samantha J. to Manetti, Sarah J., 1617 N. 109th Place, $120,000.

Cannon, Matthew J., personal representative of Stevens, Amy L. to Reitmeier, Gregory R. and Carrie R., 12224 Franklin Circle, $185,500.

Wilson, Jessie Jill to PRN Properties LLC, 12727 West Dodge Road, $85,000.

Liu, Chun-Heng and Ming-Chun to Siebrandt, Cody J. and Shana L., 728 N. 148th Ave., $285,000.

Vogt, Mark A. and Christine A. to Silk Properties LLC, 336 N. 153rd Avenue Circle, $170,000.

Stuben, Michael E. to Drake, Tina and Scott, 438 S. 153rd Circle, $212,000.

Henry-Turner, Kris A. and Kelly M. to Hellman, Jocelyn and Herman, Jack, 15306 Bemis St., $247,000.

McDonough, Shirley M. to Solomon, Micha Ben, 12225 Farnam St., $240,000.

Yosten, Andrew J. and Jill K. to Baehr, Andrew and Hanna, 674 N. 149th Ave., $275,000.

Brendis, Ronald R. and Janet to Mark T. Warren Revovable Living Trust, 13630 Parker Circle, $550,000.

California Red LLC to Npc I. LLC, 13616 California St., $1,452,881.

California Red LLC to Npc II LLC, 13616 California St., $1,452,881.

California Red LLC to Npc III LLC, 13616 California St., $1,452,881.

California Red LLC to Npc II A. LLC, 13616 California St., $1,452,881.

California Red LLC to Npc III A. LLC, 13616 California St., $1,452,881.

California Red LLC to Npc III B. LLC, 13616 California St., $1,452,881.


Gaene Sun Investments LLC to Ren, Ziming, 11011 Bauman Circle, $168,000.

Lorenz, Michael R. and Villatoro, Anya G. to Kracl, Mitchell S. and Samantha C., 4816 N. 136th Ave., $283,000.

Robinson, Benjamin and Katherine D. to Robinson, Benjamin and Katherine D., 11730 Meredith Ave., $48,800.

Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC to Braun, Amanda J., 12656 Laurel Ave., $185,000.

Heer, David J. and Ruth M. to Mead, Roberta G. and Roger L., 12659 Meredith Ave., $220,000.

Hou, Shichao and Nguyen, Giang to Hoyle, Chelsea R., 5012 N. 126th St., $181,000.

Jiang, Yingchun to Miller, Jason, 12206 Erskine Circle, $180,000.

Smith, Timothy J. and Ann M. to Epley, Alan W. and Mullins, Heather, 11359 Raleigh Drive, $210,750.

Bailey, Rick A. and Lopez, Ana S. to Hyland, Jared and Lindsey, 5135 N. 135th Ave., $290,000.

Pitcher, Rachel and Rachel E. to Red Ladder LLC, 11723 Camden Ave., $136,000.

McNeil & Company Builders LLC to Mkee LLC, 3333 N. 133rd Circle, $275,500.

Nelsen, Phyllis J., trustee of Victor & Phyllis Nelsen Family Trust to Meyers, Robert L. and Marie L., 14131 Eagle Run Drive, $495,000.

Odell Enterprises Inc. to Walker, Carl, 4508 N. 116th Ave., $217,000.

Mehta, Manju to Dixit, Subhanga and Upreti-Dixit, Priyanka, 5020 N. 141st St., $290,000.

Thomsen, Michelle Rae to Smith, James M. and Robinson, Tracy L., 5523 N. 139th Ave., $360,000.

Fry, Amanda Lea and Patterson, Amanda Lea to Zieschang, Zachary M. and Mary K., 13024 Cady Ave., $185,000.

Real Growth LLC to Guzman, Anissa S. and Matheson, Bradford C., 12915 Ogden St., $179,900.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Steffes, Paul and Ronette, 12423 Binney St., $152,000.

Doran, Judy M. Trust to Leeper, Karen C., 13867 Sprague St., $245,000.

Hulbert, Aloha M. to Gonzalez, Ana Isabel Carballal, 4721 N. 111th Circle, $150,500.

Arts, Patrick F. and Becky L. to Rehak, Robert, 11417 Grand Circle, $212,000.

Smith, Andre Jermaine and Emily to Wheeler, Amy L., 6336 N. 115th Circle, $180,000.

Eichenberger, Case to Eure, Anwar and Christian, Lakesha, 12667 Grand Ave., $225,000.

Cintron, Juan and Julie to Elliott, Brycelyn J. and Kazubowski, Ryan J., 13016 Ames Ave., $165,000.

Bonacci, Christopher L. and Renee to Reichwein, Robin, 12614 Ellison Circle, $197,000.

Forsyth, Mary J. to Lyons, James, 6311 N. 109th Circle, $121,500.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Cornish, Janet A., 4602 N. 134th Ave., $200,000.

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  • Exclusive, locally-focused reporting
  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email