Douglas County


McGowan, Gerard J. to Britten, Michael and Kimberly, 14475 Gilder Ave., $197,500.

Brinker, Corbett W., trustee of Brinker Revocable Trust to Ali, Mohammed and Maria, 14708 Girard St., $425,000.

Lueders, Eric R. and Kimberly A. to Ewart, Gary D. and Chelsea A., 12013 N. 159th St., $270,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Havlicek, Jonathan T. and Nowak, Lauren M., 17123 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $360,215.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Jah LLC, 8611 N. 153rd St., $142,100.

Thiltgen, Jay and Shawna to Salcedo, Brandan and Jessica, 14871 Eagle St., $240,000.

Gregory Allen Homes and Rcmd Inc. to Ulrich, Staci and John Jacob, 17142 Bondesson St., $402,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lpc Properties LLC, 8903 N. 169th St., $35,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16376 Mormon St., $35,850.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16380 Mormon St., $35,850.

Trevarrow, Marlou A. to Proplesch, Howard, 8575 N. 160th Court, $210,000.

McCluskey, Coby R. and Melanie S. to Michel, Joni J., 8228 N. 147th St., $190,000.

Brothers, Todd and Jenni to Hamilton, Krysten, 14505 Leeman St., $190,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Needles, Thomas K., 8225 N. 172nd St., $289,900.

Weidner, Rick A. and Carol L. to Barnett, Nicholas and Turille-Barnett, Elise, 14713 Ernst St., $335,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Barr Homes Inc., 15919 Grebe St., $45,454.

Meyer, Craig and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri to Blessen, David H. and Arlene A., 7126 N. 154th St., $245,000.

Meyer, Craig J. and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri L. to Huffman, Donna M., trustee of Donna M. Huffman Revocable Trust, 7314 N. 155th St., $348,000.

Wink, Kevin T. Jr. and Keely K. to Panowicz, David and Robin, 9004 N. 169th St., $370,000.


Frontier Builders LLC to Wehrmann, Daniel J. and Melissa A., 1608 S. 219th Ave., $652,500.

Belbase, Ram Hari and Khanal, Pushpa to Robertson, Zachary J. and Cheyenne, 18888 Leavenworth St., $367,000.

Gude, Jeffrey and Audra to Teate, Joe and Beth, 1612 N. 196th St., $456,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Mohammed, Rahim and Shamoly, Fakhrun, 18314 Grant St., $366,885.

Peters, Jeramie Lee to Peters, Jeramie Lee and Feist, Julie, 2516 S. 221st Circle, $88,600.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Watkins, Patrick W. and Vontersch, Danielle, 18410 Patrick Ave., $387,000.

Soares, Kyle D. and Josephine M. to Kolander, Kyle R. and Roxanne Danielle, 3804 N. 194th St., $379,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Proskovec, Amy L., 20620 E St., $343,887.

Hatton, Todd E. and Warren-Hatton, Ronda D. to Byrd, Ryan S. and Erin E., 19316 Ruggles Circle, $385,000.

Sholly, Cameron H. and Jill W. to Umbarger, Brian P. and Ashley, 19724 Mason St., $408,000.

Arp, Mary L., trustee of Stanley E. & Mary L. Arp Trust to Horstman, Eric and Sara, 19901 Leavenworth St., $375,000.

Cowles, Andrew John and Ginger to Jakub, Deron J. and Ajala, Olusola O., 3312 N. 196th Ave., $323,000.

Buffington, Raelynn M. to Baehr, Ronald Nolan III and Hunt, Miranda Jean, 640 S. 212th St., $250,500.

Williams, Douglas Ray and Sally Carol to Forrester, Carol Rae, 18876 Pacific Place, $317,000.

Olivas, Jacob I. to Kowalke, Tyler and Brooke, 1043 S. 217th St., $310,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Wheeler, Steven M. and Linda M., 4411 N. 204th Ave., $299,248.

Heng, Robert and Zetterman, Bonnie to McCuen, Patricia A., 20242 Wirt St., $118,250.


Walker, Virginia R., personal representative of Sholtz, Richard A. estate to Jorgensen, Emmalee E., 607 N. Spruce St., $97,705.


Tushner, Michael J. and Corrine M. to Wollen, Maria and Curtis, 210 Riverside Drive, $413,500.

Ausman, Jason G. and O’Brien-Ausman, Kathleen A. to McMahon, Joseph P. and Lora S., 24319 Douglas Circle, $1,196,239.


Brodkin, Jonathan and Colleen to Brosnihan, Mark and Santos-Brosnihan, Chris, 1403 Farnam St., $354,000.

Abbott, Carter and Lenore to Boone, Mike and Matheson, Cindy, 555 Riverfront Place, $295,000.

Dooley, Gary to Christensen, Gayle, 105 S. 9th St., $254,000.

Lim, Wei Ming and Eng, Wei Kay to Silva, Andres Felipe Vidal and Peterson, Cramer John, 2315 Harney St., $81,650.

Carlson, Nicholas to Johnston, David Wayne, 300 S. 16th St., $159,900.


Wetzel, Martin W. and Hammer, Sharon J. to Drazic, Luke D. and Sather, Taylor N., 5135 Erskine St., $253,000.

Wade, Martin Eric, trustee to Beverly Jean Wade Living Trust to Swallow, Adam and William, 6015 Sprague St., $138,000.

Willand, Alana M. to Victor, Kendall R., 5843 Burdette St., $151,000.

Phalen-Miller, Sheila M. to Lewis, Lorri, 2510 N. 69th St., $160,000.

Buckley, Jay R. and Margaret Anne to Godwin, Johnathon and Amanda K., 2716 N. 63rd St., $167,000.

Denny, Caroline L. to McDonald, Rebekah, 4521 Spencer St., $80,000.

Rp LLC to Pham, Lien, 6904 Binney St., $150,000.

Koneck, Richard K. and Angela C. to Hammond, Kelley G., 5411 Seward St., $185,000.

Pearls Enterprise LLC to Blakely, Nickeema, 3527 N. 55th St., $120,000.

Rohl, Sam Preston to Clarys, Cory P. and Mary K., 6034 Decatur St., $137,000.

Owens, Kathy J. and Munn, Kathy J. to Tremel, Chad and Kathy, 1804 N. 48th Ave., $135,000.

Lweh, Htoo and Lweh, Hsa Klu to Blu, Eh and Wah, Shee, 3538 N. 54th St., $42,500.

Love, Sheila A. and Curtis A. to Eh, Moe and Say, Win W., 4869 Browne St., $154,950.

Spies-Johnson, Marce V., trustee to Paul J. & Marce V. Spies-Johnson Revocable Trust to Longacre, Lauren, 6919 Binney St., $155,000.

Pick, Michael G. and Angela L. to Bottum, Christopher C., 6796 Binney St., $142,000.

Perry, Stephanie L. and Bohannon, Sean D. to Bohannon, Sean D., 4930 Emmet St., $250,000.

Watson, John M. and Jaime M. to O’Connor, Kelly, 4917 Decatur St., $150,000.

Hinman, Andrew and Shannon to Souradjou, Faridath, 2951 N. 55th St., $133,000.

Htaw, Tha and Kwee to Noo, Paw and Mu, Ha Day, 4155 N. 65th St., $140,000.

Weeks, Lyle D. and Gwendolyn to Haberman, Nicholas L.G., 2012 N. 50th Ave., $95,400.


Coughlin, Patrick and Erin to Lewis, Jacob A. and Richards, Stephanie R., 2511 S. 32nd Ave., $205,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Stubblefield, Thea, 1744 S. 26th St., $133,900.

Kenkel, Bruce D. and Mulholland, Jennifer to Devries, Timothy J., 3041 S. 35th Ave., $189,500.

Bascle, Gerard F. Jr. to Pettid, Rachel Helen, 2834 S. 34th St., $145,000.

Boecker, Ronald F. and Beverly J. to Svehla, John and Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen, 4117 Valley St., $242,500.

Witti Investments LLC to Sanders, Chandler, 1002 Turner Blvd., $195,000.

Severa, James D. to Gilbatrar LLC, 3839 Center St., $1,500,000.

Nielsen, Calvin and Amy to Kosnjek, Crystal, 3810 Grover St., $158,000.


Murphy, Megan L. and Steven J. to Wicks, Andrew J., 5601 Frances St., $197,500.

Private Market Investments LLC to Benavente, Selene, 4675 Marcy St., $145,000.

Hsu, Hao Hua, trustee of Hao Hua & Jamie Hsu Revocable Trust to Shakya, Pranav M., 1518 S. 55th St., $197,500.

Cunningham, Samantha M. and Stephany, Samantha M. to Carder, Kelly M., 840 S. 50th St., $185,000.

Baylog, Phillip R. and Tara to Candor Properties V. LLC, 6024 Shirley St., $170,000.

Hartmann, Carl A. and Leslie A. to Heglin, Ray L. and Amy L., 5053 Arbor Circle, $178,000.


Eilts, Marialyce and Bob R. to Roth, Mark Kevin, 4111 U St., $19,800.

Johnson, Michele Sue and Dave Eric to Roth, Mark Kevin, 4111 U St., $19,800.

Alvarez, Jose L. to Abomtog, Raja, 6006 S. 38th St., $150,000.

Dowse, Richard and Alisha to Gaytan, Carmen C., 4503 S. 33rd St., $130,500.

Lynch, Kristine T. to Jungman, Lester Dean, 3815 V St., $65,000.

Soto, Gerardo and Alejandra to Sociedad Lakma Homes LLC, 3726 S. 23rd St., $80,000.

Abarca, Ramona Patricia to Canela, Ramona Patricia Nunez, 4829 S. 22nd St., $70,000.

Safranek, Mary Elizabeth to Hopkins, Charles U. and Carter, Shelley, 6213 S. 39th St., $135,000.

Brase, Rodney H., trustee of Brase Living Trust to Gonzalez, Victoria, 3821 Patterson St., $145,000.

Shriver, Mary L. to NDTC as custodian for benefit of Mike Mancuso Roth IRA, 4137 Polk St., $85,000.

Gattozzi, Edward and Jennifer to Jimenez, Jorge Luis Delgado and Aguero, Claudia Veronica Delgado, 4113 S. 26th St., $166,000.

Zalewski, Danuta to Sj Mora LLC, 4524 S. 26th St., $65,000.

Zalewski, Danuta to Sj Mora LLC, 4531 S. 26th St., $50,000.

Zalewski, Danuta to Sj Mora LLC, 4522 S. 26th St., $100,000.

Ramz Drywall LLC to Hernandez, Juan R. Castanon, 4108 V St., $114,000.

Hinkle, Jacob and Allison E. to Diaz, Ramiro Parga, 4334 S. 27th St., $167,500.

Valencia-Vega, Maria and Vega, Arturo to Chavez, Joseph and Alberto, Iris, 3823 S. 34th St., $95,000.


Reoco Inc. to Reyes, Melvin Arturo and Morales, Veronica Solis, 1725 Van Camp Ave., $50,000.

Eide, Paul C. to Stilwell, Meredith Hansen and Levkowitz, Michael Sean, 1420 S. 12th St., $183,000.

Mosites, Shawn M. to Cortez, Josue I. Escobar and Escobar, Eulalia Perez De, 1213 Dorcas St., $45,000.


Edison Street LLC to Estwick, Carl Sr, 2010 Ames Ave., $15,000.

Kyle, Norman L. Jr. and Kristen to 3 Shovels LLC, 4730 N. 15th Ave., $20,000.

Lincoln, Mark to Thomas, Jeffrey, 4702 N. 14th St., $90,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 2203 Miami St., $18,400.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to 11T Ne LLC, 2203 Miami St., $38,250.

Mcintosh, Lonnie to Akouie Homes LLC, 2102 Maple St., $40,000.


Rodriquez, Carl to Peralta, Victor Perez, 2856 Browne St., $12,000.

Sanders, Louis M. to Williams, Barbara A., 3529 N. 28th Ave., $35,000.

Pane, Charles J. to Taylor, Rowan and Jaramillo, David, 3739 Hartman Ave., $89,000.

Abide Network Inc. to McKernan, Joseph M. and Olivia A., 4716 N. 40th Ave., $51,980.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Isse, Abdighane Ahmed and Nur, Asli Ali, 3315 Emmet St., $135,900.

Brewer, John Butler and Debra to Heartland Holdings B. LLC, 4243 Burdette St., $45,000.

Jordan, Billy G. and Terrell-Jordan, Shirley to Sinclair Group LLC, 5322 N. 34th St., $45,000.

Ramos, Isidro to Martinez, Gilberto Hernandez, 4005 Miami St., $21,000.


Siefken, Ryan and Amy to Dunn, Amber Lynn, 2762 Martin Ave., $131,000.

Dalstrom, Harl A. and Evelyn Kay to Mertz, Dustin J. and Molly R., 3022 Rainwood Road, $275,000.

Childers, Jerald to Foreman, Sarah, 7160 N. 36th Avenue Circle, $115,000.

Miller Way LLC to Ashbee, Stephanie and Kevin, 3817 Young St., $126,000.

Adler, Joel P. and Brandy L. to Anderson, Travis, 3136 Young St., $175,000.

Benner, Nicholas S. to Peplinski, Aaron Michael and Eckmann, Johanna Catherine, 6720 N. 31st Ave., $145,000.

Nixon, Alexandria J. to Kl Capital LLC, 7802 N. 36th St., $63,000.

Henningsen, Mary Kay to Rippe, Justin W. and Mallory J., 10318 N. 30th Ave., $260,000.

Merriweather, Lawrence and Marsha A. to Smithberg, Logan, 6750 Florence Blvd., $108,000.

Zentz, Lisa M. to Om6560N34 Trust and Western Financial LLC Tr, 6560 N. 34th St., $67,300.


Trebbien, Stacey M. to Rajnic, Sean and Plog, Margaret, 8540 Lafayette Ave., $200,000.

Fangman, Ann R., trustee of Ann R. Fangman Revocable Trust to Ascot LLC, 9733 Ascot Drive, $710,000.

Kole, Sarah Larissa and Marshall Mabon to Henrich, Michelle M., 8905 Decatur St., $180,000.

O’Connor, James T. and Elizabeth A. to Cox, Joshua T. and Point, Joshua B., 543 S. 86th St., $465,000.

Kadima Properties LLC to Omaha Dreamvesting LLC, 8207 Bowie Drive, $90,000.

Evans, Clarke J. and Anita J. to Hiffernan, John M. III, 460 S. 85th St., $167,000.

Sherman, Michael R., trustee to Irvin A. Sherman Revocable Trust to Kleinberg, Milton M. and Marsha A., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $314,000.

Pepper, Edward L. to Sullivan, Dan M., 8805 Seward St., $100,000.

7630 Pacific LLC to Gander Co Design +Build LLC, 7630 Pacific St., $195,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Kempkes, John and Jodi, 16407 Nebraska Ave., $306,370.

Ulrich, Staci Stupka to McWilliams, Melissa and Martin, Jason, 14902 Meredith Ave., $245,800.

Ferrante, Sara Elizabeth to Pinkerton, Donald, 14727 Laurel Place, $278,500.

Wittry, Alexis M. to Powell, Zachary, 14915 Wirt St., $145,000.

Tina, Sanjeev and Kiran to Davis, Keith M. and Tamara E., 16322 Miami St., $214,500.

Hughes, David to Naridze, Irakli and Rachelle Lou, 17108 Camden Circle, $186,000.

Nathan Homes LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 3119 N. 179th St., $67,000.

Johnson, Todd T. and Bobbie J. to Ma, Jun and Chen, Shiya, 16281 Manderson St., $250,000.

Beutler, Zachery and Shuster, Kalie to Montoya, Christian and Emily, 2927 N. 152nd St., $217,000.

Zipperlen, Matthew C. and Brittany M. to Shane, Molly G., 15134 Evans St., $230,000.

Hoffman, Keith J. and Aimee to Wilson, Drew and Ohearn, Megan, 15228 Bedford Ave., $228,000.

Odell, Robert C. and Nikki J. to Saidy, Mujiburahman, 16837 Grand Circle, $195,000.

Jones, Cora L. to Utterback, Randall James and Kristin Marie, 2921 N. 155th Ave., $215,000.

McCrillis, William J. and Alana J. to Grenawalt, Donald L., 15103 Newport Ave., $234,000.

Schutt, Larry D. and Penny L. to Prohaska, Paul P., 3215 N. 175th St., $315,000.

Needham, Joseph C. and Brienna J. to Healy, Ryan and Chloe, 17156 Spaulding St., $209,000.

Jones, Courtney M. and Matthew R. to Hagen, Eric and Megan, 4916 N. 161st St., $263,000.

Palmer, Adam Paul and Danielle Rae to Burbach, Jeremy, 4132 N. 169th St., $195,000.

Kasselman, Matthew J. and Lichtenberg, Heidi to Stork, Warren L. and Phillips-Stork, Elaine, 2660 N. 176th Ave., $485,000.


Ritonya, Francine K., trustee to Ritonya Living Trust to Swafford, Jodie Glen and Crystal Rae, 351 S. 175th St., $635,500.

Steward, Eugene F., trustee of Steward Living Trust to Eden, Jon A. and Courtney F., 16606 Harney St., $505,000.

Malcom, Gale E. and Brenda M. to Pendell, Ryan and Carolina Sotomayor, 1754 N. 176th Place, $180,000.


Crider, Brittany N. and Kuta, Andrew W. to Estrada, Christopher E. and Gonzalez, Karla A., 7959 Bartlett St., $178,615.

Lord, Rusty and Elizabeth to Rasmussen, Phillip D., 7607 Bondesson St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Merriweather, Lawrence and Marsha A., 8309 Craig Ave., $205,389.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to York, Tanesha R. and Hebron, Dominique V., 8321 Craig Ave., $195,709.

Little, Katherine and Thomas Jr. to Dahal, Dhana and Rai, Aita, 7029 N. 88th St., $218,000.

Rippe, Justin W. and Mallory to Paul, Paul and Ter, Say, 6953 N. 88th St., $185,000.

Hrbek, Robert Joseph and Angela to Christian, Victoria Lee, 7507 Ernst St., $229,000.

Kenney, Rosemary, trustee of Rosemary Kenney Rev Living Trust to Maung, Aung Thein and Htoo, Aye Aye, 7629 Newport Ave., $152,500.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC, 7013 N. 89th St., $150,000.

Prescher, Nicholas J. and Rachel M. to Buser, Amanda Rae, 6506 N. 81st St., $172,000.

Ambrose, Joseph M. and Stacey M. to Thompson, Makayla and Branstetter, Damian, 7422 N. 92nd Ave., $187,000.


Kirklin, Alexandria Elizabeth to Parriott, Jacob E., 3349 S. 107th St., $245,000.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Dowd, Tim S., 1156 S. 93rd Ave., $377,500.

Loftus, Dorothy J. to Raad, Imad and Laverne, 9139 Dorcas St., $260,000.

McCrady, Michle, personal representative of Cornwell, John Richard estate to Shannon, Christopher J. and Donna J., 7509 Hascall St., $185,000.

Poertner, Steven K. and Shiode, Marisa F. to Swartz, Taylar, 8092 Castelar St., $180,000.

Donahue, Laurence F. and Mary Ann to Roxburgh, Eric M., 7921 Joseph St., $177,500.

Coit, James J. and Alysia R. to Christiansen, Andrew J., trustee of Andrew & Hannah Christiansen Trust, 3310 S. 98th St., $564,500.

Hopkins, Charles U. to Jeseritz, Bart A. and Anna E., 3306 S. 104th Ave., $274,950.

Powers, Claudia M. to Palmesano, Kyle, 3425 S. 78th St., $125,000.

Everett, April Marie to Casillas, Eunises P. and Jose Luis, 7617 Nina St., $167,000.

Kapsch, Craig and Collet, Jacquelyn to Price, Cheryl Dee and James Robert, 7806 Hickory Circle, $395,000.


Worthington, John H. and Diane L. to P&A Management LLC, 5517 S. 104th Circle, $151,000.

Hall, Leonard L. Jr. and Cindy A. to Austin, Mark and Daniels, Jessica, 9105 Z Circle, $275,000.

Walterson, Debbie to Crouch, Jennifer, 7752 Main St., $110,000.


Erb, Jeffrey D. and Nancy C. to Sahly, Tyler and Anna, 16123 Barbara Circle, $495,000.

Howard, Corliss L. to Beck, Julie, 1235 S. 166th St., $235,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Dick, Kenneth L. and Lynda K., 17630 Frances St., $423,325.

McGough, Marlon D. and Susan A. to Steward, Eugene F., trustee of Steward Living Trust, 1316 S. 199th St., $602,500.

Zimmerman, Chad R. and Sarah to Murphy, Steven and Megan L., 1913 S. 198th St., $335,000.

Palmer, Susan K., trustee of Susan K. Beekman Revocable Trust to Larson, Denise A., 3709 S. 202nd Ave., $241,000.

Munoz, John D. and McPherson, Jeffrey S. to McPherson, Jeffrey S., 1802 S. 171st Court, $121,000.

Tapprich, Elliot A. and Stephanie P. to Hollingsworth, Christa D. and Bryon D., 3513 S. 201st Avenue Circle, $338,000.


Korth, Cecilia to Andrew Homes LLC, 608 N. 41st Ave., $186,300.

O’Brien, Daniel and Jennifer to Gilbatrar LLC, 3216 Cass St., $95,000.

Hamilton, Paul J. and Leigh Ann M. to Nelson, Bradley George Phillip, 4337 Chicago St., $169,900.

Mumm, Kathryn Ann Daley and John to Daley, Stephen J. II, 4167 Wakeley St., $125,000.


Pace & Lee LLC to Owens, Robert A. and Kathy J., 5027 Charles St., $215,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Latta, Todd E. and Janet L., 7030 Hamilton St., $147,000.

Fwb LLC to Houlton Investments LLC, 6756 Charles St., $87,000.

Moody, Thomas E. to Dornbush, Jennifer, 412 N. 48th St., $240,000.


Hendricks, Denise to Dynamic Properties LLC, 8513 Vernon Ave., $100,000.

Colburn, Chad to Kale Properties LLC, 7524 Blondo St., $188,000.

Glover, Amy to Mattheis, Kellyn, 9704 Grant St., $176,000.

Zimmerman, Alex F. and Elizabeth to Salcedo, Salvador A. and Sugey, 6325 N. 106th St., $268,000.

Kenny, William G. and Shirley B. to Miles, Leah and Mahlberg, Nathan, 10018 Evans St., $185,000.

Koziol, Amy M. and Charles W. to Moe, Ywa Doe and Paw, La Eh, 10505 Hartman Ave., $179,900.

Martin, Dean to Coffiel, Roy, 7835 Crown Point Ave., $20,000.

Wilson, Lisa L., trustee of James & Sharon Weishaar Revocable Trust to Bailey, David and Marcia, 9217 Blondo St., $175,000.


Kistler, Mark William and Karlee M. to Herington, Meghan E. and Daniel S., 6011 S. 189th St., $202,000.

Pokorny, Jan S. and Theresa C. to Babutzke Farms LLC, 17208 I St., $342,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Heckman, Skyler and Lauren, 19809 Tyler St., $318,500.

Jah LLC to Aldrich, Leann D., 19102 K St., $191,000.

Odom, Sharon R., trustee of Ronald and Carol Thedens Family Trust to Johnson, Zachary C., 5067 S. 173rd St., $300,000.

Reinert, Brady J. and Amanda C. to Ely, Paul and Catherine Michele, 5411 S. 157th St., $259,900.

Sinikova, Alex and Lidiia to Kinney, Jesse, 5668 S. 188th St., $195,000.

Carsley, Craig J. and Mackenzie to Granger, Sheryll F., 5387 S. 194th St., $190,000.

Wilcoxson, Blaine M., trustee of Blaine & Penny Wilcoxson Revocable Trust to Toman, Mark and Gracey, Kimberly, 17104 Cinnamon St., $402,000.

Chavez, Manuel to Haidari, Nematullah and Kubra, 18709 T St., $185,000.

Watters, Michael R. and Deborah A. to Stevens, Ronda L., trustee of Ronda L. Stevens Revocable Trust, 6203 S. 184th St., $430,000.

Sadler, Linda L. to Stilmock, Brooke A., 4713 S. 189th St., $182,000.

Thiessen, Jac L. and Sugar L. to Hartmann, Carl Allan and Leslie A., 4417 S. 174th Ave., $325,000.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Clouse, Dana, 4962 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $222,000.

Basilico, Steven S. and Kimberly A. to Aguilar, Chloe, 18121 Cinnamon St., $350,000.

Jarosik, Kevin W. and Deborah J. to Kobes, Owen J. and Jocelyn B., 19351 Blaine St., $300,000.

Mercado, Canderia Edna to Ball, Bradley J., 6176 S. 177th St., $117,350.

Bsr-Fw LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6014 S. 193rd St., $45,800.


Puls, Jeffrey M. and Otte, Randee E. to Knispel, Sarah, 14724 M St., $180,000.

Villafuerte, Mary Lou to Orr, Hannah E., 12241 P St., $145,063.

Webber, Jason M. and Danielle D. to Link, Zachariah T., trustee of ZTL Ventures 401(k) PSP, 10856 Polk St., $155,500.

Schultz, Cole J. and Alexa R. to Boeschling, Marty R. and Jael B., 4618 S. 155th Circle, $275,000.

Baumann, Joshua and Siemers, Taylor to Vanackeren, Cayd, 6553 S. 116th St., $233,000.

Bigley, William J. and Catherine L. to Schaaf, Joseph and Hefeli, Lori, 12524 Southdale Drive, $316,000.

Prinz, Ronald R. and Lauren A. to Bader Construction LLC, 13003 Morning View Drive, $195,000.

Farrens Properties I. LLC to Townsend, Brett N. and Burcham, Chelse M., 11229 Z St., $223,000.

Wolski, Michael and Anne to Pettee, Jeffery and Melissa, 11315 Washington St., $210,000.

Tallant, Tyler Lee to Kent, Jordan T. and Kacey L., 15225 W St., $187,000.

Cruz-Anguiano, Rosalba De La and Cruz, Hirvin De La to L&B Lamay Properties LLC, 6716 S. 109th St., $170,000.

Duckers, Steven P. and Sonya L. to Rowley, Garrett and Lisa, 13571 Y St., $192,000.


Cox, Joshua T. and Point, Joshua B. to Laferla, Daniel J. and Holly A., 12364 Potter Circle, $520,000.

Krzyzanowski, Emilee J. to Krzyzanowski, Patricia L. and Timothy J., 7407 N. 139th Ave., $215,000.

Prokopec, Joshua J. and Lynn E. to Gish, David and Oksana, 13926 Wyoming St., $210,000.


Syndicate Properties LLC to Jenkins, Nicholas and Madison P., 3389 S. 130th St., $195,000.

Ortmeier, Rhonda L., personal representative of Rasmussen, Betty J. estate to Walz, Brittney M., 2311 S. 125th St., $162,000.

Podkowka, Rebecca and Craig to Mahoney, Melissa Jane and Rosenthal, Richard Andrew, 12301 Seldin Drive, $166,000.

Teplitsky, Frank to Cherney, Ashley Anne, 12429 Martha St., $175,275.

Willkom, Matthew L. and Elizabeth E. Gonzales to Buesing, Susan A., 13555 Arbor St., $225,900.

Beck-Kosiba, Lauren K. and Cynthia A. to Brooks, Ian M. and Erin J. M., 1860 S. 123rd St., $187,000.


Vacha, Sarah M. and Schmuecker, Joseph to Klemmensen, Christopher M. and Janice M., 8233 N. 47th St., $267,000.


Ellis, Theresa A. and Ellis-Swackhamer, Theresa A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1423 N. 149th Court, $140,000.

Beerman, James E. and Janet K. to Broussard, Andrew J., 612 S. 150th St., $225,000.

Trout, Jeremy L. and Adrianna to Hansen, Robert L. and Amy J., 15323 Bemis St., $232,000.

Aldrich, Andy and Amy to Benes, Luke G. and Alice F., 15018 Burt St., $220,000.

Oday, Carla E. to Strongco Holdings LLC, 12403 Shamrock Road, $90,000.

Jakub, Deron Joseph and Ajala, Olusola to McElligott, Mark P., trustee of McElligott Family Trust, 15023 Pepperwood Drive, $224,000.

Pearson, Stacy L. to Upton, Jeffrey Jr. and Upton, Jeffrey Sr., 1720 N. 121st St., $169,900.

Swearingen, David M. and Tracy R. to Zatizabal, Mitchell A., 15217 Harney Circle, $216,000.


Reinig, Mitchell and Sadie F. to Seaborne, Alison R., 13428 Ames Ave., $254,825.

McMenamin, John J. and Andrea to Omahanebraskarentals LLC, 12205 Erskine Circle, $159,200.

Peterson, William and Lisa to Kostrunek, Peter, 6711 N. 111th St., $175,500.

Mann, Brian Loren to Campbell, Paul Anthony and Suzanne Jeanette, 11519 Rambleridge Road, $165,000.

Lewis, Marilynn to Klebba, Eric, 12713 Nebraska Ave., $176,000.

Martinez, Brittany K. to Michaelsen, Terry L. and Ahl, Ronda L., 4225 N. 131st St., $171,000.

Kable, Karen M., trustee of Warren and Karen Kable Revocable Trust to Doty, Michael and Elfriede Helga, 12106 Bedford Ave., $212,500.

Hendrickson, Jamie L. to Fuhlrodt, Aaron D., 12969 Miami Circle, $195,000.

Hegge, Tyler and Elizabeth to Dam, Tam Minh and Nhi Minh, 13514 Boyd St., $242,500.

Hueser, David A. and Kathy L. to Macdonell, Charles C., 4823 N. 113th St., $250,000.

Kindschuh, Cody to Rohl, Sam, 6510 N. 110th Ave., $175,000.

Schirmer, Michael D., trustee of Michael D. Schirmer Living Trust to Keller, Rachel and Wichman, Connor, 2311 N. 127th Circle, $183,500.

Sweeney, David J. and Terrilyn A. to Dawson, Diane and Cain, Michael, 2536 N. 137th St., $245,000.

Banker, Duangmanee P. to An Khang Realty LLC, 4723 N. 129th Ave., $120,000.

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