Kenyatta Jefferson saw her chance. She had to take it.

The 42-year-old Omahan was zipping around on a Lime scooter wearing a vibrant tie-dye dress during the College World Series when she, her husband and a friend spotted a preppy group of groomsmen.

“Oh my God,” she said. “I had to photo-bomb their picture. Let’s just go for it.”

She dashed down the hill, northbound near the front of the CHI Health Center. The young men erupted.

“They were screaming like ‘Oh my God, come back, come back!’ ” she said.

Jefferson looped back around. Photographers Molly and Joshua Giangreco from Molly B. Photography readied for the shot.

Then she tore through the frame and screamed. All the groomsmen posed. And the shutter clicked.

Then Jefferson just kept on riding.

“Wait,” Molly Giangreco thought, “I didn’t get your name!”

On July 4, about two weeks after the photo-bomb, Giangreco shared the photo on her business’s Facebook page asking for help tracking down “scooter girl.”

Within an hour, word reached Jefferson at a grocery store.

“I’ve gotten messages in my inbox saying, ‘You’re my new best friend, I love you,’ ” she said. “It made me feel so good. I couldn’t believe a moment like that brought people so much joy.”

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Matt Reilly, a 25-year-old med student from Grand Island, kept the photo a secret from his new wife, hoping she’d discover the photo-bomb when they received their wedding photos. Instead, the couple saw the viral post on Facebook together.

“It’s the photo of a lifetime,” Reilly said. “It’s something I’ll never forget.”

On July 5, the photo-bomber, the photographers and the groom all reunited.

While Jefferson is undoubtedly the star of the photo bomb, Giangreco said the groomsmen had to be good sports to make it legendary.

“We’re just all about people being in the moment and enjoying themselves on their wedding day,” she said. “You just need to embrace whatever comes your way, maybe someone will come right through on a scooter.”