West Dodge Road on Saturday, as seen looking west from Skyline Drive.

Douglas County officials said Sunday that an Elkhorn River rescue late Saturday demonstrates the danger of driving past barricades on flooded roads.

A pickup truck driver drove around a barricade at Skyline Drive and West Dodge Road about 10:45 p.m. into high floodwaters, and the pickup stalled, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said. The Waterloo Fire Department tried to rescue the driver and his passenger, but the rescue boat was damaged and sank.

A National Guard Black Hawk helicopter was called to rescue the first responders and civilians. An Omaha police helicopter also responded.

The civilians were taken to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia. The first responders did not require treatment.

A deputy ticketed the pickup driver for driving on a closed road. The Sheriff’s Office plans to talk to the county attorney and city prosecutor to determine whether additional charges should be filed.

Law enforcement officials in Douglas County said they want to re-emphasize the critical danger to drivers who ignore barricades and road closures.

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