Goodwill Omaha will close its retail stores, donation centers and administrative offices Sunday.

The stores will reopen April 23, and Goodwill will pay all employees regular wages for two weeks.

Game and Parks closes public wildlife viewing blinds

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has closed the public crane viewing blind at the North River Wildlife Management Area north of Hershey in an effort to prevent crowds from gathering.

A prairie chicken viewing blind south of North Platte will also be closed for this season to help eliminate opportunities for the virus to be spread.

The crane migration can still be viewed along several driving routes from North Platte to Hershey. Buffalo Bill Ranch State Recreation Area has a scenic drive-thru where cranes can be seen flying across the North Platte River and feeding in the adjacent meadows. In early mornings and late evenings, cranes can be seen flying over the North Platte River at Cody Park in North Platte.

Household hazardous waste disposal facility closes

The City of Omaha’s Under the Sink Facility has closed for an undetermined period of time.

Children’s Museum extends closure through April 30

The Omaha Children’s Museum has extended its closure through April 30.

The museum will provide updates at and on Facebook.

All museum programs, events, birthday parties and rentals are postponed or canceled through the end of April. Whenever possible, the museum will reschedule events. Event questions can be emailed to:

Better Business Bureau warns against price gouging

The Better Business Bureau is warning businesses to avoid the temptation to raise prices during this pandemic or any other disaster because it erodes marketplace trust.

A government grant scam, with a coronavirus twist, has also surfaced. Scammers are hacking into people’s Facebook accounts and messaging their friends, claiming that they are eligible for a coronavirus government grant. Victims are told that the grant is being provided to seniors to pay their bills and buy medicine and supplies during the pandemic. People are asked to supply their personal information and a payment for processing fees.

“Don’t fall for it,” the bureau advised.

Victims of price gouging and deceptive ads can make reports at Other scams can be reported to

Durham Museum extends closure through April 30

The Durham Museum has extended its closure through April 30.

The museum will continue to host a series of free digital learning programs that follow national and state social studies standards.

The free exchanges can be accessed by Zoom on a laptop or mobile device, no matter where instruction takes place, including by students who are learning from home. Some programs will also be broadcast live on the museum’s social media pages. Registration can be completed at or by emailing