When Lisa Lemus was about to close the door to her house in the Paradise Lakes neighborhood, the “backyard of Offutt Air Force Base,” she knew that everything she was leaving behind would be destroyed.

Family members had grabbed what they could: some extra clothes, a toy for 8-year-old Lilly, important personal documents, all the photos they could collect, 15-year-old J.J.’s PlayStation, the smallest television in the house and an “all-in-one” computer.

Still inside was everything else: furniture, appliances, family mementos handed down for generations and comfort items, like some sequined pillows Lemus loved.

That feeling Friday, “when you stop at the door and look back,” is something everyone in her neighborhood went through, she said Sunday from a shelter at Bellevue’s Calvary Christian Church. About 35 people, including some neighbors, were housed there Sunday.

Tears filled Lemus’ eyes as she thought of that moment. She and her husband, Juan, later learned that floodwaters had reached at least the gutters of their one-floor modular house.