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The section of Highway 2 connecting Iowa and Nebraska reopened in May after 56 days of being shut down, with drivers forced to use a temporary lane made of permeable rock. But that segment closed again, and Department of Transportation photos from early June showed parts of the road submerged by water. Since then the Highway 2 interchange at Interstate 29 has reopened, with limited access.

The Highway 2 interchange at Interstate 29 reopened Wednesday with limited access.

But Fourth of July travelers take note: Highway 2 remains closed farther west from the interchange, so access into Nebraska City is still cut off.

Flooding in the spring hit the area hard.

The Iowa Department of Transportation announced that all Interstate ramps are open at the interchange in Iowa, and fuel and other services are accessible. Heading east from there, Iowa Highway 2 is fully open. Toward the west, Highway 2 is closed west of 210th Avenue.

The department said it expects to restore limited mobility west of 210th Avenue by August.

Long term, Iowa plans to address flooding in a low spot on Highway 2. The department said it has awarded a construction contract to realign a levee in the area and build an overflow bridge, and that work should finish by spring.

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