An Omaha Walmart employee has gone viral.

A Facebook post from the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Saddle Creek Road advertised two 2-liter bottles of Fanta for $2. Thanks to an awkward photo, the post spread around the world on March 13.

It showed Matt, who works evenings as a stocker, standing in front of a shelf full of Fanta with an indifferent expression on his face. The caption read: “Matt’s getting wild with Fanta, all flavors now 2 for $2.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the post had more than 16,000 shares, 16,000 comments and 9,500 reactions.

“Instead of going wild, he’s just standing there like, ‘You’re making me hold this stupid Fanta bottle,’ ” said Jason Messier, a Rhode Island resident who explained the phenomenon. “It’s amazing.”

Commenters talk about Matt like he’s a Casanova, a Lothario or some kind of green-vested Chuck Norris.

Others, like Messier, saw an opportunity and jumped on it. Messier, who is a town council member in West Warwick, Rhode Island, paid a friend $100 to draw a caricature of Matt to print on T-shirts, stickers and even pillows.


A caricature of Matt from Wal-Mart, drawn by Rhode Islander Richard Fonseca for Jason Messier, who is selling shirts and other goods bearing Matt’s likeness.

Unraveling the mystery of Matt is not easy. When asked to comment Thursday, an employee at the Saddle Creek store said, “You have to talk to corporate.”

The World-Herald contacted corporate. They’re working on it.

Even speaking Matt’s name at his Walmart elicited a reaction. Rumor has it that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” called and wanted to talk to Matt.

But people say a lot of things about Matt these days.

The store can’t post a deal to its Facebook page anymore without being inundated with comments such as “More of Matt, less of that,” “Petition to rename Walmart to WalMatt” and “They’d be $1 less if Matt priced ‘em.”

So management gave the people what they wanted.

On March 19, Matt posed with a 10-pack of plastic hangers priced at, of course, two for $2.

Five days later, Matt was back with two thumbs up to present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: the store is hiring stockers to work for Matt, who apparently is a stocker/manager.

And just this Monday, Matt threw down his third two-for-$2 deal, this time hawking French bread.

There are those who understand the Matt meme, and then there are people who actually shop at Matt’s Walmart. One of them, Megan Karls, commented on a post on Thursday asking, “What is wrong with everyone? ... Why did this Matt obsession start?”

The replies, obviously, were strange, confusing and overly complimentary of Matt.

“You people are weird,” she wrote.

One weird Facebook post rewrote Psalm 23 — starring Matt: “Matt is my shepherd; I shall not want. He causes me to save money on Fanta and hangers; He leads to low, low prices. He restores my wallet; He leads me in paths of righteousness for His store’s sake.”

If Matt spoke to your heart, or if you simply like a fair price on Fanta, you can find the very display from the viral photo at the back of the store between spices and peanut butter, stocked to perfection.


Two weeks after a Facebook post went viral, two-liter bottles of Fanta still are on sale for two for $2 at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Saddle Creek Road in Omaha.

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