The University of Nebraska at Omaha has lifted its interim suspension of a fraternity, but the investigation continues.

The matter involves UNO’s Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Chi chapter, sometimes called UNO Pikes. UNO and the fraternity have said little about the interim suspension, which was levied in January.

UNO spokesman Sam Petto said Friday that investigating officials thought that the situation “didn’t warrant continued suspension.” Nevertheless, a written statement from UNO said, “An internal investigation into the chapter continues.”

Asked if the suspension could be administered again as the investigation progresses, Petto said, “I have heard nothing to indicate that.”

The Memphis, Tennessee, headquarters of the fraternity said in January that it had been told about “an alleged incident involving a member of the Delta Chi Chapter.” The local chapter placed that member on administrative suspension pending the outcome of the investigation, the national office said.

The Memphis office couldn’t immediately be reached Friday, nor could the head of the alumni board of the local group.

The national office said in January that the fraternity would cooperate with local officials.