Lloyd Bentsen, left, and Dan Quayle during the 1988 vice presidential debate in Omaha.

There will be no classic lines delivered in Omaha next year in presidential or vice presidential debates.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the debate sites late last week.

Creighton University said before the announcement that it had withdrawn its application to host a debate. Early this year, Creighton leaders expressed hope that they might hold one of the 2020 debates.

University leaders said in a statement last week that they “are not currently prepared to meet the infrastructure, technology and staffing needs of such a momentous occasion in time for the 2020 debate.” They said they would like to host a debate sometime.

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The nonpartisan commission announced that the presidential debates will take place at Notre Dame University in Indiana, the University of Michigan and Belmont University in Tennessee. The University of Utah will host the sole vice presidential debate.

Omaha’s old Civic Auditorium was the site of a classic debate line in 1988 by Sen. Lloyd Bentsen of Texas to Sen. Dan Quayle of Indiana. Bentsen was the Democratic vice presidential candidate on the ticket with presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, the governor of Massachusetts.

Quayle was the Republicans’ nominee for vice president under presidential candidate George H.W. Bush, who was vice president at the time.

In the debate, Quayle compared his political experience to that of John F. Kennedy before he was president.

Bentsen responded: “I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Despite Bentsen’s memorable line, Bush and Quayle handily won the general election. Bentsen died in 2006 at age 85. Quayle, now 72, served as vice president for four years and eventually joined the private sector.

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