While no meet records fell Saturday at the Millard North Girls Swimming and Diving Invitational, there were plenty of performances that made big splashes on the season leaders list.

The host Mustangs debuted in the top five of all three relays, two of which were victories. Millard North is No. 4 this season in the 200-yard medley relay after winning in 1:51.06 and No. 3 in the 400 freestyle relay behind Lincoln Southwest and Omaha Marian in 3:41.03.

Lincoln East, which outscored Millard North 300-261 for the team title, won the 200 freestyle relay in 1:42.35. That time moved the Spartans from fourth to third on the season leaders list, while Millard North, which finished second in 1:42.93, debuts on the list at No. 5.

Papillion-La Vista/Papillion-La Vista South freshman Olivia Dendinger improved her second- place standing in the 100 breaststroke by winning in 1:06.29. Joslyn Jacobs of Norfolk, who finished second in 1:07.83, moved from seventh to fifth.

A pair of swimmers in two other events also improved their times on the season leaders list. In the 200 individual medley, Elkhorn/Elkhorn South’s Sydney Cole solidified her spot at No. 3 with a 2:10.81, and Dendinger moved to fifth at 2:12.25

Lincoln East’s Payton Kollmorgen won the 500 freestyle in 5:14.49 to debut at No. 3, while Hannah Hailu of Millard North finished second in 5:17.75 to join the season leaders list at No. 7. Hailu’s teammate, Isabelle Berlin, also debuted at No. 7 in the 200 freestyle by winning in 1:59.43.

Lincoln East sprinter Jillian Altmaier was the lone swimmer to win two events, sweeping the 50 and 100 freestyle races.

Team scoring: Lincoln East 300, Millard North 261, Elkhorn/Elkhorn South 185, Papillion-La Vista/Papillion-La Vista South 155, Millard West 137, Norfolk 103, Omaha Central 97, Lincoln Southeast 53, Bellevue West 44, Columbus/Columbus Scotus 40, Gretna 14.

Event winners

200-yard medley relay: Millard North (Hannah Hailu, Maddie McLeay, Elisabeth Hailu, Isabelle Berlin), 1:51.06. 200 freestyle: Berlin, 1:59.43. 200 individual medley: Sydney Cole, E/ES, 2:10.81. 50 freestyle: Jillian Altmaier, LE, 25.21. 1-meter diving: Audrey Frohloff, MW, 429.95 points. 100 butterfly: Hailu, 58.23. 100 freestyle: Altmaier, 55.37. 500 freestyle: Payton Kollmorgen, LE, 5:14.49. 200 freestyle relay: Lincoln East (Sydney Moore, Elizabeth Jurich, Alaina Agnew, Altmaier), 1:42.35. 100 backstroke: Payton Hall, MW, 59.83. 100 breaststroke: Olivia Dendinger, PLV/PLVS, 1:06.29. 400 freestyle relay: Millard North (H. Hailu, Mary Ulrich, Berlin, Melani Smith), 3:41.03.

Omaha Skutt Invitational

Omaha Duchesne and the Ralston/Omaha Gross boys won team titles Saturday at the Omaha Skutt Invitational at Ralston High.

Ralston/Gross outscored Omaha Skutt/Elkhorn Mount Michael 325-256 in the boys meet, while Duchesne racked up 393 points to easily win the girls meet.

Francesco Leo of Ralston/Gross and Council Bluffs Lewis Central’s Mason Parks won two individual events each in the boys meet. Leo won the 200 individual medley (2:04.66) and 100 backstroke (58.01), while Parks swept the sprints with a 22.12 in the 50 freestyle and 47.98 in the 100 free.

There were a pair of individual event gold medalists in the girls meet. Duchesne’s Clare Kramper won the 200 freestyle (2:02.98) and 100 butterfly (1:02.39), and Skutt’s Rachel Weland won the 50 (27.08) and 100 (58.75) freestyle races.


Team scoring: Ralston/Omaha Gross 325, Omaha Skutt/Elkhorn Mount Michael 256, Council Bluffs Lewis Central 212, South Sioux City 129, Omaha North 114, Omaha Brownell/Concordia/Roncalli 110, Omaha South 67, Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln/St. Albert/Thomas Jefferson 58, Beatrice/Norris/Fairbury/Freeman 23.

Event winners

200-yard medley relay: Ralston/Omaha Gross (Nick Hezel, Preston Greiner, Francesco Leo, James Kolbo), 1:46.63. 200 freestyle: Louis Gilmore, R/G, 1:53.07. 200 individual medley: Leo, R/G, 2:04.66. 50 freestyle: Mason Parks, CBLC, 22.12. 1-meter diving: Jackson Lepert, R/G, 318.40 points. 100 butterfly: Josh Brester, S/MM, 56.56. 100 freestyle: Parks, 47.98. 500 freestyle: Jack Kramer, S/EM, 5:06.55. 200 freestyle relay: Council Bluffs Lewis Central (Hunter Evans, Kamron Alexander, Parks, Dallas Davis), 1:33.80. 100 backstroke: Leo, 58.01. 100 breaststroke: Logan Anderson, SSC, 1:04.45. 400 freestyle relay: Council Bluffs Lewis Central (Carter Strangeland, Davis, Parks, Alexander), 3:26.05.


Team scoring: Omaha Duchesne 393, Omaha Skutt 217, Ralston/Omaha Gross 191, Omaha North 157, Omaha Brownell/Concordia/Mercy/Roncalli 120, Omaha South 80, South Sioux City 50, Beatrice/Norris/Fairbury/Freeman 11.

Event winners

200-yard medley relay: Omaha Duchesne (Isabel Martinez-Thibodeau, Sydney Kobs, Clare Kramper, Lia Murray), 1:57.37. 200 freestyle: Kramper, 2:02.98. 200 individual medley: Vienne Kemper, North, 2:20.94. 50 freestyle: Rachel Weland, Skutt, 27.08. 1-meter diving: Anna Kwong, Duchesne, 352.50 points. 100 butterfly: Kramper, 1:02.39. 100 freestyle: Weland, 58.75. 500 freestyle: Maggie Kramer, Skutt, 5:30.18. 200 freestyle relay: Omaha Duchesne (Murray, Martinez-Thibodeau, Sophie Francl, Kramper), 1:46.08. 100 backstroke: Murray, 1:01.36. 100 breaststroke: Marina Cote, R/G, 1:12.31. 400 freestyle relay: Omaha Skutt (Weland, Hannah Knier, Kramer, Cecilia Ferrer), 3:58.41.

Cotter Invitational

The Lincoln High girls and Kearney boys won team titles at the Gene Cotter Invitational at Lincoln High. The Bearcats finished with 290 points, and Hastings edged Grand Island 211-208 for second place. The Links outscored Fremont 231-193 for the girls title.

Grand Island’s Jonathan Novinski won two events — the 200 individual medley (1:59.90) and the 500 freestyle (4:46.09) — and also anchored the Islanders’ winning 400 freestyle relay team.

Three girls won two events apiece — Emma Walz of Fremont (50 freestyle, 100 backstroke), Iz Vlach of Grand Island (100 butterfly, 500 freestyle) and Morgan Baker of Hastings (50 and 100 freestyles).


Team scoring: Kearney 290, Hastings 211, Grand Island 208, Lincoln Northeast 161, Lincoln High 135, Fremont 111, Lincoln North Star 79.5, McCook 73.5, North Platte 72.

Event winners

200-yard medley relay: Kearney (Jacob Nieveen, Matthew Dahlke, Grant Kowalski, Emmett Black), 1:46.48. 200 freestyle: Kai Wilson, GI, 1:51.71. 200 individual medley: Jonathan Novinski, GI, 1:59.90. 50 freestyle: Thomas Brennan, LNE, 23.25. 100 butterfly: Nieveen, 55.22. 100 freestyle: Caden Feit, LNE, 48.05. 500 freestyle: Novinski, 4:46.09. 200 freestyle relay: Hastings (Moses Dunbar, Micah Gengenbach, Matthew Welton, Grant Johnson), 1:31.70. 100 backstroke: Ethan Kinney, Kearney, 55.35. 100 breaststroke: Johnson, 1:01.96. 400 freestyle relay: Grand Island (Doug Lewandowski, Paul Noble, Wilson, Novinski), 3:22.44.


Team scoring: Lincoln High 231, Fremont 193, Grand Island 180.5, Hastings 167.5, Kearney 151, McCook 125, North Platte 111, Lincoln Northeast 99, Lincoln North Star 85.

Event winners

200-yard medley relay: Fremont (Emma Walz, Lauren Gifford, Kinley Shallberg, Karsen Jesse), 1:55.01. 200 freestyle: Diana Brailita, Hastings, 2:03.43. 200 individual medley: Gifford, 2:21.06. 50 freestyle: Morgan Baker, Hastings, 25.12. 100 butterfly: Iz Vlach, GI, 1:02.21. 100 freestyle: Baker, 54.89. 500 freestyle: Vlach, 5:34.87. 200 freestyle relay: Hastings (Brailita, Hayden Stephenson, Kate Delaney, Baker), 1:45.12. 100 backstroke: Walz, 59.84. 100 breaststroke: Gifford, 1:11.47. 400 freestyle relay: Fremont (Shallberg, Jesse, Gifford, Walz), 3:52.22.

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