While the Council Bluffs boys city swim meet doesn’t affect district standings, there was still a lot on the line for the two city teams — bragging rights.

Lewis Central has had those rights since 2014, and they were able to keep them for at least another year as the Titans downed Council Bluffs 228-104 to capture their sixth straight city championship.

Freshman Dallas Davis won the 200 freestyle and 100 breaststroke and was part of the group that finished second in the 200 medley relay for Lewis Central.

In the end, Council Bluffs didn’t have the numbers to put up much of a fight for team honors, boasting just nine swimmers.

Lewis Central coach Bruce Schomburg said he decided to let the kids choose what events to compete in and was pleased at the outcomes.

“Normally, they don’t get to do that, so some of them swam events they haven’t done all year, and I was impressed with that,” Schomburg said.

“I thought we did well. We mixed relays up and stuff like that. Swam the freshmen against the seniors. Right now, I think we have a little more depth than they do and a little more experienced swimmers, so I felt we were able to let kids swim what they wanted,” he said.

Davis was one of those competing in an event for the first time this year, and he won it when he posted a time of 1:09.35 in the 100 breaststroke.

“We were all super hyped up for the city meet,” Davis said. “This was my first time doing the 100 breaststroke all season.

“Just going into this knowing I haven’t done it before, I was just trying to get through the race as quick as possible and to get it over with, and I got a good time,” Davis said.

Council Bluffs coach Bob Hansen said that while the team score wasn’t great, it was expected with the number of swimmers he had available.

“The meet did go very well. It’s hard to put a whole bunch of numbers up pointswise when you’re looking at the point system and how high school meets are scored,” Hansen said.

“We do a very good job, though, with our personal bests and maintaining that effort level in practice and in meets and using that as our focus, and the kids do a really good job of that,” he added.

Council Bluffs’ Will Jones was part of the team that won the 200 freestyle relay and posted his best time of the year in the breaststroke, finishing second with a time of 1:20.72.

Jones said this season has been a battle healthwise, but he’s happy that things are finally starting to come together.

“The last month has been kind of a lull as a swimmer. I’ve been sick twice this year, so missing those practices has kind of slowed me down overall,” Jones said.

“I at least improved from what I’ve been doing — not just staying stagnant or moving backward,” he said.

Lewis Central 228, Council Bluffs 104

200 medley relay: 1, L.C. A (Jordan Belt, Mason Parks, Kamron Alexander, Jacob Parks), 1:57.40. 2, L.C. B (Dallas Davis, David Gann, Gabe Patton, Jack Robbins), 1:58.10. 3, C.B. A (Tayden Blair, Will Jones, Hunter Gerriets, Jake Braddy), 1:59.60. 4, L.C. C (CJ Wilson, Derrick Thompson, Harrison Sprecher, Chris Siefken), 2:12.57.

200 freestyle: 1, Davis, L.C., 1:56.36., 2, Patton, L.C., 2:01.92. 3, Gann, L.C., 2:01.93. 4, Jacob James, C.B., 2:17.62.

200 IM: 1, Sprecher, L.C., 2:30.50. 2, Jones, C.B., 2:34.88.

50 freestyle: 1, M. Parks, L.C., 22.63. 2, Carter Stangeland, L.C., 24.46. 3, Braddy, C.B., 25.23. 4, Blair, C.B., 25.25. 5, J. Parks, L.C., 26.34. 6, Briggs Huff, C.B., 28.43. 7, CJ Wilson, L.C., 28.61. 8, Siefken, L.C., 28.81. 9, Rory Curtis, C.B., 29.16. 10, Cody Gaines, C.B., 32.73. 11, Wyatt Campbell, C.B., 37.93.

100 butterfly: 1, Stangeland, L.C., 1:03.57. 2, Patton, L.C., 1:04.91. 3, Dylon Cox, L.C., 1:07.99. 4, Alexander, L.C., 1:08.93. 5, Gerriets, C.B., 1:09.79. 6, Robbins, L.C., 1:10.38.

100 freestyle: 1, Cox, L.C., 59.89. 2, Belt, L.C., 1:01.13. 3, James, C.B., 1:01.36. 4, Robbins, L.C., 1:02.50. 5, J. Parks, L.C., 1:04.36. 6, Derrick Thompson, L.C., 1:08.79.

500 freestyle: 1, Huff, C.B., 6:25.55. 2, Wilson, L.C., 7:06.67.

200 freestyle relay: 1, C.B. A (Braddy, Jones, Gerriets, Blair), 1:43.47. 2, L.C. A (Gann, J. Parks, Cox, Stangeland), 1:44.01. 3, L.C., B (Belt, Thompson, Siefken, Wilson), 1:56.88. 4, C.B., B (James, Campbell, Huff, Curtis), 2:05.67.

100 backstroke: 1, Alexander, L.C., 1:07.59. 2, Belt, L.C., 1:15.43.

100 breaststroke: 1, Davis, L.C., 1:09.35. 2, M. Parks, L.C., 1:09.86. 3, Jones, C.B., 1:20.72. 4, Gann, L.C., 1:22.33. 5, Sprecher, L.C., 1:24.76. 6, Siefken, L.C., 1:25.78. 7, Thompson, 1:30.55.

400 freestyle relay: 1, L.C., A (Robbins. Stangeland, Patton, M. Parks), 3:43.12., 2, L.C. B (Sprecher, Alexander, Cox, Davis), 3:48.24. 3, C.B. A (Gerriets, Braddy, James, Blair), 3:51.41.

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