Iowa State recruit Janette Schraft handles ‘super crucible’ at Lewis Central Invitational

Glenwood's Janette Schraft, right, leads Treynor's Tori Castle on the final stretch of the 3,000-meter run.

COUNCIL BLUFFS — The Glenwood girls have been a prime example of the massive difference between an area track meet and the state meet.

Outside of state last year, the Rams won every meet in which they competed at or near full strength. But at the state meet, they scored zero points.

That’s going to change this year.

Senior Janette Schraft has transferred to Glenwood from East Mills, where she finished second in Class 1-A by herself last year, winning the 400, 800 and 400 hurdles, and placing second in the 3,000.

On Tuesday, Schraft won the 800, 1,500 and 3,000, and anchored the winning distance medley relay as Glenwood easily outpointed runner-up Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 209-130.5 for team honors at the Lewis Central Invitational.

The Iowa State recruit won all four of her races in less than three hours in the fast-moving meet. Coach Cory Faust took the term “Crucible’’ from Griswold coach Andy Everett, referring to the tackling the 3,000, 1,500, 800 and 400 in a meet.

Faust and Schraft have dubbed the “Super Crucible’’ the 3,000, 1,500, 800 and either a second 800 or the 400 hurdles, which is what Schraft did Tuesday.

“I usually have time to cool down after my race, get a little break and then warm up again,’’ Schraft said. “But I was warming up for my next race when I got off the track.’’

Schraft she was out of her routine for two reasons: she overslept and the Rams decided to leave a bit earlier.

“Usually I eat after school, nap, eat again and get ready for my meet,’’ she said. “I didn’t get my extra meal in, so I think that really got to me mentally.’’

In the 3,000, Treynor’s Tori Castle nearly ran her down, as Schraft prevailed in 11:43.47 to Castle’s 11:43.97.

“I didn’t realize how close it was until people told me it was close,’’ Schraft said.

Faust said Schraft’s presence is a game-changer in terms of the team’s season outlook.

“I think for the girls it makes competing for points at state more tangible,’’ he said. “Even without Janette, I think our girls had the mindset we were going to score points down there this year. Obviously when you add somebody like Janette, you think about winning a team trophy. She’s been just a super-good leader, very team-oriented. A really good influence on all of us.’’

Entering Tuesday, Schraft led all Iowa preps in the 400 hurdles (1:04.83) and 800 (2:14.95), ranked second in the 1,500 (4:45.81) and third in the 3,000 (10:24.68).

She nearly set a PR in the 800 earlier in the season despite running alone. She attributes the early fast times to a more sophisticated training regimen.

“It’s very, very organized,’’ she said. “Speed days are speed days. Distance days are distance days. I don’t think I really had worked in recovery days to my schedules my first three years of high school, but this year I’ve worked in recovery days so my training is just amazing.

“(The 2:14) just proved that everything’s falling into place. I’m super excited to see what I can do with people out there with me.’’

The Rams won 10 of the 19 events, and they have two freshmen who could also help them score at state, Coryl Matheny and Abby Hughes. Matheny won the high jump, finished second in the 200 and ran on two winning relays. Hughes won the 400 and ran 400s in the winning sprint medley and 1,600 relays.

Nebraska recruit Darby Thomas led Abraham Lincoln’s second-place finish. She won the long jump and 100, and anchored the winning 400 relay and second-place 800 relay.

Her time of 12.37 in the 100 will be the third fastest in Iowa this spring unless someone bettered it on Tuesday.

CB Lewis Central Invitational

Team scoring: Glenwood 209; CB Abraham Lincoln 130.5; Denison-Schleswig 99; Treynor 64.5; Creston 64; CB Thomas Jefferson 59; CB Lewis Central 45; Tri-Center 32.5; CB St. Albert 31.5.

Event Results

Long jump: 1, Darby Thomas, AL, 17-9; 2, Audrey Arnold, Glen, 15-10¼; 3, Maddie Shipley, Trey, 15-10¼.

High jump: 1, Coryl Matheny, Glen, 4-10; 2, Lauren Becker, Glen, 4-8; t3, Hannah Belt, TJ, 4-8; t3, Kayla Schleifman, AL, 4-8.

Discus: 1, Lauren Payne, LC, 122-10; 2, Elle Scarborough, Glen, 117-6; 3, Kelsey Fields, Cres, 114-3½.

Shot put: 1, Lauren Payne, LC, 40-8½; 2, Kelsey Fields, Cres, 39-6½; 3, Sydney Biermann, Glen, 38-4½.

100: 1, Darby Thomas, AL, 12.37; 2, Jordyn Blaha, SA, 13.24; 3, Bailey Ostrander, Glen, 13.33.

200: 1, Megan Carley, Trey, 27.16; 2, Coryl Matheny, Glen, 27.87; 3, Hanna Schimmer, AL, 27.93.

400: 1, Abby Hughes, Glen, 1:03.76; 2, Alexis Exley, TJ, 1:07.25; 3, Keelea Navara, Trey, 1:09.75.

800: 1, Janette Schraft, Glen, 2:30.44; 2, Peyton Pogge, TC, 2:32.03; 3, Raegan Andersen, DS, 2:35.26.

1,500: 1, Janette Schraft, Glen, 5:07.37; 2, Tori Castle, Trey, 5:31.11; 3, Paige Bracker, AL, 5:35.52.

3,000: 1, Janette Schraft, Glen, 11:43.47; 2, Tori Castle, Trey, 11:43.97; 3, Hannah Belt, TJ, 12:07.13.

100 hurdles: 1, Audrey Arnold, Glen, 16.31; 2, Alex Mohr, DS, 17.06; 3, Jaime Ibarra, DS, 17.38.

400 hurdles: 1, Vanessa Gunderson, DS, 1:09.82; 2, Jeannette Juarez, AL, 1:11.89; 3, Lauren Williams, SA, 1:12.36.

400 relay: 1, A.L. (Brooke Wohlers, Jocelyn Hendrix, Taylan Keefer, Darby Thomas) 51.56; 2, Glenwood 52.14; 3, Denison 53.41.

800 relay: 1, Glenwood (Sadey Allgood, Bailey Ostrander, Jaeda Wilson, Coryl Matheny) 1:46.97; 2, A.L. 1:48.56; 3, Treynor 1:54.25.

1,600 relay: 1, Glenwood (Sadey Allgood, Abby Hughes, Jaeda Wilson, Coryl Matheny) 4:13.56; 2, Creston 4:16.08; 3, A.L. 4:24.19.

3,200 relay: 1, Creston (Peyton Rice, Braelyn Baker, MaKenna Hudson, Brielle Baker) 10:13.77; 2, A.L. 10:43.21; 3, Glenwood 10:55.36.

Sprint medley relay: 1, Glenwood (Brynlee Arnold, Abi Schultz, Marissa Ausdemore, Abby Hughes) 1:57.24; 2, Denison 1:57.78; 3, A.L. 1:58.13.

Distance medley relay: 1, Glenwood (Brynlee Arnold, Marissa Ausdemore, Abi Schultz, Janette Schraft) 4:22.45; 2, Denison 4:35.17; 3, Tri-Center 4:40.67.

Shuttle hurdle relay: 1, Denison (Alex Mohr, Kira Langenfeld, Jaime Ibarra, Vanessa Gunderson) 1:10.38; 2, Glenwood 1:11.62; 3, T.J. (Hailey Watts, Elizabeth Elkins, Chloe Chester, Alexcia Carroll) 1:20.65.

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