The following is a list of residential real estate transfers recorded in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Each listing tells the seller, the buyer, the street address and the sale price on transactions of $10,000 or more. The sale price on Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties is computed from the stamp tax affixed to the deed. Transactions that are exempt from stamp tax are not included.



Kronaizl Investments to Henderson, Marvin and Yvonne, 8634 Kilpatrick Parkway, $280,000.

Charleston Homes to Blessie, Kendra L. and Martin, Kramer C., 12208 N. 152nd Circle, $223,252.

Klitz, Michael J. and Kerry L. to Lafollette, Melissa A. and David R., 7926 N. 152nd St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes to Soller, Fabio, 8926 N. 159th Ave., $180,700.

Mallot, Trudy D. to Furniss, Clay B. and Alice R., 12009 N. 158th St., $166,500.

Franson, Geoffrey and Stephanie to Lahman, Jared D. and Jessica L., 14461 Jardine St., $140,000.

State Street Investments to Paradise Homes, 16351 Leeman St., $39,950.

Stratford Park Development to Oakwood Homes of Nebraska, 17402 Bondesson St., $39,460.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Charleston Homes, 9601 N. 150th Ave., $38,000.

Stratford Park Development to Oakwood Homes of Nebraska, 8514 N. 171st St., $37,550.


Jay Dubya Developments to Christo, Jill D., 907 N. 190th St., $850,000.

Kenny, Brian R. and Sarah A. to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, 18917 Lafayette Ave., $730,000.

Brookfeld Global Relocation Services to Kaplan, Stacia A., 18917 Lafayette Ave., $730,000.

Miller, James M., trustee for Miller Living Trust to Kohlscheen, Kevin A. and Cynthia A., 11520 N. 211th Circle, $650,000.

Kronaizl Investments to Orofino, Henry C. and Karen K., 21002 X St., $450,000.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction to Lynne, Melody A. and Kurtis M., 18912 Sahler St., $386,900.

Prairie Homes to Dahl, Christopffer T. and Allison, 1334 N. 181st Ave., $326,433.

Thomas, Dian U. and Rajakumar, Johnson to Webley, Jamie and Lorena, 18414 Jackson St., $290,000.

Ellsworth, James and Rebecca to NEI Global Relocation Co., 3905 N. 209th St., $258,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to O’Connor, William R., 3905 N. 209th St., $258,000.

Frazer, Ledon and Carol M. to Hanke, Carolyn A. and Lawrence H., 546 S. 188th Avenue Circle, $256,000.

Villet, Mildred J., personal representative, to Scarpello, Marjorie A., 19332 Franklin Circle, $255,000.

Kneilf, Brett and Lisa to Abolafia, Jeremiah and Ashley, 631 S. 180th Ave., $220,000.

Bauer, Patrick E. to Gustafson, Ashley and Jeremiah, 20716 Sequoia St., $217,500.

Jennings, Robert W. and Lori Trust to Tomjack, Michelle M. and Raymond C., 1602 N. 209th St., $207,900.

Celebrity Homes to Willis, Michael J. and Dawn E., 1608 N. 209th St., $199,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Larmore, Cheryl A. and Rick D., 1502 S. 218th Ave., $145,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Carson, Jennifer M. and Koestner, Tiffany J., 1808 S. 220th St., $75,000.

PAC 211 LLC to JKC Construction and John Caniglia Homes, 1343 S. 210th St., $70,000.

FRK Development to Belt Constructoin Co., 18959 Spaulding Circle, $45,000.

FRK Development to Trademark Homes, 4206 N. 191st St., $44,900.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 19324 Franklin Circle, $37,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 19322 Franklin Circle, $37,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 19306 Franklin Circle, $34,000.


Mallard Landing and Dial-Mallard Lake to Brazda, Swan and Juston, 3902 N. 269th Ave., $70,000.


Karthikeyan, Rajkumar K. to Matza, Steven, 300 S. 16th St., $97,000.


Alic, Daniela and Filbrandt, Ryan to Harvey, Carly and Samuel, 5410 Seward St., $198,000.

Fisher, Adam and Tamara J. to Clarke, Dana E., 6015 Seward St., $107,000.

Johnson, Sheryl S. to Reh, Htwa and Meh, Hko, 5055 Curtis Ave., $97,000.

Digilia, Sara M. and Bryan J. to Gay, Saw M., 2507 N. 49th St., $95,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to H&S Partnership, 6032 Binney St., $93,500.

Cave, Patrick G. and Mary A. to Wei, Baw, 3537 N. 54th St., $90,000.

Schumacher, Steven L. and Jill to Oehlertz, William, 4728 Decatur St., $89,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to H&S Partnership, 4144 N. 65th St., $85,000.

Yard, Michael L. to Sorensen, Mark P., 6519 Parker St., $79,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 4562 Ogden Ave., $22,303.


Taylor, Dennis L. to Vassios, Gregory A. and Theresa M., 3334 Pine St., $221,900.

Zemula, Marie K. and James J. to Scarpa, Jessica M., 3015 Frederick St., $100,000.

Heaton, Scott and Michele to Sanson, Scott A., 4331 Leavenworth St., $75,000.

Fisher, Kenneth P. and Joy to Timbers Holdings, 4216 Center St., $68,500.


Kielty, Anita L. to Murray, Megan M., 3628 S. 55th St., $180,000.

Wolaver, William L. and Collins, Michael D. to Hatcher, Kelli, 4512 Poppleton Ave., $175,000.

Emanuel, Philip and Sauerbrei, Niki to Rogge, Melanie S., 5807 Pierce St., $173,000.

Froschheiser, Jason F. and Erin F. to Ringgenberg, Kasandra R. and Alex G., 4850 Vinton St., $130,000.

Skoumal, William L. to Nagy, Thomas S., 4665 Spring St., $126,000.

Barelos, Theodora to Barelos, Nicholas, 5060 Marinda St., $123,000.

Whitney, John J., personal representative, to Mulder, Jeremy P., 2722 S. 50th St., $98,000.


Schurman Corp. to Hall, Jena L. and Michael J. Sr., 4512 S. 41st St., $172,500.

Joe Real Estate Ventures to Booth, Tanden, 3901 S. 13th St., $105,000.

Kowal, Frank J., personal representative, to Shaffer, Michael F. Jr., 4310 J St., $90,000.

Lind, Tom and Beth to Muniz-Francia, Alicia, 1309 Madison St., $89,000.

McIntyre, Mary E. to Graham, Rebecca, 931 Homer St., $85,000.

Zadina, Raymond J. and Bower-Zadina, Debra to Blum, Jeremy J., 3529 U St., $80,200.

Zbylut, James J. and Alys to Gruhn Properties, 4116 S. 40th Ave., $76,000.


REO Asset Management Co. to H&S Partnership, 1936 S. 18th St., $110,500.

Hernandez-Garcia, Esther and Lemus-Aguilera, Marcos to Guzman, Cliserio, 1427 S. 12th St., $87,000.


4D Management Holdings to Macias-Chavez, Luis A., 3220 Seward St., $37,500.

Evans, Roy and Phyllis to Ninkovic, Bojan, 2220 N. 37th St., $31,000.

Firenze LLC to Tran, Nu T. and Tony V., 3860 Parker St., $28,500.

DBLW LLC to Campbell, Kim and Vernon, 4129 Ohio St., $24,000.

Manuel, Juanita to Manuel, Marlin L., 2447 Larimore Ave., $24,000.


Benson, Karen S. and Fitton, Robert D. to Semerad, David C. and Barbara A., 9957 High Point Circle, $325,000.

Maverick Resources to Mary Street LLC, 2858 Titus Ave., $201,447.

Western Financial and OM 2766 Martin Trust to Montag, Beth K. and Jeffrey A., 2766 Martin Ave., $86,000.


Jerele, Barbara to Levy, Mary C. and David L., 9406 Davenport St., $323,500.

REO Asset Management Co. to H&S Partnership, 8220 Parker St., $106,250.

JLM Homes to Dornacker, Robert J. and Patricia I., 7625 Hamilton St., $72,500.

Buckzkowski, Sigrid to Kempf, Terence A. Jr. Trust, 1860 N. 84th St., $58,000.


Ideal Designs Remodeling to Dickerson, Rebecca and Joseph, 17664 Burdette St., $440,000.

RAMM Construction to Bartel, Joanne N. and Steven L., 2317 N. 177th St., $422,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Davidson, Linnea A., 17710 Burdette St., $410,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling to McMurty, Amy M. and Matthew R., 2711 N. 178th St., $379,119.

Meier, Edward S. and Roach-Meier, Cathy A. to Grier, Peter W., 2627 N. 173rd St., $326,000.

Copper Ridge Development to Bohrer, Cynthia J. and John A., 5808 N. 158th St., $322,063.

Vassios, Theresa M. and Gregory A. to Peri, Marie Trust Agreement, 5817 N. 159th St., $304,900.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Schroer, Jeanne M. and Robert E., 5802 N. 153rd St., $295,000.

Mullen, Kyle C. and Angela D. to Broderick, Tracy, 5511 N. 149th St., $260,000.

Charleston Homes to Tobaben, Joshua D., 4202 N. 174th Ave., $241,566.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Chaussee, Debra S. and Erik P., 16029 Manderson St., $229,979.

Matalon, Elinor and Guy to Nielsen, Maria and Kayle, 4909 N. 161st St., $212,500.

Nichols, Dennis and Heather K. to Johnson, Susan and Gregg A., 16402 Butler Ave., $195,000.

Horne, Carl and Fischer, Andrea to Walker, Tassi D., 14704 Ruggles St., $179,000.

Decker, Katie J. to Schroeder, Cory, 15090 Meredith Ave., $158,000.

Celebrity Homes to Oswaldt, Tammy L., 16415 Browne St., $146,400.

Yardley, Amy L. and Brian D. to Case, Rusty A., 17030 Sahler St., $145,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Hamzeh, Shahin, 3110 N. 155th Ave., $134,000.


Maverick Resources to Nine LLC, 5432 S. 51st Ave., $260,926.

Moore, Kirsten A. to Hernandez-Avalos, David and Hernandez, Josefina, 5548 Fay Blvd., $145,000.


Meier, Erin and Tate to Beach, Carrie N. and Stika, Frank J., 15621 Westchester Circle, $235,750.

Taylor, Rikki H. and Karen J. to Schmeichel, Dale E., 15712 Jackson Drive, $198,000.

Saub, Christopher M. to Murphy, Mindy M. and Nicholas J., 1517 N. 158th Ave., $150,000.

Todd, Lori M. to Paulsen, Betty L. and Norman E., 1834 N. 176th Court, $127,000.


Ingram, Ryan R. and Kristen J. to Pedersen, Lars T., 7710 N. 107th Ave., $170,000.

Terry, Christina L. and Brian K. to Reiff, Asta, 8417 Wyoming St., $137,500.


Dessonville, Kathryn A. to 8402 Loveland LLC, 8402 Loveland Drive, $425,000.

Bourne, Karen S., trustee for McMahon, Edith M. Trust to Linden, Caitlin and Bret, 7664 Shirley St., $254,500.

Rames, Kurt J. and Victor-Rames, Bethanie P. to Hill, Alex K. and Casey L., 7264 Grover St., $134,000.

Hamilton, Holly A. to Hughes, Brian M., 9006 Ontario Circle, $125,000.


Palma, Frank A. Jr., trustee for Frank and Ginna Trust to Rice, Cheryl L., 10227 V St., $137,500.

Budin, Gregory J. and Janaughn to Nguyen, Hien and Cano, Uziel, 5417 S. 94th St., $137,000.

Koch, Rose M. and Richard M. XI to Patterson, Sara N., 8480 Lakeview Drive, $129,000.

Bendlin, Andrew and Kayli A. to Lamb, Kristina M. and Matthew J., 8035 State St., $124,000.

Merrill, Jessica L. to Conn, Tammy, 7919 Maywood St., $101,000.


HBI LLC to Yuan, Ji and Niu, Gengxin, 2513 S. 191st Circle, $600,000.

Royal Development to Farris, Carol and Glenn, 1202 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $424,000.

Dewispelare, Kimberly J. and Edward L. to Reiner, Janet L. and Jeffrey C., 20185 George B Lake Parkway, $315,000.

Wolfe, Cynthia A. and Jack B. to Meierhenry, Katie H. and Jon M., 16241 Bancroft Circle, $289,900.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Koller, Beth C., 19670 Grover St., $262,553.

Gudenrath, Jeanine M. to Matthews, Martha-Jane and Bill, 2220 S. 164th Circle, $169,900.

Anderson, Janet L. and David A. to Evans, Nathan, 1204 Peterson Drive, $163,000.

McLennan, Jean G., trustee, to Olson, Chelsie R. and Luke A., 1442 S. 163rd St., $143,000.

GW Tackett Inc. to Newburg, Kristi and Forrest, 1531 S. 192nd Avenue Circle, $65,000.

HBI LLC to Anders Building Co., 18623 Gold Circle, $50,000.


Niemants, Jacob M. and Julee D. to Eiland, Christopher J. and Leslie A., 1226 N. 53rd St., $310,000.

Vik, Jennifer R. Trust to Hubbard, Heather E., 6291 Glenwood Road, $237,000.

Wittmann, Helen J. to Carlson, Vincent, 1010 Sunset Trail, $149,000.

Riley, Rochelle and Scott to Holley, Gwendolyn M., 6307 Charles St., $115,000.

Walker Valley Investments to O&H Properties, 6915 Lafayette Ave., $43,200.

Simon, Jerome D. Trust to Linden, Robert E., 1004 N. 49th St., $31,000.


Bianchi, Leo to Shamblen, Richard D., 7640 Meredith Ave., $158,900.

Hendrick, Pauline C. to Norton, Richard and Lou A., 6403 N. 105th Ave., $150,000.

Tichota, Jennifer and Matthew M. to Downey, Elaine and James, 8115 Templeton Drive, $148,000.

Foster, Christina N. and Jeremiah E. to Brown, Brendan H., 8011 Evans St., $138,500.

Nave, Bradley A. to Jones, Krystle D. and Tobias A., 9642 Redman Ave., $125,000.

Overhue, Robi and Frank to Black, Gary E. and Debra K., 2302 N. 81st St., $118,900.

West, Todd A. and Jessica C. to Neurath, Jonathan C., 4636 N. 83rd Avenue Circle, $108,000.


Kainesville Builders to Drelicharz, Amanda and Justin, 6007 S. 196th St., $306,500.

Ballan, Scot and Brandi to Bultsma, Christopher J. and Kimberly M., 18305 Tyler St., $281,000.

Hutchison, Angela M. and Ryan R. to Pinkston, Margaux and John, 5415 S. 174th St., $274,900.

Jensen, Betty L. and Richard M. to Schiessler, Elijah R., 15654 Rolling Ridge Road, $237,000.

Celebrity Homes to Stepanova, Elvira and Ginsburg, Mikhail, 6207 S. 187th St., $204,000.

Patel, Arvindkumar to Tam, Tommy L. and Lauren A., 16022 S St., $197,500.

Celebrity Homes to Snyder, Timothy J., 18906 Y St., $194,200.

King, Andrew J. to Lachapelle, John C. Trust, 6004 S. 190th Terrace, $181,250.

Celebrity Homes to Jerele, Barbara A., 6138 S. 190th Terrace, $177,900.

Leininger, Catherine M. and Matthew F. to Olin, Jonathon W. and Stacy, Callie L., 5029 S. 163rd St., $162,000.

Celebrity Homes to Frans, John A., 19643 S St., $156,450.

Klinginsmith, Katlyn J. and Ryan H. to Chesnut, Ashley M. and Klingemann, Benjamin S., 17727 J St., $145,000.

Grothaus, Ryan and Courtney M. to Petersen, Nicholas J., 19506 X St., $125,800.


Tamisiea, Judy H. Trust to Pilley, Mark D. and Davis, Michelle M., 5705 S. 118th Plaza, $378,000.

Eggett, Michele C. and Ryan W. to Lane, Peter T., 4421 S. 151st St., $238,000.

Smith, Annick and David to West, Casey D. and Cory D., 4633 S. 154th Avenue Circle, $179,000.

Homecillo, Theresa and Peter to Shetlar Land Co., 11218 Y St., $127,000.

Niemeyer, Lynne M. to Nelson, Julie A., 15235 Adams St., $114,000.


Michael, Colette to Pickrell, Sarah E. and Brough, 12811 Scott St., $395,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sneed, Andrew J. and McFerrin, Amber D., 7324 N. 142nd Ave., $196,150.

Matthews, Morgan P. and Judah P. to Burkhalter-Michael, Colette, 12226 Ida Plaza, $196,000.


Polsen, James T. to Cohen, David M., trustee,, 11934 Shirley St., $251,800.

McGill, Mary A. to Polsen, James T., 11934 Shirley St., $205,000.

Krickbaum, Amberly and Matthew to NEI Global Relocation Co., 14713 Arbor St., $200,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Urbanski, John W. and Monica F., 14713 Arbor St., $200,000.

Nord, Bradley A. and Sally R. to Becher, Betty J. and Albert W. Jr., 3510 S. 155th St., $143,000.

Sanchez, Spencer L. and Lauren J. to Benson, Kyle M. and Kristus M., 3517 S. 130th St., $115,000.


Edquist, Keith to Ryan, Donna L. and Kevin P., 6865 Willow St., $60,000.


Diederich, Robert P. and Heather J. to Bendlin, Andrew J. and Kayli A., 15502 Windsor Drive, $258,000.

Bellavance, Tracey M. and Cavaleri, Jack R. to Anderson, Janet L. and David A., 12052 Jackson St., $228,000.

Sides, Avery L. and Jack S. to Converse, Amber N. and Jerel J., 724 N. 155th Ave., $197,000.

Grier, Joseph J. to Burke, James and Trisha, 813 Grey Fawn Drive, $182,000.

Giovanni, Nancy L. and Michael A. to Giovanni, Sarah and Michael, 15230 Douglas Circle, $135,000.


Morrison, Jennifer J. and Gregory J. to Mcgill, Greg and Jaksha, Tanya, 13411 Sahler St., $210,000.

Sorensen, Kerry and Keven T. to Mumma, Charley R. Jr. Trust, 11655 Mary St., $126,500.

Hurt, Michael D. Trust to Friis, Kyle A. and Foley, Makayla R., 6615 N. 119th Ave., $118,500.

W Properties LLC to OMA 4 Rent LLC, 11331 Martin Ave., $117,500.

Dettman, Denise and Brian D. to Mountain Prairie Investments, 2517 N. 121st St., $67,000.

Legend Development to Wilson, Randy L. and Molly A., 13625 Ohio St., $25,000.



Garlock, David M. and Mary L. Family Trust to Labart, Wayne A., 1106 Potter Road, $142,000.

Thompson, Carol S. and Jeff to Cradit, Mason A. and Kolby, 1604 Farrell Drive, $146,000.

McCormick, Michael, personal representative for McCormick, Marilyn J. Estate to McCormick, William M. and Sara J., 1705 Smith Road, $160,000.

Wall to Wall Properties to Marks, Robert D. and Erica D., 1706 Sherry Drive, $145,000.

Noel, Jason B. and Katharine to Schuster, Grae L. II and Kimberly S., 1708 Franklin St., $112,000.

Vesta Properties to Stogdill, Brandon W., 2802 Jackson St., $128,000.

Carpino, Donald P. and Christine M. to Bielstein, Lee A. and Susan K., 2807 Jefferson St., $73,000.

Long, Clark D. Sr. to Draper, Nicole I., 3010 Columbus Ave., $90,000.

Mansavage, Steven A. and Barbara K. to Smith, David A. and Amanda M., 609 Terrace Ave., $120,000.


Wheeler, Jeffrey S. and Jessica A. to Danczak, Lee and Theresa, 11292 S. 201st St., $219,000.

Edgerton, Jessica K. and Robert Jr. to Hernandes, Nicholas B., 11602 S. 207th St., $164,000.

Sharma, Rajesh K. and Harsha to Thurman, James and Dayle, 12411 S. 217th St., $208,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Levine, Jason and Tara, 12411 S. 217th St., $276,000.

Eller, Craig M. and Genna M. to Wohldmann, Thomas J. and Marla A., 12525 S. 217th St., $193,000.

Rye, David H. and Valerie S. to Zakaras, Jason and Jayci M., 18076 S. 204th St., $520,000.

Post, Rodney R. and Miller, Christine M. to Widerspan, Larry T. and Marilyn, 19712 Chandler St., $235,000.

McCune Development to Mark Kardell Construction, 19808 Oak St., $38,000.

Bellbrook Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 20071 Emiline St., $52,000.

McCaul Contracting to Leasure, Harry R. Jr. and Tiffany E., 21333 Castlerock Lane, $275,000.

Janssen, Kyle and Kim to Cobb, Melissa and Cage, 21506 Parkview Drive, $200,000.

Becher, Karen M., trustee for Rohwer, Evelyn M. Trust Agreement to Hardies, Rolland J. and Jacquelyn L., 226 W. Glenmore Drive, $175,000.

Danczak, Lee F. and Theresa to Green, Daniel G. and Laura M., 605 Chestnut Drive, $120,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Burkey, Daniel V. and Dana M., 7410 S. 198th St., $258,000.


Richland Homes to Fleener, Clifford V. and Kristina L., 10612 S. 111th Ave., $251,000.

Richland Homes to Zuehlke, Guthire W. and Rhana L., 10621 S. 112th St., $259,000.

Powell, Chad A. and Sara J. to Stansberry, Allison R. and Joseph L., 1102 Shawnee Road, $160,000.

Sanfilippo, Michael J. and Stephanie G. to Afrank, Mary L., 1107 Marshall Circle, $150,000.

Thiesen, Mary L. to Sherod, Lee F. and Linda S., 1111 Woodview Drive, $168,000.

Hezel, Thomas E., trustee for Hezel, Betty L. Trust to Schanou, Kurt and Elizabeth, 1123 Surrey Road, $183,000.

McCain, Chad A. and Melissa K. to Hickle, Craig A. and Kori M., 1206 Joy St., $343,000.

Brandvold, Kevin S. and Melissa D. to National Residential Nominee Services, 12562 S. 81st Ave., $420,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Marty, Mark M. and Barbara J., 12562 S. 81st Ave., $420,000.

Goduto, Bonnie R. to Bard, Karen L., 1306 Edgewood Blvd., $115,000.

Gier, Thomas D. and Tatiana A. to McCain, Chad and Melissa 16401 S. 87th St., $293,000.

U.S. Bank to Brown, Alisa M., 1802 Barrington Parkway, $195,000.

Holmes, Heather M. to Mastalski, Michael C. and Chelsey A., 2006 King Drive, $151,000.

Hershey, Syd T. to Whitson, Ryan D. and Siabi, Hannah, 2201 Marilyn Drive, $158,000.

Home Co. to Friedenbach, Len and Holly, 2311 Big Sky Drive, $267,000.

Silver Lining Properties to Hillman, Travis K. and Elisa M., 302 S. Madison St., $170,000.

Gupta, Pawan K. and Anju to Koskovich, Todd J. and Darcy R., 648 Antelope Circle, $290,000.

Rabe, Gerald L. and Nancy A. to Stolley, Brian J. and Melissa L., 702 Edgewood Blvd., $206,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Stock, Terry F. and Nadine M., 7511 Reed St., $399,000.

Thiele, Raymond P. and Julia to Sutherland, Chad A. and Trisha, 807 Magnolia Drive, $245,000.

Schmuff, Christopher L. and Laura L. to Ledoux, Edward L. and Diane M., 823 Tipperarey Drive, $95,000.


Miller, John T. and Nancy L. to Howe, Katherine E., 3936 Kenosha Road, $143,000.


Hartung, Delores to Green, Paul E., 15850 W. Highway 31, $40,000.


OM 10603 S. 25 Trust to Williams, Shae C. and Ashli N., 10603 S. 25th Ave., $130,000.

Roragen, Joan K. to Thiemann, Kevin A. and Angela M., 12014 Quail Drive, $220,000.

Melbardis, Bradley J. and Nicole to Bradwick, Matthew E., 13303 Brrokside Drive, $205,000.

Celebrity Homes to Harlan, Alan N. and Laura S., 13805 S. 43rd Ave., $166,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Curtright, Daniel L. and Shiella, 14708 S. 24th St., $254,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jones, Martin A. and Melinda R., 15011 S. 24th Ave., $249,000.

Ecklund, Adam R. and Kimberly M. to Hawi Investments, 2712 Michaela St., $135,000.

Olsen, Jeffrey to Kaufman, Keith and Carol, 3405 Scott Drive, $137,000.

Quinn, Stephen H. and Glenna to Reitsma, Erin N., 3459 Rahn Blvd., $178,000.

Arnold, Geoffrey L. and Joyce, Darlene J. to Hill, David E. and Claudia C., 3517 Comstock Ave., $110,000.

Clear Water Falls Development to TJl Consulting, 5152 Clearwater Drive, $50,000.

Cooper, Robert L. and Jerri to Condrey, Ryan P. and Cynthia E., 9801 S. 22nd Circle, $155,000.


Lansman, Thomas R. and Diane K. to Lamontia, Jacob T. and Hamel, Chloe C., 7222 S. 78th St., $108,000.

Thurman, James M. and Dayle D. to Kueper, Anthony J. and Daniela, 7719 Park View Blvd., $123,000.

Christman, Mary C. to Buls, Wyatt and Elizabeth, 7801 Park View Blvd., $126,000.

Miller, Gail L. to Colvert, Joe L. and Laurel M., 7909 S. 70th St., $170,000.

Fitzgerald, Daniel T. and Lana L. to McCart, Leah Z. and Michael J. Sr., 7933 Cottonwood Ave., $138,000.

Dickerson, Joseph L. and Rebecca R. to Schmid, Anthony L. and Christine A., 8005 S. 94th St., $305,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Ousley, Steven M. and Laura M., 8501 S. 105th St., $309,000.

Suppes, Mark A. and Desiree D. to Bash, Marc P. and Kimberly A., 8635 Park View Blvd., $155,000.

Engler, Paul M. and Dorothy A. to Engler, Todd M., 8802 S. Glenview Drive, $120,000.


Bland, Michael D. and Jaime L. to Williams, Jonathan E. and Rosemary C., 1202 Cottonwood Circle, $208,000.

Anderson, Mark C. and Eileen Frank to Suppes, Mark A. and Desiree D., 127 Castle Pine Drive, $335,000.

Broom, Robert C. and Denise M. to Sautter, Adam, 2008 Eagle Ridge Drive, $250,000.

Anderson, Cory M. to Palma, Frank A. Jr. and Ginna S., 2142 Ashwood Ave., $214,000.


Home Co. to Polmanteer, Jessica M. and James O. IV, 9711 S. 173rd Ave., $321,000.


Oiness, Steven A. to Brazda, Ron and Delaine, 15732 Rosewood St., $132,000.

Gibson, Justin and Erica to Boyle, Shauna, 16302 Timberlane Drive, $160,000.

Stalling, David A. and Crystal to Callahan, Timothy J. and Amanda G., 17226 Rampart St., $286,000.

Wingender, John R. Jr. and Mary K. to Graves, James A. and Kristi K., 18111 Gertrude St., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes to Teague, Dennis M. and Afton J., 18362 Emiline St., $176,000.

Anderson, Deborah A. to Jurys, Judy, 18916 Josephine St., $198,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Seil, Matthew B. and Cherri S., 19019 Lillian St., $244,000.

Backora Gross, Kristi M. and Gross, Kevin to Bertram, Karen, 7332 S. 179th St., $136,000.

Glasford, Scot and Amy to Vondran, Emaniel J. and Wachiarowicz, Marissa M., 7727 S. 173rd St., $239,000.

Palisades Development to H3 Custom Homes, 9615 S. 173rd St., $52,000.

Carpenter, George C. II and Joanne to Lowe, Jason B. and Donna C., 9704 S. 176th St., $285,000.

Dewan, Sushman and Vijay to Byrnes, Lawrence H. Jr. and Ann M., 9707 S. 176th St., $320,000.


Loehr, Angela M. to Hanson, Abby L., 13504 Olive St., $118,000.

Rench, Channa to Rohwer, Jeffrey W., 9022 David Circle, $103,000.


Hayes, Curtis N. and Kathleen M. to Hendrickson, Paul S. and Karla M., 5117 Lakecrest Drive, $199,000.


Flores, Tito and Dominiguez, Bibianna to Schafer, Crystal B., 2305 Emiline St., $98,000.

Turner, Adam to FTF LLC, 4017 Greene Ave., $91,000.

F&G Enterprises to Garcia, Mario, 7210 S. 24th Ave., $98,000.

McWilliams, Terry P. and Sharon K. to Aspect Homes, 7713 S. 36th St., $30,000.

Roberts, Barney and Crystal to Edris, Kyle E. and Shelbie A., 9609 S. 22nd Ave., $150,000.


Westerndorf, Justin A. and Courtney B. to Hernandes, Maria C., 5410 S. 50th St., $137,000.

Phillips, Warren W. and Christianne S. to Carey, Leah F. and Maturano, Carine D., 7413 S. 50th St., $103,000.

Mendick, Tim and Meghan to Greenhill, Marquez T. and Christina M., 8602 S. 45th Ave., $120,000.



Lewis, Nicole to Rapaich, John, 3301 Second Ave., $12,000.

Mowery, April and Shawn to Ceballos, Enrique G., 1810 13th St., $154,500.

Deutsche Bank to Peacock Villas, 2821 10th St., $76,000.

Thomas, Jack to MAC Investments, 2629 11th St., $45,000.

CP-SRMOF II 2012-A-Trust and U.S. Bank Trustee to Porter, Michael, 2543 Ave. C, $33,000.

Goldman Sachs Mortgage Co. to Ayala, Chrystopher, 1501 Ave. K, $62,000.

Archibald, Kelley to Southview Bible Church, 2101 Seventh St., $94,000.

Williams, Billy and Cynthia R. to Keating, Mary F., 2615 Eighth St., $102,000.

Vannier, Everett L. to Felton, Chester L. 3229 Ave. A, $58,000.

Jansenius, Harry D. Estate to Lasovich, Jeffrey D., 615 Sixth St., $75,000.

Delanty, Roger L. and Vicky L. to McGinnis, Melvin, 5703 Navajo St., $240,000.

Cleveland, Ronald E. II to Leisenring, Chad, 2512 S. 11th St., $106,000.


Hoyle, Monty and Teresa to Kennedy, Sharean A. and Olsen, Ole O. Jr., 119 Elmwood Drive, $199,500.

Kruse, Bradley J. and Hanne to Dillard, Amy J., 319 Stutsman St., $100,000.

Madsen, Carolyn J. Estate to Weilage Property Management, 370 Lincoln Ave., $52,000.

Frieze, Claude O. to Fricton, Shannon M., 4 Lillian Lane, $92,000.

Knauss, Marilyn J. and Richard E. Trust to Carley, Laura and Robert, 23374 Sunshine Lane, $465,000.

Moore, James G. and Karen S. to Weilage, Jeremy D. and Kimberly, 20362 Perry Road, $100,000.

Comstock, Amy L. and Thomas to Kenkel, Daniel R., 1561 Sunset Drive, $87,000.

Gentile, Brock C. to Schoening, Angela and Christopher, 2232 Walton Ave., $119,000.

Little Adams Ranch to Godwin, David A. and Teresa M., 22395 205th St., $275,000.

Stoufer, Gina and William R. to Guill, Andrew M. and Jennifer A., 1425 Aster Drive, $268,000.

Hendricks, Anne E. and James to Gilbert, Richard M. and Knotek, Adrian S., 17 Skyview Drive, $117,000.

Anderson, Bonnie L. Estate to Cooley, Justin L., 128 Kenmore Ave., $162,000.


Dashner, Jennifer and Owen to Holland, Lisa M., 4428 17th St., Carter Lake, $194,500.


Avoca Betterment Association to Tripp, Molly S., 419 Lincoln St., Avoca, $145,500.


Campbell, Donald M. to Alvis, Angela F. and Nathaniel V., 16475 Dixon Drive, Honey Creek, $257,000.


Severn, Wendy M. to Moore, James G. and Karen S., 326 Laurie Circle, Neola, $93,000.

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