The following is a list of residential real estate transfers recorded in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Each listing tells the seller, the buyer, the street address and the sale price on transactions of $10,000 or more. The sale price on Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties is computed from the stamp tax affixed to the deed. Transactions that are exempt from stamp tax are not included.



Paradise Homes to Andresen, Michael K. and McClung, Jodi L., 16052 Girard St., $325,570.

Timm, Matthew D., trustee for Timm Revocable Trust to Facca, Nicole M. and Robert B., 14632 Girard St., $315,000.

Lenagh, Paul A. and Jennifer M. to Newbill, Tagan S. and Perry R. Jr., 7211 N. 155th St., $266,500.

Fitzler, Janice M. to Wiegrefe, William J. and Shauna C., 10240 N. 186th Ave., $237,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Roza, Mikki, 8103 N. 158th St., $187,571.

Smith, Patricia L. to Smith, Carol J., 12123 N. 159th St., $172,000.

Kruger Investments and Consulting to Classen, Jordan, 7002 N. 153rd St., $147,000.

Mulligan, Ryan D. and Heather M. to Morris, Clifford E. Jr., 15312 Clay St., $130,000.

State Street Investments to Marasco Homes, 7913 N. 164th St., $39,950.

Jensen, Cory P. and Nicole K. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 12069 Elmwood Drive, $28,730.


Ramm Construction to Ward, Frank J. and Cindy J., 1319 N. 185th St., $433,600.

Kenny, Cynthia L. to Valker, William S. and Arter, Kim R., 19838 Chicago St., $420,000.

Pappas, Lisa M. and James E. Jr. to Hofer, Eli and Nicole, 19535 Harney St., $375,000.

Hahn, Anne C. and Randall G. to Trice, Joe and Sarah, 18410 Honeysuckle Drive, $345,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Cunningham, Kari L. and John D., 20763 Ames Ave., $321,515.

Todd Menard Construction to Coy, Julio C., 18612 Mason St., $292,500.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Hahan, John J. and Anita R., 2709 N. 191st St., $289,470.

Heavican Homes to Gibbs, Andrew N. and Lyndsie M., 18314 Farnam St., $248,000.

Tripp, Ann M. and Steven W. to Elliott, Brett A. and Sallie M., 2522 S. 221st Circle, $230,000.

Jacobs, Michelle L. to Sterken, Curtis C. and Teresa M., 4004 N. 208th St., $227,500.

Celebrity Homes to Hussey, Susan R. and James G., 1808 N. 209th St., $207,700.

JMC Enterprises to Karle, Deborah M., 19122 Lake St., $200,000.

Hull, Elliott R. and Nicole D. to Bain, Alexander H. and Christopher J., 19102 Lake St., $195,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Carson, Karen and Mark, 1711 S. 219th St., $120,000.

Cox, Jeffrey A. and Julia A. to Welty, James C. Jr., 21203 Welsh Road, $108,472.

Pacific Windgate II to Falcone Enterprises, 21002 Cedar St., $90,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Hanson, Dwight G. and Kim E., 20805 Frances Circle, $90,000.

Yard, Linda L. to Chadwell, Michael A. and Gabrielle L., 2708 N. 207th St., $85,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Nelson, Chelsea M. and Zachary S., 1618 S. 221st Circle, $85,000.

R&A Builders to Falcone Enterprises, 2018 S. 214th Ave., $80,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Blaha, Steven and Renee, 1879 Blue Sage Parkway, $80,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Tru-Vision Custom Homes, 1733 S. 220th Ave., $80,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Castle Brook Builders, 1618 S. 221st Circle, $75,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Whit Smith Construction, 1177 S. 212th Circle, $65,000.

EVE LLC to Classen, Leisel and Todd, 19311 Binney St., $63,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction, 20613 Ames Ave., $46,900.

Castle Brook Builders to Bluestone Custom Builderes, 19655 Farnam St., $45,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction, 19230 Spaulding Circle, $44,900.

Stryker, Linda M. and George to Fireside Construction Co., 20110 Stryker St., $42,500.

Stryker, Linda M. and George to Fireside Construction Co., 20106 Stryker St., $42,500.

Stryker, Linda M. and George to Fireside Construction Co., 20102 Stryker St., $42,500.

Stryker, Linda M. and George to Ridgeview Homes, 20055 Stryker St., $42,500.

Gottsch Land Co. to Marc David Custom Built Homes and Charlston Homes, 19413 Manderson Circle, $36,000.


Longwell, Timothy J. to Hurley, Michael S., trustee for Hurley Revocable Trust, 37 Ginger Cove Road, $460,000.

Ginn, Joyce A. and Robert V. to Armas, Rolando and Laura G., 66 Shaker Place, $300,000.

C&S Realty Co. to JAL Holdings, 28434 W. Reichmuth Road, $205,000.

Mallard Landing and Dial-Mallard Lake to Rosso, David L. and Tracy R., 26838 Taylor Circle, $130,000.


Johnson, Andrew J. to Rue, Steven C. and Desiree A., 6782 Binney St., $115,000.

Boults, Arthur L. and Alexis to Nyaw, Po K. and Lay, Chaw, 5534 N. 61st Ave., $97,000.

Hill, John D. and Dorothy M. Trust to Neh, Kyaw and Yee, Nyunt, 4933 Emmet St., $95,000.

Beck, Ashley L. and Haes, Timothy C. to Radney, Donna J., 5140 Pinkney St., $91,000.

Weis, Norbert A., trustee for Weis Living Trust to Reh, Mi and Meh, Bai, 6251 Curtis Ave., $87,500.

Oppegard, Susan E. to Gerber, Sara M., 2338 N. 66th St., $85,000.

Krecklow, Kyle D. and Jessica to Kempcke, Alicia M., 2708 N. 45th Ave., $82,000.

Stohlmann, John F. and Susan G. to Lay, Saw M. and Htoo, New E., 6206 Park Lane Drive, $78,500.

Snider, Susan A. and Oellerich, Dennis A. to Buchholz, Jeremy J., 3345 N. 59th St., $62,000.

JKT Properties to RBC Properties, 4858 Saratoga St., $52,500.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 4562 Ogden Ave., $22,303.


Roberts, Gary E. and Jolleen K. to Brei, Rebecca L., 4433 Poppleton Ave., $265,000.

Kanam Investments to Tooker, Patrice M. and Christopher R., 1914 S. 36th St., $130,000.

Mumma, Charles R. Jr. and Karen K. Trust to Invest Omaha I LLC, 705 S. 37th St., $120,000.

Eischeid, Luann J. to Weeks, Jenifer L., 4311 Leavenworth St., $118,500.

Obal, Anne E., personal representative, to Laflan, Douglas and Cathy, 4219 Mason St., $76,500.

Godek, Mary K. and John F. to Willbrand, Marvin, trustee for Godek, John F. and Mary K. Trust Agreement, 2156 S. 35th Ave., $75,000.

Property Ventures to Midtown Properties, 714 S. 30th St., $45,000.

Jessen, James and Jane to JMC Enterprises, 4408 Mayberry St., $40,000.


Vander Veen, Joel W. to Sak, Brandon C. and Holly C., 1302 S. 62nd St., $199,000.

Mohlman, Linda and Donald R. to Rhodes, Phillip W. Jr., 4540 Marcy St., $120,000.

Garbo, Gerard V. Sr. and Sharon to Munch, Joseph H., 3304 S. 45th St., $100,000.

Bank of New York to EKW Properties, 6226 Elm St., $70,500.

Fairfield, Deanne and Bill L. to Smith, Stephen R. and Mousel, Randall III, 2607 S. 61st Ave., $32,550.


Jurgens, Justin and Eliana to Valles, Roberto, 3947 T St., $117,000.

Mercado, Maria D. and Abundiz, Manuel M. to Palos, Rene, 1530 Jefferson St., $85,000.

Olsen, John M. and Anita to Garza, Michael G. Sr., 3509 Monroe St., $77,000.

HBI LLC to Silva, Ramon S., 2814 Madison St., $35,000.

JKT Properties to Bates, Eric D., 2504 H St., $25,000.


Christopherson, Steven D. to Wheary, Ryan S., 1201 S. 15th St., $145,000.


Ben, Nora A. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 5346 N. 26th St., $57,500.

Nyal, Jospina to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 3727 N. 40th Ave., $52,000.

Willis, Raymond F. Jr., trustee for Willis, Mercedes A. Trust to Hurley, Todd D., 2426 Evans St., $42,000.

Relford, Ida M. to Hampton, Shernique S., 2577 Pratt St., $37,500.

Capital Construction to Alba, Javier M., 3510 Blondo St., $37,000.

Royce, Elaine and Michael to Janovich, James and Courtney, 5736 N. 33rd St., $35,000.

Mutual of Omaha Bank to Papajosh LLC, 4128 N. 39th St., $26,000.


Kindred, Allen D. and Karen M. to Wrather, Tanisha, 2452 Whitmore St., $91,000.

Harvey, Dana M. and Gary K. to Bleth, Memory, 6855 Minne Lusa Blvd., $73,500.

Sides, Karen E. and Ronald E. to Readhimer, Robert E. and Kathleen S., 7702 N. 28th Ave., $55,995.

U.S. Bank to 1CHRON 29:11 LLC, 3115 Willit St., $52,000.

Casey, Kathleen M. and Thomas E. to RBC Properties, 6920 N. 31st Ave., $51,000.


Salem, Ali E. and Judith M. to Jones, Kate A. and Ethan N., 242 S. 88th St., $299,500.

Steinke, Skyler B. to Malm, Timothy J. and Kasey L., 906 Cole Creek Drive, $134,900.


Carlson, Gary R. and Debra L. to Mohr, Beth A., 15645 Grant Circle, $455,000.

Cahow, Lawrence J. and Barbara A. to Singh, Harmit and Garg, Rohini, 3341 N. 161st Ave., $395,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Preister, Gary L. and Mary J., 16602 Miami St., $314,258.

Meier, Tate and Erin to Whelan, Ryan R. and Lindsay D., 14514 Burdette St., $314,000.

Ullerich, Martha J. to Warren, Phil B., 15771 Grant Circle, $297,000.

Feichtinger, Michele to O’Brien, Patrick and Hillenrandt, Ashley, 14716 Lake St., $259,900.

Dobberpuhl, Rick D. and Denise to Ekwerekwu, Bradley E. and Lindsey R., 4310 N. 159th Ave., $246,000.

Charleston Homes to Kenney, Carrie A., 14873 Laurel Ave., $241,822.

Kaplan, Stacia A. to Schenk, Amy L. and Anthony J., 14479 Sherwood Ave., $225,000.

Ullrich, Mark A. and Hunnewell, Neil F. to Long, Karen M. and Leon T. Jr., 4740 N. 149th Avenue Circle, $200,000.

Celebrity Homes to Anthony, Mary J. and Douglas A., 4909 N. 177th St., $184,851.

Byrd, Daniel K. Trust of 2004 to Karas, Teresa A. and David R., 3310 N. 147th Court, $141,000.

Patzner, Korby M. to Koehler, Rodney D., 16302 Camden Ave., $138,950.

Bermel, Karen M. to Fitts, Dorothy L., 5002 N. 176th St., $138,500.

Ramsey, Cecelia A. to Humphrey, Mary K., 5161 N. 144th Ave., $122,900.

Brown, Lindsey and Eric P. to Ahrens, Joy and Kurt, 5150 N. 155th Ave., $122,700.

Tristar Management to Coburn, William, 15417 Curtis Ave., $21,000.


Zander, Jeffrey to Iglesia Pentecostes Roca De Salvacion, 4917 S. 46th St., $156,000.


CSH LLC to Fledderman, Dale and Mary, 816 S. 178th St., $315,000.

Regan, Nicole A. and James M. to Kuecker, Ann M. and Mark J., 1925 N. 173rd Circle, $255,000.

Landholt, Mary B. Trust to Whitney, Sharon and David, 17705 Marcy St., $255,000.

Beene, Ronald A. to Modlin, Jarrod A., 15910 Parker St., $215,000.

Brookfield Relocation to Oltmans, Peggy L., 1723 N. 160th St., $185,000.


Smith, Carol J. to McCann, Annette E., 6619 N. 102nd Ave., $193,000.

Reichenberg, Nicholas D. and Dana M. to Sempeck, Jason J. and Tina O., 7305 N. 107th Ave., $175,000.

Makens, Thomas J. to Skudler, Robert V. and Debbie S., 8407 Sheffield St., $164,125.

Looper, Samantha N. to Mertz, Molly and Dustin, 7218 N. 90th St., $154,000.

Wetzel, Cody A. and Erin to Allen, Joseph H. II, 8010 Bondesson St., $129,950.

Vyhlidal, Amy J. to Goodsell, Darren, 7917 Bauman Ave., $115,000.

Ammons, Cary to Goodsell, Darren D., 8730 Read St., $114,500.


Chan, Wing-Chung Trust Agreement to Heit, Wesley and Hoovestol, Hanna, 10617 Castelar St., $350,000.

Harrington, Scott A. and Judith A. to Deegan, Rebecca O. and Paul T., 2051 S. 86th Ave., $324,900.

Overhue, Frank H. and Robi L. to Jackson, Christopher G., 8504 B St., $121,000.

Fenn, Angela M. to Liekhus, Eric B., 3401 Cornhusker Drive, $118,000.


Cottingham, Douglas to Garnatz, Patrick and Crystalynn M., 10321 Z St., $231,000.

Boyd, Karen S. and Gary L. to Stachon, Walter J. and Deborah S., 10345 Z St., $220,000.

Mott, Veda M. and Earl L. to Petersen, Tyler R., 7535 Washington St., $138,000.

Jacobsen, Hazel M. to Burbach, Micky M., 8804 Holmes St., $130,000.

Brabec, George R., personal representative, to Nunez, Paula, 6732 S. 88th St., $127,000.

Campos, Robert A. to Norman, Ashley R. and Jesse J., 4728 S. 79th Ave., $120,000.

Van Fleer, Viola J. to Haugen, Nathan M., 8029 Main St., $68,250.

Ondracek, Charlene C., trustee for Chicholousek, William C. Trust to Bronte Companies, 7745 Oakwood St., $45,000.


Urwiler, Joy L. Trust to Pappas, Lisa M. and James, 3928 S. 184th Ave., $329,900.

Wagaman, Jack D. and Donna M. to Farrell, Jacob D. and Andrea L., 16624 Westfield Circle, $285,000.

Best Construction to Bartek, Margaret, 20212 C St., $228,950.

Bailey, Derek J. and Katherine L. to Nystrom, Aimmy M. and Andrew D., 19721 Pine St., $214,000.

Reiff, William J. and Virginia A. to Pavalis, John and Laura J., 16722 Poppleton Ave., $180,000.

Willer, Neil A. to Waters, Susan K. and Sally E., 16005 Shirley St., $179,500.

Rozmus, Frank and Danielle to Campbell, Stephanie A., 2139 S. 164th Ave., $160,000.

Kluver, Douglas D., trustee for Roots, Ronald B. Trust to Malibu Holdings, 2469 S. 182nd Circle, $105,000.


Rucker, Charles A., trustee for Rucker Enterprise Trust to Rolls Properties, 412 N. 39th St., $82,500.

Vandelay Investments to Royce, Michael, 3026 Lafayette Ave., $25,500.


McAlecy, Mary E. and Achreibman, Ian to Rasmussen, Douglas B. and Jorgensen, Pamela K., 128 Dundee Ridge Court, $231,900.

Feeley, Patricia L. and Huev-ner, Mark to Frangi, David and Rosalynda A., 6004 Charles St., $152,500.

Bak, Rebecca G. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 1006 N. 48th Ave., $91,423.

Neal, Timothy R. and Marilyn M. to Devin Brad Mike LLC, 412 S. 49th St., $87,000.


Andersen, Suzanne G. to Miller, Sharon E. and John C., 2712 N. 97th Ave., $150,000.

Armentrout, Lloyd M. and Pam I. to Frazier, Latrisha R., 3722 N. 95th St., $145,000.

Buehring, Tiffany M. to Hoffman, Stefanie and Kellogg, Zachary, 5806 N. Oaks Blvd., $141,000.

Braesch, Barry L. to Mohon, Teresa L. and Robert W. III, 4117 N. 93rd St., $124,500.

White, Angelia C. and Andrew C. to Van Nurden, Sabrena, 9430 Brownley Drive, $106,900.


Hauptman, Mark W. and Lori A. to Atkinson, Steven J. and Laura J., 4211 S. 184th St., $775,635.

Kalamaja, Lisa M. and Joseph M. to Cooke, Robert L. III and McBee-Cooke, Carrie L., 17128 S St., $327,000.

Ladenson, Reid B. and Patty A. to Ganga, Siva R. and Gunnalla, Suneetha, 5916 S. 174th St., $316,000.

Sorensen, Christopher M. and Chloe J. to Hersmosillo, Dania, 6204 S. 172nd St., $315,500.

Celebrity Homes to Moran, Valerie D. and Bradley D., 4446 S. 199th Ave., $257,650.

Machiewicz, Kari L. and James A. to Niebur, David A. and Peterson, Gayle A., 5519 S. 160th St., $249,000.

Cai, Jianguo and Zhang, Hui to Pandil, Jordan T. and Tessa W., 5612 S. 160th St., $229,500.

Campbell, Stephanie A. to Lech, Nancy M. and Marvin R., 18760 P St., $220,000.

O’Riley, Mark E. and Henry, Tabitha A. to Wallin, Kenneth D. Trust, 16957 Polk St., $213,000.

Mahlin, Stephanie N. and Cottingham, Ian J. to Packer, Andrew D., 19343 I St., $212,000.

Celebrity Homes to McBride, Howard A., 6136 S. 190th Terrace, $202,200.

Pereda, Irma and Jesus to Bolla, Sudhir K., 5717 S. 159th St., $192,000.

Whitcomb, Dolores K. and Todd A. to Huff, Robert R. Jr. and Shirah A., 4955 S. 167th Ave., $183,000.

Furman, Andrew J. and Georgian, Amanda N. to Lauritsen, Dana M., 16409 Weir St., $164,500.

Svajgl, Bryan S. and Hinman, Krystina to Dayvolt, Erin M. and Alexander C., 5376 S. 194th St., $142,500.

Billups, Jani R. to Patterson, Megan, 6701 S. 191st Ave., $140,000.

Farrell, Andrea L. and Wagaman, Jack D. to Wagaman, Eric L., 18686 Allan St., $136,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 5108 S. 193rd St., $124,670.

Mannino, Mary L. to Tripp, Jenna M., 18190 Polk Plaza, $98,000.

Whitehawk Development to Hildy Construction, 19736 J St., $43,950.


Henderson, Jeanne M. and Henry L. to Munger, Toni and Ryan, 14917 Z Circle, $180,500.

Hughes, Ulrike G. and Kenneth R. to O’Donnell, Christina M. and Wilson, Jason J., 6833 S. 147th St., $170,000.

Turpin, Joshua D. and Carrie E. to Navin, Gerald E. and Laura L., 15066 Dayton St., $138,000.

Lewis, Judith C. to Eliason, Joseph J., 13736 Birchwood Ave., $130,000.

Gallagher, Michael T. and Debra C. to Fuller, Karla, 14811 Orchard Circle, $128,000.

Druery, Deborah to Murphy, Terrence and Kathryn L., 14012 O St., $105,000.

Anthony, Mark E., personal representative, to Gassert, Julie M. and Michael, 14962 Weir Plaza, $87,000.

Locher, Thomas, trustee, to Eary Properties, 13918 P St., $70,100.


Celebrity Homes to Lawson, Jonathan M., 7320 N. 142nd Ave., $203,850.

Celebrity Homes to White, Harold A. and Rita E., 14242 Wood Valley Drive, $173,650.

Abou-Nasr, Faisal K. to O’Connor, Stephen M. and Karen J., 12318 Scott Circle, $160,500.

Deer Creek Holdings Co. to O’Malley, Kathy and John, 12423 Mormon St., $48,500.


Mau, Sara J. and Fagan, Gerald J. to Hawthorne, Daniel and Chamberlain, Kelsey, 3365 S. 130th St., $135,000.

Niebur, David to Sigmona, John P. and Lauren E., 13467 Oak St., $135,000.

Hillan, Stephanie and Leuenberger, Justin to Hiemer, Anton, 15238 Grover St., $132,500.

Jones, Nancy J. to FTF LLC, 3215 S. 117th St., $100,000.

Baumann, William C. and Collene M. to Station, Larry W. Jr., 12209 Pedersen Drive, $80,000.


McGahan, Mary and Hugh Trust to Geiger, James and Domenge-Geiger, Gabrielle, 842 S. 114th St., $240,000.

Advanced Finishes to Robbins, Terrell and Ford-Robbins, Nadira, 1006 Eldorado Drive, $199,000.

Chait, David H. to Chait, Jessica, 979 S. 119th Court, $135,000.

Swift, Ria and Jared to Eckert-Yttri, Roxeann, 727 N. 130th Plaza, $130,000.

Cain, Nancy and Bill to Bisignano, Mary B., 15371 Mason Plaza, $117,000.


Nakajima, Yoshino, trustee for Beck, James H. Trust to Hindraker, David and Ashley, 3327 N. 131st Circle, $375,000.

Parsons, Dean J. and Jean A. to Hauge, Nicholas and Julia, 13407 Ames Ave., $209,000.

Patton, David J. and Laura to Magar, Padam and Govin, 11524 Sahler St., $175,000.

Armstrong, Michele A. and Timothy W. to Nelson, Ronald K. and Shawn J., 13706 Miami St., $142,500.

McMullen, Erin L. to Austin, Rashonda J. and Dominique A., 5724 N. 117th Circle, $142,000.

Debetter, Charles D. III and Jeannine C. to Laux, Joshua J. and Ashlee L., 2156 N. 124th Avenue Circle, $140,000.

Brewer, Kelly J. and Amanda J. to Penland, Lauren A. and Kyle T., 11353 Raleigh Drive, $134,900.

Metzsch, Elaine R. to Raymond Evans Real Estate, 2729 N. 125th Ave., $100,000.

James, Helen M. to Thurman, Kelli J., 4206 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $95,000.

McClatchey, Anne and Bruce J. to Bronte Companies, 14251 Hillsborough Drive, $50,000.



Gonzales, Jocelyn C. to Allison, Andrew J. and Samantha L., 1003 Bert Murphy Blvd., $73,000.

Kaplan, Kenton and Devon to Langabee, Erin D., 1101 Hillcrest Drive, $144,000.

Owens, Terence C. and Angelica M. to Barker, Robert W. and Janet K., 1223 St. Andrews Road, $150,000.

Wendl Properties to Van Houten, Jody L., 1712 Pelton Ave., $127,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Alberts, Sara M., 2005 Winnie Drive, $70,000.

Baumgartner, Randal A. and Tara L. to Adam Investments, 2012 Calhoun St., $117,000.

Johnson, Geoffery S. and Anne E. to Christianson, Edward R. and Sharon A., 2101 Dagmar Ave., $55,000.

Morrison, Heather R. and Chad M. to Egr, Emmet and Barbara, 305 Kayleen Drive, $155,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Schutt, Joe D. and Melissa A., 308 Rushton Drive, $175,000.

Holt, Ford L. III and Koester Holt, Kathleen L. Trust to May, Denise K., 510 W. 23rd Ave., $107,000.

Shearer, William A. to Linden, Robert, 518 Martin Drive North, $120,000.

Connon, Paul R., trustee for Connon, Richard A. Trust to Tellez, Adela, 602 W. 31st St., $110,000.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to LSF8 Master Participation Trust, 902 Evergreen Ave., $93,000.


Charleston Homes to Fleming, James A., 11330 S. 173rd Ave., $46,000.

Wagner, Rebecca A. and Kris T. to Hoyer, Leroy J., 12431 S. 217th St., $210,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Vetter, Brett and Kelli and Daniel J., 21342 Cobblestone Circle, $276,000.

Anderson, Jarod A. and Chrissy to Villafuerte, Shane and Jennifer, 21430 Parkview Drive, $198,000.

Reitmeier, Gregory R. and Carrie R. to Flippin, Jason A. and Kelly L., 7834 S. 216th St., $500,000.


Williams, Aaron M. and Randi M. to Dawiczyk, Christopher J., 104 Concord Circle, $177,000.

Snow, Charles J. and Tessie F. to Skryja, Christopher R. and Megan C., 1110 MacArthur Drive, $330,000.

BHI Development to Belt Construction Co., 11427 S. 123rd Ave., $85,000.

Hermosillo, Rafael Jr. and Dania to Crisp, Nigel H. and Katina D., 1401 Clearwater Circle, $378,000.

Skarda Construction Co. to Ricchini, Matthew and Lisa A., 1520 Whitewater Drive, $350,000.

Home Co. to Ciavarella, David A. and Elizabeth A., 2481 Crystal Creek Drive, $341,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling&Construction to Parsons, Frank A. and Kristine M., 7019 Beth Ave., $305,000.

Harlow, Amy and Jeff to Allen, David L. and Christine K., 703 Matthies Drive, $168,000.

Rasmussen, Wayne S. and First Nebraska Trust, co-trustees for McAleer, Joan M. and Jay C. Trust to Grondek, Allison N. and Davis, Brian D., 839 S. Polk St., $148,000.


Morisette, Sandra R. to Hermsen, Robert J. and Carol A., 12804 Cottonwood Lane, $264,000.

Finney, Cheryl C. to Erspamer, Jordan B. and Nicole J., 310 Maple St., $169,000.


Hammer, Justin G. and Jessica to Williams, Timothy A. 10609 S. 17th St., $124,000.

O&H Properties to Overhue, Travis F., 13312 S. 28th St., $150,000.

Stammers, Lisa L. and Robert L. to Byrne, Christopher E., 3126 Sheridan Road, $147,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bashus, Gregory D. and Christine J., 4303 Waterford Ave., $249,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Burton, Terry D. and Joan S., 6611 Harvest Drive, $332,000.

Brummet, Lamonte J. Jr. and Amy J. to Steinke, Hans and Tamara M., 727 Cedar View Lane, $216,000.

Klinetobe, Eric S. and Elizabeth to Davis, Tommy and Hankins, Lindsay, 919 Bordeaux Ave., $123,000.

Scott, David L. and Dayne W. to Corporation of Presiding Bishop and Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, 9803 S. 24th St., $152,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Puopolo, Ricardo A. and Katrina, 10910 S. 214th St., $249,000.

Nielsen, Barbara to Plessel, Nicole and Dempsey, Shane, 6906 Pine Drive, $114,000.

Haynie, Jess L. Jr. and Donna to Caylor, Benjamin D., 7414 S. 69th St., $90,000.


Charleston Homes to Sidlin, Ami S. and Anthony J., 11322 S. 47th St., $261,000.

Horizon Realty to Arnold, Phillip L. III and Ashley N., 1806 Titan Springs Drive, $282,000.

Burke, David L. and Antoinette M. to Barry, Thomas J. and Graves, Michelle C., 1900 Windcrest Ave., $215,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Chambers, Thomas W., 7003 Beth Ave., $374,000.

Jordan, Christopher A. and Kristen to Perkins, Matthew L. and Wymore, Felicia L., 8902 S. 67th St., $205,000.


Wright, Steven and Andrea to Schnabel, Matthew L. and Dianna C., 16230 Cary St., $185,000.

Chandler, Jeffrey D. to Bacon, Alice and Charley, 16423 Josephine St., $255,000.

Applegarth, Mark A. and Shauna C. to Perry, Christopher C. and Erin K., 16429 Olive St., $234,000.

Celebrity Homes to Richardson, Nicholas D. and Chelsey B., 16431 Cary St., $182,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Marcuzzo, Michelle, 7506 S. 191st St., $230,000.

Buckley, Gran and Kelsey to Sefren, Darren M. and Rachael A., 8902 S. 166th St., $174,000.

Frame, Timothy J. and Keely E. to Henrichsen, Jeffrey A. and Crystal L., 9216 S. 169th St., $212,000.


Malcom, Steven J. and Nancy L. to Tucksen, Mattia M. and Jessica L., 12917 Edna St., $134,000.

Brugioni, Rusty L. II and Angela M. to Valasek, Andrew M., 12920 Emiline St., $129,000.

Woehler, William A. and Wacker, Eunice L. to Schroeder, Keith and Sandra, 8609 S. 143rd Ave., $118,000.


Bailey, Aaron L. and Jennifer S. to Williams, Robert A., 3109 Harrison St., $125,000.

Castera, Antonio H. to McDaniel, Sue A., 7518 S. 22nd St., $60,000.


Foust, Sonni M. to Timm, Travis A. and Jenna M., 6910 S. 52nd St., $113,000.

Kellogg Midwest Federal Credit Union to RME Properties, 8110 S. 50th Ave., $75,000.



Richard, Christopher M. and Michelle L. to Cox, David L., 2824 Ave. D, $75,000.

PNC Bank National Association to Poole, Carole J. and Daniel L. and Donald A., 2010 Seventh St., $62,000.

Butler, Cheryl L. and Kenneth L. to Batten, Michael W., 622 39th St., $72,000.

Western Iowa Land Development to Albrecht, Friedrick and Georgene, 5231 Hardings Landing Road, $158,500.

Bock, John C. to Sellner, Maryl, 3462 Ave. D, $82,500.

Van Dusen, Robert D. to Armstrong, Shane, 2122 Ave. D, $75,000.

Billesbach, Sara J. to Steiner, Shirley A., 1222 18th Ave., $95,000.

G-J Land Inc. to Adams, Deanna J. and Mark, 1535 Fifth Ave., $59,000.

Daigh, Dale and Meghan to Handemeier, Catherine A., 3302 37th Ave., $126,500.

Blackburn, Amanda and Jarod to Muller, Amy T. and Simmons, Darrell D., 5115 Crogans Way Road, $367,500.

Casey, Beth R. and Douglas S. to Adkins, Linda S. and Robert D. Jr., 5419 Hardings Landing Road, $172,500

Bank of America to Schnack, James M. and Leaann, 2600 Fifth Ave., $22,000

Bates, Diane M. to Adkins, Linda S. and Robert D. Jr., 4528 Mohawk St., $99,000


Rodenburg, Phyllis A. to Regan, Jean M. and Steven P., 523 Golden Oaks Drive, $285,000.

Johnson, Susan and Gary L. to Vogel, Gabriela and Micah J., 1206 Oak Park Road, $242,000.

Nationstar Mortgage to Vanderpool, Glenda G. and Roger A., 820 Ave. I, $16,000.

Laremey, Robert L. and Stephanie C. to Smith, Aaron H. and Rebecca J., 1239 Crescent Road, $160,000.

Diblasi, Joanne T. to Martin, Judith L., 1114 Arbor Ridge Drive, $130,000.

Smith, Ruth J. to Edmonds, Jolene A. and Kevin K., 1013 Arbor Ridge Circle, $175,000.

McDonald, Kathleen A. to Bremser, Bruce D. and Sharon L., 142 Glen Oaks Drive, $232,500.

Morehead, Brandon and Rachel to Ackermann, Allan and Joann, 228 Bennett Ave., $110,500.

Boehm, Amber K. and Jason E. and Kendra D. and Kristie L. and Mark W. and Matthew B. and Pamela C. and Friesen, Jean M. and Michael D. and Hobus, Betty J. and McGlade, Dorothy J. and Richard S. and Parker, Marsha A. and Paul L. and Peters, Candace L. and Steven E. to Parker, Marsha A. and Paul L., 10749 253rd St., $38,000.

Martin, Judith L. and John S. to Seynoth, Kirsten A. and Roland L. 78 Bellevue Drive, $170,000.

Williams, Judy K. Trust to Rodenburg, Phyllis A., 136 Glen Oaks Drive, $248,000.

Benttree Land Trust and Easy Own Homes to Dworak Rus, Connie M., 17414 Turnberry Ridge, $319,500.

Krabbe, Robert R. and Terri S. and Nash, Christy L. and Randall T. and Stewart, Lawrence and Pamela L. to Nash, Kevin T., 701 College Road, $260,000.

Grmalich, David A. and Kathleen M. to Holt, Randall J., 2601 Eagle Ridge Drive, $370,000.

Hearthstone Estates to Mackland, Chad T. and Tina M., 15131 Hearthstone Drive, $50,000.

Livengood, Ruby K. and Sherman D. to Christensen, Matthew E., 415 First St., $35,000.

Bernatow, Rosemary S. and Thomas E. Sr. to Mendoza, Michael J. Jr., 6 Arnold Ave., $115,000.

Price, Jack E. Jr. and Pamela A. to Colflesh, Joshua P., 15427 Bobby Lane, $275,500.

Cook, Jennifer and Todd to Mann, Julie, 828 McKenzie Ave., $190,000.

Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust and U.S. Bank to Hughes, James, 331 Seventh St., $28,000.

BP Quality Homes to Derochie, Angela R. and Korey J., 217 Millard St., $370,000.


Hansen, Rosemary to Branson, Barbara and Steven, 4204 11th St., Carter Lake, $60,000.


Engman, Ronnie G. and Susanne T. to City of Avoca, 208 Walnut St., Avoca, $50,000.

Gross, Joanna L. to Engman, Ronnie G. and Susanne T., 102 Cherry St., Avoca, $87,000.


Duron, Amanda and Duron Ayla, Luis M. to Sorensen, Anthony L. and Steffen, April L., 1012 Silver Lane, Crescent, $174,000.

EH Pooled 613 LP to Easton, Daniel S. and Jordan S., 232 Commercial St., Carson, $25,000.

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