Landmark Performance Corp. to Friedlind, Dan R. Trust, 15533 Hanover St., $315,382.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Ewolt, Michael and Dann, Robin, 15502 Hanover St., $313,791.

Hunefeld, Scott L. and Barbara to Paulsen, Nancy E. and John W., 10525 N. 152nd Avenue Circle, $302,450.

Sherwood Homes to Knutson, Sara A. and Nicholas W., 8207 N. 162nd St., $269,000.

Kukoly, Alex to Robinson, Bethany R. and Jon J., 15251 Hibbs St., $264,000.

Charleston Homes to Heston, Ryan M. and Adrian L., 12142 Elmwood Drive, $258,193.

Lubke, Joshua and Jill to McFinch, Debora, 430 N. Molley St., $130,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Bear Homes, 15409 Willit St., $115,500.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 15406 Fillmore Circle, $106,251.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage to Fools Inc., 15056 Sandpiper St., $43,000.

State Street Investments to Homstead Custom Builders, 7925 N. 164th St., $40,950.


Lueck Mack Enterprises to G Lee Homes and Frazell Contracting and Design, 23632 Laci St., $639,000.

Whit Smith Construction to Stork, Wayne T. and Patricia J., 1173 S. 212th Circle, $474,200.

Duncan, Brian S. and Patricia A. to Potter, Michele L. and Grace, Ray E. Jr., 3203 S. 219th St., $420,000.

Hildy Construction to Olechoski, Craig E. and Katherine A., 19315 Ruggles Circle, $382,000.

Bikus, Christopher M. and Sandy B. to Cavitt, Bradley S. and Tracie M., 18150 Leavenworth St., $375,000.

Trademark Homes to Purdy, Keith and Jaime, 18930 Ruggles St., $321,353.

Witt, Gail L. and Janet L. to Caniglia, Angela and Jeffery, 21701 Greenlawn Road, $267,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Upp, Anne and Banihani, Khaled, 18709 Mason St., $242,068.

Wang, Xiaolu and Boegner, Ray F. to Stuard, Wyatte B. III and Alexandra J., 18866 Mayberry Plaza, $240,000.

Celebrity Homes to Henne, Elizabeth M., 20804 Parker St., $209,550.

Gremillion, Linda D. to Ritchison, Dustin A. and Lyndsey E., 18868 Mason Plaza, $208,500.

Evans, Michael, trustee for Evans Family Trust to Yu, Yuebin and Daihong, 905 S. 188th Terrace, $205,000.

Bassett, Elliot and Kiley to Fruit, Colleen M. and Michael L., 2902 N. 202nd St., $159,900.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Advantage Development, 1827 S. 211th St., $150,000.

ER-North Development to Showcase Homes, 19603 Parker St., $108,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 1704 S. 219th St., $100,000.

Advance Design and Construction to McNeil and Co. Builders, 814 N. 186th Ave., $88,000.

South Hamptons Land Development to Fools Inc., 23424 Nancy Circle, $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Concept Homes and Design, 1801 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Charleston Homes to Oakwood Homes of Nebraska, 4612 N. 206th St., $46,000.

Charleston Homes to Oakwood Homes of Nebraska, 20606 Fowler Ave., $42,000.


EGAD LLC to Suey, James J. and Heather L., 2339 N. 50th Ave., $214,000.

Braden, Barbara J. to Lockhart, Rachel, 1829 N. 49th Ave., $187,500.

Fairchild, Christopher C. and Seanna to Carone, Nicholas P., 1709 N. 55th St., $166,500.

Roberts, Julia K. and Ray S. to Carter, Tyrell D., 5067 Nebraska Ave., $104,500.

Wright, Johnie M. to Tor, Moo, 5716 Camden Ave., $94,900.

Aguero-Medina, Carlos J. and Barnes, Jeffrey to Petersen, Samantha and Richard, 3812 N. 52nd St., $77,000.

Centris Federal Credit Union to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 4942 Nebraska Ave., $52,000.

Wolgramott, Charissa L. and Aaron R. to Cashelmore Bruckheim LLC, 6514 Franklin St., $50,000.

Martin, Paula J. to Hardy, Chelsea J., 2337 N. 62nd St., $38,000.


4D Investments LLC to Schade, Trevor D., 3516 Howard St., $185,000.

Kangior, Stanley B. Trust to Ruiz-Gutierrez, Gabriela I., 2232 S. 42nd St., $80,000.


Judkins, Thomas H. and Sharon K. to Thomson, Nathaniel L. and Judkins, Melanie M., 2727 S. 48th Ave., $103,000.

Drake, Patricia and Nathan to Stuart, Megan E., 844 S. 50th St., $98,000.

Betts, Raymond L., personal representative, to Hawkins Sales and Service, 3201 S. 50th St., $63,000.


Henry J Sudbeck Builders to Triplett, Darla J. and Jeffrey D., 6214 S. 43rd St., $238,084.

Valle, Charles S. and Kathleen A. to Lopez, Eduardo, 5114 S. 37th St., $88,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Jimenez, Lorenzo and Hugo, 3810 Polk St., $80,000.

Brewer, Jacob B. and Yao P. to Machuca, Francisco G. and Gonzalez, Ariel, 3506 X St., $70,000.

Bonilla, Maria J. to Jeronimo-Pascual, Fernando, 1614 Washington St., $51,900.


Paladino, Donna M., personal representative, to DFP LLC, 1013 S. 22nd St., $38,000.


Boyer, John K., trustee for Boyer, Phyllis C. Trust to Samieva, Tahmina and Samiev, Abdurashid, 9313 Davenport St., $300,000.

Abboud, Ardith J., personal representative, to Worknhe, Berhanu R., 7414 Page St., $158,500.


Bashara, Janice C. Trust to Noel, Robert B., 5737 N. 166th St., $465,000.

Carlentine, Anthony P. and Denise J. to Peitzmeier, Kristi and Michael, 5953 N. 154th Ave., $278,400.

Keller, Joseph J. and Laurie A. to Eveloff, Mark J. and Dannette S., 2629 N. 167th St., $273,000.

Celebrity Homes to Holt, Tyler S. and Cortnie J., 17601 Fowler St., $206,500.

Wageman, Jonathan D. and Virginia E. to Canali, Elisa and Lawhon, Michael A., 4737 N. 163rd St., $195,000.

Gerdes, Randy J. and Anne M. to Connealy, Janis and Dennis, 5102 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $190,000.

McCaslen, James R. and Tabitha C. to McNeil, Brian, 14473 Meredith Ave., $175,000.

Vrbicky, Keeli and Michael to Chen, Na and Gilson, Grant E., 16319 Miami St., $171,000.


Joe Real Estate Ventures to Martinez, Maria and Jorge, 4871 S. 53rd St., $90,000.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to Overhue, Robi and Frank, 5826 Fay Blvd., $77,000.

Taylor, Robert J. and Mary L. to Perez, Perla, 5623 S. 50th Ave., $70,000.

Just Right Construction to Jaros, Janice, 6211 S. 50th St., $38,000.

Ivaskevicius, Anthony and Lynette to JWH Enterprises, 6040 P St., $31,000.


Knudsen, Kathleen P. and Kent to Evans, Griffith and Margaret, 15814 California St., $565,000.

Bahrs, Kristi A. to Triplett, David L., 17507 Franklin Plaza, $132,000.


Marquiss, Matthew J. and Jenna J. to Harmon, Jill M., 8526 King St., $129,000.

Gieseke, Emily M. and Jeremy M. to Campos-Basurto, Gustavo and Moralez, Esther, 8265 Read St., $126,500.

Cervania, Reginald R. and Marie R. to Wilfekuhle, Jon A. and Megan L., 7928 Fillmore St., $124,900.

Geihs, Christopher M. and Carrie F. to Mangelsen, Kristin N., 8402 Girard St., $119,000.


Campagna, Katherine M. and Joseph S. to Meza, Andrew J. and Diane W., 3636 S. 104th St., $193,500.

American Real Estate Processing PC to Cavanaugh, C.K., 9072 Westridge Drive, $114,000.

Bear, Julie E. and Gregory, Forrest C. to Moore, Steve W. and Chanda J., 8005 Hascall St., $110,000.

Ferley, Karen to Ward, Stephen M., 9107 Arbor St., $79,000.


Huff, Billy J. and Deanna to Carroll, Walter J. and Sally K., 6506 S. 89th Circle, $204,900.

Stungis, Mary V. Trust to Eiden, O.W. and Joshua M., 10511 Monroe St., $186,000.

Braun, Carleen M. Trust Agreement to Carroll, Steven M., 5731 S. 107th St., $168,000.

Thompson, Tomas M. and Tracy J. to Seidler, Alisa J., 5306 S. 105th St., $150,500.

Cabral, Amanda M. and Duracinski, Adam S. to Lough, Matthew, 8220 Oakwood St., $110,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 7625 Belmont Drive, $68,001.


Dreessen, Kenneth to Meier, Megan E. and Kenneth R., 2317 S. 191st St., $540,000.


Rudd, Jennifer A., personal representative, to Belling, Michael J., 627 N. 42nd St., $110,000.

Howard, Amber N. to Dana Partnership, 105 N. 31st Ave., $60,000.

JWH Enterprises to Sprague Street LLC, 4375 Hamilton St., $25,000.


Theophilus, Drew K. and Kimberly A. to Poppe, Brian and Sarah R., 311 S. 51st St., $350,000.

Suey, James J. and Heather L. to Rice, Peder M. and Melissa A., 678 N. 58th St., $339,000.

Prime Team LLC to Golden, Kelsey D. and Daniel J., 5043 Charles St., $169,500.

Littlefield, Kelli S. to Fisher, Robert D., 5027 Charles St., $90,400.


Bailey, Dennis R. and Nancy L. to Lawrence, Don L. and Judy D., 7917 Manderson St., $175,000.

Payton, Stacey L. and Damian L. to Burke, Mathew and Nicole, 5734 N. 79th St., $159,000.

Miller, Connie and Kyle to Parks, Nathan L. and Katie A., 9211 Redman Ave., $131,500.

Robinson, Bethany R. and Jon to Williams, Kaleigh and Young, Sean, 9412 Camden Ave., $100,000.

Sysel, Sharon G. and Stewart L. to Forsythe, Kevin J. and Rhonda L., 9356 Maplewood Blvd., $96,500.

Slogr, Frank J. and Helen M. Trust to Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen M. and Svehla, John, 8141 Browne St., $56,000.


Lebrescu, Jodie and Roger M. to White, Mike and Michelle, 17267 Madison St., $296,000.

Larsen, Josh and Whitney P. to Johnson, Samuel G. and Lori D., 6412 S. 179th St., $249,000.

Roth, David L. and Jennifer A. to Albee, David and Mary J., 6719 S. 163rd St., $245,000.

Knutson, Sara A. and Nicholas W. to Hinsley, Brad and Lyndsey, 19333 Patterson St., $235,000.

O’Connor, Denise M. and Michael J. to Forehand, Lynn, 17105 K St., $212,000.

Voss, Andrew and Jennifer to Hatcher, Robert B. and Susan A., 5074 S. 160th Circle, $165,000.

Rahmanzai, Mohamad F. and Alia K. to Bridges, Ashley, 19064 T St., $127,500.

O’Dom, Brandon C. to Zeb, Shahzad, 18164 Southdale Plaza, $99,000.

Whitehawk Development to Pine Crest Homes, 19705 Jacobs St., $41,450.


Wilson, Mary J. and Larry E. to Thomas, Susan L., 6009 Oak Hills Drive, $153,000.

Deangelis, Kristina M. to Neumann, Jennifer A., 15330 Polk Circle, $126,000.

Schreier, Mark L. and Diana L. to OM 1312 Z Trust, 13312 Z St., $59,000.


Celebrity Homes to Lubberstedt, Merle D. and Joanne F., 14202 Wood Valley Drive, $193,900.

Celebrity Homes to Tufly, Sarah M., 14210 Iowa St., $169,650.

Rice, Jennifer L. to Cunningham, James E. and Denise M., 14214 Vane St., $140,000.

Waitt, Daivd N. and Nancy A. to Wiener, Kristina K. and Marvin B., 7175 N. 126th Ave., $29,000.


Mesa, Andrew J. and Diane K. to Landmark Exchange Services, 11814 Hickory Road, $185,500.

Zimmerman, Linda A. and Morgan, James L. Jr. to Deshler, Lindee R. and Brandon H., 14629 Shirley St., $185,000.

Stockdale, Michael W. and Linsey N. to Johnson, Cheryl A. and James G., 11329 Gold St., $146,000.

Tietgen, Jake T. to Achey, Karla M., 2429 S. 123rd Ave., $125,000.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to TAB LLC, 14742 Arbor St., $123,019.

Eckerman, Scott M. to Bottaro, Melissa and Bradley, 12414 Westwood Lane, $116,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 3289 S. 128th Circle, $93,100.


Ratz, Richard and Emanuel, Jane M. to Vrbicky, Michael and Keeli, 1005 S. 117th Court, $344,000.

Cizek Development to Quest Construction, 13632 Cuming St., $265,000.

Cizek Development to Quest Construction, 13288 Cuming St., $265,000.

Stevens, Mary J. and Gary L. to Willie, Rodriquez A., 12912 Marcy St., $193,500.

Louden, Katherine M. and John W. to Wolfe, Christine K. and Kenneth M., 15447 Charles St., $190,000.

Bronte Companies to Slater, Samantha A. and Shem J., 608 N. 151st Circle, $155,000.


Arnold, Joan M., personal representative, to Regier, Cynthia S. and Ronald R., 13211 Hillsborough Drive, $160,000.

Irish Luck Investments to Johnson, Julie A. and David M., 2642 N. 125th Circle, $150,000.

Pennymac Loan Trust 2012-NPL1 to Tate, De A. and White, Beverly L., 11235 Sahler St., $147,000.

Ritchie, Susan R. and Garland L. to Hobus, Andrew R., 12624 Camden Ave., $138,500.

Scharcher, Corey A. and Darci to Guenette, Rita, 11860 Bauman Ave., $129,000.

Bowie, Loretta K. and George R. Jr. to Nelson, Joel C., 4809 N. 130th Circle, $101,000.

Deutsche Bank and Saxon Asset Securities Trust 2007-3 to Pace, Audra K. and Ryan E., 2417 N. 143rd St., $100,000.




Guido, Frank J. to Williams, Kyle L., 1205 Bellaire Blvd., $90,000.

Storey, Michelle and Dale and O’Connor, Teresa to Overhue, Frank and Robi, 1604 Washington St., $30,000.

Andrews, Steven D. and Karen I. to Goan, Dustin A. and Madison M., 2307 Julie Circle, $125,000.


Mattson, Mark and Sarah to Wilken, Joshua C. and Cecilia J., 12117 S. 214th St., $265,000.

Bluestone Custom Builders to Lys, Oleg and Nataliya, 19410 Bellebrook Blvd., $369,000.

McCune Development to D&E Custom Building & Design, 19811 Maple St., $35,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Thomson, Walter W. and Carrie M., 21314 Buchanan Parkway, $253,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Haney, Dustin M. and Andrea R., 21345 Cobblestone Circle, $275,000.

Conklin, Brian and Jenny to Pierce, Matt W. and Kristen A., 7508 S. 198th St., $286,000.

Home Co. to Billups, Jani R. and Randall, Ramona F., 8123 S. 192nd Ave., $370,000.


Martin, Gary L. Sr. and Connie to Holtmeyer, Joe and Granados, Brittany, 1105 Gold Coast Road, $185,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Pine Crest Homes, 12610 S. 83rd St., $43,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Empire Homes & Remodeling, 12611 S. 79th Ave., $50,000.

Jarrett, Brian and Kathleen to Holthus, Jeremy J. and Kristan D., 1403 Clearwater Circle, $75,000.

Martinez, Magali M. to Wilkerson, Wallace and Maria L., 2307 Lakewood Drive, $185,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Belt Construction Co., 7327 Leawood Circle, $60,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Advantage Investment Properties, 7333 Leawood Drive, $59,000.

Home Co. to King, Catherine R., 8605 S. 104th St., $301,000.


Walter, Bonita to Nincehelser, Clayton and Rabe, Jane R., 20404 Wildwood Circle, $355,000.


Jurez, Sarah L. Sr. and Jaime to Hahn, Kendall and Martinez, Magali, 11307 S. 44th St., $325,000.

Kline, Russell S. Jr. and Laurie A. to Carlson, John M. Jr. and Patricia J., 13302 S. 28th St., $187,000.

Selander, Benjamin T. and Melissa G. to Horrell, Blake J., 13721 S. 14th St., $162,000.

Arnold, Nathan R. and Jennifer A. to Hudson, Dominick R. and Ashley R., 15104 Versaille St., $165,000.

Husker Properties to Thompson, Robert and Mikayla, 3504 Mirror Lane, $175,000.

Charleston Homes to Steele, Christine J., 4602 Edgerton Drive, $234,000.


Mancuso Realty to Orr, Mark J. and Carolyn J., 2904 Eagle Hills Circle, $189,000.

Brentwood Homes to Vencil Constructions, 6825 Park Crest Drive, $59,000.

Celebrity Homes to Duhacek, Brian J., 8806 S. 68th St., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes to Winkelmann, Brandon J. and Krysta L., 8906 S. 68th St., $188,000.


Lowe, Donald L. to Rinker, Donna P., 10027 S. 171st St., $160,000.

JMF LLC to Brian Carder Construction, 10915 S. 175th St., $77,000.

Brunken, Samantha R. and Korey D. to Blackburn, Stephen C. and Jordan N., 16123 Cottonwood Ave., $135,000.

Celebrity Homes to Buchholz, Scott A. Jr. and Tabitha S., 16427 Cary St., $196,000.

Sunde, Joseph J. and Traci M. to Eilenstine, Matthew and Jaylene, 17727 Josephine St., $125,000.

Schwery, Mark J. and Summer M. to Williams Mireya, Berenice A., 7111 S. 177th Avenue Circle, $142,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kirkpatrick, James W. and Michelle R., 7206 S. 183rd Terrace, $212,000.


Goghlan, Michael and Kayla A. to Reitz, Joshua H. and Patricia E., 13521 Gertrude St., $125,000.

Safford, Corinne L. and Brent A. to Stock, David B. and Jocelyn A., 7914 S. 151st Ave., $147,000.


Moats, George T. and Leena L. to Fredrickson, Dale and Michelle, 2612 Citta Drive, $117,000.

Eckley, Michael J. and Anita M. to Fernandez, Armando A., 3414 Spruce St., $100,000.

Navarro, Joshua and Sonia to Special T Masonry, 7502 Chandler Acres Drive, $78,000.

Hansen, Mike H. and Kristi L. to Arnold, Nathan R. and Jennifer, 9302 S. 21st St., $354,000.


APK Ventures to Jurek, Kenneth and Tammy, 8110 S. 50th Ave., $185,000.




A&N Enterprises to Andrews, Debra J. and Ricky L., 3106 Gold Rush Road, $400,000.

Morrison, Bruce J. and Fan B. to Knott, Bradley S. and Janice I., 2125 Ave. H, $85,500.

Radcliff, Jeffrey J. and Juli M. to Jungman, Amanda S., 717 Fifth Ave., $73,000.

Henry, John W. to Rollins, Lee V. and Vicki S., 1501 15th Ave., $46,000.

Haner, Heath R. and Molly to Simons, Anthony J. and Caroline J., 2523 S. 11th St., $116,500.

Hiers, Rebecca L. to J&R Renovations, 3121 Ave. J, $13,500.

Midas Holdings to A S Redo LLC, 2538 Fourth Ave., $14,500.

Nationstar Mortgage to Secretaty of HUD, 3011 Second Ave., $66,000.


No Equity Homes to Gravett, Kimberly J. and Roy E., 2614 Railroad Highway, $128,000.

Furler, Jaime L. and Mailey, Aaron M. to Kaiser, Debra L. and James S., 23118 McPherson Ave., $385,000.


Cihal, Dennis and Sandra to Gao, Kong S. and Yu, 420 Coronado Circle, Carter Lake, $290,000.

Romey, Benjamin C. and Megan E. to Mace, Fred, 1502 Neptune Drive, Carter Lake, $45,000.

Aurora Real Estate Co. to Alexander, Bryan D. and Nancye A., 1011 Shoal Drive, Carter Lake, $385,000.


Hayes, Sherrill J. to Abel, Chad C. and Dake Abel, Julie K., 31295 175th St., Honey Creek, $270,000.

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