The following is a list of residential real estate transfers recorded in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Each listing tells the seller, the buyer, the street address and the sale price on transactions of $10,000 or more. The sale price on Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties is computed from the stamp tax affixed to the deed. Transactions that are exempt from stamp tax are not included.



Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Home Company LLC, 14833 Prairie St., $40,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Riede, Jon C. and Kayla M., 8215 N. 147th Ave., $170,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Noah, Douglas E. and Lisa M., 8134 N. 147th St., $159,900.

Fools Inc. to Carlsen, Gregory A. and Melissa M., 8603 Kilpatrick Parkway, $254,349.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Jones, Merlyn J. and Barbara J., 7307 N. 155th St., $270,403.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8204 N. 171st Avenue Circle, $124,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Drahota, Steven J. and Tillman, Jennifer M., 10129 Rosewater Parkway, $214,800.

Nielsen, James W. and Gwendolyn M. to Howatt, Theresa, 14706 Black St., $309,000.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Fools Inc., 16075 Girard Circle, $39,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Jansen, William A. and Sara A., 7318 N. 154th Ave., $374,000.

Todd, Christopher and Jennifer J. to Q Abram J SC and Schroen, Jennifer A., 14866 Mormon St., $199,950.


Breen, Brian P. and Akkerman, Shawn R. to Cryne, Robert F. and Wright, Ann L., 917 S. 181st Ave., $421,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 4704 N. 205th Ave., $44,000.

Finley, Larry L., trustee for the Finely, Larry L and Bonnie J. Trust to Schmutz, Carrie A., 21306 Old Coach Road, $80,000.

FRK Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 18982 Ruggles St., $39,900.

FRK Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 18860 Manderson Circle, $44,900.

Garry, Helen J. to Mimick, Christopher T., 4001 N. 211th St., $144,900.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Cremers, Scott and Robin, 23644 Laci St., $585,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Kavan, Richard T. and Leona, 1921 S. 220th St., $75,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Castle Brook Builders LLX, 1901 S. 221st St., $80,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Lueck Mack Enter- prises LLC, 1503 S. 219th Ave., $120,000.

Pacific Windgate LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling, 2114 S. 209th St., $75,000.

Randolph, Richard, personal representative, to Moessner, Arthur P. and Bethaney J., 21717 Edgevale Place, $185,000.


Capital Income and Growth to Laverdure, Kristine, 215 W Gardiner St., $35,000.


Aliff Hospitality LLC to Perry, Stephanie, 4639 Camden Ave., $66,000.

Bock, Evelyn J., trustee for the Bock, Delmer G. and Evelyn J. Trust to Apache Properties LLC, 6319 Seward St., $60,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Wojtalewicz, Jerry, 5611 Northwest Drive, $40,000.

DS LLC to Stidham, Kirsten E., 2036 N. 63rd St., $113,000.

Fausset, Duane S. II and Linda R. to Buzzard, Jason, 5606 Pratt St., $26,000.

Fausset, Linda R., trustee for the Fausset, Geraldine G. Trust to Buzzard, Jason, 5606 Pratt St., $26,000.

Holstein, Seth F. and Gaudian, Laura J. to Todero, Anthony and Leslie, 2715 N. 55th St., $230,670.

Kerrigan, Kevin and Julia to Capurro, Giovanni and Vivian, 4920 Franklin St., $165,000.

Kuhfahl, Jered D. and Katie A. to McNulty, Jill E., 3711 N. 56th St., $76,900.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Malooley, Jeff, 5055 Nebraska Ave., $95,000.

Stanwick, Joanne M., personal representative, to Speckmann, Kimberly A. Trust, 2527 N. 62nd St., $51,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to H and S Partnership LLP, 5108 Himebaugh Circle, $29,220.


Emmett, Thomas R. III to Weber, Rebecca, 1019 S. 30th Ave., $111,000.

Frye, Sandra L. and Larry E. to Koepke, Sandy, 4443 William St., $160,000.


Collier, Mary K. to Putzier, Mark J., 2141 S. 49th St., $79,860.

Johnson, Harold E., personal representative, to VanKirk, Amber N., 3601 S. 49th St., $134,000.

Pluta, Edward to Kendall, Dolores, 4629 Krug Ave., $106,500.

Slezak, Elizabeth to Mayotte, James J., 5147 Pine St., $115,000.


Galvan, Jahaquin R. and Sofie C. to Jefferson Investment Trust, 2502 Jefferson St., $42,000.

Russo, Danielle and Kampan, Margaret C. to Vice, Dustin and Stanesick, Tracy, 6165 S. 44th St., $145,000.


Flores, Salvador F. to Martinez, Jose M., 3006 S. Ninth St., $63,000.


Hill, Darryl L. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 2213 N. 37th St., $60,490.

McNally, Timothy J. and Loretta H. to Iontach Investments LLC, 2824 Ruggles St., $23,000.


Abide Network Inc. to 1 CHRON 29 11 LLC, 2725 Mary St., $58,000.

Arnold, Sally to Huber, Steven J., 8016 N. 29th St., $20,000.

Holcomb, Richard J. and Lorraine L. to Forget, Gerard T. and Amie A., 4236 North Crest Drive, $50,000.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to H and S Partnership LLP, 3996 Iowa St., $48,600.

OR LLC to Lemieux, Anna M, 2714 Newport Ave., $89,000.

Sides, Ronald E. and Karen E. to Mai, Tuan A. and Do, Quyen T., 7818 N. 30th St., $52,500.


Mierendorf, Josephine B. Trust to Stilley, Richard A., 1433 N. 102nd Ave., $260,000.


Blondo Street Development LLC to Ramm Holdings LLC, 2211 N. 179th St., $45,000.

Blondo Street Development LLC to Ramm Construction Inc., 2207 N. 179th St., $45,000.

Bromberger, Jeffrey and Sherry to Sankaraneni, Ram M., 2608 N. 169th St., $520,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lebeda, Richard J., 4602 N. 166th St., $194,950.

Dhanalakoti, Satyaprakash V. and Manideepa V. to Lechowicz, Lisa M., 14714 Stone Ave., $227,900.

Glass, Benjamin J. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 14713 Sprague St., $168,500.

Lyons, Elizabeth M. and Eric to Devakumar, Santhosh S., 16765 Laurel Plaza, $112,500.

Maulden, Keith A. and Jennifer S. to Shrago, Michael H. and Melissa A., 6008 N. 145th St., $225,000.

McGavock, Brian to Hogue, John, 5744 N. 166th St., $385,000.

Mollner, Mary M. to Larkin, Kathleen M. and Patrick J., 3020 N. 146th St., $134,000.

Mueting, Rob W. to Gottschalk, Frederic A. and Gretchen A., 5809 N. 157th Ave., $272,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Gibson, Joshua L. and Lacy M., 14713 Sprague St., $172,000.

Nepper, Janice L. to Cadelynn Properties LLC, 14471 Sherwood Ave., $192,500.

Nilius Builders Inc. to Carlson, Douglas and Chris, 2418 N. 177th St., $358,730.

Oldaker, Rosanne to Bossert, Robert C. and Stephanie A., 17061 Corby St., $325,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Rieck, Andrea M. and Capellan, Sugel M., 2333 N. 177th St., $367,463.

Taff, Roland G. and Kim D. to Bhakat, Kishor K. and Ray, Sutapa, 4310 N. 154th Circle, $276,000.


Bernday, Stanley G., personal representative, to Garcia, Miriam, 4844 Polk St., $101,000.

Rahimian, Tony to Just Right Construction Inc., 6229 S. 50th St., $20,000.

US Bank to RRCH #3 LLC, 5406 Orchard Ave., $46,000.


Hilliard, Andrew J. and Cory L. to Bieber, Alan and Mary, 15730 Decatur St., $175,000.

Jensen, Richard W. and Rene R. to Gifford, Benjamin J. and Lindsay L., 16017 Chicago St., $189,900.

Phillips, Keiko I. to Gildersleeve, Leon and Pollock, Kelsey, 1804 N. 162nd St., $191,000.

Tynan, Samuel P., trustee for the Tynan, Samuel P. and Bridget J. Trust to Strawn, Joseph and Wemhoff-Strawn, Sarah, 15931 Jones Circle, $290,000.

Wyllie, Carl V. and Vivienne K. to Kucera, Jessica M., 16016 Nottingham Drive, $200,000.


Brand, Tiffany K. to Anderson, Justin M., 10760 Potter St., $150,000.

Demoure, Jeffrey A. and Stacy to Melia Hill Investment Group LLC, 8442 Hanover St., $91,000.

NEOS Property Management LLC to Sherven, Corey A. and Keva N., 7807 N. 85th St., $150,000.

O’Flaherty, Deanne L. to Larmon, Alex, 9178 Weber St., $122,467.

Pratz, Chad J. and Christina R. to Gomez, Philip and Akasheh, Dina, 7401 N. 73rd Circle, $134,000.


Applegate, Craig and Mary to Johnson, Matthew, 1316 S. 79th St., $275,000.

Dahl, David H., trustee for the Dahl, Carl L. Trust to RA Holdings Inc., 2656 S. 96th Circle, $350,000.

Franco, Marisa to Oxley, Janice, 2423 S. 80th Ave., $93,000.

MCS Rentals LLC to Young, Joel and Pamela, 3728 Paddock Road, $231,000.


Ditzen, Evelyn M, personal representative, to Miller, Gary D. Sr. and Barbara J., 7904 Park Drive, $110,000.

Lienemann, Travis P. and Julie to Hennings, Jeffrey A., 8202 Wildewood Drive, $127,000.

Ordway, Beverly A. to Foran, Sarah E. and Robert W., 60 Country Club Road, $140,000.

Packard, Hilda M., personal representative, to Borgelt, Jason W., 5418 S. 94th St., $125,000.

Ramirez, Rita M. to Barnes, Scott F. and Donna R., 7554 Drexel St., $160,000.

Siegfried, Eric B. and Anna C. to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 10218 Weir St., $115,000.


Bahler, Donald W. and Patricia J. to Ogle, Seth and Janica, 1286 S. 163rd Ave., $152,000.

Bruggeman, Dean B. and Diane R. to Stinger, Mitchell P. and Celeste E., 19263 Marinda St., $280,000.

Christensen, Gary L. and Jeanne K. to Shannon, Nickolaus L. and Lindsay S., 17320 Poppleton Ave., $175,900.

Evans, Susan K. Trust to Labedz, Joseph F. and Jacqueline A., 1907 S. 179th St., $220,000.

Henry, John W. and Sarah R. to Cruz, Jose F. and Astrid C., 18943 Atlas St., $170,000.

Marr, Richard D. and Wanda L. to McManaman, Leona M., 1620 S. 198th Ave., $432,500.

Pettinger, Jeremiah J., trustee for the Jayva Trust 2013 to Frevert, Brian K. and Tracy J., 2537 S. 191st Circle, $465,000.

Pullen, Jean M. to Meyers, Paul and Laurie, 17420 Valley Drive, $230,000.


Brown, Dwayne R. and Amy S. to Schafer, Matthew B. and Schoell-Schafer, Victoria A., 303 N. 38th Ave., $200,000.


Dundee Place to Emanuel, Daniel J., 4809 Davenport St., $178,000.

Earl, Cheri C. and Michael P. to True, Clifford and Emily, 5408 Western Ave., $216,000.

Held, Stephen and Felicia to PJ Morgan Investments Inc., 4924 Capitol Ave., $150,000.

Rommelfanger, Daniel D. and Mary E. to Sayers-Proby, Gale and Proby, Idrian, 102 N. 53rd St., $500,000.

Schaefer, Kelly M. to Bintner, Adam and Lisa, 669 N. 59th St., $322,000.


Adams, Kelly R. and Erik K. to Carpenter, Kaleigh L. and Fago, Nathan B., 2405 N. 99th St., $166,500.

Baker, Jerome K., personal representative, to Magistro, Rae A., 3820 Terrace Drive, $133,500.

Campbell Reynolds LLC to Kriss, Ryan and Sarah, 9619 Emmet St., $100,000.

Dixon, Gary D. Jr. to Patterson, Steven, 7704 Wirt St., $121,500.

Lawton, Josette to Carlin, Brian, 9411 Manderson St., $77,000.

Petersen, Alice M. and Richard W. to Lew, Baw and Bay, Hnaw R., 9615 Binney St., $127,000.

Urich, Ronald E. Jr. and De Jesus Flores, Maria to Littrell, William D., 3812 N. 94th St., $127,000.


Adala, Ahmed to Araujo, Leslee M. and Jody L., 4174 S. 199th Circle, $228,000.

Buckland, Robert W. and Bonnie K. to Salaymeh, Sameh J. and SJS Trust of 2014, 5707 S. 172nd St., $400,000.

Carlson, Jonathan B. and Sarah L. to Spellman, Kerri J., 6729 S. 191st Ave., $140,000.

Fools Inc. to Maulden, Keith and Jennifer, 19708 Adams St., $253,691.

Gill, Wayne A. and Jean A. to VanKuren, Russell and Karen, 16614 Rolling Ridge Road, $235,000.

Henry, Mark A. and Teresa L. to Hartel, Earl B. and Theresa L., 17102 T St., $232,000.

Heussner, Jon D. and Robin K. to Sunde, Joseph and Traci, 18557 Madison Circle, $310,000.

Huntington, Jeff J. and Julie B. to Carroll, Bryan E. and Betsy L., 16366 Monroe St., $237,000.

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance to Xiong, Simon S. and Song, Ying, 18704 R St., $128,000.

Pinkerton, Donald S. and Loretta J. to Stave, Daniel J. and Samantha R., 4303 S. 174th Ave., $265,000.

Quinn, Patricia H. to Clare, Brianne A. and Nolan T., 6204 S. 174th St., $328,000.

Shidler, Bradley D. and Kelli J. to Norris, Brian and Jennifer, 18304 Tyler St., $317,000.

Slothower, James N. and Elizabeth L. to Wistrom, Matthew J. and Caslyn, 15668 Orchard Ave., $165,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Dynasty Homes LLC, 4558 S. 198th St., $43,950.

York, Jeffrey N. to Janzen, Dylan and McKenzie, 5805 S. 186th Ave., $145,000.


Dietrich, Justin D. and Sarah J. to Pfister, Lindsey, 5716 S. 113th St., $123,500.

Grieve, Marion K., personal representative, to Winger, Marion C. and Diana G., 14532 Monroe Circle, $169,000.

Hinton, Lane A. to Twin Peak Development LLC, 11434 U St., $130,000.

Langel, Kevin A. and Elaine B. to Woodruff, John P. and Rogers, Christine R., 4520 S. 150th St., $206,000.

Livingston, Mary J. to Oak Hills View LLC, 11801 S Plaza, $714,000.

Reynolds, Scott M. Trust to Wingfield, Liam and Stephanie, 13519 Berry Circle, $172,000.

Salber, William J. and Jerri J. to Johnson, Sarah K. and Claussen, Kreg R., 5826 S. 115th Circle, $148,000.

Skipper, Thomasina E. and Benjamin A. to Pinkerton, Donald and Loretta, 15477 Stevens Plaza, $330,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to REO Asset Management LLC, 14009 Ohern St., $61,200.

Turner, Robert B. and Patricia to Farmer, Melinda M., 6425 S. 149th Ave., $143,000.

US and First National Mortgage Loan Trust to WM Huang Holdings LLC, 5511 S. 152nd St., $107,000.

US Bank to Sellmeyer, Kevin S. and Stephanie L., 14626 Walnut Grove Drive, $90,718.

Wall, Barbara A., personal representative, to PRK Investments LLC, 11135 X St., $100,000.


Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Underwood, Scott W. and Deb L., 12610 Deer Creek Drive, $37,000.

Snider, Matthew P. and Jacey K. to King, Tracy A. and Donna L., 7315 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $300,000.


Degner, Lori R. to Bellinghausen, Travis and Rachel, 1618 S. 152nd St., $285,000.

Hagen, Patricia M., trustee for the Spelman, Mary M. Trust to Station, Larry W. Jr., 11616 Elm St., $92,000.

Meisinger, Gregory A., personal representative, to Rhodes, Elizabeth M. and Christopher A., 3395 S. 130th St., $130,000.


Home Company LLC to Noesen, Matthew A. and Preston, Brandi K., 6810 Willow Circle, $306,000.


Linse, Dennis L. and Dominguez, Andrea to Madathil, Angela and Joshy, 12304 Shamrock Road, $242,000.

Nielsen, Gregory L. Trust to Greiner, Richard J. and Laura J., 14824 Charles Plaza, $145,000.

Omaha Police Federal Credit Union to Husker Properties LLC, 438 S. 153rd Circle, $80,000.


Anderson, Theresa and Donald J. to Thomas, Leslie A. and Pamela S., 5270 N. 130th Circle, $136,750.

Best, Zachariah and Bergsten, Lacy to Furey, Patrick and Julianne, 2219 N. 128th Circle, $134,500.

Callahan, Harry L. Jr. and Sandra K. to Frary, Alex and Bird, Melanie, 5265 N. 109th Avenue Circle, $140,000.

Copeland, William and Valery L. to Boger, Rhonda L., 6337 N. 115th Circle, $143,500.

Cozad, Chris and Shari to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 2511 N. 138th St., $23,000.

Ehlers, James and Melinda to Voorvart, Ryan M. and Michaela K., 3811 N. 112th Ave., $164,500.

Farmer, Chase A. and Lacey to Lukassen, Brooke, 5709 N. 115th Circle, $137,000.

Rickard, Erik to Briggs, Richard A., 4606 N. 131st St., $115,000.

Smith, Amy L. to Krumland, Gary E. and Ette M., 6607 N. 119th Ave., $123,500.

Youngblood, Frederick E. and Bonnie B. to Doody, Michael J., 4212 N. 139th St., $205,000.



Alban, Bart A. II and Anna M. to Larsen, Brandon and Allison, 608 W. 29th Ave., $117,000.

Hogenmiller, Scott G., personal representative of Hogenmiller, Rita M. Estate to Bilek, Catherine A. and Steven J., 2004 Pleasantview Lane, $122,000.

Ingle, Ty W. and Alyson R. to Larson, Robert C. and Denise M., 1604 Pelton Ave., $134,000.

Just Right Construction Inc. to Valentik, Peter, 2412 Madison St., $94,000.

Justice, B. J. and Joan F. to Johnson, Marlys J. and Dragon, Eugene J., 404 Augusta Ave., $185,000.

Klet, Leroy E. and Shellie R. to Garcia, Noe, 1207 Sunny Lane, $80,000.

Stack, Timothy P., personal representative for the Stack, Reva J. Estate to RME Properties Inc., 709 W. 32nd Ave., $38,000.

Ticen, Kay E. to Souza, William J. and Uraga, Elizabeth, 908 Martin Drive, $128,000.

Ticen, Kay E. and Delp, Janet A. to Souza, William J. and Uraga, Elizabeth, 908 Martin Drive, $128,000.


Adcox, Richard W. and Cheryl L. to Menicucci, Rickey M. and Dannajoy, 19846 miline St., $439,000.


Barr Homes Inc. to Boelter, Justin B. and Belinda A., 7223 S. 201st St., $360,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Kendel Homes Corp., 8021 S. 192nd Ave., $44,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 7911 S. 193rd St., $54,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pluta, Edward J., 11420 S. 173rd Ave., $303,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Renner, Miranda E,, 10709 S. 213th St., $220,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Marsh, Scot A. and Christine A., 10606 S. 212nd St., $232,000.

Mark Kardell Construction Inc. to Bruggeman, Dean and Diane, 19910 Ash St., $317,000.

Mason, Joshua P. and Katherine M. to Cotton, Brian D. and Rebecca A., 19739 Bellbrook Blvd., $303,000.

National Residential Nominee SVCS Inc. to Luhrs, Nicholas J., 19844 Gertrude St., $385,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska LLC to Callahan, Gregory A. and Lisa D., 12005 S. 210th St., $326,000.

Ross Ablan, Rennae L. to Doolhoff, Adam C. and Kristen J., 11266 S. 202nd Circle, $203,000.

Sutton, Patricia M. to Rogers, David C. and Amber M., 11832 S. 210th Circle, $159,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Baker, Jason and Shana L., 19905 Birch St., $341,000.


D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Winter, Alexandra, trustee, Selman, Rae V. Trust, 1006 Clearwater Drive, $359,000.

Griffin, Brandon L. and Sara A. to Percifield, Kyle J., 1135 Devon Drive, $138,000.

Johnson, Erik W. and Lindsey A. to Husak, Bryce S. and Kelsey B., 12614 S. 82nd St., $325,000.

Korolchuk, Theodore and Claire E. Trust to Turecek, Joseph F. IV and Heather, 1022 Shoerwood Lane, $241,000.

Marasco Homes Inc. to Powell, Chad A. and Sara J., 1370 Whitewater Drive, $327,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 7326 Leawood Circle, $60,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 7332 Leawood Circle, $60,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 7426 Reed St., $51,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 7990 Ponderosa Drive, $48,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 7999 Ponderosa Drive, $64,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 12032 S. 79th Ave., $48,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee to Reo Asset Management LLC, 10911 S. 113th Circle, $176,000.


Weithoner, Steven J. and Dorothy A. to Kildow, David P., 535 Maple St., $115,000.


Biggerstaff, Patricia C. and Kratzsch, Darby M, personal representatives for Kratzsch, Paul F. Estate to CML Properties LLC, 3713 Jo Ann Ave., $75,000.

Binger, Cynthia M. and Gerald L. to Snook, Kevin and Christine, 3511 Blackhawk Drive, $150,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Light, Kyle and Courtney, 15003 S. 22nd St., $291,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to White, Dustyn S. and Destinie E., 13812 S. 43rd St., $212,000

Clearwater Falls LLC to Oakwood Homes of Nebraska LLC, 13603 S. 46th St., $50,000.

Frisch, John G. and Joni E. and Kymberly D. to Lester, Gary J. and Teresa G., 14008 Kelly Drive, $188,000.

McDonnell, John T. and Laurena R. to O’Connor, Patrick A,, 2520 Anabelle Drive, $188,000.

Soto, Michael J. and Alicia to Drilling, Shane M. and Chelsea, 13807 S. 44th St., $165,000.

Tinsley, David W. to Alban, Bart A. II and Anna M., 14104 S. 35th St., $146,000.


RCMD Inc. to Ciatti, Jeremy L. and Lindsay R., 8424 S. 104th St., $301,000.

Ryan, Gary P. Trust to Ramsey, David L. and Nancy S., 8010 S. 68th Avenue Circle, $206,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wang, Yu Xian and Huang, Qun Yin and Chen Hui, 8808 S. 69th Circle, $212,000.

Fools Inc. to Schares, Aaron M. and Deena C., 6854 Greyson Drive, $310,000.

Thomas, John J. and Diane to Moeller, Douglas D. and Ann L., 203 Summerset Drive, $181,000.


Bintner, Adam J. and Lisa M. to Vilaysing, Dexa and Carrie, 7722 S 167th St., $225,000.

Brumfield, Steven R. and Kimbirlee M. to Robison, Michael T., 8811 S. 164th St., $185,000.

Cooper, Patrick W. to Desoe, Steven D. and Cheryl, 7309 S. 173rd St., $235,000.

Gibson, Patrick N. and Christine A. to White, Scott L. and Suzanna L., 8112 S. 166th St., $239,000.

Gowder, Mary Jane Trust to Lee, Harold E. and Diana L., 9712 Hazeltine Ave., $304,000.

Heavican, James and Kelly to Bender, James M. and Erika L., 9507 S. 172nd St., $248,000.

Kristi, James and Mary Ann to Hershey, Patrick J., 17866 Olive St., $130,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Maliszewski, Sue A. and John L., 19034 Josephine St., $196,000.

Palisades Development LLC to Home Company LLC, 9611 S. 173rd St., $52,000.

Simonsen, Eileen to Schmid, Patrick A. and Albertha C., 16110 Cornhusker Road, $290,000.


Arlt, Jason P. to Galvez, Alfonso and Stephanie L., 15528 Margo St., $149,000.

Desoe, Steven and Cheryl to Renz, Jock and Tracy, 13902 Jennifer Road, $185,000.

McMillin, Marsha to Jones, John and Linda K., 8504 S. 142nd St., $90,000.

Miller, Jason D. and Iryna to Contreras, Roberto F. and Garcia Mendez, Vivian R., 7017 S. 132nd Ave., $114,000.

Miller, Matthew K. and Karen to Augustine, Thomas M. and Robert, 8132 S. 154th St., $122,000.

Turecek, Joseph F. IV and Heather A. to Blancett, Travis M. and Laura J., 12625 Lillian St., $167,000.

White, Scott L. and Suzanna to Lassiter, Ralph B. Jr., 13810 Meadow Ridge Road, $125,000.


Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Abundis, Manuel, 6912 Sarpy Ave., $36,000.

Holeton, Matthew W. and Heather to NEI Global Relocation Co., 2203 Lucille Drive, $133,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Smalls, Joshua M, and Sara, 2203 Lucille Drive, $133,000.

Percifield, Kyle J. to Sprague, Courtney A., 7605 S. 40th St., $102,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee to Reo Asset Management LLC, 7215 S. 41st Ave, $59,000.

Tippery, Dolese M. to Paulsen, Earl T. and Griselda, 9513 S. 25th Ave., $175,000.


Allmon, Robert J. and Paula F. to Voboril, Dale R., 7411 S. 47th St., $146,000.

Schipper, Keenan J. and Kelly A. to Sostack, Edward and Sheree D., 8429 S. 65th St., $200,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Guidebeck. William and Palermo, Lori, 17116 Joanne Drive, $221,000.



FP Investments LLC to Watchtower Investments Group LLC, 2435 Second Ave., $148,000.

Hughes, Lori A. to Flynn, Richard J. and Rosemary E., 2430 Ave. G, $124,000.

Jacoby, Theresa to Crane, Emily B. and Matthew A., 3453 Ave. E, $230,000.

Jacoby, Theresa to Crane, Emily B. and Matthew A., 3454 Ave. E, $230,000.

Jacoby, Theresa to Crane, Emily B. and Matthew A., 3455 Ave. E, $230,000.

King, Shearan S. to Jones, Shelley, 2325 Ave. J, $120,000.

Pantoja Lopez, Judith and Lopez Valdez, Alejandro to Brandt, Wendel, 1509 15th Ave., $80,000.

Southerland, Rachel L. and Robert C. to Gearhart, Matthew, 3001 Ave. A, $115,000.

Taylor, Bradley D. to Ngo, Duc, 817 S. 35th St., $79,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Davis, Raquel L., 2318 Ave. H, $80,000.


Bank of America to Peters, Clayton, 334 Skyline Drive, $78,000.

BP Quality Homes LLC to Arrington, David and Pamela, 39 Kingsridge Drive, $330,000.

Burdick, Chad M. and Tammy L. to Fleming, Eric M. and Joy D., 23026 McPherson Ave., $375,000.

Franklin Hill LLC to Haug, Brandon and Samantha, 44 Kingsridge Drive, $301,000.

Harvey, James G. and Traci C. to Lucas, Curtis L, 1532 Sunset Drive, $90,000.

Kidder, Morgan K. to Clark, Jennifer J. and Conn, Todd, 215 Millard St., $125,000.

Pearson, Debra H. and James R. to Arnold, Anthony, 15414 Crestview Drive, $177,500.

Roth, Beverly A. and John M. to Whitney, Deborah L. and Giles C., 746 Simms Ave., $246,000.

Samples, Christie L. and Melvin G. to Mulvania, Nancy A. and Terrance L., 24 Grenville Court, $179,000.

Sears, John D. and Kristen G., trustees, Sears Trust, to Devine, Taylor J., 415 Clark Ave., $84,500.

Sulentic, Emil L. and Joan M. to Carlson, Jennifer, 137 Glen Oaks Drive, $305,000.

Uhler Wolf, Marilyn, trustee, Uhler Family Trust to Hartle, Angela, 405 Oakland Ave., $70,000.

Walter, Richard H. Trust to Bartelson, Christina P. and Matthew J., 15054 Pinehurst Drive, $176,000.

Warneke, Deborah A. to Brunow Enterprises Inc., 611 Delong Ave., $120,000.

Warren, Bud W. and Monica L. to 4Fortune Investments LLC, 804 Ave. A, $60,000.

Waters, Carolyn L. to Morehead, Brandon S. and Rachel, 11 Tower Circle, $163,000.

Whitney, Deborah L. and Giles C. to Harvey, James G., 114 E. View Drive, $216,000.


Brosig, Lucas B. and Margaret M. to Hansen, Ashley M., 4416 N. 17th St., Carter Lake, $219,500.

Gutha, Ernest L. and Zelda B. Trust to Matthias, Scott D. and Tabatha H., 8 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $155,000.


Griffen, Lezli A. and Terin D. to Pattee, Charles L. and Penny L., 811 Frost Ave., Avoca, $100,000.


Randolph, John F. Estate to Cunard, Robert D. and Ruth A., 30431 Swan Lane, Honey Creek, $424,500.


Mitchell, Joseph and Marchelle L. to Moondog Properties Inc., 5 Holst St., Treynor, $105,000.


Schoening, Carolyn M., trustee, Bryant, Lovina M. Bryant Trust to Larsen, Katelyn M. and Michelle L., 24973 Mahogany Road, Underwood, $214,000.

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