Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha, 9824 Rosewater Parkway, $45,000.

Home Co. to Patras, Chad C. and Tammy M., 9819 Rosewater Parkway, $295,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha, 9617 N. 150th Ave., $43,000.

Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction, 9033 Kilpatrick Parkway, $43,600.

Hummel, Alan E. to Brisby, Darrel and Diane, 8903 N. 156th Ave., $176,500.

Stratford Park Development to Sherwood Homes, 8635 N. 169th St., $40,500.

Sherwood Homes to Clark, David M. and Ann M., 8222 N. 161st St., $256,900.

Vang, Yongyee N. and Malee to DiGiorgio, Coartney and John, 8101 N. 147th Ave., $195,000.

Reuter, John J. and Stephanie M. to Kolbe, Jason F. and Lisa A., 7960 N. 152nd St., $211,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Molina, Andrea J. and Augustin J., 16019 Craig Ave., $324,010.

Jensen, Rebecca and Brent to Wilkins, Kelli and Samuel, 15411 Tucker St., $152,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Leland, Mary and Daniel, 15167 Whitmore Circle, $316,188.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Sherwood Homes, 14825 Prairie Star St., $43,000.

Jenks, Peter, trustee for Jenks Revocable Trust to Swoboda, Jennifer and Mark, 12018 N. 158th St., $215,000.

Woodland Homes to Koeppe, Jeremy S. and Jessica, 10201 N. 182nd Circle, $120,000.


Hogan, Douglas J. and Margaret J. to Clark, Benjamin and Ashley, 608 S. 188th Ave., $279,000.

Muzi, Florence G. Trust to Aughenbaugh, Linda L. and Vincent J., 585 S. 183rd Ave., $297,000.

Rehder, Jeffrey D. and Mary K. to Eicher, Doyle S. and Sandy M., 5636 S. 234th St., $350,000.

Charleston Homes to Ellison, Jeffrey G. and Shari A., 4726 N. 205th St., $269,056.

Charleston Homes to Badalucco, Anna and William, 4616 N. 205th St., $40,000.

Charleston Homes to Aurora Homes, 4611 N. 206th St., $42,000.

FRK Development to Trademark Homes, 4314 N. 191st St., $39,900.

FRK Development to Belt Construction Co., 4001 N. 189th St., $39,900.

FRK Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 3902 N. 191st St., $49,900.

Jennings, Lee and Meghan to Griffith, Will, 3515 Gateway Road, $155,000.

EVE LLC to Hildy Construction, 3119 N. 193rd Ave., $53,000.

Nazeck, George J. Jr. and Cindy J. to Scott, Ashley L., 2814 N. 204th St., $100,000.

Henry J Sudbeck Builders to Heinemann, Myron and Doreen, 2707 N. 191st St., $264,000.

Heavican Homes to Carr, Jill M. and Todd L., 2706 N. 189th St., $275,000.

Pitts, Lisa and Nathan to Call, Thaddeus A. and Sharon C., 21955 Stanford Circle, $400,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 20811 Boyd St., $44,900.

Tanner, Lori A. to Clanton, Jayne E. and Orville S., 20771 Emmet St., $124,500.

Gottsch Land Co. to Faller, Daniel B., 20555 Ames Ave., $44,900.

Hildy Construction to Dreessen, Eric T., 20505 Taylor St., $308,750.

V Mortgage REO Corp. to Tri State Ventures, 20232 Amelia Ave., $80,278.

Kronaizl Investments LLC to Scott, Tyrone J., 19651 Mason St., $302,000.

Bremer, Robert J. and Diane M. to Rohlfing, Ronald P., 19534 Pearl Circle, $265,000.

Antonucci, Anthony III and Kristyn to Lisko, Brian and Amanda, 19511 Marcy St., $425,000.

EVE LLC to Fomicheva, Marina and Vladislav, 19323 Binney St., $60,000.

Hinze, Travis L. and Trisha L. to Wallace, Matthew E. and Maegen J., 19204 Sahler St., $550,000.

FRK Development to Woodland Homes, 18976 Spaulding Circle, $44,900.

FRK Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 18952 Spaulding Circle, $49,900.

Pacific Windgate II to Landmark Performance Corp., 1890 Blue Sage Parkway, $50,000.

Silverthorn Homes to Hendren, Chad D. and Amy L., 18854 Manderson Circle, $399,900.

Pacesetter Homes to Doerr, Anne M., 18825 Spaulding St., $306,677.

Powers, Thomas and Cynthia to Ping, David D. and Roddy, Maura, 18801 Lafayette Ave., $795,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Francis, Timothy P., 18704 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $75,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Anthony Co. Builders, 18669 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $78,000.

Paradise Homes to Sadlemyer, Rose A. and Gary W., 1721 S. 207th St., $421,978.

Castle Brook Builders to Wagner, Christopher M. and Kristin T., 1711 S. 207th St., $380,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Belt Construction Co., 1709 S. 210th St., $50,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Ideal Designs & Remodeling, 1706 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Landmark Performance Corp., 1620 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Todd Menard Construction, 1601 S. 207th Ave., $170,000.

ER-North Development LLC to Huntington Homes, 1110 Elk Ridge Drive, $158,000.


Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Bristol, Peter V., 7069 Seward St., $61,000.

Sykes, Gregory C. to Jensen, Rachel E. and Steven J. Jr., 6629 Decatur St., $76,000.

Nowak, Michael J. and Jessie D. to Lenton, Osie, 6304 N. 68th St., $120,000.

Stuto, Jean M. and Chase Y. to Broghammer, Matthew T. and Christine M., 5431 Seward St., $172,900.

Kuhl, Chris and Kylie A. to Van Deursen, Travis J., 5120 Grant St., $165,000.

Schlemmer, Irene D., personal representative, to Rhames, Doris L. and William, 4909 Browne St., $85,000.

Schwarte, Valerie and Jason to Beymer, Corinne and Steven, 2915 N. 49th Ave., $97,000.

Simons, Gavin and Amy to John, Kitti M., 2724 N. 63rd St., $113,500.

Wagner, John to Kerary Investments LLC, 2510 N. 49th St., $45,000.

Everitt, Jessica and Layton I. to Doss, Kimberly, 2325 N. 68th St., $103,500.

Ahrenkiel, Donna L. to Volene-Hamel, Mark T. and Peter J., 2031 N. 48th Ave., $78,000.

Rudden, Jerimiah J. and Elizabeth M. to Rehmer, Nathanial T. and Jenna M., 2011 N. 50th Ave., $152,500.


McCarthy, John F. and Greta to Quach, Hung, 825 Turner Blvd., $65,000.

Bullard, Eileen A. Trust to Flowers, Stafford and Joann Trust, 3104 S. 44th St., $165,000.

McVicker, Chad and Connor, Jill to Pederson, Pachel, 2838 S. 35th St., $140,000.

Hanson, Paul to Eskra, Nathaniel D. and Alarcon, Erin, 2817 S. 34th St., $147,200.

Pederson, Pachel A. to Roshone, Alison M. and Michael F., 2139 S. 38th St., $175,000.

Settle, Arleva M. and Gabriel T. to Bader, Bryan D., 2131 S. 34th St., $135,000.

Fiala, Arnold C. to Campfield Investment Co., 1534 S. 26th St., $80,000.

Titanium Home Solutions to Schaper, Karen and Herron, Trevor, 1305 S. 35th Ave., $206,000.


Chickinelli, Mark A. and Connie M. to Samaidan LLC, 6348 Pierce St., $137,000.

Timmons, Mae E. to Goodman, Jaclyn N., 6328 William St., $140,000.

Heineman, Michael E. and Teresa M. to Cardenas, Anali M. and Flores, Jose A., 5214 B St., $146,000.

Lugo, Ashley M. to Korver, Sarah, 5167 Pierce St., $115,000.

Mertz, Tony M. and Gianna to McFarland, James D., 4917 Pine St., $110,000.

Zachariae, Lloyd C. to Perrigo, Maggie S. and Roger Jr., 4523 Woolworth Ave., $108,000.

Sweircek, John T. and to Moore, Felisha E., 2315 S. 48th Ave., $135,200.

Kaslon, Jill N. to Rank, Melissa R. and Courtney L., 2131 S. 62nd St., $137,000.


Cerny, Lois M. to OHA LLC, 5125 S. 20th St., $132,000.

Kuden, Alexander, personal representative, to Avila, Jesus S. and Gomez, Marisol, 3816 Patterson St., $100,000.

Montiel, Leticia and Josue to Varela, Beatriz, 3405 U St., $75,000.


Iniguez, Juan and Maria G. to Casanova, Adrian J., 2721 S. 16th St., $85,000.

Beach, Barry R. and Carrie N. to Bishop, April D., 2432 S. 14th St., $100,000.

Miller, Christopher G. to Klesitz, Frank, 1410 Park Wild Ave., $165,000.

Bennett, Andrew and Jennifer to Gray, Amanda, 1205 Pierce St., $205,000.


Chambers, Niccole to Fuller, Carolyn A. and John A., 1522 N. 20th St., $136,000.


Barnes, Brian C. and Susan to RBC Properties, 6331 N. 37th St., $47,500.

Homola, Joann A. to Smith, Shane M., 5503 N. 28th Ave., $35,000.

FH-REM 1 LLC to YK Holdings LLC, 5416 N. 33rd Ave., $26,750.

ZAS Corp. to Ninkovic, Bojan, 4031 Laurel Ave., $85,000.

Carter, Katrina to Rahn, Toni C., 3719 N. 40th St., $46,000.


SB Holdings LLC to YK Holdings LLC, 4024 Mary St., $57,000.

Rohlfing, Ronald P. to Walde, Shane and Wiese, Jennifer, 13016 N. 42nd St., $192,500.


Kangas, Matt to Niksick, Michele, 927 N. 74th St., $170,500.

Mackiel, John J. Jr. and Debora S. to Bergdorf, James C. and Alison M., 8544 Franklin St., $100,000.

Mann, Anthony R. and Sandra to Sasse, Janis T., 8309 Seward St., $141,000.

Rogers, Thompson H. and Jane D. to Tjaden, Kurt F., trustee for 87911 Trust, 821 S. 96th St., $3,200,000.

Sorensen, Linda J. and Ronnie to Stephens, Kailey A. and Brock, 7733 Burt St., $113,000.

Poppe, Dean E. to Kroupa, Douglas F. and Poppe, Dean E., 529 N. 76th St., $100,000.

Moon, James E., trustee for Moon, Kathryn I. Trust to Vogel, Daniel G. and Kelly, Mary T., 1816 N. 92nd St., $157,000.

Black, Kathryn and Brian to Maline, Darri A. and Perez, James M., 1410 Maenner Drive, $112,000.

Wemhoff, Catherine R. to Haynes, Kevin, 10617 Izard St., $119,000.


Sing, Tymaree and Jason to Durakovic, Davor, 6602 N. 148th St., $151,000.

Farrens, Scott F. and Trista A. Trust to Reynolds, Tyler J., 5910 N. 146th St., $210,000.

Laue, Stacy A. and Nicholas to Essink, Brandon J. and Carrie A., 5902 N. 166th St., $440,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Zabawa, Anthony A. and Lindsey E., 5714 N. 152nd St., $285,359.

Grundke, Eric M. and Susan E. to Pettigrew, Robert B. and Tasha L., 5538 N. 160th Ave., $391,500.

Castle Creek Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 5504 N. 152nd St., $42,950.

Hoesing, Michael D. to Beck, Christopher M., 4218 N. 171st Ave., $149,000.

Horne, Joshua L. to Mekelburg, Bonnie J. and Theodore P., 4214 N. 159th Ave., $235,000.

Sambol, Jeremy and Allison to Rudden, Jerimiah and Elizabeth, 3818 N. 158th St., $258,000.

Sprowls, Joseph B. IV and Cloe B. to Madduri, Mallika and Jayanti, Venkat R., 3224 N. 168th Ave., $265,000.

Cook, Stephanie L. and Alex R. to Fleming, Spencer J. and Virginia, 2913 N. 152nd Ave., $153,000.

Esterling, Brandt P. and Amanda N. to Hoffart, Joan K. and Rolland W., 2521 N. 167th Ave., $220,000.

Kampschneider, Glen R. and Renee T. to Robbins, Scott D. and Tiffany, 2443 N. 147th St., $268,000.

Celebrity Homes to Dice, James L. and Nicole M., 17421 Browne St., $271,700.

Mueller, Kyle C. and Espenhover, Jennifer M. to Armstrong, Sandra K., 16317 Browne St., $146,000.

Gase, Theresa A. to Organ, Scott and Cathy, 15767 Burdette St., $445,000.

Fools Inc. to Davis, Dallas and Amber, 15416 Crown Point Ave., $263,000.

Vellek, Matthew A. and Meegan R. to Popa, Leonard and Tammie, 15122 Newport Ave., $310,000.

Manyimo, Alyse M. and Lincoln T. to Trevino, Norma and Ford, Paul, 15108 Lake St., $200,000.

Lindstrom, Brett R. and Leigh M. to Simmons, Scott D., 15075 Fowler Ave., $186,500.

Skoblik, Travis J. and Dana M. to Anthony, Gloria and Jordan, 15060 Meredith Ave., $189,000.

Aaron, Patricia A. and Paul R. to Curnyn, Thomas M. and Mary A., 14860 Ogden St., $288,000.

Goehring, Tyson and Jenny L. to Smith, Allyson and Johnson, Robert, 14774 Boyd St., $187,000.

Hood, Brent and Kristen to Brandert, Corey D. and Kathleen T., 14472 Fowler Ave., $166,500.


Kimble, Lois J. Trust to Mirazizova, Gulniso, 6093 G St., $69,000.

Bristol, Peter V. to Rodriguez, Victor R. and Rojas, Morahima, 4519 S. 62nd Ave., $70,000.

Willey, Steven K., trustee for Willey, Doris L. Trust to Bitzes, Alaina R. and Jared N., 4516 S. 45th St., $155,000.


Duce, Ronald C. and Jessica to NEI Global Relocation Co., 606 S. 178th St., $399,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Brehm, Adam T. and Ashli B., 606 S. 178th St., $399,000.

Conboy, Martin J. and Cheryl D. to Ortmeier, Vernon A., trustee for Ortmeier, Rita R. Trust, 1745 N. 176th Plaza, $130,000.

Leonard, Deborah K. to Brown, Debra and Lyle W., 17010 Franklin St., $232,000.

Amen, David J. and Vicky L. to Andreasen, Ryan and Jessica, 16332 Charles Circle, $255,000.


Friesen, Rick A. and Brittany M. to Klement, Andrew J., 8952 Read St., $140,000.

Kratky, Gary T. to Tarar, Shahla F., 8820 N. 77th Ave., $136,000.

Andersen, Jacob and Grandi-Andersen, Jane to McGowan, Anthony K., 8704 Wyoming St., $172,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Beal, Steven, 8414 Girard St., $140,000.

Hale, Rae L. to Centarri, Michael J. and Pamela J., 7654 Potter St., $132,500.

Kaniho, Charles E. and Lillie to Lambs, Amy R. and Frasch, Eric R., 7511 N. 89th St., $190,000.

McGowan, Anthony K. to Kimmel, Renee, 7501 N. 73rd Ave., $130,000.

Haner, Lindsey D. and Cody to Mommsen, Linda L., 7019 N. 90th St., $132,500.

Myers, James L. and April J. to Scott Dennis Properties, 14601 N. 78th St., $150,000.

Sledge, Amanda L. to Murphy, Leon B., 10309 Newport Ave., $190,000.


Travnicek, Alan D. and Kathryn A. to Asche, Karen F. and David E., 9265 Pine Circle, $379,711.

Simmons, Marie A. and Lee G. to Darty, Michael D. and Heidi M., 3333 S. 104th Ave., $195,000.

Wyskowski, Michael J. and Regina M. to Grantham, Matthew and Emily, 3002 Westgate Road, $132,000.

Berkshire, Richard N. to Thompson, Thomas T., 2116 S. 91st St., $200,000.

Japp, Janet E. and John M. to Jennings, Chris R. and Kathleen L., 1505 S. 97th St., $230,600.


Kaye-Skinner, Nancy to Rosenberg, Eric M. and Jacklyn M., 8226 Wilson Drive, $108,000.

Randecker, Karl D. and Malissa to Willits, Chad and Amy, 6774 S. 75th St., $145,000.

Mekelburg, Bonnie J. and Theodore P. to Foran, Sara, 4728 S. 78th Ave., $135,000.

Lakin, Shannon to Bolin, Jeremiah L., 10721 Berry Plaza, $156,000.

Kramer, Larry D. and Janet N. Trust to Chaudhari, Vikrant A. and Manjunath, Shruthi, 10575 Adams Drive, $266,750.


Koborg, Eugene H. and Wetzel, Michele M. Trust to Pettersen, Jennifer Y. and Rettele, Lawrence D. Jr., 3763 S. 196th Ave., $425,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Austin, Brian L. and Jodie A., 3614 S. 203rd St., $370,053.

Lueck Mack Enterprises to Hildy Construction, 3404 S. 185th Ave., $76,000.

Greenwald, Ted A. and Dixie J. to Sanders, Scott J. and Dawn K., 2611 S. 167th Circle, $195,000.

Mughal, Mamoona Y. and M. Ghias to Mughal, Muhammad and Michelle, 2118 S. 164th Ave., $160,000.

Klee, Molly M. and David A. Jr. to Mooers, William D. and Jeri S., 20201 B St., $197,000.

Woodland Homes to Tramontozzi, Alice W. and Joseph L., 20012 Nina St., $340,668.

Home Co. to Safford, Michael and Lyndsey, 19658 Grover St., $272,000.

Popa, Tammie D. and Leonard C. to Kittle, Patrick J. Jr. and Lacy J., 1913 S. 182nd Circle, $450,000.

Malsam, Craig S. to Wang, Yaoling and Hu, Jiong, 17914 Shirley Circle, $355,000.

Henry, Kelly D. to Bull, James G. and Kelli D., 17309 Pierce Circle, $220,000.

North, Neal and Dorothy to Richardson, Janice L. Trust, 17167 Shirley St., $182,000.

Adkins, Nicholas A. and Heather R. to Glogowski, Tanya L. and David G., 17011 Shirley St., $210,000.

Hill, Donna Y. to Weig, Justin and Laura, 16629 Westfield Circle, $260,000.

Stork, Wayne T. and Patricia J. to Krempin, Sarah A. and Ryan M., 16521 Spring Circle, $317,500.

O’Brien, Jeffrey M. and Jacquelyn J. to RJ Waterson LLC, 16065 Gold Plaza, $114,000.

Glock, Stacy J. and Troy E. to Benson, Alison M., 1414 S. 194th St., $564,900.

Royal Development to Samtani, Namrata M. and Mahapatra, Sidharth, 1360 S. 192nd Ave., $446,000.


Halbur, Vicki J. to Willett, Lauren R., 134 N. 36th St., $72,500.

Matthews, Sandra L. and William S. Trust to Cawley, Brett J., 1009 Mercer Blvd., $260,000.


Weiss, Martha J. and T. Edwin Trust to Vuong, Krystal and Wegner, Nicholas, 665 N. 57th St., $670,000.

Luxford, Charles A. and Carol L. to Johnson, Tyler and Jessica, 5419 Lafayette Ave., $174,000.

Meyer, Katherine A. to Raynor, Jordan C., 5017 Hamilton St., $140,000.

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Nebraska to PBPM LLC, 4517 Izard St., $30,000.


Siebler, Jayne E. to DeSanti, Anthony E., 6727 S. 188th Ave., $215,000.

Morris, Shirley A. to Burton, Shawn and Kathleen, 6621 S. 172nd Ave., $303,000.

Woodland Homes to Povendra, Ron A. and Lynne A., 6427 S. 174th St., $339,329.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 6214 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $38,950.

Philippi, Patricia E. and Josef D. to Baker, Michael P. and Patricia A., 6001 S. 191st St., $190,000.

Parsons, Nicholas J. and Lindsay J. to Culler, Tanner L. and Paige K., 5859 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $157,000.

Jones, Jason D. and Joy J. to Erickson, Drew and Sarah, 5728 S. 193rd St., $144,900.

Lee, Marie L. and Frank M. to Vezzani, Renato and Linda K., 5707 S. 186th Ave., $159,900.

Hazen, Elizabeth R. to Staroska, Mark A. and Sarah E., 5520 S. 165th St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes to Stec, Jennifer N., 5325 S. 196th St., $160,700.

Blake, Kevin P. to Lilley, Barbara A., 5004 S. 190th St., $128,000.

Bandiera, Terri A. and Timothy J. to Piper, Nicholas J. and Jamie L., 4974 S. 156th Ave., $149,900.

Dame, Lynne A. to Mannino, Stephanie and Reisdorff, Andrew, 4821 S. 161st Circle, $200,000.

Celebrity Homes to Dunlap, Alan R., 4421 S. 198th Ave., $236,700.

Eaton, William J. and Loganne E. to Chrans, Matthew J. and Anne D., 4414 S. 198th St., $320,000.

Banyay, Christopher J. and Melissa M. to Pat Brion LLC, 4308 S. 178th St., $118,000.

Dempsay, Damien A. and Danielle M. to Apolonio, Connie and Dennis, 19511 X St., $155,900.

Dees, Randall and Heather to Agrawal, Satish, 19348 H St., $265,000.

Furches, Christopher A. and Peetz, Robbe L. to Godbout, Aaron, 19030 Jacobs St., $140,500.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 18331 Polk St., $32,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Pine Crest Homes, 18306 Drexel St., $39,450.

Kistler, William D. and Debra D. to Petrik, Shane and Kristin J., 17511 Ohern St., $479,000.

Shukert, Richard J. and Jennifer L. to Richman, Derek W. and Micah K., 16906 Orchard Ave., $225,000.

Franklin 1700 LTD and 16127 Revocable Real Estate Trust to Kiger, John M. and Kristan A., 16127 R St., $199,000.

Clatterbuck, Nicholas and Sarah to Ohalloran, Theresa M., 16030 Rolling Ridge Road, $170,000.


Stillwell, Melissa M. and Kenneth M. to Wills, Shawn P., 6323 S. 145th St., $175,000.

Bohn, Linda and Custer, Stephen to Gonzalez, Lisa M. and Antonio A., 4371 S. 149th Avenue Circle, $199,500.

Loveless, Joann to Meyer, Katelyn and Andrew, 15224 R St., $139,000.

Beach, Veronica E., personal representative, to Smith, Colleen A., 14956 O Plaza, $132,000.

Froistad, Michael R. and Lori J. to Kroenke, Erin and Roberts, Michael, 14833 N St., $143,500.

Boomgaarden, Neelo D. and Joan L. to Robbins, Jonathan J., 14129 N St., $114,000.

Van Dyke, Merle E. Trust to Beerman, Daniel J., 13324 Z St., $134,500.

Figgins, Dennis F. and Linae C. to Snyder, Joshua and Deborah S., 12923 Old Cherry Road, $205,000.

Wennstedt, Robert L. and Paula J. to Mayberry, Adam, 12648 Ohern St., $179,900.

Kelly, Justin, trustee for Davis, Patricia M. Trust to Kinzer, Elizabeth M. and Smith, Taylor W., 12630 Orchard Ave., $115,000.

Dowling, Matthew M. and Courtney L. to Hegdahl, Nathan, 12219 Weir St., $122,500.

Pullen, William J. and Jean M. to Molgaard, Rebecca A. and John R., 11806 Adams Plaza, $435,233.


Tongue, Thomas to Kampschneider, Glen R. and Renee T., 8015 N. 127th Ave., $520,000.

Whit Smith Construction to Smith, Wayne A. and Carmen A., 7911 N. 127th Ave., $580,567.

Harrington, Alex R. and Catherine G. to Lacher, Justin J. and Amber M., 7413 N. 108th St., $179,000.

Celebrity Homes to Menking, Sarah M., 14075 Wood Valley Drive, $158,900.

Nommensen, Scot A. Sarah M. to Prince, Fnu and Gupta, Holly A., 10871 Girard St., $145,000.

Chada, John and Vicki to Sollars, Dustin M., 10868 Black St., $135,000.


Massman, Jeffrey M. and Jayme L. to Sukup, Kyle A., 3957 S. 153rd Circle, $182,000.

Kerns, Joshua G. to Kilgore, Timothy, 3918 S. 155th St., $163,000.

Kuhns, Eunice R. Trust to Feuerbach, Mary C. and Christopher J., 3616 S. 117th St., $141,750.

Kingswood Estates LLC to Ridgeland Homes, 3143 S. 134th St., $41,900.

Coates, Sarah and Josh to Thramer, Rose A., 3118 S. 138th St., $159,000.

Dynamic Properties to Pufall, Sally E., 2335 S. 125th Ave., $134,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra to Kuhl, Chris and Kylie A., 1907 S. 113th St., $295,000.

Bilek, Martin J. and Jane M. to Lostaglia, Patrick J. and Teresa A., 1516 S. 126th St., $217,000.

Goff, Teresa and Kevin J. to Marasco, Anna M. and Shald, Jason P., 13906 Poppleton Circle, $190,000.

Olson, Nancy D. to Murdock, Rebecca T. and Douglas W., 1366 S. 137th Ave., $227,900.

Hendrickson, Lewis T. and West-Hendrickson, Gina M. to Spellman, Jared L. and Hoesing, Rebecca R., 13453 Spring St., $145,000.

Launer, Traci M. to Bybee, William O. and Miriam L. Trust, 12417 A St., $140,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to O & H Properties, 12412 C St., $85,000.

Bunyan, Mark C. and Bernae L. to Edwards, Laura M. and Jeffrey A., 12324 Oak St., $135,000.

Starks, Rebecca R. and Fredrick to McCarthy, Edward J. and Joan E. Trust, 1210 S. 120th Plaza, $54,000.


Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Derynck, Kollin M. and Paulsen, Alyssa, 6856 Willow St., $410,784.


Paulsen, Corey G. and Jenni to Grant, David J., 1724 N. 145th St., $154,000.

Amato, Michael J. and Beverly to Gbadoe, Dodji, 1718 N. 126th St., $150,000.

Towne, Jeffrey S. and Malissa L. to Natelborg, Mark and Mallory, 15445 Seward St., $296,250.

Jaeggi, Mildred N., personal representative, to Tichauer, Fred, 15138 Fieldcrest Drive, $150,000.

Mentzer, Mitchell B. and Hayley to Grantham, Jeremy, 15026 Chicago Circle, $155,500.

Arts, Jane M. Trust to Sare, Keith W. and Kimberly A., 12918 Nicholas St., $382,500.

Jones, Todd and Aimee to Urban, Mary A. and Thomas, 12727 West Dodge Road, $99,000.

Greenberg, Carole F. and Andrew W. to Fuller, Sean D., 1209 N. 131st St., $348,000.

Wakeman, Cy and Runnels, Richard R. to Bunyan, Mark and Bernae, 1202 N. 131st Ave., $302,000.

Beacom, Sharon Y. to Zimmerman, Ryan J., 11067 Decatur St., $100,000.

Covrig, Kara and Joseph R. to Tene, Talia Y., 10922 Leavenworth St., $130,000.


Barnes, Cathy L. and Fisher, Mary B. to Dynamic Properties, 6209 N. 129th Circle, $102,000.

Linderman, Michelle E. and Gideon D. to Bosco, Eric B., 5423 N. 129th St., $140,500.

Korth, Zachary R. and Tiffany R. to Kain, Zachary J., 5006 N. 113th Circle, $129,000.

Kachaturian, Jaclyn R. and Philip A. to Holt, Matthew J. and Mary K., 4626 N. 126th Ave., $175,000.

Hermsen, Michael S. Trust to Mueller, Kyle C. and Jennifer, 14061 Hartman Ave., $272,000.

Walker, Rita to Rasmussen, Hannah E., 13623 Corby St., $30,000.

Pohl, Laura J. and Richard D. to Krieger, Nicholas R., 13416 Sahler St., $222,510.

Nelson, Steven L. and Marvene A. to Yau, Cheng C., trustee for Yau, Sieng Trust, 13408 Burdette St., $240,000.

Blach, Sherrill L. and Millard J. to Roby, Jeffrey J. and Reynolds, Mark-Andrew D., 12906 Ames Ave., $131,000.

Temme, Jared B. and Leslee A. to Dye, Jhaimi and Andrick, Nathan, 12818 Erskine St., $145,900.

Blair, Kay L. to Cleaver, Michele L. and Jason R., 12711 Larimore Ave., $112,800.

Lopez, Gabriel and Maria E. to Grant, Miriam and Isaac L., 11711 Sunburst St., $139,000.

Lubberstedt, Merle D. and Joanne to Holbrook, Cynthia J. and Timothy P., 11705 Sunburst St., $150,000.

Peterson, Jeffrey D. and Lori A. to Garrison, Jeremy M. and Lappe, Justin E., 11029 Sahler St., $188,000.

Day, Jason B. and Leslie A. to Sondag, Michael P. and Billie-Jo, 10805 Sahler St., $152,000.



Erickson, Ann and Smith, Russell to Banderas, Maricela and Diaz-Garcia, Bonifacio, 1009 Kauii St., $133,000.

Conley, Wesley R. and Jacqueline S. to Flores, Alberto R. and Flores-Palonino, Corina, 1702 Betz Road, $181,000.

Abts, William F. and Shirley D. to Landsperger, Thomas J. and Sandra J., 2307 Warren St., $121,000.

Vavruska, Amy and Jeffrey J. to Lee, Joanna K., 2703 Mesa St., $144,000.

Pratt, William L. and Lorraine F. to Jackson, Jolene M., 3304 Madison St., $147,000.

Sanchez, Jacqueline G. and Jonathan P. and Panares, Grace to Bengford, Cody A. and Emily J., 503 N. Third St., $125,000.

Nicholas, Mariah F. and Christopher to Dadswell, Kyle and Samantha, 711 W. 33rd Ave., $132,000.


Polivka, Jeff and Lisa to Janulewicz, Philip and Price, Candace, 11010 S. 213th St., $230,000.

Scheef, Scott J. and Belle A. to Russell, Kenneth G., 11817 S. 213 St., $170,000.

Copper Ridge LLC to Pinkerton, Justin and Alisa, 12011 S. 224th St., $98,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Mayer, Chad E. and Amy M., 12101 S. 210th St., $316,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Ratney, Eugene D. and Sia L., 12214 S. 214th St., $229,000.

White, Steven E. and Barbara A. to Rice, Trent L. and Kimberli R., 12925 S. 219th St., $390,000.

Charleston Homes to McClelland, Michael E., 17116 Jessica Lane, $264,000.

Charleston Homes to Seader, Kyle A. and Brittany B. 17208 Christensen Road, $240,000.

Woodland Homes to Audino, Erin and Dave, 20075 Emiline, $429,000.

Evert, Daniel J. and Seymour, Eric J. to Boring, Gary M. and Kathleen A., 20709 Cedar Circle, $206,000.

Glynn, Richard G. and Abbey, Sharon L. to Horst, Daniel R. and Lisa M., 20905 Shiloh Circle, $234,000.

Showcase Homes to Beaudoin, Matt and Julie, 7911 S. 193rd St., $355,000.


Woodland Homes to Cooper, Matthew R. and Kathleen A., 10308 S. 124th St., $443,000.

Palensky, Jeremy M. and Leslie to Hodges, Brett and Samantha, 2101 King Drive, $165,000.

Hrabik, Jacqueline A. to Parsons, Kristine, 639 Bailey Circle, $249,000.

Polser, Brian G. and Kymberly A. to Schramm, Kary R. and Mary B., 7520 Reed St., $400,000.

Leonard, Steven L. and Angie M. to Dawson, Patrick L. and Susan J., 7608 Crawford St., $392,000.

Woodland Homes to Bessey, Judd A. and Belinda J., 7951 Ponderosa Drive, $380,000.

Taylor, Corey and Tameka to Stroup, Aaron M. and Nikole B., 811 Stony Point Drive, $225,000.

Doeden, Susan L. and William J. to Lopez, Milagros and Alfredo, 813 Wilshire Lane, $175,000.


McGuire, Sandra K. and Mark to Steigner, Joshua D. and Brittany N., 10703 Lewis & Clark Road, $163,000.

Thompson, Charles M. and Bobbie A. to Bush, Brian G. and Rebecca, 11007 S. 18th St., $205,000.

Petersen, Karl A. and Peissig Petersen, Kellie L. to Bowen, Timothy J. and Lisa M., 11308 S. 44th Ave., $280,000.

Beach, Sonja and Kulas, Heidemarie to Smith, Catherine M. and Dennis F. Jr., 12903 S. 29th Place, $134,000.

Lingebach, Steven P. Jr. and Laurie A. to Wiemann, Del S., 12905 S. 30th St., $178,000.

Schulte, Henry F. III and Roseann to Bolinger, Marc, 13318 Courtney Drive, $144,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gofta, Tracy L., 13715 S. 43rd Ave., $195,000.

Kozdras, Nicholas and Elisabeth to Stauffer, Eugene E. and Elizabeth A., 14103 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $129,000.

Haase, Melinda S. to Vavrick, Barbara L., 14412 S. 29th St., $151,000.

Schaeffer, Thomas K. and Cheryl A. to Smith, Russell and Erickson, Ann, 2707 Morrie Drive, $240,000.

Schrader, Terry A. and Heidi M. to Wharton, Shirleyanne, 2908 Arrowhead Lane, $196,000.

Bewley, David J. and Sonia to Beamon, James R. and Isabel M., 3306 Sheridan Road, $163,000.

Dahmen, Hans R. and Michele R. to Rodney Ward IRA, 3503 Lynnwood Drive, $138,000.


Madison, Steven G. and Alayna to Giles, Scott M. and Amanda M., 10168 Margo St., $286,000.

Graham, George A. and Wendy L. to Kelley, Michelle L., 7017 S. 80th St., $150,000.

Eby, Anna M. to Pelster, Victoria R., 7408 Elm Drive, $113,000.

Kelly, Yolanda Y. to Badura, Paula J., 7417 Braun St., $175,000.

Darling, Kendy M. to Fitch, Shawn and Dell, Jenna, 7709 Willow St., $62,000.

Darling, Kendy M. to Fitch, Shawn and Dell, Jenna, 7709 Willow St., $62,000.

Luzovich, Charles to Flott, Doris A., 7745 Cottonwood Ave., $132,000.

Ahmad, Ali C. and Juana to Niroomand-Rad, Ali and Elizabeth, 7920 S. 74th Avenue Circle, $186,000.

Murphy, John B. to Sledge, Robert M. and Colleen L., 9202 Hillcrest Drive, $172,000.


Pine Crest Homes to Bittner, Gary R. and Barbara L., 13612 S. 46th St., $340,000.

Mendoza, Cruz M. to Molina, Diego and Martinez, Martin, 2205 Aberdeen Drive, $109,000.

Veenis, Kline J. and Stephen T. to Riggs, Laura and Richard J., 2509 Pinehurst Circle, $300,000.

Wheeler, Rick W. to Lingebach, Steven P. Jr. and Laurie A., 4904 Holloway Ave., $310,000.


Sillman, Kenneth and Erin to Beeler, Tony and Charla, 10020 S. 179th St., $192,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Oss, Eric and Rachel, 10910 S. 172nd St., $295,000.

Hopkins, Robert W. and Koller, Beth C. to Edwards, Zane W. and Carole B., 15714 Willow St., $133,000.

Safford, Michael and Lyndsey to Misner, Michael J., 15811 Willow St., $161,000.

Diley, Jessica L. to Majid, Momina, 17749 Edna St., $137,000.

Dixon, Brad T. Jr. and Ashley to Henson, Jay and Katelyn, 18035 Margo St., $168,000.

Pettinger, Benjamin and Kendell-Pettinger, Elizabeth to Hall, Bryson and Emmalee, 7118 S. 176th St., $151,000.

Villone, Tamara C. and Jason to Carnes, Katrina, 7503 S. 178th Avenue Circle, $139,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Kumm, Chelsea L., 7507 S. 189th St., $223,000.

Tesnohlidek, Nancy M. to Tesnohlidek, Grant and Jennifer, 7947 S. 171st St., $269,000.

Dice, David A. and Tracy L. to Moore, Kyle and Shannon, 8002 S. 158th St., $138,000.

Rosso, Nicholas and Rosso-Buttry, Emily and Buttry, Ernest H. and Lori A. to Fonce, Maria, 8207 S. 161st Terrace, $143,000.

Richland Homes to Kassera, Benjamin M. and Lisa M., 8879 S. 171st St., $265,000.


Kemper, Bobby to Brown, David M., 13920 Virginia St., $135,000.

Bank of New York to Grashorn, Randy and Jolynn, 14518 Willow Creek Drive, $88,000.

Vavrick, Barbara L. to Kiger, Michaela E., 14817 Josephine St., $125,000.

Phillips, Phillip D. and Fleckenstein-Phillips, Elizabeth A. Trust to Palensky, Jeremy M. and Leslie, 7105 S. 151st St., $228,000.

Menichetti, Cody M. to Oswald, Donald Jr., 8201 S. 154th St., $138,000.


Carey, Matthew D. to Shafer, Joshua, 1605 Alberta Ave., $25,000.

Capital Investors LLC to Home Co., 2302 Spring Creek Drive, $33,000.

Rezac C Rental Properties #2 LLC to Gomez, Arnulfo S. and Amaral-Duenas, Maricela, 3317 Spruce St., $97,000.

Thomas, Karen L. and Catherine L. to Aspect Homes, 3906 Vista Circle, $10,000.

Tripar Investments to Cates, Deborah, 3916 Gertrude Terrace, $120,000.

Haller, Jeffrey and Sarah to Svendsen, Kristina A., 4160 Valley View Ave., $113,000.

Badura, Paula J. to Armstrong, Seth C. and Bazemore-Armstrong, Caitlin R., 7218 S. 41st St., $106,000.


Lieb, George F. Trust to Bueno, Christina, 5202 Emiline St., $108,000.

Bowen, Timothy J. and Lisa M. to Borchers, William R., 7109 S. 49th Avenue Circle, $185,000.



H & S Partnership to Schulte, Charles and Olivieri-Schulte, Georgina E., 3206 Ave. K, $115,000.

Carter, Cindy L. and Thomas M. to MacLean, Misty D., 2822 Sixth Ave., $76,000.

Regan, Eunice I. to Jiant Properties, 3219 Ninth Ave., $49,500.

Hinsley, Tamra J. to Taylor, Michael A., 2623 16th St., $147,500.

Dahl, Debra and Joseph to Christensen, Brian L. and Kathryn F., 2444 Ave. G, $51,000.

Fiscus, Matthew L. to Hopwood, Brandon and Macke, Roberta, 1318 22nd St., $76,500.

Rayburn, Carole L. and Duane F. to Odd Properties, 2638 Ave. C, $52,500.

Jeffries, Mace D. and Twyla A. to Yates, Uriah, 402 S. 21st St., $10,000.

Baxley, Donna G. to Horner, Barry L. and Joyce A., 2312 Ave. B, $128,000.

Morton, Andrew R. to Key Development LLC, 2519 Pavich Drive, $146,000.

Gaynor Suntken, Melody A. to Brown, Kimberly K. and Crouse, Joycelyn K., 1407 Ave. D, $45,000.

United Housing Inc. to Marquez, Jonathan S., 2514 Ave. B, $79,500.

Conner, Angela and Coleby to Roman, Eleucadia D. and Pastor, 3518 12th Ave., $115,000.

Nelsen, Delores G. and Robert G. Trust to McConnell, Craig A. and Tina M., 4107 Savage St., $226,500.

Nelsen, Delores G. and Robert G. Trust to McConnell, Craig A. and Tina M., 4108 Savage St., $226,500.

Nelsen, Delores G. and Robert G. Trust to McConnell, Craig A. and Tina M., 2731 Sixth Ave., $226,500.

Kemp, Daniel F. and Nancy J. to Larson, Randall S., 2809 Macineery Drive, $96,500.

Rose, Fred T. to Belt, Susan, 3612 Ronald Road, $14,000.

Old Lincoln Investments to Watkins, James E. and Joanne M., 3326 Ave. A, $73,000.


HBI LLC to Boro, Tracy and Brayman, Larry, 703 Harrison St., $130,000.

Hildreth, Lora K. and Robert D. to Western Iowa Investments, 1105 Jim Brown Parkway, $149,000.

Jarrett, Dennis H. and Lisa M. to Morton, Andrew, 234 Fleming Ave., $184,000.

Kincaid, Bernard R. and Sherry E. to Binkley, Neal, 219 Bluff St., $50,000.

Ford, Alex J. and Amy to Ramer, Travis, 621 Spencer Ave., $142,500.

Ramer, Nicole and Travis C. to Akers, Sue A. and Tommy, 18392 School Hill Ave., $138,000.

Shafer, Linda L. and Marlyn K. to Francis, Angela and Tim, 21774 Green Valley Ave., $162,000.

Wells, Ashley B. and Scott A. to Bechtold, Gary L. and Virginia K., 125 Marian Ave., $68,000.

K & M Investments to Scott, Chris M., 473 Houston Ave., $91,000.

Crowdy, Bryan and Tris to Proverbs 22:1 LLC, 1306 Marshall Ave., $80,000.

No Equity Homes to McGill, Katherine and Rian, 13 Becky Lane, $146,000.

Aherns, Denise A. to Graybill, Caryl L. and Cheryl, 22550 Beverly Hills Lane, $189,500.

Wood, Marcel G. and William H. Trust to Schlickbernd, Jeri C. and Michael J., 21436 Lake Hill Lane, $850,000.

Meister-Guevara, Denise R. to Wolfe, John C. and Kelsey A., 124 Bonham Circle, $235,000.

Ronk, Rita M. Trust to Elbert, Louis J. Jr. and Meade, Rebecca L., 183 Keeline Ave., $140,000.

Thoman, Cory G. and Nichole to Johnston, Gregory S. and Stephanie M., 138 Hunter Ave., $75,000.


Koontz, Winifred W. to Jerrett-Oder, Kimberly S. and Oder, Raymond L., 23273 Old Lincoln Highway, Crescent, $215,000.


Vonnahme, Keith and Samantha to Nolte, Brian and Heather M., 32977 170th St., Missouri Valley, $240,000.


Harshbarger, Jillian and Johnathan to McHenry, Amber and Eric, 504 Eagle Lane, Underwood, $180,000.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email