Westergard, Ronald F. and Patricia A. to Christensen, Douglas D. and Kellie J., 11738 N. 173rd Circle, $650,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Owen, Brandon J. and Dottie L., 7704 N. 159th St., $294,462.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Highman, Natalie and Butts, Stacy, 8824 N. 161st Ave., $288,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Coulter, Jeffery and Donnita, 8927 N. 161st Ave., $249,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tingelhoff, Scott R. and Lisa M., 8923 N. 161th Ave., $235,600.

Niles, Christopher J. and Abbie M. to Melcher, Justin and Allison, 12105 N. 159th St., $220,000.

Paradis, Mia Y. to Turner, Richard W. and Jessica T., 7905 N. 153rd St., $210,000.

Camgrave LLC to Miller, Jack A. and Theresa R., 16023 Willit Court, $189,900.

Almquist, Jewel L. to Zuroski, Matthew J. and Williams, Karissa J., 8920 N. 155th St., $174,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Striegel, Alex E., 14604 Sunrise St., $170,400.

Kontz, Steven J. and Kelly S. to Hoch Holdings LLC, 8218 N. 154th Ave., $165,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Marque Custom Builders LLC, 8926 N. 170th St., $140,100.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 9024 N. 172nd St., $43,600.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 9606 N. 151st St., $43,000.

State Street Investment LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 16209 Reynolds St., $42,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 14962 Wild Indigo St., $42,000.

State Street Investment LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 16125 Grebe St., $40,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 8539 N. 169th St., $40,500.


Frazell Contracting and Design Inc. to Morris, Todd and Khoury, Kory, 2304 S. 220th Ave., $500,489.

Aspinall, Jeffrey and Laurie to Flanagan, Jamie and Bradley J., 1125 Skyline Drive, $450,000.

Richter, Brent A. and Lisa K. to Jones, James E. and Jill A., 18358 Honeysuckle Drive, $440,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Kenkel, Megan and Colburn, Lane W., 1425 N. 182nd St., $426,500.

Staples, Corey A. and Amy J. to Wolf, Mark, 19802 Rees St., $415,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Huckaby, Curtis B. Jr. and Jennifer L., 1801 N. 196th St., $409,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Mausbach, Scott L. and Rebecca A., 4306 N. 191st St., $371,400.

Jackson, Brad A. and Jessica to Teri, Songuo J. and Kara A., 18823 Sahler St., $350,000.

Murphy, Dallas C. and Michelle L. to Baker, Bernard J. and Elizabeth A., 4305 N. 193rd Circle, $345,000.

Mark David Custom Built Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Lumpkin, Erik and Sherisa, 19407 Manderson Circle, $337,347.

Morgan, Todd R. and Kimberly L. to Kottmann, Daniel and Katrina, 19024 Boyd St., $329,900.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Mosby, Robert L. and Jaimie S., 20106 Stryker St., $327,221.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Banfield, Roy S. Jr. and Jennifer F., 4214 N. 191st St., $321,104.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Richter, Brent A. and Lisa K., 20463 Taylor St., $315,000.

Hawkins, Susan R. and Gary L. to Troia, Suzie, 960 S. 183rd St., $305,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Rope, Scott and Krystle, 20457 Grand Ave., $287,500.

Freeland, Travis and Katie to Diego, Sarah N. and Susan C., 18722 Mayberry St., $280,000.

Janata, Keith P. and Kerri A. to Bertoch, Kourtney A. and Danny L., 2711 N. 191st St., $255,000.

Castilow, David W. and Nancy D. to Cook, Patricia and Mary A., 21735 Edgevale Place, $219,500.

Lambing, Lea and Andrew W. to Logue, Jared, 4025 N. 212th St., $158,000.

Damratowski, Shawn P. to Bogatz, John A. and Amanda M., 20566 Binney St., $150,000.

ER-North Development LLC to Feregrino, John Jr., trustee for Fedde, John Jr. and Lindsey M. Trust, 1407 Elk Ridge Drive, $120,000.

Lueck Mack Enterprises LLC to Kidder, Steven M. and Kimberly A., 743 Elk Ridge Drive, $90,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to John Caniglia Homes and JKC Construction Inc., 2318 S. 219th St., $76,500.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Caniglia, John and Cindy, 1723 Blue Sage Parkway, $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Royal Development Inc., 20709 Shirley St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 1622 S. 208th St., $60,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 18911 Ruggles St., $49,900.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Covington Homes Inc., 2726 N. 191st Ave., $41,000.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Covington Homes Inc., 2724 N. 191st Ave., $41,000.


Breedlove, Thomas E. and Robin L. to Robinson, M.C. and Carolyn J., 59 Ginger Woods Road, $401,828.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Johnson, Perry J. and Jodi L., 6012 N. 292nd Circle, $250,000.

Gregurich, Bryce J. and Richelle L. to Hendrock, Matthew and Alexandra, 1006 S. East St., $155,000.

Wild, Richard, personal representative of Wild, Marguerite D. Estate to Labure, Julia K., 212 W. Waring St., $95,000.

Mallard Landing Builders LLC to Williams, Andrew and Leslie, 26952 Ruggles St., $65,000.


Rounds, Brian R. and Luisa A. to Stout, Christopher E. and Randy E., 5022 Decatur St., $210,000.

JLR Properties LLC to Rathje, Grant T., 5511 Blondo St., $207,000.

Johnson, Susan E. to Zawadski, Patrick D., 2404 N. 52nd St., $170,500.

Boland, Caroline M. and Timothy J. to Bruggeman, John E. II and Blakely A., 5414 Seward St., $162,000.

Cooper, Gloria J. to Reh, Nga, 5820 N. 56th St., $145,000.

Vogel, Joseph A. and Pokorny, Anne E. to Berg, Ann, 6532 Decatur St., $114,000.

Thacker Properties LLC to Wheeler, Vernon, 6036 Pratt St., $105,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 5711 Ogden St., $102,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co., trustee, to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 6336 N. 68th St., $63,250.


Hellstrom, Christopher and Rachel to Omar, Martha and Erik R., 3320 Dewey Ave., $131,000.

Menard, Patricia A. to Gilchrist, Nancy, 3079 S. 32nd St., $125,000.

Mumm, Joshua and Kerry to Boetger, Nakiea, 2322 S. 35th Ave., $124,900.

Gerdes, Brain T. to Kretz, Abbie K., 3841 Castelar St., $115,000.

Johnson, Merry K., trustee for Nimrod, Dorothy Trust to New Diggs By Riggs LLC, 3947 Arbor St., $95,000.

Heckman, Cherie L. and Daniel L. to Loza, Angel R. and Heidi D., 3607 Oak St., $91,000.

Bencker, Shannon M. to Arreguin, Valentin S., 2912 Arbor St., $75,000.


Biering, Kristine R. and Steven E. to Withers, Brian and Brown-Withers, Tonya, 5922 Leavenworth St., $158,500.

Rank, Courtney L. and Melissa R. to Schlieker, Katie L., 2131 S. 62nd St., $149,900.

Jordan, Joshua and Andrea to Tut, Buey, 4527 Mason St., $139,000.

Quirk, Arthur D. and Lora R. to Blimling, Brett E., 2509 S. 46th Ave., $124,000.

Cahill, Bridget K. and LaVonne M. to Kohles, Terrance D., 2105 S. 49th St., $115,000.


Kment, Walter F. and Charles A. to Phalen, Cheryl C. and Lopez, Tony III, 4470 H St., $145,000.

Deane, Dennis M. and Terry J. to Thapa, Naresh S. and Megan M., 4109 N St., $70,000.

Trawicki, Darlene to Melendez, Ariana, 2023 Madison Circle, $35,000.

Beery, Maribel S. to Lux Mundi LLC, 4752 S. 16th St., $22,000.


Johnson, Constance A. and Russell L. to Vargas-Martinez, Zenon and Hernandez-Gerardo, Joaquina, 2915 S. 24th St., $42,000.

Bank of New York to Bell Horizon LLC, 1920 S. 15th St., $41,300.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Kirk, KeLynda S., 4118 N. 22nd St., $125,000.

Ramirez, Lizbeth to Yumbla, Kaicer L., 2028 N. 20th St., $125,000.


Ralph and Marlene Matney LLC to Ngo, Bich N., 1516 N. 41st Ave., $33,000.

S and H Solutions to Olsen, Sandra L., 3544 N. 37th St., $21,500.


Cox, Marie A. to Henriksen, Jeremiah and Gamache, Kristen R., 4016 Mary St., $105,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to H and S Partnership LLP, 2816 State St., $102,000.

Sheldon, William E. to Sanders, Nakkita, 6755 N. 34th St., $65,000.


Kirsch, Daniel J. and Woida, David to Ehlebracht, Gary, 615 Loveland Drive, $450,000.

Butler, Susan to Epstein, Paul A. Trust, 10073 Fieldcrest Drive, $394,000.

Lutz, David K. and Jeanne C. to Luther, Sydnie and Chase, 512 Ridgewood Ave., $390,000.

Hartsell, David A., trustee for Hartsell, Herschel D. and Mildred M. Trust to Lindner, Michael, 454 S. 84th St., $147,000.

Ragan, Timera A. and Daryl W. to Rijal, Lukendra and Bishnu K., 8535 Cuming St., $145,000.

Marathon Investments One LLC to Newton, Larry R. and Andrea D., 104 N. 87th St., $145,000.

Gray, Ryan, personal representative of VanSkiver, Clark J. Estate to BR Homes LLC, 8321 Parker Court, $88,088.


Lunning, Matthew and Jana to Niemann, Larry R. and Duffy, Kristine, 2525 N. 160th St., $414,000.

Turco, Kevin and Renee to Callaghan, John, 15720 Grant Circle, $319,000.

Beadel, Thomas and Adriana B. to Randell, Jon and Erin, 17220 Larimore Ave., $285,000.

Roemhildt, Arthur J. and Denise E. to Schulz, Gary H. and Janice L., 2123 N. 144th Ave., $270,000.

Bird, Matthew to Waldo, Chris and Theresa M., 4223 N. 162nd Ave., $222,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kathol, Brandon J., 16411 Saratoga St., $183,100.

Wang, Bangchen and Shi, Xiaoyi to Nordahl, Eben and Kendra, 16527 Meredith Ave., $179,000.

Rope, Scott and Krystle to Ellis, Natalie K. and Matthew C., 5001 N. 169th St., $166,000.

Curtis, John M. and Cheryl M. to Nelson, Jeffrey W. and Blair N., 14615 Nebraska Circle, $155,500.

Petersen, Kurt A. and Tracy L. to Petersen, Alexa, 17613 George Miller Parkway, $155,000.

Laughlin, David M. and Maricel to Criffield, Eli and Miun, 4011 N. 172nd Ave., $153,000.

Thompson, Bryan L. and Beradze, Maka to Holmberg, Laura, 5110 N. 155th Ave., $142,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 5613 N. 155th St., $42,900.


JB Tex Inc. to OZ Real Estate LLC, 5321 Orchard Ave., $55,000.


Willsmer, Andrew J. and Kelsey L. to Quade, John R. and Deborah A., 7370 N. 88th St., $161,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Konig, Jeffrey P. and Kimberly L., 9142 Black St., $154,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mongar, Renuka and Ghana S., 9149 Black St., $154,300.

Light, John A. to Padilla, Herendira N., 8015 Weber Plaza, $122,000.


Martis, Jackson B. and Tricia C. to Burnham, David M. and Thompsen, Andrea A., 3504 S. 96th St., $330,000.

Rasmussen, Cristy G. and John to Foral, Andrea M., 2305 S. 91st St., $217,500.

Hauptman, Wesley E. and Sandra L. to Whalen, James J. and Kellie K., 10307 Hansen Ave., $200,000.

Brusnahan, Phyllis to Boland, Timothy and Caroline, 3617 S. 106th St., $189,000.

Whalen, James J. and Kellie K. to JKP Properties LLC, 1605 S. 93rd Ave., $180,000.

Hogan, Kristen E. and Justin R. to Spisak, Thomas J. and Hunt-Spisak, Molly M., 3737 S. 91st St., $170,000.

Herman, Richard D. and Vicki S. to Barr, Ray D. Trust, 3416 S. 89th St., $125,000.

K and T Properties LLC to Johnson, Rusty, 8923 Valley St., $107,500.


Knobbe, John D. and Lisa M. to Peterson, Bryan W. and Christine A., 10327 Polk St., $305,000.

LaMaster, Chesley C. and Dudley, Karin L. to Kiscoan, Lelana M., 5026 S. 79th Ave., $160,000.

Chappell, Teresa L. and Daniel J. to Petersen, Brandon M., 10721 V St., $143,000.

Comer, Jason and Shannon to Burbridge, Benjamin A., 4928 S. 91st St., $137,000.

Grassau, James H. and Victoria A. to Lundy, Linda L., 29 Country Club Road, $129,000.


Morris, Mary E. and Lloyd T. III to West, Jeffrey R. and Lacey K., 1503 S. 195th Circle, $400,000.

Pro Line Custom Homes Inc. to Hobbs, Janee, 2013 S. 192nd Ave., $290,000.

Hamilton, Corey and Tabeier to Pineda, Christopher, 16634 Cedar Circle, $267,000.

Gustafson, Melissa to Hughes, David M. and Guangying, 16306 Oak Circle, $228,500.

Bohannon, Donald R. to Phelps, Robert J. and Joanne C., 16611 Cedar Circle, $185,000.

Teri, Aaron and Kara to Bedore, Debra D., 16524 Pine St., $161,000.


Gokie, Daniel and Mussman, Trenton to Dolphin, Kimberly J. and Michaela M., 1017 N. 33rd St., $99,500.


Keebler, Veda M. to Baumert, Susan P., 4720 Cass St., $165,000.

HBI LLC to Stella Realty LLC, 109 S. 70th St., $165,000.


Okereke, Anthonia to Halstead, Rochelle E., 6206 N. 105th St., $210,000.

Pilcher, Christopher J. and Christine M. to Partusch, Matthew J. and Ami R., 10412 Grand Ave., $162,000.

Bohac, Amanda R. to Blim, Lindsey S. and Petersen, Craig M., 9710 Erskine St., $148,000.

Demain, Mary C. to Meier, John J., 9604 Ruggles St., $140,000.

Esser, Jarrod J. and Jodi E. to Yabut, Mabel F., 6422 N. 78th Ave., $132,500.

Alberhasky, Terri L. and Craig to Becker, Joseph R., 8604 Pratt St., $126,000.

Martin, Gayle A., trustee for Sheldon, Mariann A. Trust to Murray, Robert, 3104 N. 95th St., $90,000.

Otte, Jason E, personal representative of Fee, Lucille Estate to Come Higher Solutions LLC, 7520 Erskine St., $75,000.


Clarke, Todd P. and Heather to SJB Worldwide LLC, 4412 S. 162nd Ave., $540,000.

Kaplan, Tamatha J. Trust to Kubik, Mark and Debra, 17357 Monroe Circle, $430,000.

Hurlbert, Matthew and Mary to Fink, Jeremy and Beth, 17623 Englewood St., $380,000.

Fowler, Daniel J. and Jane A. to Torok, Michael A. and Wolcott, Karen C., 4742 S. 177th St., $350,000.

Grossman, Cecelia A. and David L. to Hines, Eric D. and Jane F., 19615 H Circle, $350,000.

Chamberlain, John D. and Connie K. to King, Janet K. and Bernard R., 5913 S. 166th St., $301,400.

O’Meara, Robert J. and Laura L. to Braithwaite, Adam T., 4210 S. 174th St., $300,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Katpally, Rajashekar R. and Citore, Sangeetha, 18325 Polk St., $260,425.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Katikala, Sreekanth and Kankanala, Neeraja, 19887 K St., $252,550.

Brown, Jeffrey H., trustee for Koch Family Trust to Kosch, Casandra L., 4831 S. 162nd Ave., $215,000.

Cooper, Larry D. and Isabell K. to Olsbo, Ross E. and Amy S., 18805 Orchard Ave., $206,000.

Schlick, James G. and Barbara A. to Brummels, Chad, 17209 Orchard Ave., $200,000.

White, Paul D. and Revonna A. to McDermott, Mark B., 16251 Z St., $190,000.

Richardson, Ritchie and Teri to Douchey, Samuel M. and Kaelee N., 5039 S. 163rd Ave., $187,000.

Ashby, David E. III and Samantha R. to Arkwright, Christopher R., 5323 S. 195th St., $175,000.

Plisek, Brendan J. and Stephanie A. to Weihman, Josiah C. and Anthea N., 19604 Laci St., $170,000.

Vairo, Christopher M. to Blondie Investments LLC, 4226 S. 178th St., $120,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 4629 S. 193rd St., $38,500.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 4628 S. 193rd St., $35,350.


Burklund, Fredrich A. and Elsie L. Trust to Brown, Jenise, 5627 Oak Hills Drive, $321,200.

R and R Leasing LLC to Davis, Rick, 4816 S. 155th Plaza, $305,000.

Tritsch, Phillip and Betty to Engquist, John J. and Nancy J., 13115 Jefferson Circle, $270,000.

Borcher, Kevin C. to Stanley, James M. and Pomajzl, Ryan J., 15204 Summerwood Drive, $209,500.

Barnes, Steven L. and Amy N. to Fiorini, Franco and Alexis, 4428 S. 151st St., $179,900.

Nichols, James P. and Teresa A. to Lazic, Nemanja and LeCompte, Rebecca A., 14844 N St., $171,000.

Randell, Jon and Erin to Burden, Jeffery A. and Kari A., 15423 Blackwell Drive, $170,000.

Martens, Sarah and Aaron J. to Soto, Antonio V. and Rosa R., 5609 S. 110th Circle, $167,000.

Andersen, Arthur E., personal representative, to Erspamer, Joseph and Jacquelyn, 5063 S. 150th Plaza, $150,000.

Ro-Dan LLC to Owen, Scott M., 11111 U St., $150,000.

Lowell, Wendi J. to Cannia, Jacob T., 15316 Monroe Circle, $137,000.

Cermak, Loy M. to AMA Properties LLC, 5728 S. 113th St., $96,000.

Norton, Michael, trustee for Norton, Robert E. Trust to Borgeson, Barbara J., 11324 Y St., $90,000.

Moran-Rojas, Wilfredo to Moran-Rojas, Wilfredo and Delarocha, Lesley R., 5818 S. 114th St., $52,000.


Dutter, Gwen I. to Winkelbauer, Kathleen A. and Russell G., 12510 Deer Creek Drive, $482,450.


Green, Antonette to Jambor, Kenneth and Mary L. Trust, 1227 S. 112th Plaza, $400,500.

Homebuilders LLC to Look, Marilyn J., 3155 S. 133rd St., $289,000.

Connelly, Jude T. and Susan C. to Koenig, Sarah E. and Matthew J., 13641 Walnut St., $236,500.

McWilliams, Amy L. Trust to Plummer, Ian T., 11021 Spring St., $164,500.

Wagner, Marilyn K. and Vlcek, James A. to Simon, David and Bacome, Adam, 11831 Shirley St., $164,000.

Jambor, Kenneth G. and Mary L. to Swartz, Andrew M. and Amanda K., 1524 Mayfair Drive, $163,000.

Sloter, Donald W. to Liu, Yinpeng, 13519 Atwood Ave., $158,000.

Christensen, Kim C., trustee for Christensen, Amos Family Trust to Foster, Jordon D. and Kara B., 11321 Castelar Circle, $141,800.

Stevens, Walter N. to HSP Investment Properties LLC, 3270 S. 128th Circle, $105,000.

Pinnacle Bank Trust Services and Declaration Trust of Joyce M. Benitez to Herold, Andrew M. and Carissa K., 12657 C St., $100,000.

Sainato, John R. to R and B Properties LLC, 3415 Augusta Ave., $90,550.


Winkelbauer, Russell G. and Kathleen F. to Disney, Bridget, 827 S. 131st St., $273,450.

Bird, Kenneth M. and Karen E. to Knake, Keaton and Kelsey, 836 S. 121st St., $242,500.

Schulz, Gary H. and Janice L. to Jones, Candis, 1423 N. 154th St., $203,000.

Koepp, Jerry L. and Ruth E. to Winkler, Anthony T. and Lindsay K., 15116 Bemis St., $197,500.

Toller, Paige W. and Stephen P. to Walding, Aaron D. and Maureen K., 1224 N. 147th Plaza, $183,000.

Holling, Mark C. and Nancy A. to Tan, Shilue and Lam, Chun, 14842 Charles Plaza, $176,000.

Wamsat, Zachary P. and Amanda J. to Dunn, James and Roxanne, 11080 Oakbrook Drive, $160,000.

Kivett, Michael F., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 15237 Lincoln Circle, $127,500.

Foster, Linda K. to Land, Glenda J., 12124 Burt St., $116,000.

Sueper, Alberta J. to Erdei, Steve and Debra, 11945 Miracle Hills Drive, $106,000.

Mikesell, Heather A. to Ahrens, Amanda N., 10804 Seward St., $90,000.

Meyer, Todd A. and Tonya to Stolinski, Michelle L. and Meyer, Cameron B., 10819 Franklin St., $80,000.


Gordon, Michael J. and Lori J. to Birnstihl, Jason D. and Courtney C., 13911 Larimore Ave., $315,000.

Gorman, Michael N. and Frances M. to Keplar, Kevin R. and Sommer A., 4304 N. 142nd Ave., $294,000.

Stolen, Jeanette A. and Justin D. to Neuberger, Paul J. and Stevens, Linda S., 2607 N. 123rd Circle, $176,028.

Kosmicki, Mary A. to Dunn, Steven E. and Carolyn A., 5725 N. 116th Circle, $163,000.

Withers, Brian and Brown-Withers, Tonya to Volentine, Josiah T., 11277 Martin Ave., $158,000.

Reese, Milana L. to Kafka, Rebecca and Clifford, Nicholas, 5516 N. 113th St., $152,000.

Kontz, Steven J. and Kelly S. to Hoch Holdings LLC, 5554 N. 130th St., $150,000.

Walker, Avery M. to Conveyance and Rehab Properties LLC, 11209 Ellison Ave., $148,000.

Hoogner, Brad L. and Mary J. to Rice, Hailey L. and Nickolas P., 4811 N. 114th St., $140,000.



Janssen, Douglas M., guardian of Janssen, Leroy and Ann J. Estate to Bellevue Properties LLC, 1001 Lemay Drive, $64,000.

Lundeen, Nona D. to Tucker, Lisbeth R., 107 Kirby Ave., $123,000.

Templeton, Judy to Wilken, Rainbow R., 1401 Bellevue Blvd. North, $95,000.

Heinlein, Barbara J. and Bruce B. to Scott, Carlos and Kyrie, 1708 Sherry Drive, $177,000.

LeFebvre, Christopher J. and Susan K. to Liberator, Derik M. and Kristeen M., 2201 Victoria Ave., $145,000.

Moncus, Shirley O. to Cunningham, Jamie M., 2608 Washington St., $140,000.


Tronson, Shannon and Kary to Barnes, Steve and Amy, 10601 S. 214th St., $316,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Kastler, Dru and Stephanie, 10622 S. 188th Ave., $60,000.

Alm, Jennifer L. to Rivett, Scott A., 11339 Northridge Drive, $183,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dziurawiec, Gregory and Tiffany, 17214 Jackson Ave., $265,000.

Skarda Construction Co. Inc. to Schantell, Robert and Ashley, 19919 Oak St., $442,000.


Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Pribil, Thomas L. and Margaret A., 10458 S. 125th Ave., $463,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Patla, Jason and Mariah, 10804 Cimarron St., $264,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Sturycz, Scott R. and Boyoung, 10924 S. 109th St., $308,000.

Perry, Richard A. and Suzette to Hurd, Roy W. and Tiffany M., 1102 Hickory Hill Road, $165,000.

Kinzer, Charles L. Jr. and Deborah A. to Haberman, Stephen C. and Amy M., 1102 Wicklow Road, $535,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Goodnight, Kirk A. and Stacey D. Trust, 11066 Edward St., $424,000.

Luchsinger, Jonathan and Kiley to Dvorak, Michael, 1115 Shawnee Road, $172,000.

Sajko, Brian and Amy to Burson, Kathleen and James, 12035 S. 79th Ave., $415,000.

Renfro, Robert S. and Shelby A. to Olson, Christopher and Sara, 1214 Buckboard Blvd., $160,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Scully, Daniel J. and Kimberly M., 12304 Windward Ave., $360,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Dietz, Andrew and Rebecca, 12310 Pintail Drive, $317,000.

Talmon, Geoffrey and Lacey, Mindy to O’Brien, William H. IV and Mary K., 12367 S. 81st St., $385,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Lawson, Margaret M., 12574 S. 83rd St., $47,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 12712 S. 83rd St., $44,000.

Christel, Daniel P. and Gwen M. to Borukhovich, Kelly and Bancsa, Elizabeth S., 1810 White Pine Drive, $275,000.

Suponchick, Robert D. and Trisha L. to McGill, Lorrie L. and Oleson, Larry L., 7657 Saddle Drive, $744,000.

Bain, Wesley H. Jr. and Newman, Breannah to Dunham, Brandon and Traci, 801 Edgewater Drive, $167,000.

Dart, Eula M. to Sky Properties LLC, 803 Donegal Drive, $100,000.

Frans, Christopher M. to Baggott, Luke D. and Aleyna R., 811 Clearwater Drive, $175,000.

Talmon, Steven and Barbara to Ballard, Cortney M. and Theresa N., 8138 Legacy St., $408,000.

Carlson, Vern R. and Karin A. to Gunther, Dan, 821 Crest Drive, $166,000.

Campbell, Jason L. and Linda S. to Scheinost, Kevin, 906 Graham Drive, $265,000.

Sieg, Michael S. and Lauren L. to Hobza, Brian and Emily, 912 Hogan Drive, $205,000.

Chau, Shawn and Sydney to DiGiacomo, Ted P., 921 Crest Drive, $188,000.


Rowe, Michael D. and Linda M. to Hedges, Jeremy and Kelly, 10503 S. 25th Ave., $140,000.

Brown, Jason L. and Marina D. to Ollis, Doyle B. Jr. and Angela M., 13705 S. 43rd St., $310,000.

Knoell, Justin S. and April to Pfannenstiel, Brent, 14417 S. 29th St., $170,000.

Hrbek, Loretta A. to Casey, Curtis C. and Melissa A. and Weiss, Arthur C., 1502 Applewood Drive, $28,000.

Howard, Brian S. and Amy J. to Arriaga, Miguel M., 9704 S. 28th Ave., $258,000.


Ronk, Jerry G. to Larsen, Courtney, 7012 Edna St., $106,000.


Evans, John R. and Elizabeth H. to Levindofske, Larry J. and Bobbie J., 11902 S. 53rd St., $305,000.

Christopherson, Melissa R. and Benjamin G. to Stahl, Kelly D. and Julie M., 12114 S. 51st St., $280,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thompson, Wyatt T. and Safeya T., 13802 S. 42nd Ave., $177,000.

Wemhoff, Gerard P. and Douglas G., trustees for Wemhoff Living Trust and Wemhoff, Douglas G., trustee for Wemhoff Family Trust to Roth, Dustin R. and Jessica L., 15010 S. 63rd St., $515,000.

Bakshas, Brian K. and June M. Trust to Vogelsberg, Jennifer M. and Timothy P., 1906 Blue Sage Drive, $208,000.

Keith, Brad and Mei to Jacobsen, Hazel B. and John Trust, 5301 Woodlane Drive, $300,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zabka, Nathan and Rachelle, 6631 Michael Circle, $212,000.

Steve Evers Construction Inc. to Ford, Clyde E. II and Christine M., 6920 Beth Ave., $70,000.


Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Carson, Kent and Marina, 10635 S. 101st Ave., $335,000.

Brucker, Duane E. and Kimberly R. to Block, Tyler and Colleen, 10816 Fairway Drive, $350,000.

Leggett, Shala and Olsen, John M. and Anita to Aminullah, Amini, 14022 Virginia St., $137,000.

Manley, John M. and Mary J. to Beecher, Loyal and Ashley, 15413 Greenleaf St., $274,000.

Mancuso, Joseph S. and Kathleen C. to Swenson, Joshua and Jill, 2803 Leigh Lane, $260,000.

Brooks, Carl E. to Guda, Chittibabu and Purnima, 15839 Willow St., $145,000.

Klug, David J. to Paradis, Mia Y., 16111 Cottonwood Ave., $165,000.

Cheyenne Country Estates LLC to LPH Properties LLC, 16606 Longbow Loop, $84,000.

Robinson, Michael J. and Andrea E. to Nichols, James and Teresa, 16617 Olive St., $300,000.

Kindig, Curtis Z. and Robin L. to Cunningham, Justin and Emily G., 17011 Briar St., $290,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hoffart, Barbara, 17037 Aurora St., $271,000.

Johnson, Dean and Julie to Veasman, Brenda S. and Patrick A., 17208 Emiline St., $325,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Kinney, John and Pilar, 17237 Colony Drive, $268,000.

Nootz, Patricia A. to Grytdahl, John C. and Garza, Onilda, 17642 Emiline St., $150,000.

Ziola, Melissa A. and Christopher E. to Gaene Investments LLC, 17821 Olive St., $144,000.

Block, Tyler and Colleen to Hurlbert, Matthew and Mary, 18912 Olive St., $247,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McIntosh, Wesley A. and Christine R., 7021 S. 185th Circle, $246,000.

Baker, Richard L. and Julie A. to Grossman, David L. and Cecelia A., 7701 S. 162nd Ave., $235,000.

Krobot, Jeffrey J. and Lindsay M. to Leggett, Shala and Olsen, John, 8802 S. 163rd Ave., $230,000.

Tessier, Hal Jr. and Mata-Tessier, Jessica A. to Jaeger, Jared D., 16011 Cary St., $275,000.


Patrick Kaye Enterprises Inc. to Barber, Kelly and Caleb, 13403 Carpenter St., $145,000.

Leblanc, Alyce A. to Nelson, Josiah D. and Eliza A., 14902 Olive St., $118,000.

Miller, Jay and Candace to Smith, Caleb D. and Brianna, 7226 Audrey St., $132,000.

Yost, Jerad J. to Daniels, Ronald L. and Linda J., 8108 S. 152nd St., $155,000.

Peterson, Bryan and Christine to Peterson, Dane, 8901 S. 143rd Circle, $146,000.


Sullivan, Anthony P. and Krutina, Mary K., co-personal representative of Sullivan, Jacob L. Estate to Mrsny, Charles K. and Jennifer, 4117 Bartmann Drive, $74,000.

Sanchez, Laura P. and Mirazizov, Akpar to Rodriguez, Belinda and Sanchez, Brenda, 2515 Childs Road, $130,000.

Timber Holdings LLC to True OM2016-1 LLC, 7005 S. 21st Ave., $83,000.

Seefus, David J. and Kathryn J. to Tiell, Sarah R., 7614 S. 41st St., $83,000.

Matthews, David M. and Shayna to Wilkins, Lisa A., 7618 S. 40th St., $80,000.


Beaty, Debra A. and Shane F. to Toledo, Cynthia L. and Carreno, Ildefonsa, 5205 Red Rock Circle, $150,000.



The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Aqua Lending LLC, 1521 Fourth Ave., $15,000.

Price, Leah A. to Escobar De Escobar, Maria E., 3436 Third Ave., $157,000.

Edwards, Donnie W. to Wilson, Gary and Kimberly, 4505 Navajo St., $50,000.

Old Lincoln Investments LLC to Geisler, Joelen, 1220 N. 19th St., $62,500.

Fuller, Richard to Powers, Sheryl E., 26 Lakeshore Court, $114,000.


Schnepel, Jonathan E. to Price, Leah, 194 Crestmont Drive, $147,000.

Boseck, Carol A. and Ronald E. to Figgins, Jeanette, 437 Woodbury Ave., $168,500.

Nielsen, Goldie E. and James E. to Smith, Heather L. and Joel E., 157 Corinne Ave., $165,000.

Rost, Ann M. and Stephan J. to Dona, Paul A. and Rosemarie G., 15190 Mill Ridge Lane, $412,000.

Cherry Ridge Construction Inc. to Enders, Kenneth L. and Martha, 1427 Callahan Drive, $255,000.

J. Duggan Construction LLC to Kennebeck, Debra S. and Joseph L., 1425 S. Larchmont Drive, $350,000.

The Duggan Joint Living Trust to J. Duggan Construction LLC, 1320 N. Lenox Circle, $45,000.

Heck, Barbara W. Trust to Pyper, Kathleen D. and Walter W. Jr. Trust, 1017 Arbor Circle, $200,000.

Grosse, Roger to Mattox, Karris A. and Mathew N., 218 Harrison St., $143,000.

Duchman, Zella M. to Campbell, Garrett and Duchman, Erin L., 20246 Cardinal Lane, $101,500.

BP Quality Homes LLC to Carley, Carol, 5415 Taggart Circle, $265,000.

Mooberry, Jerry D. and Terri L. to Weilage Investments LLC, 1034 E. Washington Ave., $62,500.

Surpassets LLC to Rodenburg Properties LLC, 106 N. Ninth St., $32,000.


Mikel USA to Warden, Roger, 910 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $40,000.


Doolittle, Margaret M. Trust to Rush, George L. and Phyllis J., 10234 525th St., Elliott, $140,000.


Lindvall, Anne E. and Roger J. to Cunningham, James and Laura, 109 Second St., Neola, $157,000.

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