The following is a list of residential real estate transfers recorded in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Each listing tells the seller, the buyer, the street address and the sale price on transactions of $10,000 or more. The sale price on Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties is computed from the stamp tax affixed to the deed. Transactions that are exempt from stamp tax are not included.



Sublet-Miller, Kim J. and Jeffrey T. to Lentz, Kevin D. and Kathy A., 15109 Gilder Ave., $355,000.

Schlueter, Rob J. to Halpenny, Christopher and Brandy, 15122 Gilder Ave., $342,000.

Sherwood Homes to Wiese, Andrew J. and Nyada L., 16266 Reynolds St., $265,391.

Olson, Charles II and Jennifer to Debban, Blair G. and Kimberly A., 8920 N. 158th St., $255,000.

Charleston Homes to Petersen, Molly A. and Timothy J., 12077 Elmwood Drive, $252,386.

Sherwood Homes to Martinec, Joshua J. and Leslie A., 8216 N. 161st St., $242,833.

Fogelstrom, Jessica J. and Magnum L. to Holzapfel, Julie K. and Michael J., 8212 N. 149th St., $172,000.

Camgrave LLC to Thompson, David L. and Joann M., 8708 N. 160th Court, $169,900.

Stratford Park Development to Oakwood Homes of Nebraska, 8521 N. 172nd Circle, $155,900.

Celebrity Homes to Wallingford, Jacob S. and Ashley A., 8204 N. 147th St., $149,400.

Wright, Nicholas C. and Melissa K. to Gleason, Cameron J. and Amanda M., 15318 Willit St., $132,500.

Croninga, Nathan and Amy to Ideal Construction, 20220 Sheffield Circle, $84,878.

Stratford Park Development to Fools Inc., 8603 Kilpatrick Parkway, $40,400.


Quest Construction to Dutoit, Jeffrey S. and Andrea P., 19004 Lafayette Ave., $699,000.

Ramm Construction to Headley, Scott A. and Amy S., 3004 N. 192nd Ave., $510,732.

Fools Inc. to Appell, Jason A. and Lisa M., 18667 Oregon Circle, $510,000.

Jorgensen, James J. and Angela M. to Gohr, Jason M. and Robyn A., 804 S. 197th St., $495,000.

Zych Construction to Grob, Jonathan L. and Rebekah A., 5725 S. 239th St., $482,756.

Sawtelle, Brian D. and Melanie L. to Sachs, Charles A. and Corrine K., 18522 Indiana St., $435,000.

Woodland Homes to Talbott, Suzanne M. and David W., 20857 V Circle, $425,000.

EON Properties to Potineni, Mrudula and Venugopala R., 652 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $400,000.

Hildy Homes and Construction to Lane, Martin E. and Sarah, 19209 Boyd Circle, $369,900.

Schuett, H.R. and Barbara C. to Trowbridge, Jonathon E. and Riordna, Colleen, 20580 Corral Road, $295,000.

Christiansen, Seth to Hughes, Paul R., 18220 Farnam St., $280,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Jones, Stephanie M. and Brownfield, Michael T., 19109 Lake St., $215,000.

Dewolfe, Angela K. to Proulz, Krista and Chris, 20807 Veterans Drive, $194,000.

Durand, Mary M. to Witbeck, Carrie L., 3463 Piney Creek Drive, $177,000.

Hansen, Harlan R., trustee for Hansen, Delores A. Trust to Marshall, John K., trustee for Scott, David G. Supplemental Needs Trust, 20504 Laramie Road, $170,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Mercer, Teri and Matthew, 19034 Honeysuckle Drive, $103,000.

SNGF Development to Castle Brook Builders, 19034 Honeysuckle Drive, $95,000.

AVG-CFM Coventry Estates to Webb, Curren and Kimberly, 5602 S. 208th St., $53,900.

FRK Development to Advantage Development, 18955 Spaulding Circle, $49,900.

ER-North Development to Showcase Homes, 19611 Parker St., $49,000.

BDKRT LLC to Timberline Homes, 18214 Dewey Ave., $33,500.

BDKRT LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes, 18315 Harney St., $32,500.


RML Investments to Gorman, Frances M. and Michael N., 6717 Fern Lake Circle, $120,000.


Dalmann, David J. and Michelle to Emery, Shawn, 300 S. 16th St., $113,500.


Barnhardt, Gregory T. and Beth K. to Dunston, Randall S. and Gene W. Jr., 1915 N. 50th St., $187,000.

Johnson, Sarah A. to Drews, Derek J. and Osterman, Elizabeth N., 1827 N. 49th St., $165,000.

JLR Properties to Schultz, Teresa C., 2305 N. 70th Ave., $125,000.

Blendowski, Tessie L. to Beboy, Cody A., 2511 N. 63rd St., $120,000.

SAS Properties to Cummings, Benjamin R. and Kathleen M., 2936 N. 55th St., $107,900.

R&B Properties to Chit, Mozet and She, Ka P., 4920 Jaynes St., $107,500.

Snow, Christopher D. and Deidre to Wichert, Jasmyn D. and Jacob A., 4509 Seward St., $102,000.

Schlake, Teresa L. to Meh, Baw and Reh, Oo, 5018 N. 59th St., $93,000.

Huggins, David A. and Christina P. to Lahmeier, Vincent, 6711 Laurel Ave., $92,000.

Sedlacek, George S. to Home Again LLC, 2305 N. 70th St., $86,000.

Williams, Karen K. to Kwee, Poe and Kyi, Ma M., 6412 Ellison Ave., $80,000.

Motzkus, Jolene S. to Spurgeon, Christopher A., 5848 Grant St., $75,000.

Carson, Tanya M. and James F. to Timber Holdings, 6316 Wirt St., $63,000.

Vandelay Investments to Janovich, James, 4803 Saratoga St., $31,000.


Jackson, David A. and Emily R. to Smoth, Megan L., 2846 S. 34th St., $135,000.

Bacome, Adam and Mary to Kraatz, Ann and Kurtis, 4340 Mayberry St., $95,000.

Bender, Loren E. and Sandra K. to Paiz, Mario L., 1723 S. 27th St., $61,100.

Taecker, Matt to Scripp, Gregory G. and Kathy S., 818 S. 37th Ave., $56,000.


Ruzicka, Frederick T. and Rebecca L. to Nesbitt, Emily B., 1412 S. 63rd St., $226,000.

Moore, Paul J. and Susan K. to Ulmern, Susan R., 4808 Hickory St., $162,500.

Warden, Marian J. to Gasaway, Nate, 515 S. 57th St., $140,000.

Siracusano, Gina A. to Stormbert, Jeff, 626 S. 68th St., $116,000.

Maisonet, Maria A. and Faustino J. to Timber Holdings, 5627 Cedar St., $77,500.

Baca, A., trustee for Baca Family Living Trust to Dumije Properties, 5113 Woolworth Ave., $70,000.


Costello, John and Cindy to Gonzalez, Karla, 6007 S. 36th St., $121,000.

Jimenez, Jesus and Racheal to Hercules, Yesenia R. and Valadez, Jorge L., 6232 S. 40th St., $112,500.

Pavlis, Mary A. to Simoens, Jill A., 6009 S. 40th St., $78,500.

Cabral, Joseph L. and Mary C. to Degante, Benita C., 5006 S. 22nd St., $73,000.

Contreras, Marcelina and Juan M. to Munoz, Ana M. and Jesus, 3811 Drexel St., $50,000.

Cohn, Larry and Margaret to Autumnwood Homes, 3507 U St., $45,000.

Montgomery, Everett to JBM Investments, 3509 U St., $25,000.

Harvest Development II to Perez, Elvia A., 4730 S. 18th St., $23,000.


Metzger, Jerald L. and Lynn E. to Fluery, Larry Sr. and Judy, 1516 William St., $51,000.

H&S Partnership to Chaidez, Maricela, 3409 S. 15th St., $32,000.


Deutsche Bank to DBLW LLC, 4129 Ohio St., $102,000.

Ridgewood Properties to Donatello Properties, 4522 N. 36th St., $45,000.

Ridgewood Properties to Donatello Properties, 3416 Sahler St., $35,000.


Diamond, Richard W. and Cheryl K. to Wiesler, Eric A. and Ann M., 9217 Davenport St., $485,000.

Moeschler, William J. Jr. and Mary E. to Arther, Anne and Andrew, 9931 Essex Drive, $430,000.

Helgason, Chanel M. to Eckstein, Russell and Melissa, 7609 Springfield Drive, $156,000.


Dave Paik Builders to Gosch, Christopher N. and Elisa M., 2701 N. 179th St., $402,500.

Home Co. to Doan, Thuy H. and Jennifer L., 6146 N. 165th St., $357,000.

Yost, Holly to Morales, Cinthya and Villanueva, Carlos, 16270 Sprague St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bagley, David R. and Steunbock, Tracey A., 4732 N. 173rd Circle, $245,800.

Ruegge, Brian to Davis, Brett and Colleen, 4010 N. 161st St., $242,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Lindner, Ansel J. and Leigh, 2538 N. 167th St., $239,900.

Fools Inc. to Pierce, Maurice T., 15321 Curtis Ave., $238,450.

Barnes, James E. and Sharon A. to Watkins, Patrick, 16024 Manderson St., $235,000.

Fools Inc. to Koehler, Vincent L., 17524 Browne St., $231,257.

Richland Homes to Shafer, Dwight W. and Natalie L., 17119 Emmet St., $230,608.

Xiong, Mysee T. and Nhia to Davis, Tyler A. and Molly C., 14865 Himebaugh Circle, $223,000.

Celebrity Homes to Knapp, Samantha M. and Rodney A., 5128 N. 173rd Avenue Circle, $221,500.

Richland Homes to Carter, Kristina J. and Kari L., 17154 Spencer St., $220,260.

Schmoelzer, Michelle and Reinhard to Vrtiska, William J. and Dawn M., 14702 Laurel Plaza, $210,000.

Anderson, Brandy L. to Betschart, Shauna, 16407 Grand Ave., $196,000.

Sorensen, Anne K. to Meier, Adrian, 3519 N. 152nd Ave., $187,750.

Panton, Edward E. and Katie E. to Layer, David A. and Bethany L., 14842 Redman Ave., $185,000.

Holst, Robert F. and Linda F. to John, Christopher L., 4610 N. 145th Circle, $175,000.

Filmyer, Edward A. IV and Theresa to Huggins, Christina P. and David A., 6431 N. 149th St., $166,500.

Celebrity Homes to Albright, Larry M., 16419 Browne St., $150,800.

Celebrity Homes to Hansel, Kathleen A., 4908 N. 176th St., $148,650.

Tuttle, Michael L. to Rine, Melissa A. and Dennis, 16934 Redman Ave., $147,000.

Celebrity Homes to Novacek, Mary T., 16409 Browne St., $146,750.

Storm, Christopher E. and Christy to Le, Kevin and Nguyen, Phuong, 14467 Saratoga St., $137,000.

Getz, Nicole M. to Anderson Properties, 3928 N. 173rd Ave., $121,500.

Hiller, Mark D. to RKCK LLC, 14729 Meredith Ave., $119,850.

Kubes, Lacey N. and James to Johnston, Evan R., 4364 N. 147th Plaza, $104,500.

Centennial Bank and Core Bank to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 3222 N. 162nd Avenue Circle, $65,000.

Mushlitz, Curtis III and Stephanie K. to Carlson, Douglas J. and Christine A., 3106 N. 158th Plaza Circle, $60,000.

Manchester Ridge to Castle Brook Builders, 2210 N. 176th Ave., $45,000.

Le Patourel, Gary to Legacy Homes Omaha, 4023 N. 156th Ave., $23,500.


Baker, Angie and Matthew to Dillon, Matthew and Melgoza, Cristina, 5229 S. 49th St., $80,000.


Smith, Donald R. and Amy to Scarsi, Matthew O., trustee for Scarsi, Kimberly K. Trust, 17103 Harney St., $465,000.

Banks, Lynn A. and David W. to Lebens, Jeff A. and Michelle A., 17201 Howard Plaza, $440,000.

Gregory, Jason K. and Megan L. to Pechous, Nicole S. and Donald J., 17527 Jones St., $340,000.

Headley, Scott A. and Amy S. to Scheidt, Jeffrey A., 17206 Franklin Drive, $310,000.

Meschede, Mary R. and Joseph H. Jr. to Richardson, Jeffrey and Peggy Trust, 1506 N. 160th St., $265,000.

Dustin, John and Colleen to Ratliff, Michael D. and Audra R., 427 S. 161st St., $249,000.


Rippenkroeger, Matthew B. and McGann, Hilary to Guzman, Michael W. Jr., 10389 Redick Ave., $192,000.

Krumrei, Shawn C. and Mikeala to Mavis, Steve, 8252 Read St., $120,600.

Schweitzer, Cameron J. and Rachel N. to Luellman, Joseph, 7909 Potter Plaza, $104,000.

Goold, Anthoni L. and Ivy B. to Steinbock, Tracey A. and Joseph M., 7927 Newport Ave., $100,000.


Betts, Carol and Wayne to Breetzke, Sara M. and Michael R., 3105 S. 102nd St., $139,000.

Berner, Lois A. to Bui, Bich H., 7712 Westgate Circle, $133,001.

Chadwell, Riley M. Jr. to Westerholm, Michael, 7722 Hascall St., $115,000.

Reynolds, Lynn A. to Hellman, Jerry J., 3003 Paddock Plaza, $77,500.


Baxter, M. Theresa Trust to Stamler, Lynnette L. and Allan T., 10320 Washington Drive, $250,000.

Karloff, Lola to Kjar, Dain C., 6722 S. 73rd Terrace Circle, $157,000.

Weidner, Carol J., personal representative, to Maiefski, Maurie, 6341 S. 72nd Ave., $157,000.

Hsu, Karl C. and Ann Y. to Calvert, Ron G. Jr. and Bouahome, 9456 Mockingbird Drive, $130,000.

Wight, Timothy L. to Jimenez, Alejandra and Gonzalez, Adrian G., 9406 Mockingbird Drive, $110,000.


Nelson, Norma J. Trust to Soulliere, Beth and Mark, 1313 S. 184th Circle, $762,500.

Mendelsohn, Mark and Susan to Fenske, Jared W. and Tamera M., 18554 Vinton St., $473,000.

Hewett, Mark A. and Marsha D. to Wallquist, Eric K., 18424 Pierce Circle, $452,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Givens, Karen M. and Bradley E., 3622 S. 203rd St., $422,367.

Whit Smith Construction to Sloboth, Daniel J. and Theresa M., 1606 S. 198th Ave., $417,348.

LBM Investments to Tate, Regina M. and Manley M., 3506 S. 201st Circle, $405,000.

Rosso, Larry V. and Penny to Roberts, Julie L. and Rodney E., 18914 Pierce Plaza, $389,000.

Jurgens, Keith A. and Julie C. Trust to Lambertus, Joshua and Linda, 20175 B St., $340,000.

Ugler, Ben K. and Interstate Securities to Cornell, Mary, 16572 Cedar Circle, $280,000.

Bruner, Brad A. to Schweitzer, Katelyn S. and Garrett L., 19016 Grover St., $178,000.

Bader, Troy A. and Jaymi L. to Dimas, Drew D. and Bados, Jose E. Jr., 15930 Marinda Circle, $155,000.

Thompson, Benjamin W. and Tiffanie A. to Perdue, Jeff, 2905 S. 160th Plaza, $135,000.

SNGF Development to Hildy Construction, 20051 Pierce St., $60,000.


Home Dreams Capital to Peebles, Chelsey, 3527 Hamilton St., $40,000.


Lavedan, Pierre J. and Anna L. to Thomas, Geoffrey S. and Jessica E., 5204 Cass St., $375,000.

Prince, Cyndi S. and Weinstein, Howard M. to Shimmin, Don and Dougherty, Kelly, 6488 Cuming St., $335,000.

Stahl, Anne J. and John L. to Antony Real Estate, 6013 Charles St., $62,500.


Rushing, Warren T. to Buck, Susanne M. and Lewis, Timothy D., 9816 Laurel Ave., $161,750.

Kaiser, Jeremy to Gast, Garth F. and Josephine A., 5615 N. 78th Ave., $150,000.

JKP Properties to Montoya, Sarah and Assmann, Patrick, 5630 N. 92nd Ave., $133,000.

Friend, Michael J. and Jacqueline K. to Jones, Chris F. and Ashlee D., 4722 N. 81st St., $120,000.

Ellsworth, Irja S. Trust to Bargstad, John L. and Lori S., 9156 Ogden St., $112,000.

Mellick, Jana J. and Mark A. to Schlegelmilch, Alisa A. and Lonney L., 9650 Sahler St., $106,500.

Timm, Wilma J. to Brewer, Aaron L., 9917 Pratt St., $95,000.

Hejkal, Thomas W. and Rita C. to Codjo, Ayoko E. and Leguede, Kokou M., 9124 Manderson St., $95,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Owens, Gary A., 8702 Pinkney St., $73,000.


Brown, Normand J. III and Carla H. to Al-Salim, Sarah and Bashar, 17817 Englewood Circle, $390,000.

BVD Systems to Oberfoell, William P. and Victoria J., 5905 S. 174th St., $322,500.

Showcase Homes to Venteicher, Chris J., 19725 Orchard Ave., $318,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Wismer, Dennis A. and Connie S., 5701 S. 162nd Ave., $316,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Lemke, Jennifer L. and Blane A., 19731 J St., $313,000.

Rupiper, Michelle L. and Michael to Hall, Phillip H. and Judith Trust, 18415 Cinnamon St., $310,000.

Jessee, Ronald S. Jr. and Julie L. to Headley, Brian C. and Anne M., 17110 Cinnamon St., $303,000.

Masterson, Kevin J. and Ruth A. to Easter, Matthew D. and Lisa M., 5075 S. 173rd St., $280,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Mishra, Anu and Bhupendra K., 6320 S. 171st St., $277,000.

Andary, George A. and William, Robin-Marie to Adams, Kimberly and James, 17222 O St., $273,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Drexler, Kimberleigh A. and Jason M., 17119 Y St., $272,793.

Lam, Sheungching and Chen, Lei to Dugan, Scott and Tammy, 17103 R Circle, $265,000.

Klein, Kevin D. and Laurie O. to McIntyre, Mary and Dixon, Robert, 6213 S. 159th St., $260,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Fink, Ronald E. and Kathleen K., 19708 Jefferson St., $250,000.

Stone, Brenda L. to Ashton, Teresa and Adam, 16121 Washington Circle, $245,000.

Sims, Teresa M. and Mitchell S. to Banhardt, Gregory T. and Beth K., 6016 S. 161st St., $243,281.

Hays, David J. to Petrovich, Alexander R., 6207 S. 161st St., $235,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Brown, Sharla M., 16318 R St., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ostle, Matthew J. and Amanda J., 5824 S. 191st Ave., $181,150.

Celebrity Homes to Halvor- sen, Tyler L. and Katrina K., 19351 X St., $155,750.

Metz, Barbara to Cook, Jeremy D. and Amber J., 18722 U St., $155,000.

Celebrity Homes to Grothe, Michelle L. and Daniel C., 5623 S. 190th Terrace, $151,900.

Van Camp and Son to O’Doherty, Patrick M., 19707 X St., $134,000.

Cinnamon Creek Land Corp. to Richland Homes, 17841 Cinnamon Circle, $32,450.

Cinnamon Creek Land Corp. to Richland Homes, 17622 Z St., $28,950.


Larson, Andrew J. and Sandra R. to Miali, Christine and Frank, 14640 Monroe St., $180,000.

Brasfield, Ardyce D. Trust to Bowers, Julie D., 5082 S. 150th Plaza, $163,000.

Hughes, Erin M. to Mahoney, David J. and Ripa, Ashley E., 15156 T St., $157,000.

McCue, John F. and Melissa to Flower, Jon D. and Tessie A., 13952 Jefferson Circle, $150,000.

Chrstiansen, Mildred A. to Kochnowicz, Sharon D., 15322 Allan Drive, $144,000.

Hattam, Gladys G. Trust to Foral, Donald L. and Nancy, 12149 Y Plaza, $143,000.

Villanueca, Michael C. Trust to Dawson, Marcus T. and Ashley M., 6705 S. 140th Ave., $135,500.

Farrell, Sharon M. to Sok, Mark A. and Roxanna F., 11201 Y St., $134,500.

Frerichs, Larry M. Trust to Frans, Kyle M. and Melissa A., 12164 Sandra Lane, $127,500.

Avidano, Melissa M. and Raymond H. to Navarrette, Nicholas M., 12134 Orchard Ave., $124,000.

Indigo LLC to Wilson, Bob and Sharlene, 11616 Jefferson Circle, $115,000.

Arkfeld, Dennis J. to Smythe, Jo E., 13518 Z St., $72,175.


Westman, Jason A. and Dawnett A. to Olson, Elizabeth A., 12714 Scott St., $305,000.

Celebrity Homes to Husman, Melinda M., 14217 Iowa St., $163,400.

Celebrity Homes to Thorpe, Victoria L., 7419 N. 143rd St., $158,350.

Celebrity Homes to Forke, Brian V. and Lindsey N., 14221 Iowa St., $156,900.

Mutual of Omaha Bank to Henson, Peter H. and Kelly A., 7321 N. 126th Ave., $22,000.


Koeppen, Patricia K., trustee for Stolley, William and Evelyn Trust to Pierce, Barry L. and Amy J., 11403 Pierce St., $185,000.

Schultz, Delbert D. and Barbara A. to Ryan, James P. and Jennifer D., 2134 S. 145th Circle, $163,900.

Malone, Joseph M. III, trustee for Malone, Virginia H. Trust to Brewer, Dale L., 3365 S. 128th Circle, $152,000.

Trout, Suann M. to Bos, Alan and Gail, 2518 S. 138th St., $152,000.

Lebens, Jeffrey A. and Michelle A. to Herr, Kevin and Tammy, 2112 S. 133rd Ave., $151,500.

Robinson, Ernest E. to Feyerherm, Jake A., 3129 S. 118th St., $110,000.

Montano, Erika V. to MCS Rentals, 3278 S. 130th Avenue Circle, $75,000.

Lalley, Janet L. and John T. to Wirczorek, John M., 12671 A St., $58,000.

Kingswood Estates to Uhing, Dean G., 13312 Spring St., $41,900.


Bolter, Michael J. Sr. and Pauline V. to Ripton, Colter, 7415 N. 60th St., $170,000.

Duckworth, Elizabeth K. to Moore, Joshua D., 8017 Raven Oaks Drive, $147,000.

Cruz-Medina, Juventino to Poe’s Investment, 4503 Huntington Ave., $28,000.

Rodriguez, Samuel to Poe’s Investment, 4503 Huntington Ave., $28,000.


Lainert, Grace R., personal representative, to Noddle, Kim, 936 S. 111th Plaza, $365,000.

Martin, Douglas V., trustee for Martin Living Trust to Miller, Jeffrey A., 1811 N. 140th St., $345,000.

Westergard, Tricia L. to Newsome, Jason N., 303 S. 154th St., $169,950.

Wang, Dong and Zhullan to Malesa, Sarah M., 15210 Pepperwood Drive, $168,000.

Pollard, Matthew M. and Jacy E. to NEI Global Relocataion Co., 15224 Westchester Drive, $150,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Long, Susan A., 15224 Westchester Drive, $150,000.

Martin, Connie K. to Hansen, Kimberly, 11822 Mason Plaza, $150,000.

Staponski, Kelly C. and Virgil to Lange, Matthew P., 15228 Davenport Circle, $146,250.

Ratliff, Audra R. and Michael D. to Tessin, Maggie, 1623 N. 153rd Plaza, $132,000.

Ocken, Ronald J. to Dalen, James M. and Jane A., 12280 Burt St., $110,000.


Kinney, Ormond B. to Krishnan, Paul and Santha, 13251 Eagle Run Drive, $555,000.

Burt, Mitchell J. to Alarcon, Hilda M., 13275 Miami St., $275,000.

Kakish, Hussam F. and Marianna to Lyons, David K. and Katrina, 14126 Camden Ave., $265,000.

O’Doherty, Laura and Coley P. to Terry, Ryan D., 3230 N. 125th St., $260,000.

McCoy, Billie L. and David, Robin R. to Smith, Marise A., 3130 N. 124th St., $170,000.

Patterson, Glendora to Groff, Stacy L. and Craig W., 11635 Spaulding St., $162,500.

White, Rita E. and Harold A. to Geu, Geu N., 12917 Corby St., $150,000.

Brittain, Liza N. and Michael D. II to Kroon, Brandy J. and Andrew T., 2217 N. 129th St., $135,890.

Fiscus, Jeremy and Amy to Lancaster, Jonathan, 12911 Curtis Ave., $123,400.

Klitzke, Becki L. to Quintana, Kaitlin R., 12940 Himebaugh Ave., $123,000.

Zuluaga, Juan and Hooper, Ariel J. to Duenas, Claudia and Zuluaga, Carlos, 6213 N. 131st Ave., $122,000.

Kempf, Robert J. Jr. and Diane J. to Schaudel, Chana, 6810 N. 116th Circle, $120,000.

Afana, Anas to Lacey, Jessica, 13107 Grand Ave., $119,500.

McKenna, Matthew and Clemens, Michaela to Campbell, Kati and Luebe, Toby G., 6348 N. 112th Circle, $118,000.



Akers, Kevin J. and Melissa L. to Haas, Allison, 845 Hidden Hills Drive, $225,000.

Bedore, Christopher A. and Melissa M. to Morton, John and Kristina, 408 Sullivan Circle, $154,000.

Midfirst Bank to Foutch, Richard and Cynthia, 3510 Hancock St., $23,000.

Shellenberger, Scott D. and Amber N. to Brazda, Michael J. and Dawn M., 3307 Lookkingglass Drive, $148,000.

RME Properties to Fuenning, Katie R. and Aaron T., 1322 Bellevue Blvd., $185,000.

Cascio, Judith J. to Wisniewski, Victoria, 12069 Prairie Ave., $91,000.

Wendl Properties to Petersen, Sharon K., 1001 W. 31st Ave., $70,000.


Boyer Young Equities XIV to Griffin Homes, 7904 S. 192nd Ave., $48,000.

Camelot Realty to Sackett, Bruce K. and Bridget A., 611 Patrick Circle, $193,000.

Faris, Maudie K. to Liebentritt, Timothy P. and Lauren L., 541Langdon Ave., $113,000.

Brandt, Mark A. Jr. and Lisa M. to Kartchner, Nathan J. and Kristin B., 217 Hackberry Drive, $120,000.

Weier, Thomas R. and Sylvia R. to McDowell, Tad R. II and Nicole L., 21514 Amber Circle, $195,000.

Gretna Stone to McCaul Contracting, 21333 Cobblestone Circle, $38,000.

Sackett, Bruce and Roberta L. Estate to Bohling, Todd M., 211- 213 Glenmore Drive, $169,000.

Woodland Homes to Haynes, Timothy J. and Stephanie L., 20080 Emiline St., $384,000.

Nelson Builders to Pete, Lawrence D. and Lori A., 20079 Emiline St., $406,000.

Prairie Homes to Roberts, John S. and Nancy J., 19850 Emiline St., $440,000.

Showcase Homes to Cruise, Chad D. and Coniglio, Samantha L., 19837 Emiline St., $350,000.

Bartman, John D. and Andrea M. to Rader, William T., 19827 Sycamaore Drive, $223,000.

Kirkland, John C. to Worden, Raymond R. and Vickie R., 19821 Hazelnut Drive, $200,000.

Votava, Shawn N. and Brooke F. to Yungtum, Jason R. and Lynn M., 12535 S. 229th St., $106,000.

McCaul Contracting to Nelson, Russell R. and Lisa K., 12209 S. 213th Ave., $315,000.

Staub, Daniel T. and Lacey to Hawks, Stephanie M. and Huxhold, Shawn D., 12040 S. 219th Ave., $198,000.

Copper Ridge to Landmark Performance Corp., 12005 S. 223rd Circle, $100,000.

Hildy Construction to Sands, Jerod L. and Kristen M., 11915 S. 213th Ave., $305,000.

McCaul Contracting to Barnard, Karl and Ilsa, 11910 S. 214th St., $290,000.

Gretna Self Storage to Dragon Storage, 11702 S. 216th St., $390,000.

Spahn, Warren A. and Heather K. to Yoder, Brad and April, 11408 S. 199th St., $216,000.


Owens, Daniel W. and Linda J. to Elam, Jeffrey D. and Patricia M., 119 S. Fall Creek Road, $210,000.


Miller, Jeffrey L. and Reva J. to Sidzyik, Nicholas J. and Gina M., 922 S. Madison St., $216,000.

McCormick, Mary E. to Pribyl, Cory and Maribel, 804 Galway Circle, $158,000.

Griffin Homes to Palmer, Brian M. and Michelle R., 8037 Swallowtail St., $278,000.

Brown, Brian A. and Susan M. to Steele, Trenton W. and Karla A., 803 Michael Drive, $228,000.

Nemish, Mark C. and Kristen A. to Edmondson, Angela C. and Michael A., 7644 Leawood St., $343,000.

Ferrante, Frank P. to Trecek, Brett L., 711 S. Washington St., $62,000.

Grant, Teresa A. to O’Gorman, James A. and Brenda E., 2360 Crystal Creek Drive, $278,000.

Steve Evers Construction to Schmidt, Gerlad R. and Griger, Kim M., 12520 S. 81st Ave., $66,000.

U.S. Bank to Jones, Vonda and Sikes, Tim, 1123 Oke St., $151,000.

Vaughn, Michael S. and Natalie J. to La Furney, Rustin A. and Kimberly K., 10801 S. 110th Ave., $255,000.

Richland Homes to Spaulding, Merle D., 10609 S. 111th St., $238,000.


Haynie, Raymond and Kathryn to Heslop, Nevin R. and Lynette S., 590 Locust St., $82,000.

Wood, James M. and McLeod, Joey L. to Keyes, Kevin M. and Teresa S., 16402 S. 111th St., $420,000.

Tosoni, Daniel L. and Debra S. to Brunssen, Jeremy J. and Lisa, 13508 S. 131st St., $305,000.


Rasmussen, Sarah A. and Adam to Alvarez, Kathy M., 7802 S. Seventh Ave., $160,000.

O’Dom, Daniel L. and Sandra A. to Wafe, Mary B., 4203 Edgerton Drive, $249,000.

Rowe, Michael D. and Linda M. to Bundy, Frank J. and Barbara A., 4112 Heartland Drive, $188,000.

Grove, Kathleen J. and Cheek, Elmer R. to Mettenbrink, Roxanne, 3812 Gayle Ave., $85,000.

Bergmeyer, Brady and Lisa to Hill, Wayne and Luethje, Alexandra, 3413 Withelminia Drive, $141,000.

Hickle, Craig A. and Aaker, Kori M. to Skinner, Nicole, 3411 Lookingglass Drive, $133,000

Robb, Steve P. and Cass E. to Elmore, Jason W. and Richards, Alicia, 3405 Mitchell Road, $700,000.

Nehls, Andrew J. and Lori A. to Frahm, Chad D., 3372 Rahn Blvd., $174,000.

Nemec, John J. to Nemec, William F. and Taylor, Billie R., 2906 Annabelle Drive, $61,000.

Lefrancois, Russell D. and Carla S. to Warner, Brian K. and Shera, 2704 Blackhawk Drive, $185,000.

Ward, Shane and Mary L. to Ensor, Lewis and Sharol, 1806 Yorktown St., $110,000.

Dibernardo, Gerald and Linnaire D. to Smith, Keiuntae T., 1604 Halifax St., $230,000.

Harris, Brandon J. and Trista D. to Duff, Alan D. and Susan L., 14420 S. 28th St., $128,000.

Rotert, Mary M. and Don to Gann, Terry and Lisa M., 14403 S. 21st St., $235,000.

Cobelens, Kimberly S. to Shillinglaw, David J., 14102 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $152,000.

Holmes, Benjamin C. and Holly M. to James, Jami T. and Rasmus O., 14002D Tregaron Ridge Ave., $143,000.

Waage, Lance and Katie to Zach, Princess C., 13526 Westport Circle, $155,000.

Francisco, Christian G. and Francisco Rosh, Hoshana P. to Hildebrand, Kerry A., 10809 S. 19th St., $133,000.


Torco Development to Woodland Homes, 9941 Olive St., $37,000.

Woodland Homes to Crane, Paul J. Jr. and Kelly A., 9941 Olive St., $342,000.

Allen, Frank W. and Jennifer B. to Longstein, Daniel W. and Jennifer A., 7828 Leaf Plum Drive, $130,000.

Goeden Secan, Marie E. to Paras, Alexander T., 7182 Harvest Hills Drive, $239,000.

Torco Development to Woodland Homes, 7026 S. 100th Circle, $35,000.

Woodland Homes to Woods, Jeff D. and Jennifer L., 7026 S. 100th Circle, $309,000.

Furby, Allan D. and Chong, C. to Ordway, Beverly A., 10526 Brentwood Drive, $186,000.

Pacesetter Hoems to McClannan, Herbet and Julie E., 10067 Centennial Road, $352,000.


Rogers Development to Cambridge Homes, 9424 S. 69th St., $53,000.

Celebrity Homes to Mancilla, Jose S. and Denisse, 8914 S. 69th Circle, $215,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bowles, Curtis D., 8805 S. 69th Circle, $203,000.

Celebrity Homes to Yeaman, Joseph C. and Stephanie Y., 8616 S. 68th St., $196,000.

Charleston Homes to Hansen, Ryan S. and Melissa J., 4507 Victoria Ave., $244,000.

Lebeck, Brian W. and Amanda D. to Veit, Joseph L. and Kelly K., 2809 John St., $280,000.

Baird, Christopher H. and Rachel M. to Douglas, Matthew S. and Kristen S., 220 Longwood Drive, $245,000.

Thomas, Todd R. and Lori K. to Christiansen, Rosalie and Lemus Espinoza, Rene, 215 Charleston Drive, $153,000.

Franck, Jamie D. and Dana D. to Mercier, Larry D. Jr. and Lisa M., 11604 Eastlake Circle, $435,000.

Charleston Homes to Spark, Todd R. and Robin M., 11314 S. 47th St., $263,000.


Mausshardt, Carl W. II, personal representative for Mausshardt, Martha E. Estate to Vogt, Russell and Beth, 9900 S. 173rd Circle, $37,000.

Melby, Traci J. and Douglas K. to Melby, Traci J., 8216 S. 167th St., $89,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Fireside Construction Co., 7906 S. 193rd St., $52,000.

Watke, Shirley C. to Braden, Colleen D., 7816 S. 162nd St., $180,000.

Pacesetter Hoems to Marble, Craig J. and Kristie L., 7420 S. 173rd St., $267,000.

Ray, Sally to Malchow, Douglas H. and Karisa L., 7120 S. 178th St., $137,000.

Eidenman, Eric J., personal representative for Eisenman, Joyve A. Estate to Nicholson, Lynda S., 7112 S. 157th St., $167,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha and Staunton, Melissa R. to Staunton, Jason and Melissa R., 19026 Josephine St., $183,000.

Kozney, Thomas M. and Lindsey B. to Worcester, Nicholas and Jennifer, 18023 Josephine St., $147,000.

Andersen, Patricia A. to Buchholz, Shelley L., 17804 Pinehurst Ave., $225,000.

JMF LLC to Advantage Development, 17455 Ridgemont St., $55,000.

Spotanski, Lawrence J. and Joanne M. to Franklin, Roger D. and Marcia, 17323 Edna St., $222,000.

Timberline Homes to Hovie, Trent D. and Kristi L., 17217 Colony Drive, $326,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Diaz, George J. and Rosemary, 16905 Chandler St., $265,000.

Brock, Byron D. and Kaye M. to Powell, Matthew W. and Tina, 16608 Loop St., $220,000.

Jochims, Ryan J. and Holly J. to Cubro, Kenan, 16136 Blackwalnut St., $140,000.

Strobel, Dwight and Barbara to Rice, Cody W., 16116 Greenleaf St., $135,000.

McKewon, Martin M. and Toni L. to McSheehy, Timothy, 16109 Emiline St., $244,000.

Dean, Jeremy J. and Eva to Reid, Whitney L., 16005 Birch Ave., $153,000.

Wawery, Antony K. and Mary W. to Ong, Tai, 15806 Timberlane Drive, $205,000.

JMF LLC to Pohland Custom Homes, 10805 S. 174th Ave., $85,000.


Drewes, Paul to Mikesh, Shawn and Amanda, 7715 S. 155th St., $228,000.

Chloupek, Jimmy W. and Dianna R. to Thompson, Arley B. and Joann C., 15541 Borman St., $179,000.

Buchholz, Shelley L. to Lemon, Howard II and Kelsi, 15517 Margo St., $146,000.

White, Kevin M. and Carrie J. to Heckman, Michael and Lynn K., 15434 Briar St., $255,000.

McSorley, Tyrone G. to Schneider, Michelle, 14060 Gertrude Circle, $99,000.

Lansman, Brenda M. and Colin H. to Hickman, Daniel L. and Ashley F., 13621 Chandler St., $145,000.

Rothermund, Lori R. to Michal, David C., 13275 Emiline St., $142,000.


Richland Homes to Pattrin, Joseph M. and Jones, Brittany A., 9316 S. 24th St., $216,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Koch, Jeff and Suzan, 9313 S. 24th St., $268,000.

Gegzna, Julie to Caceres, Fredy A., 7114 S. 18th St., $95,000.

Anderson, Emery C. and Allen, Riana R. to Allen, Dallas E. and Riana R., 3214 Pleasant Drive, $95,000.

Owens, Waylon B. and Ariane R. to Naylor, Sean, 2707 Olive St., $125,000.


Sands, Jerod L. and Kristen M. to Bowman, Erik C., 4910 Glasgow Ave., $150,000.



Shook, Gail A. and John E. to City of Council Bluffs, 6875 Gifford Road, $280,000.

STS Enterprises to Miller, Michael J., 2302 Third Ave., $67,500.

Stiles, Anthony M. and Beth C. to Roeder, Alicia B. and Steve J., 5716 Redtail Road, $167,500.

Simons, Angela L. and Nathan J. to Wainwright, Julie, 124 Huron Circle, $135,000.

LT Standing and Old Lincoln Investments to Schaaf, Michelle R., 2822 Ave. F, $98,000.

Sales, Bonnie J. Estate to Gascoigne, Dennis M. and Lori K., 1311 17th St., $57,000.


4Fortune Investments to Volentine, Melissa R., 549 Benton St., $85,000.

McCann, David F. to Stiles, Anthony M. and Beth C., 631 Simms Ave., $172,500.

Hannan, Mary M. Trust to Machmuller, Diane M. and Robert D., 307 Locust Lodge Ave., $108,000.

Meidt, Christopher to Jobe, Amy, 42 Cottner Drive, $173,000.

Snipes, Judy K. and William K. to Axtel, Rashelle and Kunik, Kalub J., 57 Crestwood Drive, $137,500.

Adams, Carol A. and Larry L. to Campbell, Lauren M. and Ryan J., 201 Meadow Lane, $192,000.

Sell, Catherine L. and David E. to Carver, Jordan A. and Kolay J., 209 Parkview Drive, $172,500.

Larose, Anthony and Stacianna to Simmons, Angela L. and Nathan J., 211 East View Drive, $225,000.

Mohatt, Daniel R. Jr. and Heidi M. to Larose, Anthony and Stacianna, 15464 Hilltop Road, $177,000.

McClelland, Karla J. and Ronald L. to Stone, Lora L. and Steven W., 1979 Rolling Hills Loop, $290,000.

Dillenburg, Carylon J. and Rodney D. to Snipes, Judy K. and William K., 29 Cottner Drive, $168,000.

Jackson, Angela E. and Paul V. to Bertelsen, Chris A. and Jeffrey E., 933 McKenzie Ave., $190,000.

Cherry Ridge Construction to Blecha, Amanda S., 1465 Abercorn Drive, $333,000.

Tweedt Engineering & Construction to Oswald, Michelle and Terry, 1517 Chestnut Drive, $396,500.

Hong, Charles M. and Dawn C. to Wagner, Angela C. and Michael C., 1300 High St., $105,000.


Schaffer, Michelle K. to Moraski, Geneva R. and James T., 4423 17th St., Carter Lake, $155,000.

Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2006-HE3 to McCloud, Jacob L. and Middleton, Cheyanne R., 903 Cachelin Drive, Carter Lake, $85,000.


Suntrust Mortgage to Avoca Betterment Association, 412 Elm St., Avoca, $17,500.

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