Four bankruptcy categories listed are: Chapter 7, bankruptcy involving liquidation of nonexempt assets; Chapter 11, plan permitting reorganization of financial affairs under court supervision for an individual engaged in business or for a company (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 12, plan permitting farmers and ranchers to reorganize their financial affairs under court supervision (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 13, bankruptcy that provides a plan for repaying a portion of debts over an extended time.

John P. and Alesha M. Santone, 906 Edgewater Drive, Papillion, Chapter 7.

John P. and Annie R. Lohan, 309 Blaine St., Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

John P. Hansen and Casandra M. Pruss, 3237 U St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

John S. and Sabrina L. Sumsion, 1003 16th St., Central City, Neb., Chapter 7.

John T. Burmester, 3704 N. 111th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jolene K. Egger, 109 N. Macomb St., Valentine, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jose F. and Josefina Aguilar, 1316 E. 16th St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joseph E. and Ericka J. Lee, 413 E. Main St., Bloomfield, Neb., Chapter 7.

Josephine R. Kasik, 3460 53rd Ave., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joshua A. Dittmer, P.O. Box 34, Duncan, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joshua T. and Rebecca A. Pfannkuch, 2520 W. Fifth St., North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Judith L. Stelwagon, 327 S. Kimball, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Justin L. and Angela R. Burbeck, 863 N. 10th St., Blair, Neb., Chapter 7.

Justin L. Johnson, 539 N. 12th St., Geneva, Neb., Chapter 7.

Justin P. and Shaela N. Davis, 14555 Hascall St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Karen L. Williamson, 3356 T St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kathleen M. Beam, 1105 Surfside Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Keith A. Griffiths, 16 Maple Drive, Kearney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kenneth J. Kempton, 804 S. 38th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Kimberly D. Bryant, 5408 Boyd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kimberly M. Hill, 7362 Potter St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kirk A. Reeder, 2451 N. Nye Ave., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kodjo M. Edan, 4110 N. 105th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kyler S. and Jenna M. Libsack, 230208 County Road U, Gering, Neb., Chapter 7.

Laurie L. Vollertsen, 6805 Whitewater Lane, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Lindsey C. Huffman, 11804 Bauman Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lori E. Rocke, 11814 Woolworth Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Luis Garcia, 1906 E. Dodge St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marsha K. Herring, 5030 S. 94th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mary E. Myers, 137 Russell Road, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Matthew W. Hickman, 423 Miller St., Holdrege, Neb., Chapter 7.

Melissa A. Stone, 4420 Newton Circle, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Melissa Polen, 508 L St., St. Paul, Neb., Chapter 7.

Michael A. and Valerie J. Adams, 6608 N. 153rd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michael C. Cramer, 3407 N. 208th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michael J. Martinez, 5217 S. 30th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michael R. Parmley, 104 W. Ninth, Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Michal D. and Keisha K. Martinez, 1718 Seventh Ave., Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 7.

Milton A. Morales-Rivas and Kami L. Morales-Stanley, 2936 S St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Miranda L. Johnson, 6131 Queens Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Miranda R. Paulsen, 724 W. Hedde St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Nathan G. and Kayli D. Codr, 664 North Ave., Seward, Neb., Chapter 7.

Nicholas J. Anania, 2141 S. 48th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Nicholas S. Chandler, 4763 Harrison St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Nicholas S. Merrill, 10310 Broadmoor Court, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Nicholas T. and Tiffany R. Walker, 312 N. Ninth St., Wymore, Neb., Chapter 7.

Nicki M. Casamayor, 617 E. 26th St., Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 7.

Nicole Moreau-Folden, P.O. Box 31, Elmwood, Neb., Chapter 7.

Pamela K. Johnson, 106 W. Park Ave., Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Patrick A. Parker, 2302 N. Sheridan, North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Pauline Wells, 1519 Superior St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Plaza Real Estate Solutions, LLC c/o Richard Myers, 11404 West Dodge Road, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Randall K. Owen, 1820 Knox St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Richard L. Waage, 1749 Old Highway 8, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Robert J. Dufek and Anne E. Riordan-Dufek, 215 Monroe St., Bennet, Neb., Chapter 7.

Roberto S. Rojas, 416 W. Charles St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Rochelle L. Rice, 711 N. William Ave., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ronald L. Schade, 50 Kingston Drive, Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Roxana L. Morales, 911 N. Erie St., Lexington, Neb., Chapter 7.

Samantha M. Wheeler, 1809 Avenue B, Gothenburg, Neb., Chapter 7.

Samuel W. Jr. and Melisa L. Keezer, 2203 S. Lincoln Ave., York, Neb., Chapter 7.

Santos B. Aguilera, 5082 S. 89th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Sarah A. Lassek, 6049 Hamilton St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Sarah J. Cruse, 2501 N. 87th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Savanna A. Semans, 1501 Park Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Shane M. Johnson, 308 W. Second St., Madison, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shannon K. DeLoa, 2620 S. 33rd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Shaquille M. Davis, 1734 N. 32nd St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Sherry L. Buckley, 539 S. 26th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Shukla Mukherjee, 1240 S. 49th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Susan B. Knox, 11641 Spaulding St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Suzanna M. Hanson, 1301 53rd St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Tamara N. Shaffer, 11660 Westmont Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Tami J. Horsechief, 801 Louden St., Superior, Neb., Chapter 7.

Teresa A. Ross, 6469 Michael Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Thomas A. Ryan, 6617 Evans St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Thomas G. Pate, 3105 Columbus Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Thomas J. and Margaret M. Guynan, 416 S. Second St., Howells, Neb., Chapter 7.

Thomas M. and Maryann Williams, 9829 Centennial Plaza, La Vista, Chapter 7.

Timothy D. and Melissa M. Qualls, 4401 S. 27th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Toby J. Conover, 10226 White Cap Lane, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Travis Wilson, 601 S. 18th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Valery Thoby, 13335 First St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Wade L. Lowe, 405 Main St., Verdon, Neb., Chapter 7.

William C. and Jodi R. Moore, 8614 Manley Lane, Weeping Water, Neb., Chapter 7.

William D. and Crista L. Lee, 508 W. 11th, Cozad, Neb., Chapter 7.

Yeny B. Varela, 3116 Paradise Drive, Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Alex R. Goodoien, 12616 Aurora Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Alfred L. Anisio, 12830 Deauville Drive, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Amy L. Miller, 4902 Young St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Andrew R. Hale and Bridget K. Cannon-Hale, 1701 N. 52nd St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Anne Sullivan, 2803 F Ave., Kearney, Neb., Chapter 13.

Anthony D. Daugherty, 710 N. Barnes Ave., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 13.

April R. Brown, 3733 N. 56th St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Arthur A. and Tayna L. Bailey, 4003 Raynor Parkway, Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Barbara Berry, 7300 Aylesworth Ave., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Billy W. Jr. and Lindsay D. Hawkins, 518 W. Court St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 13.

Bradley K. Williams, 19654 Ontario St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Brian Kadavy, 210 N. Eighth St., David City, Neb., Chapter 13.

Brian L. Young, 10741 Bruhn Ave., Bennington, Chapter 13.

Bryce D. Pojar, 311 Fifth Ave., South Sioux City, Neb., Chapter 13.

Cardell Larry, 4604 Saratoga St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

Carl L. Bartlett, 1032 N. Lakeshore Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Carmelita D. Rogers, 2715 Chandler Road West, Bellevue, Chapter 13.

Catherine A. Gudenrath, 2255 E St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Chris A. and Wendy A. Sullivan, 18229 Tammy Trail, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Christopher M. Barnes and Nancy Zarate-Barnes, 5500 W. Madison Ave., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Cindy L. Bruhl, 1833 Knox St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Curtis D. Deberg, P.O. Box 86, Springfield, Chapter 13.

Dana L. Steingard, P.O. Box 518, Ceresco, Neb., Chapter 13.

Daniel W. Munger, 2212 S. 64th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Danielle R. Murray, 15455 Western Ave., Omaha, Chapter 13.

David D. and Mildred A. Phelps, 303 Valley Road, Papillion, Chapter 13.

David D. Hintz, 9755 Mockingbird Drive, Omaha, Chapter 13.

David L. Odom, 14016 Manderson Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Deborah L. Reese, 2620 N. 110th Court, Omaha, Chapter 13.

Dennis P. and Diana L. Jahn, 1113 Laport Drive, Papillion, Chapter 13.

Diane E. Bartek, 3469 Dudley St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Earl N. and Karen M. Wallace, 3706 NW 51st St., Lincoln, Chapter 13.

Elvis Hanes, 2923 Castelar St., Omaha, Chapter 13.

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