Bankruptcy categories include: Chapter 7, bankruptcy involving liquidation of nonexempt assets; Chapter 11, plan permitting reorganization of financial affairs under court supervision for an individual engaged in business or for a company (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 12, plan permitting farmers and ranchers to reorganize their financial affairs under court supervision (asset and liability schedules are not always filed with initial petition); Chapter 13, bankruptcy that provides a plan for repaying a portion of debts over an extended time.

Adam N. White, 112 W. Hudspith St., Valley, Neb., Chapter 7.

Adam T. and Danielle L. Root, 240 N. Third St., David City, Neb., Chapter 7.

Addam T. Reynolds, 1301 Galvin Road South, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Alain Naranjo Cordova, 1208 15th St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Albert S. Lewis II, 8830 Ruggles Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Alicia K. Braunersrither, 14019 Adams Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Amanda K. Gruber, 10855 Arlington Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Amber Aden, 1165 Elba Ave., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Amber Swanson, 1731 N. Kruse Ave., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Andrea L. Cary, 5844 Blondo St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Andres Martinez-Martinez, 3205 Avenue G, Kearney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Andrew D. Lange, 74577 Road 438, Bertrand, Neb., Chapter 7.

Andrew E. and Amber M. Prusa, 1320 N. Irving, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Angela R. Snaples, 113 Kirby Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Anthony L. Gomez Jr., 1733 Lincoln St., Blair, Neb., Chapter 7.

April M. Greve, 7506 Wisteria Place, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Arthur M. Anthony, 591 Road 9, Schuyler, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ashley M. Porter, 2701 N. 70th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Ashley R. Erickson, 11706 Arbor St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Beth A. Buchholz, 5356 N. 29th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Blake A. Jeffers, 18922 Grover St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Brandon Hightshoe, 440 W. Beal, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Brandon R. Wilken, 1942 A St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Brenda M. Clark, 302 Fourth St., Milford, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brian A. and Jennifer L. Manley, 1530 Grant St., Imperial, Neb., Chapter 7.

Brian G. Catania, 13705 Chandler St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Brian T.A. and Krystal D. Bradley, 4364 S. 146th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Briana M. Strampe, 8707 Brentwood Plaza, La Vista, Chapter 7.

Carrol M. Reynolds, 7648 Nebraska Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Celeste L. Sila, 15832 Cottonwood Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Chase A. King, 3722 Crown Point Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Cheryl K. Trumble, 5331 Marigold Court, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Christina M. Herman, 2714 N. 50th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Christopher and Bobbie J. Amaro, 2207 W. Madison, Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Christopher J. Giddens, 308 E. Fourth St., Louisville, Neb., Chapter 7.

Cole A. Gustafson, 607 W. Fifth St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Cynthia Avila and Jose Lino Avila II, 2610 Surrey Court, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Cynthia R. Kuiper, 11564 Rambleridge Road, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Dale A. Johnson, 6201 Normal Blvd., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Dana E. Lippold, 5622 Dogwood Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Daniel L. and Sarah E. Gramke, 415 N. Thomas, Oakland, Neb., Chapter 7.

Daniel L. Applegarth, 108 South F St., Broken Bow, Neb., Chapter 7.

David A. Jr. and Kimberly A. Nissen, 1166 N. 6th Ave., Seward, Neb., Chapter 7.

David D. Patterson, 2820 Comstock Plaza, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

David V. and Sherri L. Schram, 1353 N. Park, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Deborah E. Willcox, 1956 E. Eighth St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Debra L. Everett, 6038 S. 39th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Debra S. Aden, P.O. Box 216, Blue Springs, Neb., Chapter 7.

Demaris K. Sand, 100 S. 19th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Dennis A. Esbeck, 86493 S. Pine Ave., Long Pine, Neb., Chapter 7.

Doyle A. Lowe, 3621 Wildbriar Lane, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Dustin D. Bjorklund, 1410 N. Clarkson, Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Dzenita Jejna, 4800 N. 15th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Edi S. Giron Ortiz and Josefina Cortez Giron, 2105 Norman Ave., Crete, Neb., Chapter 7.

Emmett S. Jr. and Kimberly A. Wood, 2707 W. Third St., North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Enrique Nieves Hernandez and Victoria M. Hernandez, 2809 Mars Circle, Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Eric J. and Katie S. Jackson, 1616 22nd Ave., Mitchell, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ethan and Abbigale Riffel, 2117 W. 14th St., North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Gage G. Antisdel, 1604 Wind Willow Road, Yutan, Neb., Chapter 7.

Gale W. Young, 809 O St., Neligh, Neb., Chapter 7.

Gary D. Grundmeier, 5522 Oak Hills Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

George B. and Dorothy L. Kearnes, 4955 N. 32nd St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

George W. Venteicher III, 3200 Wilderness Hill Blvd., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Gerald P. Seitz, 2018 N. 56th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Gina L. Teamer, 3706 S. 68th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Gina M. Santon, 3317 S. 90th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Gregg R. Watson, 1224 S. 21st St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Howard M. and Sarah M. Massingill, 715 63rd Ave., Greeley, Colo., Chapter 7.

Jacob A. Heiman, 625 N. Bell St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jaime and Ana R. Morfin, 3231 Drexel St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jaime M. Knutson, 2313 N. 92nd Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

James H. Price, 2018 St. Highway 35 N, Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

James M. and Patricia M. Harris, 1434 W. 11th St., Fremont, Neb., Chapter 7.

James R. and April K. Hitz, 1574 41st Ave., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

James W. Lisec, 7417 Whitestone Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Jamie L. Suck, 321 S. Pine St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jarred and Cassandra Rezek, 1510 N. Linden, Wahoo, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jason M. Ott, 15531 Mason Circle, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jason S. Putnam, P.O. Box 540892, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jeanette D. Medina, 721 N. Sycamore St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jeff J. Thomas, 5702 N. 35th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jennifer K. Wilkins, 107 Merwood St., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Jennifer L. and Stephen G. VanHerpen, 13615 S. 45th St., Papillion, Chapter 7.

Jennifer L. Becker, 603 Centre St., Hartington, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jennifer L. Sweeney, 590 Fourth St., Utica, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jeremy V. and Julia D. Jacobs, 70405 County Road 2, Lyman, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jerome A. Jackson, 5507 Northwest Radial, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jesse L. Sr. and Patricia L. Durand, 5606 N. 106th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Jessica D. Simmons, 2210 Skyline Drive, Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jessica Jones, 1114 Parc Drive, Papillion, Chapter 7.

Jill L. Diaz, 1238 N. Saunders Ave., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

John B. Cook, 2610 S. 60th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

John P. Martinez, 1901 12th Ave., Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 7.

John R. Francke, 2530 N. 48th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

John S. and Rhonda L. Tippery, 3425 Forest Lawn Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

John W. and Cathy D. Marsaglia, 10741 N. 137th St., Waverly, Neb., Chapter 7.

Jordan N. Knoles, 1018 Avenue Q, Scottsbluff, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joseph D. and Angel P. Egner, 2110 W. 16th St., North Platte, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joseph W. Gregory, 1516 L St., Ord, Neb., Chapter 7.

Joshua D. and Ciera A. Lerma, 705 Elk St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

Justen S. and Zoe F. Templeman, 8434 O’Hern St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kara A. Kulper, 8713 Bayberry Road, La Vista, Chapter 7.

Karen L. Potts, 516 Madison St., Kimball, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kathleen N. Marker, 5509 S. 42nd St. Court, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Kathleen S. Yutesler, 17201 JoAnne Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Kelly J. Pellan, 2425 S. 15th St., Plattsmouth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kourtney C. Simmerman, 724 S. 10th St., Plattsmouth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Kristin A. Siepmann, 15105 Craig St., Bennington, Chapter 7.

Kurt A. and Kimberly A. Coleman, 12207 S. 26th Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Kyle J. Will, 812 W. Mission Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Larry J. Kuskie, 7059 Crown Point Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Laura J. DeWitt, 10522 Bedford Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Leslie J. Peterson, 2805 Arlington Ave., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Lester J. Rhoades and Carola U. Brunow-Rhodes, 15128 Chalco Point Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lisa A. Seachord, P.O. Box 1, Lewellen, Neb., Chapter 7.

Lisa L. Smith, 13380 S. Showboat, Glenvil, Neb., Chapter 7.

Lloyd B. Tackman, P.O. Box 255, Palisade, Neb., Chapter 7.

Lorena Rosales, 6106 N. 100th Plaza, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Lori K. Duncan, 2032 N. 18th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Margaret A. Mitchell, 7310 N. 29th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Maria D. Palmer, 1515 W. First St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marilyn J. Thornton, 1660 N. Ninth, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Marisela Bruno, 1107 S. 27th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Mark M. Sherman, 63894 714 Road, Dawson, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marvin D. Moench, P.O. Box 11, Dix, Neb., Chapter 7.

Marvin K. Landegren, 26155 SW 128th St., Hallam, Neb., Chapter 7.

Mathew A. and Sona L. McKenzie, 2501 N. 87th St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Matthew E. and Amanda N. Payne, 729 N. Lincoln Ave., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Maybelis A. Balseiro, 1708 N. Eddy St., Grand Island, Neb., Chapter 7.

Melissa S. Navarro, 1407 N. 31st St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michael and Jennifer Lempke, 6507 S. 170th Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michael R. Zach, 2121 Douglas St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michael W. Beiber, 801 E. Sixth, McCook, Neb., Chapter 7.

Michaela C. Langdon, 3703 S. 52nd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Michelle M. Ricks, 505 Little Court, Valentine, Neb., Chapter 7.

Morgan E. Reinders, 6784 Lafayette Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Morris W. Roselle, 2405 N. 16th St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Neil I. Lawhun, 5801 Lillibridge St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Pamela J. Riggs, 2442 Dorothy Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Pamela S. Brehm, 2707 Mesa St., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Patricia D. Birt, 130189 County Road A, Mitchell, Neb., Chapter 7.

Patricia R. Brown, 5218 N. 62nd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Paula D. Dahms, 1004 S. Ross Ave., Hastings, Neb., Chapter 7.

Peggy S. Viator, 12788 Deauville Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Penny S. Siebe, 7120 Van Dorn St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Phillip A. Edwards, 3802 S. 23rd St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Portia V. Love, 4910 Capital Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Reagan L. D’Agata, 4637 Farnam St., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Rebecca M. Steinhour, 38648 Road 705, McCook, Neb., Chapter 7.

Rebecca Ream, 780 K St., Gering, Neb., Chapter 7.

Remedios Agunday Soriano, 12742 S. 29th Ave., Bellevue, Chapter 7.

Rhonda E. Estes, 1723 Lincoln St., Blair, Neb., Chapter 7.

Richard A. and Connie M. Fajman, 2908 25th St., Columbus, Neb., Chapter 7.

Richard L. and Anita M. Hempel, 340 W. Seventh St., Ainsworth, Neb., Chapter 7.

Richard M. Lytle, 313 Main St., Beaver Crossing, Neb., Chapter 7.

Robert M. Blacklidge, 8529 Lakeview Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Roger D. and Barbara A. Warford, 120 S. Bell St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

Roger R. Lockwood, 1811 Grant St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

Roger R. Ronspies, 608 W. Elkhorn, Pierce, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ronald J. and Nicole L. Alfs, 1007 N. Sixth St., Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ronald L. Skinner, 702 Fourth St., Crawford, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ronda E. Lee, 4131 Spruce St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Roseanne E. Rempe, 12110 Stonegate Drive, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Ryan J. and Peggy A. Loseman, 410 Hill St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

Ryan M. and Amanda R. Siebrass, 205 W. Third St., York, Neb., Chapter 7.

Sandra K. Baker, 7120 Adams St., Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Sara J. Schriner, 580 J Road, Axtell, Neb., Chapter 7.

Sara M. Marsh, 8520 Blue Sky Drive, Lincoln, Chapter 7.

Sarah J. Johns, 1210 Devon Drive, Papillion, Chapter 7.

Sarah M. McIntosh, 208 S. 17th St., Norfolk, Neb., Chapter 7.

Scott L. Martin, 71852 Road 388, McCook, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shari A. Ahrendsen, 5001 Lafayette Ave., Omaha, Chapter 7.

Sharon K. Harms, 2810 N. 194th Court, Omaha, Chapter 7.

Shawn D. Leggett, 2921½ L Ave., Kearney, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shawn E. and Terri J. Barry, 305 B Ave., Axtell, Neb., Chapter 7.

Shawn E. Dabney, 3201 Atlantic Ave., Council Bluffs, Chapter 7.

Shawn K. and Lisa M. Post, 616 Bismark St., Beatrice, Neb., Chapter 7.

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