Haroon, Naima S. and Muhammad S. to Halverson, Kevin M., 17076 S. Reflection Circle, $940,750.

Cronin, Keith and Emily to McCoy, John, 12111 N. 177th Circle, $600,000.

Pine Creek Development to Jakim LLC, 15808 Grebe St., $453,024.

Barr Homes to Petersen, Jennifer and Todd, 8534 N. 168th Ave., $367,222.

Pacesetter Homes to Dent, Jennifer L. and Jeffrey L., 9811 Rosewater Parkway, $305,000.

Celebrity Homes to Matsima, Laura A., 8908 N. 160th St., $199,600.

Camgrave LLC to Lyda, Jimmie D. and Patricia A., 8657 N. 160th Court, $182,900.

Gaeta, Suzanne M. and Michael A. Jr. to Johnson, Troy and Jasey, 8002 N. 147th St., $148,500.

Peterson, Greg and Hulsizer, Andrea to DeLarm Cassandra, 105 N St., $97,000.

Stratford Park Development to Frazell, Katherine M. and Gregory L., 17231 Bondesson St., $48,200.

Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction, 9015 N. 169th St., $43,600.

North Ida Street Investments to Malik, Donald D. Jr. and Lori K., 16001 Whitmore St., $41,950.

State Street Investments to Richland Homes, 16397 Mormon St., $36,950.

State Street Investments to Richland Homes, 16396 Mormon St., $36,950.

Waterford Development to Hopkins, Mark R. and Debra A., 7120 N. 154th St., $30,000.


Kloster, Jeffrey M. and Deborah M. to Thornton, Rick and Laura, 21459 Walnut St., $640,000.

Hansen, Kevin and Karmen to Burns, Randal J. and Suzanne K., 19306 Sahler St., $570,000.

Tru-Vision Custom Homes to Dixon, Joshua M. and Judith M., 22101 Cedar Circle, $542,100.

Beckwith, Ronni L. and Richard E. Jr. to Wilberger, Alyssa and Clyde, 19661 Farnam St., $480,000.

Gerber, Paul R. and Langdon-Gerber, Laurie to Stover, Ronald M. and Robyn M., 18670 Webster Circle, $475,000.

Prairie Homes to Oarhe, Christian and Chinyere, 20704 Pine St., $474,800.

Zych Construction to Jorgensen, Helena B. and Jeffrey A., 3120 N. 193rd Ave., $450,000.

Showcase Homes to Carlsson, Erica, 19613 Decatur St., $414,000.

John, Rolland B. and Teresa A. to Welsh, Timothy M., 19510 Jones St., $405,000.

Murphy, John K. and Angela J. to Anderson, Edward and Sarah, 205 N. 200th St., $375,100.

Hildy Construction to Mills, Robert and Heather, 20520 Boyd St., $354,750.

Gorden, Rachel P. and Jonathan B. to Farnsworth, James L. and Brenda L., 809 S. 198th St., $350,000.

Herd, Aaron E. and Sarah E. to Arends, Nicholas J. and Desirae S., 18310 Howard St., $350,000.

Cambridge Homes to Heinert, Patti A., 504 S. 198th St., $330,000.

Charleston Homes to Kramer, Brian and Stephanie, 20901 Boyd St., $327,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Lenser, Jeffrey S. and Jodeen L., 20803 William St., $316,000.

Faller, Daniel B. to Grubham, Markus W. and Lech, Darby J., 18226 Farnam St., $312,000.

Charleston Homes to Cook, Scott P. and Adriane P., 20809 Grand Ave., $269,550.

Hicks, Donna J. and Lloyd J. to Collazo, Edith F., 19633 Harney St., $265,000.

Kaiser, Jason and Leanne to Gardels, Austin L. and Sarah B., 651 S. 184th St., $246,000.

Hascall, Sherrie A. and Charles W. to Osentowski, Cheera L., 2712 N. 191st St., $234,500.

Celebrity Homes to Tipp, Amy, 1609 N. 208th St., $217,700.

Bauer, Joey and Lindsey to Friedrichsen, Kim O., 2613 N. 191st Ave., $210,000.

Schiessler, Melissa M. and Joseph R. to Eichelberger, Joshua M. and Jaclyn M., 2617 N. 189th St., $206,000.

Zerse, Geraldine W. to Neeman, Kelsie N., 21438 Pacific St., $185,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Concept Homes and Design, 1705 S. 219th St., $120,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Choice Homes, 1605 S. 219th Ave., $120,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Zych Construction, 1218 S. 211th St., $90,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Crown LTD, 1342 S. 210th St., $75,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Zych Construction, 1330 S. 210th St., $75,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Pohlad Custom Homes, 1304 S. 210th St., $75,000.

Pacific Windgate II to JKC Construction, 1606 Blue Sage Parkway, $55,000.

Coventry Ridge to 3 Sheets LLC, 6611 S. 209th St., $54,000.

Coventry Ridge to 3 Sheets LLC, 20909 Monroe Circle, $54,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction to Trademark Homes, 1611 S. 211th St., $52,000.

FRK Development to Hildy Construction, 18974 Pratt St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Fireside Construction Co., 18933 Ruggles St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Vencil Cosntruction, 18966 Manderson St., $44,900.

FRK Development to Trademark Homes, 18936 Sahler St., $39,900.

FRK Development to Fireside Construction Co., 18922 Ruggles St., $39,900.


Clark, Carena J. to Wichmann, Adam D. and Amy L., 525 S. 249th Circle, $825,000.

Addington, Arthur to Chiesa, James A. and Colette M., 230 Riverside Drive, $247,000.

Grace Custom Homes to Sole, Rodney and Gayle, 249 S. 243rd St., $85,847.


Russell, Thomas J. to Sutera, Ashley M. and Scott V., 1208 Howard St., $185,000.


Burns, Diane J. and Anderson, Scott D. to Witt, Derek J., 1622 N. 52nd St., $177,500.

H&S Partnership to Linn, Than and Pie, Pie, 5444 Crown Point Ave., $135,000.

Schwer, Robert and Marcia to Peterson, Timothy R., 2039 N. 62nd St., $125,000.

Wilson, Paul D. and Tara M. to Charboneau, Kristin L., 2926 N. 56th St., $111,500.

Gurnicz, Molly and Greg to Nowak, Lauren M. and Marti, David D., 3311 N. 49th St., $105,000.

Bedore, Alice M. Trust to Paw, Pree L. and Nee L., 5310 N. 47th St., $100,000.

Pecka, Derek to Bohaboj, Kelley, 2013 N. 64th St., $99,000.

JLD Laird LLC to Broxterman, Amanda, 4912 Sigwart Ave., $94,900.

Deinert, Curtis L. to Hawks, Bryan E., 1822 N. 48th Ave., $87,000.

Smith, Ron G. to Aguirre, Angela R. and Chaparro, Miguel, 4706 Blondo St., $68,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 4110 N. 54th St., $68,000.

Three T Investments to Crilly, William T. and Wilma K., 4321 N. 56th St., $48,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 4110 N. 54th St., $21,102.


Smyth, Deana L. and William P. to Richerson, Laura, 2312 S. 32nd Ave., $151,500.

Kellar, Katie and Rickie D. Jr. to Nguyen, Joachim, 4365 Barker Ave., $135,000.

Therrien, Daniel S. and Stacey to Cholewa, James T., 509 S. 31st St., $129,000.

Hooyboer, Joyce to Hrabik, Brian and Victoria, 3067 S. 34th St., $75,000.

Sutton, Jason H. and Sterling, Shelly to ZV Management, 4005 Spring Circle, $72,500.


Neal, Amy K. and Gleb, Thurman C. to Hibbs, Chad B. and Amber J., 4506 Hickory St., $163,000.

Wagner, Erin P. and Timothy J. to Foreman, Nate, 602 S. 55th St., $148,900.

Kresha, Daniel J. and Kathleen to Muelleman, Robert L. and Diane M., 4844 Hickory St., $143,000.

Lawton, Janelle M. to Shawhan, Robert L., trustee for Shawhan Trust Agreement, 4809 Spring St., $108,750.

Slater, Donald L. and Joann to Glaser, Joseph O. Jr., 6926 B St., $101,000.


Brown, Gregory E. to Hrabik, Sherri A. and Charles E., 2307 Polk St., $42,000.

Boggs, Alice M. to Lepez-Mora, Jose and Mirella, 4016 S. 23rd St., $85,000.

Villanueva, Isabelle P., personal representative, to Escamilla, Joel, 4136 V St., $42,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Sorgenfrei, Julie A., 2907 S. 23rd St., $84,900.

Babbit, Barbara A. to Christensen, Leslie A. and Perkins, Susan K., 1935 S. 13th St., $77,000.


HBI LLC to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 3903 N. 17th St., $20,000.


Sutherland, Stu to Crawford, Diann and Charles, 4202 Kansas Ave., $52,200.

Strange, Aleasha to Kid Development Group, 3906 Crown Point Ave., $38,700.

Golden Properties to DMC LLC, 4275 Wirt St., $34,000.

Tuttle, Patricia to Guilliam, Bryan H., 5362 N. 29th St., $28,500.

Prince of Peace Baptist Church to Smartt, Smart, 2577 Hartman Ave., $21,000.


Corum, Mark and Jennifer L. to Bertram, Alana M. and Chris M., 3338 King St., $95,000.

Scott, Jimmie and Graves-Scott, Sharon to Brown, Sonja D. and Clark, Albert L., 4011 Mary St., $64,000.

Heise, Laura A., personal representative, to Tetreault, Marc J. and Jackson, Yvette L., 3454 Martin Ave., $62,000.


Cohano Investments to Johnson, Philip R. and Angie M., 971 S. 95th St., $415,000.

Schnauber, Terry L. and Jean to Weaver, Donna K., 110 N. 87th St., $150,000.

Bowes, Sarabeth and Brett to Shaffer, Chapin E., 1114 N. 87th St., $138,000.

Southern, Timothy R. to Wurtz, Michelle A., 7918 Bowie Drive, $125,000.

Frieze, James and Bobbi to Dorner, Daniel J. and Kylie C., 8214 Bowie Drive, $123,500.

Akron Properties to Rowley, Nicholas and Johnson, Elissa, 1617 N. 75th St., $106,500.

JKT Properties to Andrews, James F., 9054 Charles St., $105,000.

Coats, Kenneth W. Trust to Rogers, Thompson and Jane, 320 S. 89th Court, $975,000.

Lowndes, Kathleen H. Trust to Welborn, Susan A., 9305 Decatur Plaza Circle, $168,000.

O’Hern, Carol, trustee for Learn, Elizabeth A. Trust to Dubas, Dena K., 1911 N. 84th St., $105,000.

Wiater, Zetta A., personal representative, to Hing, Jill and Kimo-Hing, Dararith, 425 S. 90th St., $270,000.


Prestige Homes to Loeman, Ryan P. and Stephanie R., 2308 N. 179th St., $420,000.

Alchommali, Ahmad and Alsalami, Angela J. to Balmuir, Abilash and Pinninti, Swetha G., 16172 Spencer St., $385,000.

Luth, Catherine L. and Aaron M. to Steinhardt, Adam K. and Stephanie, 17217 Spencer St., $342,000.

Jamal, Malia L. to McCarty, Rachael A. and Timothy D., 15916 Bedford Ave., $315,000.

Charleston Homes to Wexler, David A., 2807 N. 169th St., $270,650.

Richland Homes to Myhre, Chris and Deda, 17517 Wirt St., $259,990.

Ridder, Erik F. and Laurie E. to Byuddhdev, Bhuvin and Kajalben, 4857 N. 162nd St., $213,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wirth, Thomas E. and Carroll A., 4835 N. 177th St., $209,200.

Ellis, Lucas A. to Crawford, Kylan D. and Rebecca L., 2327 N. 144th Ave., $207,000.

Beachler, Brent T. to Coury, Kyle, 16326 Fowler Ave., $203,000.

Shaw, David K. and Martha A. to Vandenboogaard, Lea A., 14838 Redman Ave., $198,500.

Celebrity Homes to Shanmugam, Nathan L. and Homan, Katherine M., 16259 Saratoga St., $174,150.

Temme, Justin J. and Beth to SVRC LLC, 3008 N. 152nd St., $148,000.

Hellums, Mark D. and Hackney, Lois M. to Zand, Behrang, 2908 N. 146th St., $145,000.

Farwell, Kristin M. to Mines, Gerald M. and Karen K., 2902 N. 148th St., $145,000.

Martin, Joseph W. and Leslie C. to Keen, Suzanne L. and James N., 16485 Grant St., $141,000.

Todd, Tyler and Dawnelle to Reandeau, Lindsey, 16769 Laurel Plaza, $115,000.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 15307 Kansas Ave., $42,950.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 15404 Crown Point Ave., $41,950.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 15313 Kansas Ave., $41,950.

Manchester Ridge to Waheed, Imran, 17501 Patrick Ave., $40,000.

Byam, Joseph C., trustee for Timperley, Frances D. Trust to McAlpine, Cheryl F. and Daniel W., 15468 Ogden Circle, $268,000.


Cappellano, Kimberly L. and Vincent A. to Esquivel, Rafael and Jazmin, 5018 Drexel St., $141,000.

Price, Raenelle M. to Griffin, Shawn A. and Debra A., 4904 Drexel St., $122,000.


Maurer, Robert D. and Norma P. to Barnhill, Heather T. and Donald C., 17820 Harney St., $550,000.

Kindel, Steven J. and Tammy L. to Isherwood, Ryan B. and Kimberly J., 16406 Jones Circle, $440,000.

Zand, Mansour K. and Regimand, Behshid K. to Kloster, Deborah M. and Jeffrey M., 509 S. 175th St., $403,000.

JJI Investments to Green, Jeffrey C. and Lauren E., 15704 Howard St., $298,000.

Portenier, Jeffrey M. and Katherine M. to Clatterbuck, Nicholas N. and Sarah D., 15658 Fountain Hills Drive, $273,000.

Green, Jeffrey C. and Lauren E. to Wegehaupt, Matthew S., 424 N. 163rd St., $245,000.

Ryan, Kristin and Jeffrey to Millemon, Amanda and Kirsch, Travis, 16011 Parker St., $230,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Umakanthan, Jayadev M. and Balachandran, Karthika, 8534 Sheffield St., $199,900.

Lavu, Madhav and Atluri, Madhulika to Graaf, Renee M., 7526 N. 107th Ave., $195,000.

Witas, Dennis M. Jr. and Michala R. to Towne, Sarah L., 7816 King St., $148,000.

Boyce, Marisa A. to Schnitker, Cheryl, 8909 Kimball St., $128,000.


Hanry, Alene M. to KBL Investments, 3612 S. 105th St., $120,000.

Thomas Properties to Stukenholtz, David and Jan, 7623 Nina St., $99,000.

Latimer, Ralph G. and Sharon A. to Larsen, Terry R. and Grace A., 3003 Paddock Plaza, $97,000.

Bade, Mary J. to Massmade LLC, 3414 Westgate Road, $63,750.


Jarecki, Katherine and Robert to Flores, Monica M., 6229 S. 91st Ave., $216,677.

Myers, Linda A. and Howard L. to Myers, Randy J., 6110 S. 93rd St., $157,000.

Leick, Stacey to Capellupo, Bradley J., 5883 S. 104th Ave., $154,000.

Mangiameli, Theresa to Elkins, Jeffrey R., 5109 S. 80th St., $126,000.

Cavanaugh, Casey C. and Snelson-Cavanaugh, Nicole to Ganske, Hope, 4716 S. 79th Ave., $120,000.

Robles, Lillian and Caleb to Shaw, Thomas A., 5306 S. 104th Ave., $108,000.

Paletta, John P. and Colleen M. to Ballue, Brian S. and Lisa M., 6614 S. 107th St., $215,000.

Schneider, Marika, personal representative, to Cushman, Mitchell G. and Sharon K., 7757 State St., $113,000.


Good Life Homes to Kurtz, Steven M. and Vinardi-Kurtz, Tina A., 19903 Logan Circle, $675,593.

Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction to Moore, Jeffrey W. and Deborah S., 3326 S. 188th Ave., $540,000.

Marasco Homes to Matthews, Steifon and Keely K., 1220 S. 200th Ave., $450,000.

Molettiere, Matthew J. and Courtney R. to Hummel, Brenda and Doug, 1911 S. 197th St., $295,000.

New, Kristen M. and Christian W. to Bradbury, Brent C. and Michelle L., 3818 S. 191st St., $232,500.

Leaders, Edward D. and Robin to Bain, Tyler J., 18937 Atlas St., $193,000.

Walker, Shane R. and Keresa A. to Kober, Jean M., 18958 C St., $180,000.

River Run Ranch to Newell, Teri L., 16012 Martha Circle, $170,000.

Arends, Nicholas J. and Desirae S. to Teeter, Erin E., 1241 S. 168th Ave., $170,000.

Derr, Rachel and James M. Jr. to Smith, Shane K., 3106 S. 159th St., $136,000.

McNamara, Scott J. and Suzanne M. to Nelson, Patrick, 17218 Pine St., $124,800.

Linak, James G. Trust to Bilek, David R. and Amy B., 3406 S. 184th Ave., $470,000.

Bartels, Albert V., trustee for Bartels Trust to Schreurs, Jill E., 16725 Pierce Circle, $192,000.

Martens, Carl H., personal representative, to Thietje, George K. and H. Arlene, 3956 S. 184th Ave., $270,000.


Lamkey, Coleen A. and Christopher R. to Udekwu, Anthony O. and Melissa D., 105 N. 31st Ave., $142,000.

Beier, Bruno to McLeay, Peter E., 4323 Chicago St., $78,500.

Gregory, Zane and Evelyn M. to Dowlatshahi, Kevin and Shahdad, 105 N. 31st Ave., $75,000.


Loomis, Kathleen W. to Zahm, Brian A. and Sarah D., 421 N. 62nd St., $500,000.

Wake, Laura M. and Carol M. to Manhart, Mary J., 6426 Glenwood Road, $207,000.

Stark, Jennifer to Kane, Thomas, 1038 Mayfield Ave., $110,000.

Mangan, Jennifer and Christopher D. to Escobedo, Benjamin R. and Westby-Moyer, Amanda A., 6546 Western Ave., $106,000.


Kellogg, Jennifer and Kale W. to Pandolfo, Alexander M. and Tamara, 6313 N. 106th St., $181,000.

Hernon, Shannon M. to Martinez, Cristian, 2674 N. 97th St., $160,000.

Klein, Sandra L. and Robert M. to Klein, Anthony S., 9719 Ellison Ave., $135,000.

McCarthy, Rosemary J. to Post, Randy and Jessica M., 9430 Tomahawk Blvd., $115,000.

Fidelity Bank to Chamizo, Juan, 4813 N. 81st St., $40,000.

Hageman, Mary B., trustee for Paap Family Property Trust to Engel, Richard and Samantha L., 4111 N. 101st St., $134,500.

Bencker, Rebecca J., personal representative, to Bencker, Timmy and Kohler, Tammy, 9549 Ruggles St., $125,000.

Kerwin-Ashby, Gail H. to Shults, Robert G. and Julie M., 7551 Lawndale Drive, $115,000.

Bower, Shirley O., personal representative, to Bower, Scott A., 4329 N. 81st Avenue Circle, $54,000.


Davis, Alan S. and Laura A. to Mason, Jeri L. and Eric R., 17517 O St., $369,000.

Baylor, Randy L. and Christina M. to Miller, Warren R. and Jane, 17460 Renfro St., $305,000.

Fougeron, James to Byman, Brad A. and Kelsey J., 6019 S. 182nd Ave., $290,000.

Russmann, Scott A. and Carrie L. to Payne, Thomas and Elaine, 19346 I St., $270,000.

Lippold, Shane D. and Shelley K. to Lavilee, Sara A. and James A., 4814 S. 162nd Ave., $252,400.

Ressler, R. Thomas and Joadele A. to Christen, Patrick W. and Sandra K., 4838 S. 163rd St., $249,500.

Dynamic Properties to Sichmeller, Amy L. and Jason P., 18609 Anne St., $233,000.

Patten, Brent E. and Kathleen M. to Vargas, Armando and Jorge, 6133 S. 191st St., $205,000.

Crist, Leeann and Marcuccio, Louis to Hennessey, Jason, 16830 M Circle, $195,000.

Carrow, Michele L. to Jorgenson, Samuel R. and Hulett, Ashley A., 6337 S. 191st St., $185,000.

Rose, Paul B. and Jodette E. to Pariani, Alisha J. and David R., 6768 S. 187th Ave., $179,000.

Kumke, Tosha M. and Paul J. to Sampson, Michael and Nikki, 16405 Weir St., $174,700.

Hoerstkamp, Troy K. and Sheri A. to Spencer, Kelly J., 17657 H St., $169,900.

Burry, Anna E. and Derek to Mahoney, Adam P. and Cheney, Brittany L., 19116 U St., $148,055.

Elwer, Elizabeth and Souba, Brandon to Watson, Clinton and Shelby, 18689 Borman St., $142,000.

Mulder, Jamie to Andersen, Arthur and Debra, 4955 S. 178th St., $137,900.

Mulder, Larry J. to Andersen, Arthur and Debra, 4955 S. 178th St., $137,000.

Whitehawk Development to Nelson Builders, 4324 S. 198th St., $43,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 18108 Cinnamon St., $39,200.


Hennagir, Joshua F. and Severnich, Brett D. to Martens, Brant E. and O’Bannon-Martens, Te’ya T. 4135 S. 148th St., $215,000.

Rush, James J. and Ann M. to Stinton, Dominic D. and Gooch, Leighann, 15253 Y St., $175,000.

Dall, Julie M. and Sullivan, Daniel J. to Tyree, Melanie G. and Timothy A., 14911 N Circle, $168,000.

Gaines, Diana and Mike to Matuszak, Stanley C. and Tonya, 6505 S. 135th St., $157,000.

Sim, Sylvie L. and Jeremiah to Kerns, Ricky and Vass-Kerns, Jennifer, 14431 Weir Circle, $155,000.

Post, Andrew R. to Gargano, Timothy and Savannah, 6618 S. 109th St., $148,000.

Hoppe, Lisa and Peter J. to Warner, Ann M., 14024 Monroe St., $138,000.

Davis, William M. and Julie J. to Tickle, Myles and Charissa, 6368 S. 137th St., $127,500.

Frost, Chad R. to Pease, Bryan T. and Frances A., 12730 Gail Plaza, $101,000.

Allgood, Burke E. to SKW Investements, 6735 S. 142nd St., $100,000.

Moore, James T., personal representative, to Kleinschmit, Loren J. and Kristin M., 5165 S. 131st St., $170,000.


Celebrity Homes to Nelson, Bailey M., 7314 N. 143rd St., $163,100.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Buelt, Thomas A. and McGuire, Keven E., 7152 N. 122nd Ave., $58,000.

Frazier, Robert J. and Janet to Herzberg, Sharon L. Trust, 7353 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $46,000.


Reider, Shannon and Clay to Lee, Michelle R. and Liebsack, Jeremy J., 15229 Shirley St., $175,000.

Farnsworth, Jean P. to Corum, Mark and Jennifer, 13901 Pierce St., $174,400.

Wedeking, Julie M. and Benjamin A. to Crisman, Jacob, 1524 S. 142nd Circle, $160,000.

Perry, Grant E. and Betsy K. to Nuttelmann, Tate and Volkman, Jourdan, 3416 S. 109th St., $133,500.

Vause, Christopher M. to Senn, Melinda, 3436 S. 130th St., $126,500.

McGinley, Maureen F. Trust to Bear Homes, 12718 Cryer Ave., $164,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Vargas-Figueroa, Marisela, 2646 Harrison St., $129,900.


Isherwood, Ryan B. and Kimberly J. to Huyck, Molly J., 6020 Country Club Oaks Place, $580,000.

Linenbrink, Clara A. to Gay, Eh and Dawk, Maung K., 6905 N. 65th Ave., $109,900.

Humpal, Fred C. and Rhonda Trust to Dhingra, Ashish and Reeg-Dhingra, Mary P., 9217 Timberline Drive, $261,000.


McNeil, Patrick G. to Bonnesen, Catherine, 810 N. 143rd Court, $855,000.

Runde, Eric J. and Rachel E. to Brudney, James and Margaret H., 1706 N. 129th St., $330,000.

Michels, Gary D. and Therese W. to Sampson, Herbert and Kathryn, 1225 N. 131st St., $294,000.

Hanigan, Joni and Ryan L. to Rips, Beth C., 603 Grey Fawn Drive, $237,500.

Doney, Brian and Jordan to Whitenack, Nicholas A., 908 S. 152nd Circle, $229,000.

Stevens, Devon and Jaime to Mullin, Andrew R. and Karen A., 12341 Franklin St., $225,000.

McNeil Co. Inc. to SPR LLC, 1315 N. 133rd St., $214,000.

Pfeifer, Brian J. and Sarah K. to Ranjitkar, Asmita, 12123 Westover Road, $210,000.

Gollehon, Audrey E. and Eugene M. to Zerse, Geraldine W., 12727 West Dodge Road, $114,400.

Adams, Carla M., trustee for Vaughan, Theresa M. Trust to Morgan, James L. Jr. and Zimmerman, Linda A., 13005 Hawthorne Court, $299,900.


Baumert, Ryan J. and Joann M. to Shearer, Mark O. and Kathleen R., 11445 Saratoga St., $175,000.

Bockbrader, Monica L. to Herlein, Jared J., 12746 Corby St., $169,000.

Newman, Regina K. and Jody to Krontz, Joseph R., 2716 N. 131st Circle, $146,000.

Knobbe, Pamela J. and Kyl J. to Silvus, Zach and Kayla, 6205 N. 131st Ave., $120,000.

LaRochelle, John and Wilson, Theresa A. to Earl, Patrick, 2533 N. 137th St., $24,000.

Wilson, Theresa A. to Earl, Patrick, 2527 N. 137th St., $24,000.

Dahlquist, Milan C., personal representative, to Gray, Kevin and Deborah, 11316 Sahler St., $163,000.



Platt, Herman D., trustee for Walker, Irvin L. Estate to Mora, Sergio, 1001 Bert Murpy Blvd., $25,000.

Warnes, William C. and Carole L. to Ging Properties, 1107-1109 Bluff St., $175,000.

Hasenstaub, Thomas S. to Herivel, Richard E. and Brenda R., 1311 Camp Gifford Road, $267,000.

Toth, Coleman L. and Linda L. to Martinez, Carmen V., 1510 Englewood Drive, $118,000.

Cruse, Edward to Heller, Dustin and Rene, 1706 Lincoln Road, $58,000.

Robinson, Adrian C. and Corinne A. to Simpson, Spencer, 204 Sandi Court, $145,000.

MDET PC to Tuff, Ronald and LaShonda, 2809 Bryan Ave., $124,000.

Natho, Christain L. and Allisan S. to Troutner, David D. and Tarah, 307 Brooks Place, $165,000.

Chandler, Lawrence F. Jr. to Chandler, Lawrence F. III and Renee M., 411 E. 22nd Ave., $200,000.

Crumley, Wayne C. and Martha M. to Mullen, Cheri A., 610 S. Bellevue Blvd., $105,000.

Pogue Construction to Eckhoff, Krista M. and Marques J., 804 Kohl Road, $192,000.


Cooke, T. Scott and Rachel M. to Lewis, Dale R. and Patricia R., 11104 S. 213rd St., $240,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 112 Meadow Lane, $61,000.

Danczak, Lee and Theresa to Lindquist, Jeremiah J., 11292 S. 201st St., $220,000.

Lane, Jeffrey S. and Michelle A. to Gregory, Broc W. and Megan A., 12173 S. 218th St., $218,000.

Meis, Anthony C. and Maria B. to Choi, Seung and Amanda, 12602 S. 218th St., $194,000.

Reid, Shaun F. and Jessica C. to Baker, Andrew H. and Mutchler-Baker, Jennifer, 20224 Crystal Ave., $224,000.

Reoh, Amy and Lee to Haecker, Nathan and Dana, 20293 Jeannie Lane, $425,000.

Ciurej, Daniel J. and Kenneth L. and Persick-Ciurej, Patrice M. to Citta, Edward E. and Dubas-Citta, Pamela J., 20939 McClellan Drive, $193,000.

Raymond, Janice J. and Clifford L. to Lightle, Melissa and Travis, 20946 Oak St., $152,000.

Oles, Josh M. and Kirsti A. to Stark, Kyle K., 21006 Paradise Drive, $159,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Schoonveld, Joel A. and Katherine N., 21331 Quarry Lane, $229,000.

Blue Jay Development to Radicia, Joseph B. IV and Amy, 21538 Amber Drive, $180,000.

Reeves, James S. and Kalinda L. to Nielsen, Kurt E. and Janelle L., 426 Michael Drive, $193,000.

Perry, Steven W. and Kristi K. to Simodynes, Vincent and Alison, 508 Grandview Ave., $178,000.

Booze, Kenneth C. Jr. and Nancy L. to KNA Properties, 604 & 600 W. Westplains Road, $66,000.

Bluestone Custom Builders to Mason, Travis L. and Karyl M., 6907 S. 201st St., $425,000.

Hansen, Richard B. and Kristina D. to Glab, Joe and Christle, 7205 S. 193rd St., $355,000.

Silverstone Building Co. to LaMontia, Shawn and Heather, 8118 S. 193rd St., $356,000.

Conroy, Brian and Carla to Zych Construction 9067 S. 232nd Circle, $260,000.


Vonderharr, Steven S. and Donna J. to Robertson, Cody W. and Kimberly, 1004 Hogan Drive, $234,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Woodland Homes, 10103 S. 125th St., $47,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Pine Crest Homes, 10305 S. 125th St., $47,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Woodland Homes, 10353 S. 124th St., $47,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Woodland Homes, 10506 S. 125th St., $57,000.

Vega, Loni R. and Nairm L. to Schweiss, Rita, 10713 S. 110th Ave., $190,000.

Schraeder, Kevin M. and Melissa to Gillis, David B. and Dena L., 1113 Michelle Parkway, $195,000.

Weddle, Richard and Maura to Olson, Dennis, 1206 Patricia Drive, $180,000.

Woodland Homes to Spain, Donald R. and Laurie, 12098 S. 79th St., $407,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Pine Crest Homes, 12128 Montauk Drive, $47,000.

Sherwood Homes to Zech, Jacob M. and Melissa A., 12365 Osprey Lane, $315,000.

Jackman, Stephen S. and Mindee D. to Ruane, Matthew J. and Christine J., 12409 S. 81st Ave., $362,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Woodland Homes, 12464 Windward Circle, $47,000.

Woodland Homes to Peppers, Daniel R. and Marybeth S., 12502 Windward Circle, $449,000.

Woodland Homes to Mabeus, Bryan J. and Shelisa K., 12529 S. 82nd St., $404,000.

Hunt, Stephen M. and Katherine R. to Gordon, Marc E. and Diana J., 1605 Ridgeview Drive, $225,000.

Howell, James B. and Erin E. to Buikema, Hunter and Karen, 1706 Diane St., $262,000.

Allen, Lance T. and Halicia M. to DePalma, Sarah R. and Lowell W., 1710 Eastview Drive, $170,000.

Slump, Chad A. and Heather R. to Rupiper, Josh M. and Amber L., 1904 Lakewood Drive, $315,000.

Jaba Enterprises to Lempp, Ryan and Kari, 1906 Wood Bridge Circle, $175,000.

Bohannon, Cody R. and Jamie L. to Schimke, Aaron P., 2417 S. Mineral Drive, $184,000.

Monarez, Eduardo and Susan to Strosnider, Joshua B. and Kristan J., 2491 Glacier Drive, $285,000.

Adams, Lynn R., personal representative for Adams, Jerry H. Estate to Isenberg, Rick M., 702 Elm Hurst Drive, $170,000.

Brenner, Cynthia A. to Dowden, Patrick and Stephanie, 808 Michael Drive, $215,000.

Bonner, L. Keith and Beverly J. to Madden, Todd T. and Rita M., 809 Fillmore St., $229,000.

Terriquez, Melina to Hooke, Jeremiah M. and Kelli A., 904 Ridgeview St., $220,000.


Klimek, Troy to Sladek, Frank and Steven and Regina, 11411 Buffalo Road, $10,000.

Simonson, John D. and Suzanne K. Trust to Ryley, Travis A. and Katherine A., 17712 Cottonwood Lane, $190,000.

Goodenberger, Richard D. and Lindsey to Mather, Liberty J., 185 N. Fourth St., $138,000.

Carlson, Darren K. and Katrina A. to Nelson, Dana R. and Rasmussen, Abby J., 645 N. Sixth St., $203,000.

Berenson, Wendy C. to Larson, Mark B. II and Bergmann, Jessica A., 765 North First St., $119,000.


Curley, Michael and Helen to Baker, Todd and Amy, 9900 S. 252nd St., $42,000.


Lilly, Curtis L. and Kimberly J. to Jerke, James T., 10017 S. Ninth Circle, $150,000.

Korthals, Maurice L. and Ruth D. to Benitez, Avelino and Cortez, Miriam, 11918 S. 33rd St., $122,000.

Roberts, Kenneth W. to Jones, Marsha K., 13527 Glendale Circle, $130,000.

Webb, David L. and Kara L. to Dettmering, Philip K. and Crystal L., 13601 S. 42nd Circle, $190,000.

Wert, Timothy R. and Sheila M. to Alexander, David S. and Ann E., 13609 S. 42nd Ave., $290,000.

White, James and CDeBaca-White, Wendy R. to Sullivan, Sean P. and Lisa S., 13804 S. 17th St., $240,000.

Hatfield, Scott A. to Stickney, Noyes C. III, 14206 S. 30th Ave., $222,000.

Somlai, Gerhard A. and Kelley A. to Bridge, Christopher I. and Kimberly A., 14507 S. 23rd St., $222,000.

Monarch Construction to Bryant, Lisa, 2204 Oriole Drive, $280,000.

Bishop, James A. and Robin M. to Natho, Christain and Allisan, 2305 Plymouth Rock Road, $248,000.

Martin, David L. and Skye L. to KR Properties, 2510 Casey Circle, $138,000.

White, Jeramy A. and Joana M. to Lenz, Jeremy and Megan, 2510 Raven Ridge Drive, $184,000.

Triplett, Bradley K. and Cynthia M. to Lynn, Mark and Bree, 2708 Blackhawk Drive, $227,000.

Flynn, Yatasha to Jazwierski, Konrad M. and Aubrey L., 3401 Blackhawk Drive, $155,000.

Rutledge, James H. and Ok S. to Andrews, John C. Jr. and Carolyn R., 68123, $182,000.

Jacobsen, Corey W. to Harney, Jennifer C. and Dirkschneider, Clayton P., 9802 S. 27th Ave., $229,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Hurrington, Marcus W. and Melissa A., 10323 Cary St., $258,000.

France, Joe D. and Katherine S. to Spencer, Chase and Kimberly, 10408 Cary St., $257,000.

Crouch, Christopher D. and Erin N. to Primavera, Andrew and Bailey, 7166 Thorn Apple Lane, $210,000.

Olson, Stanley T. and Joyce A. to Schmidt, Jeffrey S., 7704 Leafplum Drive, $124,000.

Spielman, Mark K. and Chelsea M. to Dentinger, Michelle, 7814 S. 72nd Avenue Circle, $163,000.

Marion, Leslie A. and Jonathon A. to Marrison, Patricia E. and Myron, 7825 La Vista Drive, $164,000.

Shores, Donald R. to Thomas, Melvin S. and Merrilee K., 8010 S. 67th Street Circle, $178,000.

Bratetic, Daniel J. and Kathleen A. to Perry, Grant E. and Betsy K., 8137 S. 101st St., $235,000.

Charleston Homes to Wyant, Gregg A. and Kathleen S., 8709 S. 103rd St., $269,000.

Ahl, Derek A. and Kerry A. to Neesen, Curtis L. and Nicole M., 9117 Valley View Drive, $240,000.

Sinkevich, Linda R. to Settles, Michelle and Nathan, 9521 Valley Road Circle, $258,000.


Jelinek, Jeffrey J. and Natalie to Cloyed, Douglas and Rebecca, 205 Longwood Drive, $379,000.

Jensen, Kevin B. and Catherine A. to Galvin, Brian T., 2131 Betsy Ave., $277,000.

Charleston Homes to Meredith, Thomas J., 4704 Sheridan Road, $270,000.

Kotila, Bruce L. and Barbara J. to Ford, Arthur P. and Diane Trust, 4711 Sierra St., $317,000.

Rogers Development to MJ Design Build Inc., 6624 Park Crest Drive, $64,000.

Rogers Development to Pacesetter Homes, 6632 Park Crest Drive, $130,000.

Rogers Development to Empire Homes and Remodeling, 6644 Park Crest Drive, $63,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Brazda, John T. and Jean M., 6913 Beth Ave., $318,000.


Celebrity Homes to Osborn, Brandon L. and Samantha E., 7803 S. 188th St., $272,000.


Eurich, Timothy R. and Amy S. to Beerman, James R. and Janet K. Trust, 10417 Spyglass Drive, $253,000.

Moss, Tasha K. and Todd to Bowling, Katherine R. and Jonathan C., 10725 Fairway Drive, $428,000.

Graham, Jay M. and Lori J. to Nathan Homes, 15721 Timberlane Drive, $235,000.

Lacroix, Thomas and Colleen to Jensen, Marc C. and Susan I., 15801 Cary Circle, $305,000.

Krueger, Pam R. to Nielsen, Bryan P. and Jenny L., 16117 Emiline St., $255,000.

Davidson, Margaret M. to Morbach, Michelle, 16906 Colony Drive, $228,000.

Cesare, Armando and Marla to Held, Brian D., 17212 Sage St., $308,000.

Bowling, Jonathan C. and Katherine R. to Moss, Todd and Tasha, 17238 Banner St., $254,000.

JMF LLC to Nelson Builders, 17516 Summit Drive, $65,000.

Mora, Charles J. and Kimberly D. to Stalling, David A., 17714 Edna St., $135,000.

Reed, Terry J. to Stika, Zachary V. and Joanna R., 17856 Josephine St., $140,000.

Flores, Monica to Patten, Brent E. and Kathleen M., 18105 Edna St., $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bullington, Kirk B. and Diana, 19117 Greenleaf St., $235,000.

Lonowski, Jeffrey L. and D’Ann K. to Franklin, Kelly J., 7121 S. 158th St., $225,000.

Mason, Natalie and Cohen, Jennifer L. to Flynn, Ashley A. and Robert H., 7412 S. 169th St., $270,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Colyer, Damon G. and Julee L., 8703 Greenfield St., $262,000.

Crim, Kathryn R. to Kamenskiy, Alexey V. and Desyatova, Anastasia S., 8805 Greenfield St., $220,000.

Warren, Louis G. and Trudy to Ashworth, Donna K., 9610 S. 175th Circle, $285,000.


Richland Homes to Mason, Cornelius L. and Kerna L., 10709 S. 111th St., $269,000.

Bidrowsky, Michael and David A. to Coil, Mollie L. and Champion, Philip R., 13221 Glenn St., $100,000.

Mutual First Federal Credit Union to MMBD LLC, 13303 Gertrude St., $115,000.

Beacom, Dawn M. and Eric to Mackling, Vaughn D., 13621 Redwood Circle, $115,000.

Stoneking, Brad A. and Kristal M. to Fonfara, Benjamin F. and Antonia J., 13711 Frederick Ave., $160,000.

Sabers, Debra L. to Epp, Sarah A., 13728 Lillian Circle, $140,000.

Foral, Nicholas L. and Kelly L. to 14506 Schram LLC, 14706 Schram Road, $675,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 7016 S. 155th Circle, $128,000.

Jensen, Nicholas R. and Betsy J. to Harpenau, Mitchell J., 7208 S. 149th Circle, $134,000.

Nielsen, Bryan P. and Jenny L. to Olsen, Grant T. and Dworak, Sara L., 7221 S. 132nd Ave., $150,000.

Siragusa, Jeremy J. and Tanya to Rutten, Troy and Brandy, 7311 S. 140th Ave., $192,000.

Morales, Michelle L. to Frericks, Katherine E. and Ricky J., 8517 S. 143rd Ave., $137,000.


Capital Investors to Richland Homes, 2203 Lola Ave., $33,000.

Capital Investors to Richland Homes, 2206 Barbara Ave., $33,000.

Capital Investors to Richland Homes, 2305 Lola Ave., $33,000.

Wheeler, Kevin M. to Dobesh, Gerald D., 7603 S. 41st Ave., $37,000.

Smithson, Trisha E. to Dobesh, Gerald D., 7603 S. 41st Ave., $37,000.

Goyal, Anissa M. to Browning, Elizabeth, 7802 S. 24th St., $144,000.

Broughton, Garrett A. and Laura E. to Conner, Coleby and Angela, 9301 S. 25th Ave., $205,000.


Brazda, John T. and Jean M. to Rai, Surja B. and Chatur M. and Tul B., 462 Virignia Ave., $158,000.

Grace, Edward F. and Leona to Grace, Daniel M., 4707 Harrison St., $125,000.

King, Jason J. and Maria I. to Ngo, Nhan, 6409 Elmhurst Drive, $179,000.



Kadar, Yvette J. to McClelland, Ann M. and Paul A., 5737 Redtail Road, $152,000.

Felshaw, David D. Jr. and Lloyd B. and Paul and Winfield, Ramona to Olsen, Joshua E., 3327 10th Ave., $93,000.

McElroy, Jennifer and Mark to Johnston, Caleb, 2928 Ave. I, $110,000.

Driver, Amy and Michael to Jones, Cheryl A. and Daniel L., 2121 Ave. L, $128,000.

Bebout, Carolyn J. to Fender, Richard, 2927 Third Ave., $115,000.

Countryside Homebuilders to Canada, Jeremy and Griffin, Brittany, 2519 16th St., $180,000.

Collins, Barbara E. to Riedinger, Benjamin J. and Emily M., 416 27th St., $125,000.

West, Gloria G. and Larry A. to Pettit, Molly and Samuel, 5649 Redtail Road, $154,000.

Clark, Karen T. and Robert to Walck, William, 1042 N. 26th St., $105,000.

Berg, Debra R. and William A. to Risney, Nola R. and Teddy E., 114 Peregrine Place, $159,000.

Hedges, Jacob to Sprinkel, Gregory W. and Zachary W., 1020 N. 31st St., $19,000.

Renteria, Aurea to Saldana, Nicholas L. and Shannon, Amee L., 2200 Ave. A, $60,000.


Hobart, Kimberly and William R. to Schulenberg, Sharon M., 198 Orchard Ave., $175,000.

Johns, Stephen W. and Terri L. to Zadalis, Jennifer and Michael, 24 Aspen Court, $275,000.

Smith, Jeannie M. and Keith A. to Highhouse, Paul M. and Sara K., 1246 Fairmount Ave., $175,000.

Silvey, Bradley and Deanna to Sanchez, Adam and Rebecca, 32 Circle Drive, $126,000.

Stout, Craig L. and Wanda S. to Tams, Benjamin and Stacey, 17756 Lochland Ridge, $310,000.

Buley, Debra L. to Kohn, Kyle, 224 Wendy Heights Road, $124,000.

Jones, Cheryl A. and Daniel L. to Kruse, Andrew S. and Lynsie R., 313 Wildwood Road, $189,000.

Torneten, Kimberly to Swanek, Madeline R. and Nicholas A., 211Millard St., $110,000.

Loghry, Kenneth L. and Melissa M. to Rive, Kaycee L. and Taylor, Joshua A., 621 Oakland Drive, $129,000.

Jantzon, Nancy to Burman, Robert C. III, 190 Bennett Ave., $138,000.

HCC Investments to BP Quality Homes, 1444 Larchmont Drive, $52,000.

Bank of New York to Crilly, Karis, 306 Worth St., $30,000.

Taylo Family LC to Richards, Randy J., 654 Harrison St., $179,000.


Kruse, Andrew and Lynsie to Western Iowa Investments, 4324 N. 13th St., Carter Lake, $108,000.


Langer, Cheryl R. to Rzemyk, Lindsay M. and Thomas, 318 Wool St., Avoca, $51,000.


Wilber, Colleen V. and Dudley R. and Robert D. to Hotze, Mitchell M., 401 Locust St., Carson, $44,500.

Green Tree Servicing to Bentley East Inc., 531 High St., Carson, $37,000.


Kuhfahl, Avis E. and William C. to Driver, Amy and Michael, 22782 Linden Road, Crescent, $220,000.

Knight, Stephanie L. to Schlott, Polina and Robert, 20324 Monument Road, Crescent, $265,000.


McLaren, Amy B. and Devin K. to Lytle, Barbara J. and Pittmann, Randy, 17792 538th St., Griswold, $51,535.


Clemons, Anthony C. and Barbara J. to Helvie, Brian D. and Dane L., 19341 290th St., McClelland, $387,000.


Thoms, David G. to Hogberg, Kelsey L. and Andersen, Adam V., 107 Terrel Ave., Treynor, $160,500.

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