Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Perry, Jason P. and Elyssa B., 9119 Kilpatrick Parkway, $393,375.

Demman, James R. Jr. Trust to Trauernicht, Brian E. and Chiyo, 14802 Black St., $337,500.

Timberline Homes to Hevi-Doglan, Yao E. and Hevi, Cynthia, 8009 N. 159th Ave., $314,735.

Hansen, Daniel M. and Brenda L. to Huntley, Kerry A. and Janene R., 10419 N. 150th St., $232,000.

Legacy Home Omaha to Ausdemore, Gary L., 15803 Young Circle, $195,000.

Ritchie, Elizabeth A. to Bartlett, Sarah B., 8060 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Banke, Adam H. to O’Connor, Mary T., 15305 Whitmore St., $150,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Home Co., 12825 N. 184th St., $67,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Barr Homes, 18518 Northern Hills Drive, $52,000.

Waterford Development to Kiger, Jason and Emily, 7633 N. 153rd Circle, $42,900.


Brian Scott Homes to Dorhout, Syboney Y. Trust, 5543 S. 208th Circle, $759,280.

Falcone, Thomas R. and Juanda L. to Hortsman, Alan C. Trust, 18175 Mayberry St., $585,000.

Bertsch, Bradley and Lisa to Lee, Keith and Shannon, 19506 Leavenworth St., $425,000.

Prairie Homes to Arens, Thomas P., 20757 Ames Ave., $389,215.

Hostman, Alan C. Trust to Brockmeier, Matt and Catherine, 1510 N. 183rd Ave., $365,000.

Christiansen, Seth and Sarah to Falcone, Thomas R. and Juanda L., 410 S. 185th St., $350,000.

Trademark Homes to Fitch, Shane and Tejal, 18978 Manderson St., $334,706.

Charleston Homes to Angell, Sally M. and Gregory B., 4822 N. 208th Ave., $306,564.

Thomas, Patrick S. and Susan J. to Vering, Andrew J. and Jennifer M., 586 S. 183rd Ave., $280,000.

Wilson, Brett and Paula to Rabe, Joel, 3910 N. 208th St., $253,500.

Nguyen, Thang T. and Nhung H. to Knobbe, Henry B. and Betsy R., 830 S. 183rd St., $235,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Wirges, Garrett W., 19101 Ohio St., $230,000.

Amick, Regina N. to Edney, Matthew J. and Elizabeth A., 1319 N. 183rd St., $227,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Hoovestol, Wayne B. and Monica A., 3732 S. 228th Terrace Circle, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wilmes, Laura, 1617 N. 208th St., $213,500.

Dirks, Cassandra J. to Hoegh, Benjamin L. and Shannon J., 1592 N. 208th St., $199,000.

Heath, Tyler and Stacy to Raney, Douglas C. and Jennifer M., 20610 Parker St., $170,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 1616 S. 218th Ave., $140,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 1510 S. 218th St., $140,000.

Buckley, Ryan J. and Loretta B. to Beams, Caitlin D. and Corey, 3811 Appaloosa Drive, $100,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Dubberly, Aaron and Lee A., 1811 S. 221st St., $95,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Jordan Michael Signature Homes, 20801 Frances Circle, $90,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Castle Brook Builders, 1811 S. 221st St., $85,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Robertson, Andrew W. and Dawna L., 1026 N. 190th St., $80,000.

Northridge Residential to Pearce Construction Group, 911 S. 185th St., $69,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Buller, Chad and Leah, 20956 Pine Circle, $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Castle Brook Builders, 20956 Pine Circle, $50,000.

Ramm Holdings to Ideal Designs Remodeling, 20820 Woolworth Ave., $50,000.

Fireside Construction to Paradise Homes, 20057 Water Lily St., $47,009.

Gottsch Land Co. to Home Co., 19401 Ruggles Circle, $46,000.

Charleston Homes to Home Co., 20610 Larimore Ave., $40,000.


Mallard Landing to Charles Thomas Homes and TJL Consulting, 3814 N. 265th Court, $175,000.

Boger, Rhonda to Croft, Braden, 8415 N. 252nd St., $90,000.


Ryan, Thomas F. and Lavonne to Knuth, Tyler, 22430 Southshore Drive, $258,000.


MBO Properties and GLS Stenson Family Limited to Shacari Inc., 300 S. 16th St., $185,000.


Nies, Ellen and Brian to Miller, Matthew C. and Zhang, Qian, 2703 N. 55th St., $238,000.

Silver, Joshua and Hanna B. to Tellman, Matthew W. and Chelsie L., 5128 Franklin St., $231,000.

Grenfell, Alex M. to Tepper, David J. and Blackney, Rachel E., 2336 N. 50th Ave., $180,000.

Flores, Melvin and Cindy to Pauba, Kevin L. and Mary E., 2039 N. 50th St., $105,000.

Dick, Brittney B. to Cook. Melina M., 6309 Manderson St., $79,000.

Kennedy, Jonathan P. to Johnson, Robert J. and Denise, 3929 N. 67th St., $79,000.

Precision Properties Group to Beebee, William R., 3220 Fontenelle Blvd., $73,000.

Wells Fargo Bank and Riverview Mortgage Loan Trust to Gochenour, Rene, 3706 N. 59th St., $48,000.

Young, Willie F. to Punch It Out Inc., 5719 Larimore Ave., $39,500.


Mullins, Travis and Breland, Ashley to Droescher, Caleb L., 4370 Pacific St., $172,000.

Hodge, Steven P. to Scriven, Craig, 500 S. 37th St., $108,000.

Andersen, Marie L. to Wheeler, Holly M., 3052 S. 44th St., $83,000.

McCoy, Mary I. to Giron, Michael D., 2207 S. 42nd St., $75,000.


Prorok, Gregory D. and Linda K. to Neary, Leigh A., 613 S. 51st Ave., $200,000.

Pawlowski, Peter and Carroll, Tammy to Harris, Ashley N. and Peters, Tyler D., 6467 William St., $142,000.

Brand, Patricia A. and Michael to Van Zee, Adam, 5017 Bancroft Circle, $140,000.

Harris, Anthony and Kresha, David to Van Der Werf, Guy and Amika, 2223 S. 51st St., $122,500.

Swiercek, Cynthia L. and Richard S. to Shawhan, Robert L., trustee for Shawhan Trust Agreement, 2504 S. 46th St., $121,500.

Peterson, Arlene, personal representative, to Stockton, Christopher J., 6830 Mason St., $75,000.

Cole, Gary W. to Mooberry, Brandon and Janette, 5820 Frances St., $72,000.


Swertzic, Chad A. and Ellerbroek, Susan J. to Guzman, Joaquin, 3821 Polk St., $115,000.

Carrazco, Guadalupe and Cortez-Jacinto, Gudelia to Chino-Mejia, Roberto and Carrozco-Cortez, Yuridia, 3344 Polk St., $68,000.

Kiper, John V. Jr. and Sally J. to Styl Properties, 4220 S. 18th St., $37,500.


Livengood, James L. and Rubenthaler, Allison R. to D-Pack LLC, 2570 Laurel Ave., $27,500.


Platinum Assets LLC to Mout, Noze D., 3073 Ernst St., $97,000.

Linden Homes to Rydberg, Terry L. Jr., 2755 Iowa St., $90,000.

Bryant, Jeana M. to Yost, Yasemin, 2756 Iowa St., $74,000.


Martin, Carla and Jonathan to Huddleston, Anne M., 8613 Broadmoor Drive, $305,000.

Trucraft Development to Madsen, Cathleen M. and Mark R., 9501 Douglas St., $237,000.


Beaton, Christopher M. and Renee M. to Honke, Emily E. and Dessonville, Loren E., 2516 N. 159th St., $425,000.

Mancini, Marilyn M. Trust to Houle, Bernard J. and Cathleen E., 2724 N. 160th St., $420,024.

Dave Paik Builders to Naidu, Gorantla V. and Deendayalan, Banurekha S., 2722 N. 178th St., $349,245.

Van Dyke, Travis J. to Skoog-Smith, Judson W. and Kristy M., 17202 Fowler Circle, $229,000.

Vaca, Brian L. to Nelson, Matthew J. and Megan D., 14705 Crown Point Ave., $219,000.

Krull, Keven L. and Brenda A. to Buscher, Clarence A. III, 2611 N. 150th Ave., $215,000.

Rathnaiah, Jayantha B. and Gunadeva, Raji to Krumwiede, Quinton, 5150 N. 176th Avenue Circle, $210,000.

Lindsey, William R. and Sara J. to Kastrick, Christine A., 4674 N. 166th St., $194,900.

Scheele, Sherri to Stiles, Thomas E. and Jaime A., 4508 N. 167th St., $174,900.

Safi, Mahmood Z. and Hassina to Hacker, Alan and Christina, 4705 N. 148th St., $170,000.

Conway, Bernard J. to Lightner, Daniel R. and Jessica K., 14745 Sprague St., $167,000.

Loseke, Jeremy A. to Smith, Sydney, 6307 N. 148th St., $150,000.

Robinson, Luke M. and Katie A. to Barry, Michael J. and Vanessa G., 17218 Manderson St., $150,000.

Edney, Matthew J. and Elizabeth to Conrad, Terry and Kim, 14919 Binney St., $142,500.

Schaben, Adam C. and Jessica A. to Gubbles, Kayla, 16917 Yort Ave., $140,000.

Rodgers, James A. and Katie M. to Ackerman, Taylor C. and Wolf, Kyler J., 16507 Yates St., $139,000.

Meske, Trisha and Christopher R. to Hopkins, Caitlin M., 16708 Erskine St., $136,000.


Gow, Ronald R. and Charlotte A. to Howard, Ronald L. Jr. and Renee A., 4926 S. 49th St., $99,000.

Godfroy, Sarah and Mark D. to Sorensen, Christopher M., 5407 Orchard Ave., $88,500.

Menard, Sheila R. to Minino, Scott, 4875 S. 51st St., $85,000.


Carson, Diane K., trustee for Stanislav, Elizabeth M. Trust to Shannon, Joseph L. Sr., 708 N. 162nd St., $405,000.

Connolly, Donald J. to Johnson, Dustin P. and Leigh A., 15912 Lamp Circle, $258,000.

Willits, Eric M. and Jennifer W. to Shirley, John A. and Millen, Jamie, 16130 Parker St., $255,000.

Vacanti Custom Homes to Reeder, Lance M. and Rachel B., 17522 Douglas St., $61,000.


Jones, Jason E. and Molly M. Trust to Kost, Travis and Kirby, 6503 N. 103rd Ave., $199,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Garry, Denise J. and Lamonte E., 8562 King St., $182,000.

Keslar, Kelsey A. and Tehl P. to Thomas, Jonathan S. and Megan L., 7308 N. 106th Ave., $172,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Bryant, Jeremy M. and Elicia E., 7905 N. 85th St., $170,845.

Fudge, Mathew L. and Amy J. to Folberth, Ashley N. and John W., 7316 N. 85th St., $165,000.

Beccard, Roger W. and Kelly K. to Lam, Teresa M., 7654 Howell St., $145,000.

Svoboda, Melissa L. and Joshua to Adams, Joby L. and Ashtin R., 7627 Bondesson St., $136,900.

Celebrity Homes to Rai, Mongal, 9202 Summit St., $131,900.

Conn, Ryan T. to Andreasen, Terra M., 7915 Bartlett St., $130,500.

Kandido, Melissa A. and Pridencio N. to Koura, Marouf and Dawn, 7709 Fillmore St., $126,500.


Waskow, Joe A. Trust to Otto, Richard R. and Teresa G., 1235 S. 75th St., $855,000.

Panasiuk, Brandon and Heather L. to Lerry, Daniel S. and Adair K., 3712 S. 97th St., $185,000.

Kollman, Leo E. to Thayer, Jeffrey E., 2830 S. 106th St., $167,500.

Cline, Jane to Hoskinson, Michelle and John, 7915 Ontario St., $125,000.


Tomaskiewicz, Steven J. and Dani J. to Ketelsen, Greg S., 8728 O Circle, $132,000.

Boyd, Norma L., personal representative, to Gomez, Ricardo Jr., 5211 S. 104th Avenue Circle, $105,000.

Kinney, Mike and Jeannette M. to Porter, Christi M., 5604 S. 92nd Plaza, $103,000.


Anthony Company Builders to Fowler, Floyd M. and Margo A., 1807 S. 192nd Ave., $656,000.

Beran, Cheron B. and Judy K. Trust to Boje, Thomas H. and Shirley A., 1310 S. 181st Plaza, $620,000.

Concept Homes & Design to Granat, Lorie and David J., 3308 S. 187th St., $550,000.

Hill Custom Homes to Constanzo, Samuel J. and Susan D., 18728 Howe St., $367,840.

Bayer, Andrew J. and Jennifer A. to Hergert, Stephen and Marilyn, 18322 C St., $343,000.

Degan, Shea M. and Jeannette to Bonella, Robert and Sarah, 3516 S. 201st Avenue Circle, $338,500.

Sherwood Homes to Johnson, Douglas O. and Jennifer A., 19256 Shadow Ridge Drive, $312,000.

Runge, Henry J. and Rebecca A. to Francis, Luke M. and Jessica L., 1623 S. 177th Ave., $283,000.

Hickle, Thomas A. and Karen to De Camp, Stephen M., 17008 Poppleton Ave., $226,225.

Nelson, Lani and Birdsell, Richard W. to Blaske, Issac M. and Heidi M., 3810 S. 189th St., $204,000.

Hoover, Carol to Perriraz, Jon K., 1322 S. 163rd Ave., $147,000.

S & M Realty to Lamay, Bonnie L. and Lawrence J., 15930 Arbor Circle, $135,000.

Nathan Homes to Widhalm Custom Homes, 3229 S. 186th St., $80,000.

Kodad Corp. to Trademark Homes, 3668 S. 201st Ave., $51,100.


Knicely, Nancy C. Trust to McKibbin, Kurtice P., 4337 Cass St., $95,000.

Becker, Shelly B. and Paul D. to Redfence Equity LLC, 216 N. 32nd Ave., $60,000.

Michael, Colette D., trustee for Michael, Lonnie W. Sr. Trust to Design Tech Inc., 3003 Nicholas St., $30,000.


Risdon, Nathan S. and Janelle A. to Ovalles, Arnaldo J. and Lange, Emily M., 674 N. 59th St., $425,000.

Dunbar, Mary M. Trust to SOS Properties, 709 N. 58th St., $310,000.

Lukas, Joan L. Trust Agreement to Dalbey, Doris P., 6468 Cuming St., $273,500.

Royce Rogers LLC to Bunderson, Ann C. Trust, 4906 Davenport St., $260,000.

McKeithan, Timothy W. to Lewis, Lona, 5505 Dodge St., $210,000.

Cohen, Paul and Arlene to Krejci-Smith, Dakota and Krejci, Lori M., 449 N. 61st St., $185,000.

Cox, Mikaela R. and Matthew J. to Caffrey, Amanda, 304 S. 50th St., $165,500.

Burke, Thomas F., personal representative, to Hassing, Daniel J., 129 S. 69th St., $164,000.

Case, Willis E. to Usonia Properties, 5612 Western Ave., $150,000.


Meedel, Shari, trustee for Wilfong, Dolores D. Trust to Recoy, Robert R. Jr., 5005 N. 104th St., $192,000.

Grabow, Margaret E. to Davis, Rowena M., 5715 N. 78th Ave., $172,500.

Hagen, Jacob M. and Michelle A. to Harms, Carl M. and Stewart, Caitlin C., 9448 Ames Ave., $131,000.

Tran, Nhung and Pakulat, Alfred to Webber, Eric A. and Gosckowski, Deanna L., 4130 N. 93rd St., $126,500.


Boutcher, James K. to Wissing, Jay T. and Mikele K., 4511 S. 163rd St., $324,000.

Law-Mumm, Jerome V. and Joanne D. to Ernst, Jeffrey E. and Sonji J., 17525 L St., $275,000.

Barnhart, Steven R. and Christine M. to Krueger, Jonathan P. and Kristin M., 15668 L St., $275,000.

Jalali, Hadi and Baharak to McCormick, Jon R., 17617 Renfro St., $263,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 17513 Madison St., $262,000.

Naumann, David W. and Dawn B. to Ward, Kimberly and Zachary, 15804 Rolling Ridge Road, $235,000.

Wu, Aiming and Liu, Yan to Baker, Larry L. and Lucinda A., 5810 S. 159th Ave., $200,000.

Collard, Abram A. and Tiffany L. to Manikya, Anoop K. and Swamy, Sneha, 18814 Birchwood Ave., $195,000.

Olderog, Robert H., trustee for Olderog Family Trust to Berg, John C. and Margaret V., 4113 S. 179th Circle, $175,000.

Cullinane, Daniel J. and Jessica A. to Davis, Renee S., 18966 Cinnamon St., $160,000.

Knobbe, Henry B. and Betsy to Wilder, Garrett M., 19425 Laci St., $147,000.

Fritz, Joshua L. and Cornelia to Hayes, David M., 19362 X St., $141,000.


Hausmann, Jeff and Tara to Seevers, Tiffany L., 6415 S. 120th Plaza, $261,000.

Goodell, William and Scheinost, Karen to Nigro, Anthony J. and Domeyer-Nigro, Tracy M., 13523 Andresen St., $188,000.

Batman, Jill and Brent to Petersen, Kayla M., 15324 Stony Brook Blvd., $155,000.

Raymond, Lisa A. and Christopher G. to Weaver, J.D., 12566 Ohern St., $145,000.

Stever, Betty J., personal representative, to Eyler, Angela E., 12663 Orchard Ave., $109,500.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to TAB LLC, 5155 S. 148th Circle, $105,000.

Kucirek, Irene C. to Lee, Yoonae and Sootae S., 12764 Deauville Drive, $51,000.


NEI Global Relocation Co. to Vamosi, Andrew and Lila, 7370 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $488,750.

Carlson, Daniel P. and Jennifer L. to Kuehl, Aaron T. and Nicole M., 11769 Whitmore St., $441,000.

Ochs, Tani R. to Sorapuru, Angela, 11511 Iowa Circle, $285,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kline, Drew I. and Sarah M., 14222 Iowa St., $171,400.

Jones, Tierra L. to Scales, Denise, 14054 Whitmore Circle, $139,500.

Argyrakis, John A. and Lana to Anderson, Gerald S. and Emmerich, Elaine E., 12417 Grebe St., $90,000.

Leszczynksi, Henry and Christine to Platinum Builders, 7804 N. 127th Ave., $85,000.

Lewis Starostka Inc. to Schmit, Daniel A. and Lindsey L., 12508 Read St., $46,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Luethge Homes, 12618 Deer Creek Drive, $36,000.


Murta, Bryon J. and Matuska, Colleen K. to Rodriguez, Cynthy M., 1405 S. 136th St., $205,000.

Milne, Mark A. and Wendy S. to Foor, Steve and Tracy, 3280 S. 131st Circle, $173,000.

KR Properties to Lindsey, William and Sara, 2612 S. 152nd Circle, $170,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Smith, Mark Jr. and Darci D., 3317 S. 127th St., $151,000.

Legacy Ventures I to White, Timothy A. and Bethany K., 3289 S. 128th Circle, $147,000.

Stuart, Melvin W. and Delores A. to Tallant, Lisa M., 13450 Frederick St., $137,000.

Ficke, Catherine to Epley, Alan W. and Mullins, Heather L., 3310 S. 121st St., $127,500.

Tanner, Mary M. Trust to Connor, Tracy L., 2317 S. 119th Court, $125,000.

Hickman, Nicole M. and Keith A. to Adrian, Patricia A., 3011 Pedersen Drive, $105,000.

Jean-Francois, Thierry and Cassandra to RKCK LLC, 12163 Pedersen Drive, $80,000.


Samuelson, Ronald D. and Cathy to Hancock, Timothy C. and Diane E., 6056 Country Club Oaks Plaza, $400,000.


Keck, Brian L. and Patricia J. to Pellett, Ryan and Susan, 1343 N. 139th St., $1,025,000.

Ferdig, Lynn A. and Pamela J. to Marin, Watson G. and Mayoroum, Clemence M., 15505 Charles St., $205,000.


Powers, Nancy A. and Robert W. to Matulka, Robert J., 4518 Harrison St., $98,000.


Orr, Teresa K. and Lynne C. to Jacobberger, Tom and Kay, Lori, 11412 Sahler St., $174,300.

Dunn, Mary J. and William J. to Kothenbeutel, Daniel H., 11505 Taylor St., $158,000.

Lamontia, Heather and Shawn to Cobb, Mitchell L. and Rebecca A., 2626 N. 141st St., $144,000.

Garcia, Fermin and Molina-Martin, Carolina to Oldaker, Douglas S. Trust, 14212 Huntington Ave., $143,500.

O’Brien, William R. to Kopun, Gabriel V., 12514 Patrick Circle, $135,000.

Thiele, Adam J. and Springer, Tenille C. to Earl, Ronald and Jessica, 11112 Laurel Circle, $134,000.

Otte, Regina C. and Fredrick D. to Olson, Dylan C. and Allison A., 12933 Ohio Circle, $133,000.

Slater, James A. and Tammi L. to Mosley, Kevin and Denise, 4647 N. 127th St., $130,000.

Kost, Kirby N. and Travis to Bower, Katherine M., 6609 N. 114th Ave., $126,000.

Sevrench LLC to Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M., 11035 Sahler St., $125,000.

Gulizia, Marjean V. to Omari, Raed and Karen, 13012 Grand Ave., $122,400.

Reid, Margaret L., personal representative, to Swigart, Diann, 4710 N. 111th Circle, $117,500.

Arant, Rebecca to Stych, Barry and Robin, 2624 N. 137th St., $23,000.



Bruss, Donald J. and Lorraine C. to Cernik, John and Lisa, 102 Bellevue Blvd. North, $259,000.

Melendez, Ariana and Wilson to Shearer, Ariel, 1024 Denver St., $124,000.

Hatfield, Leslie G. and Joan B. to Labart, Wayne A., 1204 W. 16th Ave., $122,000.

Anthony, Barbara to Day, Carol and McAlpin, Michael, 1215 Wilroy Road, $98,000.

Williams, Emmett H. Jr. to Olson, Dustin L. and Rachael A., 1504 Madison St., $129,000.

Campbell, Karen A. to Campbell, John S. and Breanne S., 1509 Brenda Drive, $180,000.

Molina, Lance R. and Sara J. to Collins, Rebecca, 404 Bellevue Blvd. South, $172,000.

Griffin, Jennifer M. to Taylor, William C. II and Nissen, Brandi, 802 W. 32nd Ave., $113,000.


Pennisi, John G. and Angela K. to Daniel, Jason L. and Kristin R., 10473 S. 232nd St., $507,000.

Neppl, Larry T. and Wendy K. to Votruba, Lance J. and Amanda M., 11061 S. 232nd St., $711,000.

Stenger Brothers Properties to Peterson, Trisha M. and Theodore B., 11213 S. 213th Circle, $146,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Drews, Bridget A. and Daniel J., 11221 S. 213th Circle, $160,000.

Hotaling, Timothy M. and Patricia B. to Backer, Jacob, 11303 S. 210th Ave., $155,000.

Delair, John M. and Kerry to Lee, Damon W., 11598 S. 208th St., $180,000.

Hildy Construction to Palmer, Michael D. and Shelly I., 11616 S. 201st St., $340,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Johnson, Jill M. and Tarry D., 11905 S. 212th St., $252,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Christensen, Derek A. and Michelle R., 19418 Audrey St., $398,000.

Hennessey, Jason and Kristin to Carey, David J. and Erica J., 19813 Emiline St., $349,000.

Paskevic, Sandra K. to Yost, Laurie, 21006 Shiloh Drive, $215,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Hill, Randy S. and Lisa C., 21116 Boulder Circle, $264,000.

Charleston Homes to Thiesen, Kelli S., 21325 Lincoln Blvd., $251,000.

Oberg, Heather R. and Robert D. to Halmes, Robert L. Jr., 410 N. McKenna Ave., $153,000.


Frost, Dominique M. to Monaghan, Julie A., 1008 Fenwick St., $222,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Charles Thomas Homes, 10518 S. 125th St., $57,000.

Todd, Michael G. and Cynthia A. to Fiscus, Thomas W. and Linda L., 1126 Lafayette Drive, $185,000.

Zych Construction to Fortier, Paul V. and Christine M., 12113 Montauk Drive, $450,000.

Schiffert, David T. and Tanja B. to Cyza, Rebecca, 1216 Limerick Road, $268,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes 12344 S. 73rd Ave., $46,000.

Stewart, James C. and Dolores to Williams, Derek P. and Kari A., 12432 S. 82nd St., $354,000.

Saxena, Shikhar and Kristin L. to Goergen, Katie and Nathan, 12518 S. 77th St., $370,000.

Brester, Timothy L. and Lisett C. to Palmier, Gregory C. and Carol S., 12627 S. 79th Ave., $387,000.

Doty, Michael B. and Elfriede H. to Western Financial LLC, trustee, 1302 Red Fern Circle, $122,000.

Ramos, Erin M. and Benjamin J. to Searls, Nathaniel J., 2103 Ridgeview Drive, $180,000.

Visocky, James, personal representative for Visocky, Helen J. Estate to Tribolet, Robert G. and Scurfield, Georgina M., 707 S. Beadle St., $126,000.

Ulibarri, Christopher A. and Nichole F. to Koehler, Hillary and Lee, 7420 Leawood St., $309,000.

Hawkins, Steven J. and Julie A. to Farrell, Thomas M. and Pitschka, Elizabeth A., 8105 Ponderosa Drive, $383,000.


Cordle, John L. and Mona K. to Walker, Clifford and Margaret, 1125 N. Second Ave., $117,000.


Gomez, Marcia A. to Torneten, Steven M. and Judi K., 10609 S. 25th Ave., $137,000.

Ramirez, Devin L. and Savannah E. to Vogt, Steven L. and Keri L. and Morales, Joe S. and Sally E., 10808 S. 19th St., $153,000.

O’Hare, Abby S. and Colby to Gollihugh, Rebecca E., 11925 Golden Blvd., $114,000.

Casassola, Flavia to Severson, Tina M., 13201 Brookside Drive, $195,000.

Hooper, Joseph K. and Angela A. to Little, Christopher C. and Siobhan, Kathleen, 13206 S. 26th Ave., $175,000.

McCoy, James M. and Kathleen L. Trust to Kenyon, Michael J. and Janet L., 13705 S. 22nd Circle, $350,000.

Hammett, William R. Jr. and Kelly C. to McDonnell, Jeremy R. and Vanessa A., 13801 S. 44th St., $173,000.

Kilgore, Edward A. Sr. and Lori C. to Bohnenkamp, Jachob A. and Miranda E., 14511 S. 25th Avenue Circle, $155,000.

Hynes, Dennis P. and Kathleen A. to Gross, Scott C. and Tonia T., 14910 Normandy Blvd., $81,000.

Sheldon, Dustin A. and Courtney to Brotz, Scott E., 1507 Old Gaelic St., $192,000.

Robb, Steven P. and Cass E. to Pugh, Gregory T. and Jodi L., 16433 S. 36th St., $147,000.

Matthews, Paul J. and Melissa S. to Rogers, Jonathan B. and Nicole A., 1809 Tammy St., $230,000.

Sellers, Mark A. and Anderson Sellers, Susan V. to Serenil, Ricardo S. and Amber M., 2919 Leawood Drive, $115,000.

Witkovski, Barbara A. and Harris, Tina M. to Lindy Holdings LLC, 4210 Victoria Ave., $249,000.

Home Co. to Mammoser, Russell W., 4909 Waterford Ave., $336,000.

Brandt, Danielle M. and Charles J. to Hausherr, Benjamin and Krystal, 909 Thurston Ave., $160,000.


Long, Cameron S. and Carie L. to Ottemann, Robert, 10201 Emiline St., $312,000.

Rodr, Richard A. to Wilderman, Carie C. and Jason W., 7519 S. 76th Ave., $102,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 7523 S. 75th St., $85,000.

United Equity LLC to Kosko Properties, 7523 S. 75th St., $99,000.

Davis, Gary J. II and Cindy L. to Ullery, David D. and Mary E., 8122 S. 100th St., $250,000.

Janis, Larry and Brenda to Home Co., 8161 S. 93rd Circle, $31,000.

Younes, Terah A. and Frances to Panec, William J. and Bruner, Jessica A., 9010 Mulberry Court, $144,000.


Kersten, Jon E. and Cheryl A. to Hamilton, Jonathan D. and Lisa L., 1307 Beechwood Ave., $183,000.

Treblic, Shannon M. to Peterson, Brian C. and Hilary T., 13806 S. 47th St., $185,000.

Roque, Transito and Johana P. to Gbadoe, Dodji, 2605 Aberdeen Drive, $160,000.

Crump, Mary C. and Gary G. Trust to Stinson, Michael J. and Elizabeth A., 311 Inglewood Drive, $390,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 409 Fleetwood Drive, $156,000.

TJL Consulting to Hoogeveen, Adam and Micaela, 5152 Clearwater Drive, $350,000.

Anselmo, Heather L. to Morales, Louis, 711 Diamond Lane, $157,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Younes, Frances and Terah, 812 Fall Creek Road, $267,000.


Brabner, Mordaunt P. and Vonda M. to Millemon, Jeffrey and Laura, 1205 S. 164th St., $585,000.

Mains, Steven E. and Jody to Kallepalli, Rambabu and Sunitha, 15709 Redwood St., $135,000.

Dittrich, Casey J. and Kerri to Mausbach, Nathan J. and Tasha, 16136 Cherrywood St., $161,000.

Kruse, William E. and Catherine A. to Frank, Casey M. and Lesley D., 16520 Briar St., $278,000.

Fields, Percy E. III and Rebecca M. to Smith, John B. and Mateel A., 16604 Briar St., $265,000.

Seevers, Tiffany L. to Furey, John J. Jr. Trust Agreement, 17020 Colony Drive, $209,000.

Palisades Development to Diley, Jessica L., 17222 Camp St., $47,000.

Lund, Jason D. and Hayden, Tracy N. to Mains, Steven E. and Jody R., 17318 S. Creek Circle, $245,000.

Schafer, Mark E. and Debra L. Trust to Dertzo, John and Shirley, 17470 Riviera Drive, $249,000.

Heck, Brooke E. and James B. to Schneider, Milton H. III, 17725 Edna St., $120,000.

Collette, Chad and Anne E. to Fields, Percy E. III and Rebecca M., 18716 Edna St., $330,000.

Andersen, Robert and Julie C. to Hicks, Corey M. and Chelsea N., 3005 Lone Tree Road, $145,000.

Nicholson, Lynda S. to Worobec, Thomas W. and Jessica L., 7127 S. 167th Circle, $267,000.

Salvatore, Patrick C. and Leanne K. to Gibbons, Daniel A., 7951 S. 157th Ave., $140,000.

BT Properties to Arreguin, Eric, 8918 S. 143rd Circle, $140,000.

Home Co. to Hansen, Scott D. and Stephanie A., 9611 S. 173rd St., $320,000.


Loontjer, Kevin G. and Jessica S. to Rothe, Dustin L. and Moerles, Amanda, 13451 Margo St., $153,000.

Naslund, Mark E. and Mary C. to Mielke, Jon and Dawn, 7212 S. 140th St., $230,000.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Lautenschlager, Judith A., 8002 S. 154th St., $115,000.

Bruns, Brian C. and Jennifer D. to Heavrin, Thomas J. and Bohrer, Becky J., 8920 S. 142nd Avenue Circle, $140,000.


Wasser Properties II to McDaniel, Shawnee N., 3814 Edna St., $59,000.

Klein, Richard H. and Julianna T. Trust to Tri State Ventures Inc., 7006 S. 23rd St., $50,000.

Heim, Michael J. and Peter F., co-personal representatives for Heim, Charles E. Estate to Berg, Rebecca S. and Richard E., 8105 S. 36th St., $195,000.

Maret, Kevin H. and Darcy H. to Schroeder, Melissa, 9602 S. 28th St., $195,000.


McCormick, Nancy L. to Doyle, Mark and Aldona and Gabriella, 4905 Glenmorrie Drive, $148,000.

Weidner, Charlotte L. to Special T Masonry, 8138 S. 50th Ave., $115,000.

Ramos, Simon A. and Angelina L. to Menjivar, Andres and Montoya, Gloria A., 8604 S. 46th St., $135,000.



McLandsborough, Jane A. to Welte-Buck, Sharon T., 2410 S. Ninth St., $120,000.

Eagles Nest LLC to Western Iowa Land Development, 213 Kestrel Court, $32,000.

Woosley, Karen E. Estate to Richardson, Toniette L., 2633 S. 17th St., $165,000.

Hoifeldt, Frances L. to Green, James D. and Jerald D., 3235 10th Ave., $30,000.

Jordan, Jesse L. Jr. and Patricia A. to Gillispie, David, 2115 Second Ave., $64,000.

Thomas, Donald W. to Conway, Amanda L. and Michael A., 2323 Ave. H, $152,000.

Leggett Tamayo, Alyssa K. and Tamayo, Andrew to Lynch, Michele R., 2119 S. Tenth St., $216,500.

Combs, Faith and Jason to DC Solutions 2 LLC, 1905 Sixth Ave., $44,500.

Lea Properties to Frederickson, Sarah M., 2629 Ave. D, $85,000.

Johnson, Judy L. to Van De Water, Alexander D., 3528 Third Ave., $103,000.

Wenninghoff, Dorothy J. to Petry, Rose M., 720 N. 30th St., $123,000.

Duensing, Sally to Schulz, Curtis, 2509 11th St., $70,000.


Blay, Kenneth H. and Tracy J. to Helm, Richard S. and Robin M., 5005 Providence Road, $325,000.

Hudson, John C. and Melissa E. to Rose, Dianne L. and Nicholas D., 1422 McPherson Ave., $260,000.

Helm, Richard S. and Robin M. to Peterson, Chris M. and Erin C., 301 Ferndale Drive, $217,500.

J & S Partnership to Spetman, Thomas, 829 Perrin Ave., $104,000.

Pavich, Michael W., trustee for Pavich, Tamara L. Trust to Goos, Gerrad W. and Kathryn P., 817 Ironwood Court, $201,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 703 Harrison St., $85,000.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to BP Quality Homes, 1395 Ohm St., $38,000.

Payne, Wendy L. and Rose, Trisha A., co-trustee for Raymond, Wilson Trust to Peacock Villas LLC, 2920 Third Ave., $65,000.

Greelis, Dena D. to Crilly, Karis, 16801 State Orchard Road, $85,000.

Williams, Katherine E., trustee, to TS Development, 19912 Greenview Road, $4,500,000.


Lynch, Michele R. to Markussen, Anthony and Lisa, 114 Shoreline Drive, Carter Lake, $300,000.

Markussen, Anthony and Lisa to Prudhome, Alicia M., 1525 Cachelin Drive, Carter Lake, $100,000.


Smith, Carol J. and Warren K. to Wells, Kenneth S. and Samantha M., 20638 Hillsboro Lane, $157,000.


McCowen, Barbara and John to Clark, Barbara A. and Marvin L., 670 Highway St., Oakland, $285,000.

L & W Development to McCowen, Barbara A. and John W., 816 Walnut St., Oakland, $266,000.

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