Hogan, Terrance A. and Deborah K. to Diaz, David and Kristen, 14820 Summit Circle, $547,000.

Tindall, Ronald E. Jr. and Roberta A. to Welchert, Steve and Nicole, 7311 N. 152nd St., $340,000.

Sherwood Homes to Young, Kenneth and Andrea, 14967 Sage Circle, $307,367.

Fools Inc. to Mislivec, Joseph E. IV and Tiffany M., 16283 Reynolds St., $296,646.

Miller, Bryce M. and Tiffany L. to Nichols, Craig and Lindsay, 10520 N. 189th Ave., $288,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Yoder, Jeffrey M. and Tanya D., 14820 Prairie Star St., $280,512.

Samuelson, Casey D. and Jennifer L. to Knoche, Brian P. and Emily A., 10416 Rosewater Parkway, $218,000.

Nichols, Craig A. and Lindsay M. to Mlady, Tracy M. and Bradley L., 7908 N 152 Ave., $194,500.

Lawson, Gerald W. and Mara P. to Babcock, Ryan, 8206 N. 150th Terrace, $190,000.

Jueden, Tyler J. and Toshia R. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 7808 N. 152nd Ave., $187,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Cannon, Andrew and Holz, Ashley, 7808 N. 152nd Ave., $187,000.

Paramount Land Co. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 15213 Elmwood Drive, $167,000.

Hansen, William P. and Stephanie N. to Wagaman, Tracy L. and Young, Brian K., 7025 N. 154th St., $155,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Heckathorn, Jeremy A. and Daniella E., 15406 Fillmore Circle, $137,500.

Pentland, Cameron G. and Courtney J. to Book, Kayla, 8614 N. 155th St., $137,000.

Murray, Don E. and Mary J. Trust to Olbertz, Benjamin F., 8919 N. 155th St., $127,000.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 7606 N. 154th Circle, $61,750.

State Street Investment to Barr Homes, 16265 Reynolds St., $39,950.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 15167 Whitmore Circle, $28,000.


MK Builders to Jacobsma, Paul and Elizabeth, 23614 Laci St., $659,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Hansen, William and Stephanie, 1610 S. 211th St., $458,286.

Stender, Dondi and Karla to Dobkins, Thomas W. and Laura M., 20825 Timber Lane Drive, $415,000.

Hildy Construction to Talman, John C. and Jill I., 18925 Ruggles St., $385,000.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Palancica, Ana and Perju, Sergiu, 506 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $369,000.

Owens, Robert J. and Tennyson M. to Taylor, Ted W. and Alison K., 19528 Emile St., $360,000.

Hildy Construction to English, Quint R., 3909 N. 191st St., $357,500.

Silverthorn Custom Homes to Hernon, Thomas J. and Darcy J., 18911 Sahler St., $303,139.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Adolf, David R. and Pamela L., 18906 Corby St., $286,466.

Taylor, Ted W. II and Allison K. to Lickweg, Joseph E. and Katie L., 18092 Jones St., $275,000.

Jensen, Mitchell A. and Melinda K. to Smith, Connie L., 20819 Plum St., $207,900.

Celebrity Homes to Mills, Jorden and Metzler, Brad, 20819 Clark St., $193,200.

McAllister, Jacob D. and Katie L. to Pierce, Eric, 1506 N. 208th Terrace, $169,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Advance Design and Construction, 1609 S. 218th Ave., $160,000.

Jirka, Tyler M. and Sorina to Breisch, Elizabeth, 1703 N. 207th St., $138,000.

Ascoll, Susan L. and Bischof, Stephen J. to Trizila, Jonathon, 20502 Cleveland St., $135,000.

Schmaderer, Todd to Eilenstine, Matthew and Jaylene, 1614 S. 213th Circle, $90,000.

Prairie Homes to Fireside Construction Co., 1903 S. 220th St., $86,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Majestic Homes, 1831 S. 220th St., $85,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Majestic Homes, 1802 S. 221st St., $80,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Royal Development, 18726 Nicholas St., $78,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Castle Brook Builders, 1939 S. 220th St., $75,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Hussey, Paul and Kerri, 1325 S. 210th St., $70,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Whit Smith Construction, 1165 S. 212th Circle, $65,000.

FRK Development to Hildy Construction, 3812 N. 189th St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Hildy Construction, 19012 Sahler St., $42,500.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hill Custom Homes, 20513 Taylor St., $36,900.


Knobbe, Michael J. and Carol E. to Elliott, Teresa, 172 S. 243rd St., $750,000.

Grace Custom Homes Co. to Fagot, Scott and Shari, 143 S. 243rd St., $615,000.

Benke, Stanley E. Jr. and Cheryl A. to Polak, Dale A. and Lisa R., 207 S. Front St., $49,000.


Lutsock, Ronald J. to Jacobs, Scott C. and Bridget K., 1208 Howard St., $190,000.

Winchester, Kamron D. and Phuong M. to Bell, Bradley R. and Wendy K., 300 S. 16th St., $103,000.


Schrage, Abbey and Taylor to Hallquist, Denise M., 5005 Blondo St., $168,500.

Evans, Joseph and Wierda, Sarah to Kroeger, Elizabeth J. and Jokerts, Eric M., 2609 N. 52nd St., $165,000.

Schwab, Michael J. and Kimberly T. to Dornbusch, Shawn M., 5556 Decatur St., $150,000.

Ramm, Martin D. and Harris, Cheri L. to Tanhueco, Jerome and Brittani, 5116 Bedford Ave., $150,000.

Allen, Thommie R. and Doris J. to Gu, Ah K. and Choung, Nang K., 5410 Browne St., $107,000.

Regan, Nancy A. to Mo, Ti and Reh, Saw, 5515 N. 51st St., $105,500.

Otoole, Edward L. and Evon to Than, Aye and Eh, Mwee, 6317 Ellison Ave., $102,500.

Joyful Restorations LLC to Sutton, Carly K., 2304 N. 65th St., $98,000.

McGill, Mary E. to Curtis, Michael L. II, 3306 N. 58th St., $97,000.

Stenger Brothers LLC to Naw, Rosy and Taw, Saw, 6712 Kansas Ave., $93,900.

Lentz, Karly S. and Jason P. to Own, Na P. and Wah, Kyaw, 4903 N. 61st St., $93,000.

Willis, Alma R. to Marr, Dylan D., 2302 N. 48th St., $84,900.

Reisdorff, Andrew J. to Ebert, Erika, 5839 Grant St., $79,900.

FTHC LLC to Ehrenberg, David and Devonne, 6523 Binney St., $75,000.

Schrad, Andrew J. and Joanna M. to Schaber, Amanda J., 6029 Manderson St., $60,000.

Smith, Murray L., personal representative, to Brown, Steven L., 4524 Franklin St., $60,000.

Omaha 100 Inc. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 4401 N. 53rd St., $39,000.


Gwartney, Bruce and Ginger to Brichacek, Nicole L., 4207 Woolworth Ave., $171,000.

Mai, Jennifer T. to Rish, Guy and Amber J., 3061 S. 32nd Ave., $169,500.

Blaiotta, Consuelo and Anthony B. Trust to Rental Properties, 3519 Leavenworth St., $130,000.

Pinkerton, Lisa A. to Nemits, Nikolas A. and Jeff, 1120 S. 30th Ave., $118,000.

Cook, Edward and Kathryn Trust to Hardman, David E., 4014 Wright Circle, $97,000.

Jones, Dewey M. Trust to Perez, Jessie and Silva-Espinoza, Lorena, 3908 Wright St., $92,000.

Hendrix, Kevin L. to Spagnotti, William J., 2829 S. 34th St., $75,000.

Staskiewicz, Suzanne J. to Hughes, Willliam and Equity Trust Co. Custodian, 4343 Marcy St., $73,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly to Luevanos, Angelica A., 3640 Vinton St., $70,000.

Tuhy, Jerome V., trustee for Tuhy, Ruth G. Trust to Krutsinger, Kriss and Lisa, 3401 Martha St., $69,000.

EPP Property Investments to Bellamini Properties, 1302 S. 31st St., $50,000.

Estrada, Nazaret L. to Estrada, Oscar J., 910 S. 25th St., $29,000.


Strupp, Derrick N. and Kathryn W. to Scholz, Jonathon, 534 S. 51st Ave., $319,000.

Miles, Clifford D. and Boothby, Kristin to Jerrick, Roger J. II and Kyla G., 516 S. 50th Ave., $200,000.

Boye, Carole J., trustee, to Allen, Kyle C. and Kendall J., 3111 S. 57th Circle, $190,000.

Pszanka, Timothy J. to Talbott, Nancy L., 2127 S. 49th St., $145,000.

Pequinnock Properties to Riesgaard, Jonathan M., 701 S. 68th St., $121,500.

Liddell, Lindsay M. to Oscar, Georgina G. and Oscar, Amon M., 3411 S. 48th St., $116,000.

Hill, Christine M. to Priebe, Tyler L., 5127 Pierce St., $115,500.

Vanecek, Michaela B. to Vanecek, Danielle R., 2310 S. 47th St., $88,000.

Schaaf, Stephanie D. to Candor Properties, 991 S. 50th St., $75,000.


Aspect Homes to Fuller, Ryan M. and Lyden, Delton P., 5122 S. 40th St., $105,000.

Jimenez, Casandra A. to Donador, Danielle M., 5053 S. 36th Ave., $96,400.

Bidrowski, Laurie and Wenninghoff, Florence to Diaz, Erika S., 4316 S. 39th St., $95,000.

Sturek, Michael J. and Jayne E. to Christy, Clinton, 1545 Monroe St., $81,500.

Wells Fargo Financial Nebraska to Marshbanks, Aaron, 3629 U St., $47,200.


Hooker, Matthew S. to Vargas-Hernandez, Guadalupe, 2182 Parker Circle, $120,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Gurung, Bishnu M. and Kailash, 6302 N. 37th St., $129,900.

N & J Investments to Vallejo, Rebecca D., 5812 N. 39th St., $41,350.

EPP Property Investments to Ballamin Propeties, 5902 N. 43rd Ave., $31,750.

Tripp, Roy R. to MM & L. International Corp., 5544 N. 34th St., $24,000.

Mutual of Omaha Bank to Massaba, Tamehene and Tsogbevi, Kokuvi S., 4222 Larimore Ave., $23,000.

Glassman, Sean to Buller, Skyler R., 3750 N. 40th St., $23,000.

Crannell, Jane M. and Lawrence J. to SOCR Investments, 3313 Ruggles St., $22,000.


O’Neill, Ross and O’Neill I LLC to Curry, Krystal L., 3962 Scott St., $112,500.

Rohlfing, Ronald P. to Tiffin, Jeffrey A., 7621 N. 28th Ave., $90,000.

Fanning, Dustin to Handlos, Ashley A., 3413 Ernst St., $79,900.


Lewis, Herbert I. and Dorothy to Wilson, Woodrow T. and Carol E., 747 N. 89th Plaza, $285,000.

Smith, Larry J. and Nancy to RLD Land and Cattle, 7820 Jackson St., $210,000.

Fliam, Doug and Leslie, Julie to Piskac, David, 526 N. 72nd Ave., $166,600.

Reuter, Ardell A. to De Bauche, Joseph P., 1727 N. 75th Ave., $135,000.

Maseman, Joann to Freelove, Wayne L. and Pedersen, Carrie A., 821 N. 75th St., $123,000.

Festersen, Marianne K., personal representative, to Rossell, Greg, 701 N. 72nd Ave., $115,000.

Cahill, Kevin R. to LC Management LLC, 1019 N. 77th Ave., $54,000.


Nilius Builders to Peterson, Gary J. and Elisabeth R., 2112 N. 179th St., $425,000.

Oldham, Jacqueline L. and Hamilton, Eric E. to Foy, Sterling J. and Brittney N., 17656 Patrick Ave., $405,000.

Pivovar, Jerome A. Jr. Trust to Schlichting, Jeffrey J. and Shirley D., 6434 N. 160th Ave., $379,000.

Marasco Homes to Siderewicz, Vicki and Thomas M., 15222 Norwick Drive, $300,456.

Celebrity Homes to Finley, Anthony J. and Jeannette K., 4905 N. 176th St., $286,800.

Spitznagle, Eric J. and Genevieve M. to Lowe, Sarah R., 15021 Laurel Ave., $259,000.

Richland Homes to Pivovar, Jerome A. Jr. Trust, 3109 N. 175th St., $258,190.

Celebrity Homes to Beber, Skyler J. and Rachel R., 17220 Grand Ave., $238,850.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Wheeler, Connie, 17615 Sahler St., $230,000.

Longo, Stephen R. and Laura M. to Sudyka, Kristine, 15064 Lake St., $225,000.

SB Villas LLC to Harrison, William L., 14703 Laurel Plaza, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes to Oney, Jamie A. and Michael A., 4607 N. 174th Ave., $219,000.

Huss, Michael and Theresa to Banker, Jeffrey R. and Lisa R., 16411 Burdette Circle, $217,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rikli, Jennifer L. and Edgar A., 4921 N. 177th St., $206,900.

Benda, Amber N. and Jesse E. to Meyer, Sean M. and Ashley L., 15304 Wirt St., $168,000.

Meisinger, Mary T. and Haas, Tom M. to Colgan, Cathleen A. and Richard W., 14845 Camden Court, $168,000.

Finley, Anthony J. and Jeannette K. to Reinhart, Daniel J. and Jalayna D., 4204 N. 171st St., $165,000.

Lehr, Cory to Morrison, Steven, 2632 N. 165th St., $160,000.

Ackerman, Lindsay and Moore, Jason to Price, Kayla, 14521 Grand Ave., $160,000.

Dice, Nicole M. and James L. to Kelsey, Robert D. Jr., 6610 N. 148th St., $149,000.

Scribner, Zachary S. and Mercedes N. to Lien, Cory and Leibfarth, Patricia, 15322 Binney St., $149,000.

Tierney, Shannon M. and Laura L. to Huyck, Thomas and Lori, 15285 Spencer St., $148,900.

Franklin, Paul B. and Samantha C. to Owens, William R. and Amber L., 15350 Binney St., $143,000.

Castle Creek Development to Kendel Homes Corp., 5914 N. 152nd St., $39,950.


Sedlacek, Kevin M., personal representative, to Ruvalcaba, Nely H., 4537 P St., $80,000.

Wietzki, Charlotte M., personal representative, to M’S Home 1 LLC, 5530 S. 48th St., $33,200.


Elliott, Teresa M. to Graeber, Debbie G. Trust, 17613 Douglas Circle, $750,000.

Nogel, Stephen J., trustee for Nogel Family Trust to Stover, Joshua A. and Jeanne S., 16636 Mason St., $485,000.

Lillo, Joani and Joseph M. to Wardyn, Timothy and Mackenzie, 431 S. 159th Ave., $275,000.

Hagebusch, Douglas R. to Meissner, Abigail M. and Zachary C., 16915 Seward St., $268,300.

Carney, Joel M. and Shaini S. to Knoell, Jared W. and Raeann R., 17020 Decatur St., $243,000.

Williamson, George A. Jr. and Kimberly A. to Steffes, Joseph and Mary, 1210 N. 159th St., $177,000.

Stanek, Stefanie R. to Gufford, Brandi L., 17566 Parker Plaza, $140,000.

Wagoner, Latricia to Chen, Li and Zeng, Yun, 1735 N. 175th Court, $135,000.

Carta Maple LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 17527 Farnam St., $77,000.

Carta Maple LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 17640 Douglas Circle, $62,000.

Vacanti Custom Homes to Deeb, Van C., 17628 Douglas Circle, $61,900.

Vacanti Custom Homes to Deeb, Van C., 17622 Douglas Circle, $57,900.


Celebrity Homes to Whitelaw, Kashika, 9130 Summit St., $137,900.

Johnston, Sean M. and Amber to Price, Michael and Amber, 8025 Weber Plaza, $135,500.

Celebrity Homes to Rokusek, Emily, 7338 N. 90th St., $134,900.

Perez, Jesus H. and Angela C. to Drumm, Wesley C., 7865 Redick Ave., $125,000.

Eulberg, Thomas G. and Meghan B. to May, Thomas P. and Bridgeford, Katherine A., 8167 Willit St., $123,000.


Reed, Lori K. to Van Zee, Kirk and Debra, 1118 S. 79th St., $450,000.

Sudyka, Kristine M. to Burchfield, Kip, 7801 Hickory Circle, $278,000.

Steigleder, Zach to Knowles, Christina M., 2818 S. 102nd St., $275,000.

Lindr, John T. to Korolchuk, Brynn M., 9905 Grover St., $246,500.

Reynolds, Eric L. Trust to Knisley, Nathan and Kristin, 1124 S. 98th St., $166,000.

Slavik, Mary E., personal representative, to Slavik, Philip J. and Suanne I., 3128 S. 72nd Ave., $164,000.

Gilbert, Elizabeth R. to Green, Matthew A., 7814 Nina St., $155,000.

Brandt, Marlene A., trustee for Yates, Elizabeth V. Trust to Lange, Jeremy C., 7606 Ontario St., $122,000.


Stimpson, Brian K. and Claudia P. to James, Ernesto and Andrea, 9261 Adams St., $188,000.

Black, Norman L. and Kathryn E. to Schulte, Timothy D., 5412 S. 94th St., $143,000.

Stegmaier, Michael G. to Keenan, Matthew T., 7742 State St., $134,750.

McKillop, Thomas J. III to Van Horne, Joanna and Steven, 10624 N St., $132,600.

McGowen, Karen A. to McGowen, Aaron and Patricia, 5011 S. 95th Circle, $125,000.


Fisher, Sandra S. and Eugene C. to Inness, Larry D. and Lilli V., 1707 S. 189th St., $510,000.

McEwin, Jeffry M. to Sirva Relocation Credit, 1519 S. 192nd Avenue Circle, $447,500.

ASA Properties to Givens, Jeremy and Karie, 18312 Ontario St., $412,500.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Garcia, Anthony D. and Rummel, Deanna C., 3416 S. 185th Ave., $387,095.

Wittler, Kathleen J. Trust to Cizek, Edward J. IV and Crystal R., 3710 S. 193rd St., $355,000.

James, Donald A. and Steele, Pamela G. to Pitts, Nathan A. and Lisa M., 1610 S. 175th Ave., $350,000.

Nelson Builders to Miller, Ross A. and Caniglia-Miller, Justine M., 3805 S. 194th St., $341,950.

Sona, Kent and Tamera to Philippi, Benjamin T. and Ashley M., 3655 S. 188th St., $335,000.

Peers, Mary C. and Gilbert W. Jr. to Velasquez, Tyrell and Amber, 3535 S. 163rd St., $304,000.

Hinrichs, Thomas F. and Barbara L. to Sorensen, Nicholas J. and Snoza-Sorensen, Zahra B., 17733 Shirley St., $282,000.

U.S. Bank to FTF LLC, 17518 William Circle, $212,100.

Hansen, Edna I., trustee for Hansen Trust Agreement to Montgomery, Ashley M. and William P., 16502 Pierce St., $170,000.

Smith, Gary L. and Gilda to Williams, Raymond, 2217 S. 166th St., $160,000.

HBI LLC to Scott, Tyrone J., 19133 Pinehurst Ave., $35,000.


Pequinnock Properties to Huddleston, Anne M., 104 S. 37th St., $105,000.

Red Cactus LLC to Dwyer, Robert V. Jr., 401 S. 41st St., $92,000.

Red Cactus LLC to Lund Investors Partnership, 401 S. 41st St., $92,000.

Smith, Takoria N. to Gallagher, Anna-Lisa, 3000 Farnam St., $90,000.

Nowel, Greg and Bonn, Tristan to Desing Tech Inc., 336 N. 35th St., $69,000.

Red Cactus LLC to Coniglio, Luke J., 401 S. 41st St., $46,000.


Morton, Joshua A. and Elizabeth S. to Barton, George and Maly, Megan, 5206 Underwood Ave., $385,000.

Kluver, Douglas D. and Jacqueline to Hurst, Glenn E. and Noel-Hurst, Rhonda, 5121 Davenport St., $328,000.

Mason, Hollie M. and Williamson, Brock H. to Shick, Michael J. and Rhonda E., 5016 Webster St., $312,000.

Kenkel, Claire E. to Kroll, Benjamin P. and Cameron N., 5016 Lafayette Ave., $188,000.

Ewing, Wanda D. to Parment, William C. and Georgia, 1401 N. 52nd St., $145,765.


Birge, Lallenia G. and Bradley S. to Schoepf, Justin C. and Piper, Chase B., 3524 Parkview Drive, $160,000.

Lehan, Carol H. and Michael J. to Magilton, Jennifer Y., 2206 N. 99th St., $150,000.

Elwood, Brandon M. to Stokes, Thomas F. and Michelle L., 9812 Ruggles St., $144,950.

Norris, Martin E. and Dana S. to Ring, Achol, 5074 Parkview Drive, $144,500.

Snoza-Sorensen, Zahra B. to Coslor, Cuyler and Melinda, 5705 N. 81st St., $135,000.

RO-DAN LLC to Letzring, Alicia L. and Dennis J., 9461 Spencer St., $122,500.

Kosak, Matthew T. and Jessica A. to Tarliff, Ellen M. and Timothy A., 10629 Himebaugh Ave., $121,500.

Griffiths, David R., trustee, to Griffiths, Evan M. and Angelica M., 10006 Emmet St., $121,000.

Gitt, Eric D. and Jennifer Trust to Reh, Htwar and Meh, Pray, 6311 N. 77th St., $113,000.

Geiger, Trudy to Bard, Katherine A., 2337 N. 79th St., $89,500.

Van, Doan T. and Garcia, Juan M. to Aspect Homes, 6232 N. 76th St., $62,000.


Pine Crest Homes to Luth, Aaron M. and Catherine L., 6609 Van Buren Drive, $345,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Sjuts, Joseph H. and Diane K., 19711 Adams St., $326,317.

Dynasty Homes to Martinson, Jeffrey A. and Tanja K., 4570 S. 198th St., $309,567.

Pacesetter Homes to Yadav, Ulhas, 5319 S. 164th St., $301,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Lemon, Brian D. and Danielle D., 17221 Y St., $285,939.

Couture, Jane L. to Boetel, Kieth and Lisa A., 5111 S. 170th Ave., $278,000.

Stinger, Mitchell P. and Celeste E. to Miller, Ryan L. and Valerie J., 19714 Adams St., $274,000.

Richland Homes to Hanson, John E. and Dawn M., 19347 J St., $263,895.

Miller, Ross A. and Caniglia-Miller, Justine M. to Krehe, Joseph R. and Carrie N., 17008 Patterson Drive, $238,000.

Hatigan, Timothy J. to Kacmar, James A. and Mary G., 17239 Orchard Ave., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hill, Matthew T., 5803 S. 191st St., $223,300.

Celebrity Homes to Spoto, Michael J. and Janelle K., 5841 S. 191st Terrace, $215,300.

McAndrews, Jeremy D. and Amanda M. to Winchester, Kamron and Phuong, 6721 S. 188th St., $212,000.

Trout, Joseph T. and Sarah to Nebel, Robert S. and Shirley A., 5613 S. 159th St., $209,000.

Vos, Christopher J. and Beth M. to Reich, Matthew C. and Diana K., 18636 Anne St., $183,500.

Horbach, Shannon L. and Smiley, Robert A. to Clawson, Tim and Nicki, 5770 S. 188th St., $155,000.

Nicholson, Joseph M. and Angela H. to Smith, Lauren and Marshall, Matthew, 5928 S. 186th Ave., $145,000.


Legacy Ventures I. to Fryatt, Lindsee N. and Joseph W., 15469 Summerwood Drive, $206,000.

Svajgl, James F. and Alyce J. to Zeman, Thomas D. and Mary J., 4260 S. 149th St., $205,000.

Matyja, James to Bruck, David and Amanda, 15423 V St., $160,000.

Collins, Rhonda and Ben T. to Pauli, Patrick K., 14124 Ohern St., $151,000.

Pauli, Patrick K. to Toland, Carri L., 14124 Ohern St., $150,000.

Terry, Taber J. to Nelson, Nicholas S., 11136 V St., $138,000.

Davis, Nicholas A. and Alicia R. to Boyll, Alisha R. and Watterson, Aaron R., 5176 S. 150th Plaza, $135,000.

Hanson, Dawn M. and Duffield, Michael F. to Moenssen, Amanda, 5661 S. 122nd St., $128,000.

Jeseritz, Brett D. to Tolliver-Humpal, Nicholas P., 5747 S. 113th St., $125,000.

Crescent Properties to Neil, Paul and Carol, 5162 S. 148th Circle, $120,000.

HBI LLC to Szynskie, Thomas D. and Vanessa T., 5932 S. 137th St., $105,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Straub Properties, 13030 N St., $100,000.

Brown, Genevieve A. to Banks, Sandra M. and William E., 14169 Cindy Circle, $90,000.

Bank of New York to Ridgway, Kerry K. and Max A., 6236 S. 142nd St., $85,000.


Shamrock Builders to Steigleder, Zachary, 7315 N. 126th Ave., $299,900.

Celebrity Homes to Wichert, Scott B. and Lisa M., 7205 N. 143rd St., $217,350.

Celebrity Homes to Gray, Daniel R. and Brenda H., 14215 Weber St., $170,150.

Graber, Seth J. and Halley C. to Docker, Christopher J. and Konert, Heather N., 7418 N. 108th St., $127,000.

Vandelay Investments to Abou-Nasr, Faisal K., 12511 Deer Creek Drive, $34,250.


REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 1355 S. 133rd St., $191,250.

Sigerson, Janet E. to Braegelmann, Justin, 3725 S. 116th Ave., $165,000.

Smutney, Richard W. and Pamela J. to Reed, Amelia G. and Silva, Johnathan, 2718 S. 116th Avenue Circle, $160,000.

Clausen, Brent and Regina to Johnson, James M., 13529 Westwood Lane, $153,000.

Shaw, Michael J. and Dana K. to McMahon, Donna L. and George W., 2124 S. 145th Ave., $135,000.

Kober, Jean M. to WLR Properties, 3423 S. 130th St., $128,250.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management, 1355 S. 133rd St., $110,000.

Cameron Real Estate I to Nelson, Chad E. and Hamilton, Elizabeth, 12427 B St., $90,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to O & H Property, 12746 C St., $83,000.

Lentz, David T. and Linda S. to Dergal, Yulia, 1231 S. 121st Plaza, $63,000.

Kingswood Estates to Homebuilders LLC, 3149 S. 133rd St., $41,900.


Reznicek, Bernard W., personal representative, to Schudel, Paul M. Trust, 1524 N. 141st Ave., $699,500.

Maion, Jeff and Sandra to Jeffers, Mary J., 275 N. 119th St., $248,000.

Rossolinsko, Brian J. and Sheri D. to Fredrickson, Thomas G. and Eusterbrock, Jennifer J., 12824 Nicholas St., $214,000.

Jaixen, Kelli A. and Michael J. to McGill, Amanda M. and Clayton, 15351 Lafayette Ave., $199,500.

Osborne, Adam R. and Ellen D. to Caniglia, James A., 15014 Westchester Circle, $144,100.

Mislivec, Joseph E. III to Piper, Lauren, 11221 Leavenworth St., $137,500.

Swanger, David A. and Danielle to McGinnis, Jeanne M., 15011 Davenport Circle, $135,000.

Flanagan, Sylvia J., personal representative, to Trimble, Sheridan, 11038 Westover Road, $120,000.

Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Coffin, Taylor J., 15359 Mason Plaza, $100,900.

Mack, Beverly, personal representative, to Kosch, Victoria A., 12727 West Dodge Road, $68,000.


Rubek, Dawn to Tjarks, Robert L. and Diane R., 13526 Ames Ave., $233,000.

Sengupta, Asis K. and Sen, Abanti to Pinkard, Mitchell L. and Lee, Deborah A., 5155 N. 135th Ave., $200,000.

Lyons, Kathleen O. and Bret, Mary K. to Goetzinger, Kaye, 5408 N. 142nd St., $175,000.

Rood, Robert, personal representative, to Munter, Ellen L., 5408 N. 134th Ave., $171,000.

Cook, Mead J. and Velma L. Trust to Wheelock, Cheryl and Michael, 13310 Hillsborough Drive, $171,000.

Markise, Robert L. and Deborah A. to Shirley, Robyn L. and Colan, Robert D., 12910 Corby St., $166,000.

Shamblen, Richard D. to Henry, Darain N. and Branson-Henry, Pamela R., 10917 Sahler St., $165,000.

Cook, Gerald J. and Mary J. to Cook, Timothy, 12605 Yates St., $160,000.

Classen, Josh R. and Tera D. to Eisenmann, Joshua E., 12119 Patrick Ave., $140,500.

Stiver, Marshall G. and Joyce R. to Vaughan, Shawn M. Jr., 12706 Ellison Ave., $140,000.

Erickson, Kristen R. and Trenton to Nelson, Michael J. and Kimberly K., 11820 Mary St., $139,000.

Hughes, Katie to Klitz, Mikayla, 14238 Newport Ave., $137,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Kelley, Cherise M., 11059 Martin Ave., $131,000.

Smith, Charlotte D. Trust to Charlies Properties, 2117 N. 122nd Circle, $130,000.

Allen, Sarah R. to Greeley, Jami J., 6613 N. 114th Ave., $128,000.

Sorensen, Donald E. and Beverly K. to Mlnarik, Thomas J., 12724 Hartman Ave., $123,500.

Nanfito, Chad A. to Kelley, Cindy P., 11507 Bauman Circle, $123,000.

Braniff, Lindsey K. to Schlickbernd, Jeffrey and Joyce, 6618 N. 111th St., $120,000.

Sevrench LLC to Kracl, Mitchell S., 2619 N. 123rd Circle, $113,000.

Forycki, Lorraine to Mancilla, Aaron, 10908 Saratoga Plaza, $92,000.



Niswonger, Paul to Isaacs, Adrian D., 1110 Colorado St., $150,000.

Olsen Rental Group to JNR Management, 1203 Bryan Ave., $115,000.

Arndt, Matthew and Kelly to Roth, Robert T. II, 13333 Franklin St., $78,000.

Agan, Lucille A. to Spencer, Jordan W. and Rachyl N., 1413 Englewood Drive, $134,000.

Daily, Mary J. Trust to Osborn, Valerie M. and Blake, 2112 Hancock St., $83,000.

Wood, Gary A. and Rebecca L. to Larimer, Derek R. and Brown, Allyx K., 2530 Crawford St., $93,000.

Hubenka, Joseph E. to Divin, Joan K., 308 Payne Ave., $65,000.

Stangl, Kimberly R. and Scheifla, Patrick to Scheifla, Patrick D. and Krista, 809 Brenton Ave., $78,000.


Henning, Blake D. and Elizabeth J. to Christensen, Patrick and Kendra, 7313 S. 196th Circle, $390,000.

Dowd Grain Co. to Pankoke, Ryan and Sara, 10874 S. 231st St., $140,000.

Eitzmann, Bryan C. to Truemper, Edward J. and Mary J., 11583 S. 206th St., $178,000.

McCune Development to Prairie Homes, 11606 S. 202nd St., $37,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Jones, Shaun M. and Cara L., 12102 S. 213th Ave., $213,000.

McCune Development to Hildy Construction, 19815 Birch St., $38,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Valdez, Landon and Brandy, 19844 Bellbrook Blvd., $331,000.

McCune Development to Home Building Consultants, 20009 Oak St., $39,000.

Gfeller, Cheryl L. and Stephen J. to Miller, Douglas A. and Cristine M., 20072 Emiline St., $390,000.

O’Neill, Jennifer L. to Noonan, Daniel P., 21414 Parkview Drive, $190,000.

Linn, Jeffrey and Sue to Legacy Homes Omaha, 21422 Hampton Drive, $36,000.

Goodnight, Timothy F. II to Peters, Cody L. and Percifield, Kristen M., 21518 Amber Circle, $190,000.

Knight, Mona F. to JNR Management, 509 Chestnut Drive, $135,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Proline Custom Homes, 7210 S. 193rd St., $56,000.


Sortino, Michelle L. and Salvatore J. to Gomez, Shawn and Malia, 1114 Hackney Drive, $185,000.

Becker, Michael E. and Mary D. to Nielson, Holly K., 1205 Limerick Road, $248,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Barr Homes, 12224 Montauk Drive, $47,000.

Belt Construction Co. to McFadden, Melissa D., 12359 S. 74th St., $413,000.

Trelford, Florence A. to Robst, Laura J., 2010 Queen Circle, $165,000.

Dutcher, James and Christina to Kiger, Amber G. and Scott, 2106 Glenwood Ave., $150,000.

Perkins, Micah T. and Kayla to Myers, Nathanial M., 325 N. Osage St., $110,000.

Eastham, Vera M. to Maupin, Thomas H. and Andrea, 811 Villa Place, $180,000.


Mullen, Noretta S. to Reiss, Kerry and Deborah, 210 N. Second St., $30,000.

Vanosdall, Kirk and Tiffany to Deberg, Curtis, 260 Locust St., $160,000.


Mammoser, Russell W. to Brown, Kevin and Michelle, 13806 S. 18th St., $282,000.

Celebrity Homes to Stanley, Jenna K. and Browkaw, Kaily R., 13907 S. 43rd St., $168,000.

Celebrity Homes to Busbee, John W. and Brooke A. 1903 Meadowlark Lane, $290,000.

Green, Daniel L. and Tracy M. to Richardson, James A. and Kimberly P., 2316 Georgetown Plaza, $133,000.

Wadas, Cathy N., trustee for Brannian, Richard J. Trust to Davies, Raymond and Pamela L., 3222 Chad St., $235,000.


Yost, Eric A. and Christa A. to Vasquez, Amber M. and Busch, Alan, 7107 S. 81St St., $110,000.

Kaste, Karl P. and Ann M. to Heikens, Trudy, 7917 S. 91st St., $250,000.

Stubbe, Cara to McBride, Pamela K., 8720 S. 99th St., $183,000.


Ladd, John M. and Sharen to Truttmann, David L. and Beverly A., 12008 S. 49th St., $258,000.

Newport Homes to Hart, Andrew T. and Melanie L., 1913 Titan Springs Drive, $257,000.

Rickley, Justin M. and Libby A. to O’Neill, Matthew M. and Christina M., 709 Eagle View Drive, $167,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling to Tyler, Amber M., 9307 S. 70th Ave., $397,000.


Hiemstra, Douglas K. and Katherine M. to Rexwinkel, Gregory J. and Nancy Trust, 10015 S. 173rd Circle, $375,000.

Byers, Eric D. and Adrienne to Swanson, Teddy and Melissa, 16301 Rosewood St., $260,000.

Celebrity Homes to Guinto, Jerry and Kara D., 16444 Cary St., $205,000.

Brentwood Homes to Bull, Bryant and Sabrina, 16554 Rosewood St., $302,000.

Christensen, Heidi and Nicholas D. to Ganyo, Patrick D. and Debora L., 17004 Colony Drive, $235,000.

Home Co. to Lashmett, Justin L. and Katie L., 17217 Chutney Drive, $287,000.

Dewey, Kyle L. and Marie E. to Dewey, Owen G. and Kirsti K., 18010 Margo St., $145,000.

Bull, Bryant and Sabrina D. to Batchelder, Chuck and Amanda, 822 S. 167th St., $200,000.

Whittaker, Jerrod K. and Shelly L. to Swanson, Cody B. and Bellar, Lisa J., 9304 S. 170th St., $185,000.

Newport Homes to Hansen, Shane G. and Tara J., 9706 S. 173rd St., $260,000.


Scobie, Clayton D. and Megan to Hill, Mark and Denae, 13831 Greenfield Road, $128,000.

Johansen, Justin G. and Daeges-Johansen, Kara to Donica, Ethan and LeMaster-Donica, Tamra, 14009 Jennifer Road, $120,000.

McKenzie, Theresa M. and Stephen R. to Johnson, Michael R., 14114 Virginia St., $137,000.

Ceglar, Joseph L. and Oshea, Peggy J. to Rozmus, Justin and Christina, 6803 S. 153rd Circle, $214,000.

Norris, Patricia R. and Earl W. Jr. Trust to Barraza, Michelle M., 7104 S. 146th St., $115,000.

Menephee, Patricia M. and James M. to Nehls, Andrew J. and Lori A., 7308 S. 140th Ave., $134,000.

Hillyard, David M. and Tiffany K. to Wilson, Brett L. and Wieczorek, Jaclyn N., 7908 S. 151st Ave., $161,000.

McDonnell, John W. to Kahl, Duane, 9033 Gary Circle, $90,000.


Robst, Laura J. to Townsley, Marthetta, 7320 S. 18th St., $115,000.

Rivera, Pastor and Serrano de Rivera, Maria D. to Rivera, Maritsa and Vazquez, Marco A., 7905 S. 37th St., $110,000.

Vocelka, Michael H. and Angelise S. to Sidzyik, Christopher and Rebekah, 9310 S. 27th Ave., $260,000.


Wusterbarth, Allen B. and Amber to Shipley, Jeremy, 4501 Primrose Lane, $128,000.



Chessareck, Gloria M. Estate to Council Bluffs Development Corp., 218 15th St., $27,500.

Hughes, Daria and Jimmy R. to Ambriz, Jose L., 3402 Third Ave., $88,000.

Baker, David M. to National Residential Nominee Services, 1323 14th Ave., $137,500.

Mutual First Federal Credit Union to Rodenburg, Aaron, 3109 Ave. G, $26,000.

Nichols, Sharone P. Estate to Grubbs, Mark D., 1520 N. 17th St., $22,000.


Parton, Nathan D. and Rebekah J. to Sipes, Heather N. and Jeremy L., 29 Locust Lodge Ave., $175,000.

Czerwinski, Angel S. and Richard A. to Randolph, Jennifer L., 19282 Cobalt Lane, $145,000.

Tweedt Engineering & Construction to Newcom, Amber L. and James M., 1507 Chestnut Drive, $472,000.

Johnson, Norma J. and Paul E. to Jones, Kolby and McQueen, Bailey, 235 Elliott St., $118,000.

Sellers, Craig S. and Jessica C. to McClelland, Katherine M., 219 Wendover Road, $135,000.

Zimmerman, Alan Estate to Porter, Michael S., 14 Voorhis St., $19,500.

Affield, Larry L. and Johnson, Scott B. to Korth, Tiffany R. and Zachary R., 22050 185th St., $321,500.

Higgins, Eva K. to Thomsen, Lucas and Sarah, 303 Wildwood Drive, $225,000.

Tweedt Engineering & Construction to Hunter, Andrea and Nadgwick, Stuart, 1524 Chestnut Drive, $364,000.


Roseland, Amy and Christopher to Witte, Brooke G. and Robert J. II, 460 Coronado Circle, Carter Lake, $256,000.


Avoca Betterment Association to Yochum, Mercedes and Sean, 755 Cedar St., Avoca, $145,500.

CDM-TLP Inc. to Bradley, David and Marcia, 114 E. Crocker St., Avoca, $12,500.


Hart, Mildred D. and Ronald C. and Steinhoff, Paul J. and Tonya M. to Bruck, Sharon K. and Embree, Allen D., 47439 Hickory Road, Oakland, $249,000.

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