Hunter, Joseph D. and Christine to Goettl, Adrian A., trustee for Goettl Family Trust, 16252 Craig Ave., $385,000.

Pew, Robert M. and Laurie A. to O’Connor, Kara E. and Mark S., 15815 Craig Ave., $382,000.

Washkuhn, Eric and Marcia to Sidoruk, Cameo and Boris, 7304 N. 151st Circle, $380,000.

Barr Homes to Ferding, Michelle L. and Troy R., 15921 Craig Ave., $342,550.

Fools Inc. to Nguyen, Toan C. and Jessica A., 8552 N. 172nd Circle, $322,771.

Anderson, Todd V. and Cher D. to Main, Ryan and Rachelle, 15990 Reynolds St., $296,000.

Brueckner, Andrew J. and Laurie L. to Pagels, Danielle C. and Yarger, Anthony J., 15924 Grebe St., $286,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Pew, Robert and Glover-Pew, Laurie, 7308 N. 155th St., $274,500.

Sherwood Homes to Boe, Dustin and Kudera, Stephanie, 8210 N. 161st St., $251,600.

Kortus, Pat and Wendy to Hawk, Travis J. and Angela R., 8818 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $240,000.

Rowe, Bryan and Jessica to Brazytis, Angelica N., 12003 N. 160th St., $218,500.

Filip, Kristine L. to Baker, Debra H., 7912 N. 152nd Ave., $187,000.

Olson, Erin and Ryan to Drake, Alice M. and George M., 14818 Young St., $168,300.

Starmer, Kylee to Kearney, Marcy R., 7105 N. 154th St., $155,000.

Dameron, Krystle N. and Janeson, Mike to Wheeler, Gretchen, 7020 N. 153rd St., $154,900.

Baumann, Steven W. and Melissa M. to Olson, Erin, 15402 Bondesson St., $139,900.

O’Donnell, Timothy J. and Kaewtrairat, Chulida to Mascarello, Mary, 14460 Leeman St., $139,900.

Cobb, Alisha T. and VanLandingham, Jenny J. to Marr, Shaun E., 8052 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $135,000.

Hulett, Gregory J. to Olson, Ryan A., 15350 Mormon St., $132,500.

Pribil, Deloris C. to Girgis, Amgad F. and Youseff-Morgan, Carolyn M., 15408 Davidson St., $129,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Home Enterprises, 14814 Wild Indigo St., $50,000.

Stratdorf Park Development to Empire Homes and Remodeling, 9103 N. 169th St., $45,500.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Home Enterprises, 9807 Rosewater Parkway, $40,000.

Underwood, Scott W. and Deborah L. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 15001 Cherry St., $40,000.

North Ida Investments to Legacy Homes Omaha, 7012 N. 160th St., $39,950.

Waterford Development to Hopkins, Mark R. and Debra A., 7008 N. 154th St., $30,000.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 15501 Potter St., $30,000.

Waterford Development to Fools Inc., 15131 Whitmore Circle, $28,000.


Ideal Designs and Remodeling to Leisey, Jay, 1720 S. 219th Ave., $721,817.

Courtney, Debi F. to Visty, Tommy and Amanda, 1219 Ranch View Lane, $557,000.

Whit Smith Construction to Smith, Whitney Trust, 1181 S. 212th Circle, $490,200.

Ramm Construction to Ancheta, Ryan M. and Charlene F., 20622 Pine St., $476,768.

Home Co. to Stephen, Jedediah L. and Alison J., 23713 Berry St., $415,000.

Wheeland, Mark A. and Ann R. to Tomsen, Karissa M. and Ulysses J., 18516 Lafayette Circle, $407,500.

Oelhaf, Christa M. and Robert C. Jr. to Sholly, Cameron H. and Jill W., 19724 Mason St., $398,000.

Paradise Homes to Farris, Debi M., 20807 Woolworth Ave., $397,634.

Hildy Construction to Gassman, C. Peter and Kathleen L., 4808 N. 192nd Avenue Circle, $395,000.

Adamson, Bryan and Kattie to Garinger, Christopher M. and Anne, 525 S. 196th Ave., $389,000.

Bosco, Doug and Brenda to Evans, Richard D. and Stuhr, Anita A., 19601 Decatur St., $367,000.

Paradise Homes to Heim, Scott C. and Melissa E., 1898 Blue Sage Parkway, $361,499.

Mitchell, Howard L. and Stanosheck, Margaret to Flanagan, Adam and Mackenzie, 18419 Farnam St., $350,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Modlin, Anthony and Tara, 20802 Ames Ave., $320,000.

Agnew, Taylor M. and Jason A. to Jacobsen, Brian L. and Kristen K., 19926 Dewey Ave., $315,000.

Kaestner, Kristopher and Julie to Kinsel, Douglas and Angela, 1428 N. 181st Ave., $315,000.

Hans, Jeffrey and Becky to Whitten, Gordon, 928 S. 201st St., $310,000.

Perkins, Lisa and Chad to Nedrow, James and Katherine, 21200 Ridgewood Road, $293,000.

Dave Paik Builders to Estabrook, Jane E. and Lienemann, Rick D., 18415 Cuming Circle, $285,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Bliven, Nichole S. and Jacob A., 2705 N. 190th St., $281,323.

Schweitz, Arlan D. and Beth to Lemay, Joshua J. and Tara L., 1507 N. 214th St., $272,000.

Home Co. to Jensen, Paul C. and Dorothy M., 19301 Franklin Circle, $269,000.

Doerr, Anne to Chronister, Barry F. and Konnie J., 723 S. 186th St., $260,000.

Stallmann, Michael R. and Lisa M. to Alikpokou, Tey K. and Heidi L., 20715 Veterans Drive, $228,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rubens, Scott, 20832 Parker St., $222,000.

Charleston Homes to Siebrass, Nicholas D. and Scottie B., 3433 N. 208th Ave., $207,775.

Malibu Holdings to Widhalm Custom Homes, 2114 S. 214th Ave., $100,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Hansen, Casey D. and Moran-Hansen, Jessica, 713 N. 189th St., $85,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Hungtington Homes, 18901 Nicholas St., $85,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Wilson, Brian A., 1808 S. 221st St., $80,000.

Thomas David Builders to Malloy, Timothy, 1508 S. 211th St., $75,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Silverstone Building Co., 6707 S. 209th St., $54,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Homestead Custom Builders, 6557 S. 209th St., $54,000.

Brodkey, Beth H. Trust to Owens, Michelle, 21924 Mayberry Circle, $45,000.

Charleston Homes to Pacesetter Homes, 4708 N. 205th St., $40,000.


Mallard Landing and Dial-Mallard Lake to Graham, Bethany and Chase, 4422 N. 269th St., $90,000.

Hustad Real Estate Holdings to Mallard Landing, 4416 N. 269th St., $70,000.


Durkin, John J. and Gail R. to Fosdick, Michael L. and Jane A., 24928 Farnam Circle, $835,000.

Pirnie, Tracy M. Trust to Perkins, Lisa A. and Chad M., 347 Lakehurst Drive, $395,000.

Fitzwater, Barbara A. to Shepherd, Gerald L. Jr. and Patricia L., 649 S. 259th St., $30,000.

First State Bank to Charleston Homes, 23424 Agee Lane, $29,900.


Reinwald, Richard and Carmichael, Cynthia M. to Sharma, Ashish, 2307 N. 55th St., $336,000.

Rupert, Christine M. and Todd O. to Martin, Gregory A. and Deaton, Charles R., 5624 Burdette St., $239,900.

Preston, Holly A. and Cliffton J. to Bracken, Patrick E. and Razamozova, Natalia S., 5124 Seward St., $190,000.

Westbrook, Jared and Lucy G. to Tuinei, Fuamai V., 2481 N. 47th Ave., $108,000.

Gaivan, Amy D. to So, Klu and Ku P., 6933 Pinkney St., $86,000.

Vane, Cynthia M. to Harrison, Belinda, 5322 Corby St., $80,000.

Adkisson, Nate A. and Kristen to Graziano, Elizabeth, 1618 N. 65t St., $75,000.

Dasenbrock, David M. to Kittrell, Harlen S. and Mary P., 6161 Park Lane Drive, $60,244.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Thacker, Robert A., 2332 N. 64th St., $22,000.


Hulse, Michelle K. and Kelly to Lothrop, Ann K. and Matthew D., 4305 Pine St., $165,000.

Hemsath, Timothy L. and Dianna L. to Allgood, Jeffrey D. and Miyashiro, Dayna T., 4307 Marcy St., $150,000.

Lavery, Melanee and Richard J. to Neumann, Heidi J. and Bonner, Michael L., 2834 S. 32nd St., $112,000.

Wulff, Katie and Dykes, James to Rosenboom, Amanda P., 2613 S. 33rd St., $96,425.

Gomez, Shawn and Malia to Hanson, James W., 1014 S. 35th St., $89,900.

Rohwer, William P. to Hopper, Jordan and Caitlin, 2817 S. 38th Ave., $85,000.


Blanke, Daniel and Kathryn to Johnston, Daniel and Michelle, 5544 Mason St., $201,000.

Nitchals, Christopher M. and Kimberly to Labedz, Frank, 5804 Woolworth Ave., $185,000.

Kruse, Karen and Hathoot, Mark A. to Partusch, Jacob, 6235 William St., $180,000.

Johnson, Chelsea M. and Bryan P. to Pogge, James G. and Catherine M., 5518 Woolworth Ave., $175,000.

Siemer, Denby and Eric J. to Petersen, Andrew M., 6475 William St., $130,000.

Marsicek, Sarah M. and Steven to Kucera, Terrence G. and Larsen-Kucera, Linda M., 4615 Pacific St., $129,900.

Yaseer, Maryam and Recek, Thaddeous D. to Herman, Brittany D., 5013 Pacific St., $126,250.

Mohanna, Edward J. to Indigo Investmetns, 6455 Pierce St., $124,500.

Hawkins Sales and Service to VanderWeijden, Prosperius and Debra, 3201 S. 50th St., $118,000.

Divittorio, Sarah E. to Blackstun, Clifford W. and Zachary D., 2019 S. 60th St., $118,000.

Haling, Nancy A. to Coots, Jennifer C. and Aaron A., 4682 Pierce St., $114,990.

Neneman, Virginia M., personal representative, to Bachman, Margot A. and Green, Jesse A., 3706 S. 48th St., $113,800.

Burns, Shirley to Gotoland LLC, 4839 Krug Ave., $113,000.

Sullivan, Shaun and Danielle to Eukmeier, Nicole L., 521 S. 70th St., $107,500.

Spray, Matthew D. and Sabrina to Droge, Jillian, 2309 S. 50th St., $107,000.

Venteicher-Dingman, Heidi J. and Dingman, Richard to Candor Properties, 1822 S. 60th St., $83,000.

Fitzgerald, Dawn and Mark A. to Ging Properties, 6018 Frederick St., $65,000.


Rudol, Michael J. and Foote, Jessica M. to Hunt, Travis E. and Hannah G., 4222 Polk St., $125,000.

Stover, Alex and Sorensen, Karisa to Ethofer, Nicolette L., 4312 Polk St., $122,500.

Flores, Eloy and Del Toral, M.T. to Zubia, Crystal, 3007 V St., $119,000.

Martin, Arcadio and Margarita to Ignowski, Rachelle K. and Jeffrey M., 6708 S. 30th St., $100,000.

Luksa, Robert L. Sr. to Palomar, Vanessa M., 1532 Berry Ave., $92,000.

Setlak, James F. to Lagunas, Jesus, 4025 S. 35th St., $78,000.

Swiercek, George and Daniel to Taqueria El Rey Inc., 4518 S. 34th St., $57,000.

Green, Helen and Charles Trust to Ryan, Jason R., 6035 S. 42nd Ave., $55,000.

Niedbalski, Craig T. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 3437 U St., $39,000.


Ortiz, Kate D. to Greene, Taylor P., 3470 S. 14th St., $119,000.

Just Right Homes LLC to Jacinto, Pascual P., 3480 S. 16th St., $75,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Overhue, Frank and Robi, 3463 S. 15th St., $62,300.

Gibilisco, Frances A. to Babbitt, Edward L. and Barbara A., 1935 S. 13th St., $40,000.

Krise Investments LLC to Voelte, Robert K., 839 S. 21st St., $37,500.

Salvatore, Theresa to Sullivan, John N. and Kinney, Stephanie, 422 Hickory St., $20,000.


Braddock, Clara to McCreary, Timothy J., 2424 Evans St., $75,000.

Hradsky, James and Shannon to Marceaux, Brooke, 3420 Parker St., $60,000.

Matthews, Michael D. to RBC Properties, 5966 N. 33rd St., $38,000.

Just Right Homes LLC to Bentacourt, Justo, 3917 Blondo St., $35,500.

Just Right Homes LLC to Catoni, Maritza, 3921 Blondo St., $35,000.


Brasel, Bryce J. and Erickson, Kathy M. to Woosley, Debra, 3420 Sheffield St., $100,000.

Heuertz, Adam J. and Winter L. to Barrales, Reyna A. and Saavedra, Mark E., 2714 Read St., $81,500.

Caliendo, Michael J., personal representative, to Suljuzovic, Drazen, 9601 N. 31st St., $45,000.

JKT Properties to RLT Premier Properties, 2446 Ida St., $36,000.


Fishman, Barbara A. and Steve to Powell, Dean R. and Robyn V., 9101 Farnam St., $1,750,000.

Ueda, Clarence and Judith Family Trust to Siemers, Todd O. and Rupert, Christine N., 9505 Capitol Ave., $312,500.

Mangiameli, Virginia E., personal representative, to Matteo, James P. III, 714 N. 76t St., $133,000.

Parram, Jeremy H. to Henry, David A. and Sandra T., 1005 N. 105th St., $128,000.

Johnson, Kathy J. to Johnson, James L. Sr., 7429 Page St., $123,000.

Anderson, Edwin E. and Virginia A. to Lopez, Thomas, 1018 N. 78th St., $96,500.


Castle Brook Builders to Hawkins, Jay L. and Kelli J., 17652 Patrick Ave., $480,000.

Belt Construction to Miller, Jason L. and Jennifer L., 2403 N. 177th St., $391,400.

Jacobs, Kevin W. and Jolene Trust to Spencer, Eric K. and Barbara L., 2630 N. 160th St., $359,000.

Hale, Julia A. and Allan F. to Wilson, John R. and Starmer-Wilson, Kylee, 15107 Hartman Circle, $357,500.

Doorknob LLC to Buddam, Avanija and Reddy, Arun K., 2534 N. 160th Ave., $337,500.

Roshell, Theo M. and Jade B. to Fucinaro, Anthony, 5607 N. 152nd St., $288,000.

Akins, Floyd W. to Kocsis, Colleen M. and Brian T., 2113 N. 174th St., $280,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Wagner, Joshua and Nerissa, 2612 N. 167th St., $268,833.

Celebrity Homes to Ulrich, Kyle R. and Jessica M., 17407 Grand Ave., $254,400.

Long, Kimberly J. to McClintock, Sarah and Seth W., 14918 Ohio St., $251,000.

Noda, Nancy and Christopher C. to Higgins, John V. and Whitney V., 14523 Ohio St., $246,000.

Osborne, Mark V. and Sheena L. to Tetrault, Anna and Stephen W., 16304 Taylor St., $236,000.

Liu, Sao J. and Thuy T. to Pedersen, Justin T. and Kaley E., 16632 Miami St., $235,000.

Decker, Velda J. Trust to Colegrove, Tamara J. and Richard A., 6311 N. 151st St., $230,000.

Young, Rick A. and Anna M. to Mac, John D. and Lisa K., 6307 N. 150th St., $230,000.

Romshek, Nancy J. to Price, Amanda S. and Eric B., 6257 N. 154th St., $230,000.

Brewster, Mark and Julie to Micek, Andrew J., 14930 Ellison Ave., $221,500.

Feagan, David and Jeri L. to Kramer, Sharon K., 15228 Curtis Ave., $215,000.

Tams, Ben and Stacey to Wiens, Debra, 4221 N. 163rd St., $213,000.

McGrain, Ashley E. to Baldwin, Collin E. and Jessica L., 4803 N. 175th St., $211,000.

Halverson, Serina M. and Thomas W. to Robertson, Ellen M. and Timothy M., 14714 Hartman Plaza, $205,000.

Wertz, Allison and Adam J. to Knutson, Paul M. and Steinbrink, Roxanne D., 4659 N. 155th Ave., $199,900.

Law, Milton J., trustee for Law, Mary A. Trust to Wolff, Thaddeus and Melanie, 14971 Laurel Ave., $195,000.

Monroe, Lauren and Joshua V. to Mayorquin, Jose A. and Maribel, 4776 N. 148th St., $180,000.

Tuxhorn, Clarissa J. and Brent to Gollamudi, Meghna, 4016 N. 172nd Ave., $155,000.

Vesta Properties to Matthiers, Grant L., 14623 Larimore Ave., $154,000.

Kaftan, Juliann M. and Harold A. to Lucke, David, 4416 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $146,000.

Keith, Mark A. and Hoffman, Katherine M. to Roschewski, Christine R., 17021 Sprague St., $140,000.

English, Quint R. to Stickels, Molly F., 14505 Wirt St., $138,000.

Pinto, Iris N. to Gates, Jonathan, 16464 Yates St., $132,000.

Moreano, Iris M. and Nelson A. to Kealy Properties, 14823 Locust St., $129,000.

Deeb, Van C. to Meester Enterprises, 14613 Locust St., $125,000.

Ramm Holdings to Castle Brook Builders, 2734 N. 178th St., $55,000.

Castle Creek Development to Home Co., 15185 Laurel Ave., $40,950.


Mutual of Omaha Bank to Cifuentes, Gelver J., 5447 S. 51st Ave., $57,000.


Johnson, Karisa D. to Johnson, Eric, 732 S. 159th Ave., $350,000.

Cox, Randall L. and Susan M. to McPherson, Angela and Koster, Ross, 170 S. 166th St., $349,360.

Dilts, Duane R. and Kelley-Dilts, Kathleen Trust to Majumder, Mahbubul M., 16809 Seward St., $265,000.

Harvell, Joann C. and Ronald W. to Raad, Ingrid and Barria, Juan, 1724 N. 169th St., $245,000.

Weig, Justin W. and Laura M. to Stalzer, Chad M. and Tammy L., 16006 Franklin St., $238,500.

Balza, Mimoy to Stuva, Brent and Christina, 1880 N. 170th St., $238,000.

Fuchs, Joni L. Trust to Twist, Bryson S. and Rachel M., 456 S. 159th Ave., $230,000.

Schager, Dewy and Dunn, Erin to Hemsath, Timothy L. and Dianna L., 15730 Western Ave., $210,000.

Wang, Rui and Xie, Qingmel to Freestone, David J. and Amanda, 1511 N. 159th St., $195,000.

Black, Kellie C. and Lloyd D. to Ward, Timothy J. and Kay L., 1804 N. 177th St., $141,000.

Gleason, Kevin M. to First National Bank of Omaha and Gleason, James T. Trust, 17424 Harney St., $345,388.


Allen, Jason L. and Maryann C. to Hafer, Susan M., 10274 Newport Ave., $220,000.

Suljuzovic, Ljubica and Kresimir to Sabatini, Matthew and Jenna, 10512 Mary St., $202,000.

Lambrecht, Myren J. and Ginger to Pham, Scott N., 7440 N. 87th St., $177,000.

Figgins, Mike and Katie to Rowe, Jessica C., 7906 King St., $145,000.

Radda, Eric C. and Samantha A. to Dettmer, Katie E. and Borst, Lucas R., 7409 Potter St., $145,000.

Wilcox, David I. and Doreen N. to Ellis, Hannah M. and Boyer, Jesse J., 7423 Hanover St., $137,000.

Scott, Joann C. and Kelly J. to Humphrey, John, 7525 Wyoming St., $134,000.

Pope, Kambi L. to Buck, Hilary A., 7022 N. 88th Ave., $125,500.

Wharton, Steven M. and Peggy S. to Burger, Brianne, 7974 Redick Ave., $120,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Legacy Ventures LLC, 7362 N. 77th St., $108,200.

First National of Nebraska Community Development Corp. to Adkins, LaCiana N., 8311 Girard St., $95,000.


Hedgpeth, James A. Jr. Trust to Delaney, Jessica T. and Yoo, Lawrence H., 2411 S. 102nd St., $675,000.

Carlson, Kimberly A. to Spaustat, Michaella and Petersen, Tyler, 3106 S. 107th St., $235,000.

Dropinski, Jason P. and Erica to Hunter, Rachel C., 8966 Laurie Circle, $109,200.


Stehlik, Jason V. and Julie to Choquette, Spencer and Erika, 6305 S. 95th St., $195,000.

Cohorst, Nicholas E. to Jensen, Tyler W. and Cara M., 7627 Drexel St., $144,000.

Alba, Mercedes to Johnston, Linette, 5517 S. 91st St., $141,000.

Szynskie, Thomas D. and Vanessa T. to Maldonado, Anthony D. and Holly C., 10528 R St., $140,000.

Vogel, Daniel G. to Ornelas, Jose R. and Carrillo, Madelin N., 8616 Orchard Ave., $132,000.

Carroll, Jeremiah T. and Marci A. to Kramer, Andrew M., 7731 State St., $120,000.

Loker, Ronald L. to Bridgeman, Mary J., 5610 S. 92nd Plaza, $95,000.

Weir, Kevin A. to Kettelhut, Keith, 8327 State St., $75,000.


Royal Development to Wall, Michael L. and Judith A., 1201 S. 199th St., $438,000.

Carlson, David R. and Laura L. to Loyet, James P. and Marian R., 17405 Hickory Circle, $335,000.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Storey, Anne M. and Michael L., 18131 C St., $333,000.

Lattimer, Doug C. and Jennie L. to Clark, Carrie A. and Gaylord L. Jr., 1367 S. 196th St., $270,000.

Sneed, Kathleen M. Trust to Lawrence, Eric C. and Karyn, 16215 Oak Circle, $260,000.

Bryan, Michael E. and Fink-Bryan, Suzette to Witt, Jenny R., 17220 Poppleton Ave., $240,000.

Wadding, Nicholas A. and Carissa L. to Draper, Tamara S. and Charles K., 19001 Ontario St., $219,000.

Yarger, Anthony J. to Carter, Dustin K. and Karlee, 15931 Frances Circle, $159,900.

Rosenbaum, Kristopher and Ashley to Liu, Huan, 1310 S. 166th St., $120,000.


Leon, Stefanie L. to Krajicek, Sara E., 132 N. 37th St., $115,000.

Aden, Sherril K. and Matthew J. to Cheung, Lok P., 105 N. 31st Ave., $89,000.


Burton, David R. and Virginia W. to Virgin, Richard P. and Rapp, Kathleen T., 664 N. 56th St., $615,000.

Llewellyn, Elizabeth A. and Hull, Sandra to Germonprez, Ray and Judy, 6244 Glenwood Road, $442,500.

Myers, Louanna H. to Mancuso, Benjamin and Kerry, 5206 California St., $280,000.

Trofholz, Angela J. and Evan J. to Stapleton, James, 5620 Charles St., $140,000.

Powell, Janna L. and Patrick to Haller, Kaitlin C., 5809 Charles St., $134,900.

Rome, Jennifer M. and Kavaleski, Ronald A. to Lynn, Sean and Gundrum, Amanda, 6312 Charles St., $106,500.

Mattea, Corey S. to Hess, Kyle R. and Krystle S., 6341 Hamilton St., $99,000.

Hurst, Jacqueline L. to Stouder, Cathy J., 6914 Western Ave., $68,500.


Russell, Charles E. and Margaret L. to Anderson, Melanie V. and Nicholas R., 2633 N. 102nd Ave., $197,000.

Castle, Mary B. to Songster, Justin and Jessica, 2718 N. 99th St., $176,000.

Svehla, John and Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen to Morrisey, Phillip J. and Christina G., 8141 Browne St., $169,500.

McClintock, Sarah and Seth to Warncok, Rebecca R., 6108 N. 80th St., $151,000.

Kreikemeier, Linda L. and Wilfred to Kreikemeier, Ryan M. and Kaela N., 9728 Grant St., $134,950.

Campbell, Stephen and Katie to Bookout, Becky S., 9653 Camden Ave., $132,450.

Kuenning, Shane and Bringe, Tanya to Courcier, Christie L. and Brett A., 4705 N. 95th St., $123,500.

Alikpokou, Heidi L. and Tey K. to Ptacek, Heather M., 4616 Parkview Drive, $119,000.

Lapour, Ronald D. and Alice to Wilburn, Laura C., 9156 Ames Ave., $115,000.

Volkmer, Cindy R. and Tyler J. to Reber, James F. Jr., 7851 Crown Point Ave., $115,000.

Niemann, Leannedra L. to Tyrrell, Michael V., 3415 Cottonwood Lane, $110,750.

Frausto, Rebeca to Maly, Scott and Jesika, 3611 N. 101st St., $120,000.


Nordbrock, Rhonda J. and Craig A. to Oehmke, Mark and Demetz, Peggy, 6011 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $365,000.

Woodland Homes to Frederick, Mark E. and Debra L., 17324 Madison St., $359,000.

Schroeder, Jacob M. Jr. and Trubinski-Schroeder, Lauren R. to Siragusa, Jeremy J. and Tanya, 17009 T St., $351,500.

Sime, Kris M. and Brenda L. to Hougland, Bentley C. and Amy M., 17356 Monroe Circle, $345,000.

Bemis, Danielle M. and James J. Jr. to Grandgenett, Eric N. and Allison M., 5903 S. 170th St., $315,000.

Newth, Lance M. and Kathleen M. to Hook, Adam and Nichole, 19702 Adams St., $295,000.

McKee, Lisa M. to Gunda, Vamshi K. and Chillamcharla, Swapna, 5426 S. 165th St., $275,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Vuradi, Srinivas and Kakulavaram, Manjula, 5309 S. 162nd Ave., $272,000.

Hoerning, Dean R. and Kimberly K. to Bartlett, Spencer K. and Heidi C., 17115 Weir St., $270,000.

Graslewicz, Kevin J. to Erisman, Amy and Brian, 6514 S. 170th Ave., $260,000.

Denkers, Erma L. and Kent J. to Liberty, Dean R. and Kelly A., 6216 S. 157th St., $250,000.

Hougland, Amy M. and Bentley C. to Anderson, Danielle M. and Erik C., 16619 Holmes St., $248,000.

Cooper, Scott R. and Kelsey C. to Clark, Jesse L. and Krajewski-Clark, Kimberly G., 4509 S. 194th St., $247,500.

Breci, David to Mix, Ursula R. Trust, 16561 Jefferson St., $232,000.

Celebrity Homes to Tipton, Robert W. and Deanna K., 19086 Y St., $215,300.

Nimmo, Tina M. and Michael W. to Pemmasani, Swathi and Chirumamilla, Ramshbabu, 16505 Monroe St., $215,000.

Lawrence, Eric and Karyn A. to Wagner, Colin T. and Jamie F., 5426 S. 159th Ave., $203,000.

Fatte, John J. and Jacquelyn A. to Loveless, Joann, 17606 Polk St., $192,800.

DeLuca, Jason M. and Crystal L. to Filippi, Austin J. and Ashlee R., 6406 S. 164th Circle, $189,000.

Pierson, Alyssa D. to Booke, Meagan M. and Adam R., 16602 Jefferson St., $188,000.

Stapel, Kolby and Sarah to American International Relocation, 5624 S. 159th Ave., $181,000.

American Internatioanl Relocation to Andersen, Timothy R., 5624 S. 159th Ave., $181,000.

Celebrity Homes to Cummings, Amanda L. and Hunsche, Jordan M., 5838 S. 191st Terrace, $176,650.

Anderson, Danielle M. and Erik C. to Bartlett, Sarah B., 6401 S. 191st St., $175,000.

Majid, Farida and Shafiq to Lohani, Jitendra and Deepa K., 4972 S. 194th St., $173,500.

Knupp, Marcia K. and Jason E. to Bills, Laurie A. and John W., 4974 S. 167th Ave., $170,000.

Brown, Danielle and Jason L. to Eicholtz, Brittany R. and Brian E., 16315 Z St., $160,000.

Weber, Joshua R. and Melissa A. to Meyer, Jared and Deanna, 18718 Borman St., $148,000.

Waddingham, Jaime A. and Jeffrey T. to Harm, Alex and Martin, Carly, 18704 S St., $146,000.

Von Seggern, Andrew J. and Elizabeth to Doescher, Sally J. and Bonenberger, Jena L., 18661 W St., $142,000.

Hoffman, Jena J. to Butler, Alan W., 4563 S. 189th St., $139,900.

Copeland, Crystal and Eric to Marion, Sandra A. and Richard R., 5702 S. 159th Ave., $128,000.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Fools Inc., 6715 S. 184th St., $36,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 6720 S. 185th Ave., $31,950.


Schmitt, Luetta P. to Pelzer, Phyllis K., 4260 S. 150th St., $193,500.

Laferriere, Douglas A., personal representative, to Griencewic, Kevin R. and Elizabeth M., 5329 S. 145th St., $185,000.

Spicka, Renee L. and Richard to Lechner, Sherri and Rick, 5505 S. 152nd St., $175,000.

Kettelhut, Douglas and Barbara Trust to Troia, Joseph S., 6048 Oakcrest Plaza, $169,000.

Ahrendt, Kathryn to Rassfeld, Richard S. and Barbara A., 6407 S. 116th St., $168,000.

McGinnis, Rachel L. and White, Michael J. Jr. to Peters, Jessica A. and Eric M., 10884 Madison St., $162,500.

Nye, John R. and Elizabeth C. to Skenandore, Michelle and Thomas J., 14812 L St., $159,000.

Dunagan, Angela and Patrick A. to Neighbors, Christopher F., 6124 S. 115th St., $155,000.

Tesnohlidek, Jenniffer L. and Grant J. to McDaniel, Matthew, 11035 Z St., $155,000.

Rodriguez, Marisol U. and Marcos to Tackett, Kenneth W. and Kristyn, 6530 S. 110th St., $150,000.

Cooke, Barbara L., personal representative, to Alvarado, Heather J., 14618 Walnut Grove Drive, $143,000.

Schurke, Michelle to Broich, Kenneth, 12621 Anne St., $135,000.

Cutter, Melissa D. and Jeffrey L. to Joiner, Monica J., 6712 S. 135th Terrace, $122,500.

Holmes, Matthew L. and Jennifer to Amini, Aminullah, 14135 N St., $111,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 15261 Blackwell Drive, $101,500.

Deutsche Bank to Kehm, Ross W., 14176 Cindy Circle, $93,500.

Barbros LLC to Western Financial and OM 14118 Orchard Trust, 14118 Orchard Ave., $64,000.

Farro, Robert to Zerse, Geraldine W., 12749 Woodcrest Plaza, $60,000.


Edward Bedel Construction to Amstutz, Kenton R., 12670 Scott St., $410,000.

Celebrity Homes to Pratt, John W., 14211 Weber St., $165,650.

Hagedorn, Justin to Kieslehorst, Linda, 14229 Wood Valley Drive, $147,000.

Schuster, Angela M. to Strasser, Karen S., 7321 N. 112th Ave., $129,900.

Neal, Lakisha L. and Donald J. Jr. to Fox, Sterling J. and Shelby N., 10870 Weber St., $129,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Wilwerding, David G. and Kristine M., 7910 N. 127th Ave., $58,900.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Hagedorn, Adam and Corrina, 12311 Read St., $55,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Brown, Darwin L. and Jeanne L., 13046 Craig St., $52,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Froehlich, Kimberlee L. Trust, 12652 Deer Creek Drive, $37,000.

Clinkscale, Mary J. to Mitchell, Howard L. and Margaret S., 7416 N. 118th Circle, $406,000.


Gregory, Joan A. and Michael K. to Biga, Ryan K. and Luna-Biga, Andrea M., 3117 S. 116th Ave., $240,000.

Hoffmann, Janene M. and Brian J. to Bell, Lisa, 2106 S. 151st St., $235,000.

Rowan, John J. and Jennifer L. to Kaan, Christiaan E. and Kesley E., 13592 Walnut St., $225,000.

Gooch, Patricia J. and Michael D. to Morrison, Matthew J. and Rush-Morrison, Heidi A., 12826 Shirley St., $213,000.

Russell, Joann M. and Wayne L. to Kreikemeier, Jason M. and Abby, 2017 S. 146th Circle, $210,000.

Wallitsch, Rudolph T. III and Tori to Gentile, Mark R. and Carrie L., 2430 S. 154th Circle, $201,900.

Smith, Matthew L. and Stephanie to Hill, Hyla L., 12405 Shirley St., $189,000.

Hayes, Justin and Suzanne to Figgins, Michael and Katie, 3854 S. 155th St., $188,000.

Tooley, Sheila M. and Jeffrey T. to Erspamer, Cory and Charlotte, 12311 Hickory Road, $175,000.

Lopez, Albert M. and Katherine A. to Holyoak, Bree and Colby, 3717 S. 119th St., $173,000.

Kinsel, Douglas M. and Angela D. to Witt, Renate N. and Spencer L., 15312 Howe St., $170,000.

Shurter, Joanne C. Trust to Leapley, Bryce and Camie, 1512 S. 141st Avenue Circle, $169,900.

Franklin 1700 LP and 2522 Revocable Real Estate Trust to Dropinski, Jason P. and Erica J., 2522 S. 148th Avenue Circle, $164,950.

Alwine, Brent J. and Brandi L. to Aylward, Carrie L. and Paul J., 12310 Woolworth Ave., $161,000.

Ryan, Roberta J. Trust to King, James P., 13496 Oak St., $150,000.

Stolp, Gary L. to Dadura, David A., 3356 S. 129th St., $145,000.

Taulborg, Joshua A. and Melissa to KR Properties, 12614 Cryer Ave., $145,000.

Goldie, Jonathan A. and Rachel to Haun, Justin, 11642 Westwood Lane, $144,000.

Jones, Katrine L. and Jones, Brock D. to Jonas, Stephen, 13573 Shirley St., $140,000.

Taub, Jenna B. to Branham, Shane and Barbara, 3224 S. 122nd St., $139,500.

Schenck, Michelle L., trustee for Mannon, Garvella E. Trust to Schlosser, Andra and Tim, 3406 S. 108th St., $130,000.

Lyons, Timothy A. and Carly M. to Crawford, Megan and O’Neill, Alex, 3618 S. 128th Ave., $126,000.

Greco, Charles S., trustee for Greco, Jeannie M. Trust to Armetta, Tina M., 3317 S. 121st St., $126,000.

Clark, David M. to Sanford, Mitchell D., 2808 S. 135th St., $117,000.


Cahow, Sharon K., personal representative, to Kellar, Katie and Rickie D. Jr., 10916 N. 61st St., $175,000.

Schwartz, Omer B. to Eh, Saw, 7175 N. 60th St., $94,000.

Vandenboogaard, Matthew J. and Cori to Sommerville, Brooke, 6608 N. 46th Ave., $81,000.


Bramhall, Diane M. and Scott D. to Lyons, Jay and Joni L., 12840 Decatur St., $365,000.

Kim, Sam and Jungmin J. to Powell, Patrick and Janna, 14222 Franklin St., $300,000.

Herold, Andrew M. and Carissa K. to West, Alan J. and Sara, 817 N. 149th St., $275,500.

Pecha, Donald and Denise to Black, Lloyd D. and Kellie C., 12303 Shamrock Road, $226,450.

Pestal, Willard C., trustee for Pestal Family Trust to Kagan, Douglas G., 416 S. 130th St., $219,000.

Woody, Robert N. and Andrea L. to Jebens, Richard A. Trust, 605 N. 152nd Ave., $190,000.

Yanney, Michael and Gail W. to Pickard, Ruth A., 826 S. 112th Plaza, $175,000.

Kost, Kenneth H. and Judith A. to Williams, Nellie M., 309 S. 154th St., $175,000.

Coufal, Andrea D. to Oman, Tyler K. and Angello-Oman, Jenniphier B., 11305 Leavenworth Circle, $135,000.

O’Connor, Patrick A. to Christensen, Scott D., 15369 Mason Plaza, $132,500.

Norton, Brenda J. to Carpino, Christine M. and Donald P., 1861 N. 151st Plaza, $120,000.

Andersen, Jerry P. to Eslinger, Nathan J., 15505 Hamilton St., $110,000.


Riddell, Jonathan B. to Fyfe, Melissa A. and Thomas J., 14251 Hillsborough Drive, $320,100.

Sharkey, Regina K. to Muhammad, Carolyn L. and Naeem J., 5135 N. 137th Ave., $279,900.

Mahan, Jason L. to Freeman, Trent and Emily, 4826 N. 136th Ave., $259,000.

Aagesen, Tammie L. and Bertil W. to Bioomquist, Annette M., 6318 N. 142nd Ave., $230,000.

Shearer, Mark and Kathleen to Narducci, Susan K. and Warren A., 4724 N. 134th Ave., $220,000.

Jorgensen, Nancy L. Trust to Werner, James J. II, 11518 Spaulding St., $195,000.

Powell, Ruth A. to Barajas, Pablo E. and Amber D., 11525 Sahler St., $180,000.

Parkenfarker LLC to Howard, Trevor and Danielle E., 11424 Queens Drive, $179,000.

Roza, Maroly D., personal representative, to Cox, Susan M. and Randall L., 12960 Camden Ave., $165,600.

Schutte, Carol L. and Jerry F. to Wiesen, Kasee A. and Andrew J., 11412 Sunburst St., $161,000.

Bruning, Gerald L. and Nancy S. to Holgate, Tanner L. and Molly A., 6218 N. 111th Circle, $154,000.

Brunner, Daniel R. to Strehle, Adam and Luebbert, Sarah, 11243 Taylor St., $147,000.

Erspamer, Charlotte and Cory to Kennedy, Ryan J., 12555 Yates St., $142,000.

Marshall, Jon R. to Skalberg, Bryan J. and Kristina L., 11720 Grand Ave., $138,900.

Luce, Jason C. and Jennifer D. to Beber, Brandon S. and Denise C., 13002 Curtis Ave., $137,500.

Wrenn, Andrew H. and Bailey R. to Carr, Aaron A., 2226 N. 142nd Circle, $132,000.

Rudnick, Daran R. and Tonia J. to Polivka, Lee, 10909 Mary St., $129,800.

Harper, Camille Y. and Charles H. Jr. to Gillespie, Robert J., 12725 Hartman Ave., $127,900.

Fusco, Adam A. to Johnson, Shelby M., 11284 Bauman Ave., $127,000.

Freitag, Amanda R. and Matthew G. to Brodahl, Jeanette and John A., 2331 N. 113th St., $124,000.

Facca, Robert B. and Nicole M. to Hoeper, Scott M. and Noreen M., 11730 Mary St., $123,000.



Hawkins, Lisa A. to Weikle, Carrol G., 1106 Denver St., $125,000.

Kreikemeier, Jason M. and Abby to Marsall, Andrew J., 1201 Willow Ave., $114,000.

Kenyon, Mary E. to Putz, Victor B. and Libby C., 1604 Freeman Drive, $75,000.

O’Connor, Kjirsten and Peter P. to Jervis, F. Devin and Zeigler, Samantha J., 1701 Dianne Ave., $197,000.

Hurlbutt, Rita F. Trust to Wendl Properties, 2511 Hancock St., $25,000.

Hurlbutt, Rita F., personal representative for Hurlbutt, Deguy Estate to Wendl Properties, 2511 Hancock St., $25,000.

McReynolds, Jeannette, personal representative for Labedz, Theresa A. Estate to Thompson, Mary A., 302 Avian Circle South, $277,000.

Menke, Duane H. to Brown, Dale E. and Sarah S., 316 Bellevue Blvd. North, $147,000.

Hron, Edward and Sherry to Special T Masonry, 507 N. Fourth St., $73,000.

Stibbs, Rhonda C., trustee for Byrd, Ronald and Eleanor Trust to Richmont Villas LLC, 704 Fort Crook Road South, $198,000.

Geter, Tony F. and Tanya M. to Niday, Robert K. and Sonya A., 809 Mary Mallory Kountz Memorial Drive, $139,000.


Nitchals, Robert L. and Jane S. to Galaska, Phillip M. and Maria, 11616 S. 181St Circle, $360,000.

Johnson, Jill M. and Tarry D. to Carlson, Lukas J., 11709 S. 202nd St., $140,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Thiellen, Jason and Jennifer, 12005 S. 223rd Circle, $534,000.

Andresen, Dustin S. and Keli K. to McGregor, Joseph A. and Kristin M., 12027 S. 224th St., $432,000.

Charleston Homes to Kuenning, Shane M. and Tanya L., 17120 Jessica Lane, $36,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Silverstone Building Corp., 19301 Green Leaf St., $47,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Proline Custom Homes, 19465 Greenleaf St., $47,000.

Dolan, Robert J. and Mary T. to Franconia Real Estate Services, 19817 Gertrude St., $513,000.

Pope, Steven P. to Terry, Brett and Janice, 20908 Hampton Circle, $119,000.

Gilman, Rick E. and Nancy M. to Bothwell, Jeffrey W. and Sharon M., 20908 Hampton Circle, $310,000.

Kistler, Michael J. and Wendi J. to Lewis, Mike and Brandy, 21426 McClellan Circle, $207,000.

Moore, Rodney L. Jr. to Vavra, Joel M. and Callie, 217 E. Glenmorrie Drive, $125,000.

Kimmel, Joefrey L. and Lisa M. to Major, Ryan D. and Samantha J., 7011 S. 194th St., $278,000.

Cherry Hollow Farms to Wellendorf, Jennifer L. Trust, 7882 S. 216th St., $608,000.

Heavican Homes to Leymaster, Jonathan A. and Kristina L., 8108 S. 192nd Ave., $279,000.


Kempes, Phillip D. and Donna G. to Hollman, Rebecca L., 1007 Bryn Mawr Drive, $208,000.

Zych Construction to Sheets, Jeffrey A. and Shayla M., 10312 S. 124th St., $357,000.

Ferris, Fud W. and Janice M. to Reynolds, Thomas J. II and Carol B., 1112 Wicklow Road, $415,000.

Gardner, Daniel L. to Beck, Timothy R. and Reuter, Tiffany R., 1128 Sheriff Circle, $145,000.

Advantage Development to Leach, Nicholas A. and Alysha M., 12215 Montauk Drive, $386,000.

Timberline Homes to Wilton, Breanne L. and Benjamin J., 12512 Pintail Circle, $409,000.

Watson, Ronald Sr. to Mulari, Wade and Sally, 12647 S. 80th St., $350,000.

Petersen, Steven O. and Jacqueline J. to Nielsen, Emily C., 1308 Margaret Circle, $133,000.

Smith, Leo W. II and Mary J. to Weeks, Benjamin F. III and Janice B., 1405 Lake Vista Circle, $445,000.

Douthett, Steven C. and Rita A. to Stanfield, Mica and Burris Stanfield, Stacy, 1509 Ridgeview Drive, $220,000.

Bussell, Paul J. and Judith A. to Rothermund, Brian and Bridget, 1813 Ridgeview Drive, $190,000.

Griffin Homes to Towns, Jason W. and Angel D., 6765 Ridgewood Drive, $291,000.

Dyer, Matthew E. and Rachel R. to Eitzen, Jacob M., 703 S. Beadle St., $135,000.

Griffin Homes to Ginn, Jason R. and Michelle M., 7532 Legacy St., $395,000.

Horgan, Christopher T. and Jennifer L. to Rydl, Todd and Joanne, 903 W. Centennial Road, $320,000.


Thomas, Howard E. to Sorensen, Michael J., 9900 S. 252nd St., $3,000.


Eckman, Donald C. and Beister, Donna D. and Charles A. to Price, Thomas C. and Erin T., 11410 S. 42nd Ave., $180,000.

Richards, Brett and Julie to Blaha, Wesley and Erin, 13009 S. 24th St., $154,000.

Smith, Walter and Meropi A. to Johnson, Philip R. and Lauren R., 13406 S. 34th Ave., $164,000.

Thompson, Mary A. Trust to Campos, Hector and Ann E., 13504 Spencer Circle, $395,000.

Sanchez, Daniel and Bonnie to Froemming, Darold and Melissa, 13507 S. 22nd St., $278,000.

Flynn, Thomas J. Jr. and Laura D. to Miller, Kerry and Zekiye, 13612 S. 18th St., $238,000.

Celebrity Homes to Williams, Patrick C. and Kathryn E., 13811 S. 43rd Ave., $188,000.

Swartzer, Andrew J. and Amy H. to Brown, Andrew F. and Lacey M., 14204 S. 18th St., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes to Koeppen, Richard A., 14707 S. 23rd St., $269,000.

Vaida, Michael L. Sr. and Patricia A. to Bielstein, Lee A. and Susan K., 16829 Dyson Hollow Road, $825,000.

Gentile, Michael to McCann, Matthew S. and Rachel L., 17107 Rainbow Road, $213,000.

Kesselring, Kervin and Holly E. to Wilson, Timothy D. and Rachel, 2304 Circletown Place, $120,000.

Fairchild, David B. and Deborah L. to Simmons, Jared and Caitlyn M., 2407 Hogantown Drive, $175,000.

Truman, John S. to Rudol, Michael J. and Jessica, 4313 Longview St., $183,000.

Whitacre, Warren K. to Wolfe, Tyler J., 801 Grenoble Drive, $157,000.


Home Co. to Brady, Kent C. and Caril A., 10423 Elm Hurst Drive, $295,000.

Kempf, Edward A. and Virginia I. to Whenry, Kathy I., 7309 Elizabeth St., $116,000.

Davis, Robert L. to Moore, Brandy, 7905 Elm Drive, $139,000.

Gaskill, David B. and Rebecca S. to Wilson, Bret D. and Bridget A., 8119 S. 103rd St., $320,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 8807 S. Glenview Drive, $85,000.


Blanchard, Dennis W. and Carlson Blanchard, Robyn L. to Whitacre, Warren K., 11713 Bayview Drive, $168,000.

McAffee, Michael L. and Tamara W. to Lee, Kyle A. and Jennifer R., 11911 S. 51st St., $285,000.

Schram, Brian and Amy to Fogarty, Jeffrey J. and Machaella Y., 12113 S. 51st St., $352,000.

Benedix, Derek C. and Chrysostomou, Popi to Schram, Amy L., 4615 Springview Drive, $199,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Prager, Steven T. and Deborah H., 7055 Harvest Drive, $265,000.

Celebrity Homes to Huebert, Randy D. and Joni L., 8702 S. 68th St., $219,000.


Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 15848 Redwood St., $102,000.

Celebrity Homes to Williams, Buff L., 16436 Cary St., $206,000.

Mason, Travis L. and Karyl to Wesch, Richard D. and Rebecca J., 16444 Rosewood St., $260,000.

Grant, Brian T. and Jill C. to Talha, Ayoub M. and Fleming Talha, Krystal L., 16540 Longbow Loop, $740,000.

Ellis, Bart A. and Midny M. to Branscombe, Steven G. and Mary E., 16554 Longbow Loop, $645,000.

Ball, Derrick A. and Carrie S. to Johnson, Karisa, 16804 Colony Circle, $205,000.

Palisades Development to Timberline Homes, 17237 Colony Drive, $50,000.

Jones, Abbie to McCarty, Patrick and Barbara, 17516 Emiline St., $140,000.

Hughes, Teri A. to Frost Spellman, Jamie L. and Spellman, Austin J., 17826 Olive St., $124,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hawkinson, C. Daniel, 18816 Redwood St., $263,000.

Wertz, Michael T. and Sharon J. to Dejardin, Warren J. and Theresa, 7120 S. 173rd St., $241,000.

Celebrity Homes to Evans, Rachel E., 7205 S. 183rd Terrace, $167,000.

Bergantzel, Gary and Danaye to Kpokoudjo, Seithon, 7328 S. 182nd St., $200,000.

Celebrity Homes to Pelley, Adam and Jennifer, 7825 S. 190th Ave., $226,000.

Celebrity Homes to Krolikowski, Bridget R., 8029 S. 190th Ave., $217,000.

Bruntz, Leslie A. and Michele M. to Hennings, Scott D. and Melissa, 8612 S. 163rd St., $240,000.

Gaines, William L. and Patricia J. to Gaines, Jennifer M., 9208 S. 171st St., $231,000.

Charleston Homes to Vos, Christopher J. and Beth M., 9612 S. 173rd St., $275,000.

Palisades Development to Timberline Homes, 9812 S. 173rd St., $48,000.


Lesiak, Clifford A. and Joy E. to Jones, Andrew E. and Webb, Alicia A., 13437 Olive St., $152,000.

Becker, Kristen to Doht, Doug G. and Rita L. 13968 Margo St., $167,000.

Holst, Darran D. and Dawn to Lopez, Martin and Rosa E., 14601 Margo St., $144,000.

Tessin, Jeffrey D. and Katie to Hobbs, Samantha J., 14728 Gertrude St., $125,000.

Modlin, Anthony J. and Tara to Jones, Gerald W. II and Nilah, 15120 Redwood St., $225,000.

Thiele, Nicholas and Levi to WLR Properties, 7016 S. 131st Circle, $112,000.

Hlousek, Paul M. and Julie A. to Primeau, Katrin and James B., 7137 S. 155th St., $91,000.


Kendel Homes Corp. to Truax, Robert E. and Dawn L., 10311 S. 124th St., $334,000.


Newport Homes to Tennessen, Andy T., 2303 Barbara Ave., $268,000.

Gates, Melissa D. and Bryan to Bronte Companies LLC, 2307 Josephine St., $48,000.

Endrise, John C. and Clari J. to McClain, Ethan J. and Mariah, 2517 Olive St., $70,000.

Rall, Cheryll L. to Barker, Grace I. and Ralph, 6911 S. 42nd St., $112,000.

Knudtson, Michael L. and Margaret M. to Knudtson, Michael and Kayla, 7008 S. 39th Ave., $82,000.

Weber, Lori A. and Daniel R. to Bjerke, Bryan D., 8601 Citta Circle, $118,000.

Shaffer, Erin M. to Shaffer, Erin M. and Tellez Garcia, Miguel A., 9309 Spring Creek, $138,000.



Old Lincoln Investments to Grenoble, Brooke M., 1202 14th Ave., $138,000.

Nichols, Amy C. to Garside, James L. and Lori S., 2315 S. 16th St., $135,000.

Shepard, Kaye L. and Mark to Shepard, Benjamin J. and Traci J., 315 19th St., $115,000.

Waugh, Heather D. and William D. to Goff, Kathy and Wayne, 2509 S. Seventh St., $32,500.

Kiser, Allison to Rockwell, Stevie M., 3542 Ave. B, $107,500.

Dwyer, Leon L. and Patricia L. to Watkins Renovation, 3605 John St., $10,000.

Neal, Michelle C. and Timothy B. to Carpenter, Diane L. and Terry W., 5320 Crogans Way Road, $285,000.

Oberhelman, Leroy W. to Woolsoncroft, George, 609 26th Ave., $59,000.

Carper, Timothy E. and Virginia A. to Manero, Dennis M., 1625 Ave. G, $101,000.

Katzer, Jodi M. and Matthew J. to Patterson, Amanda M. and Sean M. Jr., 3101 35th Ave., $137,500.

Hopkins, Brad L. and Jessica to Lane, Lyndsay A., 2909 Ave. I, $118,000.

Singleton, Russell and Sheila J. to Maher, Jadelyn M., 2302 S. 18th St., $124,500.

Carmona, Karen and Ralph to Michl, Mark, 1019 N. 26th St., $90,000.


Fichter, Kirk D. and Susan R. to Klepfer, Jordan A. and Leeann K., 16651 235th St., $360,000.

Witzke, Jack and John and Shirley to Good, Elizabeth A. and William H., 5017 Providence Road, $290,000.

Remodeling Inc. to Witzke, Jack S. and John, 1449 Larchmont Drive, $418,000.

Shanks, Randall J. to Brownstone Capital, 12 15th Ave., $67,500.

Davis, Dale L. and Mallory L. to Aldredge, Jamie, 504 Elliot St., $128,000.

Poole, Ida A. Estate to Wilson, Dianne M. and William E., 1316 High St., $58,000.

Sorensen, Jean I. Estate to Eisenauer, Kathryn M., 129 Fourth St., $140,000.

Berry, Julia and Kelly M. to Devereaux, Chad and Melanie, 315 Elliott St., $157,500.

Strand, Jillian and Nathanial to Parkhill, Emily A. and Jamison K., 1617 E. Washington Ave., $92,000.


Teal, Robert L. and Sharleen F. to Bowman, James L. and Tracie L., 1010 Silver Lane, Carter Lake, $60,000.


Kohlscheen, Yvonne to Bruck Real Estate, 552 Cedar St., Avoca, $35,000.

Anderson, Kevin and Margaret and Sharon to Gleaves, Mike, 1216 Skyridge Drive, Avoca, $115,000.

Feekes, Larry and Linda to Heller, Stephanie L., 403 Cherry St., Avoca, $121,000.

Gustafson, Edith I. Estate to Maassen, Ashleigh and Cory, 116 Lyon St., Avoca, $74,500.


Petersen, Barbara A. and Darryl D. to Grismore, Laurie and Michael, 410 Park Ave., McClelland, $203,000.


Sorenson, Shelly R. and Soren P. to Schlador, David P. and Launa L., 307 Fifth St., Neola, $131,500.

Ward, Janice and L. Dale to Schwery, Charles and Sheila, 23703 York Road, Neola, $125,000.


Gustafson, Khrystyne N. and Weston J. to Gochenour, Gary D., 210 High St., Oakland, $43,000.

Reichart, George B. to Gleave, Gloria A. and Walter E. Trust, 43948 Highway 6, Oakland, $475,000.


Boothby, Kristin and Miles, Clifford to Willard, Jill and Matt, 109 Charles Drive, Underwood, $160,000.


Brix, Debra and Kevin to Gross, Judd and Sarah, 49227 Rosewood Road, Walnut, $30,000.

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