Batchelder, Mark S. and Holly Trust to Castle, Mary B. and Eastlick, Steven J., 17416 Timberline Circle, $340,000.

Sherwood Homes to Beiermann, Trisha and Travis, 15707 Craig Ave., $318,000.

Fools Inc. to Kauvar, Pamela I. and Blue, Theresa A., 14731 Weber St., $280,850.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Hazen, Barbara L., 16014 Potter St., $258,564.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Barr, Thomas M., 10205 N. 152nd Ave., $244,000.

Cizek Development Inc. to Figgins, Kenneth and Vicki, 11821 N. 175th Circle, $235,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Grasso, Linda J. and John E., 7515 N. 160th St., $230,000.

Cemer, Nicklas R. and Hilary to Hagen, Jacob and Michelle, 8203 N. 150th Terrace, $218,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Skogg, Todd E., 8013 N. 159th St., $208,384.

Nerz, Christopher M. and April D. to Daniels, Steven W. II and Amber R., 7814 N. 153rd St., $192,670.

Camgrave LLC to Christensen, Jeffrey S. and Cynthia I., 8707 N. 160th Court, $182,900.

Celebrity Homes to Castro, Ambar D. and Lohner, John L., 8315 N. 150th St., $181,200.

Vesta Properties to Hall-Erickson Suzanne E., 8116 N. 154th Ave., $160,000.

Koch, Kevin A. and Amy W. to Higgins, Lynn, 15312 Whitmore St., $152,000.

Anderson, Donald L. Trust to Schwarz, Laura and Ryan, 12613 N. 179th St., $85,000.

Stratford Park Development to Ramm Construction, 17234 Bondesson St., $40,500.

Waterford Development to Legacy Home Omaha, 7208 N. 152nd St., $36,000.

Stratford Park Development to Richland Homes, 8502 N. 172nd Circle, $31,600.


Buzzell, Joni M. and Jonathan E. to Morris, Cathrin C. and Joshua J., 3303 S. 228th Avenue Circle, $1,245,000.

Sievers, Chad and Jessie to Schultz, Mark L. and Sarkesian, Michelle, 1715 S. 213th St., $592,000.

Ramm Construction to Morris, Stephen A. and Michelle G., 18908 Nicholas St., $499,950.

JKC Construction to Mellor, Lauren K. and Stanger, Aaron, 1328 S. 208th St., $477,900.

Belt Construction Co. to Wellendorff, Dennis and Mary Trust, 20614 Pine St., $470,768.

Castle Brook Builders to Dau, Preston and Sheena, 1809 S. 220th Ave., $449,000.

Northridge Residential LLC to Woodland Homes, 18333 Jones St., $427,000.

Wasson, Matthew L. and Susan M. to Hall, Amanda L. and Benjamin S., 19920 Dewey Ave., $384,000.

Grubbe, Eric M. and Karen S. to Streebin, Angela D. and David A., 806 S. 188th Terrace, $367,000.

Ramm Construction to Ayers, Corey J. and Kasey R., 18972 Spaulding Circle, $357,500.

Dau, Sheena L. and Preston D. to Millsap, Austin S. and Sarah J., 19622 Farnam St., $353,000.

Dave Pail Builders to Monen, Emily R., 1124 N. 184th St., $320,485.

Trademark Homes to Fritz, John D. and Stacy, 18924 Sahler St., $307,243.

Pine Crest Homes to Tobin, Daniel P. and Kimberly L., 4210 N. 207th St., $304,645.

Trademark Homes to Brown, Amanda K. and Justin K., 4110 N. 191st St., $299,451.

Charleston Homes to McCain, Hope E. and Willard E., 20910 Emmet St., $268,750.

Eriksen, Justin and Jessica to Loontjer, Jessica and Kevin, 1606 N. 213th St., $265,000.

Davis, Hugh C. and Suzette P. to Menno-Haven Inc., 20806 Flavin St., $259,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Romero, Lindsey F. and Jake A., 2618 N. 191st Ave., $248,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Lancaster, Curtis and Kristy, 19011 Lake St., $230,000.

Henry J Sudbeck Builders to Black, Cynthia L. and Gerald D., 19015 Lake St., $227,000.

Brown, Mary J. and Stuart J. to Duncan, Hailey R. and John O., 1212 N. 207th Circle, $221,000.

Lueck Mack Enterprises to Knobbe, Roger, 1503 S. 219th Ave., $120,000.

Pacific Windgate II to JKC Construction, 21105 Marinda St., $90,000.

Lueck Mack Enterprises to Pink, Amy and Dan, 1908 S. 214th St., $87,500.

Five Fountains LLC to Hildy Construction, 18664 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $75,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Kronaizl Investments, 6703 S. 209th St., $54,000.

Northridge Residential LLC to Pearce Construction Group, 18501 Mason St., $50,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Trademark Homes, 1606 S. 207th St., $50,000.

Charleston Homes to Sherwood Homes, 4617 N. 205th Ave., $44,000.

Charleston Homes to Horizon Land Corp., 4617 N. 208th St., $42,000.


Dial-Mallard Lake Inc. to Malibu Holdings, 4208 N. 265th St., $175,000.

Malibu Holdings to Kluck, Adam J., 4208 N. 265th St., $160,000.

Smutny, Robert J. to Gilsdorf, Douglas P., 106 W. Hudspith St., $85,000.


Choice Homes to Bohlen, Jodie M., 24340 Douglas Circle, $275,000.

Wincek, Michael J. to Choice Homes, 24340 Douglas Circle, $258,550.


Campbell, John S. and Breanne S. to Anderson, Anna K. and Swirczek, Todd T., 1708 N. 50th St., $211,000.

Rudersdorf, Patrick J. and Elizabeth A. to Manning, David and Tosoni-Manning, Lisa, 1615 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $185,000.

Salter, David to Miller, Paul, 2027 N. 49th St., $139,000.

Recoy, Robert R. Jr. to Birch, Brian K., 6676 Lake St., $136,500.

Goff, Adam and Natasha to Grant 70 LLC, 2302 N. 70th St., $105,000.

Schaeffer, William A. to Hedges, Jacob A., 2047 N. 49th St., $104,900.

Herber, Scott T. to Hartzell, Jason D., 5617 N. 63rd St., $92,800.

Donner, Rebecca to Davis, Joshua J. and Shannon L., 2520 N. 48th St., $91,500.

Burchard, Elizabeth F., personal representative, to Koopman, Matthew J., 3926 N. 52nd St., $75,000.

Lash Inc. to Mays, Melody F., 3934 N. 67th St., $74,900.

Sturgeon, Douglas L. and Tami S. to Douglas Sarpy Investments, 2721 N. 48th Ave., $58,000.

Berigan, Marlene A. to T James Enterprises, 2553 N. 49th St., $58,000.

D’Silva, Collin J. and Sharon A. to Douglas Sarpy Investments, 3102 Fontenelle Blvd., $42,000.

Nationstar Mortgage to Lindhorst Investments, 4630 Camden Ave., $27,729.


Carlin, Brian M. and Lauren J. to PAMA LLC, 616 S. 31st Ave., $115,000.

Wilwerding, William T. to Aguilar, Jose A., 2916 Elm St., $88,000.

Adrian, James L. to Basye Real Estate Concepts, 4331 Marcy St., $60,000.


Fischer, Julie A., personal representative, to Hogan, Michelle T. and Maxwell R., 503 S. 51st Ave., $240,500.

Worthington, Elizabeth M. and Andrew to Jordan, James C. and Karen J., 6319 Pierce St., $155,000.

Rager, Nicole and Daniel to Perry, Bailey, 2153 S. 48th St., $120,500.

Cavazos, Dalhia to Ford, Jean M. Trust, 5568 Shirley St., $108,000.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions to Marshbanks, Aaron and 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 4515 Hascall St., $85,300.


Dewosky, Brandon and Kimberly to Lara, Richard, 4114 N St., $107,000.

Montoya, Andres and Gloria A. to Ramirez Guardado, Ana P., 6203 S. 30th St., $75,000.

Lee, Thomas A. and Rhea P. to Dewey Properties, 4321 S. 17th St., $65,000.

Semin, Joe and Shelly A. to Morales, Jose L. and Gutierrez, Rosmery, 3249 Monroe St., $60,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Sosa, Mayra E. and Reyes, Santos, 4415 S. 19th St., $57,500.

Cullinane, Helen M. and Eugene E. to Cullinane, Thomas P. and Tammy, 3755 S. 16th St., $41,000.


Babl, Curtis G. and Victoria S. to Urlaub, Mark A., 1205 S. 15th St., $155,000.

Pierce Properties to Oles Big Note LLC, 1314 Pierce St., $86,000.


Deluca, Viola to RBC Properties, 6328 N. 38th St., $32,000.

Kusek, Patricia L. and Kevin to Sautter, Darrick J. and Amy L., 3117 Parker St., $32,000.

Smith, Helen to T & B Jams LLC, 4264 Wirt St., $25,000.

Davie, Paul to Ruggles Street LLC, 4001 Miami St., $20,000.


Downum, Kristen and Kyle to Conrad, Brian C. and Seyboth, Julie R., 6511 N. 24th St., $94,000.

Cooper, Mary E. and Robert M. to Medley, Felicia L., 2877 Vane St., $73,500.

Murray, Patricia A. to Hill, Brandon A., 2886 Ida St., $55,000.


Haney, Gerald M. and Janet A. to Redpath, William B. and Debra S., 716 S. 96th St., $698,500.

Shonka, Sheri L. and Robert G. to How, Stanley J. III and Christine M., 8737 Harney St., $400,000.

Ortman, James K. and Maria V. to Madsen, Mark R. and Cathleen M., 9521 Douglas St., $328,000.

Buttery, Vicki W., trustee for Werner, Donald and Ruth Trust to Galley, Rachel L. and Eric R., 661 S. 85th St., $265,000.

Bell, Craig D. and Lindsey A. to Henderson, Ronald J. and Christine M., 9834 Louis Drive, $215,000.

Watson, Edward B. and Penny L. to Reece, Jeremy and Fouts, Mary, 9821 Seward St., $190,000.

Allen, Kendall J. and Kyle to Thompson, Patrick and Latta-Thompson, Meredith, 7701 Hamilton St., $119,500.


Binks Construction to Swigle, Micaela K. and Lashmett, Jordan D., 2206 N. 178th St., $430,000.

Prairie Homes to Bunton, Nathan and Jessica, 2713 N. 179th St., $356,354.

Classen, Todd and Liesel to Rezac, Christopher M. and Kathryn A., 3812 N. 160th Ave., $275,000.

Gripentrog, Travis and Emily to Hair, Robert and Sharon, 4015 N. 158th St., $264,000.

Cadelynn Properties to Bonzynski, Blair N. and Matthew A., 14471 Sherwood Ave., $261,000.

Charleston Homes to Jensen, Jared and Darti, 5303 N. 150th St., $259,000.

Smith, John B. and Mateel A. to Pachunka, Ingrid B. and Paul E., 4020 N. 157th St., $258,000.

Grasso, John E. and Linda J. to Oberle, Walter H. and Tiffani L., 15505 Grant Circle, $250,000.

Meyer, Ryan L. and Katherine A. to Rodgers, Katie and James, 4209 N. 164th St., $230,000.

Lohr, Joseph and Rena A. to Hinz, Alissa and Nicholas, 17110 Patrick Ave., $230,000.

Richland Homes to Plambeck, Aaron, 17513 Wirt St., $223,790.

Hagen, Donald J. and Linda M. to Wollen, Martin S., 4243 N. 163rd Ave., $220,000.

Christensen, Jeffery S. and Cynthia L. to Mossburg, Margaret and Shawn, 6735 N. 150th St., $215,000.

Shander, Brian to Hoffman, Rashelle and Andrew, 4310 N. 163rd St., $211,000.

Gotchall, Kristyl K. to Colburn, Vicki and William N., 14722 Himebaugh Plaza, $200,000.

Olivarez, Martha D. and Orlando D. to Micek, Jason W. and Anupama, 15112 Fowler Ave., $197,000.

Prichard, Terry L. and Nancy L. to Dworking, Jeffrey P. and Beth M., 3139 N. 151st St., $182,000.

Austin, Mary A. to Ashcraft, Patrick and Hodgen, Marni, 15055 Redman Ave., $172,000.

Swanson, Deborah E. to Wachtler, Mary L., 15517 Burdette St., $170,000.

Beaudoin, Julie and Jeff to Gulomov, Ilhomdzhom, 16909 Redman Ave., $165,000.

Schrage, Julie K. to Wieck, Leonard H. and Cindy L., 4406 N. 147th St., $153,000.

Mac, John D. and Lisa K. to Carstens, Ashley and Rick, 17013 Sprague St., $150,000.

Kubes, Lacey N. and James L. to Helling, Brett A., 4226 N. 172nd St., $148,500.

Hartman, Joseph and Ashley A. to Prichard, Terry L. and Nancy L., 15406 Camden Ave., $127,000.

Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 16351 Lothrop Circle, $43,900.


Faulkner, Arnold L. and Linda A. to Hulbert, Andrew, 5432 S. 52nd St., $148,000.

Triplett, Jeffrey D. and Darla J. to Hernandez, David L., 6519 S. 51st Avenue Circle, $121,000.

Kwasniewski, David J. and Diane A. to Rybin, Shaun, 5629 S. 50th St., $108,500.

Kudirka, Leo to Green, Michael T. II, 4857 J St., $105,000.


Milone, Mark J. and Christine A. to Gutgsell, Jason and Megan, 515 S. 178th St., $350,000.

Brady, Albert P. and Elizabeth A. to Siegert, Scott J. and Jennifer L., 16627 Jones St., $350,000.

Guthrie, David A. and Renee E. to Bruns, Brian and Jennifer, 16016 Franklin St., $299,900.

Streebin, David and Angel to Lippert, Leslie C. and Joseph, 15617 Nottingham Drive, $208,000.

Nguyen, Kim L. and Linh T. to Meier, Erica D. and Michael F., 417 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $180,000.

Robine, Dominic and Carrie to Lathrum, Leah and Kolten, 15682 Hamilton St., $165,000.

Muir, Brent M. and Wener-Muir, Carol L. to Morgan, Joanne and Larry, 1767 N. 177th Plaza, $146,000.


Hafits, Dan E. and Lo-Ann to Bronson, Heather N., 6723 N. 106th St., $200,000.

Faulhaber, Jeanna M. and Robert M. to Ritton, Antony J. and Rachel D., 8403 Potter St., $165,000.

Cabuya-Guacaneme, Sandra P. to Rastede, Brandie L., 7415 Hanover St., $140,000.

Hanson-Patzer, Kimberly A. and Patzer, Randolph C. to Smith, Gabriel P. and Amy R., 8629 N. 81st Ave., $135,000.

Lathrum, Kolten D. and Leah L. to Castle, Charles M. Jr., 7534 N. 82nd Circle, $132,500.

Johnson, Timothy J. to Chambers, Ieshia C., 7759 Bondesson St., $128,000.

Schmidt, Joel P. and Jennifer L. to Gathman, Daniel L., 8933 N. 78th Avenue Circle, $127,900.

Francke, Jennifer L. to Shimabukuro, Scott and Shari-Lynn, 7624 Bondesson St., $127,000.

Smith, Philip R. and Joyce M. to Feger, Daniel L. and Sherrie D., 8315 Read St., $125,000.

Mamula, Lisa M. and Gregory A. to Hartshorn, Angela, 7621 Redick Ave., $120,000.

Shelman, Johnathan A. and Elizabeth A. to Appiah, Emmanuel, 7530 Bauman Ave., $120,000.


Meyer, Sahar R. and Michael C. to Snow, Marcus, 2521 Brookside Ave., $316,000.

Jedruski, Paul and Melissa to Jamrozy, Kathleen, 1614 S. 93rd Ave., $210,000.

Wormington, Margaret M. and Kosch, Alois J. to Usonia Properties, 9183 Frances St., $205,000.

HBI LLC to Edds, Benjamin L., 1615 S. 94th St., $175,000.

Essi, Richard P. to Ricks, Brian and Jennifer, 2527 S. 80th Ave., $129,000.

H & S Partnership to Cronican, Brooke, 7641 Pasadena Ave., $122,000.

Adams, Michael T., trustee for Adams, Wilma M. Trust 2001 to Carver, Rachel and Kevin, 3628 S. 89th St., $115,000.

Western Financial and OM 7667 Grover Trust to Mooberry, Janette L. and Brandon, 7667 Grover St., $86,000.


Hirsh, Gary L. to May, Travis and Jennifer R., 9266 Adams St., $192,500.

Keith, Dorinda J. to Mendick, Michaella and Thomas, 5705 S. 104th Ave., $157,000.

Ullery, David D. and Mary E. to Riesberg, Dustin J. and Janice M., 7209 Washington St., $135,000.


Watson, Kelli J. and Adam J. to Barba, Ramiro and Eva, 2104 S. 183rd Circle, $468,000.

Whit Smith Construction to McGregor, Douglas J., 1411 S. 190th Plaza, $439,400.

Schmitt, David J. and Wendy S. to Briscoe, Richard S. and Sally M., 18320 Dupont Circle, $385,900.

Abraham, Steven N. to LJD Inc., 1814 S. 183rd Circle, $360,000.

Poppe, Brian and Sarah to Bagwan, Lynn E. and Brady, 3406 S. 197th Circle, $320,000.

JBH Invenstements to Lenie, Kathleen G., 1703 S. 171st Court, $216,000.

Wilson, Charles R. Trust to Bartlett, Sarah C., 17155 Hickory Plaza, $195,000.

Cotton, David P. and Crosetti-Cotton, Heather M. to O’Halloran, Theresa M., 3080 S. 160th Plaza, $150,000.

Nathan Homes to Widhalm Custom Homes, 3336 S. 188th St., $67,000.

HBI LLC to Paradise Homes, 2203 S. 181st Circle, $45,000.


Mallory, Alan R. and Diane L. to Macapinlac, Thea M. and Eugene A., 3872 California St., $183,575.

Daks Properties to Rediger, Matthew S., 104 S. 37th St., $125,000.

Anton, Rosemary and Kennedy, Charles A. to Thiel, Adam J., 108 S. 37th St., $113,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 129 N. 43rd St., $61,200.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 129 N. 43rd St., $53,200.


Keffeler, Mark G. to Huerter, Thomas J. and Christian, 714 Hackberry Road, $375,000.

Uhrich, Collin J. and Ashley to Thomas, Brandon D., 112 S. 50th St., $219,000.

Broman, Parker and Barbara J. to Moucka, Jason D. and Cassandra L., 6752 Charles St., $129,000.

Fridrich, Joseph A., trustee for Jerins, Anne M. Trust to Sauber, Gregory C. and Robert J., 1410 N. 51st St., $105,000.


Grace Reformed Church to Redeemed Christian Church, 5151 N. 93rd St., $610,000.

Fritz, John D. and Stacy J. to Bolter, Shannon L. and Michael J. Jr., 9711 Saratoga St., $164,000.

Wunderlich, Erica J. to Friesz, Catherine and Michael, 3618 N. 101st St., $153,256.

Eaton, Amber L. and David M. to Gulizia, Thomas J. and Dotson, Chelsi, 5137 Eastridge Drive, $143,500.

Mankin, Nancy L. to Zuroski, Gerald E., 9406 Ames Ave., $130,000.

Christensen-Pithan, Mary J., personal representative, to Cook, Jessica, 5113 N. 103rd St., $130,000.

Brown, Joanne and Timothy K. to Sample, Kathryn F., 9730 Saratoga St., $119,000.

Wyatt, Cathy A. to Godfrey, Jeremy D. and Kristina M., 9118 Taylor St., $115,000.

Senrick, Charles L. and Holly J. to Parker, Kathleen R. and Parker, Scott M., 2346 Benson Gardens Blvd., $75,000.

Dugan Electric LLC to Johnson, Joseph P. Sr., 7210 Wirt Circle, $30,000.


Trademark Homes to Henry, Matthew E. and Janae K., 17451 V St., $322,690.

Pine Crest Homes to Christensen, Ron and Nancy, 18511 Drexel St., $317,350.

Lane Building Corp. to Beckham, Barry S. and Cleo M., 19604 Jefferson St., $313,795.

Burns, David M. and Cynthia M. to Wasson, Matthew and Susan, 5713 S. 174th St., $300,450.

Wolf, June M. Trust to Wunderlich, Erica J., 17255 Washington St., $267,000.

Storm, Loretto P. to Davis, Russell S. and Jamie M., 5231 S. 166th Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Christensen, Ronnie L. and Nancy E. to Berg, Christopher M. and Samantha J., 17107 Orchard Ave., $240,000.

Johnston, Daniel R. and Michelle S. to Bondi, Zachary and Michelle, 15606 L St., $238,000.

Bronson, Nathan J. and Shannon M. to Winterstein, Jamie and Lindse, 6724 S. 162nd Ave., $220,000.

Fochs, Brian K. and Sara D. to Prusha, Kathleen A. and Anthony E., 6742 S. 188th Ave., $215,000.

Peterson, Frances C. Trust to Chapman, Judith A. Trust, 4830 S. 167th St., $214,000.

Eslinger, Nathan J. to Reisdorff, William J. Jr. and Terrie L., 19007 Jacobs St., $188,000.

Celebrity Homes to Serefko, Peggy L., 5313 S. 196th St., $160,450.

Heaton, Michelle J. and Weatherhead, Joel L. to Weidner, Jordynn A., 19378 X St., $154,000.

Ludemann, Kelsey J. and Andrew J. to Kobler, Kimberly A., 19067 U St., $139,500.

Zodieru, Mary J. and Josh to Chen, Huhai and Gao, Bin, 5883 S. 193rd Ave., $135,500.

Geist, Kristin K. and Garret A. to Greenfield, Kourtney and Olsen, Jeffrey, 4228 S. 179th St., $127,500.

Purchas, Richard J. to Stout, Ann M. and Thomas B., 18234 Hayes Plaza, $101,000.

Whitehawk Development to Homebuilders LLC, 4552 S. 198th St., $43,950.

Whitehawk Development to Sherwood Homes, 4151 S. 193rd St., $38,500.


Lantz, David and Rebecca L. to Adkisson, Debrenee D. and Grajeda, Matthew S., 4514 S. 149th Terrace, $220,000.

Grace, Michele L. and Ray to Savage, Ryan and Mary, 14706 Washington St., $194,000.

Koehler, Lee and Hillary to Robinson, Judith, 14942 Dayton St., $187,000.

Hilton, Jessica L. to Graham, Rocky D., 15223 R St., $165,000.

Jessen-Hanson, Robin R. to Gray, Amber and Ryan, 13118 Jefferson Circle, $164,000.

Griencewick, Kevin R. and Elizabeth M. to Georges, Brian J. and Goodwater, Tori M., 5605 S. 153rd St., $155,000.

Huston, Bernita C. to Breed, Raymond J., 12137 Ohern St., $135,000.

Rothe, Dustin L. to Autism Center of Nebraska, 5216 Magnolia St., $123,000.

Bank of New York to MMBD LLC, 14711 Jefferson Circle, $113,000.


Wade, Michael J. and Deborah G. to Heady, Terri L., 11606 Deer Creek Drive, $444,000.

Shea, Timothy P. to Habib, Paul and Vanslutyman-Habib, Benita, 7104 N. 115th St., $283,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gruber, Darrell A. and Michelle J., 7214 N. 142nd Ave., $210,100.

Celebrity Homes to Mane, Yawo S. and Katie L., 13863 Wood Valley Drive, $166,800.

Celebrity Homes to McClary, Barbara F., 13833 Wood Valley Drive, $164,500.

Dutta, Subir and Sayantani to Larson, Darin J., 7322 N. 112th Ave., $150,000.

Rezac, Kathryn A. and Christopher M. to Walsh, Melissa A., 10859 Potter St., $145,000.

Back, Bryan P. and Jennifer to Battani, Molly and Gregory, 7502 N. 108th St., $130,500.

Stammer, Jason D. to Menicucci, Erika and Ryan, 7514 N. 108th St., $129,000.

Jorgensen, Lisa to Nielsen, Todd, 10872 Potter St., $128,000.

Carlyle, Earl L. III and Jessica A. to Loschen, Lori A. and David D., 7904 N. 127th Ave., $65,000.

Charter Homes to Easy Space USA LLC, 11521 Read Circle, $60,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Phillips, Ryan and Carrie A., 12403 Mormon St., $49,500.

Deer Creek Holdings to Drvol, Kimberly R., 12319 Mormon St., $49,500.


GFT Property Holdings to RMW Properties, 10901 Walling Circle, $275,000.

McIntyre, Graham R., trustee for Andersen, Barbara M. Trust to Scholtz, Michael J. Jr. and Chelsy M., 2111 S. 152nd St., $210,000.

Ramirez, Joseph Jr. and Katherine A. to Welander, Marc and Heather, 11320 Castelar Circle, $198,500.

Busch, Amy R. to Leach, Benjamin, 15406 Howe St., $194,900.

Bonella, Robert A. and Sarah J. to Goldsmith, Ryan S. and Ann K., 2406 S. 153rd St., $193,000.

Lukken, Julie M. to Shepherd, Michelle L., 15115 Grover Circle, $177,000.

Shkolnick, Stuart C., trustee for Shkolnick, Lois A. Trust to McGill, Jeffrey R., 3128 S. 117th St., $175,000.

Anderson, Mary L., personal representative, to Smith, Philip R. and Joyce M., 13374 Shirley St., $173,000.

Ernst, Sonji L. and Jeffrey E. to Schou, Matthew T. and Tracy L., 12421 Woolworth Ave., $171,000.

Spear, Sandra C. to Person, Austin D. and Elizabeth D., 13437 Marinda St., $167,000.

Blakley, Jacob A. and Katrina K. to Batenhorst, Allison and Bryce, 15226 Ontario St., $160,000.

Janicek, Gregory L. and Dawn L. to Dreckman, Jason and Bressler, Lindsay, 13980 Poppleton Circle, $160,000.

Seaton, William R. and Angela L. to Ramos, Lindsey J. and Vitor S., 13525 Atwood Ave., $150,000.

Eisenmenger, Adam J. and Lisa M. to Andersen, Dustin P. and Stephanie R., 12786 Grover St., $146,000.

Underwood, Rita K. and William to Williams, Joseph A. and Grieve, Haleigh F., 3324 Pedersen Drive, $119,000.

Cadelynn Properties to Bell, April, 13465 Spring St., $117,000.

Scheinost, Ronald W., personal representative, to Scheinost, Kevin, 3114 S. 121st St., $105,185.


Webster, Brittany J. to Urbina, Alex, 6928 N. 65th St., $105,000.


Healy, Mark R. and Stephanie M. to Potash, Bruce S. and Neuman-Potash, Linda, 333 N. 130th St., $585,000.

KPB Inc. to Jensen, Mark R. and Penny J., 13033 Franklin St., $340,000.

Ahsan, Jean M. to Stevens, Devon J. and Jaime L., 15356 Hillside Circle, $257,500.

Wachtler, Mary L. to Jankiewicz, Alan R., 625 S. 120th Ave., $184,000.

Shanahan, Jason M. and Regina M. to Barclay, Jenna L., 15115 Douglas Circle, $168,000.

Peters, Lisa M. and Hayes, Amanda J. to Nguyen, Suong and Dinh, Hoan, 14467 Franklin St., $157,000.

Langendorfer Properties to Page, Cali S. and Brian E., 14530 Charles St., $146,000.

Hamill, Daniel J. to Root, Michael W., 925 Fawn Parkway, $135,000.

McMinn, Beverly H. to Anderson, Ashley J. and Shada, Frank P. II, 608 S. 122nd St., $135,000.

Gansebom, Dorothy and Ricky to Christensen, Terry L. and Carla M., 14835 Hillside Plaza, $125,000.

Beneficial Nebraska Inc. to Famiglia Properties, 229 S. 111th St., $93,000.


Zilliox, Timothy G. and Kristine M. to Pecha, Denise and Donald S., 4347 N. 142nd Ave., $299,950.

Angell, Gregory B. and Sally M. to Novotny, Mary K. and John J., 4408 N. 138th St., $255,000.

Gold, Steven F. and Hill-Gold, Joann S. to Reinhardt, John D. and Elda M., 13218 Hillsborough Drive, $177,500.

Bonczynski, Matt and Blair to Wintersteen, Todd W. and Patricia E., 11041 Taylor St., $167,000.

Morton, Pamela M. to Moussa, Akossiwa E. and Moustapha A., 4717 N. 126th St., $165,000.

Tate, Curtis L. and Nancy L. to Holton, Stephen D. and Robin K., 12661 Kansas Ave., $141,250.

Morrison, John P. and Cooper-Morrison, Michele Y. to Marx, Adam L. and Michaela A., 11729 Camden Ave., $140,000.

Kauvar, Pamela I. to Koenig, Joshua M., 6621 N. 111th St., $129,000.

Daniels, Amber R. and Steven W. II to Lack, Jennifer and Cordero, Ismael, 12729 Fowler Circle, $126,000.

Tsabak, Vladimir and Nadiya to Heartland Resources Management, 2212 N. 142nd Circle, $125,500.

Widick, Steven D. and Sandra Y. to Stych, Barry J. and Robin D., 2618 N. 137th St., $26,000.



REO Asset Management Co. to H & S Partnership, 114 Hillside Drive, $107,000.

Tullous, Jacquelyn S. to Krim, Blaine A., 1204 Bryan Ave., $125,000.

Fabrizzio, Robert P. II and Stacy M. to Glover, Kathryn A. and Samuel G., 1409 Saint Raphael St., $170,000.

Godwin, Leonard J. to Barrett, Bernard F., 1803 Grove Road, $73,000.

Schmahl, William A. and Kathleen M. to Mullins, Patrick T. and Roxanne R., 201 Martin Drive, $305,000.

Cruzan, Catherine and David E. and Patricia A. to Anthis, Tracy L., 2727 Lloyd St., $100,000.

Habitat for Humanity Sarpy County to Romero, Juan G. and Delourdes Bravo Negrete, Maria, 3103 Layne St., $141,000.

McGowan, Nicole, personal representative for Haddix, Marie A. Estate to Asher, Mattew W. and Kyla J., 621 Bellevue Blvd. North, $193,000.


Charleston Homes to Sutej, Benjamin D. and Emily M., 11212 Morgan Circle, $245,000.

Simmons, Jonathan D. and Cheryl A. to Schleppenbach, Nick and Schroeder, Mindee, 12428 S. 218th Ave., $199,000.

Votruba, Lance J. and Amanda M. to Falgione, Brenton J. and Michelle D., 21003 Hampton Drive, $295,000.

Ringhoff, Timothy B. and Rachelle K. to Hill, Blaine J., 21949 Bobwhite Ave., $215,000.


Brisch Properties to Wildrye Properties, 1020 Edward St., $130,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Vanhessche, David E. and Tracy S., 10303 S. 124th St., $398,000.

Gordon, Katina L. to Nelson, Karrie, 1132 Devon Drive, $147,000.

Kanger, Sheryl A. and Kenneth S. to Johnson, Earle E. and Gayle M. Trust Agreement, 12567 S. 83rd St., $330,000.

Cordes, Brian G. and Jennifer L. to Troester, Chad A. and Susan D., 1709 Diane St., $250,000.

Oiness, Michelle G. to Carty, Christopher S. and Mallori W., 2205 S. Mineral Drive, $197,000.

Thow, Jonathan S. and Jeanette M. to Melsby, Robert E. and Heather K., 2310 Big Sky Drive, $285,000.

Galeano, Mario R. and Belma L. to Sky Properties, 305 E. First St., $80,000.

Hallgreen, Robert L. and Irene A. to Vonseggern, Andrew and Elizabeth, 319 Prospect Circle, $190,000.

Tolan, William R. and Claudia J. Trust to Keig, Erin T., 406 Fort St., $120,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 7320 Leawood Circle, $60,000.

Petta, Matthew D. and Holly A. to Acharya, Ramji and Gupta S., 7520 Overview St., $409,000.

Home Building Consultants to Nasim, Adam and Lisa, 903 Graham Drive, $360,000.


Wenthur, Brent D. and Stacey L. to Mburu, Lawrence W. and Julie A., 11714 S. 26th Ave., $227,000.

Vengas, Audry A. and Ricci Venegas, Donna J. to Reed, Martin V. and Margaret K., 11781 Amos Gates Drive, $215,000.

Runkle, David to Clark, Abram M. and Teresa L., 12008 Pointer Circle, $219,000.

McCrone, Aaron T. and Angela D. to Chronister, Phillip A. and Heather C., 13401 S. 20th St., $244,000.

Nuss, Robert G. and Hyon S. to Oberhelman, Ronald G. and Barbara A. Trust 13910 Tregaron Ridge Road, $165,000.

Celebrity Homes to Foupht, Ronald F. and Janeen C., 14810 S. 24th St., $247,000.

Randolph, Lucas K. and Mercedes N. to Salinas, Roger G., 2604 Woodland Drive, $170,000.

Yenzer, David J. and Mickayla to Sanchez, Daniel and Bonnie J., 2610 Lynnwood Drive, $197,000.

Stevens, Justin L. and Megan D. to Adam Investments, 3113 Golden Blvd., $123,000.

Middendorf, Dustin J. and D. Michelle to Inzauro, Anthony J. and Koley, Beth M., 3513 Leawood Drive, $164,000.

Zarp, Jason E. and Cassandra M. to Gillette, Douglas R. and Vanessa L., 3808 Fox Ridge Drive, $370,000.

Stubblefield, Tamico A. and Cedrick, Lamond to Derickson, Megan R. and Robert W., 4313 Edgerton Drive, $245,000.

Timm, Donald J. and Beverly D. to Lebranch, Jamel E. and Tamisha L., 7209 S. 53rd St., $142,000.


Stevenson, Douglas H. and Victoria L. to Callahan, Joshua and Lori, 7029 Michelle Ave., $182,000.

Kinney, Michael J. and Pahola to Rager, Daniel F. and Nicole L., 8124 S. 103rd St., $242,000.


Kelsey, Timothy W. and Linda S. to Mullins, Elizabeth B. and Matthew L. Jr., 116 Fleetwood Drive, $200,000.

Sherwood Homes to Downing, Michael G. and Alexandria M., 13509 S. 45th St., $294,000.

Lin, Yung L. and Chin, Li J. to Shelman, Johnathan A. and Elizabeth A., 308 Longwood Drive, $226,000.

Stangl, Julie M. and Scot A. to Gehringer, Eric and Rebecca, 4501 Lake Forest Circle, $690,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Eckert, Dylon R. and Nikki J., 4610 Helwig Ave., $277,000.

Biernesser, James R. and Rose A. to Schmidt, John L. and Deanna M., 4710 Coffey St., $329,000.

Gosetti, Thomas A. Trust to Butler, Mark A. and Michele A., 4806 Lockbourne Ave., $265,000.

Ponack, Ryan S. and Sheri L. to Short, Kyle E. and Rachel L., 614 Tupelo Lane, $169,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kokkalas, Maria N. and Simon, Jason F., 8809 S. 69th Circle, $217,000.


Carey, David J. and Erica J. to Zitnak, Jeffrey T. and Day Zitnak, Allison M., 15821 Timberlane Drive, $230,000.

Verbeck, Lisa P. to Whalen, Kimberly and Smith, Brandon C., 16914 Briar St., $249,000.

Akins, Thomas J. and Rebecca N. to Fuller, Adam J. and Megan K., 17217 Musket St., $215,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Shanahan, Jason M. and Regina M., 17225 Colony Drive, $297,000.

Karney, Anand and Sudha to Hakimi, Abdul H., 17713 Lillian St., $132,000.

Celebrity Homes to McPherson, Nicholas C., 19083 Greenleaf St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes to Pettit, Michael R. and Melissa G., 7856 S. 190th St., $280,000.

SID #158 to Design Tech Inc., 9606 S. 179th St., $35,000.

Palisades Development to Sherwood Homes, 9809 S. 173rd Ave., $41,000.


Advantage Development to Bessmer, Christian A. and Gina M., 12211 Slayton St., $630,000.

Mendick, Berndard J. and Jean to Miller, Stephen and Lacey, 12905 Gertrude St., $132,000.

Fabuion, Pamela M. and Brian R. to Orfe, Stephanie, 13229 Glenn St., $100,000.

Whitmore, Zachary W. and Brittany L. to Hitchler, Tyler J. and Breanna L., 13313 Emiline St., $150,000.

Logelin, Patrick R. and Mary B. to Foster, Curtis J. and Karen A., 14920 Echo Hills Drive, $133,000.

Rogers, Timothy B. and Rebecca J. to McMahon, Sarah N. and Alex J., 8012 S. 151st Ave., $130,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Brown, Dustin K., 8919 S. 142nd Avenue Circle, $130,000.


Barr Homes to Schardt, Gregory L. and Leah C., 12517 Pintail Circle, $496,000.


Gavin, Alvin E. to R&A Builders, 2826 Gertrude St., $13,000.



Eagles Nest LLC to KC Petersen Construction, 103 Peregrine Place, $32,000.

Watson, Chris and Connie to Sturm, Kristina R. and Walker, Jake P., 1807 Ave. D, $68,000.

Odd Properties to Fay, Ashlee N. and Jacob D., 2640 Ave. L, $66,000.

Bank of America to Olvera, Roberto, 1635 Fifth Ave., $33,000.

Lee, Virginia E. Estate to Spidell, Ronald C., 2605 Fourth Ave., $45,000.

Jensen, Julia J. to Smith, Anne M., 2621 S. 18th St., $99,000.

Greenwood, Evelyn L. to Greenwood, Joseph W. Jr., 2631 Fourth Ave., $86,000.

Owens, Raymond and Petersen Owens, Joni J. to Sledge, Frank D., 3521 Third Ave., $105,000.

McConkey, Charles H. and Sheryl to Walling, Mitchell, 3553 Fifth Ave., $68,500.

Hutchison, Barbi A. and Curtis J. to Membrend, Dixie, 1514 24th Ave., $135,000.


Powell-Rice, Rebecca J. and Rice, Keith J. to Devault, Deann M., 400 Hubbard Road, $80,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Paulsen, David A. and Traci S., 5103 Ballard Circle, $270,000.

Crosson, Linda to Robinson, Eric D. and Tami M., 217 Tenth Ave., $115,000.

Richardson, Linda S. and Rodney E. to Rengaw LLC, 1417 Pleasant St., $54,000.

Rodenburg, Josephine R. to Petersen, Briann and Travis, 114 Wilshire Ave., $168,000.

Cox, Cynthia K. and Douglas M. to Williams, Richard C. and Sue, 14851 Highland Park Road, $210,000.

Mortensen, Carolyn and Roy to Weilage Property Management, 1501 Fairmount Ave., $25,000.

McGruder, John C. and Rita I. to Boeck, Jill N., 262 Elmwood Drive, $138,500.

Claar Investments to Linn, San, 710 Elliott St., $125,000.

Logan, Ann H. and Dale W. to Stueve, Julie A. and Ronald E., 2510 Eagle Ridge Drive, $275,000.

Fuller, Dennis L. to King, Jeffrey R. and Sheila R., 20310 Perry Road, $185,000.

Western Iowa Land Development to Coleman, Alan L., 13 Kingsridge Drive N., $249,500.

Coleman, Alan to Widfeldt, Patricia R. and Bradley B., 17660 Newberry Circle, $365,000.

Liston, John E. and Rebecca to Baldwin, Tracy A., 1445 Callahan Drive, $233,000.

Baldsin, Tracy to Brensel, Katie J., 333 Ferndale Drive, $179,000.

Widtfeldt, Bradley B. and Patricia R. to Hutchison, Curtis J., 15370 Kurtwood Drive, $205,000.


Mikel USA to Eisched, Matthew D. and Nicole D., 1110 Lindwood Drive, Carter Lake, $121,500.


Smith, Lester J. and Shirley J. to Gute, Frankie N. and Jeffrey J., 16606 Whippoorwill Road, Missouri Valley, $200,000.


Gifford, Jeremiah A. to Reed, Camber C. and Douglas C., 614 E. Ridge Court, Oakland, $200,000.

Reed, Camber C. and Douglas C. to Calkins, Gerald, 110 Kearney St., Oakland, $98,500.


Kramer, Larry A. and Sharon E. to Jarosik, Joyce A., 30214 Beechnut Road, Treynor, $175,000.


Norvern LLC to Welcome Homes, 22277 Bret Loop, Underwood, $54,000.

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