Stratford Park Development to Charleston Homes, 9017 N. 172nd St., $40,500.

Rollins, Kyle E. and Kristy K. to Lamke, Melissa A. and Philip J., 8904 N. 157th St., $212,000.

Birge, William J. and Constance L. to Legendary Homes, 7021 N. 160th St., $40,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Stauffer, Thomas P. and Jill M., 16113 Reynolds St., $283,269.

Fools Inc. to Bauer, Sharon M., 16075 Girard Circle, $327,118.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Meske, Christopher and Trisha, 15801 Jardine Circle, $217,697.

Boyer Young Equities XV to G Lee Homes and Frazell Contracting and Design, 14817 Prairie Star St., $43,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Salcedo, Joseph A. and Marla A., 12810 N. 185th St., $308,030.

Charleston Homes to Debrot, Dawn V. and Kirchoff, Randall S., 12146 Elmwood Drive, $260,105.

Gibbs, Brian to Jones, Jennifer M. and Millard, Alicia M., 12145 N. 178th Circle, $164,000.


Rist, Heath W. and Kristen to Thapa, Prerana and Rawal, Deependra, 810 S. 190th Ave., $317,500.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Armstrong, Michael C. and Haley A., 806 Elk Ridge Drive, $57,000.

Five Fountains to Sullivan, Christopher J., 803 N. 190th St., $78,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Lamski, Julie C. and Aaron, 732 Elk Ridge Drive, $60,000.

Charleston Homes to Sona, Kent S. and Tamera L., 4804 N. 204th Ave., $293,480.

Home Co. to Hansen, Eric E. and Jennifer L., 4605 N. 205th Ave., $255,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Royal Development, 2115 S. 212th St., $80,000.

Matthews, Jeremy J. and Cassi L. to Striplin, Mallory E. and LaRon M., 20832 Charles St., $233,500.

TG Holdings to Ivbuls, John G. and Pamela M. Trust, 2023 S. 212th St., $85,000.

Pacific Windgate II to TG Holdings, 2023 S. 212th St., $80,000.

Kronaizl Investments to Whorlow, Tait and Amy, 20102 Stryker St., $52,000.

Fritz, Jeremy L. and Jody A. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 19905 Chicago St., $335,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Kuhl, Muriel J. and Thomas F., 19905 Chicago St., $335,000.

Jennerich, Matthew K. and Tiffanie N. to Papillion, Brenda N., 19667 Farnam St., $393,000.

Scott, Tyrone J. to Siebler, Constance M., 19651 Mason St., $275,000.

SNGF Development to Michael, Brian and Megan, 19001 Hamilton St., $70,000.

Five Fountains to Maxim Enterprises, 18663 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $78,000.

Byers, Damon D. and Leticia K. to Qureishi, Naushad, 18630 Honeysuckle Drive, $85,000.

Black, Megan E. to Davenport, Gail and Sosopo, 1819 N. 206th St., $169,500.

Falcone Enterprises to Murphy, John and Angela, 1818 S. 211th St., $674,618.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Baack, Jonathan and Brittany, 1803 S. 220th Ave., $75,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Sizenbach, Scott, 1720 S. 207th Ave., $65,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Castle Brook Builders, 1720 S. 207th Ave., $50,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Asmus, Michael G. and Cox-Asmus, Taylor M., 1717 S. 207th St., $465,915.

Pacific Windgate II to Royal Development, 1702 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Young, Damon and Kimberley to White, Garith M. and Jennifer L., 1501 N. 206th Circle, $245,000.

Daoust, Janet R. to Mann, William D. Jr. and Mary E., 1320 N. 216th St., $219,000.

Melies, Vicki J. to Maloney, Patrick R. and Hollie, 1208 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $315,000.

Ahlers, Koralie R. and Keith to Gregory, Kyle and Melissa, 1204 N. 209th Ave., $234,000.


Flynn, Sharon M. and McEvoy, John to Flynn, Eric R., 506 S. Mayne St., $105,000.

Mallard Landing Inc. and Dial-Mallard Lake to Walvoord, Jared and Nicole, 26528 Manderson Court, $175,000.


Van Roy, Lawrence J. and Kay to Rhen, Chris and Kim, 325 Lakehurst Drive, $260,000.


Morehead, Eryka L. to Douglas, Zachary K. and Nicole, 6815 Ogden St., $111,500.

Christoph, George H., personal representative for Christoph, Ann to Oseka, Crystal, 6782 Spencer St., $74,000.

Maine, Virginia L. to Sherrill, Anthony, 6069 Camden Ave., $86,700.

Tunzer, Donald J. and Dorothy H. to Schneckloth, Darrin J., 6035 Spaulding St., $77,500.

Reikofski, Donald D., personal representative, to Sather, John E., 6008 Seward St., $44,000.

Tyler, Kenneth R. and Elaine K. to Ehrenberg, Celeste, 5816 Lake St., $95,000.

Shepard, Karen L. to Kittrell, Harlen S. and Mary P., 5402 N. 56th St., $61,144.

Caa & Mea Investments and Anderson, Carl A. Trust to Malepeai, Richonda and Marvin III, 4922 Arcadia Ave., $69,300.

JRT Properties to YK Holdings, 4537 Franklin St., $37,500.

Jelcick, Austin S. to Neuman, Faye A., 4522 Decatur St., $60,000.

Gardner, Anthony D. and Meredith L. to Ventura, Arnulfo S. and Alonzo, Blanca A., 4512 Decatur St., $80,000.


Puls, Susan L. to Kirchofer, John M., 4020 Marinda St., $127,500.

Gilbert, Nicholas P. and Cassandra K. to Rubek, Charles A., 2128 S. 43rd St., $100,000.

Billingsley, Jessica to Suliman, Adam I. and Kumari, Priyadarsani M., 1502 S. 29th St., $117,000.

Kurtz, Daniel R. and Sellin-Kurtz, Chapin to Parks, David F., 1306 S. 35th St., $285,000.

Thompson, James D. and Mitchell, Lucinda to Hiser, Samantha A. and Robert B. Jr., 1031 S. 33rd St., $173,000.


Kotulak, Joseph S. to Bolt, Daniel W. and Janene M., 954 S. 58th St., $138,000.

Cook, Anthony D. to Corcoran, Dallas J. and David, 848 S. 50th Ave., $139,000.

Christian, Darcey D. to Wietlispach, David, 6236 Pierce St., $119,900.

Simpson, Patrick J. and Majel M. to Holland, Courtney R., 6167 Pine St., $124,000.

Reeder, Bradley V. to Dugick, Laura and Gary, 5834 Frances St., $107,500.

Krepel, Emily E. to Bear Homes, 4924 Walnut St., $53,000.

Jensen, Josh and Amanda to Reed, Walter G., 4725 B St., $129,400.

Heinrichs, Landon L. and Leann M. to Jacquin, Gregory and Angela, 4688 Poppleton Ave., $148,000.

Peterson, Mark S. to Anderson, Debra K., 4510 Pine St., $230,000.


Security National Life Insurance to Bellhorizon LLC, 6006 S. 33rd Ave., $46,150.

Hohn, Justin A. and Amanda to De Jesus Herrera, Ademir T. and Mena, Maria C., 4434 S. 32nd St., $79,900.

Loftus, Mindy A. to Rodriguez, Maria C., 4317 Patterson St., $99,000.

Valle, Olga Y. to Meza, Jesus S. and De Jesus Perez-Roblero, Odilia, 4111 M St., $119,000.

Kraft, Donald E. and Patricia J. to Kraft, Donald E. and Daniel P., 4102 Polk St., $28,000.

Riley, Michael D. and Pamela D. to Allemann, Torie C., 3920 S. 33rd St., $100,000.

S & P Properties to De Jesus Rodriguez, Jose and Rodriguez-Hernandez, Alma, 3601 F St., $150,000.

Suliman, Adam I. and Kumari, Priyadarsani M. to Cabodevilla, Roberto D., 2734 Madison St., $86,500.

Swaney, Scott C. and Victoria to Anzalone, Anthony L. and Peggy L., 1416 O St., $120,000.


Campos, Maryann C. and Mary A. to Rief, Ricky J. and Stephanie J., 3461 S. 16th St., $45,000.

M & B Enterprises to Serna, Maria C., 2725 S. 20th St., $100,000.

Satorie, Frank R., trustee for Satorie Living Trust to Satorie, Monica L., 1709 S. 14th St., $80,000.

Monzu, Phyllis M. to Lopez, Emerson D., 1502 Olin Ave., $120,000.


King, Armatha and Brenda to Tiller, Teshaunta S., 3211 Emmet St., $125,000.


Salgado, Leigh A. to Davis, Julius, 8203 N. 37th St., $149,500.

Spiker, Barbara J. to Hall, James J. and Nicole M., 8103 N. 38th St., $135,000.

Richardson, Gerald R. and Ann to Nixon, Alexandria J., 7802 N. 36th St., $85,000.


Pleas, Laura J. and Matthew L. to DeLano, Brooke A., 9166 Meadow Drive, $130,000.

H & S Partnership to Frost, Joseph and Amy, 802 S. 80th St., $320,000.

Richter, Karen A. to Richter, Harold C. Trust, 7575 Seward St., $136,685.

RME Properties to Gabrial, Brian and Gabrial-Gallagher, Jennifer, 553 S. 90th St., $331,345.

Sanders, Florence J. to Longwell, Michael S. and Kimberly J., 514 N. 74th St., $145,000.

Hooi, Briana L to Buell, David G. and Leslie, 448 S. 89th St., $261,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra to Warrick, Donald D. and Karen K. Trust, 1856 N. 94th Plaza, $163,000.

Kadavy, Sandra M. to Beck, Darcy J. Trust Agreement, 1328 N. 97th Court, $296,250.

Finch, Kyle D. and Stacey G. to Bagwell, Colin M. and Jennifer J., 1015 S. 91st Circle, $399,000.


D & J Vogel Construction to Misek, Matthew H. and Julie A., 6530 N. 160th Ave., $360,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Kanne, Brian J. and Janet E., 6524 N. 160th Ave., $53,900.

Gurnon, Matthew J. and Beverly G. Trust to Beauvais, Kevin J. and Kohring, Sandra K., 5744 N. 167th Circle, $205,000.

Duysen, Stanley E. and Shirley Trust to Steffen, Michael L. and Mary M., 5723 N. 167th Circle, $186,000.

GEM Properties to Rampage Investments, 5162 N. 144th Ave., $130,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bengston, Diane R., 4817 N. 177th St., $218,350.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 4709 N. 168th Ave., $116,800.

Wissink, Nicholas and Jessica A. to Brigham, Nicole M. and Benjamin M., 3903 N. 162nd Ave., $230,000.

Kilroy, James E. to Satturi, Venkata, 2535 N. 166th Ave., $236,000.

Kaboli-Nejad, Jahanshah to Robirds, Joshua D. and Cynthia, 2123 N. 167th Circle, $152,000.

Celebrity Homes to Carr, Jeremiah A. and Jessica, 17587 Grand Ave., $236,700.

Crafton, Andrew P. and Trisha C. to Esser, Heather A. and Mark L., 17402 Browne St., $251,000.

Prairie Homes to Jensen, Mitchell A. and Melinda, 17306 Redman Circle, $321,235.

Flynn, Michael to Thomsen, Michael J. and Melissa R., 17119 Grant St., $309,000.

Rivera, Jamie L. and Jose A. to Abbott, Justin R. and Shelly A., 17001 Locust St., $262,000.

Lauritsen, Brad to Long, Joseph L. and Megan N., 16428 Fowler Ave., $167,000.

Florell, Jason E. to Mohrmann, Shawn and Amanda, 16213 Jaynes St., $332,000.

Shakya, Reema and Bajracharya, Sabindra to Mosher, Samuel P. and Kaia J., 15326 Meredith Ave., $210,000.

Edmundson, Jessica R. to Bennett, Deedee M., 15205 Spencer St., $152,000.

Navity, Edith V. and Frank J. Trust to Cackin, Sherill A., 14912 Binney St., $189,000.

Charleston Homes to Parker, Rodney C. and Stacey L., 14907 Laurel Ave., $254,528.

DAW Properties to Maguire, Erin Y., 14617 Meredith Ave., $147,000.

Misek, Matthew H. and Julie A. to Domanski, Jason R. and Stephanie V., 14505 Nelsons Creek Drive, $230,000.


Polityka, Esther W., personal representative, to JWH Enterprises, 5404 S. 52nd St., $77,000.


Bealle, John M. and Rosemary B. to Gregory, Connie, 1779 N. 177th Plaza, $131,000.

Rosenthal, Juliet D. to Peitzmeier, Melvin H. and Lydia A., 17507 Parker Plaza, $127,000.

Ruback, Altan L. and Jayne M. to Sloan, Randy L. and Novotny, Ann M., 17320 Windsor Drive, $250,000.

Frangoul, Harith to Ruiz, Randy and Karen L., 17174 Franklin Drive, $250,000.

Stanco, Vincenzo E. and Anne M. to Lindmark, Peter and Rachael, 16637 Leavenworth St., $345,000.

Streeter, Laura J. and Troy D. to Wolff, Gayle K. Trust, 15708 Capitol Ave., $212,000.

Dworkin, Beth M. and Jeffrey P. to Manyimo, Lincoln T., 15666 Farnam Circle, $251,000.


Casey, Michelle to Sutherland, Caleb J., 9153 Weber St., $123,900.

Rowell, Havenbrooke S. and Jessica L. to Bishop, Vernon Jr. and Welchen-Bishop, Mae, 8862 N. 82nd Ave., $142,000.

Odom, Thomas C. to Welch, Terri M., 8839 N. 83rd St., $158,000.

Zatkovich, Jason and Rachel to Thompson, Jerud W. and Michelle M., 7622 Newport Ave., $116,000.

Chinn, Jennifer L. to Harris, Brice and McCaslen-Harris, Jasmine, 7537 Vane St., $150,000.

Williams, Stetson H. and Andrea J. to Fordjour, Phillip K., 7390 N. 77th St., $128,000.

Celebrity Homes to Stewart, James C. and Konishi, Mari, 7006 N. 90th St., $144,400.


Wyant, Robert C., trustee for Wyant, Paul K. Sr. Trust to Tabler, Bonnie M. and Sheila A., 8509 B St., $130,000.

Clauser, Chad C. and Susan A. to Schafer, Justin P. and Elizabeth A., 3518 S. 102nd St., $370,000.

Huurman, Walter W. and Lindsay M. to Clauser, Chad and Susan, 2817 S. 101st St., $635,900.


Argyrakis, Andreas D. and Nitsa O. to Fredrickson, Brent, 9416 S St., $159,000.

Passmore, Mary E. to McDonald, Angus, 9117 Z Circle, $206,000.

Dinneen, Lonnie R. and Mary B. to Barbari, Garrett P. and Ives, Stephanie R., 7561 Madison St., $160,000.

Peterson, Travis R. and Bain, Melody to Teneyck, Richard D. and Collier, Kelli A., 7382 Jefferson St., $180,000.


Brigden, Phillip and Tracy Trust to Nathan, Sampath and Geetha, 3905 S. 187th St., $340,000.

Thomas David Builders to Roberts, Samantha J. Trust, 3305 S. 188th St., $487,900.

Mallard Landing Builders to Adams, Jay B. and Roxane E., 3201 S. 169th Plaza, $67,000.

Aarbo, Anna N. to O’Neill, Colleen A., 2850 S. 162nd Plaza, $115,000.

Grojean, Christopher R. and Angie S. to Holmes, Jack J. and Maggie J., 2107 S. 181st Circle, $358,200.

Kubicek, Todd C. and Keegan, Angela M. to Fehringer, Mikhala and Tyler, 19312 Shadow Ridge Drive, $315,000.

Klug, Susan K. to Shu, Bin and Qin, Hongyan, 18938 Atlas St., $181,000.

Cummins, Brent and Christine to Heiss, Scott L. and Stacy K., 18424 Atlas St., $327,700.

Richards, Michael L. and Kopecky, Marlee B. to Arun, Anuradha, 1513 S. 192nd Avenue Circle, $418,000.

Proplesch, Howard R. and Lona D. to McCaul Contracting, 1320 S. 190th Plaza, $30,800.

Trauernicht, Brian E. and Chiyo to Whalen, Matthew and Harmony, 1313 S. 165th Ave., $167,500.


Mangiameli, Moira J. and Mark J. to H & S Partnership, 4409 Wakeley St., $59,000.

Fall, David and Julie to LaCroix, Christopher M. and Carrie J., 105 N. 31st Ave., $48,000.

Fall, Abigail to La Croix, Christopher M. and Carrie J., 105 N. 31st Ave., $47,000.


Grimm, Peggy A. and Jeffrey F. to Crawford, Chuck and Diann, 5709 Lafayette Ave., $168,000.

Armstrong, Norma, trustee, to Slimp, Nicholas S. and Gielle, Kimberly C., 319 S. 69th St., $135,000.

Welsh, Ann and Aaron J. to Chapman, Wendy L., 307 S. 50th Ave., $196,140.


Domanski, Jason R. and Stephanie to Abbott, Damen, 9816 Meredith Ave., $120,000.

Kozel, Lisa C. to Smith, Amanda, 9804 Ruggles St., $129,000.

Davis, Brian D. and Grondek, Allison to Frary, Amanda, 9711 Larimore Ave., $122,000.

Parker, Gail C, personal representative, to Kastler, Sarah, 9424 Pratt Circle, $108,000.

Aspect Homes to Boyer, Melissa, 6232 N. 76th St., $115,000.

Rector, Nancy E. to Sherwood, Brian and Tessa, 4629 N. 83rd St., $118,000.


Brown, Paul D. and Holly to Leuschen, Tim and Amy, 6505 S. 159th St., $205,000.

Wade, Jared B. and Asli N. to Kelly, Sean and Givens, Katie, 6302 S. 197th Circle, $275,000.

Fools Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 6202 S. 195th St., $46,000.

Pacesetter Homes to McNaughton, Steven C., 6115 S. 193rd Ave., $255,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6016 S. 195th St., $39,000.

Hansen, Todd and Robyn L. to Biodrowski, Cory J. and Sara A., 5818 S. 163rd Ave., $266,000.

Branham, Barbara A. and Shane to Cihal, Kyle M. and Billingsley, Jessica R., 5811 S. 160th St., $217,000.

Beisch, Stephanie L. to Hamik, Daniel F. and Glea K., 5710 S. 166th St., $255,000.

Grieb, Mark E. and Frances P. to Al-Goran, Ali B. and Mohammed, Ban J., 5618 S. 169th St., $324,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wright, Rachel D., 5324 S. 195th St., $163,600.

Pacesetter Homes to Conroy, Patrick C. and Michelle M., 5312 S. 164th St., $335,000.

Circo, Charles J. Jr. and Michelle R. to Drouin, Brian D. and Erinn H., 4827 S. 161st Circle, $225,000.

Tuel, Kalvin and Rhonda to Danch, Benjamin D. and Briana, 4808 S. 194th Ave., $185,000.

Langendorfer Properties to Sytsma, Kent J. and Amy L., 4302 S. 199th Ave., $247,500.

Nelson Builders to Wendt, Todd M. and Graham, Alycia S., 4202 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $366,084.

Kaspar, Gregory L. to Kaspar, Darin R., 4126 S. 199th Circle, $215,000.

Edwards, Jay A. and Cassaundra F. to Unger, Brett J. and Kristin M., 20020 Blaine St., $245,000.

Woodland Homes to Cummins, Cathleen, 19613 G Circle, $350,000.

Stephens, Wesley A. and Lynette E. to Nore, Robert L. and Pamela K., 18635 Holmes Circle, $200,000.

Roskey, Ryan D. and Jafi L. to Gilbert, Brandon L. and Susannah J., 18625 Anne St., $183,500.

Casper, Brandon D. and Peggie S. to Leinen, Patty, 18182 Polk Plaza, $103,000.

Story, John and Stacey to Samanta, Arindam and Roy, Sanjukta, 17808 Cinnamon Circle, $277,000.

Henley, Gaynel to Gaytan, Brittany A., 16354 Z St., $181,500.

Spindler, Robin to Friedrich, Elizabeth A., 15902 U St., $210,000.


Moore, Richard E. and Judy R. to Moore, Douglas R. and Laci K., 5626 Oak Hills Drive, $240,000.

Zant, Jackie S. and Stein, Mitchell O. to Nadeau, Charles, 5622 S. 139th St., $143,000.

Fitzgerald, Patricia L., personal representative, to Lawless, Joleen and Claude M., 5417 S. 116th St., $93,000.

Bulow, Aaron A. and Laurel E. to Goodman, Courtney, 15003 Holmes St., $155,000.

Irvine, John M. to Cook, Anthony D., 14947 Polk St., $170,000.

Carlberg, Cheryl D. to New Wave Investments, 14146 Cindy Circle, $100,000.

Althoff, Sally A. to Novotny, Marlene, 12730 Gail Plaza, $104,000.

Oliver, Julia E. to Moran, Juan and Saldana, Olga, 12654 Ohern St., $48,500.

Mosby, Robert L. Jr. and Sheri L. to Mosby, Jessica L., 11017 Y St., $168,000.


Pacesetter Homes to Williams, Tyrone A. and Cathy L., 7816 N. 124th St., $109,950.

Celebrity Homes to Tocco, Kathleen J., 14270 Martin St., $173,300.

Celebrity Homes to Althoff, Sally A., 14264 Martin St., $173,800.


Edgerton, Kevin S. to Lottinville, Susan, 3510 S. 129th St., $125,000.

Homebuilders LLC to Rhoten, Howard D. and Carolyn Trust, 3149 S. 133rd St., $275,968.

Ridder, Don and Brenda to Holland, James J. and Lisa, 2522 S. 154th Circle, $174,000.

Small, Derrell D. and Colleen R. to Ridder, Donald N. and Brenda A., 2425 S. 153rd St., $215,000.

Svab, Timothy M. Jr. and Stacie to Buchholz, Nathan and Nicole A., 13612 Shirley St., $196,000.

Nelson, Lyle W. and Sarah A. to Hanson, Janet, 13605 Westwood Lane, $139,750.


U.S. Bank National to Mink Assets LLC, 4502 Redick Ave., $29,000.


Lamson, Susan M. to Carroll, Vincent and Ashley, 517 S. 127th St., $198,000.

Sicner, Kevin A., trustee for Sicner, Cheryl A. Trust to Murray, Mary J. Trust, 14804 California St., $149,900.

McHale, Eleanor B. Trust to Reeves, Kyle J. and Kara M., 12721 Morrison Drive, $182,500.

Riley, Dorothy A. Trust to Sanford, Robert L., trustee, 12706 Burt St., $310,000.

Deeb, Norma J. Trust to Gatz, Glen G., 11819 Mason Plaza, $160,000.

Conti, Joanne to Nygren, Gayard E., 12727 West Dodge Road, $115,000.


Koehn, Rebecca L. to Meyer, Erinn A. and Reynold D. II, 6505 N. 112th Ave., $145,000.

Niemann, Tanner J. and Kendra A. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 6503 N. 112th St., $142,500.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Dabbs, Kevin S., 6503 N. 112th St., $142,000.

United Equity to RK Investments, 6336 N. 115th Circle, $110,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity, 6336 N. 115th Circle, $97,100.

Abbott, Justin R. and Shelly to Henry, Victor R. and Catherine, 5706 N. 126th Ave., $134,000.

DeVeney, Gary M. to Harris, Shirley L., 5553 N. 111th St., $165,000.

Gregory, Connie L. to Schachter, Kevin J., 5107 N. 128th St., $145,000.

O’Malley, John R. and Kathy C. to Cole, Duan E., 5002 N. 138th St., $291,500.

Michalski, Blake K. and Diane S. to Hunter, Karen E. and Schaber, Rickey, 4609 N. 126th St., $202,000.

Bauer, Sharon M. to Wall, Eric and O’Keefe-Wall, Catherine, 4602 N. 135th Ave., $203,000.

Langel, Brittany to Hajek, Ryan and Karissa, 3351 N. 125th St., $320,000.

Bunz, Steven to Woltman, Kirk A., 2641 N. 131st Circle, $144,500.

Morlan, Jimmy L. to Schroeder, Brenda L., 2634 N. 131st Circle, $134,000.

Barr, Catherine M. to Meiches, Adam S., 2510 N. 142nd St., $138,935.

LeClair, Kristen D. and Austin, Lydia M. to Hemen, Terrence M. and Lynne M., 13732 Camden Ave., $229,000.

Levin, Michael S. and Jane M. to Wilson, Lois and Darrell C., 13616 Hillsborough Drive, $230,000.

Sevrench LLC to Sadil, Ally L., 12965 Miami Circle, $124,900.

Kohring, Sandra K. to Spangler, Gary and Laurie, 12934 Ellison Ave., $150,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 12460 Evans St., $170,500.

Noble, Terry and Vicki to Schicker, Kyle, 11748 Roanoke Blvd., $159,000.

Gonzaga, Victoria F. to Gonzaga, Anita F. and Reynaldo F., 11472 Queens Drive, $41,000.

Hall, J. Frank Trust to Meier, Gregory A. and Constanza S., 11008 Fowler Ave., $139,900.

Kush Enterprises to Sinkler, Renae D., 10929 Curtis Ave., $126,000.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 10914 Saratoga Plaza, $102,000.

Ainuddin, Saad to Carter, Brenda J., 6431 N. 142nd Ave., $142,000.



Parker, Pamela and Wellman, J. Scott co-trustees for Wellman, Joseph and Alma to Huskey, Luke D. and Emma L. 1706 Thurston Ave., $126,000.

Odens, Joshua S. and Tiffany to Jennings, Shawna W., 1806 Franklin St., $70,000.

Doogan, Brian and Karrie to Hunter, Ann P., 507 Nob Hill Terrace, $132,000.

Viggiano, Michael J. and Sara to Knowlton, Jacob W. and Katelynn R., 512 Jinings Drive, $150,000.

Lowell, John J. to Bradley, Jeremiah and Samantha, 512 Nob Hill Terrace, $125,000.

Martin, Diana and Merrel to Watkins, Richard L. and Frankie M. Trust, 605 N. Fifth St., $113,000.

Kelly, Michael G. and Tiffany M. to Smith, Brian C., 901 Moore Drive, $185,000.

Bauman, Jeremiah L. and Melissa S. to Olson, Jeremy D. and Chelsea S., 904 Evergreen Ave., $152,000.

Walden, William J. to Lefebre, Bryson R. and Izabella C., 906 Mary Mallory Kountze Memorial Drive, $170,000.


Nelson Builders to Furches, Christopher A. and Peetz, Robbe L., 11614 S. 202nd St., $366,000.

McQueney, John R. and Catherine A. to Hummel, William D. and Holly A., 11850 S. 202nd Circle, $315,000.

Bellbrook Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 19414 Bellbrook Blvd., $50,000.

Bellbrook Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 19834 Emiline St., $49,000.

Boss, Tyler L. and Heather R. to Hunke, Bruce A. and Keri K., 19908 Maple St., $265,000.

McAndrews, Mark and Kimberly M. to McQueney, John R., 21206 Schofield Drive, $230,000.

Pollman, Gregory S. and Ashley C. to Kurrus, Larry and Linda and Jeff and Hesford, Laura, 414 N. McKenna Ave., $152,000.

Heavican Homes to Nordhues, Eric and Sarah, 8014 S. 192nd Ave., $267,000.


Scholtes, Richard and Linda R. to Scholtes, Amanda L. and Jonathan M., 1005 Roland Drive, $250,000.

Aughenbaugh, Vincent J. and Linda L. to Watt, Thomas and Angela, 1015 Michael Drive, $269,000.

MacTaggart, Christon L. and Rob D. to Frazier, Gordon D., 1111 Oke St., $139,000.

Blankman, Mari L. Trust to Iverson, Jacob M., 1116 Port Royal Drive, $213,000.

Thomas, Joanne L. to Roth, Barbara C. and Robert L. Trust, 11623 S. 60th St., $440,000.

Pope, Lloyd M. and Adrienne M. to Meis, Justin and Elizabeth, 1708 Southview Drive, $165,000.

Hermann, Scott J. and Galynn R. to Csonka, Daniel N., 2107 Queen Drive, $154,000.

Tribolet, Robert G. and Scurfield, Georgina M. to Andrews, Marcella C., 360 Windsor Drive, $150,000.


Heinemann, Myron C. and Doreen L. to Spadafora, Wayne J. and Kittle, Stacie L., 465 Valley Drive, $145,000.

Hayes, Eric D. to BT Properties, 480 S. Sixth St., $60,000.


Kroll, Trevor C. and Elizabeth M. to Castro, Jose and Maria, 10708 S. 17th St., $146,000.

Kipper, Dustin K. and Juli M. to Woolridge, Charles III and Ashleigh A., 11922 S. 34th St., $126,000.

Celebrity Homes to Dumke, Jeremiah J. and Sarah J., 13804 S. 43rd St., $187,000.

Hohimer, Patrick A. and Lori K. to Morgan-Girgis, Amgad F., 14503 S. 27th St., $138,000.

Celebrity Homes to Dahmen, Michele and Hans, 14903 S. 20th St., $246,000.

Rubenstein, Larry D. and Dolores F. to Coonts, Teresa, 14913 Bordeaux Ave., $158,000.

Andersen, Patricia A. and First Nebraska Trust Co., co-trustees for Andersen, James C. Trust to Singleton, Steven J. and Deidre J. and Davis, Danielle J. and Pearson, Kendra M., 17111 Paradise Road, $270,000.

Cruise, Jason and Colette to Markham, Zachary and Lammers, Melissa, 1908 Yorktown St., $157,000.

McDermott, Dennis and Robin R. to Quinn, Daniel L. and Carolyn G., 2220 Annabelle Drive, $315,000.

Wilson, Eugene B. and Cathy H. to Ditri, Joseph A. and Sarah J., 2602 Kelly Drive, $225,000.

Madson, Delbert L. and Teresa D. Trust to Ross, Alexander and Laura, 2704 Duane Ave., $193,000.

Harris, Elliott W. II and Amanda J. to Bryant, Christy J., 2905 Daniell Circle, $196,000.

Holles, James D. and Nichole C. to True North Properties, 2907 Kelly Drive, $158,000.

Bartz, Ryan W. and Carlie to Klein, Joseph R. and Rockelle L., 3302 Granada Parkway, $125,000.

Peterson, Jeffrey J. and Mary A. to Palmer, Robert A. Jr. and Ashli, 3508 Jason Circle, $165,000.

Mickus, Laura to Morton, Christina, 3723 Gayle Ave., $145,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 4413 Edgerton Drive, $183,000.

Chaney, James C. and Jasmine E. to Williams, Kevin J. and Tyane M., 710 Cedar View Circle, $160,000.

Hall, Godfrey O. to Burr, Johnathan D. and Rochelle A., 9805 S. Ninth Ave., $150,000.


Blickenstaff, Tom E. and Kellie J. to Hladky, Philip and Schroeder, Tara, 10153 Margo St., $395,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Tejral, Lucas and Gina, 10403 Cary St., $233,000.

McGregor Interests Inc. to Knaack Properties, 11937 Portal Road, $684,000.

Scholtes, Amanda and Jonathan M. to Sherlock, James W. and Esther J., 7411 S. 102nd St., $340,000.

Wagner, Robert to Owen, Sean M. and Waller, Nicole R., 7530 S. 76th Ave., $137,000.

K & B Associates to Hoeppner, Keith A. and Sarah A., 7711 S. 76th Ave., $129,000.

Durant, James J. and Annabelle to Syslo, Ashley M., 7789 Greenleaf Drive, $139,000.

Thille, Brenda S. to Billingsley, Mark A., 7906 Edgewood Blvd., $120,000.

Tipton, Jeremy L. and Abby F. to Aldrich, Dale L. and Patricia A., 8020 S. 69th St., $210,000.

Sherlock, James W. and Esther J. to Schulte, Matt and Kayla, 8134 S. 101st St., $241,000.

Rench, Thomas D. and Jennifer J. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 8531 S. 105th St., $49,000.

Burns, Sally and Stock, George, co-trustees of Stock, Ben W. Estate to Martinez, James A. and Rita M., 8816 Park View Blvd., $132,000.

Hansen, Thomas J. to Wallin, Tero and Michelle M., 9108 Granville Parkway, $250,000.

Weber, Mark F. and Joann J. to Zimmerman, Jay A. and Laura L., 9712 Florence St., $225,000.

Bolter, George B. Jr. and Barbara J. to Markham, Louis A. and Amber L., 9813 Windy Circle, $214,000.

Woodland Homes to James, William L. and Nancy J., 9933 S. Olive St., $354,000.


Payne, John F. and Lori J. to Bell, Travis S. and Elizabeth, 110 Wilma Road, $264,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Norwood, Randy A. and Kristina, 13709 S. 43rd St., $298,000.

Park, Jae and Lee Park, Grace to Palu, Andy J. and Hurt, Andrea M., 2103 Crest Ridge Drive, $243,000.

D’Lallo, Eric J. and Christina L. to Jensen, Joshua and Amanda, 2113 John St., $260,000.

Whitlock, Charles J. and Judy to Book, Timothy and Julie A., 2113 Leigh St., $238,000.

Bejarano, Edwin A. to Capazo, John D. and Diane M., 4509 Waterford Ave., $210,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Mosto, Ronald S. and Swan, Melissa K., 6610 Harvest Drive, $352,000.


Feak, James A. and Stacey L. to Barone, Joseph G. Jr. and Tiffany D., 10005 S. 179th St., $248,000.

Weinrich, Mark and Heather to Feak, James A. and Stacey L., 10028 S. 178th St., $286,000.

Applegarth, Mark A. to Springhill Rentals LLC, 16115 Robin Drive, $123,000.

Logan, Ryan M. and Jennifer A. to Arnold, Mary A., 16141 Blackwalnut St., $150,000.

Asmus, Taylor M. and Michael G. to Garcia, Roy M. Jr. and Judi L., 16409 Greenleaf St., $202,000.

Celebrity Homes to Carpenter, Brian J., 16417 Virginia St., $204,000.

Kounovsky, Brian J. and Courtney K. to Sprague, Brandon E., 16513 Redwood St., $247,000.

Hummel, William D. and Holly A. to Given, Jennifer M., 17011 Colony Drive, $210,000.

JMF LLC to Sobczyk, Cory M. and Liz M., 17512 Ridgemont St., $86,000.

Deptula, Joseph J. and Jennifer to Johnson, Alex R. and Siroky, Kaitlyn M., 18057 Lillian St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes to Colborn, Jon A. and Jill S., 18813 Redwood St., $243,000.

Bunjer, Michael L. to Huckins, Ryan M. and Sierra A., 7708 S. 161st Terrace, $148,000.

Tuscany Townhomes to Weber, Mark F. and Joann J., 7727 S. 162nd St., $172,000.

Schiltz, David A. and Shannon L. to Berck, Michael V. and Jodi M., 7809 S. 169th St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes to Becker, Frederick P., 8025 S. 190th Ave., $213,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ramirez, Brian and Longly, Katherine, 8026 S. 190th Ave., $179,000.


Staroska, Sarah E. and Mark to Melendez, Dario, 13117 Gertrude St., $147,000.

Berck, Michael V. and Jodi M. to Daniels, Jessica A., 13439 Gertrude St., $138,000.

Drebot, Dawn to Fritz, Tabitha R., 13922 Jennifer Road, $136,000.

Legacy Ventures I to O’Connell, Michael P. Jr. and Jerica A., 7016 S. 155th Circle, $158,000.


Bowhay, Ronald J. to Bolter, George B. Jr. and Barbara, 8510 S. Tenth St., $313,000.

Koch, Jeff and Suzan to Barta, Ian R. and Ashly, 9313 S. 24th St., $260,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association to Aerts, Mary K., 4925 Aspen Drive, $127,000.

Mickells, Thomas J. and Maureen K. to Throckmorton, Robert K. and Kelly A., 4972 Dumfries Circle, $164,000.

Schmidt, Amy and Brian to Foreman, Elbert L. and Grey J., 5009 Aspen Drive, $145,000.



Eagles Nest LLC to RD Homes, 217 Kestrel Court, $32,000.

FP Investments to SLAJ LLC, 2816 Ninth Ave., $153,000.

Caruso, Anthony P. and Peggy L. to Nardone, John W. and Kelli A., 23 Pelican Drive, $340,000.

Haskins, Rachael to Canales, Anita E., 5627 Redtail Road, $140,000.

Ellenberger, Don and Suzanne to Lehmer, Karen and Sterling, 2129 Ave. C, $96,000.

Gaver, Elaine M. Estate to Barron, Mandy C. and Robert P., 2512 Ave. A, $40,000.

Mazzella, Carly and Ryan to Allen, Deborah and Nicholas J., 2717 McBride Ave., $98,000.

Koontz, Brian and Rebecca to Kinart, Julie and Phil, 1002 N. 31st St., $51,000.

Moore, Caryl and Larry D. to Moore, Erik D. and Teresa, 710 N. 35th St., $42,000.

Old Lincoln Investments to Steenbock, Zachary, 119 Comanche St., $55,000.

Whitney Inc. to Hall, Devan J., 721 Ninth St., $69,000.

Collier, James M. to Kenealy, Mary J., 2216 Ave. J, $140,000.

Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2013-3 to Garcia, Belynda B. and Salas, Oscar, 1616 Fifth Ave., $77,000.

Hamilton, Robert W. to Vergamini, Susan M., 2315 S. 19th St., $130,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 2434 Ave. G, $93,500.

Elton, Nancy J. to Ybarra, Allyson M. and Jeremy L., 504 N. 27th St., $90,000.


Kruse, Annette S. and Thomas J. to Maddox, Clifford V. Jr. and Dasiti, 1002 Washington Ave., $119,000.

Sondag, Andy and Jennifer J. to Place, James S., 126 Greenview Circle, $200,000.

Shanks, Cynthia J. and Kip S. to Finken, Emily J. and Nicholas G., 114 Shevi Drive, $305,000.

Schneider, Jill and Michael L. to Rodenburg Properties, 215 N. Seventh St., $13,000.

Welcome Homes to Cotten, Alicia and Jake, 1401 Ohm St., $271,500.

Ridnour, Jason to Woodbury, Rex C., 504 Ridge Road, $177,000.

Liston, John and Rebecca to Rooney, Amy and Kevin, 1430 Callahan Drive, $236,500.

Kendall, Mariel J. to KMC Properties, 219 Fourth St., $63,000.

Welcome Homes to Manz, August and Tami, 1315 Larchmont Drive, $279,000.

Hauser, Joseph F. Jr. and Susan K. to Jarvinen, David G. and Lindsey C., 463 Sierra Drive, $121,500.

Thomas, Daniel J. and Paula J. to Stander, Frank T., 224 Jordan St., $108,000.

Kenealy, Mary J. to Rosas, Janet E. and Jason E., 50 Hillsdale Drive, $160,000.

Smock, Mildred K. Estate to Meineker, Ladona B., 438 Lincoln Ave., $109,500.

Moore, Erik D. and Teresa to Moore, Caryl J. and Larry D., 212 Harmony St., $95,000.

Mings, Robert and Kathleen L. and Jani S. to Cochran, Lisa A. and Richard E., 15067 Stonegate Lane, $534,500.

McDonald, Carrie L. and Maurice F. to Morse Rodriguez, Laura B., 407 Fleming Ave., $94,000.

Peters, Michael J. and Michelle D. to McIntosh, Doris A. and Martin, 312 Platner St., $62,500.

McIntosh, Doris A. and Martin to Weilage Investments, 312 Platner St., $58,000.

Wiese, Jennifer L. to Brugenhemke, Hunter, 182 Crestmont Drive, $108,000.

Kennedy, Lowell C. and Mary B. to Davis, Dale and Mallory, 4123 Briarwood Drive, $253,000.

Schlautman, James L. and Marsha A. to Husa, Deeann, 116 Beal St., $90,000.

Hutchens, Earladean to Price, Pamela A., 442 Midland Drive, $125,000.

Stephen, Christopher L. and Jodi L. to St. Cyr, Susan K., 648 Arnold Ave., $127,000.

Fish, Evelyn to Hewitt, Sheila and Travis, 110 Happy Hollow Blvd., $101,500.


Curran, Lauran M. and Matthew J. to Tatman, Tonya M. and William L., 1313 Mayper Drive, Carter Lake, $87,500.

Story, Michael and Trisha L. to Calvan, Margaret S. and Clausen, Patrick, 750 Key Circle, Carter Lake, $331,000.

Urich, Alan E. and Paula D. to Fischer, Caleb J. and Toktam, 3810 13th St., Carter Lake, $112,000.


Kyle, Kimberly D. to Edgecomb, Joshua D., 363 Pine St., Avoca, $16,000.


Cary, Dustin L. and Jane M. to Shriver, Alex J. and Alyssa A., 830 Valley Drive, Crescent, $164,000.


Morris, Sherri M. to Ragan, Keith D., 28867 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $163,000.


Dofner, Emmet E. Jr. and Mary L. to Riggle, Kristin and Terry, 407 Park Ave., McClelland, $40,000.


REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 714 Schueman Court, Oakland, $59,500.


Pollock, Jeffrey W. and Melissa M. to Siedow, Danielle L., 7 Horn Ave., Treynor, $265,000.


Spencer, Philip W. to Robinson, Larry R. Jr., 412 Third Ave., Underwood, $65,000.

Montgomery, Gaylen N. and Karen R. to Stephen-Yates, Brittni A. and Yates, Cale A., 607 North St., Underwood, $205,000.


Wells Fargo Bank to La Point, Paul, 229 Koeppe St., Walnut, $13,000.

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