Home Co. to Green, Heather C. and Randy M., 15704 King St., $367,000.

Mason, Alan and Teresa to McGee, Leigh A. and William M., 15017 Cherry St., $348,000.

Barr Homes to Kinsella, Matthew J. and Lacey, 16110 Reynolds St., $335,000.

Sherwood Homes to Anibal, Lisa M. and Edward F. III, 8204 N. 161st St., $279,500.

Cauffman, Robert and Michelle to Koch, Donald W. and Crystal N., 7204 N. 154th Ave., $258,000.

WL Investments to Holdorf, Kregg A. and Lisa A., 16221 Young St., $234,500.

Celebrity Homes to Roundtree, Joshua J. and Lindsey N., 7838 N. 147th St., $160,500.

Crone, Brooke R. to Costanzo, Misty and Scott A., 15301 Davidson St., $130,000.

Paramount Land Co. to G & J Properties, 12312 N. 149th Circle, $89,800.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 14804 Potter St., $55,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage to Sherwood Homes, 9602 N. 151st St., $45,000.

Waterford Development to Pacer, Bonnie A. Trust, 14737 Weber St., $40,500.

State Street Investments to Legendary Homes, 16113 Grebe St., $39,950.

State Street Investments to Sherwood Homes, 16119 Mormon St., $27,750.


Kronaizl Investments to Edwards, Jonathan and Woolery, Kimberly, 1818 N. 197th St., $408,620.

Hildy Construction to Dhawan, Punita and Singh, Amar B., 18921 Ruggles St., $380,350.

Murphy, Paul F. and Jayne L. to Schulte, Kristine K. and Patrick K., 18407 Izard Circle, $330,000.

Shockey, Jessica L. and Colin C. to Kegley, Joshua A., 703 S. 200th St., $310,100.

Holdorf, Kregg and Lisa to Pinkham, Theresa L., 18091 Jones St., $287,000.

Brophy, Karen L. and Lawrence A. to Harvey, Abbie M. and Nicholas D., 1609 N. 212th St., $286,500.

Neumeyer, Laurel to Peterson, Linda and Troy J., 19601 Amelia Circle, $256,000.

Ernst, Cheryl K. to Thompson, Rita L., 18095 Jones St., $249,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Beccard, Roger W. and Kelly K., 2608 N. 189th St., $221,180.

Schulte, Patrick K. and Kristine K. to Bolander, Shelby K. and Garrett B., 20614 Laramie Road, $215,000.

Schmidt, Blaine A. to Wolfe, Erin and Deming, Bryan, 20209 Pearl Circle, $208,000.

Celebrity Homes to Magsarjav, Enkhmaa and Otgonbayar, Tuvshinjargal, 20839 Clark St., $201,100.

Celebrity Homes to Wieland, Natalie J. and Brandon J., 1613 N. 208th St., $199,400.

Harvey, Nicholas D. to Frisbie, Megan J. and Christopher L., 21440 Harney St., $190,000.

Kroger, Kimberly J. to Stika, Sarah, 20803 Veterans Drive, $179,000.

Deets, Kyle M. and Maegan N. to Wood, Tara K. and Joseph R., 1825 N. 207th St., $155,000.

McCain, Hope and Williard E. to Shanahan, Melody and Tyler, 3815 N. 211th St., $130,000.

Hartman, Tamina L. and Jereme R. to Shedeed, Darcy, 3811 N. 211th St., $111,000.

Crown LTD to Allen, Vicki J. and Craig S., 18914 Nicholas St., $85,000.

Fine Fountains LLC to Marque Custom Builders, 18922 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $78,000.

Glatter, Robert R. to Anderson, Larry and Jean, 5021 S. 239th St., $70,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Homestead Custom Builders, 20906 Monroe Circle, $60,000.

FRK Development to Widhalm Custom Homes, 4315 N. 191st St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Pine Crest Homes, 3906 N. 191st St., $49,900.

Gottsch Land Co. to McCaul Contracting, 20705 Ames Ave., $46,900.

FRK Development to Pine Crest Homes, 18965 Manderson St., $44,900.

FRK Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 4302 N. 191st St., $39,900.

Elkhorn Highlands to Charleston Homes, 2728 N. 189th St., $35,000.


Shields, Tara R. and Mark A. to Van Dewege, Avon P., 100 Ginger Cove Road, $300,000.

PBK Valley LLC to Pleasant, Dan and Darcelle A., 5510 N. 279th St., $100,000.

Quismondo, Daniel and Taylor, Kristi R. to Berner, Megan J., 204 W. Whittingham St., $87,500.


Malibu Holdings to Pugsley, Tricia M. and Daniel J., 24921 Chicago St., $260,000.

Peterson, Troy J. and Linda G. to Gross, Jennifer L., 507 Jefferson St., $160,000.


Cottonwood Investments to Sivadge, Jean L. and Steve P., 4936 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $204,500.

Sudduth, Linda L. and Thomas D. to Maion, Sarah N. and James M., 4906 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $200,000.

Girthoffer, Robert J., trustee for Caniglia, Carl J. Trust to Campbell, Catherine M., 1504 N. 60th St., $175,000.

Baumeister, Jessica S. and Jason to Gray-Trevino, Ann and Trevino, Jose, 6787 Binney St., $120,000.

Connealy, Jonathan A. and Jennifer A. to Peters, Tori and Haas, Jordan P., 5815 Miami St., $118,000.

Linden, Sandra and Robert to Newman, Trevor G. and Andahl-Newman, Hannah L., 5638 Lake St., $108,000.

Holmes, Joyce C. to Tint, Soe, 5517 Browne St., $95,500.

Birchfield, Dorothy to Punch It Out Inc., 3112 N. 58th St., $85,200.

Otteman, George L. to Mustoe, Anthony J., 6019 Seward St., $65,700.

Mahrt, Nita A. and Jared A. to Anderson, Amanda M. and Matthew S., 2039 N. 49th Ave., $63,000.

S & B Investment LLC to RBC Properties, 5405 N. 45th Ave., $57,000.

Bresley, Mark E. and Donna M. to Salinas, Rufina, 4516 Burdette St., $52,000.

Fullwood, Era M., personal representative, to Koesters & Klein Properties, 5306 N. 45th St., $51,000.

Birkby, Donna and John T. to Findell, Bryan M., 6409 Boyd St., $50,000.


Lanphier, David J. and Patricia to Cobb, Charles and Mariaha, 1311 Turner Blvd., $265,000.

Doughterty, Justin C. and Christine M. to Askren, Jeremy S. and Jaclyn K., 4430 Shady Lane Circle, $153,000.

Silbernagel, Brandon to Borgmeyer, Erik Z., 1726 S. 29th St., $118,000.

Goodrich, Kara L. and Christopher J. to Cadlo, Aaron M., 2606 S. 37th St., $108,000.

Kramer, Katharine R. to Bronte Companies, 827 Turner Blvd., $50,000.


WT Properties to Rizzo, Matthew R., trustee for Rizzo, Anne C. Trust, 519 S. 58th St., $375,000.

Wall, Eric R. and O’Keefe, Catherine to Hughes, Bethany L. and Chris, 5601 Jones St., $240,000.

Anzures, Frank A. and Katherine M. to Reilly, Richard and Horel-Reilly, Susan, 1920 S. 49th Ave., $117,000.


Brazeal, Catherine A. to Noble, John R., 6045 S. 37th St., $105,000.

Smith, Moralyn and Donald A. to McGinty, Adam J. and Al-Saidy, Nawras S., 3909 S St., $102,000.

Zymball, Jennifer and Todd A. to Anderson, Ethan, 3939 X St., $74,500.

Amano, Mohammad J. to Harvest Development II, 4517 S. 15th St., $64,000.

Gaddie, Mary A. to Castellano, Miguel P. and Moreno De Orozco, Genoveba, 5226 S. 22nd St., $30,000.

Nemecek, Rose to Garduno, Bertha A., 1414 N Ave., $30,000.


United Equity LLC to Carpenter, Molly L. and Joshua L., 1109 S. 15th Circle, $173,000.

Kraw, Ronald J. to Palos, Erika H., 3317 S. 23rd St., $120,000.

South O Joe LLC to Molinar, Alvaro and Rodriguez, Claudia, 1713 S. 11th St., $100,000.

Deluna, Manuel G. and Elena C. to Mesa, Alvino, 1327 S. 21st St., $24,000.


HBI LLC to Flowers, Sheila M., 2118 Evans St., $20,199.


Redfield Properties to Scott-Wheeler, Melissa L., 3943 Laurel Ave., $40,000.

Bass, Tamarian G. to McCarthur, John C. Sr., 3517 Blondo St., $28,000.

RAGNE LLC to Comer, Shannon, 4240 Fowler Ave., $21,000.


Airway III LLC to Fleetwood Investments, 3385 Weber St., $37,000.


Gokgol-Kline, Turkiz and Kline, David to Lokie, John A. and Rosemary, 9919 Broadmoor Road, $645,000.

Gard, Debra N. to Gragert, Daniel, 8607 Douglas St., $314,800.

Patton, Mary A. Trust to Dandy, Marlene F., 770 N. 93rd St., $240,000.

Witt, Jenny R. to Sung, Ruth F. and Bawi, Ngun L., 1820 N. 103rd Ave., $160,000.

Ogle, Lynda J. to Neuman, Melissa A. and Jason R., 9111 Charles St., $143,000.

McConaughey, Staci to Bailey, David P., 1024 N. 75th St., $116,000.

Herek, Daniel to Schaffart, Michael J. and Herek, Daniel P., 838 N. 77th St., $34,000.


Silverthorn Custom Homes to Schwartz, Nicholas J. and Joyce A., 16355 Lothrop Circle, $360,000.

Ritonya, Melissa M. and Anderson, Krista M. to Dahlke, Laura and Randall, Kelly, 2409 N. 169th St., $332,500.

Scott, Luan J. and Jeffrey J. to Miklos, Lauren E. and Marc D., 5503 N. 149th Avenue Circle, $312,000.

Bryant, Richard A. and Lori A. to Sinos, Jennifer and Christopher, 4321 N. 153rd St., $295,000.

Snyder, Andrew and Andrea to Herzoff-Lloyd, Deborah A., 2414 N. 147th St., $289,500. Manners, Travis W. to Puhrman, Luella I. and Merle W., 15202 Taylor St., $285,000.

Kuch, Maureen E. and Bruce J. to Bastien, Qian Y. and Stephen W., 4108 N. 159th Ave., $275,500.

Villa, Michael D. and Wohlers, Andrew S. to McCabe, James E., 14768 Stone Ave., $260,000.

Mountain Prairie Investments to Clark, Katherin and Ross, 15103 Bauman Ave., $256,000.

Hall-Erickson, Suzanne E. to Baumeister, Jessica S. and Jason L., 15305 Nebraska Ave., $246,500.

Celebrity Homes to Mitchell, Pamela A. and Curtis W., 5151 N. 174th Avenue Circle, $241,900.

Brockmeier, Catherine and Matt to Hailey, Chelsea L., 2115 N. 144th Ave., $240,000.

Shearer, L. Gavin and Patricia P. to Rhoten, Susan L. and Micah J., 2719 N. 155th St., $219,000.

Sokol, Todd C. and Jennifer M. to Jarosz, Laurie J., 14610 Saratoga St., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes to Landers, Jacob A., 16264 Saratoga St., $202,600.

Celebrity Homes to Gall, Jeremy and Olmer, Holly, 16268 Saratoga St., $195,850.

Sharma, Shashank and Swati to Matheny, Robyn R. and Steiner, Michaela L., 16271 Patrick Ave., $175,000.

Albertson, Erik R. to Stoeger, Aaron M., 15221 Bedford Ave., $160,500.

Snow, Chad and Sarah to Hensley, Brian and Ronda, 16859 Fowler Ave., $160,000.

Lane, Kent R. and Sarah L. to Dentlinger, Michael J., 17002 Redman Ave., $158,000.

Horst, Michael R. and Joanne M. to Cahow, Sean, 17180 Manderson St., $147,900.

Murvin, Daniel J. and Sefick, Sydney P. to Wassenberg, Kylee, 6504 N. 149th Ave., $145,000.

Buchanan, Steve to Bakht, Saleha and Nauman, Syed A., 3008 N. 150th St., $144,900.

Moeller, Tara N. to Roza, Kathleen A., 15304 Saratoga St., $139,900.

Piernicky, Megan E. to Talarico, Amy M., 5037 N. 144th Ave., $126,000.

Bieber, Aaron J. to Davitt, Jacqueline, 14652 Sprague Plaza, $107,500.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 6418 N. 163rd St., $43,900.

Eccles, Cary D. to Charleston Homes, 6416 N. 165th St., $43,500.

Home Co. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 17623 Sahler St., $31,000.


Anderson, Stacey A. and Marco, Riley L. to Santos, Judith and Quinones, Victor, 6518 S. 51st Avenue Circle, $126,000.

Limbeck, Erik to Exley, Edwin III, 4602 S. 61st Ave., $69,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Overhue, Franka and Robi, 5815 Fay Blvd., $51,000.

Fernald, Frank W. and Debra J. to Campbell, Leonard L., 5421 S. 52nd St., $32,000.


Essner, Mark and Traci to Cruz, Ana E., 614 N. 159th St., $604,000.

Mainz, Marilyn J. and Stan L. to Jack, Michael D. and Lindsey S., 817 S. 156th Ave., $216,000.


Robbins, Scott D. and Tiffany J. to Lee, Regina F. and Robert M. Jr., 7307 N. 107th St., $160,000.

Scheideler, Kylie and Christopher to Ostransky, Kara, 9106 Weber St., $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rai, Dahn and Buddha, 9206 Summit St., $135,900.

Pile, Hayley R. and John R. to Maushart, Judith L., 7544 N. 77th Terrace, $126,500.

Kelly, Mary T. to Andrews, Kateaka, 7635 Mary St., $112,000.


Troia, Candice J. and Joseph W. to Futhey, Robert W. and Amber J., 1616 S. 95th St., $225,000.

Campbell, Catherine M. to Barnard, Corie, 2529 S. 87th Ave., $219,900.

Werner, Leora and Matthew P. to Cohn, Marisa, 8214 Gold St., $139,000.

Boruch, Cynthia M. to Strunc Properties, 8953 Laurie Circle, $108,500.

Cihal, Daniel J. to Drew, Thomas D., 9105 Arbor St., $85,500.


Anderson, Thomas M. and Jennifer S. to Nastase, Kara D. and Sebastian C., 9319 Y St., $190,000.

Keithley, Joshua and Saving, David W. to Berscheid, Rodney and Susan, 4937 S. 95th Ave., $148,000.

Peterson, Kurt A. and Yvonne M. Trust to Strode, Jason W., 6605 S. 86th St., $137,500.

Engle, Alice J. and Jesse W. to Engle Home Trust, 9416 Drexel St., $124,000.

Prokop, Jerry to Prokop, Jeremy F., 7371 Jefferson St., $120,000.

Pennymac Holdings to Marsh, Karen L., 8710 Lakeview Drive, $97,300.


Fletcher, William A. and Amy L. to Saxena, Shikhar and Kristin, 4041 S. 173rd Circle, $950,000.

Dorador Dibildox, Rafael A. and De Los Santos de Dorador, Ana M. to De Vries, Matthew, 1212 S. 199th St., $610,000.

Royal Development to Johnston, Mark A. and Joan M., 20050 Pierce St., $480,000.

Royal Development to Wurtz, Thomas A., 19815 Logan St., $453,000.

Meier, Kenneth R. and Megan E. to McCarville, Kristen and Robert, 1510 S. 195th Circle, $441,000.

Freund, Susan to Martinez, Angela N., 1220 S. 180th Plaza, $335,000.

Friedman, Jeremy I. to Blum, Brandie L. and Kpebane, Djanbgedja M., 3808 S. 187th St., $334,000.

Sorensen, Kimberly L. Trust to Meek, Bethany R. and Garrett, 17811 Shadow Ridge Drive, $305,000.

Schultz, Scott and Nancy to Terp, Robert T. Jr. and Patricia A., 17608 Woolworth Ave., $304,222.

Clark, Sonja M. to Ballinger, Ali and Daniel C., 17349 Woolworth Ave., $238,000.

Anibal, Lisa M. and Edward F. III to Vangrud, Daniel D. and Kelly J., 3658 S. 191st Ave., $220,000.

Lane Buildign Corp. to Soe, Tara and Slotten, Ethen, 2028 S. 197th St., $213,208.

Bunton, Jessica L. and Nathan R. to Buse, Kevin T. and Erin M., 3914 S. 191st Ave., $195,000.

Wickersham, Brandon J. and Shannon L. to Martin, Erica and David, 2505 S. 165th St., $177,500.

Yotty, Bradley B. and McDonald, Amanda M. to Rasetshwane, Kutio and Daniel M., 16018 Shirley St., $164,900.

Anderson, Sheryl L. to Edmonds, Keith and Maria, 1447 S. 167th Ave., $161,000.

Zach, Mark H. and Vickie S. to Weber, Ryan, 19227 Pasadena Circle, $39,000.


Farber, Janet L. and Krainak, Michael J. Jr. to Franks, Lucy J. and Wanzendried, John W., 3411 Hawthorne Ave., $185,500.

Goetz, Mark G. and Sierra to Zimmerman, Randall L. and Angela R., 3315 Davenport St., $93,000.


Pokorny, Jan S. and Theresa C. to Dundee Equity Holding II LLC, 825 N. 45th St., $830,000.

Anderson, Shawn M. and Krista M. to Dahlke, Joshua and Laura, 5124 Cuming St., $750,000.

Kenny, Thomas J. and Amorena-Kenny, Danielle to Kenny, Jerome H. Jr. and Patricia A., 310 S. 56th St., $282,000.

White, Ryand and Angela to Bartlett, Sarah B., 4908 Davenport St., $235,000.

Stephens, Lana C. and Larry J. to McDermott, Jason J., 710 Parkwood Lane, $205,000.

Warchol, Jordan M. and John A. to Huss, Michael and Margaret, 5016 California St., $154,000.

Holmes, Stephen M. to Peterson, Daniel J. and Christopher L., 5616 Hamilton St., $140,000.


Daniels, Betty L. to Reeve, James T., 2510 N. 78th St., $190,000.

Ford, Brent R. to Miciunas, Corey and Elizabeth M., 4122 Parkview Drive, $145,000.

Colson, Patricia M. to Weishaar, James and Sharon Trust, 9217 Blondo St., $141,000.

Howe, Michelle A. and Martinson, Eric L. to Svatora, Linda J., 3519 Maplewood Blvd., $117,000.

Wahrman, Michael J. to Lundy, Kelly, 7722 Richmond Drive, $113,800.


Walz, Thomas J. Jr. and Vicky to Urbam, Anthony A. and Michele L., 5623 S. 192nd St., $785,000.

Ahlers, Colleen J. Trust to Fletcher, Amy V., 17514 O St., $425,000.

Schulte, Thomas and Christine to Rodriguez, Lynette T. and Oppenheimer, Rafael A., 17505 Welch St., $383,000.

Nelson Builders to Racker, Blair and Amy, 4804 S. 198th Circle, $380,450.

Showcase Homes to Teague, Ryan and Andrea, 19741 Jacobs St., $370,000.

Hildy Construction to Kochanowski, Michael and Nicole, 19736 J St., $351,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Jensen, Derek A. and Grace A., 6002 S. 194th Ave., $292,900.

Fools Inc. to Gehrke, Amanda J. and Jeffrey T., 4475 S. 193rd St., $274,195.

Church, Tony L. and Julie A. to Collins, Sara and Andrew, 16118 Polk St., $260,000.

Odvody, Kristen R. and Gary A. to Yost, Jeffrey F. and Katherine E., 6314 S. 161st Ave., $220,000.

Eggleton, Tamela G. and Matthew S. to Gessert, Cindy A., 18614 L Circle, $215,500.

Midgley, Lauren A. and Caleb A. to Skeem, Stephanie D. and Darren L., 18723 Hayes Circle, $199,900.

Kochanowski, Nicole and Michael to Henin, Eliya and Lawandy, Dalia S., 15964 S St., $195,000.

Kanellis, Kimberly L. and Robert E. to Rieper, Lisa R. and Todd A., 16249 Rolling Ridge Road, $177,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kote, Hemaiatha and Naidu, Santosh, 6022 S. 191st Terrace, $176,100.

Johnson, Sarah N. and Jeffrey S. to Gernandt, Renee L. and Randy C., 4605 S. 176th Ave., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes to Nguyen, Phuong T., 6028 S. 191st Terrace, $173,100.

Gellhaus, Daniel J. and Whitney R. to Wachal, Jillian C., 5877 S. 193rd Ave., $154,000.

Rosenbaum, James B. and Caitlin E. to Clark, Justin B., 5763 S. 186th Ave., $151,000.

Bruckner, Amanda K. and Michael A. to Lynch, Melanie E. and Nicholas J., 18728 V St., $135,000.

Whitehawk Development to Nelson Builders, 4608 S. 198th St., $43,950.


Riser, Jennifer S. and Joshua B. to Carlson, Daniel J. and Allison E., 11608 Drexel St., $172,000.

Diazorellana, Rafael A. to Freeman, Bryan L. and Deborah L., 12552 Orchard Ave., $160,000.

Newton, David P. and Sarah M. to Goodrich, Kara L. and Christopher J., 11128 Jefferson St., $159,900.

Albert, Herbert J. and Elgin-Albert, Judith A. to Barry, Travis, 13567 Y St., $151,000.

Kholousi, Farzan to Girvan, Ashley C., 15142 Monroe St., $128,000.

Dierkhising, Trevor and Toni L. to Pullmann, Andrew R., 6719 S. 135th Terrace, $127,500.

Ronsick, Joy M. and Adam to Debold, Ashley T., 15223 Adams St., $125,000.

Furman, Nicole C. to Wilson, Andrew G., 5144 S. 125th Court, $105,500.

Traynor, Ronald W. Trust to Gitt Homes, 5128 S. 125th Court, $90,000.


Luethge Homes to Mohnsen, Gary R. Trust, 7411 N. 126th Ave., $307,503.

Seitz, Gary J. Trust to Hilario, Daniel T., 7014 N. 115th St., $259,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kittleson, Kelly M., 7409 N. 142nd St., $200,200.

Celebrity Homes to Sohler, Terry L., 7111 N. 142nd St., $192,600.


Lockwood Construction to Dowd, Thomas and Barbara, 1504 S. 128th Avenue Circle, $712,000.

Wurtz, Thomas A. and Lisa G. to Essner, Traci D. and Mark D., 1508 S. 152nd Circle, $308,000.

Tyrcha, John J. and Tany G. to Weinstine, Marc A. and Maryanne, 15012 Dorcas Circle, $220,000.

Morgan, David R. and Mary J. Trust to Kuch, Bruce and Maureen, 15251 Shirley St., $215,000.

Miller, Jamie and Shirley, John to Nelson, Christopher and Alyssa, 13629 Montclair Drive, $189,900.

Holm, Kent E. and Bobbi A. to Poskey, Gail A., 1506 S. 139th St., $176,000.

Rookstool, Laurie to Gannon, Setera J. and Emmett J., 13961 Woolworth Circle, $170,000.

Bragg, Alisson and Michael to Brodhead, Erin R. and David O., 11026 Olin Ave., $167,500.

Thota, Staci and Sreedhar to Winger, Will and Machaela, 3124 S. 144th Ave., $163,000.


Awender, Richard C. Jr. and Costancia Q. to Strasser, William J., 6331 Country Club Road, $242,000.

Strasser, William J. to Barna, Tami L. and Christopher L., 9817 N. 52nd St., $206,600.


Stiles, Martin A. and Christensen, Traci L. to Dunning, Niels and Kelly, 12624 Burt St., $356,000.

Johansson, Sonny L. and Marianne E. to Grams, Laura W. and Jason W., 1318 N. 127th Ave., $353,400.

Mohr, Gerald D. Trust to Bragg, Alisson E. and Michael P., 836 S. 131st Ave., $205,000.

Sosa, Mario C. and Jaynes, Christine L. to Larson, Patricia K. and Kyle A., 1003 Fawn Parkway, $185,000.

Council, Joanne M. and Joseph G. III to Ronsick, Joy and Adam, 606 S. 152nd Circle, $175,000.

Vanzaho, Louise M. and Donald G. Trust to Moseley, Kristen A., 14928 Seward Plaza, $165,000.

Pagel, Michael S. and Hamling, Taryn M. to Pile, Hayley R., 1865 N. 149th Court, $164,500.

Jensen, Grace and Derek A. to Olari, Nicholas C. and Alicia E., 15204 Davenport Circle, $160,000.

Northrup, Theresa to Fuller, Stetson and Joy, 12110 Parker Circle, $159,650.

Broesch, John P. to Furley, Alexander J., 11205 Farnam St., $135,000.

Pelster, Leslie to Pelster, James W., 10922 Jones St., $130,000.

Davitt, Jacqueline J. to Gould, Scott L., 12727 West Dodge Road, $80,000.


Wilheln, Troy K. to Herman, Sherry and Richard, 5023 N. 139th St., $289,000.

Davis, Karen A., trustee for Lane House Trust to Walker, Thomas J. and Jamie R., 14255 Sprague Circle, $246,000.

Wilbur, Kevin and Catherine to Hansen, Jeffery J., 3320 N. 125th St., $228,000.

Nelson, Kolby D. and Ashlie M. to Bruckner, John S., 11115 Sahler St., $186,500.

Matthys, Sandra R., personal representative, to Romey, Dixie T. and Jorgensen, Rebecca L., 13210 Ellison Ave., $170,500.

Rowan, Melissa and Benjamin to Rohlfsen, Cory J. and Kaitlin M., 2231 N. 127th Circle, $168,500.

Van Kampen, Bert A. to Strong, Tyler J. and Whalen, Mitchell L., 11519 Sahler St., $165,000.

Askren, Jeremy S. and Jaclyn K. to Arms, Kristie L. and Eldon V. Jr., 5731 N. 128th St., $150,000.

Bass, Zachary J. and Andrea E. to Fingalson, Brock J. and Allison B., 5117 N. 116th St., $149,000.

Scales, Denise to Hamiltons Inc., 10904 Martin Ave., $134,000.

King, Kirsten to Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M., 11426 Kansas Circle, $94,000.



Graumann, Michael A. and April R. to Kreifels, Susan C., 1008 W. 31st Ave., $80,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management, 114 Hillside Drive, $78,000.

Neddo, Peter H. and Mari to Martin, Philip S. and Arbree L., 1306 Englewood Drive, $110,000.

Covey, Daisy R. to Godfroy, Sarah L. and Mark D., 404 Mary Mallory Kountze Memorial Drive, $144,000.

Iverson, Linda L. to Bernard, Taryn M. and Clifton D., 506 Wilshire Drive, $118,000.

Morales, Leonardo B. and Jennifer L. to Solid Solutions LLC, 612 W. 22nd Ave., $61,000.

Solid Solutions to McDaniel, Sue, 612 W. 22nd Ave., $58,000.


Holley, Richard T. and Patricia A. to Williams, Kathryn L. and Rinn, Kevin T., 11725 S. 204th St., $270,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Parkinson, Brent A. and Susan J., 12206 S. 214th St., $280,000.

Charleston Homes to Johnson, Michael T., 17021 Colleen Lane, $275,000.

Broders, Nathan D. and Carrie A. to Twarling, Danny D. and Bette J., 19606 Chandler St., $390,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Linder, Lonny D. and Debbie, 20073 Gertrude St., $443,000.

McCaul Contracting to Schroer, Amy A. and Chad E., 21318 Quarry Lane, $310,000.

Shepherd, Lucas W. and Melissa R. to Hatch, Jessica and Adam, 21421 McClellan Circle, $204,000.


Pellan, Michael B. and Pellan Soraya, Gabriela to Sutton, Jared J. and Jodi L., 1005 Mackensey Drive, $245,000.

Stolinksi, Jerome F. and Sheila M. to Lyons, Scott A. and Julie A., 1014 Hogan Drive, $225,000.

Blagoue, Michael S. and Marianne to Landsverk, Richard J. and Esther L., 1109 Hackney Drive, $214,000.

Kenny, William J. and Deborah E. to Quesenberry, Jason B. and Melissa M., 1117 Lafayette Drive, $214,000.

Huston, Casey J. and Sara B. to Bagley, Ryan J. and Ronda L., 1703 Kelsey St., $139,000.

Stammer, Jill to Simms, Kingston and Courtney, 1902 Southview Drive, $166,000.

United Equity LLC to Vo, Tu A. and Do, Manh, 1914 Diane Drive, $295,000.

McKim, Jason and Yulia to Pont, Daniel A. and Nancy L., 2012 Ann Marie Court, $130,000.

Steinberg, Gary M. and Anne M. to Grubbs, Nathan G. and Liesl M., 2207 Corn Drive, $188,000.

Obermeyer, Gary W. and Patricia to Brandt, Charles J. and Danielle M., 309 Fox Creek Lane, $285,000.

Bauer, Ryan L. and Susan A. to Kenny, William J. and Deborah E., 7816 Maui Circle, $310,000.

Lockhart, Colin R. and Deborah A. to Bush, Kevin R. and Miranda L., 7939 Legacy St., $345,000.

Shadow Lake Development to Woodland Homes, 7951 Ponderosa Drive, $65,000.

Meister, Stephen L. and Dana L. to Fields, Theresa L., 821 Wilshire Lane, $239,000.


Kildow, David and Marla to Kildow, Alex J. 285 N. Fourth St., $114,000.


Jones, David, trustee for Washington, Carole Trust to Jones, David H. and Sunila, 11004 S. 17th St., $126,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Jones, Brenton G. and Darcie A., 14807 S. 23rd St., $274,000.

Story, Donald R. and Barbara B. to Knutson, Craig J. and Kimberly M., 17120 Chalet Drive, $370,000.

Waite, Kristopher D. to Schaefer, Nicholas B. and Nicole A., 2906 Yorktown St., $155,000.

Great Western Bank to Innovation Diversified Services, 3110 Annabelle Drive, $190,000.

Sokol, Rachel J. and James to McCoy, Howard R., 3716 Gayle Ave., $95,000.

Harris, Scott and Linette to Jones, Tamika A., 4405 Brook St., $170,000.

Martin, Brian K. and Cynthia S. to Gamache, Robert and Elizabeth A., 703 Cedar View Circle, $230,000.


Whisenand, Jaymes L. and Kizzy J. to Koepping, Amanda, 7034 Valley Road, $171,000.

Portal Ridge Developmet to Lierz, Brian K. and Caren C., 8521 S. 101st St., $43,000.

Nastase, Sebastian C. and Kara D. to Cantrell, Jesse and Angela, 8816 Granville Parkway, $135,000.


Penney, Thomas J., trustee for Penney, John and Ella Trust to Garrah, Michael and Jill, 1310 Beechwood Ave., $176,000.

Rogers Development to Davenport, Michael J. and Kimberly S., 2206 Park Crest Drive, $48,000.

Smith, Thomas G. and Conti, Donna J. to Stimson, Scott C. and Henim, 4913 Shannon Drive, $195,000.

Acquazzino, Linda M. and Jerry L. to Bauer, Ryan and Sue, 5005 Shannon Drive, $170,000.


Dvorak, Kasie L. and Angie L. to Mancilla, Sandra V., 13705 Lillian St., $175,000.

Corritore, Elizabeth and Frank Trust to Lukken, Julie M., 15612 Gertrude St., $153,000.

Wheeler, Shari K. and Kevin J. to Snow, Chad M. and Sarah L., 15804 Cary Circle, $312,000.

Celebrity Homes to Selvamani, Vinodh K. and Gandhi, Lakshmy, 16435 Cary St., $196,000.

Wiese, Marv J. and Kam E. and Leon J. and Jacklyn M. to Hinds, Eliott R. and Jessica M., 16506 Greenleaf St., $275,000.

Knapp, Linda L. to Derksen, Larry Jr. and Heather, 17131 Joanne Drive, $183,000.

Scholting, Trevor A. and Michelle A. to Stammer, Jill F. and Digerness, Christopher J., 17228 S. Creek Circle, $249,000.

Neill, Adam D. and Jessica L. to Gao, Bin and Chen, Huhai, 17624 Olive St., $136,000.

Bartling, Brett F. and Stephanie to Farfan, Alberto R., 18008 Josephine St., $167,000.

Blum, Brandie L. to Lynch, Joshua S., 18014 Margo St., $152,000.

Homier, Leo J. and Barbara J. to Elam, Andrew and Megan, 18614 Edna St., $272,000.

Shannon, Jennifer A. and Daniel D. to Neill, Adam D. and Jessica L., 18913 Lillian St., $230,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Anderson, Georgia G., 19013 Olive St., $235,000.

Cooley, Steven to Brown, Rebecca S., 6907 S. 163rd Circle, $179,000.

Krumwiede, Quinton K. to Boyce, Ashley M., 7113 S. 178th Ave., $142,000.

Satchwell, Gregory and Mindy to Liu, Tingting and Chen, Zhi, 7607 S. 186th St., $280,000.

Kennelly, Dennis R. to Reeve, Katie R., 7808 S. 161st St., $135,000.

Palesades Development to Manichetti, Cody, 9604 S. 173rd St., $46,000.


Drewers, Robert S. and Karen M. to Takach, Jason E. Sr. and Angeline K., 13902 Emiline Circle, $200,000.

Davis, Shane G. and Chassity L. to Knickerbocker, Donald and Marisa, 14822 Margo St., $145,000.

Jabens, Duane E. and Melissa A. to McIntyre, Lloyd J. and Gaye L., 15013 Chalco Pointe Circle, $150,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Nomenyo, Apelete, 7112 S. 155th Ave., $193,000.


Ronemous, Joseph D. to Ronemous, Jessica L., 2516 Childs Road, $140,000.

Goldsberry, David L., personal representative for Kunzman, Joseph N. Estate to Goldsberry Kunzman, Shirely A. Estate, 4119 Southern Hills Drive, $45,000.

Goldsberry, David L., personal representative for Goldsberry Kunzman, Shirley A. Estate to Maravilla, Walter V., 4119 Southern Hills Drive, $45,000.

Olbrey, Samuel V. and Kari to Fichter, Erin J., 4159 High Meadows Lane, $83,000.

Hurley Rentals LLC to Williams, Dean, 6901 S. 21st Ave., $83,000.


Callahan, Patrick E. and Laura to Dailey, Rebecca and Perea, Eliseo II, 7603 S. 45th Ave., $165,000.



Mikel USA Inc. to Blunk, Elsie M., 2005 Ave. L, $65,000.

Jay Kathol Invetments and Mark Hanwright LLC to Buckentine, Adam, 3510 Fifth Ave., $35,000.

Havermann, Eric J. and Lana R. to Midas Holdings and TJM Enterprises, 2022 Ave. D, $40,000.

LT Standings Inc. to Wilkins, Brett A., 3900 Ramelle Drive, $112,500.

Horrocks, Jacob and Justine to Grace, Brandy L. and Timothy G. Jr., 829 Fourth Ave., $87,000.

Wells, Samantha M. and Kenneth S. to Young, Gail, 3311 37th Ave., $94,500.

McCoid, Timothy S. to Mass, Sandra J., 2216 S. Sixth St., $37,500.


LT Standing and Old Investments to Christiansen, Christopher L., 122 Euclid Ave., $79,000.

Vodicka, Jodi K. to McEnearney, Sara M., 1009 Harrison St., $118,000.

Emmett, Linda R. and Max P. to Luckers, Darlene D., trustee for Luckert Family Revocable Trust, 622 Elliott St., $95,000.

Faber, Nancy A. to Goldapp, Matthew J. and Vodicka, Jodi K., 19610 Garner Ave., $178,000.

Harmon, Salli L. to Anderson, Ryan N. and Morgan, Cayla R., 1221 Wedgewood Drive, $138,000.

Bright, Bradley C. to Security National Bank of Omaha, 1738 Madison Ave., $420,000.

Bluffs Homes LLC to Quigley, Amber L. and Jonathan P., 721 Simms Ave., $199,000.

Monlux, Melissa A. to Niles, Kursten M. and Mark F., 1616 Baldwin Circle, $267,000.

Miller, Dale to Ruff, Amanda M. and Ryan G., 102 Ridgewood Drive, $185,000.

American National Bank and Peoples National Bank to BC Homes, 1307 Rowe Circle, $42,000.

Minahan, Corrine and Michael to Dermody, James and Megan, 22721 James Drive, $285,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Clifton, Michael G., 318 Wildwood Road, $131,000.

Graham, Sheila M. to Adams, Bobby, 286 High School Ave., $182,000.

Brunow, Christine and Theodore to MAC Investments, 16935 State Orchard Road, $58,000.

Robinson, Kevin and Kimberly D. to Hudson, John and Robinson, Lisa, 32 Millard St., $235,000.

Deutsche Bank to Rodenburg Properties, 118 Euclid Ave., $41,500.


Koch, Elaine M. and Walter T. to Koch, Christiane and William J., 29663 Magnolia Road, Neola, $133,000.


Johnk, Laura and Scott S. and Weaver, Phillip and Trudy L. to Pierce, Jerry R. and Suzanne M., 203 High St., Oakland, $69,000.


NORVERN LLC to Stotts, Amanda M. and Benjamin D., 22249 Norman Drive, Underwood, $325,000.


REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 49955 Teakwood Road, Walnut, $140,500.

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