Empire Homes and Remodeling to Deveney, Gary M. and Patricia A., 9109 N. 169th St., $384,766.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Goff, Lori A. and Shestak, Adam L., 8522 N. 170th St., $350,500.

Tingelhoff, Thomas E. and Mary A. to Wilcher, Earmon C. Jr. and Marquita B., 16002 Vane St., $340,000.

Sherwood Homes to Johnson, Matthew A. and Carissa J., 14801 Prairie Star St., $281,334.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Van Voltenberg, Sherri and David, 8165 N. 158th St., $211,936.

Heitz, James I. and Callie to McCloskey, Brittany, 8210 N. 146th St., $147,000.

Salisbury, Allison M. and Ryan R. to Nilius, Kylie M., 14502 Knudsen St., $143,000.

Dickson, Eric M. and Katrina M. to Norcross, Brenton L. and Parkhurst, Ryan, 15453 Mormon Circle, $138,000.

Meedel, James A. and Sharon K. to Alberts, Troy K. and Susan E., 12012 N. 178th Circle, $103,500.

NS-Newhill LLC to Caldwell, Steven G. and Valeri L., 18241 Northern Hills Drive, $92,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Haack, Terrance and Theresa, 12827 N. 185th St., $67,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Whitehill, Chris F. and Kristen M., 18110 Ford St., $62,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Prairie Homes, 12925 N. 184th St., $58,000.

Paramount Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 12063 Ashwood Drive, $44,900.

Bisgard, Chandra L. and Cole E. to Salisbury, Ryan and Allison, 8930 N. 159th Ave., $213,000.

Dasgupta, Sujas and Priyadarshini S. to Maurin, Albert C., 7911 N. 154th Ave., $158,000.

Biodrowski, Sara and Cody to Cadlo, Carissa R., 8005 N. 146th St., $139,900.


Falcone Enterprises to Reischl, Sara and Joseph, 21002 Cedar St., $740,263.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Ellis, Brian C. and Corinne G., 3812 N. 189th St., $408,900.

Nelson Builders to Amrine, David E. and Laurie D., 1713 N. 196th St., $385,250.

Dawes, Perry N. and Linda L. to Carr, David A. and Terri L., 18207 Howard St., $375,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 3908 N. 195th St., $320,000.

Charleston Homes to Hann, Jacob R. and Jaime M., 2728 N. 189th St., $290,680.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Simpson, Patrick J. and Majel, 2718 N. 189th St., $272,525.

Newport Homes to Woosley, Cara and Joseph, 20704 Fowler Ave., $271,535.

Zeiher, Matthew S. and April M. to Jones, William R., 2602 N. 189th St., $245,000.

Jones, David L. and Lisa A. to McGlynn, Michael J., 249 S. 199th St., $245,000.

Litsch, Daniel G. and Diana W. to Dawes, Perry N. and Linda L., 21744 Stanford Circle, $245,000.

Menno-Haven Inc. to Nedbalek, Nicole R. and Matthew P., 20806 Flavin St., $236,000.

Haase, James D. to James, Donald D. and Bonnie M., 1315 N. 208th St., $215,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 1708 S. 218th Ave., $140,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 1726 S. 219th Ave., $110,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Aspen, Jeanine and Reischl, Jay, 735 Elk Ridge Drive, $77,000.

Williams, Dale J. to Erickson, Christopher L., 4880 S. 236th Circle, $75,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Reisbig, Michael D. and Elizabeth A., 1603 S. 210th St., $55,000.

Fools Inc. to Jordano, James and Jennifer, 1425 N. 191st Ave., $597,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 3908 N. 195th St., $340,000.

Biszak, Jo A. to Connett, Frank and Betty, 18870 Mayberry Plaza, $235,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Kronberg, Kent and Kim, 1510 S. 219th Ave., $100,000.

AVG-CFM Coventry Estates to Jeffrey, Terry A. and Kristi A., 5526 S. 208th Circle, $47,000.


Sipe, Rose M. Trust to Schaefer-Haines, Joann and Haines, Philip D., 106 Abbey Landing, Valley, $560,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Grace Custom Homes Co., 6006 N. 294th Circle, $280,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Schieber, Stacy and Matthew, 6002 N. 294th Circle, $250,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Miller, Robert G., trustee for Miller Trust, 5931 N. 295th St., $250,000.

Mallard Landing Builders to Wulfekuhl, Greg and Darcy, 3814 N. 269th Ave., $65,000.


Sells, Courtney to Ottoson, Lora J. and David T., 346 S. 243rd St., $700,000.

Gangestad, Alan D. and Terri S. to Wissink, Nicholas and Jessica, 335 Lakehurst Drive, $379,000.


Duba, Shane J. and Chelsea J. to Zobel, Kim J. and Sheila M., 5019 Seward St., $152,000.

Fox, Joshua W. and Morgan M. to Miranda, Tylor and Francesca, 5065 Blondo St., $148,000.

Comer, Jason and Shannon to Miller, Darlene D. and James E., 5031 Emmet St., $145,000.

Long, Emmert D., trustee for Long Family Living Trust to Noddle, Rebecca C., 2008 N. 50th St., $143,000.

Jordan, Gilbert to J Lees Real Estate LLC, 3960 N. 55th St., $74,000.

Bank of the West to Love, Curtis A. and Sheila A., 5513 Ellison Ave., $55,900.

Lee, Joseph M. to Rothlisberger, Jeff and Equity Trust Co., 6012 Fowler Ave., $49,000.

Keller, Kari L. to Douglas Sarpy Investments, 4705 Franklin St., $43,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group to RKCK LLC, 2713 N. 49th St., $29,000.

Flohr, Jamie K. to Pfeifer, James G. and Carolyn J., 2305 N. 56th St., $280,000.

Miller, Eric R. and Julie K. to Benson, Holly and Muller, John H., 2515 Country Club Ave., $259,900.

Brown, Angela C. and Marley, Daniel to Page, Molly and Haas, Ryan, 4912 Erskine St., $85,800.

Buchholz, Brandon to Phillips, Stacy A., 4610 Fowler Ave., $49,999.


Hendrix, Marcena M. to Fitzsimmons, Ellen K., 3521 Pine St., $174,250.

Spurlock, Mary L. to Emmerich, Brian, 2129 S. 39th St., $133,000.

Niehaus, Floyd E., personal representative, to Dumije Properties, 4257 A St., $98,000.

Carter, Brandy R. to Schmoke, Lauren, 2920 Arbor St., $86,750.

Holly, Robert L., trustee for The Eye Care Clinic LLC 401(K) Plan to Vanek, Seth A. and Kim M., 4302 Walnut St., $165,000.

Bronte Companies LLC to Linstadt, Ryan, 827 Turner Blvd., $61,000.


Hubbard, Jonathan R. and Judy K. to Smith, Amanda and Petersen, Kiley N., 5185 Jones St., $395,000.

Beck, William C. IV to Batt, Valerie and Leighton, Peter E., 5157 Jackson St., $271,000.

LPP Mortgage to Kocourek, John W. and Karen, 5601 Briggs St., $159,900.

Perez, Paul and Kinney, John to Springs, Virginia L. and Suzanna E., 2624 S. 61st Ave., $143,000.

Monk, Eric R. and Stephanie M. to Mustefa, Jemila, 4913 Vinton St., $136,500.

Lee, Jenny to Jansen, Larry, 832 S. 54th St., $110,000.

Cervantes, Sandra J. and Miguel A. to Castro, Marbely P., 1916 S. 60th St., $110,000.

Arnauskas, Kathleen M. and Maloney, Lois J. to Shawhan, Robert L., trustee for Shawhan Trust Agreement, 4621 Spring St., $109,000.

Horvath, Erin and Mark Jr. to Gardner, Lindsey C., 3431 S. 50th St., $108,000.

Grimes, Peter and Nicole to Highland, Garth L., 6211 Pierce St., $105,000.

Link, James T. and Denise A. to Segawa, Jodi M., 1718 S. 54th St., $99,900.

Friemel, Andy P. to Molacek, Elizabeth M., 5009 Pacific St., $79,000.

Nielsen, Joydene L. and Dana W. to MRR Inc., 6906 B St., $63,000.

Vanek, Sean A. and Jennings, Kim M. to Donovan, Daniel P. and Patricia A., 2617 S. 61st St., $178,000.

Kroeger, Amie C. to Full, Nancy J. and Stephen J., 6177 Walnut St., $168,500.

Gabelhause, Roger N. and Julie to Alm, Andrew D. and Michaela J., 4549 Hascall St., $36,000.

Janssen, Leslie L. Trust to Alm, Andrew D. and Michaela J., 4549 Hascall St., $36,000.


Davis, Robert T. to Cunningham, Brian M., 4315 Madison St., $150,000.

Cieslik, John L. Jr. Trust to Seffron, Darrel L., 4352 Monroe St., $127,000.

Portillo, Rosa and Aguilar, Ruben to Rivera, Lidia M., 6122 S. 33rd St., $85,000.

Ozmun, Kara and Tang, Nick to Hartman, Steven Z., 4116 S. 39th St., $73,500.

West, Robert G., trustee for Harper, Monica M. Trust to Francis, Donnie L. and Martin P., 5845 S. 21st St., $65,000.

Talavera, Jose R. to Ramirez, Jesus S., 4514 S. 33rd St., $33,000.

Simpson, Marnie to Kaarto, Jason, 6045 S. 38th St., $50,000.

Norton, Frances H. to Buras, Dorene, 4513 S. 39th St., $40,000.

Rezac, Michael J. and Pamela G. to Montanez, Jose, 6250 S. 36th St., $21,500.

Montanez, Jose to JBM Investments, 6250 S. 36th St., $21,500.


St. Patrick’s Church of Omaha to Bethlehem House, 2301 S. 15th St., $200,000.

Robledo, Jose C. and Yolanda to Martinez, Iris M., 2910 S. 23rd St., $86,000.

Jurek, Della and Leonard C. to Franz, Trevor R., 2316 S. Sixth St., $77,000.

Bukacek, Brad L. and Teresa to Czechvillage LLC, 1301 S. 12th St., $65,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Roberts, Crystal V., 3907 N. 21st St., $129,900.

Omaha 100 Inc. to Lantex LLC, 2103 Lake St., $76,500.


Devers, Rondo to Bogard, Solon, 3701 John A Creighton Blvd., $69,000.

Barr, John to McDougle, Carolyn B., 3709 N. 38th St., $30,000.

Ingraham, Sherryl L. to Sterling, Charles L. and Dorie, 4303 N. 38th St., $29,000.

River City Renovators to Mayberry, Eddie L., 4325 Camden Ave., $59,000.

Jungman, Lester D. Asset Trust to Plunkett, Kunta K., 4711 N. 40th St., $48,000.

Freeman, Travis and Jeanine to Lieben, Benjamin, 4324 Seward St., $36,000.


Richards, Beth A. to Thompson, Charles A. III and Kelly L., 2713 Mary St., $130,000.

St. Philip Neri-Blessed Sacrament to Bohnenkamp, Bernard and Nancy, 8219 N. 30th St., $62,000.

Richardson, Jo A. to Rikke, David B. and Coffman, Sarah L., 3502 Hanover Circle, $80,000.


Meekin, Janet K. and Francis A. to Torque Ranch LLC, 9517 Davenport St., $300,000.

Hayes, Sam J. and Kathleen to Ehrenberg, Joshua and Meredith, 9684 Meadow Drive, $169,500.

White, Matthew L. and Fletcher, Mavis S. to Parsow, Carol, 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $100,000.

Chin, Kathleen M., personal representative, to Neukam, Judith A., 7611 Howard St., $58,000.


Hargroder, Rickie M., trustee for Hargroder Family Trust to Jaeger, Victoria and Thomas, 16210 Hartman Ave., $359,900.

Ramm Construction to Beran, Todd J. and Henderson, Nicole J., 2207 N. 179th St., $339,639.

Burri, William V. Trust to Minneman, Trent W. and Cristine A., 16426 Jaynes St., $327,000.

Rai, Sushma and Jayaprakash to Martin, Troy H. and Mary M., 2810 N. 161st Ave., $322,500.

Beatty, Alyce K. to Tingelhoff, Jerid, 17007 Erskine St., $320,000.

Richardson, Daniel D. and Holly J. to Bleach, Jake and Kristi, 5156 N. 176th Avenue Circle, $289,900.

Keller, Lloyd E. to Adamson, Ardon and Victoria, 3211 N. 157th St., $247,500.

Krings, Chad J. and Elizabeth A. to Quandt, Jeffrey and Karen, 3225 N. 169th Ave., $245,000.

Engelgau, Karen S. Trust to Fant, Jonathan and Yeotis, Katherine, 14610 Corby St., $245,000.

Hill, Hyla L. to Dlouhy, John W. and Tricia L., 15136 Ohio St., $223,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Laugen, Sandra P. Trust, 15157 Nebraska Ave., $221,000.

Kavan Home Inc. to Beatty, Alyce K., 3907 N. 156th Ave., $212,200.

Chadwell, Nick A. and Amy T. to Aki, Robert and Shelley, 4810 N. 150th Ave., $212,000.

Holdsworth, Jeffrey L. and Cassandra L. to Okolo, Jerome C. and Obiozor L., 14841 Ruggles St., $198,500.

Settles, Donald D. and Edna to Jerve, Fusun, 4655 N. 163rd St., $180,000.

Woosley, Joseph M. and Woodrich, Jeannie C. to Orso, Brett A. and Copeland, Chelsea D., 3520 N. 150th Ave., $177,000.

Larsen, Douglas A. and Bobbi J. to Maynor, Perry Jr. and Jasmine, 15266 Spencer St., $170,000.

McQuillan, Brian J. to Van Pelt Investments, 14817 Mary St., $145,000.

Gnader, Chad and Courtnenay R. to Spizman, Mark S., 3813 N. 171st Ave., $138,000.

Jaksich, Denise A. to Stinn, Ron and Gina, 15530 Burdette St., $137,500.

Hansen, Donald A. and Lizabeth B. to Lambert, Joseph R. and Brooke N., 14461 Saratoga St., $137,500.

Wolff, Ronald J. and Kara M. to Harper, John P., 2202 N. 167th Ave., $132,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Scheppers, Joseph A. and Diane M., 6318 N. 165th St., $44,900.

Fitzekam, David A. and Anita L. to Chinn, Jennifer L., 14717 Crown Point Ave., $245,000.

Simpson, Elizabeth Trust to Carlini, Dane V. and Randi K., 4206 N. 164th St., $192,500.

Manchester Ridge to Burke, James and Heidi, 17507 Patrick Ave., $25,000.


Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Ramos-Alonzo, Dionicio, 5230 S. 49th St., $151,000.

Clayton, Jeffrey A. and Jamie J. to Wollen, Brandy, 4510 O St., $111,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Lucas, John C. and Cronican, Luann, 5621 S. 47th St., $86,500.

Meck, Patricia to Frantz, Mark and Christine, 4717 S. 54th St., $65,500.


Heim, David L. and Susan M. to Nugooru, Manideepa and Dhannalakoti, Satyaprakash, 103 S. 173rd Avenue Circle, $475,000.

Belitz, James P. to Fitzgibbons, Paul and Lindsey, 17502 Harney St., $382,500.

Tomsu, Dennis A. and Bonita B. to Wiegel, Tyson N. and Katie D., 1874 N. 170th St., $289,950.

Mares, Joan F. to Henkel, Richard D. and Stephanie L., 1704 N. 159th St., $210,000.

CRC Properties to Ward, Timothy J. and Kay L., 17516 Seward Plaza, $136,000.

Diedrichsen, Douglas and Betty J. to Wright, Loren and Dorothy, 15918 Douglas Circle, $213,000.


Celebrity Homes to Fells, Brannon L., 7018 N. 90th St., $147,400.

Rogers Construction to Kosiba, Jeffery L., 7801 N. 86th Ave., $127,000.

Utterback, Lisa to Bettin, Barbara A. and Utterback, Lisa A., 7260 N. 76th St., $88,000.

Utterback, Deon D. and Chalee M. to Radik, Jerry and Welchert, Sharon, 10617 Craig St., $182,500.

Doschadis, Rebecca S. and Eric to Tribble, Joshua D., 8048 Bauman Ave., $128,500.


Sasson, Aaron and Lise to Heim, David and Susan, 2613 S. 95th Circle, $850,000.

Foresman, Arloene S. to Cirone, Jason G. and Kristen L., 3612 S. 105th Ave., $165,000.

Holland, James J. and Lisa D. to Sutton, Rachel K., 7712 Pasadena Ave., $142,000.

Heberly, Kyle S. and Sarah J. to Gage, Gregory N., 7429 Valley St., $135,000.

Gage, Gregory N. and Skradski-Gage, Krystal to Gage, Peter and Corrine K., 7930 Grover St., $130,000.


Savoie, Jeanette L. to Mathiesen, Raymond J. and Patrice M., 5417 S. 93rd St., $185,000.

Horne, Suzette A. and Eric S. to Capps, Errin L. and Koory, Jason M., 9123 Park Drive, $175,000.

Babbitt, Jared A. and Elizabeth A. to Nesbit, Kelvin J. and Katherine J., 9314 Park Drive, $149,900.

Keegan, Erin to Chavez, Jennifer and Boyer, Benjamin, 6617 S. 77th Circle, $146,000.

Moody, Robert C. to Gehrken, Jason J. and Tressa K., 5720 S. 93rd St., $137,000.

Van Riper, Helen A. to Steffensmeier, Steven M., 8818 Drexel Circle, $125,000.

Conaway, Ronald D. Jr. and Riessland, Amy R. to Powell, Carol A., 8120 Oakwood St., $98,000.

Beardsley, Lawrence J. Jr., trustee for Beardsley, Joe and Pat Trust to Dubsky, Darren and Noel, 7744 Maywood St., $92,000.

Gobber, Robert L., trustee, to Wolfe, Thomas D. Trust, 8526 L St., $340,000.


Lookabill, Mark R., trustee for Lookabill, Jill L. Trust, to Fendley, John B. and Brenda C., 2526 S. 191st Circle, $530,000.

Tru-Vision Custom Homes to Mars, Chad D. and Stacy D., 19921 Logan Circle, $508,000.

Bradley, Scott D., trustee for Bradley, Pamela J. Trust to Cameron, Diane M., 18036 Poppleton Plaza, $480,000.

Powell, James A. and Barbara S. to Solotorovsky, Corey and Amy, 2417 S. 191st St., $470,000.

Kuzela, John W. and Dawn M. to Scholl, Gary E., trustee for GSS Family Trust, 19321 Marinda St., $420,000.

Quass, Timothy J. and Cinda to Govori, Ramush and Sherife, 3217 S. 186th St., $389,000.

Gillich, Donald J. and Sally A. to Schomer, Daniel L. and Margaret M., 18309 C St., $318,000.

Sudik, Steven G. and Debra L. to Raval, Hetal Y. and Yatrik J., 18457 Atlas Circle, $280,000.

Warren, Michael E. and Rebecca L. to Grojean, Angie and Christopher R., 1414 S. 173rd St., $242,000.

GIMBTP USA LLC to Maloy, Shawn P., 16220 Arbor St., $130,000.

Sieler, Michael M. and Sondra E. to Kirkwood, David W. and Candace S., 3919 S. 175th Ave., $945,000.

Sundvold, Glenn A. and Mary J. to Pickett Homes, 16073 Frederick St., $115,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 15941 Dorcas Circle, $109,600.


Kollasch, Randall E. and Connie L. to Greenslate Development, 406 S. 40th St., $570,000.


Herek, Shelley A. to Herek, Matthew T., 1321 N. 54th St., $185,000.

Clotfelter, Sara B. to Dowd, Jessica, 884 N. 68th St., $160,000.

Hilleman, Daniel A. and Nancy A. to Liechty, Samantha J. and Hilleman, Thomas D., 6940 Cuming St., $160,000.

Spelic, Nicholas I. to Fiandt, Kathryn, 6933 Izard St., $152,000.


Narans, Charles S. and Rebecca L. to Epp, Nicholas C., 9436 Taylor St., $150,000.

Couch, Joseph D. and Bonita M. to Netusil, James J., 9385 Ohio St., $127,000.

Fyfe, Melissa and Thomas J. to Thornton, Katie L., 9157 Boyd St., $127,000.

Davie, Rubye L. to Hofmann, Susan M. and Alan E., 7611 Nebraska Ave., $121,900.

Suazo, Rebekah and Shelby to Stites, Amanda and Stephany, Joseph, 6219 N. 79th Ave., $120,000.

United Equity LLC to RK Investments, 4913 Eastridge Drive, $119,000.

Plymesser, Jillian to Foley, Kenneth M., 10611 Himebaugh Ave., $117,000.

Johnson, Donna and Thomas P. to Harper-Johanson, Marceyne S., 6420 N. 76th St., $112,000.

Jessen, Berna M., personal representative, to Augustine, Jamie, 8129 Fort St., $109,900.

United Equity LLC to RK Investments, 9525 Ames Ave., $104,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to United Equity LLC, 4913 Eastridge Drive, $103,401.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 9525 Ames Ave., $86,000.

Chadwell, James A. and Mary L. Trust to Chadwell, Richard J., 7629 Bedford Ave., $115,000.


Neujahr, Dawn N. and Gregory D. to Circo, Michelle R. and Charles J., 17617 Jefferson St., $355,000.

Twedt, Jerrold D. and Julie A. to Flynn, Michael and Hodgson, Naomi, 5216 S. 165th St., $320,000.

Griggs, Timothy N. and Becky H. to Ayer, Tanner and Brianna, 17022 K St., $248,000.

Petrik, Shane and Kristin J. to Vitek, Barbara, 17201 M St., $240,000.

Locum, Kristin and Timothy G. to Boehm, Jeffrey J. and Fuder-Boehm, Anna M., 18702 Hayes Circle, $228,000.

Floyd, William D. and Marla J. Trust to Savoie, Jeanette L., 4835 S. 190th Circle, $205,000.

Jaeger, Victoria O. and Thomas L. to Tran, Loc T. and Rodgers, Mark D., 16208 Riggs St., $177,900.

Ayer, Tanner and Brianna to Spindler, Robin, 5019 S. 165th St., $165,000.

Simmons-West LLC to Dressen, Matthew L. and Mallory M., 18751 V St., $163,500.

Rojo, Marco A. and Tania U. to Koch, Kristina and Lawrence, Alex, 18714 Berry St., $155,000.

Bruntz, Judy A. and Leslie to Hinkle, Tanner W. and Hinkle, Katie L., 18911 T Circle, $146,000.

Hipke, Earl M. and Jill A. to Hipke, Anthony and Emma, 4968 S. 157th Circle, $126,500.

Whitehawk Development to Richland Homes, 19309 I St., $35,550.

Whitehawk Development to Richland Homes, 19303 I St., $35,550.

Whitehawk Development to Richland Homes, 19324 G St., $34,550.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes, 18325 Polk St., $32,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes, 18319 Polk St., $32,950.

Falcon Ridge Land Corp. to Richland Homes, 18561 Drexel St., $31,950.

Ly, Mai and Slegl, Scott to Coleman, Wendy, 5517 S. 161st St., $235,000.

Minneman, Trent W. and Cristine A. to Siedlik, Benjamin L. and Tonya J., 6206 S. 159th St., $218,000.

Neil, Michael R. and Jill N. to Faurot, Cortny B., 6203 S. 191st Terrace, $183,000.

Unger, Brett and Kristin to Thielen, Zachary R., 18709 V St., $145,000.

Anderson, James L. and Norma A. to Luhrs, Nicholas J., 4811 S. 190th St., $135,000.


Westman, Ronald E. and Rose L. to Babbitt, Elizabeth and Jared, 12415 Oakair Drive, $252,500.

Jones, Brian F. and Jessica L. to Rentfro, Charity, 14506 U St., $212,000.

McQuinn, Christopher M. to Hammel, William D., 13573 Berry Circle, $155,500.

Jeffrey, Eric J. and Colleen to Heimerman, Meghan M., 11106 Z St., $150,000.

Henderson, Nicole J. to Valle, Olga Y., 13724 Birchwood Ave., $140,000.

Kavan Home Inc. to Koziol, Nicolas and Stephanie, 14017 U St., $112,000.

Eggink, Mark A. and Powers-Eggink, Jennifer S. to Kieffer, Michael and Ostergaard, Jennifer, 4305 S. 150th St., $203,000.

Laux, Steven P. to Aufenkamp, Heath A. and Amanda L., 6717 S. 148th Circle, $182,000.

DeSoe, Cheryl to Schmidt, Micah and Shyla, 14936 Polk St., $175,000.


Edstrom, Kristin K. to Peetz, Pamela, 10860 Hanover St., $129,000.

Moreno, Sergio A. to Rockwell, Payton R. and Brittany A., 7461 N. 108th Ave., $128,000.


Nelson, Ralph F. Jr. to Cohn, Daniel L. and Miller, Andrew F., 11330 Pine Plaza, $355,000.

Binning, Robin L. and Plumb, Raymond D. to Krajicek, Michele, 15425 Hickory St., $335,000.

Elliott, Gregory R., trustee for Elliott, Joseph W. Trust to Remmereid, Deborah L. and Paul, 1601 S. 113th Plaza, $305,000.

Bergman, Megan E. to Gray, Shawn M. and Julianne M., 1323 Holling Drive, $185,000.

Hintz, Daniel R. and Jane B. Trust to Gilbert, Cassandra K. and Nicholas P., 12735 Cryer Ave., $172,000.

Hess, Robert to Gettler, Natalie R., 3010 S. 108th St., $155,000.

Willey, Tamara M. and Mark R. to Albracht, Sean T., 3117 S. 121st St., $125,000.

Brauckman, Mary C. to Rickenbaugh, Chuck F. and Shelly A., 12759 A St., $110,000.

Sittler, Lindsey J. to Mandina, Kathleen M., 2510 S. 127th Circle, $220,000.

Jackson, Stacey R. and Matthew to Vanlandingham, Amber, 2112 S. 138th St., $180,000.

Kline, Ashley D. and Williams, Thomas to Pick, Cody M. and Marissa A., 2916 S. 146th St., $167,000.

Parker, Rodney C. and Stacey to Minzghor, Matthew and Carla, 15268 Grover St., $155,000.

Moylan, Daniel and Katie M. to Vipond, Matthew, 11030 Spring St., $150,000.


Foster, Deloris C. to Miller, Rick E. and Julie, 9030 Timberline Drive, $276,000.

Edquist, Keith B. to Cuva, Janae and Anthony, 6801 Plum St., $70,000.


Norgard, Ronald L., trustee for Norgard Trust to Harris, Amanda, 14615 Cuming St., $259,000.

Pacheco, Dan J. and Kris A. to Hill, Charles R. and Sunisha, 15328 Westchester Drive, $170,000.

Ekue, Kelly A. and Kuevi to Seaton Holdings LLC, 14501 Franklin St., $149,000.

Vickroy, Marilyn G. to Seaglass Investements, 1012 Eldorado Drive, $145,000.

Penke, Thomas H., trustee for NRS Land Trust to Siahpush, Nathan R., 14806 Franklin Plaza, $140,000.

Minardi, Penelope B. and Robert J. to Petersen, Carlee, 11057 Oakbrook Drive, $128,500.

Stewart, Geriann to Walker, Barbara J., 12727 West Dodge Road, $99,000.

Howard, Kayla R. to Scott, Donald C., 1435 N. 133rd St., $615,000.

Nelson, Donna M. to Reeder, Gail M., 1826 N. 155th Ave., $172,500.

SEVRENWF LLC to Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M., 15322 Parker Plaza, $115,000.


Stych, Barry J. and Robin D. to Blair, Laura, 12562 Ohio Circle, $162,500.

Jentz, Frank and Kim E. to Bergstrom, Flori L. Trust, 2205 N. 129th St., $145,000.

Brablec, Linda S., trustee for Puncochar, Shirley A. Trust to Harris, Diana M., 5419 N. 128th St., $140,000.

Nelsen, Judy A. to Dugger, Lorin R., 5265 N. 110th Circle, $127,000.

Rhen, Christopher L. and Kimberley A. to Zelenda, Jonathan and Kelly, 13815 Meredith Ave., $293,300.

Holloway, Lois A. Trust to Arant, Bruce A. Sr. and Joyce Trust, 11610 Camden Ave., $160,000.

Rivera, Herminia to Brodersen, Chad M. and Janet A., 5625 N. 131st St., $145,000.

Miller, Dennis R. and Kathleen A. to Donaldson, Diane, 11630 Queens Drive, $138,000.

Polivka, Amy L. and Nicholas J. to Sodoro, Michael A., 6618 N. 119th Ave., $120,000.



Nozicka, Kyle P. to Damone, Dominic A., 2 Martinview Road, $74,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Eggers, Amy C., 1901 Thurston Ave., $76,000.

Lilledahl LLC to Clausen, Peggy S., 2710 Van Buren St., $84,000.

Mueller, Garret M. and Stephanie to Dunster, Nathan M. and Amy B., 2810 Janan Drive, $115,000.

Guardian Property Services to Buck, Rodger C. and Jolene R., 2014 Lloyd St., $133,000.

Webster, Derrick M. and Crissy L. to Smith, Nicholas D., 1010 Evergreen Ave., $144,000.

Christianson, Edward R. and Sharon A. to Franklin, Robert E. and Stephanie, 2101 Dagmar Ave., $150,000.

Campos, Hector and Ann E. to McMahon, Ryan M. and Emsick, Nicollette A., 1318 Thomas Drive, $156,000.

Dieterich, David M. and Jeseca L. to Locke, Brian and Rebecca, 2210 Victoria Ave., $160,000.

Frazier, Juliette E. to Perez, John R. and Wanda M., 1407 Madison St., $249,000.


McCune Development to Hildy Homes, 19807 Birch St., $38,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Silverstone Building Co., 8126 S. 193rd St, $47,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Castlebridge Homes, 8011 S. 194th St, $53,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Timberline Homes, 8008 S. 193rd St, $55,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Timberline Homes, 8116 S. 194th St, $57,000.

Camelot Realty to D & E Custom Building & Design, 702 Patrick Circle, $65,000.

Sliva, Michael S. and Erin J. to Traster, Jennifer and Jordan, 20713 Cedar Circle, $201,000.

Kroese, Patrick L. and Julie R. to Hansen, Alex J., 11840 S. 219th Ave., $210,000.

Charleston Homes to Fudge, Mathew L. and Amy J., 17306 Samantha Road, $265,000.

Hunke, Bruce and Keri to Silva, Michael S. and Erin J., 20918 Shiloh Circle, $270,000.

Hildy Construction to Henn, Jeffrey R. and Stephanie E., 19815 Birch St., $349,000.

Bridges, Joshua J. and Melinda S. to Tippery, Steven R. and Sherry L., 19003 Oak Lane, $465,000.

Landmark Performances Corp. to Cummins, Brent and Christine, 7120 S. 199th St., $507,000.


Rose, Roy L. to Miller, Baron and Kellye, 504 S. Jackson St., $96,000.

Villamonte, Joseph M. and Brandi L. to Meaike, Alicia, 220 N. Osage St., $135,000.

Allman, Mary L. to Allman, Nicholas L., 804 S. Beadle St, $137,000.

Babbitt, Nathan V. and Jennifer J. to Palensky, Braden A. and Crystal M., 909 E. Cary St., $196,000.

Charter West National Bank to DeBoer, Matthew J. and Leslie M., 805 Auburn Lane, $262,000.

Cochran, Brian W. and Jennifer L. to DeWall, Micky L. and Sheri A., 2220 Stillwater Drive, $285,000.

Home Co. to Lemmons, Joseph P. and Kim 8514 S. 105th St., $287,000.

Woodland Homes to Hawkins, John E. and Carol S., 7959 Ponderosa Drive, $377,000.

Advantage Development to Schaeffer, Thomas K. and Cheryl A., 12358 Windward Ave., $393,000.

Woodland Homes to Cooley, Steven M., 12239 Montauk Drive, $396,000.

Showcase Homes to Holland, Clayburn III and Megan S., 8144 Legacy St., $435,000.

Showcase Homes to Sledge, Ricky and Jana, 7643 Reed St., $467,000.


Carrasco, Sharon L. to Bollacker, Austin J., 18302 S. 156th St., $220,000.


Clearwater Falls to David Custom Built Homes, 13809 S. 49th St., $43,000.

Clearwater Falls to Proline Custom Homes, 5009 Waterford Ave., $50,000.

Morgan, Christopher K. and Dawn M. to Jones, Christopher A. and Sarah J., 3272 Tammy St., $145,000.

Farris, Matthew J. and Tandy J. to Siders, Fred, 10808 S. 17th St, $148,000.

Mills, Jaclund and Norma R. Trust to Idle, Justin T. and Karly F., 9804 S. 22nd Ave., $150,000.

Lavigne, Sean M. and Andrea D. to Rivera Sanchez, Geronimo and Sanchez, Gloria, 3208 Meghan Drive, $165,000.

Petersen, Darel A. Trust to Hershberger, Daniel M. and Laura D., 10909 S. 25th Ave., $169,000.

Astle, Thomas H. and Cassandra M. to Oliver, Kenneth A., 12916 Forestdale Drive, $172,000.

Beacham, Gary L. and Neta B. to Hiipakka, Tyler E. and Simmen Hiipakka, Kimberly A., 2814 Courtney Circle, $225,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Teer, Randy E. and Veronica R., 14702 S. 23rd St., $322,000.


Sevilla, Arturo Jr. and Salazar, Jose D. and Maria A. to Sevilla, Arturo Jr., 7410 S. 76th Ave., $36,000.

DeVault, Donald T. to Wewel, Halie M. and Joseph S. and Susan R., 7002 S. 80th St., $112,000.

Sherwood, Melinda J. to Willey, Mark R. and Tamara M., 8118 S. 104th St., $270,000.

Harper, Mary E. and Feda, John to Dinneen, Lonnie R. and Mary B., 7913 S. 93rd St., $297,000.


Schmidt, Rhonda to Luxford, Erin M., 1517 Applewood Drive, $178,000.

Larry, Tony N. and Judy A. to Puhalla, Joseph N. and Tina, 2010 Liberty Lane, $229,000.

Acharya, Ramji and Gupta S. to Marr, Chester A. and Joy D., 8706 S. 66th Ave., $240,000.

Barnhart, Thomas R. and Chelsea M. to Mariniello, Dominick and Kristi, 6752 Ridgewood Drive, $295,000.

Wilcox, David A. and Denise E. to Humphrey, Brian A. and Theresa M., 101 Longwood Drive, $325,000.


Kittikhankul, Thongchai and Nina to Wilcox, Ashly, 8121 S. 161st Terrace, $139,000.

Hutter-Nelson, Nicole R. and Nelson, Jeremy J. to Ross, Randy S. and Michelle, 7904 S. 157th St., $141,000.

Morbete-Sterba, Nadine M. and Sterba, Randall L. to Antoniak, Tabitha M. and Shimkus, William J., 15842 Briar St., $143,000.

Carney, Brenden J. and Leslie K. to Modlin, Kyle A. and Hansen, Cortney R., 8824 S. 163rd Ave., $195,000.

Fehringer, Tyler J. and Mikhala L. to Richardson, Holly, 8810 S. 163rd Ave., $198,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Smiley, Robert A. and Shannon L., 18906 Lillian St, $231,000.

Celebrity Homes to Glover, Suzanne E. and Janicek, Janelle A., 8203 S. 190th Ave., $237,000.

Janicek, Paula E. to Wingfield, Patrick B. and Ashley M., 8555 S. 160th St., $245,000.

Sullivan, Ryan E. and Barbara L. to Sandy, Christopher D. and Kelly, Ann, 17213 Musket St., $252,000.

Baack, Timothy B. and Krysta A. to Nordhem, Randall and Cheryl, 9302 S. 173rd St., $270,000.

Meyer, Donald G. and Sandra K. to Mattke, Gainard L. and Connie L., 17622 Colonial Ave., $360,000.

Marasco Homes to Rotella, James M. and Larson, Becky, 17524 Summit Drive, $473,000.


Yeager, Amy L. and Jason W. to Manley, Mickey C. II, 13407 Mercury St., $80,000.

Schmidt, Micah and Shyla to Schwalbach, Kyle, 12706 Deborah Circle, $127,000.

Guyette, Jason R. and Sarah L. to Meston, Ryan C., 15331 Papio Circle, $147,000.

Lugo, Richard to Dergan, Steffanie A., 13712 Edna St., $152,000.

Fosmer, Chris J. and Katrina E. to Fong, Jedidiah D. and Carrie A., 8006 S. 155th Ave., $225,000.


Chereck, Leona T. Trust to Vazquez, Jesus S., 3806 Emiline St, $130,000.

Allison, Anna L. to Brown, Wade K. and Karen S., 8412 Cedar Island Road, $241,000.


Kendall, Ronald E. and Terri L. to Fleming, Ian R. and Ashley R., 7009 S. 45th St., $165,000.



Newell, Arlene M. and David R. to Ahems, Raymond E. Jr., 3017 Second Ave., $52,000.

McCumber, Beverly and George Jr. to Billman, Wendy, 1000 N. 32nd St., $115,000.

Manz, August L. and Tami J. to Nabors, James and Sarah, 5012 Crogans Way Road, $206,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Council Bluffs to Higgins, Patrick A., 5 Aztec St., $33,000.

Schutt, Lucille L. Estate to Brich, David R. and Doris J., 2607 Second Ave., $109,000.

Fox, Dorothy L. to Pannhof, Scott C., 230 N. 22nd St., $70,000.

Nelson, Gustaf H. Jr. to Reiling, Mary G., 3409 Sixth Ave., $82,500.

Reiling, Mary G. to Council Bluffs Community Schools, 1030 N. 17th St., $140,000.


Clark, David A. and Erin M. to Church, Stuart W. and McConnell Church, Austina A., 638 Simms Ave., $282,000.

BP Quality Homes to Hinkle, Justin B. and Melissa A., 1441 Larchmont Drive, $369,000.

Hinkel, Henry M. to McGinn, Barry, 927 Ave. L, $121,000.

Hotze, Ally and Janell and Michael R. and Wendell R. to Lainson, Craig and Stephanie, 31 Susan Lane, $44,000.

Massey, Kenneth to Prine Custom Homes, 1208 Madison Ave., $60,000.

MFM Enterprises to Storey, Alexander J., 306 Midland Road, $105,000.

Butterbaugh, John L. and Karla J. to Hitchcock, John W., 100 Highland Acres Loop, $165,000.

Hiers, Dale L. and Elizabeth K. to Rodenburg, Kyle M., 403 Seventh St., $37,000.

Thompson, Rebecca A. and Travis L. to McNeal, Gary D. and Tammi J., 22801 McPherson Ave., $293,000.

O’Brien, Karrie L. and Steven J. to Elbert, Nicole and Shane, 236 Euclid Ave., $217,000.


Osbahr, Leroy and Peggy to Hargens, Katrina and Russell, 758 Cedar St., Avoca, $14,000.

Messerschmidt, Mary S. and Stanley J. to VanNordstrand, Allison A. and Herbert R., 158 S. Walnut St., Avoca, $51,000.


DeLong, Nicole M. and Stephen N. to Eckman, Donald C., 35588 Elmtree Road, Carson, $142,000.


REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 30226 Highway 6, Treynor, $59,500.


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Sorenson, Cheri and Rodney, 1130 Clark Circle, Underwood, $120,500.

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