Prairie Homes to Sautter, Tracy L. and Chapman, Scott W., 17038 Clay St., $408,767.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Deyo, Richard A. and Jennifer M., 8523 N. 170th St., $375,122.

Barr Homes to Bonow, Scott D. and Sarah L., 7724 N. 156th Ave., $290,956.

Draeger, Tamara N. and Jared L. to Landes, Terry and Sherry, 9026 N. 159th St., $227,500.

Cizek Development to Hutton, Krisk S. and Haffarnam, Mary K., 11826 N. 172nd Circle, $227,000.

Keating, Brendan J. and Heine, Kati R. to Baker, Lynn A. and Arthur P., 8211 N. 154th Circle, $143,000.

State Street Investments to Legacy Homes Omaha, 15819 Jardine Circle, $79,500.

NS-Newhill LLC to Charleston Homes, 18230 Northern Hills Drive, $45,000.


Northridge Residential to Woodland Homes, 18401 Jones St., $453,000.

Woodland Homes to Horan, Adam J. and Maureen E., 21020 W Circle, $452,000.

Vinchur, Brian V. and Rebecca H. to Stastny, Mark and Lorraine, 1185 S. 212th Circle, $445,000.

Advantage Development to Hanisch, Heidi A., 1213 S. 209th Circle, $430,031.

Hildy Homes and Construction to Shimerdla, Joseph and Angela, 20610 Boyd St., $339,000.

Eyth, Thomas A. and Lori A. to Narayan, Raghavan N. and Karunakaran, Sreeja, 18424 Howard St., $240,000.

McMullen, Charlotte R. Trust to Dunne, Renee L. and William B., 21730 Stanford Circle, $229,000.

Karthauser, Patricia F. and Clifford P. to Meduna, Marian K., 3324 S. 226th Circle, $220,000.

Dunne, William B. and Renne L. to Chin, Jeffrey J. and Amy J., 1019 Skyline Drive, $215,000.

Isaacson, Sarah L. to Gass, Scott J. and Pamela M., 21723 Woolworth Ave., $190,200.

Didonato, Charles J. and Patricia S. to McLeay, James, 18821 Jones St., $187,500.

Tonderum, Michael and Donna to Witt, Gail and Janet L., 21305 Oldgate Circle, $160,000.

Advantage Development to Woodland Homes, 1827 S. 211th St., $160,000.

Schmutz, Kenneth and Carrie to Lorincz, Sesly and Barker, Ryan, 21306 Old Coach Road, $130,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling to Woodland Homes, 1716 S. 207th Ave., $110,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Woodland Homes, 1728 S. 207th Ave., $100,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Maxim Enterprises LLC, 18716 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $75,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling, 1863 Blue Sage Parkway, $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Belt Construction Co., 20915 Walnut St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Belt Construction Co., 1717 S. 207th St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Castle Brook Builders, 1611 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Belt Construction Co., 1722 S. 207th St., $50,000.

Frazell Contracting and Design to Bunjer, Robert J. and Jaclyn S., 19617 Decatur St., $47,000.

Lawson, Jean and Terence A. to McAllister, Jacob D., 20074 Water Lily St., $40,000.

FRK Development to Rosenbaum, James B. and Caitlin E., 4306 N. 191st St., $39,900.

Chicago 19826 LLC to J Henry Homes, 19826 Chicago St., $34,900.

Huyck, Thomas A. and Lori L. to Callaway, Andrew M. and Alexandra G., 112 W. Alexander St., $71,000.


Kocanda, Paul B. Trust to Grace Custom Homes, 903 S. 251st St., $310,000.

First State Bank to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 23280 Agee Lane, $28,500.

First State Bank to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 23403 Denton St., $28,000.

First State Bank to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 23507 Denton St., $26,000.


Loy, Shirley A. to Davenport, Ethan, 1208 Howard St., $230,500.


Hollings, Jason W. to Adams, Hilary, 5023 Seward St., $200,000.

Tafoya, Linda M. and Fred H. to Broders, Perry D. and Karen M., 1727 N. 57th Ave., $122,000.

Phearless Properties to Lweh, Htoo and Hsa K., 5122 N. 53rd St., $103,000.

Childree, Kimberly A. and Richard C. to Htoo, Kler, 6730 Crown Point Ave., $99,500.

Adams, Sharon L. to SAS Properties, 6617 Kansas Ave., $63,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group to Landolt, Kenneth J. Jr., 5012 N. 64th St., $50,000.


Gdowski, Mark G. to Dopheide, Angela, 4308 Walnut St., $140,000.

Naumann, Robert A. and Gretchen to Gill, Sean M., 3833 Martha St., $135,000.

Burrell, Demeetron S. to Luce, Charles L. Jr., 3124 S. 38th Ave., $80,000.

Austin, Sandra to Garcia, Alfredo, 2754 Dupont St., $35,000.


Bowman, Linda J. and Douglas N. to Christian Student Fellowship, 6702 Pacific St., $175,000.

Gubbels, Melissa A. to Baxter, Donald N. and Peggy L., 5567 Walnut St., $168,500.

EKW Properties to Caito, Matthew D. and Ashley N., 6226 Elm St., $116,000.

Reding, Larry L. and Patricia K. to Reding, Angela, 4909 Woolworth Ave., $82,500.

Burke, Barbara A. to Kazak Land Management, 6109 Bancroft St., $70,000.

Petersen, Jeanne to Petersen, Melina, 4953 Mayberry St., $40,000.


Heistand, Henry L. and Terri to Schnecks Co., 920 Hugo St., $183,000.

Dahis, Alice M. to Ayers, Autumn, 4002 S. 36th St., $74,500.

Bank of the West to Aqua Lending LLC, 3122 U St., $23,500.


Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 1109 S. 15th Circle, $76,001.


Avail Holdings to Chavez, Gilberto C. and Alvarengasalgado, Sara D., 2189 Parker Circle, $52,000.


Voor Vart, William A. to Nelson, Olanders D., 4712 Fontenelle Blvd., $41,000.

S & H Home Solutions to Massaba, Tamehene M. and Tsogbevi, Kokuvi S., 4531 N. 39th St., $30,000.

IRM Improvements to Arellano-Avarca, Timeteo, 4202 Maple St., $30,000.

Ragne LLC to Dville Properties, 2434 N. 33rd Ave., $25,000.


O’Grady, Candace A. to Ferguson, John and Alan, 3302 Summit St., $95,000.

Lundy, Christopher D. and Debora J. to Strehle, Melissa A., 2855 Bauman Ave., $82,500.

McKean, Evan J. to Epstein, Stanley and Patricia A., 2767 Martin Ave., $78,000.


White, Terry R. and Colleen E. to Belmudez, Leslie, 9009 Franklin St., $132,000.

Booth, Tanden R. to Hein, Nicholas, 8334 Parker Court, $115,000.

Curry, Mace A. to McLaughlin, Molly and Cavalieri, Anthony, 9162 Meadow Drive, $113,000.

Titanium Home Solutions to Williams, Dale J., 1428 Maenner Drive, $109,575.

Bank of the West to SAS Properties, 7773 Hamilton St., $79,000.


Binks Construction to Bertl, Jeffrey D. and Karen S., 2301 N. 177th St., $405,000.

Paradise Homes to Nielsen, Carrie R. and Hansen, Patrick M., 17701 Burdette St., $352,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Sanchez, Raymond A. Jr. and Anna, 15225 Jaynes St., $291,000.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Allberry, John F. and Lori A., 17109 Corby St., $280,000.

Koerner, Jeffrey J. to Sirva Relocation Credit, 17109 Corby St., $279,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hillcrest Health Care Services, 16023 Manderson St., $233,900.

SB Villas LLC to Alexander, Cheryl A., 14741 Hartman Plaza, $232,474.

Bonow, Scott D. and Sarah L. to Freeman, John L., 16027 Fowler Ave., $226,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Laird, Anne D., 16615 Dora Hamann Parkway, $221,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kappius, Robert L., 4629 N. 174th Ave., $214,400.

Celebrity Homes to Meirose, Michelle M., 16426 Lilac St., $200,350.

Welcherts, Steven T. and Nicole to Kahre, Jacob, 15118 Locust St., $158,500.

Paulsen, Heather J. and Jared M. to Menicucci, Robert Jr. and Czyz, Samantha, 17117 Sahler St., $157,000.

Sakamoto, Kazuhito and Hiromi to Bernth, Jessica M. and Koehn, Nolan R., 14620 Fowler Ave., $149,900.

Joya, Fabiano N. to Bradshaw, Richard S., 15304 Binney St., $138,000.

Moran, Timothy S. and Christine L. to Ridgeway, Dana and Turkel, Justin, 16930 Grand Ave., $137,950.

Nemitz, Thomas R. and Megan to Siemek, Timothy G. and Constance M., 15309 Camden Ave., $133,000.

Carmichael, Chris and Holloway, Kristen D. to Clausing, Rebekah J., 4461 N. 146th Court, $105,000.

Blondo Street Development to Timberline Homes, 2719 N. 178th St., $90,000.

Blondo Street Development to Dave Paik Builders, 2605 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $50,000.

Blondo Street Development to Dave Paik Builders, 2715 N. 178th St., $45,000.


Chapman, Scott W. Trust to Brandt, Mary H., 4205 S. 60th Ave., $120,000.


Wendt, Eugene J. Jr. and King Wendt, Ava G. Trust to Krzyzanowski, Timothy J. and Patricia L., 17102 Douglas St., $415,000.

Foxhoven, Terry L. and Elizabeth A. to Draeger, Jared L. and Tamara N., 16729 Marcy Circle, $413,500.

Frevert, Brian K. and Tracey J. to Krause, Cassandra L. and Paul W., 17304 Franklin Drive, $293,750.

Brayman, Jeannie S. to Whaley, Garold G. and Shirley M., 17711 Marcy St., $262,000.

Waters, Susan K. and Sally E. to Zhu, Jinying and Xu, Daqing, 410 S. 160th St., $254,000.

Hartin, Daniel A. to Sunderman, Laura, 368 N. 160th St., $212,000.


Hernandez, Lilia and Angel to Trobaugh, Ricky A., 7711 N. 107th Ave., $167,000.

Donovan, Timothy J. and Josey to McCumber, Kelli M. and Samuel S., 7508 N. 73rd Ave., $138,900.

Celebrity Homes to Swerczek, Christopher and Shanieka, 9134 Summit St., $138,100.

Brazda, Jessica L. to Foust, Suzanne and Jesse, 7506 Newport Ave., $135,000.

Gale, Danny C. and Linda A. to Carper, Timothy A. and Christy L., 7214 N. 85th St., $130,000.


Johansen, Ronald L. to Eyth, Lori, 9812 Poppleton Ave., $206,000.

Rudol, Steven L. and Heidi to Stopak, Corey W., 9021 Westridge Drive, $125,500.

Holub, Debra A. to Thomas, Kathy, 7623 Nina St., $79,950.


Maiefski, Maurie to Foster, Jaymee, 6341 S. 72nd Ave., $165,000.

Zarinkhil, Sadiq and Mohammad S. to Zarinkhel, Taher, 10547 O St., $138,000.

Parks, Sarah E. to Soto, Johnathan, 7615 Maywood St., $109,500.


Whit Smith Construction to Sander, Nicole R. and Fry, Monica A., 1515 S. 198th Ave., $450,960.

Castle Brook Builders to Van Voltenberg, Steven M. and Margo A., 20057 Pierce St., $427,500.

Hartzell, Neil P. and Jullie M. to Davis, Brent and Victoria, 1370 S. 195th St., $299,900.

Weides, Ginger J. and Nathan A. to Mohs, Aaron M. and Sarah A., 17715 Dorcas Circle, $299,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Kraemer, Gregory and Christine, 19524 Shadow Ridge Drive, $268,000.

Labedz, Joseph F. and Jacqueline A. to Parker, Michael P. and Amber M., 1421 S. 175th Ave., $267,000.

Kiser, Elizabeth E. to Thrush, Catherine A., 1824 S. 172nd Plaza, $215,000.

Koenig, Kellin M. and Samantha K. to Meyers, Rayma E., 1422 S. 163rd St., $181,000.

Ashrit, Archana to Binder, Kristen E. and Kristopher J., 3512 S. 191st Ave., $180,000.


Miller, Lisa M. to Morgan, Kelsie and Matthew, 816 N. 43rd St., $94,000.

Prof-2012-S1 REO I LLC to Whelan, Lawrence G. and Jane E., 3009 Lincoln Blvd., $69,900.

Queens Park Oval Asset Holding Trust to Vinton, Christopher J., 105 N. 31st Ave., $53,000.

Godinez, F.T. to Garcia, Otoniel, 128 N. 31st St., $22,000.


Loers, Joanne B. to Dey, Benjamin and Anne V., 5604 Farnam St., $467,500.

Galley, Jason W. and Jenny to McConnell, Nathan M., 1009 N. 63rd St., $233,000.

Smith, Dustin E. and Aaron M. to Peterson, Joann M. Trust, 5731 Hamilton St., $220,000.

Hollis, Brian B. to Denning, Kelly M., 5823 Hamilton St., $137,900.

Ehrenberg, David E. and Devonne M. to Kronberg, Korwen A. and Julie A., 6926 Charles St., $125,000.

PIC Properties to Langenfeld, Lee, 4537 Charles St., $55,000.


Hopkins, Paula F. to Evans, Christopher L. and Ashley E., 5605 N. 97th St., $128,900.

Striplin, Garold R. and Donna C. to Remmers, Neeley A., 5635 N. 93rd St., $125,000.

Johnson, Gregory C., trustee for Sanchez, Jack and Rose Trust to Anderson, John L. and Lisa, 5435 N. 75th St., $100,000.


Thompson, Dean P. and Kerri R. to Wurtlee, Eric K. and Sally A., 4436 S. 184th Plaza, $800,000.

Homebuilders LLC to Keenan, Robert A. and Theresa L., 4912 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $347,860.

Proline Custom Homes to Chava, Naresh and Borra, Lakshmi T., 4714 S. 198th St., $306,439.

Pine Crest Homes to Engleman, Todd O. and Tiffany J., 19704 I St., $283,000.

Pine Crest Homes to McCune, Aaron, 4226 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $274,000.

Sedam, Troy L. and Billie J. to Weinert, Nick, 16130 V Circle, $215,000.

Celebrity Homes to Tresslar, Chad A. and Karolina P., 4433 S. 198th Ave., $206,100.

Addison, Timothy J. and Megan E. to Yoakum, Phillip J., 5323 S. 158th Circle, $195,000.

Celebrity Homes to Farquhar, Asa J. and Kissel-Farquhar, Meghan E., 5331 S. 195th St., $163,400.

Celebrity Homes to Webber, Tonya R., 19457 S St., $161,300.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 16904 Holmes Circle, $148,500.

Weinert, Nicholas A. and Jones, Katherine G. to Beasley, Shaun and Alexandra N., 18663 U St., $146,500.

GBB LLC to Bisignaro, Anthony C., 5119 S. 195th Circle, $142,000.

Gardels, Lauren E. to Ojeda, Kathleen L., 4609 S. 189th St., $135,000.

Mutual of Omaha Loanpro LLC to BSR-FW LLC, 6309 S. 196th St., $75,000.

Woodland Homes to Dave Paik Builders, 19623 Blaine Circle, $47,000.

Torco Development to Henry J. Sudbeck Builders, 17218 Polk Circle, $44,000.

Whitehawk Development to Proline Custom Homes, 4306 S. 198th St., $41,450.


Deirtering, Richard J. and Joette A. to Moore, Matthew M., trustee, 5415 S. 124th St., $258,000.

DRW Project Solutions to Kreifels, Benjamin J. and Jessica A., 11643 Polk St., $160,000.

Gray, Jeffrey T., trustee for Ditman, Janet A. Trust to Deitering, Richard and Joette, 5057 S. 149th Court, $144,900.

Rood, Margaret J. to McLaughlin, Erin L., 6705 S. 109th St., $133,000.

Koehler, Andrew W. and Larisa to Keiter, Lydia C. and Robert J., 6511 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $131,000.

Slanter, Shem J. and Rasmussen, Samantha A. to Woods, Larry, 11047 X St., $125,500.

Labs, Michael D. and Linda L. to Sandoval, Tina, 5019 S. 142nd St., $123,000.

Malskeit, Alice M. to Davis, Miranda M. and Ficenec, Kyle M., 13516 Birchwood Ave., $123,000.

Lachendro, Mark S. to Schulz, Terry L., 11041 W St., $123,000.


Dons Floor and Acoustics to Clark, Brittany and Forrest, Zachary, 10909 Girard St., $130,500.

Shelton, Andrew J. and Finn, Lindsey J. to Bear Homes, 11214 Hanover St., $114,200.

Deer Creek Holdings to Blue Ridge Builders, 12342 Grebe St., $49,500.


Velasquez, John J. and Patricia A. to Garcia, Exequiel F. and Hikmatov, Abdukarim, 2224 Mayfair Drive, $222,500.

Phearless Properties to Johnsen, Pamela D., 15235 Shirley St., $206,000.

Beiting, Mark A. and Kathleen A. to Chennam, Krishna, 2512 S. 138th St., $182,000.

Pinnacle Bank to Wilson, Brent A. and Paula J., 2137 S. 113th St., $180,000.

Bidne, Dennis A. and Karen L. to Clowe, Anthony J., 2114 S. 123rd Ave., $165,000.

Splanicka, Justin C. and Amie M. to Ballweg, Amanda L. and Hitt, Christopher R., 15317 Howe St., $165,000.

Hansen, Pat M. and Nielsen, Carrie to Rudol, Steven and Heidi, 15235 Garfield St., $165,000.

First National Bank and Boeding, Mary B. Trust to Herskind, Dustin and Wendi, 14012 Pine St., $130,000.

Humphrey, Stephanie L. to Elwood, Brandon, 11005 Oak St., $125,750.


Nabity, Michael R. to Finch, Jason M. and Leiann, 5455 Sheffield St., $868,000.

Neaman, Robert A. to Meyers, Mary L. and Neaman, John J., 6918 N. 65th Ave., $30,000.


Glow, Richard J. and Kathleen M. to Langdon, Peter C. and Kathleen C., 1611 N. 129th St., $347,000.

Cowardin, Courtney J. and Spencer L. to Dennis, Ashley L. and Johansen, Ronald L., 11517 Pacific St., $285,000.

Pulverenti, James B. and Kimberly A. to Williamsen, Derek S. and Jessica J., 735 N. 155th Ave., $204,900.

Hanisch, Heidi to Beliveau, Michael K., 15219 Charles St., $200,000.

Hansen, Sally J. and Mark J. to Martinez, Hector and Brigette L., 629 N. 152nd Circle, $181,900.

Lee, Thomas M. and Mary J. to Labs, Michael D. and Linda L., 983 S. 150th St., $148,000.

Derstine, Rebecca to Derstine, Rebecca S. and Sherrillee, 716 S. 153rd Circle, $68,000.


Engel, Julie E. to Kelley, Carrisa L. and Brent M., 13808 Hillsborough Drive, $249,000.

Kleber, Mary M. to Kleber, Danielle M. and William F., 13441 Sahler St., $210,000.

Bunner, Krissy to Christensen, David L. and Tiffany C., 5210 N. 112th St., $178,000.

Anzalone, Marsha J. to Rock, Lisa J., 2712 N. 122nd Circle, $135,000.

Li, Jonathan C. and Sarah C. to Glenn, Jesse, 12618 Camden Ave., $130,500.

O’Neill, Chad and Karlene to Rodriguez, Arturo A. and Jodie L., 11281 Martin Ave., $129,900.

Salwei, Matthew F. and Amber L. to Turner, Jered and Chelsie, 14128 Patrick Ave., $126,000.

Renninger, Irene E. to Hilliard, Stephen T., 12659 Grand Ave., $125,000.

Sugihara, Shayna K. to Ngari, Elizabeth W., 12987 Redman Circle, $109,000.

Nabulsi, Ferial and El-Hajjar, Fayez to Elhajjar, Rani, 11718 Meredith Ave., $100,000.

Reeder Family LLC to Motz, Roger L., 13624 Ohio St., $25,000.



Pilgrim, Robert L. to Pilgrim, Robert L. and Tolley, Carolyn A., 1205 Bellevue Blvd. North, $51,000.

Fouard, Desiree L. to Bills, Matthew A. and Kimberly N., 1218 Sunset Drive, $115,000.

Cisco, Paul L. and Linda K. to Peterson, Debra J., 1306 Franklin St., $48,000.

Grout, Robert D. and Mary K. to Pulk, Morgan M., 2004 Hancock St., $72,000.

Mabry, Rex A. to Bronte Companies LLC, 2310 Lloyd St., $94,000.

Mulvany, Malynda C. to BellHorizon LLC, 2726 Woodbine Court, $76,000.

Agena, Darwin H. Trust to Walther, James S. and April J., 306 W. Sarpy Ave., $43,000.

HBI LLC to Switzer, Stephen L. and Sara M., 509 W. 33rd Ave., $155,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Hoffman, Ryan T. and Jennifer L., 5251 Waterford Avenue Circle, $45,000.

Lyons, Susan M. to Jimines-Destrade, Idalberto, 812 N. Fifth St., $120,000.


Tindall, Becky N. to Epic Custom Homes, 10110 S. 179th St., $25,000.

Schluckebier, Daniel and Cynthia to Christo, Ryan and Carrie, 10720 S. 232nd St., $245,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Brown, Herman Jr. and Lewis Brown, Renne J., 12104 S. 212th St., $385,000.

D & E Custom Building & Desing to Lagrone, Darrin and Christina, 19858 Emiline St., $340,000.

McCune Development to Skarda Construction Co., 19919 Oak St., $36,000.

T & R Siders to Trosper, Christine M. and Ryan J., 20207 Crystal Ave., $209,000.

Mack, James L. and William P. and Denese and John H. and Sandra K. to Mack, John H. Jr. and Penny L., 25724 Melrose Ave., $90,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Castlebridge Homes, 8102 S. 193rd Ave., $55,000.


Richland Homes to Dirico, Kaleb, 10608 S. 111th Ave., $234,000.

Armstrong, Timothy W. and Michele to Wittland, Maggie K., 1101 Gold Coast Road, $194,000.

Mentzer, Hayle D. and Mitch to McFarland, Daniel L. and Stacy M., 1107 Horseshoe Circle, $150,000.

Nasim, Adam and Lisa D. to McDowell, Jeremy B. and Jennifer R., 1114 Walnut Creek St., $213,000.

J & B Resources to Carter, Robert M. and Oralee A., 2002 King Drive, $179,000.

Godsil, Michael A. and Margaret A. to Jorgensen, Jaclyn and Marotz, Mitchell, 2411 Crystal Creek Drive, $323,000.

Faulk, Linda K. and Mervin L. to Melton, Timothy A. and Nancy, 705 N. Aberdeen Drive, $203,000.


Volpert, Joseph M. and Marjorie M. to Smith, Thomas L. and Deborah A., 13706 S. 129th St., $289,000.

Riha, Louis F. and Shirley A. Trust to Carlson, David and Gail, 20502 S. 144th St., $107,000.


Ashford Hollow Development to Charleston Homes, 4609 Edgerton Drive, $38,000.


Stolp, Nathan R. and Sarah J. to Piazza, Matthew M. and Landahl-Ulrike, Sophie, 13518 Westport Circle, $158,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wilson, Lee C. and Blum, Richelle N. 13717 S. 43rd Ave., $168,000.

Lewis Brown, Renee J. and Brown, Herman Jr. to Campbell, William D. and Debra J., 2203 Brighton Drive, $155,000.

Stewart, Susan to Jenkins, Mark D., 2410 Yorktown Place, $132,000.

Tharp, Thomas E. and Debra J. to Butler, Roger S. and Andrea M., 2818 Nottingham Drive, $188,000.

Hegarty, Michael G. and Ann M. to Hobbs, Clifton III and Brandi L., 2910 Sheridan Road, $227,000.

Amato Services to Brown, Lori A. and Henry E. Jr., 3352 Rahn Blvd., $235,000.

Bullard, Charles A. and Cassandra A. to JNR Management, 3413 Scott Drive, $147,000.

Ashford Hollow Development to Charleston Homes, 4407 Edgerton Drive, $28,000.

Husker Properties to Bartlett, Leroy and Michelle, 9310 S. 27th Ave., $166,000.


Tunell, Gary L. and Luann S. to Sweet, Mark A., 7116 Pine Drive, $115,000.

Home Co. to Murray, Sarah F. and Scott T., 8544 S. 104th St., $328,000.

Charleston Homes to Nguyen, Long, 8726 S. 102nd St., $281,000.


Weinberger, Gilbert L. and Esta Trust to Smith, Donald A. and Nancy L., 122 Oakmont Drive, $325,000.

Celebrity Homes to Montgomery, Amanda L., 13901 S. 43rd St., $176,000.

Henman, Jacqueline M. to Barron, Eric M. and Erica D., 2104 Betsy Ave., $207,000.

Schwabauer, Larry E. and Nerita M. to Stimpson, Brian and Claudia, 2507 Pinehurst Circle, $319,000.

Ashford Hollow Development to Charleston Homes, 4508 Edgerton Drive, $35,000.


McElroy, Debra S. to Smit, Larry and Dawn, 10106 S. 179th St., $160,000.

Barr Homes to Zech, Jeremiah J. and Tiffany J., 10111 S. 125th St., $330,000.

Thomson, Walter W. and Carrie M. to Ashton, Jared T. and Stong-Henninger, Samantha I., 16124 Redwood St., $156,000.

Watterson, Aaron R. and Katherine R. to Rubeck, Eric R. and Megan N., 16218 Audrey St., $210,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ebert, Jennifer J., 16419 Cary St., $189,000.

Bechel, Scott R. and Jessica to Menke, John D. and Kathy L., 16528 Heather St., $240,000.

Huggins, Jerald H. to Thompson, Dean P. and Kerri, 17419 Riviera Drive, $290,000.

Valdez, Landon E. and Brandy C. to Riedy, Robert D. and Kristin M., 17741 Edna St., $130,000.

Stanley, Donald W. II and Jessica L. to Caniglia, Joseph, 18108 Edna St., $133,000.

Anderson, Lori S. to Siepker, Patti, 7412 S. 174th St., $142,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Smith, Judith A., 7502 S. 191st St., $223,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Mahenderkar, Anoop, 7518 S. 191st St., $238,000.

Mattice, Stephen M. to Girard, Taylor A. and Danielle J., 7926 S. 190th Ave., $167,000.


Lake View 126 LLC to Castlebridge Homes, 10107 S. 124th St., $47,000.

Lake View 126 LLC to Castlebridge Homes, 12204 Montauk Drive, $48,000.

Smith, Thomas L. and Deborah A. to Harvey, Clayton III, 13606 Schirra St., $160,000.

Koch, Rae E. to Clark, Paul R. and Lisa M., 14007 Margo St., $165,000.

Kiss, Charlene M. Trust to Benner, Michael P. and Rewolinski, Kayla A., 14112 Greenfield Road, $114,000.

Hamblin, Troy J. and Sarah J. to Lynch, Sean P. and Emily J., 15136 Borman St., $193,000.

PRE LLC to Villalobos, Daniel B. and Mae J., 15438 Briar St., $225,000.


Mallett, Myra J. to Orozco, Antonio and Yaneth, 2618 Gindy Drive, $96,000.

Elmore, Wayne F. and Mary R. to Camperud, Douglas A. and Mary H., 3807 Robin Drive, $232,000.

Gardiner, Robert S., trustee for Gardiner, John F. Jr. Trust to Hernandez, Mari O., 7004 Railroad Ave., $52,000.


Pacha, Lane A. and Roshone Pacha, Bernadine to Russell, William Jr. and Joey L., 4564 Suburban Drive, $147,000.

Camperud, Douglas A. and Mary H. to Hallett, Brintee and Kevin M., 7205 S. 53rd St., $135,000.



Meyerpeter, Lisa and William to Hanke, Barbara J., 2629 Ave. F, $100,000.

Pogue Construction to Bitz, Donald III, 2137 Ave. J, $107,000.

Western Iowa Land Development to Vance, Charlene, 2331 Ave. M Way, $155,000.

Woods, Paula C. to Wiech, Timothy A., 4624 Navajo St., $175,000.

Deutsche Bank to Youngblood, Meghan, 1901 S. Tenth St., $29,500.

ACE Realty LLC to Grubbs, Mark D., 2619 Sixth Ave., $21,500.

Western Iowa Land Development to D & M Homes, 67 Glenview Drive, $58,000.

Himes, Andy C. and Ashley M. to Shepard, Billie J., 4033 Rawlins Drive, $115,000.


West, Gloria G. and Larry A. to Larmie, Clayton R. and Megan, 122 Upland Drive, $172,000.

Tri State Ventures to Ziegler, Jessica S., 46 Crestwood Drive, $127,000.

Wells, Alice E. Funnel Trust to Rybin, Joshua and Leah, 30 Scarlet Oaks Road, $200,000.

Bluffs Homes to Luiken, Andrew J. and Elizabeth R., 650 Simms Ave., $142,000.

Nationstar Mortgage to SLAJ LLC, 426 Damon St., $47,500.

American Naitonal Bank to Welcome Homes, 1315 Larchmont Road, $40,000.

Mauer, Aimie L. and Brian M. to McLaren, Amy B. and Devin K., 18315 Jaylen Drive, $385,000.

Fiscus, Kathleen to Knott, Bradley S. and Janice I., 100 Beal St., $82,000.

Diehm, Austin C. and Elizabeth J. to Vokt, Danny L. and Susanne M., 1407 Callahan Drive, $245,000.


Branstetter, Richard to Baker, Richard, 403 Marquard St., Avoca, $18,000.


Emge, Roxanne to Feigenbutz, Bonnie A., 211 Brown St., Oakland, $68,000.

Oakland Ventures to Kadel, Jamie D. and Jill S., 607 Parker Road, Oakland, $20,000.


Smith, Claudia K. and Glenn A. to Heinkel, Edward A. and Jessica L., 20 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $136,000.

Bolte, Bonie L. to Rochleau, Chris, 100 Maple Road, Treynor, $120,000.

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