Boehm, Jeffrey J. and Fuder-Boehm, Anna M. to Lampe, Gerald J. and Shelley E., 10309 N. 184th Circle, $395,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to O and H Properties Inc., 12014 N. 156th Ave., $96,000.

Camgrave LLC to Mackey, Jerome J. and Neva J., 16001 Tucker Plaza, $194,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schneider, Donald E. and Lindsey C., 8807 N. 160th St., $218,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Barnett, Jeffrey G. and Caire L., 8303 N. 150th St., $175,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Allen, Vickie R., 7958 N. 147th St., $161,700.

Koziol, Michael T. and Danielle to Meads, Patrick T., 15359 Grebe St., $140,000.

Kuhfahl, Jered D. and Katie A. to Tracy, Christopher L. and Kimberly M., 8909 N. 159th Ave., $250,000.

NS-Newhill LLC Newport Hill to Molitor, Brandon and Meghan, 12901 N. 185th St., $70,000.

NS-Newhill LLC Newport Hill to Charles Thomas Homes and TJL Consulting Inc., 12918 N. 185th St., $55,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Empire Homes and Remodeling Inc., 8526 N. 169th St., $49,100.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 17218 Bondesson St., $40,500.


Ames, Dwayne C., personal representative, to McPhillips, Jerry, 20510 Laramie Road, $259,900.

Armstrong, G. C. Trust to Peterson, Kristine E., 625 S. 206th Ave., $345,000.

Becker, Troy and Silveira, Diana L. to Karls, John F. and Deborah D., 21604 Chancellor Road, $430,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Jones, Kevin M. and Jennifer J., 19633 Mason St., $312,000.

Casteel, Jared A. and Stacia to Lambing, Andrew W. and Lea, 4025 N. 212th St., $150,000.

Church, James W. and Sonia S. to Chock, Alan W. and Calli-Ann M., 2906 S. 217th Circle, $330,000.

Crease, Brian A. and Cindy J. to Williams, Christian T. and Alejandra, 18224 Harney St., $236,000.

Desigio, Brian J. and Deborah L. to Latimer, Tyler B. and Crista L., 19510 Mayberry St., $330,000.

Donelan, Matthew B. and Debra J. to Puckett, Jay A. and Kathy Trust, 23808 Hampton Road, $650,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Nimmagadda, Vijay K.and Movva, Roshma, 2712 N. 189th St., $260,000.

Jebens, Richard A. and Thomsen, Pamela to Landers, Lalah, 2919 S. 219th St., $280,000.

John Caniglia Homes and JKC Construction Inc. to Muma, Michael A. and Roxanne, 1343 S. 210th St., $521,250.

Krajicek, David M. and Kim R. to Schaerr, Kenneth M. and Laure A., 3840 N. 209th St., $235,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Gimenez, Patricio J. and Gonzalez, Susana P., 18818 Spaulding St., $375,000.

McPhillips, Jerome E. Trust to McPhillips, Steven J., 21709 Harney St., $205,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska LLC to Pulverenti, James B. and Kimberly A., 20606 Fowler Ave., $298,227.

Olson, Jerry and Mary E. to Gardiner, Donald L., 20555 Park Road, $200,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Placek, Andrew P. and Major, Michelle M., 1509 S. 211th St., $330,363.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Sloan, Stewart and Diane, 2012 S. 208th St., $175,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Royal Development Inc., 1715 Blue Sage Parkway, $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 20715 Shirley St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Ideal Designs and Remodeling Construction, 1714 S. 207th St., $50,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Ideal Designs and Remodeling Construction, 1622 S. 207th Ave., $50,000.

Raymond, David J. and Debra L. to Kaelin, Teresa M., 3324 S. 217th St., $460,000.

Revers Homes Inc. to Gardiner, Donald L., 20559 Park Road, $350,000.

Tomasek, Melissa K. to Oehlrich, Ashley R., 1312 N. 208th St., $197,000.

Vergamini, Susan M. to Chillamcharla, Sudheer K. and Madhurima, 1422 N. 183rd St., $240,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Anderson, Brian P. and Erin M., 18926 Ruggles St., $358,999.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Gowen, Abbi, 5911 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.

Dolejs, Mary K. to Dolejs, Donald C. Trust, 121 Ginger Cove Road, $250,000.

Heim, Scarlet to Rose, Melanie S., 41 Ginger Cove Road, $400,000.

Simon, Mildred L., personal representative, to Emerald Holdings LLC, 8414 N. 250th Court, $35,000.


Becker, Kevin I. to Black, Timothy C., 300 S. 16th St., $165,000.

Weeda, Timothy D. and Madonna J. to Kashinski, Jerome J. and McBride, Mary E., 300 S. 16th St., $92,500.


Bartling, Dean S. and Belmudez, Leslie to Blar, Kyaw, 5611 N. 63rd St., $85,000.

Bohannon, Sean D. to Perry, Stephanie L., 4930 Emmet St., $140,000.

Burgarino-Stevens, Robert F. and Daniel K. to Wagner, Jacob A., 2316 Country Club Ave., $189,900.

Hurley Rentals LLC to Williams, Brian D., 5002 Norwick Drive, $45,094.

Lynn, Mark P. and Bree D. to Reh, Lee and Moe, Elizabeth, 5512 N. 61st St., $101,000.

Miller, Wayne W. and Geraldine M. to Atkins, Kyle M. and Froiland, Bethany H., 2539 N. 63rd St., $98,000.

O’Connor, Kyle T. and Emily J. to Erks, Ann M., 6060 Grant St., $160,000.

Provest LLC to Terry, Andy and Sarah, 6811 Parkview Lnae, $78,000.

Punch it Out Inc. to Stuto, Chase Y. and Jean M., 3112 N. 58th St., $175,000.

White, Betty J., personal representative, to Htoo, Noy, 5212 N. 48th Ave., $88,000.

Wilmes, James A., personal representative, to Sebastian, Alan and Mary, 1824 N. 53rd St., $181,000.


Goergen, Steven J. and Roseanne R. to Knox, Jeremy and Teriann, 1306 S. 26th St., $95,000.

Kavanagh, Carol, trustee for the Breckenridge, Harold S. Trust, to Bottrell, Kellie, 4228 Marcy St., $95,500.

Mandolfo, Gary L. to Yanez, Jose E., 1915 Park Ave., $38,000.

Murcek, Frank P. Jr. Trust to Emerson, Jodie L. and Jason D., 1322 S. 35th St., $246,000.

Norton, Kimberly R. to Griffith, Mark C., 2106 S. 37th St., $143,000.

Pattavina, Angela B. to Hamilton, Mary P., 2114 S. 39th St., $90,000.

Pluhacek, Helen A., personal representative, to Alvarado, Juan F. and Flores, Irene, 3301 Hickory St., $195,000.

S & P Properties LLC to Valenzuela, Jim M. and Cartwright, Darcy A., 2518 S. 31st St., $119,500.

Schmidt, Maura to Hennco Enterprises Inc., 3814 Gordon St., $40,000.

Travicki, Mary A. to Morales, Bertha, 2514 S. 25th St., $40,000.


B & K Properties LLC to Torres, Pablo and Angela, 1945 S. 48th Ave., $135,000.

Mentzer, Maxwell R. and Jennifer L. to Kinney, Jennifer M., 5627 Briggs St., $189,900.

Ruston, Veronica J. to Howell, Diane, 4907 Valley St., $134,000.

Sabin, Ty and Dando, Christina E. to Collins, Christopher W. and Angela F., 5522 Jackson St., $170,000.


Jacobs, Sylvia I. to Nielsen, Alicia D., 4473 G St., $115,000.

Nebel, Cassia J. to Rapp, Jenilee A., 4327 S. 33rd St., $79,900.

Prokupek, Jake A. and Megan M. to Zraik, David R. and Melissa A., 4162 J St., $110,000.

Stender, Stella and Stender, Charlene M. to Garduza, Misael Y., 3701 R St., $25,000.


Cisneros, Irasema M. to Fentores, Guadalupe G., 4703 N. 14th Ave., $25,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Olson, Lacy L., 3916 N. 21st St., $129,900.

Omaha 100 Inc. to Ramirez, Lizbeth, 2028 N. 20th St., $91,199.


Butler, Lawrence and Natasha to Sabutis, James M., 5116 N. 40th St., $30,600.

Greenfield Enterprises to Abide Network Inc., 3173 Meredith Ave., $31,000.

Harman, Van IV to Estrada, Maximino, 4222 Seward St., $49,900.

Hernandez, Maria L. to Hernandez, Raimundo and Espeleta de Hernandez, Haydee M., 4466 Evans St., $52,000.

Salvation Army to Davis, Leon Sr., 4222 Binney St., $27,000.


Leeward Partners to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 7245 N. 35th Circle, $35,000.


Carlson, Sharon K. to Mollner, Jeffrey T., 1735 N. 105th St., $100,000.


Anslover, James R. and Laurie K. to RME Properties Inc., 16303 Ohio St., $134,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to GFT Property Holdings II LLC, 4251 N. 165th St., $163,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 5507 N. 155th St., $120,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Segura, Zackory K. and Jessica D., 4523 N. 175th Ave., $202,200.

Chavez, Joey D. and Dana M. to Castle, Christopher X. and Amy I., 16408 Butler Ave., $215,000.

Chin, Melanie A. to Chasen, Gary S., 14654 Taylor Court, $102,000.

Copper Ridge Development LLC to Caruso, Anthony P. and Peggy L., 15753 Laurel Ave., $252,000.

Digiorgio, Marco T. and Kristie L. to Funk, Mckenzie R., 16762 Laurel Plaza, $120,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Stawniak, Aaron C. and Laura, 6424 N. 163rd St., $330,105.

Gavin, Catherine E. to George, Deborah, 5106 N. 155th Ave., $134,000.

Grooms, Garrett D. to Woods, Patrick, 6319 N. 148th St., $150,000.

Gurnon, Louis F. and Lori M. to Knoell, Jason A. and Janae C., 15366 Curtis Ave., $240,000.

Hamill, Nicholas R. Trust to Szmyrko, Charlene, 4721 N. 163rd St., $187,000.

Jana, Ajoy K. and Laura A. to Healey, Andrew J. and Erin D., 15902 Patrick Ave., $495,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Robertson, Brett and Kristen, 4611 N. 172nd St., $252,708.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Farrell, Joseph D. and Cindy A., 17457 Boyd St., $246,025.

Lindsay, Jennifer L. to Neff, Casey and Shawn, 2127 N. 144th Ave., $275,000.

Phillips, John J. to Flood, Dennis F. and Ladonna V., 5807 N. 158th St., $240,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Kyvelidou, Anastasia and Katsavelis, Dimitrois, 6518 N. 160th Ave., $333,900.

Robertson, Brett M. and Kristen K. to Harrison, Christopher Sr. and Linda, 17043 Sahler St., $138,000.

Sasaki, Sean D. and Justine M. Trust to Kolagani, Sridhar,16306 Camden Ave., $146,000.

Tobin, Michael B. and Lorri to Hy-Port Development LLC, 16522 Erskine St., $121,000.

Worth, Jennifer M. to Miller, Blaine J., 14654 Sahler Court, $103,000.

Yassine, Ramzi and Haddad, Rana G. to Linde, Todd and Mandie, 6513 N. 150th St., $223,000.


Ayala, Cheryl J. to Martinez, Cindy V., 5017 Drexel St., $78,000.

Ayala, Cheryl J. to Martinez, Cindy V., 5005 Drexel St., $77,000.


CATM Properties LLC to SLM Properties LLC, 1851 N. 176th Plaza, $534,000.

Harris, Diana M. to Benkis, Andrew and Sheryl, 427 S. 158th Ave., $280,000.

Madsen, Larry G. and Susan L. to Fett, Jason and Jennifer, 17737 Harney St., $465,000.

Schmitz, Barbara F. to Jordan, Mark E. and Linda D., 15822 Douglas Circle, $215,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to McMahon, Christopher M., 7010 N. 90th St., $141,900.

Feldhaus Ventures LLC to Udangal, Maryam,7905 Potter Plaza, $126,500.

Kouri, Matthew B. and Andrea E. to Tamang, Birkha and Gurung, Rita, 7006 N. 89th St., $140,000.

McLean, Margertha C. and Artis, Gregory D. Jr. to Hilton, Kristina D., 8816 N. 82nd St., $138,000.

Peralta, Nicholle R. and Robert to Fletcher, Javan R., 7836 Howell St., $126,000.

Preister, Regina M. to Mai, Tuan A. and Do, Quyen K., 7528 N. 77th Terrace, $125,000.

Sawatzky, Tandon B. and Shawn to Larsen, Ryan, 7860 Redick Ave., $123,000.

Smith, Larry and Betty to Bruno, Andrea L., 7805 Potter Plaza, $123,000.

Townsend, Brian T. and Kristin M. to Galley, David W. Sr. and Laurie A., 10260 Huntington Ave., $214,500.

Vo, Tu A. to Hamilton, Richard and Lacy, 8814 Wyoming St., $175,000.


HBI LLC to Morse, Steven E. and Anita M., 1141 S. 94th St., $300,000.

Hinrichs, Henry J. and Nora L. to Hinrichs, Mark and Caroline, 1201 S. 91st Ave., $300,000.

Kalhorn, Patricia J., personal representative, to Pedersen, Fred and Tiffany, 8114 Barbara St., $126,500.

Torczon, Daniel J. and Peterson, Jessica to Hubenka, Katie M., 7478 Rogers Road, $120,000.

Wilkinson, Jody A. to Kercher, Jane M. and Matthew J., 3101 S. 72nd Ave., $164,200.


Connor, Geraldine R. to Pietryga, Micaelaand Ann, 8315 Maywood St., $115,000.

Faust, Jeffrey A. and Lori A. to Kleidosty, Daniel G. and Manes, Ronald C., 8479 Lakeview Drive, $135,000.

Kerr, Barbara L. to Thompson, Robert N. and Anna M., 7532 St., $143,500.

Koenigsfeld, Kurt A. and Holly A. to Flock, Cynthia L., 10221 Madison St., $218,000.

McWilliams, Kimberly to Eccles, Robert, 5012 S. 83rd Terrace, $122,000.

Simon, David and Bacome, Adam to Mangelsen, Gina L., 9412 Mockingbird Drive, $173,000.


Farley, Nicolette to Farley, Nicolette S. and Kiolbasa, Richard W., 3405 S. 162nd Circle, $72,000.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to LaFountain, Ryan A. and Stephanie A., 20160 George B Lake Parkway, $400,000.

Headley, Robert E. to Sird, Matthew and Moore, Joy, 3142 S. 158th St., $157,000.

Houle, Bernard J. III and Gregory-Houle, Cathleen E. to Kerfoot, Tom Jr. and Ronna, 3558 S. 185th Ave., $299,000.

Keithley, Perry R. and Robin M. to Kirkpatrick, Susan K. and Adams, Dan W., 2036 S. 194th St., $317,900.

Kiel, Daniel A. and Christine A. to Carlson, Chase and Knapp, Kara L., 3829 S. 191st Ave., $197,000.

Kim, Hasook S. to Era, Michael and Cristina, 16410 Grover St., $280,000.

McIalwain, Kenneth J. and Camielle N. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 16528 Spring Circle, $305,100.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Edwards, Ryan and Caitlin, 16528 Spring Circle, $305,100.

Renner, John and Beverly to American Real Estate Processing PC, 2404 S. 178th St., $315,000.

Sellers, Charles H. and Erika L. to Hazen, Elizabeth, 18610 Hansen St., $361,000.

Shigley, Christopher T. and Julie M. to Formaro-Riley, Tracy J., 16222 Wright Plaza, $103,000.

Sun, Vincent W. to Austin, Michelle L. and Tyree M., 19019 Hansen St., $178,000.


Miller, Christopher G. to Zingg, Nathan S. and Sylvia S., 126 N. 38th St., $120,000.


Classe, James J. and Mary A. to Garris, Matthew D. and Erica R., 732 N. 58th St., $318,000.

Davies, Andrew P. and Elisa B. to Beutler, Kylie and Haffey, Patrick, 681 N. 58th St., $643,500.

Higginbotham, Heath W. and Andrea L. to Usonia Properties LLC, 4618 Wakeley St., $90,000.

Kratville-Wrinn, Catherine A, to 6459 Cuming LLC, 306 S. 54th St., $312,500.

McLennan, Jamie L. to Plummer, Timothy and Stephanie, 7026 Western Ave., $86,000.

Robinson, James E. and Janae M. to Mata, Mi-Ya E., 124 Dundee Ridge Court, $260,000.

Schober, Daniel J. to Barkmeier, Jerald T. and Lynne D., 409 S. 48th Ave., $140,000.

Smith, Samantha E. and Tietz, Nathan to McFarlin, Megan, 6337 Hamilton St., $135,000.

St. Cecilia’s Cathedral Corp. to Rolls Properties LLC, 1101 N. 49th Ave., $78,500.

Usonia Properties LLC to Johnson, Sean M. and Megan E., 5612 Western Ave., $235,000.


Chaney, Brianna, personal representative, to Reck, David A., 9324 Tomahawk Blvd., $110,500.

Dahlquist, Steven O. to Peterson, Raymond, 6120 N. 80th St., $120,000.

Hanson, Janel E. to Murphy, Shane R. and Fredrick, Sierra N., 4305 N. 80th St., $149,000.

Henkel, Stephanie L. and Richard D. to Rosane, Ryan, 3830 N. 101st St., $132,000.

Hruska, George M. and Lucy A. to Tubrick, Anthony P. IV and Carolyn J., 4924 N. 104th St., $187,500.

PSI Enterprises LLC to Sladovnik, Edward and Juliana, 2530 Benson Gardens Blvd., $75,000.

Ring, Russell and Charles to Ring, Charles E. and Joyce A., 3415 N. 80th St., $54,900.

Sebastian, Alan D. and Mary K. to Cox, Chris W. and Erin L., 3534 N. 82nd St., $150,000.


Correa, Robert R. and Amber A. to Joslin, Christopher W. and Mary M., 5311 S. 158th Circle, $204,500.

Goodwin, Craig W. and Camille to Schlender, Stephen, 16626 Jefferson St., $185,000.

Hawes, Christine J. to Sears, Thomas D. and Lori, 5035 S. 178th St., $138,000.

Hickman, Bryce A. to Stinnett, Amber, 4954 S. 166th Circle, $175,000.

Kudron, Paul J. and Margaret A. to Wirthlin, John C. and Tracey H., 17316 Orchard Ave., $258,000.

McAlpine, Ashley M. to Maas, Gerald and Jeffrey, 17601 Polk St., $135,000.

Miles, Michael D. and Carrie A. to Lindeman, Derrick and Abigail, 5423 S. 160th St., $273,000.

Neal, Sharon K. Trust to Heberly, Kyle S. and Sarah J., 19369 Blaine St., $245,000.

Norring, David L. to Bockbrader, Luke R., 16554 Jefferson St., $155,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to MacDonald, David E. and Maryanne, 5621 S. 164th St., $351,154.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Pradhan, Samir C. and Sahoo, Madhusnigdha, 5301 S. 164th St., $285,429.

Peters, Denise L. to Hurd, Zach and Amy, 6112 S. 190th Terrace, $189,500.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Humpal, David L. Jr. and Michele C., 18519 Jefferson St., $292,728.

Prochazka, Steven T. and Elizabeth K. to Peterson, John R. and Katharine C., 17522 J St., $260,000.

Ramp, Emily S. to Swaney, Kelsey J., 6819 S. 181st Court, $105,000.

Snavely, David G., personal representative, to Gornell, Barbara A., 16608 Monroe St., $152,000.

Stichler, Gregory J. and Caryn E. to Stichler, Connor L. and Rebecca M., 19633 U St., $145,000.

Winkelbauer, David E. and Ashley to McKearney, Patrick B. and Kristen K., 4656 S. 177th St., $192,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Shukert, Richard J. and Jennifer L., 19726 Andresen St., $361,950.


Bildt, Eric S. and Melissa R. to Menichetti, Rachael, 15217 Jefferson St., $135,000.

Bingel, Evelyn A. and McAleer, Joanna J. to Takeda, Kerry, 13827 Washington Circle, $151,000.

Bock, John E. and Patricia A. to Demuth, Deann and Jonelle J., 5724 S. 114th St., $101,000.

Delgado, Blanca D. and Murcia, Santos D. to Coppertree LLC, 13968 Polk St., $125,000.

Headley, Wesley B., trustee for the Headley Living Trust, to Coppertree LLC, 6529 S. 149th Ave., $179,000.

Hentschke, Wilfred H. Trust to King, Jasmine A., 12584 O St., $134,500.

Holmes, Elizabeth and Wilson, Randy J. to Sparks, Bryan A., 6423 S. 137th St., $101,000.

Kunneman, Phyllis S. to Taylor-Zuck, Frank J. Jr. and Zuck, Kristina M., 5086 Marshall Drive, $85,000.

Secretary Housing Urban Development to More Sun Investments LLC, 14116 O St., $94,200.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ward, Brendan and Erin, 7209 N. 143rd St., $203,800.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Vintage Custom Homes and 3Sheets LLC, 7539 N. 130th St., $52,000.

Howard, Thomas C. and Paula C. to Simpson, Marlan M. and Gannon-Simpson, Barbara A., 11415 Iowa Circle, $293,000.

Riibe, Jerald A. and Joanna D. to Poulin, Ellen M., 10909 Hanover St., $120,000.

Romans, Scott M. and Michelle A. to Lenczowski, Kathryn and Todd, 6914 N. 118th Circle, $455,000.

Stamer, Dustin and Tasha D. to Hendrickson, Patrick A. and Garrais, Tamara M., 7509 N. 108th St., $185,000.


Barnes, Katherine A. and James L. to Persing, Thomas J. and Margaret M., 2711 S. 118th St., $155,000.

Cieciorka, James V. and Linda L. to Faust, Jeffrey and Lori A., 3267 S. 130th Circle, $179,000.

Day, Mary L. and Gary L. to Larsen, Douglas A. and Bobbi J., 1721 Crawford Road, $325,000.

Devlin, Carroll R. and Pauline A. to Piernicky, Megan E., 13608 Westwood Lane, $156,000.

Huggett, Kathryn N. and William J. to Kouri, Matthew B. and Andrea E., 15412 Lloyd St., $274,950.

Humber, Stephen A. and Mary K. Trust to Wacker, Justin M., 13543 Valley St., $180,000.

Koll, Gregory and Lorie M. to Grabenbauer, Caroline M. and Kurt J., 2506 S. 109th St., $375,000.

Madsen, Gary L. and Diane E. to Sweeney, Zachery T. and Elsie R., 11025 Spring St., $170,500.

Nielsen, Edith A. Trust to Fisher, Thomas E. Jr., 3023 S. 118th St., $160,000.

O and H Properties Inc. to Montoya, Juan and Andrea, 12746 C St., $122,500.

Pamukov, Yavor Y. and Diana I. to Peters, Tyler J. and Rachael E., 3714 S. 126th Ave., $118,000.

Pfeifer, Lydia M. and Andrew to Hepler, Nicole C., 2317 S. 125th Ave., $136,000.

Phillips, Richard L. and Joan C. to Hartnett, Kelsey L. and Joshua J., 15247 Pasadena Ave., $157,500.

Piatkowski, Troy and Sarah to Bruning, Andrew and Ashley, 2519 S. 154th Circle, $225,000.

Rahn, Adeline P., personal representative, to Ivester, Clayton W., 12374 Bel Drive, $105,000.

Vanosdall, James R. and Christie L. to Vanosdall, Derek M., 12411 Martha St., $110,000.

Vogt, James E. to Vogt, Matthew C. and Frances A., 12207 Bel Drive, $75,000.


Carney, Adam and Anderson, Jaime to Steen, Ryan A. and Janie L., 5632 Willit St., $180,000.

First National Trust Co. and Wagen, Lawrence P. Trust to Clausen, Paul B. and Jill A., 5476 Clay St., $151,500.

Roarty, Theresa M. and Zaayer, Charles T. to Brown, Christopher D. and Melissa M., 7053 Starlite Drive, $260,000.

Ryan, Steven P. to Ryan, Kevin P. and Donna L., 6865 Willow St., $20,000.


Genners, Aaron M. and Tessa R. to Briggs-May, Cynthia A., 12288 Burt St., $104,000.

Knoell, Jason A. and Janae C. to Grubbs, Harold and Denise, 1518 N. 145th St., $162,000.


Birenbaum, Morris to Bone, Eric L. and Custer, Cory A., 13415 Erskine St., $198,000.

Edwards, Ramona M. Trust to Nguyen, Cuong N. and Bontao, Francine E., 5129 N. 112th St., $175,000.

Hyman, Timothy J. and Janelle to Wilson, Colin, 6335 N. 115th Avenue Circle, $148,000.

Marky, Blanca L. to Naumann, Robert A. and Maureen C., 4252 N. 139th Ave., $210,000.

Reiners, Thomas L. and Mary L. to Plym, Stephen W. and Triplett, Jamie L., 11412 Spaulding St., $175,000.



Wall, Lois and William to Knott, Bradley S. and Janice I., 17 Lakeshore Court, $97,000.

Fanders, Phyllis L. and Rueben H. to Johnson, Annette M. and Michael D., 2212 Ave. K, $79,000.

Plantz, Amanda L. and Scott C. to Fitzgerald, Ashley, 2905 Twin City Drive, $99,500.

Richting, Michelle C. and Rick J. to Benavidez, Cheryl A., 5626 Redtail Road, $173,000.

Erskins, Janet M. and Jerkovich, Frank G. and Linda to Johnson, Greg A. and Marjorie A., 3560 Fifth Ave., $114,500.

Karns, Jeremy and Martina M. to Mouw, Adam L. and Brianna N., 1510 13th St., $120,500.

Zuehlke, Janet L. and Alfred to Fuller, Richard, 26 Lakeshore Court, $110,000.

Brown, John E. to Rockwell, Spencer, 3753 Fourth Ave., $82,000.

Norlem, Morris L. to Kallsen, Danielle S. and Jay P., 1535 28th Ave., $138,000.

Auen, Brad S. and Jessie M. to Lester, Shane, 1308 14th Ave., $132,500.

MBI Inc. to John Boudreau I LLC, 1611 14th Ave., $25,000.


Reinders, Gregory and Jacalyn to Bourassa, Daniel J. and Melissa A., 110 Briar Ridge Drive, $255,000.

Parks, James H. to Schlautman, James L. and Marsha L., 104 Brian Circle, $185,000.

Green, Jennifer J. to Cooter, Margaret H., 238 Fifth Ave., $285,000.

Moore, Rebecca M. and Spencer T. to Carritt, Trevor L. and Wright, Caril A., 7315 Stafford Drive, $350,000.

Crowley, Kevin P. and Lynn K. to Hall, Jonathan and Lynn, 18011 Bent Tree Ridge, $622,000.

McPherson, Dianne and Roy to Munson, Terri L., 119 Fifth Ave., $107,500.

Vazquez, Jennifer C. and Nathaniel B. to McGruder, John C. and Rita I., 15106 Pine Terrace Drive, $160,000.

Baker, Brandon W. and Emily J. to Patterson, Samantha E., 916 High St., $93,000.

Kricsfeld, Barbara A. and Barry L. to Lydon, Helen D. and John F., 417 Golden Oaks Drive, $599,500.


Doll, Richard Trust to Graeve, Eugene C. and Maggie L., 22958 Old Lincoln Highway, Crescent, $291,000.

Bowers, Lana K. and Trejo-Abarca, Eugenio to Meyerpeter, Tara, 910 Johnson St., Crescent, $120,000.


Brich, Rosemary L. to Erickson, Orlee I., 32458 Rosewood Road, Neola, $225,500.


Nelson, Gloria S. and Michael G. to Trures, Jodi and Tom, 125 Schueman Cul De Sac, Oakland, $108,500.

Schuler, Donna R. to Schuler, Marvin and Lee P., 203 Kearney St., Oakland, $100,000.

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