Landmark Performance to Hartley, Jeremy J. and Natalie, 7731 N. 151st Circle, $426,326.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Jorn, Gavin R. and Lori L., 16332 Potter St., $296,300.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Matthew J., 8214 N. 173rd St., $261,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Teets, Barbara, 14518 Read St., $239,000.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Lehman, Nicolas I. and Shannon M., 8828 N. 161st Ave., $235,200.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Granados, Crystal E., 14514 Sunrise St., $161,900.

Burr, Eric J. and Chelsey L. to Kohlscheen, Jacob, 8006 N. 145th St., $159,000.

Villotta, Scott and Tiffany to Mines, Matthew P., 15404 Tucker St., $155,500.

Carr, Allan M. to Forman, Matthew J., 15466 Mormon Circle, $152,000.

Nissen, Greg L. and Donna M. to Johnson, Craig, 17028 S. Reflection Circle, $150,000.

Drumm, Susan K. to Feller, Laura, 12013 N. 157th St., $142,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to McKenna, Matthew and Stephanie, 12134 N. 178th Circle, $135,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Home Co. LLC, 18225 Northern Hills Drive, $90,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Buchholz, Jason and Danielle, 12910 N. 184th St., $69,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 12909 N. 184th St., $69,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 17308 Clay St., $47,300.


Ideal Designs Remodeling to Riewer, Eric and Traci, 1610 Blue Sage Parkway, $495,181.

Prestige Homes Inc. to Wagenfuhr, David L., 20918 Poppleton Circle, $485,000.

Stahlecker, Darold W. and Michelle A to Skar, Bryan J. and Krista L., 19802 Elkhorn Ridge Drive, $469,000.

Modde, James R. to Manley, John M. and Mary J., 507 S. 198th St., $423,000.

Lambert, Julie M. and John D. to Vallabhaneni, Madhu, 920 S. 185th St., $405,000.

McNeil and Co. Builders LLC to McNeil, Patrick J., 814 N. 186th Ave., $375,000.

GDR LLC to Becker, Donald A. and Elaine R., 20460 Taylor St., $315,000.

Home Co. LLC to Ballweg, Joseph E., 19326 Franklin Circle, $294,000.

Curt Hofer Construction LLC to Lovgren, Drue A. Trust, 1615 S. 212th Circle, $283,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Krivolavek, Staci and Jesse, 2717 N. 190th St., $280,700.

Charleston Homes LLC to Warneking, Brian L. and Vanessa L., 20461 Grand Ave., $274,254.

Bolander, Garrett B. and Shelby K. to Robinson, Dale H. and Carla C. Trust, 20614 Laramie Road, $256,000.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Hasslock, Raymond J. Jr. and Kathleen P., 20605 Veterans Drive, $203,900.

Reischl, Jay and Aspen, Jeanine to Glenn C. Palmer Homes Inc., 735 Elk Ridge Drive, $103,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 716 N. 186th Ave., $90,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Beaty, Aaron and Michelle, 716 N. 186th Ave., $90,000.

Cypress Group Inc. to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 2302 S. 220th Circle, $81,000.

SNGF Development LLC to Knapp, Steven R. and Donnet L., 1326 N. 191st Ave., $69,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 20921 Walnut St., $60,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 5107 N. 208th Ave., $50,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 4938 N. 205th St., $49,000.


Fintel, Donna D., trustee for Fintel, Kenneth R. Trust, to Henson, Cecil V. and Kerry G., 514 S. Lakewood St., $118,000.


Legenza, Michelle P. and Cullen, Michael P. to Grace Custom Homes Co., 135 S. 243rd St., $81,283.


Danielson, David D., personal representative of Danielson, Rita A. Estate, to Wollmann, Gregory S. and Jennifer L., 2508 Country Club Ave., $205,000.

Smith Miller, Judy, personal representative of Miller, James D. Estate, to RKCK LLC, 3323 N. 57th St., $70,000.

Smith Miller, Judy, personal representative of Miller, James D. Estate, to RKCK LLC, 3511 N. 59th St., $60,000.

Peters, Kathleen, personal representative of O’Flynn, Timothy P. Estate, to Ehlers, James and Melinda, 6139 Pratt St., $58,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to OM Partnership LLC, 3502 N. 57th St., $57,000.

Phillips, Benjamin D. and Kim to Allen, Sheila M., 2623 N. 52nd St., $180,000.

Gamble, Julie R. Trust to KR Properties LLC, 5423 Parker St., $135,000.

Summers, Darryl S. and Diana M. to Tibbs, Justina T., 5125 N. 51st St., $135,000.

Peters, Tori to Kinterknecht, Kathy L., 5815 Miami St., $125,000.

Truong, Sang and Vo, Anh T. to Collins, Jeffrey D. and Leslie A., 6510 Bedford Ave., $119,690.

Feauto, Amy M. and Ryan F. to Franklin 70 LLC, 7054 Franklin St., $119,000.

TSW Properties LLC to Lind, Lamar, 4925 Browne St., $85,000.

Melia, Tom P. and Linda A. to Seay, Hunter G. and Jennifer J., 2948 N. 56th St., $69,500.

Clair United Methodist Church to Akough, Luper, 4621 Camden Ave., $52,000.

Lupu Investments LLC to Tertium LLC, 2009 N. 68th St., $49,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to HBI LLC, 5202 N. 48th St., $20,000.


Forrest, Patrick N. and Monaco, Andrew J. to Monaco, Robert and Brooke D., 4321 Pacific St., $130,000.

Campbell, Debra J. and William D. to Watkins, Christopher M., 3104 S. 38th Ave., $115,000.

Loza, Angel R. Sr. and Heidi D. to Bautista, Antonio V. and De Velasquez, Maria G., 1340 S. 27th St., $105,000.

Zyla, Daniel and Sharon to Zander, Tyler J., 2761 Dupont St., $40,000.


Miller, Jack A. and Theresa R. to Patterson, Michele E. and Donohue, Christine, 4536 Mason St., $191,000.

Brown, Matthew B. to Ortmeier, Stacie R., 6310 Pierce St., $156,500.

Brehm, Kimberly to Graff, Paul, 1927 S. 61st St., $140,000.

Schlickbernd, Paul J. and Debra M. to Seuss, Amanda K., 4657 B St., $127,000.

Donnelly, Beverly M. to WWB LLC, 3011 S. 49th St., $125,000.


Barrows, Rhonda J. Trust to Will, Kaleigh A., 4237 Monroe St., $128,000.

Weiss, Greg M. and Sarah F. Trust to Koelzer, Jesse J., 6054 S. 39th St., $122,000.

Williamson, Michael L. Sr. and Judy K. to Kathol, Andrew, 6046 S. 35th St., $147,000.

Rice, Nickolas P. and Hailey to Osborne, Robert E. II and Kathleen E., 4305 S. 13th St., $105,000.

Schultz, Dale A. and Debra L. to Hernandez, Armando, 4106 Polk St., $96,000.

Moore, Sheila A. to Ruiz, Cirilo A., 4417 S. 32nd St., $80,000.

Puls, James R. and Flott-Puls, Lynnette M. to Zendejas, Jesus, 3408 Y St., $75,000.

Sobczyk, Louis and Donna to Nottingham, Vincent and Angel, 4411 S. 38th St., $50,000.

Sobczyk, Robert E. and Kimberly A. to Nottingham, Vincent and Angel, 4411 S. 38th St., $25,000.


McKee, Carol J., trustee for Prokop, Dorothy C. Trust, to Hintz, Jeremy, 621 Martha St., $210,000.

1234 South 10th LLC to Smarr, Rashawn W., 1234 S. 10th St., $257,145.

Heimes, Randy S. to Tarrahan, Bizhan and Sadigheh, 1431 S. 11th St., $45,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Stubblefield, Cynthia, 3919 N. 22nd St., $129,100.

New Community Development Corp. to Cunningham, Amber N., 1620 Evans St., $80,000.


Carlson, Richard and Murphy, Dennis to Scholl, Michael and Fix-Padilla, Melba D., 5716 N. 36th St., $63,000.

Nebraska State Employees Credit Union to KCL Holdings LLC, 3823 Franklin St., $40,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to HBI LLC, 5922 N. 40th St., $20,000.


Frei, Mark A. Trust to McBride, Joseph J., 611 S. 93rd Ave., $800,000.

Janke, Billy G., trustee for Janke, Esther Trust, to McCammond, Robert L. and Barreras-McCammond, Bebe R., 7736 Izard St., $95,000.

Fibich, Frank E. and Michelle A. to Lyons, Hosea E., 10359 Franklin Circle, $170,000.


Tinstman, William R. and Norma Estate to Hovendick, David L. and Carol J., 6714 N. 160th St., $364,000.

Quinn, Brent G. and Lori A. to RELO Direct Government Services LLC, 2101 N. 176th Ave., $385,000.

Reed, Terry L. and David to Kukula, John M. Trust, 5620 N. 160th Ave., $345,000.

Brocky, Bret M. and Christiane J. to Balachandrajahshri, Manjunath and Prabhakar, Shruthi, 3414 N. 161st Terrace, $340,000.

Niswonger, Michael D. and Mercedes L. to Snyder, Cynthia S., 4221 N. 176th St., $298,000.

Krivolavek, Staci K. and Jesse S. to Stirba, Renae F. and Adam II, 16867 Locust St., $278,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Brezinski, Michelle A., 2604 N. 166th St., $266,600.

Scott, John D. and Christina to Ficken, David G. and Debra A., 4226 N. Branch Drive, $246,000.

Dayton, Arthur W. and Carrie L. to Pella, Nicholas and Wendy, 16210 Erskine Circle, $235,000.

Cabrera, Marisela and Courtney to Dillard, Kenneth W., 14818 Boyd St., $232,000.

Eberle, Alan L. Jr. and Beverly to Dwight, Eric B. and Angela I., 16319 Grand Ave., $227,000.

Burdorf, Adam F. and Jill M. to Markus, Gregg W. and Rebecca J., 2316 N. 163rd St., $218,000.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Wellman, Margaret E., 4608 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $205,800.

Haag, Bruce D. and Judy K. to Lundberg, Carol J., 15125 Camden Ave., $195,000.

Bosworth, Joshua C. and Heidi L. to Clark, Ashley A., 3536 N. 151st Circle, $186,400.

Knauss, Michael E. and Yan R. to Sesto, Jeanine M., 3315 N. 147th Court, $162,500.

Deighton, Kristin L. to Koperski, Cynthia, 16465 Yates St., $155,000.

Dwight, Eric B. and Angela I. to Olsen, Jeffrey E. and Greenfield, Kourtney A., 5162 N. 155th Ave., $136,500.

Johnk, Devon L. and Nicole M. to Stryker, Heather and Pamela, 17012 Sprague St., $113,920.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Fools Inc., 5959 N. 154th Ave., $43,950.


Mass, Donald E. Jr., personal representative of Mass, Mary L. Estate to Minchow, Adam, 4221 S. 60th Ave., $87,550.

McKernan, Mary A. to Scherff, Taylor A., 4519 Drexel St., $145,000.

Hobza, Brian P. and Emily to Funk, Cathy L., 5415 Orchard Ave., $114,000.


RO-Dan LLC to Dosseh, Enam K. and Mauricio-Dosseh, Maria, 17034 Seward St., $253,500.

Duncan, Maurice and Caren A. to Liao, Ke and Niu, Fang, 15626 Westchester Circle, $190,000.

Gubser, Yvonne M. to Abler, Susan M., 17653 Parker Plaza, $146,000.


Turner, Jessica T. and Richard W. to Genaidy, Elise M., 8937 Quest St., $138,000.

Downing, Jillian L. and Madrice to Munoz, Carlos J., 8834 Quest St., $135,000.

Staley Investment Properties LLC to War, Moo, 7970 Redick Ave., $133,000.

Bishop, John F. III to Washington, Pierre D. and Westin, Anna M., 8045 Newport Ave., $125,000.

Steinkruger, Roger W. and Mary L. to Sandquist, Bryan and Teresa A., 7911 Read Plaza, $119,000.


Izenstat, Lewis B. to Willson, Tyler J. and Sarah H., 2106 Ridgewood Ave., $160,000.


Faust, Joseph T. and Jordan M. to Borcher, Kevin C. and Schworer, Sheryl A., 6103 S. 102nd St., $275,000.

Kontz, Steven J. and Kelly S. to Hoch Holdings LLC, 10517 U St., $155,000.

McNeil, Catherine M. to Kment, Walter, 10618 O St., $153,000.

Anglen, Cinthia A. to LeGrande, Stacia and Thomas, 10241 Mockingbird Drive, $144,000.

Ronk, Jerry to Hardesty, Christopher G., 10523 S Circle, $143,500.

Dittman, Bruce and Brenda to Krska, Shelby and Debra K., 6706 S. 82nd St., $132,000.

Murchison, Melvin L. to Justino LLC, 8320 State St., $125,000.

Archer, Jack D. and Chelsea J. to Dady, Richard, 5219 S. 83rd St., $117,000.


Prestige Homes Inc. to Jessick, Dean F. and Lynne M., 1231 S. 200th Ave., $710,000.

Beran, Christopher and Jennifer to Strout, Kelley A., 3918 S. 194th St., $475,000.

Minden, Bradley G. and J’Iaine L. to Kirkpatrick, Sarah E. and Brody, 3901 S. 184th St., $406,000.

Smith, Kenneth M. and Barbara J. to Fischer, Byron L. and Eunice, 20061 George B Lake Parkway, $380,000.

Vajgert, Gerald G. and Marilyn to Kaiser, Nathan and Lindsey J., 16624 Oak St., $295,000.

Ruth, Donald E. and Patricia A. to Brennan, Donna R., 1510 S. 179th Ave., $260,000.

Kearns, Linda M. to Modrcin, Michael J. and Carmen A., 15919 Marinda Circle, $166,000.

K and K Unlimited LLC to Montz, David R., 3702 S. 202nd Ave., $150,000.

Stephens, Patrick J. to Guo, Yun and Zhang, Jin, 16016 Martha Circle, $135,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co., 1403 S. 200th Circle, $72,500.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co., 1402 S. 200th Circle, $72,500.

Tige Development and Design Inc. to Prestige Homes Inc., 1231 S. 200th Ave., $65,500.


Boyer, Geoffrey to Beylund, David L. and Elise M., 306 S. 52nd St., $357,000.

Comstock, John C. and Juli A. to Focht, Kyle E. and John A., 5021 Nicholas St., $310,000.

Waggoner, Nicholas and Jillian to Blase, Terri L., 5507 Dodge St., $260,000.

Meeks, Philip and Carolyn C. to Kinman, Clay and Melissa, 5114 Burt St., $211,000.

REM Properties LLC to Brunow, Danielle J., 5022 Izard St., $195,900.

Donahue, Daniel P. and Mindy to Eisenman, Joel M. and Paige E., 5020 Webster St., $178,000.

Hough, Florence A. to Webb, Jean L., 5827 Hamilton St., $121,000.

Korth, Rebecca J. and Lucas to Custom Redesign LLC, 5001 Hamilton St., $110,000.

Swain, Marcia R. to Logan Properties Inc., 4921 Davenport St., $110,000.

Shukis, Kathy A. and Albert Jr. to Mitchell, Mallory D., 6642 Western Ave., $108,000.

Flagstar Bank to Strothkamp, David, 4615 Chicago St., $75,000.


Duffey, Richard J., trustee for Helget, Margaret K. Trust to Corey, Scott R. and Kirstine N., 4929 N. 103rd Ave., $201,000.

Brick House Properties LLC to Scott, Todd A. and Suzanne M., 5026 N. 105th St., $225,000.

Koch, Delores S. to Hicks, Phil and Pa Nhia, 6417 N. 102nd Ave., $195,000.

Bottorff, Alexander C. and Melissa J. to Luman, Nicholas J. and Taylor, Carlene L., 9824 Redman Ave., $180,000.

Hunter, Elizabeth A. and Shannon, Shawn D. to Hassen, Fadumo, 7721 Bedford Ave., $162,000.

Schaefer, Otto J. III and Margaret S. to Paul, Kathryn E., 10206 Ohio St., $154,000.

Rader, Zachary C. to Pierce, Anthony W., 9140 Meredith Ave., $145,000.


Franklin 1700 LP and 17217 Revocable Real Estate Trust to Koppen, Cynthia A. and Craig D., 17217 T Circle, $339,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Vengala, Kalyan K. 4408 S. 198th St., $319,928.

Reese, John T. and Mary J. to Fugit, Larry and Carol A., 6609 S. 171st Circle, $297,500.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Witte, Lucas S. and Samantha J., 4702 S. 199th Ave., $264,900.

Best, Susan K. and Chris E. to Quixotic Investments Inc., 6417 S. 157th St., $250,000.

Murphy, Sean A. and Amanda to Nelson, Andrew, 18827 Washington St., $185,000.

Fish, Abigail M. to Plugge, Matthew R. and Ralee, 6103 S. 188th St., $180,000.

Wismer, Douglas and Christine M. to Boury, Mary J., 18719 S St., $172,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Sunde, Allen J., 18624 T Circle, $162,000.

Parrish, Joshua D. and Krysten A. to Jackman, Christopher M. and Cierra J., 6122 S. 191st St., $161,000.


Ajlouny, Jaad A., personal representative, to Ajlouny, Audrey I. and Victor A., 14443 Weir Circle, $152,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 5127 S. 126th Plaza, $88,500.

Fenner, David B. and Mary K. to Kinzer, Deborah A. and Charles L. Jr., 15417 Stevens Plaza, $360,000.

Penke, Marilyn S. to Monce, Daniel F. and Heidi G., 4275 S. 150th Ave., $229,000.

Milner, Edward W. and Fuglemsmo, Jayne A. to Bottorff, Alexander C. and Melissa J., 6312 S. 110th St., $160,000.

Burden, Jeff and Kari to Hageman, Brittney, 6706 S. 135th Terrace, $137,500.

Mollica, Laura A. to Jensen, Ronald L. and Blancett, Penny L., 14505 M St., $137,000.

Piper, Mary N. and Seth T. to Forsythe, Grant E., 13839 W Circle, $137,000.

Schragg, Robert J. Jr. to Brown, Ryan D., 13563 Drexel St., $135,000.

Johnson, Tysen G. and Holly M. to Blanco, Raimundi and Cejas, Dinorath M., 5005 S. 128th St., $132,000.

Wendt, Carol A. to Ly, Jim and Tran, Thu, 6524 S. 117th St., $129,000.

Gitt Homes Inc. to Anderson, Kaitlin S., 14105 O St., $118,000.

Wells Fargo Bank and Norwest Bank Minnesota to Kush Enterprises Inc., 14005 Polk Circle, $112,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 5127 S. 126th Plaza, $106,250.


Leiter, Daniel R. and Lorilyn S. to Korte, Elise E., 14221 Potter Parkway, $232,000.

Taylor, Matthew R. and Danielle J. to Maaske, Bradley A. and Osborne, Amy L., 7501 N. 142nd St., $226,000.

Celebrity Homes LLC to McCallister, Dorothy J., 7209 N. 142nd St., $219,700.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Tamang, Suk and Phurma D., 7411 N. 139th Ave., $189,400.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Neiger, Steven L. and Debbie A., 14288 Whitmore St., $169,900.


Messel, Scott E., trustee for Messel, Elizabeth A. Trust, to Shnayder, Elena A. and Michael I., 1124 S. 113th Court, $549,301.

Bancroft, Paul E. Trust to Erdei, Judith M., 3412 S. 130th St., $123,000.

Walter, Douglas C. and Theresa L. to Lunning, Jana C. and Matthew, 1510 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $420,000.

Hursh, Warren D. and Karen M. to Rodgers, Wesley S. and Tielebein, Gina M., 13607 Arbor St., $250,000.

Gorat, Shirley R. Trust to Gorat, Louis N. Trust, 13006 Shirley St., $230,000.

Ryan, James P. and Jennifer D. to Williams, Douglas A. and Julianne J., 2134 S. 145th Circle, $188,900.

Dahlhauser, Jeffery C. and Amy L. to Edwards, Dave and Mullaney, Natalie, 3502 S. 153rd St., $182,500.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to Pohlman, Brent K. and Michele M., 12720 Hickory St., $168,000.

Tielebein, Gina M. to Lulla, Ashok and Alverna R., 2261 S. 135th Ave., $163,000.

Swanson, Erin B. to Monkey Shine LLC, 2924 S. 136th St., $135,000.

Scott, Brandon M. and Tina L. to Klaczynsky, Andrew M. and Frick, Christina L., 3602 S. 121st St., $131,500.

Allen, Alyce M. to Goetsch, Karston L., 13451 Frederick St., $129,000.

Peters, Jamie M. to Liermann, Ronald G. and Jennings, Suzanne D., 11606 Westwood Lane, $129,000.

Flansburg, Stephanie M. to Brincks, Dawn, 11450 Frederick St., $128,500.


Beran, Jane M. to McCafferty, Kandis L and Patrick J., 6066 Country Club Oaks Place, $450,000.

Corey, Scott and Kirstine to Sass, Brian and Ruhnke, Allison, 5413 Ida St., $135,000.

Prince, Carol J. to Hines, Carlene D., 6515 Read St., $96,000.

Collins, Helen A. to Bronte Companies LLC, 6843 N. 64th St., $71,000.


Granger, Sheryll F. Trust to Ridgway, Tina, 834 N. 131st Court, $211,976.

Da Luz, Bryan to Johnson, Ben and Anna, 312 S. 152nd St., $217,000.

Bell, Paul W. to Leptien, Teresa M. and David B., 616 N. 155th Ave., $214,000.

Skar, Bryan J. and Krista L. to Lennemann, Kathleen, 14539 Charles St., $200,000.

Pella, Wendy M. and Nicholas W. to Young, Kyle and Ramert, Lynn, 656 Grey Fawn Drive, $195,000.

Nguyen, Kinh N. and Diep to Wieler, Suzanne, 12727 West Dodge Road, $94,600.


Bazis, Mary E. Trust to Sadri-Ojeda, Manijeh and John, 4273 N. 143rd St., $283,000.

Kilgore, Quin A. to Prine, Andrea L. and Santos, Michael J., 13021 Ogden Circle, $157,000.

Stara, Scott A. and Michelle C. to Magnett, Chase and Janky, Alexandra, 12519 Patrick Circle, $155,000.

Gollobit, Vernon D. and Lindsay M. to Johansen, Norma D., 11645 Grand Ave., $150,000.

Anderson, Ryan T. and Holly L. to Sharp, Robert C. and Alyssa R., 11578 Rambleridge Road, $146,250.

Ocheretyanskiy, Mark and Larina, Lyudmyla to Fellows, Linnea and Tyler, 12148 Erskine Circle, $145,000.

Raper, Joseph L. and Elizabeth A. to Wilmot, Rex and Brandi, 6628 N. 116th Circle, $139,900.

Wilson, David P., trustee for Modlin, Robert and Suzanne Joint Grantor Trust to BMI LLC, 5032 N. 115th St., $130,000.

SEVRENCI LLC to Clark, Jesse D., 12602 Miami St., $130,000.

Honz, Matthew T. and Patrice A. to McFarland, Ryan, 13068 Boyd St., $125,000.



Gammel, Kelly and Wendi to Boyd, Byron and Chae, 1007 Normandy Drive, $155,000.

Althouse, Wayne E. to Hudnall, Anna, 1209 Prairie Ave., $82,000.

Hailey, Willard L. to Field, Eric, 1408 Fairfax Road, $115,000.

Gradel, Mark R. and Lori A. to Paulson, Alexander L., 1805 Farrell Drive, $190,000.

Guida, Darlene D. Trust to Bafaro, David J. and Jennifer M., 1902 Lindyview Lane, $154,000.

Fitsimmons, Jeffrey T., personal representative for Fitsimmons, Bill G. Estate, to Whited, Kassandra and Buddy, 1905 Madison St., $135,000.

Konsul, Ivan to Whitney, John T. and Mary C., 202 Basswood Court, $220,000.

Olin, Arthur T. Trust to Coleman Carnauba, Olivia and Alves Carnauba, Daniel, 202 Forest Drive, $250,000.

Aspect Homes LLC to Muth, Jonathan D. and Tanya L., 2504 Main St., $93,000.

Savage, Susan to Christensen, Carolyn and Catherine, 2924 Leawood Drive, $170,000.

Hoover, Karen A. and George Jr. to R & B Properties LLC, 3207 Madison St., $117,000.


Woolman, Danny J. and Gabriela B. and Lou A. to Feickert, Daniel P. and Taylor A., 10301 S. 240th St., $106,000.

MacDonell, Rebecca and Charles to Woodford, Walter Y. and Lynn M., 11108 S. 213th St., $249,000.

Palmer, Michael D. and Shelly I. to Bolander, Garrett and Shelby, 11616 S. 201st St., $355,000.

Schweigart, Renee A. to Jordan, Jesse and Bailey, 124 Wesgaye St., $155,000.

Seadore, Nathan J. and Laura B. to Fleck, Benjamin K. and Olena V., 127 Wesgaye St., $161,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Hatcher, Laura and Parsons, Jared, 19317 Greenleaf St., $260,000.

Arner, Daniel P. and Ashley D. to Wolf, Jacob, 21421 Parkview Drive, $233,000.

Randall, Jani R. and Steven and Ramona F. to Randall, Jani R., 8123 S. 192nd Ave., $275,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Stephens, Patrick J. and Pond, Krista M., 8010 S. 194th St., $368,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Homestead Custom Builders LLC, 8129 S. 193rd Ave., $47,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Montiel, Cesar and Rosalinda, 10809 Laramie St., $256,000.

Fools Inc. to DeKlotz, Rick C. and Nancy A., 10905 Lake Tahoe Drive, $288,000.

Lindburg, Tyler S. and Laree A. to Hovick, Andrew D. and Villebrun, Logan J., 1112 Conestoga Road, $169,000.

Ballard, Theresa N. and Cortney M. to Holtmeyer, Kevin T. and Alexis A., 1118 Hackney Drive, $175,000.

Home Co. LLC to Pearson, Harold L. and Christine, 11612 S. 110th Ave., $338,000.

Connor, Thomas J. to Connor, James E., 646 S. Washington St., $52,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Charleston Homes LLC, 11710 S. 110th St., $50,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to MJ Design Build Inc., 11747 S. 110th Ave., $60,000.

Herman, Jeffery and Melissa L. to Wooten, Jeffery and Michelle, 12019 S. 79th Ave., $435,000.

Dick Lind Builders Inc. to Arch, Joseph and Tara, 1430 Whitewater Drive, $520,000.

Bichler, Ryan L. and Lisa M. to Ngo, Cuong X. and Le, Lan T., 2414 Crystal Drive, $228,000.

Urbain, Harley L. and Ethel M. to Pacha, Lane A. and Roshone-Pacha, Bernadine M., 652 Bailey Drive, $300,000.

Covi, John H. and Sandra S. to Were Wameyo, Charles W. and Were, Rosemary, 652 Coyote Circle, $248,000.

Seth, George L. III and Harrison, Debbie A. to Czapla, Billy L. and Denise D., 701 N. Aberdeen Drive, $250,000.

Tan, WayLoon and Tay, Ling L. to Schappert, Jennifer C., 818 Lake Tahoe Drive, $217,000.

Sidwell, Rae L. to Sidwell, Paul C., 831 Arlene Ave., $140,000.


Keller, Gavin R. and Elizabeth A. to Morales Gonzalez, Juan and Adame Paramo, Maria, 10910 Bandlytown Place, $162,000.

Leister, Thomas H. Jr. and Shelley L. to McGraw, Benjamin J. and Rebekah S., 11747 Quail Drive, $215,000.

Parrish, James L. and Lori E. to Ludlow, Wesley R. and Sarah C., 13202 S. 35th Ave., $165,000.

Hackwith, Monte G. and P. Teresa to Stults, Clifford C. Trust, 13254 S. 38th St., $210,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Evans, Allison J., 13718 S. 42nd Ave., $184,000.

Varin, Byron J. and Kinzer-Varin, Theresa K. to Metzger, Cliff J. and Sandra D., 13809 S. 18th St., $294,000.

Ollis, Doyle B. Jr. and Angela M. to DeSoe, Timothy S., 13911 S. 29th Circle, $240,000.

Nguyen, Hien T. and Amy J. to Morris, Daniel D. and Meagan R., 2204 Plymouth Rock Road, $248,000.

McDaniel, Kenneth C. to Brown-Campbell, Joyce, 2707 Michaela St., $154,000.

McBee, Brett E. and Emma D. to Reyes, Kimberly E. and Leonardo J., 3313 Jason Drive, $160,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 5017 Waterford Ave., $47,000.

Niedbalski, Myrtle and Touchstone, Renee and Steve to Kimble, Paul and Cherie, 9705 Linden Ave., $125,000.


Bateman, Patricia K. and Nagel, Paul M. to Conway, Celia M., 10320 Brentwood Drive, $220,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 10901 Lake Tahoe Drive, $43,000.

Weisbeck, Taylor J. to Felts, Christopher A. and Justina M., 7352 Park Crest Drive, $138,000.

Poland, Monty G. and Darci K. to Luong, Hoang and Nguyen, Thuy, 7405 Michelle Ave., $187,000.

Folsom, John P. and Trisha J. to Rodriguez, Pedro, 7510 Joseph Ave., $110,000.

Free, Toby D. and Elise M. to Shepoka, Kevin and Jennifer, 7538 S. 103rd Ave., $330,000.

Schmidt, Jeffrey S. and Headley, Julie to Vargas, Travis and Valerie J., 7704 Leaf Plum Drive, $150,000.

Andersen, Shelly C. and Todd M. to Colegrove, Christopher and Kelly, 8025 S. 67th Street Circle, $196,000.

Home Co. LLC to Haynes, Stefan and Danielle M., 8549 S. 101st St., $282,000.

Reyes, Richard and Dorothy to Miller, David L. and Roxanne C., 8714 S. Glenview Drive, $154,000.

Cooley, Rhonda S., personal representative of Brau, Kathern R. Estate, to Garcia, Ebely, 8810 Walnut Court, $105,000.

Jaeger, Jared D. to Knoell, Justin S. and April S., 9902 Edward St., $215,000.


Horizon Realty Inc. to Seth, George L. III and Harrison, Deborah A., 1303 Lydia Circle, $289,000.

Stafford, Richard P. and Yeson E. to Jungers, Matthew and Russell, Nathaniel E., 1904 Apollo Lane, $300,000.

Vejraska, Heath J. and Terra N. to Weisbeck, Taylor J., 214 Hilton Head Drive, $173,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 2215 Park Crest Drive, $46,000.

Loftis, Nancy J. and Robert D. to Obermeyer, Christopher J. and Elizabeth A., 307 Castle Pine Drive, $269,000.

Timby, Jonathan D. and Lisa D. to Black, Daniel C. and Joanna, 4503 Edgerton Drive, $238,000.

D & J Vogel Construction Inc. to Menichetti, Cody and Pugmire, Lindsey, 4503 Sheridan Road, $276,000.

Pollett, Brandon W. and Heather L. to Riss, Michael T. and Bonnie S., 4606 Edgerton Drive, $262,000.

Home Co. LLC to Cihak, Stacy C. and Susan D., 5267 Waterford Avenue Circle, $423,000.


Trademark Homes Inc. to Sleddens, Matt and Jackie, 10612 S. 189th St., $336,000.

Christian, Gregory W. and Coultice-Christian, Dona L., co-trustees for Christian Family Trust, to Troester, Benjamin D. and Anna M., 11102 S. 172nd St., $330,000.

Heaverlo, Erin L. and Travis L. to Deacon, James C. and Colleen F., 15808 Cottonwood St., $164,000.

Hopson, Floyd S. and Sharon K. to Chapman, Todd and Adrianne, 15952 Virginia St., $274,000.

Syrek, Roy J. and Kristi J. to Ewing, Ryan and Breanne, 16310 Timberlane Drive, $219,000.

Home Co. LLC to Patnaude, Matthew C. and Mayme D., 17214 Camp St., $316,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Olson, Michael D. and Amber L., 18807 Cottonwood St., $221,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rivett, Misty L. and Jones, Takirra L., 18809 Blackwalnut St., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ramsey, Melvin E. and Melinda K., 19012 Redwood St., $244,000.

Inumala, Sujata and Sreedhar to Inman, Christopher and Elizabeth, 19020 Lillian St., $259,000.

Sims, Kenny J. and Cynthia B. to Harrison, William B. and Mary A., 7219 S. 170th St., $310,000.

Suski, Brenda M. to Schimonitz, Matthew S. and Keshia L., 8509 S. 162nd St., $239,000.

Marr, Brent J. and Lindsey L. to Kildow, Tyler C. and Barla, Emily C., 8912 S. 163rd St., $212,000.

Byington, Michael G. and Kendra A. to Yost, Jerad and Beaty, Robin, 9213 S. 170th St., $240,000.

H3 Custom Homes LLC to Hingst, Marleen and Morse, Keith, 9615 S. 173rd St., $300,000.


Midstate Bank to Dizrami Holdings LLC, 13911 Gertrude Circle, $160,000.

Purchase, Pamela to Saucedo, Joel and Antonia N., 13933 Greenfield Road, $150,000.

Gable, William J. and Patti G. to Walrath, Kevin and Monica, 7105 Joyce St., $150,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Herrold, Kiley, 7213 S. 132nd Ave., $126,000.


Konishi, Chie to Contreras, David S. and Carrillo De Contreras, Milagro B., 2205 Olive St., $115,000.

Baccari, Mario and Janet A. to Barker, Grace and Ralph, 3701 Harrison St., $104,000.

Benak, Henrietta J. Trust to Schlotzhauer, Heidi R. , 3823 Edna St., $66,000.

Lancial, Kyle R. and Natalie M. to Kauzlarich, Sidney, 3919 Bartmann Drive, $126,000.

Kibat, Kathleen, trustee for Nary, William M. and Doris J. Trust to Joyce, Jessica, 6909 S. 21st St., $90,000.

Royce, Michael S. Sr. and Elaine to Miranda, Luis S., 6924 S. 42nd St., $94,000.

Maassen, Lon A. to Mackinnon, David L., 7011 S. 41st St., $89,000.

Barowsky, Nancy A. to Swanson, Aaron, 7709 S. 37th St., $128,000.

Sellnow, James and Brann-Sellnow, Melissa J. to Chucta, Christopher J., 9707 S. 28th St., $253,000.


Reyes, Phillip E. and Laurie A. to Maxwell, Charles F. III and Pamela M., 4902 Greene Ave., $200,000.

Foley, David J. IV and Kristine M. to Todd, Kevin L. and Janice L., 8441 E. 64th Ave., $210,000.

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