Beyer, Lari L. and Barry to Evangelista, Alethea and Fablo, 8602 N. 168th Ave., $388,000.

Sherwood Homes to Mielke, Brian J. and Cynthia A., 8220 N. 162nd St., $256,400.

Celebrity Homes to McCluskey, Coby R., 8228 N. 147th St., $161,200.

Blankenfeld, Russell D. to Bussey, Rachel and Timothy, 12618 N. 177th Circle, $75,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV Heritage to Pacesetter Homes, 14822 Wild Indigo St., $53,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV Heritage to Pacesetter Homes, 14958 Wild Indigo St., $47,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV Heritage to Sherwood Homes, 9823 Rosewater Parkway, $45,000.

State Street Investments to Sherwood Homes, 16206 Young St., $40,950.

Startford Park Development to Bilek, Richard and Jaycie, 8515 N. 172nd Circle, $36,800.


Masching, Robert J. and Tammi S. to Buddecke, Donald E. Jr. and Dana, 1013 N. 190th St., $609,100.

Thomas, Nate and Amanda to Sufficool, Beth and Michael, 1503 N. 196th St., $565,000.

Royal Development to Shelby, Shaija, 1504 N. 188th St., $559,000.

Eggers, Ronald L. and Mary K. to Dean, Bruce G. and Jayne S., 22810 Rifle Ridge Terrace, $539,000.

Home Co. to Scheer, Ryan and Amber, 23415 Berry St., $398,000.

Dynasty Homes to Stanek, Joseph and Stefanie, 18962 Pratt St., $384,500.

Sandstrom, Kurt and Brennan-Sandstrom Heather A. to Marcil, William A. and Sandra R., 19650 Mason St., $345,000.

Hildy Construction to Arledge, Warren and Sheryl L., 4310 N. 207th Ave., $338,000.

Charleston Homes to Willis, Marc R. and Allison E., 20611 Fowler Ave., $321,417.

Homebuilders LLC to Zieg, George A. Trust, 404 S. 185th St., $288,000.

Sufficool, Beth A. Trust to Nerz, Christopher M. and April D., 20732 Palm Circle, $265,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Sloan, Stewart and Diane, 2008 S. 208th St., $260,000.

Charleston Homes to Beck, Eric A. and Reagan L., 4508 N. 205th Ave., $255,700.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Daily, Dawna D. and Kevin B., 18715 Mason St., $200,009.

Tige Development and Design to Ramm Holdings, 1303 S. 209th Circle, $190,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Jeck & Co., 1504 S. 219th Ave., $100,000.

Hamptons Land Developmet to Forsman, Chris K., 4856 S. 236th Circle, $95,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Watson, Brett and Allison, 21001 Marinda St., $90,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV Heritage to Henry, Joshua P., 731 Elk Ridge Drive, $67,000.

EVE LLC to Hildy Construction, 3114 N. 192nd Ave., $65,000.


Winger, Marion C. and Diana G. to Lippert, Abraham D., 350 W. Valley St., $142,500.

Young, Maggie M. to Hayden, Melanie, 903 Valley View St., $135,000.

Beran, Cheron and Judy K. Trust to Hubka, Wesley K. and Sonja M., 6525 Fern Lake Circle, $133,000.

Pleasure Lakes to Landon, Daniel L., 500 W. Valley St., $123,500.


Dunning, Timothy S., personal representative, to Webster, John W. and First National Bank Omaha, 1214 Howard St., $315,000.


Ostertag, Nicole to Steinfeld, Gwendolyn I. and Fiedler, Christopher R., 5008 Miami St., $135,000.

Kopf, Tony L. Jr. and Brandy L. to Wah, Eh L. and Say, Klo K., 6335 Parkview Lane, $106,500.

Carlson, Barbara J. to Rogers, Brandon D. and Stephanie J., 2052 N. 60th Ave., $100,000.

Johnston, Kyle J. to Moo, Moo and Tun, Mya, 5824 Grant St., $97,500.

Cano, Maria D. to Meh, Pray and Reh, We, 5011 N. 53rd St., $90,000.

MCS Rentals LLC to Solko, Jordan, 6328 Wirt St., $89,900.


Armbrust, Herbert J., personal representative, to Romans, David C. and Karen M., 828 S. 29th St., $180,000.

Carter, Amanda L. and Dopheide, Andrew to Smith, Clay S. and Donna J., 4366 Mason St., $128,000.

Carter, Lisa M. and Lee T. to PROP LLC, 3619 Leavenworth St., $57,500.

Eckley, Michael J. Trust to Hernandez, Juan M., 1322 S. 27th St., $32,000.


Jones, Bradford D. and Lindsey L. to Nelsen, Tyler, 6123 Poppleton Ave., $181,000.

Thorsen, Phyllis M. to McLaughlin, Michael, 4701 Walnut St., $168,000.

Kiichler, Kady and Ryan to Gibbons, Meghan M. and Michael T., 511 S. 69th St., $124,000.

McKnight, Debra K. and Ramsey, Michael S. to 4 CS Holdings, 5815 Frederick St., $114,000.

Larsen, Melissa and Ross J. to Allen, Jonathan P. and Emily C., 979 S. 50th St., $109,700.

Vesta Properties to Dominquez, Antonio F., 6605 A St., $65,000.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to Vesta Properties, 6605 A St., $50,000.


Myers, Bill and Gomez, Hilda to Barrera, Jorge B., 1339 Washington St., $85,000.

Millions Connections to Garcia, Ricardo and Contreras De Garcia, Maria D., 5112 S. 40th St., $84,000.

Niemann, Kerry L. and John C. to Carrasco, Leticia M., 3720 X St., $75,000.


Navarrette, John to PNP LLC, 808 Forest Ave., $43,750.


Finch, Emogene Trust to Baker, Frank H., 4123 Florence Blvd., $20,000.


Narra Realty LLC to Sandra McFadden IRA, 4922 N. 33rd Ave., $68,000.

Thompson, David R. Sr. Trust to Wight, Timothy L., 2873 Fort St., $38,000.

Frontier Holdings LLC to FH REM 1 LLC, 4463 Jaynes St., $24,000.

Frontier Holdings LLC to FH REM 1 LLC, 4707 N. 40th Ave., $20,000.


Jones, Lori R. to Saathoff, Alicia, 2445 Ida St., $98,000.

Litwin, Trina and Paul E. to Mahoney, Christopher T., 6730 N. 34th St., $95,500.

7 Properties LLC to Knight, Julie, 2874 Read St., $68,000.

Frontier Holdings LLC to FH REM 1 LLC, 2726 Vane St., $30,000.


Casey, Joseph M. Sr. and Catherine O. to Buston, Graciela M. and Erikson-Farr, Benjamin E., 9944 Devonshire Drive, $350,000.

Singleton, Roy A. and Ruth A. to Putz, Ryan J., 10617 Parker St., $142,000.

GRE LLC to Anzalone, Jessica R. and Christopher R., 7805 Seward St., $118,000.

Giles, Brian K. and Christina L. to Root, Aaron S., 750 N. 77th Ave., $82,995.


Prestige Homes to Phillips, Kassandra and Dominic, 17665 Burdette St., $420,040.

Oney, Michael A. and Jamie to Swanson, Daniel C., 2419 N. 171st St., $299,000.

Burnham, Amber R. and Chad M. to Ludrick, Sally A. and Robert N., 14905 Jaynes St., $237,500.

Reith, Merlin L. and Marjorie A. to Myers, Joel and Korin, 3101 N. 171st Ave., $224,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ruma, Douglas V. and Michaela A., 16430 Lilac St., $217,800.

Celebrity Homes to Pigula, Aaron L. and Amy M., 16402 Lilac St., $210,750.

Banker, Jeff R. and Lisa R. to Lea, Heather K. and Greenwood, Adam B., 4922 N. 161st St., $201,000.

Ellison, Jeffrey G. and Shari A. to Lee, Jung-Min and Yim, Joohee, 15203 Fowler Ave., $193,500.

Manstedt, Chase S. and Kami K. to Nguyen, Michael T., 14738 Sprague St., $187,500.

Galbraith, John R. to Muck, Edwin L. Jr., 3138 N. 151st St., $163,000.

Landes, Terry L. II and Sherry B. to Duren, Austin, 2916 N. 152nd Ave., $137,000.

Home Building Consultants to Katt, Michael J., 5901 N. 166th Court, $115,000.

Rubeck, Eric R. and Megan to Addison, Shawn, 14628 Ames Ave., $104,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Marc David Custom Built Homes and Charleston Homes, 6412 N. 163rd St., $43,900.


Green, Sarah F. and Murray, Scott to Real, Anayeli M., 4609 Monroe St., $117,500.

Harrison, Norma J. Trust to Taylor, Kaylee A., 4961 S. 48th St., $85,000.

Ayivi-Guedehoussou, Ayite and Ayele to Ressier, Rosely, 4464 S. 61st St., $78,000.


CATM Properties to 1827 N. 176th Plaza LLC, 1827 N. 176th Plaza, $132,000.

CATM Properties to 1823 N. 176th Plaza LLC, 1823 N. 176th Plaza, $132,000.

CATM Properties to Zehr, Steven P., 1811 N. 176th Plaza, $132,000.


Parsons, Lynn R. and Linda S. to Bartunek, Randy and Kelly, 8474 Baker St., $159,000.

Karmazin, Michelle L. to Mann, Steven L., 8949 N. 78th Avenue Circle, $124,500.


Ware, Thomas N. to Galley, Jason and Jennifer, 9257 Pine Circle, $225,000.

Champion Mortgage Co. and Nationstar Mortgage to Lenagh, Paul, 3313 S. 107th St., $125,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Blue Jay Development, 9109 Susan Circle, $101,000.


Green, Timothy A. and Rachel L. to Huss, Michael J. and Theresa L., 10251 Madison St., $276,000.

Hollingshead, Glen J. and Margaret M. to Rankin, Gail L. and David S., 5821 S. 107th St., $165,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Bock, John E., 7519 Polk St., $110,000.

Worley, Jeanne L. and Jent H. to Beatty, Jody, 7708 Sunset Drive, $107,000.


Ritter, Dennis and Lisa to Snowardt, Christopher C. and Heather M., 3801 S. 188th St., $395,000.

Ish, Jon M. and Joann to Wilkins, Paul M., 20160 Nina St., $307,000.

Pearce, Marina and Michael P. to Mayfield, Landon, 2107 S. 197th St., $237,500.

Kopun, Predrag S. and Judy G. to Clements, Billy D. and Sydney J., 17106 Shirley St., $225,000.

Lynch, Lois J. Trust to Groller, Gloria, 3526 S. 163rd St., $215,000.

Samson, Clete P. and Desirae to Qin, Hongyan, 3659 S. 191st Ave., $210,000.

Macdissi, Robert J., personal representative, to Meckna, Kevin and Lindsey, 19003 Hansen St., $175,500.

Perdue, Jeff to Day, Gary W. and Tamara K., 2905 S. 160th Plaza, $145,000.

Le, Thien T. to Gaeta, Samuel and Southwick, Spencer, 15730 Valley St., $123,000.

Coenen, Denice to Hardiman, Michael K. and Penny S., 3885 S. 181st St., $58,000.

HBI LLC to Nelsen, Jeff and Sally, 1326 S. 190th Plaza, $33,500.


Hinsley, Eleanor B., personal representative, to Glass, Douglas and Brandon, 4312 Chicago St., $70,000.


Wu, Serena S. and Ross, Robert S. III to Smith, Frank and Klosner, Margaret, 720 N. 57th St., $549,000.

Marshall, Mark C. and Amy L. to Storer, Tamara S., 5836 Hamilton St., $135,000.


Penry, Patricia E. to Nykiel, Samantha J. and Paul M., 8005 Spaulding Circle, $210,000.

Lines, David J. and Isabel Trust to Holland, James E. and Carolyn J., 2416 N. 98th Ave., $168,000.

Popelka, Susan K. and David O. to Cutler, Daniel L. and Ramona F., 3522 N. 93rd Ave., $142,500.

Doering, Pamela C. and Ralph A. to Beck, Cathryn E., 9470 Binney St., $123,500.

Noveski, Lynn to Canning, Erik D., 9417 Ohio St., $115,000.

Harwick, J.D. and Connie to Hernandez, Eduardo, 2335 N. 75th St., $40,000.


Snowardt, Heather M. and Christopher C. to Miller, Chase D. and Amanda A., 16110 W St., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes to Schnieders, Nathan D. and Cathy J., 19155 X St., $206,400.

Herbolsheimer, Sarah M. and Jason J. to Schommer, Richard J. and Kezziah J., 4956 S. 194th St., $198,000.

Jablonski, David T. and Klinker-Jablonski, Sheila to Pietig, Christopher, 15914 T St., $175,000.

Korth, Gerald C. and Deborah A. to Moran, Kori and Rick, 16358 Z St., $165,000.

Ivener, Guadalupe and Christopher R. to Riley, Snera and Otis, Tyler A., 6222 S. 191st St., $146,000.

Slagle, Rachael C. to Van Camp and Son LLC, 18930 L St., $132,000.


Kirkpatrick, James W. and Michelle to Kopf, Tony L. Jr. and Brandy L., 6612 S. 147th St., $173,700.

Juricek, Ryan J. to Amini, Abdullah and Nafisa, 14030 Birchwood Ave., $151,000.

Seigel, Bonnie R., personal representative, to Fishbaugh, Alyssa A., 5412 S. 145th St., $150,000.

Beck, Reagan L. and Eric to Tripp, Brent D. and Katie M., 12640 Anne St., $127,000.

Allsbrook, Michelle L. to Upadhyay, Sanak and Laxmi, 6324 S. 143rd St., $101,000.


King, Katharyn R. and Hamann, Jennifer L. to Rehmeier, Terrence L. and Sally A., 11504 Read Circle, $300,000.


Pearson, Deborah K. and Darry W. to Likes, Steven C., 11216 William Plaza, $552,500.

Motes, Keisha K. and Jason A. to Longley, Sara S. and Damien M., 1227 S. 110th St., $318,000.

Bisignano, Tony and Mary B. to Glissman, Jeremy and Bustamante, Elizabeth, 14130 Cedar Circle, $193,000.

Kucera, Jessica M. to Jaekels, Thomas, 14518 Hascall St., $153,500.

Lessner, Ronald Sr. and Patricia to Hunt, Fred N. and Trisha C., 3554 S. 121st St., $125,000.

Fries, Alisha and Ryan to Petersen, Amy K. and Jack T. Jr., 3220 S. 138th St., $118,000.

Property Network to Monte Properties, 3505 S. 108th St., $105,000.

Anderson, Richard L. to Darling, Darrell L. and Patricia D., 2910 S. 112th St., $99,500.


Corso, Richard to Nelson, Brenda L. and Lee W., 6729 Country Club Road, $310,000.

Nabity, Michael R. to Moses, Robin D. and Mislilvec, Joseph E. III, 7708 Mormon Bridge Road, $265,000.

Gray, Jes L. and Kristen N. to Peterson, Lindsey and Andersen, Jacob, 7229 N. 71st Circle, $160,000.


Rudeen, Cheryl A. to Reisdorff, Michael and Kate L., 12971 Seward St., $337,000.

Ellis, Mary J. Trust to Jones, Bradford and Lindsey, 1405 N. 127th Circle, $293,000.

Antonelli, Vincent J. and Linda M. to Hansen, Ryan and Olechoski, Emily, 815 S. 121st St., $185,000.

Regberg, Matthew A. and Kay A. to Marvin-Craig, Julie M., 15311 Lafayette Ave., $183,000.

Jourdan, Benjamin E. and Erin E. to Anderson, Sheryl L., 1804 N. 111th St., $124,000.


Alexander, Cheryl to Jacks, Jeremy K. and Jane C., 4316 N. 138th St., $280,000.

Craig, Donnie M. and Marvin-Craig, Julie M. to Koenig, Kellin and Samantha, 5605 N. 142nd Ave., $243,000.

Hill, Nick A. to Harrell, Seth, 2401 N. 112th St., $138,000.

Andersen, Clayton L. and Jolene to O’Neill, Colleen M., 5736 N. 115th Circle, $130,000.

Gillett, Brittany L. to Lundy, Travis K., 13003 Nebraska Ave., $129,900.

Wells Fargo Financial Nebraska to Holguin, Hannah E. and Saulo A., 12919 Himebaugh Ave., $125,000.

Kerlin, Donald C. and Shayla M. to Hofer, Katie, 5512 N. 126th Ave., $120,000.

Smith, Debra L. to Montoya, Jhoan, 11372 Raleigh Drive, $65,000.



Dorner, Chris E. and Langan Dorner, Kathleen A. to Meldrum, Stephen K. and Sharon L., 1001 Bellevue Blvd., $207,000.

Moller, Gary A. and Maria G. to Nelsen, Peter J. and Debra A., 1008 Bellevue Blvd. North, $195,000.

Johnson, Lacey M. and Zachary R. to Johnson, Dennis E. Jr. and Jill S., 1415 Englewood Drive, $105,000.

Klerman, Renate to Davis, Todd S. and Kaila M., 1501 Freeman Drive, $135,000.

Holbert, Lesley W. and Mary L. to Brim, Nicholas J., 1508 Camp Clifford Road, $179,000.

Gonzalez, Richard and Lucy M. to Krull, Christopher J. and Thurber, Jerilyn, 2006 Camp Brewster Road, $130,000.

Wener, Eva L. to Wrestler, Richard W., 2815 Janan Drive, $120,000.

Saniuk, John S. and Diana J. to Hartnett, Marjorie S. Trust, 305 Avian Circle S., $318,000.

Great Western Bank to Hogan, Lenice P., 733 Willow Circle, $78,000.


Charleston Homes to GDR LLC, 11418 S. 173rd St., $36,000.

Charleston Homes to Wright, William J. and Rachel L., 12821 S. 234th St., $195,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Kisielewski, David A. and Christiane N., 19305 Chandler St., $328,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Custard, Shaun E. and Kristi M. 19829 Emiline St., $428,000.

Bellbrook Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 19836 Bellbrook Blvd., $42,000.

Starkey, Nicholas P. and Angelica to Cunningham, Keith A. and Janet M., 20067 Emiline St., $440,000.

Filipowicz, Michael J. and Michele A. to Nore, Neal R. and Lois R., 21108 Shiloh Drive, $258,000.

Legacy Model Properties to Morbach, James A., 21114 Buchanan Parkway, $225,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Stecher, Lindsay and Jerry, 21115 Boulder Circle, $246,000.

Charleston Homes to Schamp, Scott R. and Brien M., 21425 Hancock Drive, $215,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Christensen, Nicholas D. and Heidi L., 7105 S. 194th St., $369,000.


Vandelay Investments to Melvin Sudbeck Homes, 1014 Jacqueline Drive, $20,000.

Foster, Beth L. and Darrick to Boehmer, Adam M. and Postlewait, Kristina R., 1106 Apache Circle, $150,000.

Malibu Holdings to Advantage Development, 11455 S. 122nd St., $87,000.

Mathis, Dawn and Benjamin to Kauffman, Phillip A. and Katelyn R., 1706 Southview Drive, $165,000.

Morgan, Grayson B. and Cynthia V. to Ellwein, Jared S. and Stephanie K., 2220 Sand Hills Drive, $258,000.

Wicker, Brenda J. and Richard to Berger, Anthony S. and Karlie M., 627 Osage Drive, $125,000.

Jarvis, Sheralyn, personal representative for Schack, Helen Estate to Jensen, Troy and Tricia B., 717 N. Beadle St., $83,000.

Fugit, Terry L. and Michele M. to Gall, Adam L. and Avalon L., 808 Arlene Ave., $187,000.

Kent, Absolon S. and Thurraya S. to Bullock, Bradley D. and Ruth E., 816 Auburn Lane, $221,000.

Andersen, Kimberly M. and Roehrig, Patrick A. to Billesbach, Sara J. and Larkin, Adam, 908 Shenandoah Drive, $155,000.


Campbell, Gordon and Patricia to Jarecki, Katherine A., 12902 Lake View Drive, $460,000.


Shoshua, Mark and Julie to Beran Land Management, 25205 Harrison St., $550,000.


Holland, Michael A. and Yaharia to Olendi, Victor and Jennifer, 10901 S. 25th Ave., $194,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 11659 Quail Drive, $138,000.

Carlson, John M. Jr. and Patricia J. to Attoungble, Ashley C. and Nguessan, G.R., 11905 Golden Blvd., $117,000.

Rocha, Ramiro to Burgstiner, Jason, 12910 S. 29th Place, $153,000.

Hoffman, Ryan T. and Jennifer L. to Tyo, Paul and Nadine, 13711 S. 17th St., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes to Replogle, Julie K. and Markowsky, Thomas J., 13811 S. 43rd St., $175,000.

New, Mason M. and Doneta S. to JNR Management, 14206 S. 18th St., $209,000.

Clemans, Eugene R. and Sandra L. to Shepherd, Kurt A. and Emily A., 1608 Leona Circle, $250,000.

Mikelonis, Teresa M. to Henderson, Tony L. and Megan S., 2208 Greenwald St., $207,000.

Lavin, John C. and June A. to Kolozsy, Benjamin and Naomi, 2811 Century Road, $190,000.

Owens, Jeffrey A. and Sandy A. to Sysel, Zachary L. and Beth M., 3409 E. Dutchman Circle, $143,000.

Reisinger, Donald E. to Shields, Rodney T. and Shawn C., 4215 Bob White Circle, $185,000.

Miller, Ryan Leonard and Valerie J. to Eledge, Brian J. and Lori, 707 Cedar View Circle, $210,000.

Security National Bank, personal representative for Thuringer, Rosalind L. Estate to Gray, Patrick and Kelly, 9704 S. Ninth Ave., $109,000.


Dietrich, Linda M. to Sedlak, Michael and Sharon, 7410 Thorn Apple Lane, $113,000.

Crook, James L. Jr. and Harbison, David A. Trust to Federspiel, David, 7813 S. 94th St., $255,000.

Portal Ridge Development to D&J Vogel Construction, 8409 S. 103rd St., $45,000.

Home Co. to Henkenius, Christopher M. and Tara L., 8533 S. 102nd St., $312,000.

Henkenius, Christopher M. and Tara L. to Boland, James B. and Megan M., 8608 S. 98th Circle, $277,000.

Colbleigh, Deborah S., trustee for Eeman, Victoria B. Family Trust to Ashwood, Joshua and Renee, 8714 S. 98th Circle, $235,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Legacy Model Properties, 1911 Aberdeen Drive, $275,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Legacy Model Properties, 2001 Aberdeen Drive, $245,000.

Horizon Realty to Myers, William C. and Vickie L., 2007 Atlas Drive, $259,000.

Ortiz, Gabriel and Mary P. to Gonzalez, Saul R. and Stephanie J., 2114 Eagle Crest Drive, $268,000.

Rogers Construction to Stolp, Nathan R. and Jo C., 805 Fall Creed Road, $238,000.

Rogers Development to Rogers Construction, 805 Fall Creek Road, $43,000.


JMF LLC to Advantage Development, 10530 S. 176th St., $57,000.

Saathoff, Michelle to Mayberry, Jerry R. Jr., 14806 Margo St., $123,000.

Shakya, Dev R. and Anjana to Heldt, Gregory T., 15834 Willow St., $137,000.

Celebrity Homes to Vytlas, Eric A. and Dietzschold, Cora R., 16412 Cary St., $204,000.

Burk, Joshua M. and Joelle to Vicario, Ryan P. and Brenda N., 17704 Emiline St., $133,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Legacy Model Properties, 18618 Hoich Drive, $330,000.

Anderson, Clarence M. Jr. and Mary E. to Anderson, Mads and Sarah, 7007 S. 167th Ave., $55,000.

Anderson, Mads C. to Anderson, Mads and Sarah, 7007 S. 167th Ave., $55,000.

Bullard, John O. and Molly L. to Garwood, Jared E. and Meredith A., 7115 S. 173rd St., $260,000.

Poole, Alysia A. and Dennis to Korb, Megan A., 7124 S. 176th Ave., $138,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Dvorak, Travis and King, Lyndsy, 7405 S. 189th St., $203,000.

Timberline Homes to Oswald, Ryan P. and Deichert Oswald, Andrea L., 9606 S. 171st Ave., $315,000.

Palisades Development to Charleston Homes, 9804 S. 173rd St., $48,000.


Prokupek, James J. to Schreiter, Ryan and Valerie, 13507 Edna St., $150,000.


Carlson, Sarah J. and Jeremy D. to Zidlicky, Theodore R. and Jerrica L., 2537 Cornelia St., $149,000.

Guaminga, Edison to McDonald, Charles M. and Heather M., 2813 Irene St., $133,000.

Reyes, Jess C. and Mary A. to Figueroa, Guillermo A., 3716 Greene Ave., $120,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Harnisch, Keith and Carol W., 9311 S. 24th St., $295,000.



D & M Homes to Western Iowa Land Development, 67 Glenview Drive, $60,000.

Hunt, Pamela and Randy L. and Jenkins, Connie E. and Leland S. to Lee, Samantha and McMurray, Justi L., 2403 S. 12th St., $77,500.

R & R Equities to Gregg, Amanda A., 2641 McBridge Ave., $73,000.

Spidell, Ronald C. to Loye, Marie A., 9 Walter Neuman Drive, $139,000.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 3206 Ave. K, $93,500.

Worley, Anna and Michael to Vavra, Kevin, 518 S. Ninth St., $80,000.

MAC Investments and Old Lincoln Investments to Council Bluffs Development Corp., 215 S. 26th St., $15,000.

Rose, Fred T. to Starner, Juliane and Michael Jr., 420 N. 41st St., $12,500.

Lewis, Nicole to RGM Enterprises, 705 N. 16th Ave., $65,000.

Wells, Brian M. to Cook, Jerad J. and Jolene A., 215 N. 12th St., $15,000.


Schultz, Justin M. and Rachel M. to Smith, Kyle R. and Melissa C., 335 Parkwood Drive, $182,000.

Akers, Sue A. and Tommy to Rorie, Shawn A., 20401 Honeysuckle Road, $248,000.

Gress, Matthew W. to Braymen, William J., 248 Woodland Road, $274,000.

Carnes, Debra L. and Scott T. to Mayer, Mary K. and Richard E. Sr., 1422 Aster Drive, $261,500.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Liston, John, 1430 Callahan Drive, $38,000.

Oakridge Estates to Walker, Barry J. and Tami J., 308 Oak Ridge View Circle, $62,000.

G7 Innovations Inc. to Stein, Daniel T., 322 Morningside Ave., $178,000.

Bluffs Homes to Beck, Easton, 325 Union St., $83,000.

MAC Investments and Old Lincoln Investments to Council Bluffs Development Corp., 740 Ave. F, $35,000.

Beck, Beth E. and Chad L. to Hurley, Todd D., 2530 Franklin Ave., $139,000.

Christiansen, David A. and Spencer, Constance J. to Preston Investments, 2853 Broadway St., $230,000.


Frost-Harvey, Eileen C. to Anderson, Amy C. and Brant, 1007 Shoal Point, Carter Lake, $215,000.


Deutsche Bank to Martin, Ashley and Perry, 37009 Whippoorwill Road, Shelby, $125,000.

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