Hildy Construction Inc. to Kalin, Jared D. and Tiffany M., 9033 Kilpatrick Parkway, $398,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Pruneau, Ryan and Courtney, 9022 N. 173rd St., $306,262.

Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction Inc., 9015 N. 173rd St., $47,700.

Nelson Builders Inc. to McAleer, Keely S. and Justin P., 9014 N. 169th Ave., $352,952.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Phillips, Matthew J., 8922 N. 161st Ave., $251,700.

Fools Inc. to McDonnell, John M., 8919 N. 169th Ave., $307,231.

Grimes, Daniel L. and Taylor to Grimes, James D. and Susan K., 8229 N. 150th Terrace, $200,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Marc A. and Gufford, Dawn R., 8212 Kilpatrick Parkway, $236,000.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8205 N. 172nd St., $334,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Uttecht, Lowell G. and Kathleen C., 7122 N. 154th St., $226,960.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Graham, Douglas G. and Bartels-Graham, Cynthia M., 17089 S. Reflection Circle, $98,000.

Schmidt, Brenda L. to Alexander, Erica C., 15532 Potter St., $287,500.

Hartley, Jeremy J. and Natalie to Molczyk, Steven M. and Jordan M., 15370 Mormon St., $147,500.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Korth, Ryan E. and Katie A., 15010 Elderberry Circle, $46,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zelfel, Cory and Samantha, 14521 Sunrise St., $167,200.

Kontz, Steven J. and Kelly S. to Wilson, Louis Jr. and Janine, 11903 N. 179th St., $688,000.


Thornton, Megan S. to Santiago, Rene and Ilsy, 818 S. 188th Terrace, $325,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Holcombe, Robert C. and Eleanor P., 4515 N. 205th Ave., $293,299.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Ahlers, Keith D. and Koralie R., 3758 N. 190th St., $382,913.

ER-North Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 19616 Parker St., $40,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Peake, Steven J. and Kimberly A., 19310 Binney St., $478,350.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to H3 Custom Homes LLC, 19007 Lake St., $34,250.

FRK Development LLC to Vencil Construction Inc., 18923 Sahler St., $49,900.

Oetter, Amy and Sautter, Jodi to Minarich, Jacob R., 18152 Honeysuckle Drive, $293,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Molai, Nofel and Cori M., 1718 S. 207th St., $360,974.

Huntington Homes LLC to Coriano, Adam and Lubbers, Shannan, 1710 N. 197th St., $465,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to DeFelice, Elizabeth A. and Ralph M., 1707 S. 207th St., $465,559.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Kuhl, Kyle L. and Sara B., 1505 S. 218th Ave., $884,726.


Ray A. Ford Dodge Real Estate Co. to Ford, Robert D. and Jane M., 70 Ginger Cove Road, $270,000.


Kohler, Amanda J. and Kevin to Lassen, Joseph G., 300 S. 16th St., $115,000.


Obrecht, Martin J. and Waraporn to Wilcox, Benjamin A., 6112 Parker St., $92,000.

Burgess, Raymond D. Jr. and Pamela J. to La, Ku and Kaw, Kaw, 5721 Fort St., $102,000.

Hotovy, Nathan and Maritia to Mardi, Zachary S. and Montgomery, Keely K., 5224 Corby St., $195,000.

Nielsen, Alicia D. and Christine D. to Reh, Soe and Meh, Se, 5221 N. 49th St., $99,900.

Smith, Nancy L. to Shinkunas, April M., 4907 Pinkney St., $113,000.

Hagg, Erin M. to Suponchick, Kelley and Battreall, Karen, 3550 N. 48th St., $126,000.

Sushi Balloon LLC to Edwards, Monica L., 3457 N. 60th St., $83,500.

DeRoin, William J. and Byars, Ashley K. to Erickson, Julie D. and William H., 2516 N. 61st St., $85,000.

Klaasmeyer, Brianna M. and John D. to Nelson, Suzanne H. and Kevin J., 2407 N. 56th St., $240,000.

Busch, Amanda S. and Jeffrey A. to Scarbrough, Jane E., 2341 N. 60th Ave., $140,000.

Ralph and Marlene Matney LLC to Rodriquez, Carlos, 5101 Pinkney St., $70,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 2480 N. 47th Ave., $33,000.


Moya, Consuelo T. to Manganaro, John J., 500 S. 37th St., $95,000.

Small, Russell L. and Karen to Flora, Tamara K., 4405 Spring St., $155,000.

Hare, Patrick B. Jr. to Moran, Michael L. and Erin L., 4404 Center St., $78,000.

Watts, Kevin to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 3823 Gordon St., $47,500.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Mayo, Marino R. and Carmona, Patricia A., 3144 Mason St., $73,000.

Johanek, Angela L. and Clint to Mason, Sarah A., 2346 S. 35th Ave., $115,250.


Grafelman, Paul M. and Deborah L. to Schiermeyer, Jeffrey D., 961 S. 51st St., $125,000.

Lipari, Daniel J. and Gail M. to Anderson, Tyler, 5706 Pacific St., $216,000.

Corcoran, Loyola C., personal representative, to Isenberg, Rick, 1722 S. 54th St., $60,000.


Kaiser Investment Properties LLC to Rangel, Abigail U., 6711 S. 38th St., $74,000.

Atlas Enterprises LLC to Rangel, Amador and Velazquez de Rangel, Cira, 5008 S. 39th St., $110,000.

Kotlik, Anne E. and Jerry H. to Rumble, Mia K., 4202 Mid City Ave., $90,000.

Jaimes, Jose and Carbajal, Maria D. to Montes, Jeffrey R., 4127 S. 38th St., $108,300.

Bandy, Michelle R. and Thomas to Handleman, Thomas J., 3915 Patterson St., $105,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Munoz, Araceli and Loza, Francisco X., 3118 T St., $41,000.


Carlson, Alicin K. to Aceves, Higinia G., 3133 S. 18th St., $70,000.

Soto, Antonio V. and Rosa R. to Ojeda, Moises L. and Garcia, Josefa E., 2449 S. 16th St., $106,000.

Vachal, Stephanie to Greene, Jay E. IV, 1810 Ontario St., $84,900.


Hoang, Tuyet T. and Tran, Thanh T. to Tran, Tony V. and Nu T., 6223 Florence Blvd., $46,000.

Long, Delmar H. to Guyton, Robert L., 1454 Emmet St., $40,000.


Dickey, Brian and Krista to Swansonvested Homes LLC, 3546 N. 41th St., $29,000.

Taylor, Spencer E. to RLT Premier Properties LLC, 2866 Pratt St., $37,000.


Corcoran, Justin J. and Ashley M. to Vacek, Darren, 3117 Grebe St., $116,000.

Backus, John L. II and Elizabeth L. to Lemieux, Anna M., 2720 Mary St., $90,000.


Bronson, Sarah J. to Pfeiffer, Nathan V., 9103 Meadow Drive, $142,000.

HBI LLC to Fox, Jeanette, 753 N. 78th St., $52,000.

Gitt Homes Inc. to Bleich, Sarah J., 744 N. 76th St., $120,000.

Frykberg, Ronald M. and Wanda L. to Frei, Mark A. and Kristi J. Trust, 617 S. 93rd St., $436,000.

Dunn, Eugene and Dale E. to Vachal, Stephanie and Sanders, Marcedes D., 1624 N. 90th St., $165,000.

McMeen, Anne M. to Larcom, Susan L. Trust, 1505 N. 102nd Ave., $465,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Munger, Teresa L., 6224 N. 165th St., $316,267.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Aaker, Donald L., 5607 N. 155th St., $251,495.

Sheridan, Daniel P. and Kelley D. to Tysinger, Tony N. and Tara M., 4816 N. 174th Ave., $253,000.

Amberg, Andrew J. to Apetz, Sharon and Wendy, 4742 N. 167th St., $178,000.

Johnson, Kemp B. Jr. and Jennifer M. to Thompson, Jeffrey P. and Emily J., 4667 N. 163rd St., $215,000.

Wills, Jared A. and Katherine J. to Burkhardt, Mary J., 3015 N. 171st Ave., $295,000.

O’Connor, Valerie A. to Harvey, Kenneth D. and Alexandra L., 3504 N. 152nd Ave., $196,900.

Hopkins, Jerry K. and Stephanie A. to Brabec, Lucas and Rachel, 17205 Spencer St., $320,000.

Tysinger, Tony N. and Tara M. to Goulette, Randy J., 17183 Spaulding St., $162,000.

Campbell, Julia M. to Kneifl, Kylie E., 16605 Erskine St., $152,000.

Nielsen, Stacy L. to Haskins, Alexander P. and Brockman, Daltynn R., 16515 Meredith Ave., $180,000.

Walter, Jeri G. and Dorothy M. to McGrath, Arthur M., 16030 Browne St., $191,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Bogar, Regina C. and Robert L., 15453 Ellison Circle, $294,289.


Friend, Zachary W. to Hicks, Joshua R. and Jessica L., 4814 S. 49th St., $138,000.

Balkus, Sheri L. Trust to Navas, Mirna E. and Julio E., 5228 Drexel St., $110,000.

Julian, Dennis to Joe and Steve Partnership LLC, 4704 S. 53rd St., $115,000.


Dexter, Bradley L. and Janelle L. to Sears, Robert and Lacey, 560 S. 157th Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Andersen, Mark D. and Dawn L. to Fausset, Tyler D. and Tammy J., 204 N. 163rd St., $325,000.

Bash, David C. and Terry A. to CSH LLC, 1886 N. 176th Plaza, $130,000.

Jahn, David J. and Jennifer J. to Sheppard, Matthew V. and Barbara E., 16030 Parker St., $273,500.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Adam, Hayley J., 9146 Black St., $146,900.

Williams, Lenzie P. and Harris, Natalie M. to Johnson, Nicole M. and Edwards S., 8928 Quest St., $136,000.

Burmeister, Jayden and Bridget to Andersen, Joshua, 8184 Willit St., $141,000.

Barry, Deanna L. to Kawecki, Lori, 8001 Bauman Ave., $135,000.

Gentrup, Kayla and Luke to Crumbley, James, 7823 Howell St., $141,000.

Palmieri, Ronald J. and Jessica to Batten, Amy K., 7404 N. 77th Terrace, $135,000.

McCarthy, Jessica R. to Dahl, Maureen A., 10610 Baker St., $188,000.


Fickenscher, Brady and Jillian to Gentle, Alicia L., 9059 Valley St., $140,000.

Hanke, Joachim and Yilmazer-Hanke, Mehpare D. to Ciochon, Mark, 8715 William St., $325,000.

Hunt, Jason to Brown, Jim, 7834 Grover St., $130,000.

Kohn, Mark E. and Sarabeth K. to Blair, Robert J. and Peschardt, Karina S., 3419 S. 102nd St., $489,900.

Odd Properties LLC to Natcher-Brinic LLC, 3206 S. 90th Ave., $90,000.

ANG JEN LLC to Ruf, Darin C. and Mary E., 3116 Armbrust Drive, $522,500.

Garfoot, Robert F. and Virginia C. to Gabb, Michael J. and Bethany L., 2035 S. 87th Ave., $355,000.


Funk, Cathy L. to Russell, Ashley M. and Jason R., 8724 Polk St., $152,000.

Fick, Harold B. and Marilyn J. to Cundiff, Anthony B. and Tina M., 4986 S. 87th St., $146,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Pickett Homes LLC, 4811 S. 101st Circle, $113,000.

Czerniak, Theodore S. and Susan E. Trust to Dahms, Amanda L. and Mark A., 10512 Y St., $287,000.


Davidson, Felix B. and O’Connor, Patricia A. to Ward, David D., trustee for Ward Family Trust, 3757 S. 196th Ave., $478,500.

Aufenkamp, Joshua and Kara to Clarke, Todd P. and Heather, 3105 S. 174th Circle, $1,735,000.

Bartunek, Jody A. and Charles J. to Ricart, Miguel F. and Judith B., 2113 S. 185th St., $499,950.

Olson, Alice A. to Holt, Patricia E., 2110 S. 179th St., $210,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Pajak, Marianne, 19810 Nina St., $367,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Woster, Dwayne K. and Beth A., 19519 Marinda St., $299,000.

TAB LLC to Livingston, Joshua M., 16105 Shirley St., $185,000.

Armstrong, Teresa M. to Lipari, Daniel J. and Gail M., 1515 S. 169th Ave., $220,000.

Lopez, Karen E. and Michael A. to National Residential Nominee Services, 1504 S. 179th Ave., $277,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Major-Jaeck, Nancy J. and Jaeck, Robert H., 1504 S. 179th Ave., $277,000.


Emsick, Dean J. and Danielle M. to Orear, Morgan M. and Christa J., 5018 Burt St., $194,900.

McNamara, Kevin T. to Wester, Rebecca M., 4908 Cass St., $178,950.

Thomas, Susan J. and Hutchinson, Steven N. to Langton, Callie E. and Jacob A., 111 N. 54th St., $635,000.

Bishay, Danielle L. and John H. to Krell, Michael J. and Jessica M., 1008 J E George Blvd., $330,000.


Dilly, Brandon R. to Arias, Alma L. and Jessica, 9506 Redman Ave., $128,500.

D and KJS LLC to Dea, Donald J., 9405 Pratt Circle, $108,000.

Sandquist, Bryan D. and Teresa A. to Morris, Zach and Amy, 5728 N. 80th St., $205,000.

Colton, Everett L. Jr. to Hofmann, Paul, 4905 N. 105th St., $175,000.


Woodward, Francis E. Jr. and Mary K. to Whitehill, Trevor J. and Cari A., 6117 S. 194th Ave., $341,000.

Bier, William J. and Julie K. to Goodin, John and Lisa, 6019 S. 157th Circle, $254,000.

Ziegenhorn, Julie and Brian to Baugh, Adam C. and Nicole M., 6001 S. 157th Circle, $260,000.

Spindler, Robin to Ridder, Josh and Sara, 5019 S. 165th St., $176,000.

Major, Roger G. to Schaeffer, Jerry and Patricia K., 4814 S. 190th St., $207,900.

Vaughn, Brian D. and Stephanie C. to Laubert, Susan H. and Jonathan D., 4713 S. 194th Ave., $210,000.

Johnson, Shavonne to Johnson, Shavonne and Brown, Ronald, 19887 I St., $101,000.

Moore, Kyle S. and Brenna N. to Schlee, Clinton and Katherine, 19516 Gail Ave., $172,000.

Kneifl, Jason E. and Melissa L. to Lucas, Tylene B. and Mark A., 19416 Oakwood St., $176,000.

Puthiaveettil, Shibani V. to Stroud, Thomas W. and Donna M., 19106 L St., $194,000.

Watkins, Blythe and Brad A. to Mulholland, Michael B. and Mary M., 18902 Drexel Circle, $167,000.

O’Brien, Ryan J. and Katie M. to Novotny, Stefanie E., 18808 U St., $164,900.

Richland Homes LLC to Ahmed, Mohamed R., 18343 Polk St., $259,970.

Andrews, John L. and Pamela A. to Laphen, Irene Trust, 17315 Monroe Circle, $339,000.

Bertsch, Molly O. to Sump, Randy J. Trust Agreement, 16762 J Circle, $486,000.


Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Schiltz Properties LLC, 5523 S. 152nd St., $105,000.

United Equity LLC to Hinde, Cynthia, 5017 Magnolia St., $125,000.

KR Properties LLC to Hindmarsh, Scot A. and Holly C., 14924 Polk St., $177,500.

Thiessen, Debra L. and John L. to Carter, Matthew and Teeter, Logan, 14922 Karen St., $239,000.

Nelson, Rodney B. and Dorothy J. to Hupp, Roman and Patricia, 13316 Adams St., $155,000.

Makovicka, Kevin J. and Melody R. to Miller, Timothy A. and Sara R., 12242 W St., $120,000.

Mlinar, Joseph M. and Donna D. to Graham, Charles R. and Carole A., 11705 Polk Circle, $185,000.


Stratman, Steven F. and Rhonda R. to Kramer, David J. and Beth A., 7446 N. 124th St., $600,000.

Shamrock Builders LLC to Moore, Burns K. and Lauren P., 7309 N. 126th Ave., $310,000.

Fools Inc. to Point, Joshua B. and Cox, Joshua T., 12364 Potter Circle, $441,194.

Cheney, David R. and Marilyn A. to Morris, Marcus E. and Jane M., 11103 Black St., $159,000.

Book, Robert A. and Teresa M. to Alvarado, Melisa L., 11037 Girard St., $148,000.


Jackson, Anthony W. and Courtney M. to Hotovy, Nathan L. and Maritia N., 3705 S. 152nd St., $174,000.

Klein, Shane and Melissa to Lee, Brian C. and Melissa A., 15231 Grover St., $170,000.

Boje, John T. and Russell, Maria W. to Green2016 LLC, 15206 Brookside Circle, $205,000.

Brummer, Richard l. and Rhea L. to Will, Lee E. and Brozek, Amber L., 14051 Woolworth Circle, $175,000.

McCann, Peter J. to Ayers, Morgan E., 12409 Shirley St., $155,000.

Chen, Yinglin and Willeman, Charles M. to Pikop, Kristin M. and Trevor A., 12124 Pedersen Drive, $150,000.

Miller, Kent E. and Shirley K. Trust to Gregor, Kurt J. and Rochelle L., 1658 S. 153rd St., $363,000.


Miller, Leon M. and Gloria K. to WL House Buyers LLC, 5305 Willit St., $145,000.


Minarich, Jacob R. to Eggert, Benjamin L. and Schulz, Haley M., 15419 Westchester Circle, $167,000.

Weiler, Mitchel W. to Laska, Jaime C., 15405 Douglas Circle, $165,000.

Lacina, Carol A. to Linden, Robert, 15373 Mason Plaza, $109,000.

Walker, Jeffrey A. to Kolar, Seth S. and Hillary A., 14924 Burt Drive, $250,000.

U.S. Bank and Maher, C. Pauline Trust to Peitzmeier, Mary K. and Mark A., 13607 Parker Circle, $423,000.

Beck, Craig and Elysia to Hoefener, Heath and Breianna, 10910 Leavenworth St., $138,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 12138 Parker Circle, $129,000.


Baugh, Adam C. and Nichole M. to Mead, Michael V. and Deeann, 6726 N. 110th St., $151,000.

Wajda, John and Cate-Wajda, Joyce L. to Cate, Tanya J., 5737 N. 115th Circle, $150,000.

Stec, Peter and Rosella to Maxwell, Nathan, 5705 N. 129th St., $150,000.

Westphalen, Michael L. to Dorman, Matthew D. and Maria A., 3314 N. 122nd Circle, $189,000.

Cornerstone Investment Properties LLC to KR Properties LLC, 2616 N. 125th Ave., $116,000.

Cantrell, James A. II and Kelli A. to Murillo, Mario and Maria, 11701 Newport Ave., $135,900.

Wells Fargo Bank to Molinar Investments LLC, 11232 Ellison Ave., $102,000.



Porter, Julie E. and James R. to McNeal, Pete A. and Tara M., 1009 Normandy Drive, $165,000.

McDaniel, Danielle to Uptain, Joel L., 2006 Grandview Ave., $145,000.

Lewis, Kendall J. and Stacy M. to Brown, Willis T. II, 2112 Twin Ridge Drive, $128,000.

Kehm, Douglas L. and Lorianne L. to Houghtaling, Todd, 2308 Lloyd St., $170,000.

Riha, Robert J. and Frances M. to Mather, Donald F. and Dixie L., 2408 Chandler Road, $140,000.

Peterson, Gene F., personal representative for Peterson, Barbara J. Estate to Condrey, Robert and Susan, 2523 Crawford St., $115,000.

Frost, Douglas A. and Ruth E. to Hodgson, Ann, 505 Martin Drive, $278,000.

Ingalls, David J. and Brittany N. to Dyer, Darlene J., 613 Nob Hill Drive, $119,000.

Curlis Properties LLC to Murcek, Joanne M., 7303 S. 41st Terrace, $76,000.


Damme, Kevin J. and Diana L. to Morton, Emily A. and Greco, Salvatore C., 10515 S. 232nd St., $131,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Loosvelt, Jennifer, 11913 S. 212th St., $260,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Merklin, Rebecca L. and Kenneth L., 12118 S. 210th St., $337,000.

Zwiener, Jon M. and Amanda J. to Fitch, Anthony G. and Meagan E., 17208 Samantha Road, $259,000.

Beaudin, Edward J. and Susanna to Schmit, Matthew A. and Sherri M., 19809 Emiline St., $490,000.

Burkhardt, Donald and Tiffany to Carlow, Cameron and Paige, 19816 Hazelnut Drive, $212,000.

Tomanek, Robert A. and Arin R. to Buresh, Nathan and Elizabeth A., 21223 Shiloh Drive, $250,000.

Neel, Bradley R. and Jennifer D. to Schafer, Edwin T. Jr. and Megan C., 21745 Ponderosa Drive, $255,000.

Koke, John J. and Gloria E. to Gray, Nathaniel A., 533 South Ave., $148,000.

Hannesson, Eric M. and Amy J. to Cunningham, Sean M. and Rebecca A., 9902 S. 203rd St., $265,000.


Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Tirado, Nelson and Kristin, 10310 S. 123rd Ave., $420,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Yzaguirre, William A. and Robin M., 10722 Laramie St., $272,000.

Home Co. LLC to Grove, Donna S. and Lambert, Stephen C., 11008 Edwards St., $409,000.

Haugen, Sandra S. to Haugen, Sandra S. and Clark, Anthony W., 1106 Fulkerson Road, $102,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Blunck, Emily H. and John W., 11743 S. 110th Ave., $410,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Falewitch, John R., 12012 Longshore Ave., $393,000.

Blunck, John W. and Emily H. to Oliver, Reece, 309 Concord Circle, $185,000.

Koesters, Christopher L. and Gomez, Jessica M. to Woodward, Jonathan A., 603 Fort St., $160,000.

Kallemeyn, Mariann M. and James M. to Wilch, Kathleen M., 610 S. Fillmore St., $200,000.

Frank, David I. and Michelle L. to Wilson, Richard and Melissa 810 Elm Hurst Drive, $245,000.

Norris-Rodgers, Lauren G. to Wiegert, Joshua K. and Kayla, 826 Arlene Ave., $155,000.

Campos, Robert to Kinser, William C. and Sheri L., 905 Devon Drive, $190,000.


Schram, Michael J. and Danielle L. to Zakaras, Jerome and Debra L., 20002 Crest View Drive, $595,000.

Erspamer, Jordan B. and Nicole J. to Tolliver, Kelly, 310 Maple St., $192,000.

Staub, Lacey L. and Daniel T. to Kildow, Brandon, 380 Platteview Drive, $158,000.


Soriano, Chris J. and Brittany C. to Shoop, Ryan and Moriah R., 10907 E. 18th St., $185,000.

McGee, Kevin J. and Axt, Louise to Cunningham, Conrad C. and Kelly L., 11728 Quail Drive, $225,000.

Mohr, Barbara J. and Barry E. Trust to Angelo, Michelle, 14008 D Tregaron Ridge Ave., $170,000.

Edwards, Decoreo L. and Eugenia J. to McShane, Ryan and Tamela, 14101 Tregaron Drive, $228,000.

Kallman, James R. and Talani S. to Truong, Truong P., 14311 S. 21st St., $255,000.

Greaves, Leland E. and Emma to Bihlajama, Matthew and Leyinzca, 14409 S. 25th Ave., $158,000.

Meschede, Susan M. and Mark to Kanti, Abhishek and Catherine, 2109 Mayflower Road, $235,000.

Whipperman, Lonnie D. and Maria L. to Cobb, Bridget, 3118 Daisy Circle, $167,000.

Kankovsky, Kimberly A., personal representative for Miller, Edward G. Estate to Campos, Robert and Hook, Theresa M., 3203 Crystal Drive, $285,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Kauffman, Jonathan W. and Joanna K., 4401 Brook Drive, $253,000.

Petway, Matthew T. and Sarah P. to Sutmaier, Michael III and Ruth E., 9709 S. Ninth Ave., $183,000.


Malia, Jessica L. and David E. to Miller, Michael F., 6906 Gertrude St., $113,000.

King, Melvia Y., personal representative for Nixon, Gladys M. Estate to Vacek, Rachel and Hamilton, Justin T., 7009 Michelle Ave., $187,000.

Lane, Ann and Bottorff, Jay to Andrade, Cristian E. and Chavez, Cecilia C., 7022 Michelle Ave., $193,000.

Cooney, Melissa E. and Jacob A. to Schwery, Jonathan and Groves, Tiffany R., 7346 S. 71st St., $90,000.

Halliday, Michelle and Timothy to Wilson, Brett, 7721 Greenleaf Drive, $103,000.

Wang, Chih H. and Hea Y. to Parkinson, Rhonda M. and Timothy M., 9939 Gary St., $235,000.


Weakly, Russell W. and Kelly R. to Case, Mark A., 117 Eagle Ridge Drive, $238,000.

Buglewicz, Marianela and Francis J. Trust to Towne, Joseph H. and June A. Trust, 11715 Lakeview Drive, $200,000.

Hrbek, Loretta A. to Casey, Curtis C. and Melissa A., 1504 Applewood Drive, $230,000.

Byczkowski, Ian and Danica to Wojtyna, Edward and Carol, 1602 Lebaron Drive, $200,000.

Howell, Aaron J. to R & B Properties LLC, 2103 Franklin Drive, $188,000.

Eagle Ridge Development Co. to Olsen Rental Group LLC, 322 & 324 Inglewood Circle, $75,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Vann, Tim E. and Cindy M., 6651 Park Crest Drive, $327,000.

Spratlen, John S. and Kimberly to Bottorff, Jay and Lane, Ann, 6757 Harvest Drive, $326,000.


Brian Carder Construction Inc. to Burrus, Mark H. and Shari L., 11007 S. 175th St., $82,000.

Maverick Property Group LLC to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 15615 Willow St., $142,000.

Anderson, Daniel R. and Karoline, co-trustees, to Batenhorst, Patrick and Lisa, 15949 Cary St., $238,000.

Alic, Fikreta to King, Reagan and Nikki, 16013 Birch Ave., $157,000.

Kite, Jacob B. and Cheris A. to Friend, Zachary and Cory, Allison, 16219 Loop St., $220,000.

McGowan, Daniel and Nicole to Hoskinson, Jams G. Jr. and Karen L., 16306 Birch Ave., $297,000.

McKenney, David M. and Kristen L. to Peterson, John R. and Kristene L., 16504 Briar St., $264,000.

Mackey, Bernard A. to Hammer, Ronald D. and Peggy J., 17450 Riviera Drive, $250,000.

Berkshire, Richard N., trustee for Cairns, Charles W. Trust to Nolan, Nathan L. and Ashley L., 18722 Olive St., $324,000.

Nolan, Nathan L. and Ashley L. to Ridnour, Jason L. and Campbell, Julia M., 18859 Edna St., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Easter, Michael D. II, 19008 Redwood St., $226,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thedinga, Michael W. and Morgan E., 19113 Greenleaf St., $215,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 6951 S. 185th Circle, $51,000.

Degner, Brian M. and Nicole S. to Brolliar, Nate and Lindsey, 7209 S. 169th St., $320,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bellinger, David M. II and Eggebraaten, Jena L., 7712 S. 190th St., $297,000.

Woolley, Alton L. and Nancy J. to JCRM LLC, 7808 S. 159th St., $129,000.

McDunnah, Kenton D. and Elaine E., trustees of the McDunnah Wealth Preservation Trust to Petersen, Eric, 7927 S. 157th Ave., $165,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Goette, Matthew C. and Echo M., 8210 S. 191st St., $203,000.

Robe, Kyle J. and Melanie R. to Ruch, Allison N. and Nelson, Ryan M., 8519 S. 164th St., $234,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Andersen, Erick and Kristina, 8715 S. 169th St., $259,000.


Manchester Palo, Carla J. and Palo, Christopher J. to Marco, Debra and Charles T., 13203 Glenn St., $103,000.

Rader, Michael S. and Dawn to Catron, Christopher D. and Rebecca A., 13512 Edna St., $175,000.

Lichter, Linda K. and Patrick S. to Biggs, Lauren, 13520 Redwood St., $136,000.

Peters, Angela R. and Eric to Omar, Kristi L., 14116 Lillian Circle, $199,000.

Goodin, John and Lisa to Milburn, Laura C., 14816 Edna St., $121,000.

Pearson, Melinda E. to White, Jaime and Kyle, 7311 S. 128th St., $167,000.


HBI LLC to Urbina, Jose and Urbina-Gonzalez, Maria M., 2401 Robin Drive, $85,000.

Sanchez, Laura P. and Mirazizov, Akpar to Rodriguez, Belinda and Sanchez, Brenda, 2515 Childs Road, $130,000.

Bock, Jameson G. and Jessica to Nelson, Monte and Syrena, 3111 Albert St., $136,000.

Jarose, Joshua and Amanda to Thulin, Herbert D., 7114 S. 23rd St., $110,000.


Marco, Debra L. and Charles T. to Roudybush, Gregory P., 4970 Glasgow Ave., $165,000.

Hughes, Michael and Jennifer to Jenkins, Cody A. and Lexie J., 6460 Elm Hurst Drive, $238,000.



McMullen, Daniel S. and Katie to Moreno, Curtis L., 2922 Ave. C, $128,000.

Dunsmore, Sarah C. and Shawn to Bradley, Jacob A., 2401 S. 11th St., $90,000.

McGinn, Tamara J. to Wray, Katherine and Lawrence P., 4339 Cottage Row, $160,000.

McElroy, Jennifer and Mark to Sok, Teresa M., 3323 Ave. C, $88,500.

Berger, Arletta and Danny to Lane, Mary, 5717 Redtail Road, $167,000.

Midwest Land Development LC to Elliott, Brenda M. and Timothy J., 3345 Middle Ferry Road, $228,000.

Hering, Debbie C. to Taylor, James R. and Natalie J., 915 Birch St., $92,000.

Nixon, Jodi to Kenyon, Makenna and Nixon, Jacob, 3219 Ave. J, $40,000.

Larson, Linda F. and Robert C. to The Sierra Group LLC, 911 Birch St., $38,000.

Deutsche Bank to Baker, Sheri L., 401 S. 23rd St., $40,500.


NEI Global Relocation Co. to Hunter, Elizabeth A. and Shannon, Shawn D., 208 Antioch Drive, $199,000.

Smith, Scott A. to Frost, Allison A., 203 Greenhaven Road, $120,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Porter, Scott, 34 Happy Hollow Blvd., $60,500.

Thompson, Cynthia S. and Roger E. to Richter, Cynthia D. and Kim L., 4127 Briarwood Drive, $263,000.

Yost, Rodney L. to Hartley, Denise M. and Wayne M., 2122 Longview Loop, $265,000.

Kern, Teresa L. to Delong, Angela R. and John S. Jr., 1602 Baldwin Circle, $245,000.

Schroder, Mariah P. and Regan to Howard, David J., 1167 Crescent Drive, $145,000.

Stageman, Brian D. and Jasmine S. to Lenz, Kristi M., 1203 Jim Brown Parkway, $179,000.

Pfeiffer, Mary L. and William J. to Danker, Rachael R., 19133 Hawthorne Ave., $238,000.

Widtfeldt, Amy and Craig L. to Widtfeldt, Heidi L. and Timothy J., 416 Fawn Park Circle, $435,000.

Holloway, Cheryl R. and Kevin K. to Sosi, Tyler and Song Seymour Sosi, Pauline, 1707 Oak Park Road, $254,000.

Dickinson, Carol L. and Cheryll L. to Kavars, Dixie R. and Michael G., 22552 James Drive, $282,000.


Varley, Vickie L. to Mobley, Jennifer A. and Richard E., 17676 Whippoorwill Road, Missouri Valley, $143,500.


NORVERN LLC to Welcome Homes Inc., 22335 Bret Loop, Underwood, $54,000.

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