Good Life Homes Inc. to Nelson, Donald L. and Susan M., 8508 N. 169th St., $340,000.

Constantino, Jessica and Julian to Kukoly, Nicholas and Zainab, 8227 N. 154th Ave., $147,000.

Noel, Brad C. and Keri E. to Stork, Tifany and Craig, 8109 N. 164th St., $360,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Heavican, James R. and Kelly C., 7713 N. 151st Circle, $300,000.

Cordes, Brian J. and Melody E. to Dooley, David L. and Jennifer L., 16361 Mormon St., $269,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Real Growth LLC, 16018 Mormon St., $48,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Mans, Thomas C. and Mary C., 16016 Young St., $315,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Thomsen, Brett and Lindsay, 12708 N. 182nd Circle, $101,000.

Razaq, Mohammad and Wajeeha to Koons, William A., 12142 N. 177th Circle, $217,000.

Thomas, Linda M. to Hursh, Warren and Karen, 12013 N. 156th St., $135,000.

Miller, William M., trustee for Miller, Kathleen A. Trust to Vairo, Christopher M., 11913 N. 179th St., $115,000.


Mazzi, Joseph A. and Lori L. to Thornton, Megan, 928 S. 188th Court, $244,900.

Bluestone Custom Builders Inc. to McGowan, Daniel P., 5708 S. 239th St., $540,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dreamscape Homes, 4906 N. 206th St., $44,000.

Nodgaard, Douglas J. and Julie A. to Wiese, Monte C. and Denise Trust, 4868 S. 236th Circle, $650,000.

Aurora Homes LLC to Steinbrueck, Bryan S. and Crystal A., 4611 N. 206th St., $288,600.

Nelson, Donald L. and Susan M. to Kwapniowski, Ronald F. and Crystal K., 4403 N. 193rd Circle, $387,500.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Tummala, Hiren and Chaturvedula, Sruti, 4005 N. 191st St., $450,261.

FRK Development LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 4004 N. 189th St., $39,900.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Peterson, Paul A., 3103 N. 193rd Ave., $454,900.

Baker, Zachary and Murphy, Jordan to Heavican Homes Inc., 2701 N. 191st St., $40,000.

Schmidt, Arlene to Revers Homes Inc., 2631 N. 205th St., $90,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Belt Construction Inc., 2325 S. 220th Circle, $86,700.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Plante, Timothy G. and Suzanne M., 20819 Woolworth Ave., $439,000.

Rivera, Blake A. and Brandi L. to Hastings, Grady and Emily, 20701 Veterans Drive, $212,000.

Huber, Elizabeth A. to Egermier, Mark and Kiger, Michaela E., 20123 Douglas St., $266,000.

Lammers, James B. and Beatrice K. to Griess, Daniel W. and Tacy Y., 19930 Chicago St., $350,000.

Wright, Robert J. to Wyrick, Thomas J. and Talena F., 18432 Dewey Ave., $312,000.

Absolute Contracting LLC to Shotkoski, Michael J. and Renee L., 1714 S. 219th Ave., $125,500.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Mohring, Stephen and Erin, 1702 Blue Sage Parkway, $62,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 1702 Blue Sage Parkway, $50,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 1615 S. 207th St., $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 1615 S. 207th St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 1520 S. 210th St., $60,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 1520 S. 210th St., $70,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Advance Design Construction Inc., 1337 S. 210th St., $70,000.


VanWerden, Paul J. and Diane E. to Ruby, Jon R. and Denise L., 28215 State St., $282,000.

Kernen, A. William, trustee for Kernen, Leona M. Trust to McVey, William F., 3 Ginger Woods Road, $283,000.


Mendoza, Thomas C. to Pena, Pamela, 300 S. 16th St., $135,000.


Hagen, Sandra L. to Jaquier, Lindsay A., 6921 Bedford Ave., $110,000.

Larsen, Sandra J. to Craig, Russell A., 6640 Seward St., $31,000.

Hillebran, David W. and Jacqueline L. to Fowler, Keith, 6516 Sahler St., $136,000.

Kreimer, Lori and Imig, Kent to Gamm, Jonathan J. and Samson, Emily M., 5111 Decatur St., $156,000.

Kamp, John R. and Gambee, Erin K. to Manderfeld, Matthew J. and Casanave, Leah M., 5025 Parker St., $255,000.

Branden, Carrie A. and Jeremy to Loehr, Kristina and Jared, 3905 N. 54th St., $57,500.

Shaul, Karen C. to Summer, Barry H. Trust, 2820 N. 66th Ave., $38,000.

Cox, Roxanne R. to Kelly, Lynn, 2711 N. 53rd St., $286,000.

Herfordt, Nicholas S. and Tiffani K. to DeMarco, Peter I., 2048 N. 50th St., $157,500.

Klein, Richard H., trustee for Klein Family Trust to 200 Properties LLC, 6640 Franklin St., $37,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 5711 Ogden St., $75,701.

Brawner, Karen E., trustee for Hultman, Irene A. Trust to Reinke, Craig L. and Sheila R., 5623 Grant St., $90,000.

Perry, Theresa A., personal representative, to Rebolledo, Teresa A. and Cruz, Feliciano R., 4816 Spencer St., $71,900.


Anderson, Lynn and Judith A. to Camby, Ashley C., 3032 S. 38th Ave., $102,000.

Martin, Susan, personal representative for Kapfer, Michelle M. Estate to Fullerton, Jon G., 2511 S. 41st St., $135,000.


Wong, Thomas K. and Stella W. to Carlson, Karin A., 903 S. 57th St., $157,000.

Fukerson, Sharon K., trustee for Zesiger, Merlyn F. Trust to Nanfito, Valerie R., 720 S. 68th Ave., $131,000.

Turner, Sandra L. to Finlen, Melan L., 6336 Poppleton Ave., $146,250.

McGlade, Jacob to Helton, Taylor B., 5515 Pierce St., $184,000.

Vacek Home Service Inc. to Wozny, Rose M., 4639 Center St., $117,000.

Hale, Deborah K. and Lewis M. to AW and JF Investments LLC, 2221 S. 50th St., $68,500.

Muenchrath, Mary A. to Hauger, Daniel L. and Denise L., 1947 S. 49th Ave., $106,000.

Buhl, Jessica A. and Dichev, Stoyan D. to Chadwell, Melissa A., 1348 S. 52nd Ave., $111,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity LLC, 4916 Walnut St., $78,000.

Mach, Gerald E., trustee for Mach Living Trust to Schlesiger, Michael G. and Kelly P., 2606 S. 49th St., $125,000.


Burns, Vanessa and Jesse to Li, Xiaomei, 5212 S. 32nd St., $110,000.

Johnson, Nicole M. and Edward S. to Arellano, Giselle, 5009 S. 39th St., $101,000.

Emmanuel, Angelo and Boysen, Mikayla to Robles-Gonzalez, Francisco, 3530 Drexel St., $114,000.

Murphy, Midori U. to Banderas, Felipe J., 2541 Washington St., $124,000.

Hrdy, Genevieve to Ruiz, Rosa E., 2229 Washington St., $80,000.

Gengel, John F. and Cynthia A. to Gengel, Daniel P., 1513 Y St., $66,000.

Bolgar, Thomas W. Sr., trustee for Bolgar Family Trust to Laufer, Garrett and Tiffani, 1220 Drexel St., $94,350.


MidFirst Bank to Palencia, Hilda L., 3104 S. 23rd St., $43,265.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Hernandez, Mario A., 3935 N. 22nd St., $120,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Yuel, Nyayual R., 3930 N. 22nd St., $129,100.

Christian, Clyde A. and Mary E. to Young, RaShaun, 2192 Parker Circle, $88,000.


G Inc. to Newson, Wayne E., 5541 N. 33rd Ave., $36,000.

Newberry, Edwin L. and Barbara J. to 5 Kings LLC, 4266 Maple St., $27,000.

Newberry, Edwin L. and Barbara J. to 5 Kings LLC, 3827 Parker St., $34,000.

Yosief, Behaimanot and Astier S. to Sass, Cecelia J. and Hall, Justin D., 3621 Crown Point Ave., $98,500.

Tabbert, Vivian and Ballard, Lewis Jr. to Wadzinski, David, 3463 Spaulding St., $56,050.

Chatelain Properties LLC to Scott, Joshua J., 2712 Laurel Ave., $40,000.


Kurtz, W.B. and Susan D. to Montag, Michael T. and Joy N., 8201 N. 29th St., $175,100.

Wells Fargo Bank to Cherrypick Investments LLC, 2868 Newport Ave., $24,600.

Berry, Brandon S. and Zachry, Dawn M. to Mixan, Marisa, 2752 Iowa St., $107,000.

Jones, Ellen L. Trust to Curtis, Lenny R. and Virginia K., 3111 Clay St., $84,000.


Case, Chad E. to Tripp, Barbara L. and Dominic P. Trust, 8711 Capitol Ave., $226,000.

Murphy, Kathleen to L & T Bundy LLC, 1859 N. 84th St., $56,000.


Soto, Steven P. and Maureen to Fenske, Kayla and Rehmeier, Zachary, 6712 N. 149th Ave., $155,000.

Harris, Jeffrey W. and Julie T. to Barber, Jay and Sara, 6427 N. 150th St., $247,500.

Baumert, Rodney J. and Linda M. to Swift, Richard C., 6120 N. 146th St., $160,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Sandiland, David E. and Rebecca N., 5809 N. 154th Ave., $44,950.

Petricek, Amy L. to Boyer, Patricia A., 4801 N. 160th St., $179,000.

Kahle, David S. and Foust, Jeannie M. to Daly, Kristine, 4262 N. 163rd Ave., $200,000.

Helling, Brett A. to Helling, Andrew T., 4226 N. 172nd St., $147,000.

Jerry Uhing Builder Inc. to Peak Crest Building Construction LLC, 4202 N. 176th Ave., $37,000.

Renter, Jacob J. and Mellisa S. to DeVeney, Christopher L., 4119 N. 159th Ave., $308,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Dane, Alan and Linda, 2618 N. 167th St., $246,425.

Schmitz, Alan J. and Fosnaugh, Erin M. to Schram, Wanda K., 2514 N. 175th St., $287,000.

Teets, Barbara B. to Person, Austin and Elizabeth, 2423 N. 148th St., $262,500.

McConnell, Roger E. and Jeffery, Patricia A. to McGurk, Laura, 2324 N. 154th St., $242,000.

Andersen, Kristina M. and Erick D. to Knobbe, Benjamin J. and Ashley A., 16905 Tibbles St., $169,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wacker, Jodi R., 16311 Redman Ave., $220,200.

Brown, Jacqueline A. to Kyral, Carol, 16208 Browne St., $153,000.

Vetro, Daniel J. to Harris, Jeffrey W. and Julie T., 15142 Taylor St., $286,000.

Beyette, Holly M. to Pfeiffer, David and Janelle, 14915 Butler Ave., $172,500.

Glover, Matthew T. to Ademi, Fortesa and Gazmend, 14825 Redman Ave., $196,000.


Hahn, Jeremy and Lindsey to Pitcher, Kalete M., 5408 O St., $112,000.

Dobrusky, Joanne R. to Tannahill, Gordon L., 4965 S St., $65,000.


BPM LLC to Gardner, Kelly A., 1843 N. 175th Court, $140,000.

McAlpine, Amy M. to Hoogner, Brad L. and Mary J., 1778 N. 177th Plaza, $155,000.

Korolchuk, Zhen Z. and Theodore A. to Korolchuk, Theodore Jr., trustee for Korolchuk, Theodore and Claire E. Trust, 16529 Mason St., $375,000.

Peterson, Wendi E. to Gutierrez, Sergio G. III and Anne E., 16216 Parker St., $275,000.

Prather, John and Griffin-Prather, Debra M. to WLNS LLC, 15717 Parker St., $165,000.

Torrence, Kathleen A. and Beberniss, Lonnie R. to Moorhouse, Linda S. and Steven B., 15717 Charles St., $232,000.

Schuele, Susan M. to Anderson, Kelly J. and Shada, Meagan S., 15610 Seward Circle, $185,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Straight, Adam P. and Garcia, Daniela L., 9153 Black St., $149,200.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fiscus, Matt, 9145 Black St., $150,000.

Heng, William S. and Drake-Heng, Katie A. to Fisher, Zachary and Kari, 8803 Wyoming St., $176,000.

Hollingsworth, Michael E. to Lewis, James E. and Falkner, Patricia, 8419 Baker St., $165,000.

Fisher, Zachary and Kari to Simon, Jacob A., 8009 Craig Ave., $140,000.

McClannahan, John to Broderick, Angela M., 7972 Bartlett St., $134,000.

Stork, Craig D. and Tifany to Hunt, Jason, 7416 N. 107th St., $200,000.

Ely, William J. and Sharrie M. to Tucker, Mark S. and Karen A., 7327 N. 80th St., $128,000.


Katz, Allen R. and Dianne to Boyer Realty LLC, 8069 Castelar St., $121,000.

Wachholtz, Neal and Bernadine to Nasaw Investments LLC, 3418 Westgate Road, $94,000.

Anderson, Connie L. and Swanson, Stanley A. to Anderson, Luke R., 3601 S. 78th St., $122,000.


Stone, Erik W. and Carrie M. to Nhail, Geu and Thompson, Jim, 9276 Jefferson St., $170,000.

Williamson, Daniel D. to Eeman, Anthony M., 6623 S. 88th St., $135,500.

Taylor, Leland J. to Three Meadows Properties LLC, 5010 S. 87th St., $104,100.

Connell, Michael J. to Kuster, Travis and Kendra, 10411 M St., $185,000.

McAleer, William J. Trust to Kotecki, Kyle, 4742 S. 99th Circle, $163,000.


Everett, Thomas R. and Cody K. to O’Dell, John L. and Barbara, 3567 S. 185th Ave., $350,000.

Hanson, Scott L. and Paula L. to Kangior, Thomas J. and Patricia L., 3325 S. 186th St., $535,000.

Granat, David J. and Lorie to Driffill, Jamie L. and Charles R. Jr., 3308 S. 187th St., $525,000.

Clarke, Brett and Annie to Avila, Jorge E. and Hinojosa, Ana E., 3211 S. 188th St., $480,000.

Vander Linden, Kirk and Joanna V. to Blessen, Nathan H. and Tina M., 3211 S. 187th St., $485,000.

Kading, Shirley A. and Darrel W. to Ferrer, Lisa K., 2305 S. 165th St., $173,000.

Oberdorfer, Carl H. and Maureen K. to Kreikemeier, Lisa A., 16711 Hickory St., $239,500.

Garcia, Hipolito R. and Natalie to Partida, Rodolfo and Maria, 15923 Dorcas Circle, $153,500.

Luther, Patrick, trustee for Luther Living Trust to Slavin, Jared and Chelsea, 16817 Pierce St., $150,000.

Binderup, James and Gail Trust to Hamilton, Elizabeth A., 1206 S. 165th St., $185,500.


Coble, William E. to Bostwick, Susan M., 3000 Farnam St., $139,000.

Blankenfeld, Russell D. to RDVLHSLJ NO 2 LLC, 120 S. 38th Ave., $140,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 1112 N. 31st Ave., $127,500.


Kinman, Clay and Melissa to Hess, Frederick, 802 N. 51st St., $184,000.

Elmwood Real Estate LLC to Daubert Holdings LLC, 5017 Underwood Ave., $205,000.

Jardee, James to Jackson, Timothy T., 4907 Davenport St., $120,000.

Heyne, Martha L. and Matthew J. to Irish Husker Dundee LLC, 4802 Webster St., $120,000.

Bancke, Jonathan H. to 200 Properties LLC, 4802 Charles St., $81,000.

Stormberg, Donald H. and Rosalie F. to Munger, Michael S. and Lena J, 404 J E George Blvd., $350,000.


Whalen, Maureen E. to Sanchez, Andrew and Megan, 8805 Spaulding Circle, $132,000.

Wojahn, Jeremy D. to Mota, Jordan K. and Jimenez, Ricardo A., 7919 Vernon Ave., $135,000.

Swenson, Joshua A. and Jill E. to Diaz, Marcos and Marmolejo, Lilian Y., 7913 Kansas Ave., $150,000.

Fleming, Ronald E. and Margaret C. Trust to Salseda, Michael C., 3925 N. 81st Ave., $145,000.


Surmeier, Mark T. and Linda M. to Lewis, Brian A. and Kim D., 5616 S. 173rd Ave., $298,000.

Stinnett, Brandi and Matthews, Kevin D. to Petricek, Amy L., 5101 S. 194th St., $191,000.

Allen, Sandra M. and Wallace, Gerald P. to Rahmanzai, Shahpur, 19611 Gail Ave., $157,000.

Rogers, Ellen S. to Meadows, Jordan and Novak, Tyler, 18701 S St., $166,000.

Braithwaite, Adam T. to D’Angelo, Justin and Samantha, 17903 Karen Circle, $179,900.

Erwin, Steven D. and Janice D. to Aldridge, Derek A., 17612 Polk St., $181,000.

Vu, Thai H. and Ta, Dong to Leone, Anthony W. and Renae J., 16364 Riggs St., $180,000.

Staashelm, Bruce E. and Lila K. Trust to Scott, Joseph C. III, 5319 S. 186th Ave., $167,000.


Lentz, John and Lisa M. to Wheeler, Robert E. and White, Susan M., 6228 S. 150th St., $181,500.

Antczak, Jean M. to Martis, Jackson B. and Tricia C., 6211 S. 118th Plaza, $308,000.

McDermott, Rose L. and Marno to Martinez, Jason A. and Ashley A., 12728 Deauville Drive, $105,000.

McKenzie, Cheryl to Wernecke, Nicholas W., 5924 S. 152nd Ave., $156,000.

R and BB Enterprises LLC to Czarnikow, Nancy, 5035 Marshall Drive, $147,000.

Langendorfer Properties One LLC to Dynamic Properties LLC, 13815 X Circle, $100,000.

Mahoney, Robert II and Sandra to Balkus, Donna, 12784 Deauville Drive, $90,500.

Barringer, Jay G. to Kasun, Keri D., 11624 Drexel St., $159,500.

United Equity LLC to Krzemien, Joshua J., 11212 Z St., $144,000.

Carlow, Cameron L. and Paige to Garcia, Melissa and Cesar, 11136 X St., $141,250.

Woelfel, Michael J. and Megan to Yracheta, Ocean C., 10857 Polk St., $154,900.

Walker, Becky, trustee for McCormack Family Trust to Dudley, Karin L. and LaMaster, Chesley C., 6241 Oak Hills Plaza, $195,000.

Hamlett, Karla J., trustee for Jensen, Alice M. Trust to Grace, Judy, 12159 Sandra Lane, $122,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Maverick Property Group LLC, 11342 R St., $105,000.

Heintzman, David R., personal representative, to Herschlag, Robert E. and Frances, Lucinda, 5076 Oaks Lane, $129,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schimming, Becci, 7925 N. 116th St., $248,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pearson, Shawn M. and Heather M., 7415 N. 139th Ave., $169,800.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 12922 Craig St., $58,000.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 12916 Craig St., $58,000.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 12904 Craig St., $60,000.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 12812 Craig St., $60,000.

ADF Properties Inc. to Brewer, Jesse M. and Patricia D., 12673 Scott St., $410,000.

GW Tackett Inc. to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 12359 Potter Circle, $75,000.

Tompkins, Stacy P. and Geoffrey F. to Quandt, Trevin D., 10852 Hanover St., $123,000.


Roncek, Susan J. to Labs, Christa R. and Daniel K., 3225 S. 112th St., $173,400.

Dundis, Patricia S. to Brooks, Janelle, 2912 S. 120th St., $90,000.

Anzalone, Aurelia J. to Roberts, Brian A. Sr., 2020 S. 149th Circle, $205,000.

Person, Austin D. and D’Agostino Person, Elizabeth to Rhodes, Jon T., 13437 Marinda St., $201,000.

Fausset, Tyler D. and Tammy J. to Johnson, Matthew and Beneux, Tara, 13220 Marinda Circle, $203,000.

Fausset, Duane S. II and Linda R. to Tuggle, Terry S., 12324 Crawford Road, $210,000.

Watsabaugh, William F. and Julie A. to Arnold, Kevin M. and Whalen, Maureen E., 11661 Westwood Lane, $189,500.

Buckley, Kathryn E., personal representative, to Altered Reality LLC, 12405 Hickory Road, $160,000.


Gerding, James R. and Linda S. to Keil, Kevin and Sherry, 7125 Mormon Bridge Road, $187,500.

Newsome, Richard E. to Sibilia, Joseph A. and Callista M., 4616 Manchester Drive, $240,000.


Sindelar, Anthony J. and Norma J. to Hassman, Terry L. and Schwarz, Lisa K., 918 N. 148th St., $250,000.

Joerz, Scott P. to Yosief, Behaimanot and Astier, 608 S. 150th St., $145,000.

Wilkinson, Sara J. and Doug D. to Beatus, Brian J., 15462 Harney St., $155,000.

Coufal, David M. and Jane L. to Leise, Marsha D., 15417 Harney St., $179,000.

Bank of the West to Petersen, Kylie J., 14341 Hamilton St., $904,000.

Rhodes, Jon to Halstead, Dustin M. and Gross, Rachel E., 1423 N. 146th Plaza, $167,500.

Vondra, Patrick and Nickie to Sieck, Christopher C. and Kelly A., 14002 Parker St., $259,000.


Curzon, Andrew J. and Heidi A. to Schroeder, Ted L. and Diane, 6605 N. 112th St., $132,500.

Jones, Jill A. and James E. to Gollobit, Vernon D. and Lindsay M., 4914 N. 140th St., $277,500.

Hajek, John T. and Julie to Derr, Patrick W. and Patricia A., 4611 N. 130th Avenue Circle, $140,000.

Station, Larry W. Jr. to Paul, Niles, 4419 N. 139th Ave., $228,000.

Bolno, Mary A. to Serlet, Daniel and Michelle, 2317 N. 120th Avenue Circle, $145,000.

Ruehter, David B. to Adkins, Sonny S., 2222 N. 113th St., $137,000.

Pascarelli, David S. and Grumbley, Katrina L. to Laursen, Terry and Shaylee, 12945 Ohio Circle, $168,500.

King, Dena to Kasat, Cody J., 12820 Crown Point Ave., $140,000.

Navarro, John J. to Wallquist, Eric, 11311 Burdette Circle, $105,000.

Kruse, Mark E., trustee for Kruse, Janice K. Trust to Meester Enterprises LLC, 14210 Huntington Ave., $146,500.



Filkins, Cammy D. and Lyle A. to Walpus, Raven L. and Van Stratten, Anthony S., 1604 Elm St., $145,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Jaramillo, Leslie D., 1901 Winnie Drive, $85,000.

Gaytan, Jesus and Michelle to Corral, Ramon and Guadalupe, 3104 Cornelia St., $118,000.

Nikunen, Kerri A. to Stuart, Timothy and Denise, 3510 Hancock St., $50,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Hansen, Wyatt A. and Jaclyn M., 906 W. 32nd Ave., $114,000.


Mohr, Debra L. to Viola, Sally M., 19259 Robin Drive, $48,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Paskevic, Gregory R. and Mary C., 10630 S. 188th Ave., $428,000.

Fools Inc. to Terrell, Brian S. and Sarah E., 12009 S. 214th St., $276,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Byman, Kristofer and Kylie, 12110 S. 210th St., $258,000.

Alspach, Michael D. and Betty S. to Brozek, Sean R. and Kelsey A., 12221 Bobwhite Road, $108,000.

Hackel, Jason and Heidi L. to Modica, Matthew W. and Mares, Janet L., 12502 S. 218th Ave., $218,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Sagvold, Judy L., 17206 Jessica Lane, $292,000.

Home Co. LLC to Ross, David J. and Tayler M., 19326 Robin Drive, $343,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Killingsworth, Richard T. and Wendy L., 19834 Emiline St., $488,000.

Senkbile, Chris and Amy to Kilgore, Cole and Giesmann, Kacie, 20918 Maple Circle, $171,000.

LDT Inc. to Torpy, Kara and Wachtler, Brent A., 6906 S. 196th St., $315,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 8007 S. 194th St., $53,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Heavican Homes Inc., 8124 S. 194th St., $64,000.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Watsabaugh, William F. and Julie A., 10212 S. 123rd Ave., $359,000.

Charles Thomas Homes to Sanborn, Rodney S., 10902 Edward St., $376,000.

Walker, Robert and Ilise to Marroquin, Kerri and Wernher, 2301 S. River Rock Drive, $230,000.

Brown, Alfred R. and Mary K. to Eret, Jesse and Carissa, 1111 Cold Circle, $186,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11615 S. 110th Ave., $54,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Vecchio, James P. and Loretta I., 12016 Windward Ave., $384,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Click, Anthony J. and Lisa A., 12308 Windward Ave., $447,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Zahnow, Dwight R. and Adrienne M., 12320 Freeboard Drive, $415,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Woodard, James D. and Lori G., 12344 S. 73rd Ave., $379,000.

Bear Homes PC to Morgan, Kristen and Matthew, 403 E. Second St., $102,000.

Bierschenk, Monte and Melissia to Cech, Sheila S. and Bunjer, Kimberly C., 6606 Crest Ridge Drive, $414,000.


Morris, James P. and Vicki L. to Walker, Robert C. and Ilise V., 13503 S. 127th St., $450,000.

Triad Management Group LLC to Powell, Erin L. and Carrie L., 20870 S. Highway 50, $415,000.


Schwartz, Barry J. and Julie A. to Potthast, Thomas L. and Pamela S., 1006 Eureux Circle, $196,000.

Stargell, Michael C. and Jennifer L. to Drabek, Matthew J., 11001 S. 18th St., $175,000.

Woodward, James D. and Lori G. to Acosta, Leonard L. Jr. and Michelle D., 11709 S. 25th Avenue Circle, $283,000.

Waldo, Chris and Theresa M. to Bohaty, Justin M. and Lindsey S., 13501 S. 30th St., $202,000.

Garrison, Andrew D. and Kimberly A. to Aparcana, Juan and Maria, 13803 Clearwater Drive, $242,000.

Edmondson, Michael A. and Angela C. to Kroeger, William R. and Linda M., 13810 Rahn Blvd., $205,000.

Mallory, Potenciana G. Trust to Fields, David W. and Broekhuijsen-Fields, Melissa R., 14403 S. 34th Ave., $169,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Johnston, Corey D. and Tara L., 2204 Raven Ridge Drive, $242,000.

Kain, Jerry M. and Patricia A. to Gaytan, Jesus and Michelle, 2507 Sheridan Road, $212,000.

Johnson, Genevieve C. and Smeall, Brenna to Jennings, Victoria and Matthew, 3102 Jo-Ann Ave., $168,000.

Dahlberg, John M. and Jamie K. to Merry, Brent and Katherine S., 3201 Duane Ave., $190,000.

Rainwater, Jackie M. to Garcia, Danny and Leslie N., 3221 Chad Ave., $153,000.

Kent, Eric R. and Stefanie to Vanderpool, Travis W. and Jamie M., 4209 Edgerton Drive, $285,000.

Kosch, David A. and Lois S. to Salmons, Daniel S., 9811 Oakridge Drive, $165,000.


Sorensen, Robert J. Jr. and Lori A. to Pecha, Ronald L. and Kelly, Diana A., 10002 Emiline St., $365,000.

Cech, Sheila S. to Coke, Angela, 6818 Crabapple St., $212,000.

Nelson, Erin W. to Lyon, Max E. and Lorie N., 7403 S. 77th Ave., $120,000.

Caniglia, Jerome J. and Judith A. to Sorensen, Lori A., 8831 S. 100th St., $250,000.


Paskevic, Greg R. and Mary C. to Veren, Clinton A. and Jamie L., 8616 S. 163rd Ave., $440,000.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Babcock, Phil E. and Verna R., 13507 S. 46th St., $291,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Frank, David I. and Michelle L., 13710 S. 49th St., $305,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Kodad, Darrell J. Jr. and Rhonda K., 4711 Brook Circle, $305,000.

Storey, Dale G. and Michelle L. to Hellstrom, Chris and Rachel, 8625 S. 69th St., $223,000.


Charles Thomas Homes to Lowndes, Brandon and Kaitlyn, 100002 S. 179th St., $355,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cox, Sean M. and McNaughton-Cox, Megan N., 19060 Robin Drive, $196,000.

Winkler, Paige M. to Lyness, Sean, 10012 S. 170th Ave., $225,000.

Roth, Dustin and Jessica to Knobbe, Terry and Lisa, 11903 S. 132nd St., $310,000.

Schriever, Nicholas V. and Schyler A. to Hall, Gary R. II and Jessica D., 16119 Robin Drive, $155,000.

Woita Homes Inc. to Svatora, Leroy P. and DeBaets Svatora, Sallie A., 17508 Summit Drive, $68,000.

Kriha, Barry J. and Shalla M. to Sorenson, Michael and Manzer, Ashley, 17743 Josephine St., $159,000.

CSB Investments LLC to Blum, Burt A. Jr. and Nicole M., 17813 Olive St., $145,000.

Bizzarri, Michelle J. to Turner, Jen, 18009 Gertrude St., $184,000.

Kline, Adam T. and Laura L. to Hogan, Kristen E., 18920 Margo St., $244,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Khan, Rodrigo Z. and Kristin R., 19016 Redwood St., $233,000.

Seil, Matthew B. and Cherri S. to Edpuganti, Radha K. and Sarada, 19019 Lillian St., $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gragert, Nickolas D. and Jamie D., 19059 Greenleaf St., $199,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Campbell, Jered B. and Kayla M., 19105 Greenleaf St., $209,000.

Fleming, Brian and Sara to Clark, Tina and Garry, 7314 S. 183rd St., $197,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Owen, Eric W. and Woolard, Fabian S. and Owen, James R. and Tisdall, Marta, 7723 S. 173rd St., $270,000.


Kosko Properties LLC to E Class Properties LLC, 13504 Edna St., $113,000.

Dutcher, Richard and Corinne to Iwan, Justin M. and Carroll, Nicole C., 13941 Greenfield Road, $133,000.

McIntyre, Lloyd J. and Gaye L. to Kenny, Robert Y., 15013 Chalco Pointe Circle, $160,000.

Peters, Jeremy A. and Sarah L. to Borer, Melanie L., 6801 S. 154th St., $182,000.


Nicholas, Jeannette A. to Gonzalez, Julio C. and Rosa E., 3641 Emiline St., $59,000.

Corriveau, Bryan K. and Lisa M. to Halliday, Jake A., 1005 Virginia St., $148,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to Puryear, Justin and Hollee, 2503 Gindy Drive, $171,000.

Spudich, Debra L. to Carlson, Vern R., 2910 Irene St., $118,000.

Special T Masonry to Mangiameli, Heather N., 3808 Emiline St., $111,000.



Beltran, Moises and Teresa to Motz, Kierney, 2736 S. 18th St., $120,000.

Cornstock, Amy L. and Thomas C. to Kern, Theresa L., 5619 Merlin Lane, $177,000.

DJD Investments LLC to Fisher, Brandon L., 3542 Third Ave., $70,000.

Monahan, Garold to Bishop, David, 2708 Ave. G, $61,500.

Walker, Brian J. and Raven to Marsh, Conner E., 714 Seventh Ave., $105,000.

Shawler, Gailen D. to Tallman, Debra, 2100 Ave. A, $62,000.

U.S. Bank to Dewaele, Gary K., 2910 Ave. H, $56,000.

MAC Investments Inc. and Old Lincoln Investments LLC to Harter, Kyle J., 1115 25th Ave., $56,000.

McKee, J. Kenneth Trust to Fuller, Richard, 4508 Mohawk St., $117,500.


King, Peggy L. to Lindhorst, Dale P. and Susan J., 2503 Longview Loop, $130,000.

Hiatt, Lenna and Scott to Goodhart, Cody P. and Savannah L., 217 Winchester Circle, $191,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Comstock, Amy L. and Thomas C., 1311 Larchmont Drive, $255,000.

Lewis, Daniel A. and Marilynn M. to Walker, Brian J. and Raven, 220 Wendy Heights Road, $158,000.

Gorski, Denise M. to Erixon, John R. and Stolz, Diane M., 5004 Providence Road, $330,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to El Kasaby, Bassel, 221 Pickardy Lane, $100,000.

Tweedt Engineering and Construction Inc. to Burke, Jodee M. and Paul L., 1511 Chestnut Drive, $323,500.

Choice Homes LLC to Richtig, Michelle C. and Rick J., 4913 Spring Circle, $281,500.

Walters, Danielle M. and Douglas C. to Lillard, Elizabeth, 1477 Abercorn Drive, $298,000.

Goodman, Heather R. and Ryan M. to Strong, Sean M., 219 Midland Drive, $90,500.

Brandt, Dolores A. and Gary A. to Stott, Carolyn K. and J.L., 101 Greenview Circle, $185,000.

Retikis, Edward S. and Erika to Francois, John J. and Mandy L., 323 Delmar Ridge Lane, $325,000.


Anthony, Loren E. and Cannon, Peggy D. to Fox, Michael L., 1417 Dorene Blvd., Carter Lake, $77,500.


Pilling, Carla M. to King, Peggy L., 536 High St., Carson, $120,000.


Bolton, Jason J. and Sheri B. to Snyder, Nicholas R., 28755 Honey Creek Lane, Honey Creek, $127,000.


Hadfield, Fred C. and Patricia L. to Torneten, Joshua and Rebecca, 407 Bardsley Ave., Neola, $220,000.

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