Bonella, Gloria M. and Herrmann, Wayne to Clark, Susan M. and Schwarz, Matthew, 17813 N. Reflection Circle, $715,000.

Marc David Custom Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Meline, Aaron Jr. and Rebecca, 8920 N. 169th St., $317,460.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wiesner, Rachel M., 8109 N. 172nd St., $314,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ziegler, Zachary and Hope, 12072 Elmwood Drive, $273,000.

Gardner, Patrice and Carter, Lacher to Eipperle, Douglas J. and Sheena M., 14755 Young St., $225,000.

Johnson, Todd M. and Christina to Cannon, Timothy A. and Kathleen A., 8005 N. 150th Terrace, $212,000.

Real Growth LLC to Morrow, Kimberley K., 16208 Mormon St., $209,000.

Real Growth LLC to Evert, Allen H. and Agnes M. Joint Trust, 16204 Mormon St., $209,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Empire Homes and Remodeling Inc., 7363 N. 169th St., $55,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Marc David Custom Homes and Charleston Homes LLC, 8505 N. 170th St., $44,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 15991 Reynolds St., $42,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 7710 N. 156th Ave., $40,950.


Absolute Roofing Omaha LLC to Epp, Matthew and Amy, 1501 S. 219th St., $665,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Harden, Matthew, 1726 S. 221st St., $499,900.

Five Fountains LLC to Royal Development Inc., 18714 California St., $498,000.

Lynne, Kurtis M. and Melody A. to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc., 18912 Sahler St., $380,500.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Meister, Steve and Kaycee, 19004 Sahler St., $367,167.

Trademark Homes Inc. to McMullen, Todd and Erin, 3817 N. 190th St., $363,662.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Taylor, Travis and Jacalyn, 1031 N. 183rd Circle, $299,263.

Zimmerman, Randall L. and Angela R. to Cowles, Andrew J. and Ginger, 3312 N. 196th Ave., $276,000.

White, Patricia L. to Heintzman, Elizabeth, 18080 Jones St., $255,000.

Hagemann, Ruth A. and Stuhr, Deborah R. to Len, Nghia and Nguyen, Dung, 1520 N. 212th St., $165,000.

McClelland, Sarah to Borello, Laura A., 3810 Appaloosa Drive, $130,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Coady, Brian and Brooke, 1514 S. 219th St., $110,000.

Ramm Holdings LLC to Adabala, Murty and Akkireddy, Padmaja, 18658 Webster Circle, $88,000.

L & L Custom Builders Inc. to Woodland Homes Inc., 1329 S. 211th St., $77,500.

Jeffrey, Terry and Kristi to Srikumar, Nadarajah and Suganthi, 19017 Hamilton St., $75,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Home Co. LLC, 4932 N. 206th St., $48,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co. LLC, 19305 Franklin Circle, $48,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Home Co. LLC, 4945 N. 206th St., $46,000.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 18973 Manderson St., $39,900.


Scherer, Mark R. and Mary L. to Hogan, Nicholas T. and Brooke B., 23 Ginger Cove Road, $545,000.


Barrett, Tim and Jody to Hamel, Michael R. and Carol L., 508 N. Front St., $54,000.


King of Glory Evangelistic Center to Omaha KaNyaw Baptist Church, 4730 N. 60th Ave., $420,000.

Wilson, Thomas J. and Teresa L. to McMahon, Ian A. and Carney, Joseph R., 2308 N. 70th St., $144,000.

McBride, Alan and Abel, Michelle F. to Link, Michael and Georg J., 6543 Spencer St., $130,000.

Phillips, Robert E. to Allee, Olive V. and Adkinson, Stephen V., 2616 N. 71st St., $126,500.

Tran, Viet Q. to Lo, Moo, 5709 N. 61st Ave., $115,000.

Stack, Ana M. to Bastian, Jamie, 3315 N. 53rd St., $112,000.

James, Sharon to Wallner, Damian G., 5828 Miami St., $110,500.

Swesey, Lauren E. and Gaddy, Michael L. to Monarrez, Guillermo, 2035 N. 71st St., $105,000.

Jackson, Debra to Palomo, Sergio, 5644 Ohio St., $86,000.

Evh LLC to Myant, Khaing and Thu, May, 3002 N. 48th Ave., $70,000.

Ralph and Marlene Matney LLC to Antony Real Estate LLC, 6246 Franklin St., $60,000.

Bronson, Sally J., personal representative of Spitalnick, Edward C. Jr. Estate, to Wimer Holdings LLC, 2331 N. 71st St., $58,000.

Cooper, Gerda R. to Gulseth Properties LLC, 5818 Sahler St., $53,500.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 3155 N. 47th Ave., $29,145.


Gander Co. Design & Build LLC to Higgins, Sean, 5719 Mayberry St., $240,000.

Pekelder, Theresa, trustee for Lee, Mary V. Trust, to Longo, Frank J. and Kari A., 5812 Briggs St., $173,000.

Scott, Tyrone J. to Fortmeyer, Paul and Beth, 2706 S. 50th St., $152,500.

Jan Eric Pusch Enterprises LLC to OC3 Properties LLC, 5731 Rees St., $145,000.

J.H. Properties LLC to KBL Investments LLC, 5133 Woolworth Ave., $130,000.

Pogge, Mark to Neumann, Nicole, 1931 S. 46th St., $129,000.

Link, Michelle L. to Willms, Joseph and Fields, Natasha, 5332 Hickory St., $115,000.


Bautista, Jose R. and Maria R. to Boschult, Laeton J. and Melissa A., 1432 Pasadena Ave., $124,000.

TSV A LLC to Blanco, Breanna K., 4435 S. 20th St., $80,000.

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Nebraska to Gilbatrar LLC, 4128 T St., $60,000.

Ramirez, Fortino S. and Ines P. to Diaz, Francisco J. and Guillen, Maria E., 6213 S. 33rd Ave., $55,000.


Flock, Paul J. Trust to Henderson, Scott and Monica, 3022 S. 20th St., $110,000.

Dozier, Thomas W. and Annette to Dozier, Thomas J. and Chelsea M., 3216 S. Third St., $75,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Martinez, Gustavo D., 4025 Parker St., $110,000.

RLT LLC to Marker, Cleavon N., 5339 N. 26th St., $38,000.


Royce, Michael S. and Elaine to Wilson, Thomas and Teresa, 12319 N. 40th St., $186,000.

Metcalf, Donald and Jo D. to Bomer, Noble D. and Jane, 3964 Weber St., $105,000.

Monument Properties I LLC to MM and L International Corp., 2865 Whitmore St., $59,000.

U.S. Bank to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 7609 N. 36th St., $52,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Hurley, Richard L., 3506 Han- over Circle, $20,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to H & S Partnership LLC, 3441 Martin Ave., $20,000.


Olson, Sybil G. Trust to Russell, Jill F., 10114 Fieldcrest Drive, $325,000.

Vazzano, Sam J. and Frances to Ryan, Theresa M. and Wuebben, Theodore H., 528 Brentwood Road, $230,000.

Cunningham, Daniel L. to Marchese, Timothy J., 1018 N. 105th St., $135,000.

Riddle, Billie E. and Moragues, Margaret to Moragues, Margaret A., 8338 Parker Court, $110,000.


Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Pacheco, Andrew S. and Fujiwara, Suky V., 3306 N. 164th St., $566,307.

Richland Homes LLC to Shaw, Eric M. and Tammy S., 6010 N. 152nd Ave., $274,067.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dorsey, Tyler J. and Rachel, 4608 N. 175th St., $242,000.

Russell, Jill F. to Christensen, Burt D. and Patricia A., 16311 Ames Ave., $230,000.

Lane, Jeffrey L. and Cathleen A. to Soto, Steven and Maureen, 6404 N. 150th St., $217,000.

Miller, James T. and Lesa L. to Christensen, Ryan, 15109 Emmet St., $190,000.

Intravartolo, Russell W. and Christina to Larsen, Jack A., 16381 Butler Ave., $175,000.

Bofenkamp, Gerald J. and Loann L. Trust to Arneson, William E. and Patricia A., 5059 N. 155th St., $175,000.

Kolb, Andrew to Chester, Steven E. and Ava J., 15107 Butler Ave., $167,500.

Ripp, Andrew D. and Stephanie L. to Trueblood, Caleb and Michelle, 16737 Patrick Ave., $152,000.

Schicker, Larry D. to Lee, Shirley A., 16309 Camden Ave., $150,000.

HYY LLC to Porter, Kathleen M. and Sammy K., 3325 N. 148th Court, $135,000.

Bacon, Linda, personal representative of Hart, Terry J. Estate to Booze, Christy, 14456 Browne St., $130,000.

Porter, Casey and Sara to Hashenberger, Jennifer A., 17211 Spaulding St., $116,000.

Gregory, Haydee R. Trust to Hamik, Brad, 4457 N. 146th Court, $109,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Legacy Home Omaha LLC, 5958 N. 155th Ave., $46,950.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Barada, Kelly and Jennifer, 17610 Douglas Circle, $550,000.

Norris, Scott E. and Sharon M. to Lehmer, Olga and Brian M., 15678 Fountain Hills Drive, $235,000.

Ness, Michael P. and April A. to Bartels, Jordan and Shelby, 1516 N. 158th Ave., $230,000.

Sempek, Edward J. and Deborah L. to Dana, Brian and Sarah M., 15759 Jackson Drive, $205,000.


Smith, Albert T. and Jolene R. to Berkey, Diane M., 10329 Huntington Ave., $187,000.

Jobman, Brynn and Patricia to Kin, Bu and Thabwe, 10505 Mary St., $170,000.

Gardner, Shawn A. to Hoyt, Daniel, 7364 N. 87th St., $167,000.

Lehan, Luke R. and Tiffany R. to Jensen, Jacob A., 7578 Bondesson St., $149,500.

Hunley, Kathleen and Marc to Evans, Jacob, 7910 Redick Ave., $132,000.

Hang, Dong and Nguyen, Da to Hang, Cuong V. and Chau, Ut T., 7218 N. 74th St., $110,000.


CTNW Investments LLC to Alfrey, Brett and Gabrielle, 9224 Dorcas St., $195,000.


Glenn, David J. and Janeth A. to Shuput, Nicholas R. and Kathryn M. Trust, 10324 Madison St., $340,000.

Cline, Deborah K. to Lange, Chad M., 4869 S. 93rd Ave., $165,000.

Craig, Paula A. and Richard H. to Hardesty, Dennis and Bonita, 9911 Orchard Circle, $163,600.

Burgess, Dwayne N. Trust to Lowe, Brian, 10212 Weir St., $162,500.

Kelley, Sandra K. and Howard A. to Karrmann, Andrew and Jordyn, 10542 N St., $150,000.

Bally, Raymond L. and Sandra J. to Liekhus, Laura L. and Bo M., 7384 Madison St., $133,000.

Roberts, Nancy J. to Sahs, Jan L., 10668 R St., $132,000.

Vazquez, Pedro to Renner, James D. and Susan H., 7710 Seymour St., $125,000.

Jones, Todd, personal representative of Jones, Kenneth C. Estate, to Eisma, Rita L. and Aldridge, Max W., 10674 R St., $124,750.


Muilenburg, Bonnie L. and Conrad D. to Comes, Ronald and Terry, 3102 S. 169th Plaza, $900,000.

Svajgr, Allan, trustee for Svajgr House Trust, to Thomas, Jacob G. and Laura A., 1227 S. 200th St., $487,500.

Pabian, Lawrence and Darlene A. to Scherer, Mark R. and Mary L., 1502 S. 190th Plaza, $382,800.

Horak, Jeffry A. and Lynette M. to Ziola, Melissa A. and Christopher E., 1419 S. 195th St., $350,000.

Ardon Investments LLC to Orsini, Joshua and Christin, 19605 Pierce St., $269,000.

Tobelmann, Stephen and Christina to Coury, Amanda M. and Boschee, Andrew J., 17250 Woolworth Ave., $250,000.

Bouraoui, Moez M. and Amna H. to Anthony, Justin and Cassie, 19018 Hansen St., $236,000.

Kellner, Geraldine M. to Ginger, Donovan T. and Elizabeth A., 16518 Cedar St., $223,000.

Bien, Jason J. and Emily to Sempek, Edward and Deborah L., 1206 S. 167th St., $195,000.

Case, Steven M. and Lucienne A. to Jorgensen, Alan and Charmaine, 15737 Valley St., $180,000.

Gudenrath, Kimberly A. to Van Acker, Thomas, 2908 S. 160th Circle, $175,000.


Chacon, Nancy S. and Alfred A. to Chung, Steven J., 105 N. 31st Ave., $92,000.

Rothlisberger, Donna Trust to Smith, Michael E., 3017 Myrtle Ave., $74,000.


Perkins, David A. and Courtney E. to Kamp, John and Erin, 670 N. 59th St., $475,000.

Minardi, Richard, trustee for Barger Family Trust, to Ahlvers, Chad M., 118 S. 54th St., $342,500.


Parks, Jeremy J. to Goda, Dina A. and Farag, John S., 6413 N. 103rd Ave., $207,000.

Done By Nolte Inc. to Arroyo, Juan L. and Alfredo I. Jr., 9921 Pinkney St., $165,000.

Battiato, Terry L. and Younker, Gay Trust to Younker, Christopher, 5026 N. 104th St., $140,000.

Koenig, Matthew J. and Sarah E. to Anderson, Matthew and Amanda, 9143 Tomahawk Blvd., $114,000.


Brinkman, Donald R., trustee for Brinkman Living Trust, to Brandenburg, Terry L. and Rachel S., 4232 S. 175th St., $280,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Loder, Angela and Ronald D., 4628 S. 193rd St., $278,372.

Assman, Daniel and Leslie to White, Brian and Shannon, 19329 G St., $274,000.

Nelson, John R. and Kimberly L. to Douglas, Larry L., 5969 S. 186th Ave., $215,000.

Ostrand, Nathaniel A. to Briske, Michael T. and Amy A., 16229 N Circle, $188,000.

Meloccaro, Jody L. and Kathryn J. to Dubas, Dustin and Melissa, 17057 Orchard Ave., $171,350.

Nvestco LLC to Huber, Ann H. Trust, 5328 S. 189th St., $157,000.

Johnston, Valarie K. and Svatos, Roger Jr. to Semprini, Kyle J., 19620 V St., $152,500.

White, Brian L. and Shannon L. to Li, Yiping, 5317 S. 190th Terrace, $148,000.

Yorty, Douglas W. to Thomas, Kelli D., 5040 S. 190th St., $138,000.

Ayala, Chassidy I. and Anthony C. to Drear LLC, 19706 Laci St., $114,000.


Brozak, Jason A. and Marcie to Marshall, John and Denine, 4684 S. 152nd Circle, $214,000.

Weber, Chellsie L. and Casey to Strecker, Devon and Alicia, 14735 N St., $162,000.

Stockton, Jean E. to Rygol, Hans P. and Carol, 12618 O St., $150,000.

Boden, Deanna K. to Vinson, Allicia, 12111 T Circle, $145,000.

Boatright, Daniel J. and Patricia M. to Arriaga, Luis A. and Ordonez Velazquez, Elba A., 5162 S. 147th Circle, $140,000.

Scharfenberg, Delores to Brown, Melissa D., 15337 Monroe St., $130,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Van Roy, Todd J. and Ferrara, Deborah C., 7216 N. 125th St., $58,000.


Gapinski, Paul A. and Bruner, Scott to Barrett, Brian A., 2311 S. 154th Circle, $215,000.

Cuddigan, Sean D. and Kortney M. to Schultz, Lesley E., 2136 Mayfair Drive, $200,000.

Hensley, Scott J. and Laurie A. to Seaton, Janet W., trustee for Wetherbee, Robert H. Trust, 3317 S. 136th St., $135,220.


Mabry-Strong, Deborah D. to During, Vinice L., 5420 Ida St., $135,000.


Short, Ronald W. and Lynette H. to Vecchio, Aaron J. and Allyson C., 14163 Seward St., $302,000.

Predoehl, Nathan H., trustee for Predoehl Family Trust, to Miller, Tracy S. and Katie A., 10958 Marcy Plaza, $275,000.

Nelson, Karen A. and Mark to Bartholet, John and Joshi, Gita , 12512 Harney Circle, $258,400.

Krasa, Carrie A. to Jakub, Deron and Ajala, Olusola, 15023 Pepperwood Drive, $209,000.

Halperin, Andrew D. and Kathryn M. to Elgohary, Mohamed H. and Rezac-Elgohary, Amy J., 15522 Charles St., $207,500.

Harmelink, Douglas J. and Margaret M. to Mitchell, Ian D. and Trisha C., 14942 Paul Plaza, $199,000.

Joyful Restorations LLC to Selken, Nick K. and Melanie A., 1928 N. 152nd Plaza, $170,000.

Deutsche Bank to Johnson, Bryan L., 15268 Pepperwood Drive, $153,600.


Waldo, Lisa and Urkoski, Steven to Witek, Joseph J. II and Sarah A., 11430 Sahler St., $208,000.

Collins, Barbara J. to Bingham, Kurt T. and Shannon M., 4633 N. 126th St., $198,500.

Spracklin, Kevin and April to Vidal, Rachelle A. and Cesar A., 11623 Taylor St., $189,000.

Welchert, Carl to Reynolds, Elizabeth, 11333 Sahler St., $189,000.

MFA Properties Inc. to Abboud, Austin, 12717 Corby St., $173,950.

Marshall, John P. and Denine L. to Cheng, Fang, 6325 N. 128th St., $149,000.

McQuinn, Jeremy M. to Stehno Properties LLC, 4205 N. 131st St., $140,000.

Bailey, Joann M. Trust to 4 Star Properties LLC, 2417 N. 143rd Ave., $140,000.

Mueller, Michelle R. to Boutcher, Danielle R., 10916 Saratoga Plaza, $140,000.

Adamson, George E. and Cheryl D. Trust to Frazier, Nancy L., 13015 Curtis Ave., $130,000.

Collins, Sara F. to Penry, John and Destiny, 4609 N. 108th St., $129,900.

Brown, Susan D., personal representative of Adams, Thomas Estate to 4 Star Properties LLC, 2231 N. 143rd Circle, $123,032.



Abueg, Kristen S. and Venegas Abueg, James R. to Brandon, Madison C., 105 Cedar St., $127,000.

Isaac, Naomi F. to Hines, Samuel L. and Kathleen A., 11712 S. 26th Ave., $220,000.

Barker, Donnie K. and Mindi C. to Husker Properties LLC, 206 E. 21st Ave., $65,000.

Hix, Jeffrey W. to Wendl Properties LLC, 2308 Franklin St., $40,000.

HBI LLC to Pierce, Nicholas, 2804 Janan Drive, $90,000.


Sump, Teresa K. Trust Agreement and Sump, Randy J. Trust Agreement to Damme, Kevin J. and Diana, 11391 S. 232nd St., $725,000.

Stewart, Kyle and Tasha to Raabe, Daniel P. and Kathleen F., 11597 S. 207th St., $225,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to McQuillan, Matthew J. and Kerry C., 17212 Christensen Road, $295,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Woodland Homes Inc., 19409 Brookside Lane, $58,000.

Veren, Clinton and Jamie to Burbach, Henry M. and Christine A., 19801 Oak St., $372,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Nelson, John R. and Kimberly L., 20076 Emiline St., $388,000.

Bosak, Kelly R. to Hron, David and Cherie, 21316 Lincoln Blvd., $287,000.

Atkins, Thomas J. and Stephanie D. to Barden, Sheila S. and Jacob R., 21912 Bobwhite Ave., $245,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Hughes, Cassie and Tyler, 8102 S. 194th St., $308,000.


Eby, Kelly S. and Loan C. to Anthofer, Michael J. and Kelly L., 1008 W. Centennial Road, $310,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Lake, David P. and Joleen M., 10206 S. 124th Ave., $375,000.

Liberty, Todd W. and Catherine to Gibler, Troy and Karen E., 10620 S. 113th St., $273,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Langabee, Vincent T. and Sarah C., 10823 Cimarron St., $271,000.

Rosemann, Frederick S. and Barbara J. to Bahn, Andrew M. and Diana M., 1105 N. Beadle St., $232,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 11411 S. 117th St., $63,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 11509 Schirra St., $70,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 11719 Cooper Circle, $73,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Liberty, Todd W. and Catherine O., 12007 Longshore Ave., $389,000.

Anthofer, Michael J. and Kelly L. to Robles, Roberto and Sarah M., 1717 Eastview Drive, $205,000.

Dunkley, Erik to Lawrence, Delbert and Denise, 2004 S River Rock Drive, $180,000.

Peyrot, James P. to Wertz, Philip J., 2204 Walnut Creek Drive, $191,000.

Timmerman, Roland B. and Joyce to McCright Properties LLC, 403 Circle St., $71,000.

Albert, Brian M. and Vacek, Janelle L. to Ortiz, Karianne and Jacob A., 817 Lake Vista Drive, $175,000.

Frederick, Donna J. Trust to Stangl, David M., 8610 Oahu Circle, $460,000.

Jankovich, Christopher J. and Deborah L. to Fredrickson, Zachary and Jessica L., 903 Roland Drive, $330,000.


Warren, James S. to Meister-Colborn, Elizabeth, 185 N. Seventh St., $165,000.

Neuzil, Christopher K. and Andrea to Felici, Samuel and Hilary, 285 N. Second St., $135,000.


Iwanski, Summer J. and Travis to Messersmith, Collin S., 10409 S. 26th St., $142,000.

Haynes, Ann L. Trust to Moran, Christopher and Heather, 11654 Lilley Lane, $203,000.

Braig, Scott and Sondra to Wichael, Brian D. and Summer R., 14503 S. 22nd St., $239,000.

Celebrity Home Inc. to Preston, Justin K. and Kimberly A., 14806 S. 21st St., $309,000.

Sauley, Edward A. III and Judith A. to Heydt, Joseph and Marni E., 16441 S. 38th St., $154,000.

Celebrity Home Inc. to Rogers, Heather M., 2007 Oriole Drive, $241,000.

Adams, Phillip L. and Cynthia A. to Duncan, Joseph S., 2607 Ponderosa Drive, $179,000.

Sturch, Jason and Kelly to Greger, Chris, 2803 Blackhawk Drive, $193,000.

Louviere, Daniel A. Jr. and Kimberly F. to Gomez, Todd S. and Emily L., 2808 Jack Pine St., $175,000.

Sargent, William J. and Joyce A. to Phelps, Nicolas J., 2905 Halifax Drive, $227,000.

Stacey, Richard A. and Lesha to Arnold, Timothy G. and Kimberly L., 3012 Annabelle Drive, $327,000.

Merwine, Paul J. and Susan M. to Shaw, Timothy, 3425 Nugget Circle, $165,000.

Curtis, John and Christy to Brasel, Caitlin M. and Matthew, 3732 Lawnwood Drive, $159,000.

Lawson, Margaret M. to Wilkins, Tyrone and Holly, 4301 Longview St., $210,000.

Thompson, Angela L. and Morgan, Layla M. to Elbert, Adam J. and Samantha M., 4705 Sheridan Drive, $290,000.


Moen, Susan J. to Leighner, Anna, 7135 Ivy Lane Drive, $253,000.

Barnes, Victoria R. and Anthony to J. Adams Investments LLC and LJB Investments LLC, 7408 Elm Drive, $107,000.

Behounek, Randal J. and Lynn M. to Page, Timothy M. and Tiffany J., 9728 Val Verde Drive, $352,000.


Hug, Michelle M. to Dewitt, Charles, 1510 Durham Drive, $187,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Marsh, Wanda J., 2002 Apollo Lane, $290,000.

Kosiski, Robert and Courtney to Dewitt, Charles, 209 Sea Pines Drive, $164,000.

Morris, James L. and Mary W. to Lankas, Edward J. and Victoria C., 2906 Eagle Hills Circle, $270,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Anderson, Gregory T. and Brandi M., 4704 Brook Circle, $285,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Henry, John and Peggy, 5266 Waterford Avenue Circle, $558,000.

Celebrity Home Inc. to Bertolini, Terry L. Jr. and Sandra L., 6615 Michael Circle, $211,000.

Celebrity Home Inc. to Fuller, Wesley, 6717 Elmhurst Drive, $215,000.

Mathiasen, Curtis M. to Lee, Michelle P. and Thomas, 705 Eagle View Drive, $170,000.


JMF LLC to Best Construction Co. Inc., 11025 S. 175th Ave., $42,000.

Iwansky, Brandon J. and Sarah N. to Cowell, Margaret M., 15816 Redwood St., $165,000.

Podtburg, Sean D. and Melinda K. to Porter, Jacob D., 17212 Palisades Drive, $195,000.

Gandhi, Gulshan and Monika to Walker, Kevin E. and Amber, 7002 S. 157th St., $258,000.

Mellott, Jill M. and Christopher K. to Hauger, Benjamin J. and Amber L., 8034 S. 165th St., $285,000.

Wadell, Eric and CarLee A. to Munstermann, Roland E. and Carol K., 9327 S. 168th Avenue Circle, $255,000.


Kiger, Lori L. to Gentry, Elizabeth M. and Michael R., 13404 Grissom St., $130,000.

Catron, Christopher D. and Rebecca A. to Asmus, Alexandria S., 13409 Edna St., $128,000.

Schaetzle, Tracy and Scott to Petry, Michael and Kari, 15359 Papio St., $170,000.

Manichetti, Cody to Voss, Chad, 9604 S. 173rd St., $54,000.


Benn, Joseph E. to Schwenk, Diana, 7013 S. 21st Ave., $85,000.

Russell, Henry E. and Patricia S. to Classic Refrigeration LLC, 7801 S. 30th St., $15,000.

Rangel, Steve R. and Deborah J. to Rangel, Joshua R. and Gloria E., 8315 S. 13th St., $170,000.

Schechter, Robin S. and Walker, Danielle R. to Cornine, Aarron and Jennica, 9507 S. 25th Ave., $244,000.


Gomez, Georgina and Reyes, Juan to Gomez, Dulce and Leonel G., 4605 Virginia St., $126,000.

Lightell, Vernon E. to Giandinoto, Jennifer A. and Ratajski, Matthew P., 7220 S. 53rd St., $140,000.



Hallman, Karen to Samar Realty, 2410 S. 10th St., $49,000.

Bank of New York to MKJ Inc., 1410 S. 12th St., $110,000.

Osbahr, Larry D. to Vincent, Danny and Sandra, 1617 S. 11th St., $60,000.

Greenwood, Mary and Wyatt to Brewer, Shawn S., 2117 Ave. J, $126,000.

Collins, James E. and Laura A. to Price, Joshua D., 2428 S. Eighth St., $115,000.

Lillard, Elizabeth A. to Merksick, Sarah A., 1703 26th Ave., $103,000.

KMC Properties LLC to Raikes, Danielle M. and Smith, Melanie D., 2709 McBride Ave., $75,000.

MCM Capital Partners LLC, trustee for Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R, to Garcia, Margarito F., 1201 27th Ave., $80,000.

Powell, Debra L. and Wayne R. to Mesenbrink, Carol A. and Dennis L., 5220 Navajo St., $419,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Thomas, Tricia M., 1004 Fourth Ave., $35,000.

McConkey, Charles H. and Sheryl L. to Conaway, Douglas P., 621 N. 39th St., $70,000.


Christiana Trust, trustee for Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, to Augustine, Richard L., 17 Park Circle, $83,000.

Knau, Alicia L. and Brian D. to Western Iowa Investments LLC, 223 Wendy Heights Road, $149,000.

Moehling, Mitchell and Robyn to Heinen, Connie J. and David L., 12062 Waldon Circle, $214,000.

Swanger, Delores J. to Mc- Kee, Kyle R. and Stopak, Erin M., 111 Wildwood Road, $176,500.

Freebird Property Solutions LLC to Luoni, Linda A., 335 Benton St., $145,000.

Reeh, Dustin R. to Clark, Katherine E. and Tayler J., 209 Crestmont Drive, $117,000.

Hance, Marie A. and Michael L. to Liddick, Shawn and Sledge, Angela, 14 Horizon Drive, $166,000.

Kendall, David and Deborah R. to Kennett, Steven K., 223 Fifth Ave., $146,000.

Scott, Daniel B. and Richard M. to Reeh, Dustin R., 1663 Jennings Ave., $76,000.

Gift, Eric M. to Hutcheson, Doug, 1015 Jim Brown Parkway, $118,000.

Madsen, Charles M. and Sondra to Hough, Julie A. and Kelly R., 2314 Thallas St., $210,000.


Kurtz, Julie and Matthew A. to Miller, Anna M. and Jess J., 1002 Shoal Point Drive, Carter Lake, $227,000.

Evans, Audrey M. and Terry L. to Moen, Susan, 550 Coronado Circle, Carter Lake, $330,000.

Christensen, Chris G. and Mary D. to Follmer, Catherine S. and William J., 4430 N. Sixth St., Carter Lake, $302,000.


Akers, Betty and Dennis D. to Griffin, Leon, 264 S. Pine St., Avoca, $25,000.

Bruck Real Estate LLC to Yost, Zachary D., 214 N. Elm St., Avoca, $64,000.


Schneckloth, Jason R. to Schneckloth, Kaylee J. and Dylan, 503 Fourth St., Minden, $70,000.


Hardison, Hilary to Nelson, Kimberly J. and Ryan M., 22376 Juniper Road, Underwood, $328,500.

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