Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Legacy Homes Omaha, 17114 Bondesson St., $550,000.

Gerhard, Angela R. Trust to Johnson, Clinton A. and Deann M., 14608 Girard St., $387,000.

Schwarz, Ryan N. and Laura A. to Brandl, Joshua P. and Laurice, 15951 Reynolds St., $325,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Legacy Homes Omaha, 7518 N. 160th St., $317,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc to Dickson, Eric M. and Katrina M., 8819 N. 160th St., $224,400.

Albright, Heath L. and Mary R. to Getzschman, Geoff, 15435 Davidson St., $149,500.

Stratford Park Development to Charleston Homes, 17314 Clay St., $44,600.

Stratford Park Development to Charleston Homes, 8919 N. 171st St., $43,600.

State Street Investments to Charleston Homes, 16017 Reynolds St., $40,950.

State Street Investments to Charleston Homes, 7812 N. 157th St., $39,950.

Waterford Development to Fools Inc., 7108 N. 151st Ave., $26,000.


KRT Construction to Olivera, Santos L. and Pamela J., 18703 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $764,081.

JKC Construction to Rayer, Mark A. and Kerri S., 2008 S. 212th St., $685,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction to Karmazin, Eric and Rachael, 20806 Frances Circle, $649,721.

Woodland Homes to Mandava, Eshwar D. and Tummala, Anusha, 1886 Blue Sage Parkway, $412,849.

Hudson, Larry N. and Marisa to Ayoub, Jonathan and Brooke, 813 S. 182nd St., $390,000.

Woodland Homes to LeDroit, Dan, 4603 N. 192nd Terrace Circle, $388,000.

Barr Homes to Singh, Ananta P. and Shah-Singh, Srijana, 5630 S. 234th St., $379,246.

Hildy Construction to Brady, Mark R. and Jean C., 20702 Boyd St., $370,000.

JKC Construction to Caniglia, John and Rosso, Larry, 19253 Binney St., $350,000.

Home Co. to Pattrin, Lynnee, 19306 Franklin Circle, $304,000.

Charleston Homes to Petersen, Gavin G. and Ashley L., 4519 N. 206th St., $274,200.

Jeffrey, Terrance A. and Kristi A. to Carmean, Joshua C. and Becky J., 823 S. 190th St., $273,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Thagard, Matthew J., 2705 N. 191st St., $268,000.

Johnson, Christopher M. and Amber L. to Ethier, James R. and Lori M., 19520 Binney Circle, $250,000.

Snyder, Elizabeth J. Trust to Huffman, Carol S., 20168 Farnam St., $242,000.

Jones, Todd K. and Stacie D. to Brown, Jeffrie S. and Kristin R., 730 S. 210th Circle, $159,900.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 3507 N. 200th Ave., $127,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Jordan Michael Signature Homes, 21006 Cedar St., $90,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 1407 N. 194th Circle, $65,000.

AVG-CFM Coventry Estates to Sall, Michael J. and Sana R., 20904 W St., $53,900.

Pacific Windgate II to Castle Brook Builders, 1518 S. 208th St., $50,000.

FRK Development to Widhalm Custom Homes, 3910 N. 191st St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Belt Construction Co., 18937 Ruggles St., $49,900.

Charleston Homes to Fools Inc., 4717 N. 205th St., $44,000.

Fire Ridge Real Estate to Cambridge Homes, 19621 Mason St., $33,500.


Kramer, Timothy J. Trust to Rensch, Mari R. Trust, 91 Ginger Cove Road, $450,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Sliva, Richard L. and Vicki M., 5903 N. 295th St., $250,000.


Kibbie, Greg Jr. and Johnson-Kibbie, Lisa to Hemphill, Misty J., 25820 West Maple Road, $280,000.

Baker, Wolford S. Jr. and Susan K. to Lopez, Amber and Lopez-Guatzin, Ilsias B., 104 Jefferson St., $131,100.

Snyder, Caleb M. and Shelby J. to Bowdino Land LLC, 1406 S. 258th St., $186,000.


Lingenfelter, Harrison R. to Cervantes, Adrian, 300 S. 16th St., $143,000.


Holmes, Jack J. and Margaret J. to Ploeger, Karl and Kristina, 1702 N. 54th St., $261,000.

Weston, John M. to McGurn, Mary C., 1832 N. 49th Ave., $137,500.

Story, Kevin J. to Dougherty, Terrence M. and Perdue, Margaret C., 4973 Maple St., $106,000.

Thomas, Rosemary to Becker, Debra J., 3116 N. 55th St., $104,900.

Kline, Melissa to Bohac, Linsey S. and Marshall, Adam, 6914 Pinkney St., $99,000.

Loerch, J. Cameron and Teresa L. to Htoo, Gay and Lay, Ka, 5842 Sprague St., $75,000.

Dormady, Michael P. to Western Financial and OM 6912 Kansas Ave Trust, 6912 Kansas Ave., $54,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Tristate Ventures, 6775 Franklin St., $29,000.


Bieber, Kristin E. and Noah M. to Barak, Douglas J. and Colby J., 3015 S. 44th St., $149,000.

Palencia De Villa, Hilda L. and Pacheco, Pedro H. to Villa-Crespo, Veronica and Crespo, Rafael, 1718 S. 26th St., $130,000.

Robbins, Trevor D. and Jackie L. to Veldhouse, Cory and Obermueller, Kristen, 2230 S. 31st St., $129,950.

Sinden, Joseph C. and Jennifer L. to Dietz, Cassi L., 1502 S. 25th St., $115,000.

4D Management Holdings to Dominguez, Misael M., 3837 Grover St., $54,000.


Brown, David K. and Knight, Alejandra to Ferring, Jean, 6228 William St., $198,000.

BPM LLC to Jesik, David J., 2128 S. 62nd St., $175,900.

Noveski, Theodore L., personal representative, to Song, Christina H. and Jack, 715 S. 67th Ave., $160,000.

Brenneman, Rick A. to Callahan, Margaret M., 4515 Woolworth Ave., $115,000.

Scolla, Rosemary to Myers, Jennifer L., 2512 S. 46th St., $114,230.

Sweeney, Matthew R. and O’Brien, Kristel D. to FWB LLC, 730 S. 68th Ave., $90,400.

Arant, Rena W., trustee for Arant Trust to Loewen, Kathryn P., 2136 S. 61st Ave., $83,000.

Beavers, Gene C., personal representative, to Cisar, Anthony R. and Michelle D., 5835 Cedar St., $71,000.

Nordbye, Warren K., personal representative, to Valadez, Bianca and David, 3011 S. 60th St., $55,000.


Barrales, Joel C. and Salgado, Elizabeth E. to Navarro, Isidro S., 5018 S. 38th St., $90,000.

Semin, Joe G. and Shelly to Garcia, Genaro R. and Perez, Veky O., 3636 V St., $68,000.

Spracklin, Gordon E. and Faye M. to Chi Properties LLC, 5103 S. 42nd St., $60,000.

Spidell, Donald E. and Daniel P. to Lorenz, Robert E. and Michaela L., 2311 Drexel St., $60,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services to Semin, Joe G., 5065 S. 40th St., $49,280.

Montanez, Jose F. and Rocio L. to Vazquez, Martin, 5117 S. 21st St., $45,000.

Calderon, Cristobal to Zamora, Angela and Candelario, 4525 S. 16th St., $22,000.


Frans, Jeffrey A., trustee for Frans, Robert L. Trust to Czechvillage LLC, 1238 S. 12th St., $75,500.


McClarty, Vera L. to Rucker, Tracey and Wilburn, Terrance, 2524 N. 16th St., $25,200.


Gow, Linda R. and Joseph H. to Hardin, Tina D., 4121 Erskine St., $42,000.

Smith, Marilyn M. and Lasaitis, David A. to O’Connor, Cheryl B. and Kevin L., 4148 Burdette St., $40,000.

Nguyen, Cecilia and Tommy to Nguyen, Dung and Cecilia, 3458 Larimore Ave., $40,000.

White-Loomis Investments to Aung, Aung T. and Khine T., 4106 Wirt St., $37,500.

Deutsche Bank to Punch It Out Inc., 4226 Fowler Ave., $27,200.

Bledsoe, LeRoy and Mary B. to Gonzales, Juan A., 3901 Blondo St., $20,000.


Windom, Shyrell to Hogue, Travis C., 7211 Minne Lusa Blvd., $130,000.

Hammerly, Frances P. and Joseph W. to Straub, Jonathan R., 7752 N. 37th St., $67,000.


Luikart, Robert C. to Ford, Richard A. Jr. and Deborah J., 911 S. 85th St., $260,000.

Tannehill, Sarina and Zachary to Spethman, Leslie A., 1015 N. 74th St., $189,000.

Barner, Timothy D. to Trampe, Mark and Sara K., 8322 Cuming St., $139,000.


Hill Custom Homes to Yin, David S. and Jane H., 6814 N. 159th St., $399,500.

Castle Brook Builders to Holmquist, Andrew D. and Jenifer, 2215 N. 179th St., $359,707.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Hamke, Joseph L. and Dawn M., 5908 N. 152nd Ave., $298,000.

Dean-Kotil, Jennifer to Montgomery, Gene C. and Janice L., 15808 Hartman Ave., $292,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to New Leaf Properties, 2411 N. 168th Ave., $282,608.

Lane Building Corp. to Lavelle, Earl and Mary R., 2622 N. 165th Ave., $258,624.

Richland Homes to Miller, Michael J. and Cathleen M., 17563 Wirt St., $247,255.

Aure, Dana and Jaime to Harris, Larry D. Jr. and Kelsy R., 3810 N. 160th St., $245,000.

Luckey, John C. and Donna M. to Lentz, Matthew T., 2705 N. 154th Ave., $245,000.

Eaton, Steven G. and Kelly J. to Rowlands, Douglas J., 17038 Sahler St., $162,600.

Cunningham,William F. and Jolene A. to Kruger, Jesse and Lindsay, 15482 Spencer St., $162,000.

Van Houten, Travis J. and Kreikemeier, Shannon L. to Barton, Colton, 4623 N. 148th St., $159,000.

Friehe, Samuel L. and Kayla to Shapland, Taylor, 6220 N. 148th St., $156,500.


Nadrchal, Amanda and James to Peter, Paul J., trustee for Davis, R. Martin Trust, 5111 O St., $137,500.

Circo, David R. and Thea to Saxon, Nicholas K. and Tiffany K., 4855 Orchard Ave., $130,000.

Bertolini, Terry L. Jr. and Sandra L. to Calzada, Francisco J. and Ayala-Gonzalez, Anai, 4717 S. 52nd St., $110,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Srof 2013-S3 Reo I LLC, 5839 S. 51st St., $106,000.

Galloway, Arthur and Linda S. to Hayes, Caitlin, 4154 S. 60th Ave., $96,850.

Tighe, Chad and Stary, Michaela N. to Caro, Lehyslee, 4222 S. 60th Ave., $84,000.

Kvasnicka, Louise S. and James J. to Vorland, Jonathan P. and Renae C., 4419 S. 46th St., $80,000.


Farris, Glenn L. and Carol A. to Farris, Kelly N., 16312 Page St., $575,000.

Kirkwood, David W. and Candace S. to Evans, Christopher T. and Janna E., 17522 Leavenworth St., $380,000.

Armstrong, Stephen L. and Julie E. to Andrews, Joshua D. and Allison R., 1906 N. 173rd Circle, $264,900.

Hamlin, Kenneth F. to Klein, Thomas K. Jr., 16324 Seward Circle, $205,000.


Kelley, Daniel L. and Laura K. to Ojukwu, Kenechukwu G., 10714 King St., $239,000.

Pierce, Patrick to Vazquez, Edgar, 7402 N. 88th St., $172,500.

Molnar Investments to Chowdhury, Shahed and Alla, 7530 Vane St., $145,000.

Horn, Gary L. and Thorp, Jeffrey W. to Evans, Michelle A., 8758 Quest St., $129,950.


Riggs, Lauren and Robert to Friedman, Dustin A. and Candice W., 1545 S. 79th St., $460,000.

Davis, James R. and Joey T. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 3113 S. 104th St., $201,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Rockwell, Patricia and Robert L. Jr., 3113 S. 104th St., $201,000.

Wynne, Douglas E. to Wickstrom, Steven J. and Katherine R., 1605 S. 95th St., $150,000.


McGovern, Daniel E. to Wordekemper, Ann M., 10638 N St., $175,000.

Militti, Michael A. and Chastidy L. to Wilkinson, William J. and Emma L., 10656 R St., $145,000.

Owens, Verna J. to Zamora-Ramirez, Meliton, 10541 U St., $133,000.

Timmermans, Laverne F. to Kuhr, Daniel A. and Kyle L., 79 Country Club Road, $62,500.


Malibu Holdings to Pfeifle, Robert M. and Kozal, Christine M., 2469 S. 182nd Circle, $982,000.

Kavan, Richard T. and Leona to Ramanujam, Rengarajan and Pauldurai, Greeta J., 3223 S. 186th St., $625,000.

Sherwood Homes to Cox, Kathleen, 3617 S. 181st St., $327,750.

Schneckloth, Larry W. and Shellie N. to Zapata, Juanita, 3904 S. 202nd Ave., $272,500.

Swampillai, Felix A. and Ananthan, Christilda to Wyatt, Gregory P. and Kaitlyn S., 18954 C St., $184,000.

Duba, Travis P. and Emily L. to Flynn, Thomas A., 2938 S. 159th Avenue Circle, $173,500.

Percival, Jeffrey R. to Sorys, Jonathan D., 16419 Pierce St., $130,575.


Eccleston, Amber and Jason to Larsen, Kaj C., 640 N. 43rd St., $127,000.

Sheila M Jones Family LP to Tamboer, Destiny M., 4354 Charles St., $91,500.

YK Holdings LLC to S & P Development, 4215 Lafayette Ave., $85,000.


Friedman, Dustin A. and Candice to Malone, Mike J. and Patricia D., 132 Dundee Ridge Court, $260,000.

Sleight, Mallory to Grebenick, Justin and Dougherty, Bridget K., 5103 Izard St., $250,900.

Stover, Brooke J. to Connell, David A. and Barbara F., 5011 Davenport St., $159,000.

Jones, Lisa N. to Goelz, Stephanie and Kelly R., 7065 Izard St., $148,000.

Nowel, Gregory W. and Bonn, Tristan to Starlin, Eric, 4555 Charles St., $76,000.


Anderson, Donald G. and Thao D. to Richardson, Todd D. and Melissa S., 10316 Hilltop Road, $174,250.

K2 Development and Operation to Gibson, Breanna C., 10016 Bedford Ave., $162,000.

Spethman, Leslie A. to Cropsey, Patrick and Kline, Melissa, 2519 N. 98th Ave., $159,000.

Christiansen, Grant T. and Maria S. to Thompson, Jesse M. and Lyn H., 3916 N. 95th St., $145,000.

Custard, Marie L. to Moldenhauer, Amanda, 3939 N. 94th St., $130,000.

Kaiser, Christon A. to Bates, Austin, 9224 Grand Ave., $120,000.


Pine Crest Homes to Young, Fat G. and Liao, Huiyi, 5809 S. 172nd St., $324,950.

Pine Crest Homes to Dooshety, Sridhar R. and Anitha, 6304 S. 171st St., $314,604.

Pacesetter Homes to Therrian, Andrew S. and Kera J., 5310 S. 165th St., $314,500.

Charleston Homes to Mosby, Robert L. Jr. and Sheri L., 6026 S. 167th Circle, $299,389.

Witt, Nathaniel and Rebecca D. to Dunn, Albert R. and Carianne, 6732 S. 169th Ave., $295,000.

Zadina, Robert J. and Kathleen J. to Nelson, Lloyd A. Jr. and Belinda J., 5706 S. 174th St., $243,000.

Mabeus, Bryan J. and Shelisa K. to English, Antony S. and Susan D., 5911 S. 161st St., $240,000.

Roland, David R. to Johnson, Shavonne, 19887 I St., $240,000.

Dingbaum, Tobey L. and Shannon K. to Payne, Shawn and Courtney, 18567 Drexel St., $238,000.

Dudzinski, Joshua M. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 19335 H St., $230,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Kennedy, Sean and Adrienne, 19335 H St., $230,000.

Skoumal, Cory M. and Jamie L. to Austin, Delmar E. and Marcia K., 18622 L Circle, $224,900.

Jupelly, Pavan K. and Takkallapally, Padma to Woehl, Ryan J. and Paulina M., 6622 S. 162nd Ave., $216,000.

Schaffer, William J. and Connie L. to Christiansen, Grant T. and Maria S., 6217 S. 165th Ave., $215,000.

Hill, Bode W. and Tasha L. to Burrack, Donovan, 19626 T St., $180,000.

Delashmutt, Nathan and Emily to Vandenberg, Joshua and Shelly, 5073 S. 161st Circle, $175,000.

Murphy, Gerald to Rogers, Robert A. and Bruner, Laura M., 5713 S. 193rd St., $162,500.

Payne, Shawn M. and Courtney to Buttry, Brian J., 5907 S. 190th Terrace, $158,000.


McFarland, Robert H. and Diana M. to Odorisio, Elizabeth A., 13023 Old Cherry Circle, $182,000.

Czarnick, Barbara E. to Morrissey, Colin J., 11605 Drexel St., $180,000.

Shcherbiy, Roman and Bogdana to Kollasch, Randall E. and Connie L., 5051 Marshall Drive, $175,000.

Primrose, David and Sally to Hay, James H. and Amy R., 6414 S. 149th Ave., $157,500.

Whalen, James L. and Jane E. to Guda, Chittibabu and Purnima, 5859 S. 146th St., $152,000.

Schlehuber, Christopher and Nicoline to Holzbauer, Jeffrey M. and Penny N., 11215 Madison St., $145,000.

Rich, Kevin P. and Vicki L. to Hahn, Kaitlin M., 5823 S. 135th Circle, $143,000.

Guthrie, Karen R. to Assad, Nabil and Juliette, 15369 Orchard Ave., $137,500.

KP3 Investors LLC to Groves, Clarence D. Sr., 13312 Z St., $135,000.

Bergen, Helen M., trustee for Summers, Ivan R. and Ruby B. Trust to Okafor, Napoleon, 11205 V St., $100,000.


Celebrity Homes to Bires, Joyce J., 7013 N. 139th St., $226,000.

Boger, Michael and Darcy to Perlstein, Eric D., 11160 Potter St., $128,500.


Cassman, Frederick S. and Molline R. to Lukas, Lou A., 11348 Pine St., $360,000.

Homebuilders LLC to Keeramangalam, Muralidharan R. and Rajaraman, Karthika, 13313 Spring St., $251,001.

Dahlquist, Robert C. to Militti, Michael and Chastidy, 1824 S. 133rd St., $205,000.

Marrs, Barbara A., trustee for Duer Living Trust to Sellers, James M. and Foote, Katherine B., 3015 S. 114th St., $167,000.

Goodwin, Shirley M. to Azimi, Saleem and Farya, 3412 S. 136th St., $160,000.

Kresnik, Robert J. to Mathey, Grant L. III, 13589 Crawford Circle, $160,000.

Sinnett, Alex G. and Sarah A. to Archer, Skyler A. and Webster, Ashley M., 13612 Valley St., $153,000.

Keyser, Gayle D. and Rydberg, Judy F. to Nanfito, Laurie J., 3214 S. 108th St., $135,000.


Latenser, Sheryl D. to O’Neill, Ross and O’Neill 1 LLC, 4624 Manchester Drive, $135,000.

Ellis, Justin R. to Caceres, Fredy A., 6329 Read St., $95,000.

Bowie, George R. Sr., personal representative, to Cannon, Joseph O. and Rosetta M., 5304 Mary St., $55,100.


Mejstrik, Keith J. to Ottoson, Kristina M., 205 N. 117th St., $229,000.

Deveney, Daniel B. and Carrell, Marni J. to Gordon, Kevin F. and Nancy J., 558 N. 153rd St., $220,000.

Morin, Jeffrey M. and Bethanne to Reese, Henry L. Jr. and Lucille M., 234 N. 117th St., $179,000.

Squires, John P., personal representative, to Krecek, David A. and Victoria E., 1412 N. 147th Plaza, $141,000.


Huffeldt, Jane A. to Goertz, Kelly K. Trust, 13305 Bedford Ave., $650,000.

Markley, Richard L. and Helen H. to Vint, Patrick T. and Kathryn L., 13441 Sherwood Ave., $222,000.

Graeve, Gerald M. and Kathryn E. to Graeve, Shawn G., 11211 Taylor St., $165,000.

Hulett, Jimmy G. and Angela A. to Doering, Anthony W. and Kim S., 5007 N. 126th Ave., $163,000.

Christensen, Jon S. to Yi, Song C., 11017 Taylor St., $163,000.

Thomazin, Michael L. and Crystal to Sweeney, Matthew R. and Kristel D., 11562 Rambleridge Road, $152,000.

Van Rooyen, Jan to Neuman, Ryan J. and Meis, Sara A., 5269 N. 111th Circle, $145,000.

Krause, Julie S. to Pagels, Clay A., 11657 Bauman Ave., $133,000.

Herfindahl, Steven R. and Cassandra to Cappellano, John and Chelsea, 6105 N. 109th St., $131,000.

Yi, Song C. to Costello, Keith R. and Lypaczewski, Angela M., 5805 N. 128th St., $128,500.

Johnson, David R. to Sabet, Nima H., 11306 Ellison Ave., $127,000.



Stricklin, Georgia M. to Rybar, George R. Jr. and Lynda K., 1108 Camp Gifford Road, $200,000.

Compton, David to Lane Real Estate, 113 W. 22nd Ave., $300,000.

Swaney, Scott C. and Victoria to Holmes, John D. and Donna E., 1513 Bellevue Blvd., $85,000.

Melonis, Rosemary to Kripal, Johnna M., 2015 Twin Ridge Drive, $106,000.

Ryder, Lynette J. to Gentry, Marshall I. and Gentry Naw, Martha M., 205 Sandi Court, $162,000.

Mordhorst, Ronald L., personal representative for Rouse, Donald J. Estate to Schaaf, Joel D., 2106 Camp Brewster Road, $101,000.

Snyder, Ryan C. to Berney, Jerry and Allison, 2112 Crawford St., $118,000.

Reynolds, Robert G. and Carol L. Trust to Hanika, Derek L., 2810 Greensboro Ave., $158,000.

Daniels, Charles and Angela to MLEH Investment Properties, 3510 Hancock St. #182, $10,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Helm, Cynthia J. Trust, 3510 Hancock St. #49, $20,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to MLEH Investment Properties, 3510 Hancock St. #41, $15,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Helm, Cynthia J. Trust, 3510 Hancock St. #23, $15,000.

Berryman, William J. and Donna J. to Ertrte Estate LLC, 40 Martinview Road, $20,000.


Celebrity Homes to Ballard, Daniel C., 10008 S. 203rd Circle, $220,000.

Charleston Homes to Wilcox, Joshua J. and Henthorn, Elizabeth K., 10705 S. 213th St., $222,000.

Baker, Mark T. to Baker, Mark T. and Kerr, Jeanne P., 19750 Bellbrook Blvd., $105,000.

Home Building Consultants to Kistler, Michael and Wendi, 20009 Oak St., $339,000.

McDonnell, Matthew S. and Staci R. to Viox, Melissa A. and Alan F. Jr., 20926 Oak St., $170,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Herfindahl, Steven R. and Cassandra, 21422 Hampton Drive, $230,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Cambridge Homes, 8119 S. 192nd Ave., $44,000.


O’Connor, James S. and Trisha L. to Watson, Kevin and Jennifer, 1008 Creighton Blvd., $210,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Neeman, Kari A. and Pedersen, Brian G., 10108 S. 124th Ave., $440,000.

Charles Thompson Homes to Kurmel, Jeffrey F. and Renae M., 10213 S. 125th St., $49,000.

Horn, Mark and Phyllis to Buhl, Jeremy J. and Jennifer A., 117 Castle Pine Drive, $270,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Leeper, Roger H. and Jo K., 12223 Montauk Drive, $490,000.

Sherwood Homes to Jabens, Duane E. and Melissa A., 12505 Cove Hollow Drive, $338,000.

Elmore, Warren A. and Marlene P. to Jacobsen, Dean Jr., 1571 Hardwood Drive, $401,000.

Stevenson, Joyce J. to Sharp, Terry J., 309 W. Centennial Road, $210,000.

Edwards, Dwight and Brian to Fortner, Chad A., 346 S. Harrison St., $135,000.

Adams, Mark R. and Pamela J. to Hasslen, Jennifer A. and Richard A., 907 Rawhide Road, $380,000.

Deseck, James J. and Laurie A. to Wilson, Derek A. and Sara C., 907 Roland Drive, $272,000.


Kildow, Brandon S. and Katherine to Webster, Richard and Sandy, 165 Vine St., $233,000.

Martin, Julian L. and Stevelyn R. to Wilson, Brett and Paula, 770 N. Fourth St., $87,000.


Christian, Aaron D. and Jacqueline L. to Parker, Beth R. and Kenneth V., 10907 Lewis & Clark Road, $162,000.

Whearty, Joanne E. to Knight, Matthew T., 10910 S. 18th St., $182,000.

Mallory, Potenciana G. Trust to Ruelas, David P. and Mirabelle G., 11810 S. 34th St., $135,000.

Celebrity Homes to Neville, Randy A. and Janet L., 13711 S. 43rd St., $207,000.

Vilim, George J. and Ronnie M. to Shuler, Brett L., 14002 B Tregaron Ridge Ave., $138,000.

Miller, Daniel R. and Susan E. Trust to Dickey, Ramsey A. and Rieko S., 14108 F Tregaron Ridge Ave., $179,000.

Gazda, Justin A. to Reese, Bill and April, 14317 S. 31st St., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes to Adamoyurka, Gary P. and Pamela M., 2105 Oriole Drive, $256,000.

Schneider, Phyllis M. to Hansen, Kenneth L. and Kristine A., 2505 Laplatte Road, $253,000.

Eagle, Chad E. and Jodine M. to Logans, Jamal S., 2603 Raven Ridge Drive, $200,000.

Zart, Catherine A. to King, Gene P. Jr., 2707 Coffey Ave., $72,000.

Morrison, David M. and M. Janet to Rhow, Seth and Amber, 3132 Marlene Lane, $175,000.

Midfirst Bank to United Equity LLC, 3302 Mirror Lane, $93,000.

Koonce, Williams W. and Susan M. to Kussler, William M. and Stephanie J., 3415 Faye Drive, $153,000.


Parrish, Glade B. and Keonig, Samantha and Gregory W. to Devakumar, Santhosh S., 7045 Heartwood Road, $148,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to United Equity LLC, 7106 S. 79th St., $77,000.

Rangel, Sergio M. Jr. and Sarah to Carroll, Nicole and Julie, 7206 S. 75th St., $127,000.

Woodland Homes to Qadri, Syed F., 9914 Emiline St., $370,000.


Miller, David N. and Hansen, Ann M. to MCS Rentals, 1205 Cottonwood Court, $105,000.

Downey, Michael E. and Paula L. to Votrobek, John R. III and Shirley A., 2611 Aberdeen Drive, $190,000.

Bruno, Kirk and Arehart Bruno, Carrie to Test, Jeffrey A. and Soon H., 301 Longwood Drive, $319,000.


NEI Global Relocation to Davidson, Jennifer L. and James S. Jr., 10505 S. 168th Ave., $525,000.

Advantage Development to Eurich, Timothy R. and Amy S., 10530 S. 178th St., $465,000.

JMF LLC to Best Construction, 11009 S. 175th Ave., $42,000.

Hilyard, Thatcher E. and Jessie L. to Brockmeier, Bret, 15817 Redwood St., $142,000.

Powell, Grant D. and Jennifer P. to Staiert, Tara M., 16016 Robin Drive, $163,000.

Beidelman, Chantel K. and Brad E. to Kerr, Barbara L., 16902 Colony Drive, $205,000.

Richland Homes to Hollingshead, Kelsie and Sean, 17018 Centennial Road, $253,000.

Frey, John W. and Taylor R. to Evans, Kali and Michael, 17108 Cypress Drive, $265,000.

Fisher, Mary to Sakalosky, Todd L. and Joy L., 17425 Edna Circle, $135,000.

JMF LLC to Brabec, Andrew and Jordan, 17520 Ridgemont St., $73,000.

Lilly, Felicia N. and Tyler to Palmer, Paulette H. Trust, 17715 Margo St., $150,000.

Rangeloff, Daniel L. and Amy K. to Aschinger, Constance R., 18714 Josephine St., $280,000.

Mimick, Debra A. and Lawrence M. to Schlake, Tracy J. and Erin L., 7707 S. 172nd St., $245,000.

Sears, Justina M. to Robertson, Dennis A. and Lisa M., 8108 S. 158th St., $140,000.

Richland Homes to Wheeler, Charles R. and Cynthia J., 8875 S. 171st St., $252,000.

Peck, Charles H. and Georgjana C. to Guthrie, Karen R., 9950 S. 172nd Circle, $214,000.

Goodell, Clarice to Yager, Jason A. and Kyla J., 9956 S. 171st St., $189,000.

Drake, Cindy L. to Best, Fred H. and Barb A., 9962 S. 170th Circle, $225,000.


Bussom, Christopher L. and Shannon L. to Perry, Vincent A. and Megan R., 13809 Frederick Ave., $134,000.

Morris, Perry to Sorys, Leonard, 7844 S. 155th Ave., $131,000.

Foster, Katelyn and Cory to Roy, Ricky L. Jr. and Olson, Deanne J., 8121 S. 152nd Ave., $155,000.


Richland Homes to Smith, Patience E., 2305 Lola Ave., $267,000.

Huntley, Natalie K. to Nefzger, Mary H., 2505 Edwards St., $130,000.

U.S. Bank, trustee for LSF8 Master Participation Trust to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 3809 Suburban Drive, $81,000.

Bottaro, Mary E. and Samuel D. II to McCartney, Elizabeth D., 9701 S. 26th Ave., $220,000.


Sporcic, Jennifer and Matthew to Horn, Geoffrey D. and Jennette I., 5108 Galloway St., $144,000.



Scott, Cindy M. to Tangeman, Nicholas, 2411 S. Seventh St., $122,000.

Martin, Eula M. to Vandermeulen, Gary, 2546 Seventh Ave., $60,000.

LT Standing LTD to Miller, Marsha J. and Petry, Kristy M., 2204 Ninth St., $87,500.

Christiansen, Keith E. to E Class Properties, 2926 Ave. A, $29,000.

Norman, Edward D. to Council Bluffs Community School District, 1717 Ave. K, $150,000.

Vance, Max A. to Slate, Faye L. and Russell W., 331 S. Eight St., $135,000.

Carlson, Jolynn D. and Kasey to Adkins, Linda S. and Robert D. Jr., 3107 Gold Rush Road, $257,000.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. to Secretary of HUD, 2720 Ave. A, $45,000.

Burns, Patrick S. to Kretschmer, Jamie J. and Shawn D., 12 Lakeshore Court, $110,500.

Vixen Construction to Martinez, Rosalinda, 1728 S. Seventh St., $85,000.

Beller, Alissa and Timothy to Thompson, Joshua K., S. 2424 18th St., $120,000.


Wilson, David L. and Susan K. to Pannhoff, Larraine, 18324 School Hill Ave., $126,000.

Trescott, Erin C. and William D. Jr. to Wooten, Jonathan F. and Jordan K., 15212 State Orchard Road, $200,000.

Westphal, Pamel A. to Lewis, Andrew and Ashlee M., 10 Ethel Lane, $145,000.

Armstrong, Rusty L. to Stusse, Albert A. and Janean M., 12842 Traceview Loop, $434,000.

Phippen, Jodi L. and Matthew S. to Blue, Carolyn A. and Waschkowski, Dylan C., 2 Scarlet Oaks Road, $166,000.

Dunsdon, Virginia K. and Wendell J. to Proverbs 22:1 LLC, 335 Sherman Ave., $72,500.

Norma, Denise L. and Mark A. to Stogdill, Thomas E., 400 Lori Lane, $180,000.

Welcome Homes to Norma, Denise and Mark A., 1421 S. Larchmont Drive, $305,500.

U.S. Bank to Ranney, Drew G. and Kris A., 109 Zenith Drive, $83,000.

Hawkins, Mary L. to Weilage, Jeremy D., 179 Glen Ave., $31,000.

Amoruso, Darrell K. and Jill S. to Corzine, Jacob M. and Madsen, Lacey J., 21344 Pioneer Trial, $237,000.

Eicher, David D. and Jenelle to Hahn, Cheryl L. and John J., 21778 185th St., $425,000.


Mikel USA to Van Ackeren, Mary J., 1214 Dorene Blvd., Carter Lake, $109,500.

TPC Corp. to Mergen, Benjamin and Veronica, 1114 Ave. O, Carter Lake, $130,000.

Orsi, Alfred S. and Lisa M. to Fichtler, Mark E., 440 Coronado Circle, Carter Lake, $295,000.

Zdan, Henry W. Jr. and Mary L. to Hawkins, Kevin E. and Victoria K., 171 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $152,500.

Moore, Ann M. and Rodney L. to Wilson, Harlene M., 3715 N. Ninth St., Carter Lake, $92,000.


Brockman, Angela M. and Chad L. to 703 N. Chestnut Street LLC, 208 E. Mill St., Avoca, $180,000.

Leslie, Mary Estate to Sampson, Barbara, 713 Mill St., Avoca, $28,000.


Ehlers, Donald L. and Shirley J. to Smith, Heather J. and Nathan S., 118 Duncan St., Hancock, $85,000.


U.S. Bank to Kalal, Daniel F. and Jillyn, 29903 Old Lincoln Highway, Honey Creek, $193,000.

Hough, Dennis and Jane to Moran Beef Inc., 18238 Mahogany Road, Honey Creek, $1,050,000.


Anderson, Van F. to Mitchell, Gregory S. and Jennifer K., 32081 Old Lincoln Highway, Missouri Valley, $150,000.


Reed, Rebecca A. to Baldwin, Dawn M., 609 Valley View Drive, Oakland, $125,500.


Chambers, James B. and Shirley and Steven J. and Jeanie K. and Ward A. and Suzanne to Chambers, Tyler, 18683 290th St., Treynor, $195,000.


Sealock, Sarah M. and Brian J. to Incontro, Sharon K., 301 Third Ave., Underwood, $115,500.

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