Home Co. to Shelton, Lindsay D., trustee for A & F Trust, 12825 N. 184th St., $365,000.

Home Co. to Clark, Andrew R. and Chrystal-Clark, Jennifer D., 9625 N. 150th Ave., $287,000.

Home Co. to Ritchie, Elizabeth A. and Merrill, Timothy J., 8530 Kilpatrick Parkway, $273,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Aken, Tasha L. and Andrew J., 8601 N. 171st St., $247,034.

Robinson, Timothy E. to Hoagland, William M. and Diana L., 10311 N. 189th Ave., $240,000.

Celebrity Homes to Lisko, David J. and Merleen A., 8921 N. 156th Ave., $238,500.

Benke, Stanley E. III and Emily I. to Robinson, Theo, 15005 Mormon St., $189,990.

Fichter, Nancy A. and Steven A. to Bear Homes, 9013 N. 156th Ave., $175,000.

Denton, Ryan S. and Breanne J. to Julian, Jason and Michele, 9028 N. 155th St., $158,000.

Richardson, Gary L. and Theresa to Koch, Jared K. and Ashley M., 106 S. Allen St., $127,000.

Moreno, Joselito E. and Marie A. to Schwarz, Ryan and Laura, 15302 Young St., $125,000.

Young, Brian L. to Magnuson, Gail M., 10741 Bruhn Ave., $124,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV Heritage to Sherwood Homes, 10313 Rosewater Parkway, $40,000.

State Street Investment to Sherwood Homes, 8221 N. 161st St., $27,750.


Johnson, Kenneth L. and Martha C. to Murray, Heath and Kelly, 3125 N. 193rd St., $600,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Epstein, Alex D., 1611 S. 208th St., $407,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Helgoth, Jerry and Shannon, 4302 N. 191st St., $372,815.

Hildy Construction to Douglas, Todd and Rhonda, 4404 N. 207th Ave., $358,500.

Fireside Construction Co. to Forsberg, Brad A. and Dana N., 18963 Spaulding Circle, $342,020.

Charleston Homes to Cunningham, Sean M. and Kylene P., 20707 Grand Ave., $282,718.

Evans, Michael J. and Kali L. to Powers, Cassandra K., 592 S. 183rd Ave., $281,000.

Charleston Homes to Hoppe, Peter J. and Lisa S., 4621 N. 208th St., $280,432.

Dave Paik Builders to Armstrong, George C., 924 S. 188th Court, $247,191.

Sautter, Jodi M. and Oetter, Amy E. to Peterson, Klancy M., 1513 N. 209th St., $214,000.

Smalley, Aanna M. and Spencer R. to Vencil, Ryan A., 21304 Palomino Road, $130,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Belt Construction Co., 2121 S. 212th St., $80,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Biehl, David L. and Cynthia K., 21971 Brookside Ave., $68,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Prairie Homes, 1606 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Elkhorn Highlands to Sherwood Homes, 2713 N. 190th St., $41,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 1442 N. 194th Circle, $37,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Siedschlag, Michael and Stephanie, 5902 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Leonard, Michael J. and Cynthia A., 5804 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.

Alexander, Jerry P. and Teri S. to Witte, James S. and Angela J., 7524 N. 285th Circle, $165,500.

DKL Properties to Kline, Doris, 414 E. Gardiner St., $74,500.


Runnels, Richard R. Jr. and Wakeman, Cynthia S. to Bishoff, Mark E. and Phyllis A., 118 N. 248th Circle, $350,000.


Burtley, Ernestine W. to Williams, Francine, 1427 N. 21st St., $150,000.


Nogg, Marsha and Little, Shari L. to Nelson, Kevin R., 1717 N. 60th St., $197,500.

Dutiel, Mark A. and Jennifer A. to Fiscus, Tyson, 6312 Sahler St., $90,000.

Roberts, David A. and Wanda J. to West Realty Solutions, 2614 N. 71st St., $85,000.

Andersen, Matthew L. and Lisa A. to Hearn, Sean M. and Porter, Julie A., 3505 N. 57th St., $77,000.

Young, Arthur E. and Christine to RBC Properties, 5326 N. 49th St., $55,400.

Cozad, Peggy L. to Ambrose, Michael and Mayberger, Mary L., 6103 Franklin St., $52,000.

Corbaley, Lewis S. and Lois J. to Tolu LLC, 5145 Emmet St., $45,000.


Bristol, Peter V. to Ashcraft, Scott D., 3523 Valley St., $47,000.


Fitzgibbons, Michael J. and Angela Trust to Brown, Jason and Brooke, 4714 Walnut St., $199,950.

Hollendieck, Shawn M. and Aimee C. to Rutledge, Clark D. and Megan M., 5207 Pacific St., $199,000.

Temme, Joseph H. III and McLeay, Megan E. to Blackman, Keven M. and Jessica L., 629 S. 50th Ave., $169,000.

Grant, Sean T. and Anna C. to Gehringer, Joel F. and Taylor A., 1920 S. 61st Ave., $166,000.

Cox, Norma J. to Burrell, Paul J., 5028 Bancroft Circle, $138,000.

Greenlee, Jessie L. and Judith A. to Mollak, Susanne M., 5822 Oak St., $100,000.

Zarinkhel, Nazifa to Zarinkhil, Sadiq and Shahira, 4622 Center St., $92,686.

Brunner, Michael F. to Western Financial and OM 5529 Pine Trust, 5529 Pine St., $60,000.


Merryweather, Jade and Robin C. to Goodrich, William I. and Linda S., 1434 Pasadena Ave., $130,000.

Circle, Charles W. Jr. and Sondra L. to Tworek, Ladonna L., 4130 S St., $120,000.

Schreiner, Vera to AMA Properties, 6221 S. 42nd St., $103,000.

Vice, Montana D. and Patricia A. to Steckelberg, Dob and Diane, 4525 S. 40th St., $85,900.

Dagata, Courtney L. to Lopez, Sara P., 4007 S. 38th St., $57,100.


Imolati, Leo and Jaka to O’Donnell, Patrick S., 826 S. 20th St., $80,000.

Johnson, John and Cecelis A. to Ramirez, Francisco N. and Rosa M., 3461 S. 15th St., $47,000.


Jones, Joe Trust to Hydinger, Brett H., 4032 Crown Point Ave., $44,000.

Kopetksky, Gregg L. to Rojo, Yolanda, 2443 Hartman Ave., $41,000.

Gonzalez, Salvador to Harris, Cynthia S., 5317 N. 34th St., $30,000.

Guardian Tax Partners to HBI LLC, 3339 Ames Ave., $20,000.


R Properties LLC to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 6931 N. 24th St., $70,000.

Harris-Wilson, Kelly S. to Meyer, Susan A., 2883 Newport Ave., $59,000.


Dayhuff ,Veronica L. to Cooper, Marie, 715 N. 72nd Ave., $186,000.

Goolsby, Aaron M. and Frances Trust to McGarvey, Duwayne S., 1718 N. 106th St., $130,000.

Mayer, Darleen L. to Andsam LLC, 1028 N. 77th Ave., $78,000.


Kosel, Annie T. and Paul F. to Cheloha, John A. and Leigh, 16167 Pinkney St., $385,000.

Poullos, George and Jody to Simons, Gregory Sr. and Rose, 6221 N. 158th Avenue Circle, $295,000.

Dokken, Samantha J. Trust to Smith, Daniel J. and Patricia M., 15751 Hartman Ave., $290,000.

Simmons, Lonnie and Ava N. to Hansen, Lizabeth B. and Donald, 5821 N. 160th Ave., $280,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Bittman, Joshua S. and Elizabeth M., 2329 N. 168th Ave., $273,364.

Lane Building Corp. to Stuchlik-Steffensmeir, Kaelee and Steffensmeier, Michael, 2634 N. 166th St., $268,000.

Finch, Jason and Lei A. to Keeley, Kim C., 4470 North Branch Drive, $228,000.

Dennis, Beverly A., personal representative, to Hunting, Jeffrey E. and Kimberly S., 4608 N. 164th St., $215,000.

Andrews, Joshua D. and Allison R. to Thomazin, Michael and Crystal, 4304 N. 147th St., $192,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Zuniga, Stephanie A. and Samuel J., 17619 Sahler St., $183,920.

Rokes, Tracy L., trustee for Wells, Mary K. Trust to Feilmeier, Mary L. and Mike, 14841 Camden Court, $168,000.

Martin, Bret S. and Jaimee L. to Schmitt, Nicholas J., 16910 Browne St., $163,000.

Rowe, James R. and Lindsey N. to Ohri, Amanda K., 15316 Wirt St., $155,000.

Liebentritt, Rebecca and Joseph to Uphoff, Delores J., 16455 Burdette St., $142,000.

Carmean, Joshua C. and Becky J. to Hoover, Gwendolyn J., 16518 Erskine St., $136,000.

Cook-Terrell, Debra A. and Michael A. to Mlnarik, Joseph L., 3325 N. 148th Court, $113,300.

Prairie Homes to Tige Development and Design, 2116 N. 179th St., $65,000.

Blondo Street Development to Pacesetter Homes, 2345 N. 177th St., $45,000.


Xiong, Kou and Bergquist, Shelly L. to OMNI Behavioral Health, 5272 Southern Manor Drive, $159,000.

Povondra, Rosanne M. to Garcia, Vanessa E., 4519 O St., $129,000.

Jensen, Ruth M. to Garcia, Anthony and Rachelle, 6707 S. 45th St., $118,000.


Dowell, Mary L. to Taylor, Wayne D. and Shirin M., 16607 Mason St., $395,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 17013 Franklin St., $204,500.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 17013 Franklin St., $225,250.

Schroeder, Mary S. to Ellis, Chris L. and Kelsey L., 15721 Seward St., $177,500.

Anson, Seth C. and Kelly to Bundy, Christopher W., 15824 Parker St., $150,000.


Bongle, Lawrence H. and Karen E. to Karas, Dustin R. and Jessica A., 13250 N. 74th St., $414,000.

Anderson, Riley R. and Robison-Scheer, Renay J. to Devos, Luke and Laura, 8109 Weber Plaza, $150,000.

Celebrity Homes to Stubblefield, Kaarin, 8921 Kimball St., $142,200.

Dahir, Kristin to Keaulana, Laine K. and Michelle R., 7413 N. 73rd Ave., $135,000.

Seiler, Matthew M. and Mindy to Star, Jessie M., 8933 Quest St., $129,900.

Herschlag, Charles A. and Christy N. to Herman, Robert P. Jr. and Angela M., 8003 Howell St., $119,250.

Lickert, Gordon and Mary to Gonzo, Cathrene P., 6530 N. 75th St., $118,000.


North, John R. and Cynthia A. to Shonka, Christopher M. and Nicole A., 2910 S. 100th St., $645,000.

Hollingsed, Patrick J. and Jacqueline R. Trust to Stalnaker, John D. and Debra L., 10724 Frances St., $420,000.

Murphy, Romaine B. to Dworak, Mike and Paige, 1724 S. 76th Ave., $263,000.

Burns, Cynthia D. to Dennis, Kyle R. and Nicole M., 2529 Brookside Ave., $225,000.

Northam, Edward J. and Kellie A. to Smolczyk, Daniel J. and Kylie S., 1212 S. 99th St., $219,000.

Start, Betty K., trustee for Start Trust Agreement to London, Monica F. Trust, 3505 S. 106th St., $165,900.

Doherty, Brian A. and Christina L. to Saliny, Evan M., 9715 Nina St., $139,000.

Swinn, Louise A. to Herman, Richard D. and Vicki S., 3416 S. 89th St., $110,000.


Shin, Young K. to Corcoran, Kevin D., 6615 S. 92nd Circle, $179,000.

Childerston, Mary L. to Ransford, Sara, 10723 Berry Plaza, $167,950.

Votrobek, John R. III and Shirley A. to Marquez Alvarado, Victor L., 8724 Sarpy Circle, $161,000.

Baumert, Lois R. and Edward Trust to Seevers, Mark D., 8804 Ohern St., $138,500.

Evers, Mildred L. to Shea, Jerry M., 7936 Highland St., $115,000.


Josephson, Judith D. Trust to Fraser, John M. and Deborah A., 1615 S. 189th St., $630,000.

Thompson, Charles A. III and Kelly L. to Ostronic, Carol J., 2791 S. 165th Ave., $245,000.

Aschinger, Constance to Kilroy, James E., 17011 Poppleton Ave., $213,000.

Nelson, Patrick to Faulkner, John and Brianne, 17218 Pine St., $195,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 1616 S. 162nd Circle, $119,000.

Nathan Homes to Tige Development and Design, 1231 S. 200th Ave., $90,000.

Steier Real Estate to REO Asset Management Co., 1616 S. 162nd Circle, $80,001.

Lueck Mack Enterprises to Hildy Construction, 3410 S. 185th Ave., $77,000.


Knott, Leanne J. and Leanne P. to Saporito, Vincent P. and Kathleen A., 1006 Glenwood Ave., $109,200.

Soares, C.J. to Lisboa LLC, 319 N. 38th Ave., $63,000.

Wooden, John I. and Conny B. to Osborn Property Group, 131 S. 39th St. #11, $50,000.

Wooden, John I. and Conny B. to Osborn Property Group, 131 S. 39th St. #18, $50,000.


Rock, Michael S. and Angela M. to Johansson, Patrik L., 5118 Underwood Ave., $345,000.

Wurth, David J. and Katina S. to Peters, Gregory T., 814 Dillon Drive, $318,000.

Boesen, Joshua J. and Maureen S. to Klimek, Nicholas and Langland, Jacqueline, 317 S. 50th St., $255,000.

Anthone, Gary J. and Annlouise to Anthone, Alexander C., 318 S. 54th St., $202,500.

McAtee, Kelley N. to Worsham, John R. and Holly A., 5011 Charles St., $140,000.

Edwards, Nathaniel and Catherine to Bowyer, Chelsey L., 7014 Western Ave., $101,000.

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center to Raml, Cody and Dana, 4804 Douglas St., $34,000.


Zimmerman, Trudy A. to Aulner, Alan, 5738 N. 80th St., $189,000.

Bautista, Michael P. and Juliane M. to Murphy, Sara F., 10613 Hilltop Road, $168,000.

Foster, Norman E. and Stephanye M. to Thompson, Amy and Jamie T., 8119 Meredith Ave., $166,000.

Stalnaker, Philip D. to Dixon, Mark, 7546 Richmond Drive, $113,500.

Kulasiak, Julie M. to Victoria-Huerta, Alexandra, 5430 N. Oaks Blvd., $112,500.

Shanahan, Elinor J. to Finley, Gregg T. and Mary A., 9816 Emmet St., $111,500.


Murray, Heath and Kelly to Vaughn, Kirby C. and Nicole A., 4524 S. 193rd St., $312,000.

Acierno, Joseph M. and Joann M. to Hoskins, Adam S. and Vera E., 4134 S. 174th St., $287,500.

Celebrity Homes to Skoumal, Cory M. and Jamie L., 19860 L St Douglas County, $286,000.

Therrian, Andrew S. and Kera J. to Czarnick, Barbara, 5810 S. 165th St., $259,900.

Jones, Trinity J. and Jill M. to Karki, Yadav and Punyabati, 6715 S. 188th Ave., $205,000.

Lantry, Tony L. and Jennifer A. to Cahalan, Daniel J., 16536 Washington St., $190,000.

Douglas, Rhonda L. and Todd E. to Walker, Michael J. and Kimberly L., 6127 S. 167th Circle, $183,000.

Urban, Bradley T. and Jamie L. to Sakhmuri, Srianga P. and Potluri, Archana, 4854 S. 187th Ave., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes to Archer, Travis A. and Ashley N., 19611 R St., $162,900.

Ritter, Briana R. to Nessen, Luke, 5859 S. 193rd Ave., $153,000.

Maple, Francis S. and Patricia A. to Johnson, Jessie D., 15868 Ohern St., $150,000.

Becerra, Danna to Cada, Roseann, 6519 S. 167th Ave., $140,000.

Gentry, Mercedes A to LaRosee, Jesse, 4813 S. 190th St., $139,900.

Larrick, John M. and Deanna E. to Rahmanzai, Shapur, 19373 U St., $126,000.


West Bay Inc. to Rallis, John and Pamela, 5040 S. 153rd St., $400,000.

Eckhoff, Bradley A. and Anna to Tritsch, Phillip and Betty, 13115 Jefferson Circle, $235,000.

Fiore, Joann M., trustee for Meier, Mary S. Trust to Gabbert, Scott J., 6416 S. 118th Plaza, $190,000.

Albaugh, Sarah R. to Molek, Josh, 5635 Blackwell Drive, $154,000.

Lemmons, Joseph P. and Kim M. to Baker, Lisa M., 6508 S. 108th Ave., $152,000.

Sjodin, Lorie R. and Jeffrey P. to Huston, Nicole, 5006 S. 129th St., $150,000.

Peterson, Christopher J. and Taryn J. to Wilds, Brian D. and Tiffany L., 14506 N St., $150,000.


Blue Ridge Builders to Overby, Brian J. and Bicki L., 12342 Grebe St., $404,761.

Celebrity Homes to Morris, Stan A., 7213 N. 143rd St., $214,900.

Deer Creek Holdings to Fools Inc., 12364 Potter Circle, $57,000.


Marron, Rebecca A. and Matthew V. to Castillo, Thad and Amber, 14862 Harvey Oaks Ave., $204,700.

Bishop Clarkson Episcopal Foundation to Countryside Community Church United, 13130 Faith Plaza, $1,500,000.

Roberts, Jon J. and Larson-Roberts, Roxanne M. to Crum, Rita H., 1230 S. 138th St., $185,625.

Barari, Lindsey to Drain, Kristin M., 11339 Arbor St., $175,000.

Murray, Carol A. to Baxter, Donald and Peggy, 1423 Holling Drive, $152,000.

Bonacci, Neal A. and Maya to Whitted, Christina L. and Warren R. III, 3127 S. 109th St., $148,000.

Bryant, Stephen L. to Roth, Darrell and Jean, 14045 Shirley St., $148,000.

McClure, Jody L. to Korth, Michael G., 2912 S. 121st St., $84,000.


Burge, Christopher to Shallberg, Danielle and Ryan, 1215 N. 121st St., $215,000.

Jessen, David N. and Kristin M. to Dick, Justin I. and Lauren B., 11684 Capitol Ave., $196,100.

Holman, Christopher J. to Irlanda, Jason S. and Martin D., 954 S. 150th St., $173,000.

Mohanna, Joseph C. and Marilyn K. to Dahlquist, Robert C., 12838 Burt Court, $162,500.


Hefflinger, Joseph R. and Kimberly A. to Evans, Jeffery A. and Andrea L., 4504 N. 136th St., $263,900.

Miller, John J. and Debra A. to Moore, Sandra and Nasr, Maxine, 12945 Camden Ave., $152,000.

Caswell, Ruth E. to Harris, Ronald L. and Robyn E., 11116 Laurel Circle, $135,000.

Ellis, Michael D. and Brooque S. to Mekasha, Eddie and Zerihun, Fantaye, 11566 Rambleridge Road, $122,200.

Hyland, Joseph P. Sr. and Charlotte B. to Van Wyk, Shelene, 12915 Taylor Circle, $120,000.

Van Winkle, Jodi J. to Kothenbeutel, Mary A., 4806 N. 109th St., $113,000.



Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 1405 Madison St., $60,000.

Rocchietti, Leilani and Stouder, Linda, personal representatives for Rocchietti, June V. Estate to Christenson, Phillip and Judith, 1807 Franklin St., $145,000.

Ziegler, Renee to Johnson, Nicholai and Sarah, 2002 Georgia Ave., $134,000.

Giessinger, James G. and Jennifer J. to Sanchez, Shannon L., 2005 Winnie Drive, $63,000.

Reynolds, Robert G., personal representative for Reynolds, Diane E. Estate to McIntyre, Jarrod C. and Hettinger, Tiffany K., 2706 Washington St., $65,000.

Schmidt, E. Grace to Turnley, Gus T. and Kittimaporn 2809 Columbus Ave., $145,000.

U.S. Bank to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 3204 Calhoun St., $65,000.

Fidler, Julie A. to Lemr, Richard F. and Deborah A., 416 Sullivan Circle, $144,000.


Eggers, Easton and Crista to Angell, Scott and Lynsee, 11259 S. 201st St., $237,000.

Doggett, Daniel B. and Kimberly to Bryant, Dustin L. and Meradith D., 12509 S. 218th Ave., $158,000.

Voss, Joshua J. and Hanna E. to Fosmer, Cory and Danielle, 17224 Samantha Road, $261,000.

Tucker, Tim N. and Lori L. to McCarthy, Daniel D. and Dorothy A., 19309 Audrey St., $425,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Weyant, Rebecca and Brian, 19812 Josephine St., $375,000.

Bellbrook Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 19876 Bellbrook Blvd., $83,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Beermann, Robert Jr. and Julie, 21310 Castlerock Lane, $313,000.


Rosso, Wayne and Teresa to Leader, Douglas M., 1001 Hogan Drive, $235,000.

Overfelt, James J. and Kelly M. to Johnston, Daniel H. and Kylee T., 1002 E. Cary St., $190,000.

Brickman, Dan W. and Kari J. to Moser, Jeffrey and Hannah, 1011 Fenwick St., $195,000.

Jones, David P. and Anna M. to Jorgensen, Michael D. and Traci M., 1018 MacArthur Drive, $330,000.

Clancy, Aaron D. and Denise D. to Roberts, Chad D. and Amanda C., 1113 Surrey Road, $187,000.

Jorgensen, Michale D. and Traci M. to Overfelt, James J. and Kelly M., 1201 MacKensey Drive, $275,000.

Cook, Mary L. to FTF LLC, 1412 Beechwood Ave., $88,000.

Neemann, Kari A. and Pedersen, Brian G. to Temple, Collin M. and Kylie P., 1902 Ridgeview Drive, $165,000.

Welter, James E. Jr. and Julie A. to Moore, J. William and Judith A., 1915 Southview Drive, $185,000.

Arnold, Jimmie E. to Randall, James A. and Donna V., 2017 Stillwater Drive, $376,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 2305 S. Mineral Drive, $172,000.

Klaussen, Brian L. and Jennifer L. to Christensen, Scott A., 310 Fox Creek Lane, $295,000.

Erickson, Raymond W. Jr. and Susan R. to Wall, Kenneth E. and Rebecca L. 311 Overland Trail, $182,000.

O’Donnell, Michelle A. to Krug, David K. and Karl R., 604 S. Harrison St., $68,000.

Beecham, Leigh A. to Kipper, William D. and Chandra D., 8013 Hidden Valley Drive, $582,000.

Kruse, Timothy T. and Ann M. to Thompson, James A. and Rebecca A., 808 Clearwater Drive, $170,000.

Leeper, Roger H. and Joycelyn K. to Farrell, Martin J. Jr. and Doronda K., 811 Magnolia Drive, $220,000.

Weeks, Benjamin F. III and Janice B. to Deshar, Ankit and Emily L., 821 Gayle St., $185,000.

Miller, George M. to Foresman, John S. and LeBlanc, Andrea A., 904 S. Beadle St., $137,000.


Schomaker, Michael D. and Andrea L. Trust to Scholting, Mark and Kim, 18302 Buffalo Road, $140,000.

Lambries, Sterling M. and Danielle M. to Porter, Nicole, 870 N. Fourth St., $123,000.


Moeller, Brian L. and Jackie L. to Arthaloney, Lance R., 1208 Sunshine Blvd., $168,000.

Celebrity Homes to Prado, Dominic and Brittany, 13718 S. 43rd St., $173,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jordan, Charles L. and De La Cruz Mendoza, Sara V., 13720 S. 43rd St., $208,000.

Stenger, Michael and Stacy and Huck, Amy and Robb to Schiltz & Stenger Investments, 17301 Yucca Circle, $290,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to NVESTCO LLC, 2806 Yorktown St., $154,000.

Navratil, Constance M. to Hunter, Mark W., 2916 Parkside Drive, $81,000.

Uryasz, Janet L. to Bohaty, Randy and Lisa, 3208 Rahn Blvd., $220,000.

Robb, Steven P. and Cass E. to Vierregger, Roger W. and Teresa A. Trust, 3360 La Platte Road, $149,000.

Hoeck, Dwayne M. and Teresa to Payton, Tyson A., 3455 Rahn Blvd., $147,000.

Anderson, James R. and Dorothy A. to Garcia, Ernest P. and Victoria L., 3714 Burr Oaks Drive, $172,000.

McCoy, Chris A. and Taylor M. to Davis, Tracie and Shawn, 4408 Brook St., $218,000.

Williams, Travis R. to Williams, Travis R. and Keri L., 4418 Victoria Ave., $129,000.


Bitzes, Lindsey L. and Zachary M. to Steward, Amber J. and Tyree, Christina L., 7321 Thorn Apple Lane, $140,000.

Koricic, Miko and Rachel to Crawford, Taylor S. and Nicolas R., 7008 Monterrey Drive, $133,000.

Cheyenne County Estates to Hansen, David P. and Anne M., 7407 S. 94th St., $100,000.

Block, Reed N. and Lindsey R. and Steffel, Ashley S. to Strandness, Adam J. and Jennifer L., 7800 S. 71st Ave., $159,000.

Vice, Juanita Y. Trust to Fischer, Jerome and Lori, 7814 S. 93rd St., $324,000.

Doyle, Annette P. to Hemmele, Renee, 7822 Leafplum Drive, $136,000.

U.S. Bank to Wilson, Brett and Paula, 7832 Leafplum Drive, $100,000.

Estelle, Joyce M. to Estelle, Christopher T., 7908 S. 70th St., $135,000.

Charleston Homes to Noble, Terry J. and Jennifer L., 8715 S. 103rd St., $302,000.


Sadler, Steve R. and Tesar, Mary to Nielsen, Michael and Carissa, 11919 S. 51st St., $245,000.

Horizon Realty to Gass, Michael J. and Stephanie J., 2001 Titan Springs Drive, $293,000.

Horton, Steven F. and Barbara L. to Bitzes, Zachary M. and Lindsey L., 2106 John St., $240,000.

Riege, Daniel L. and Sharon L. to Koeppe, Todd A., 2505 Pinehurst Circle, $230,000.

Fouquet, Lance T. and Kathie A. to Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, 607 Fleetwood Drive, $265,000.

Muessel, Daniel J. and Amy E. to Horton, Steven F. and Barbara L., 6914 Harvest Drive, $347,000.

McGrail, Ryan P. and Tara to Minardi, Samuel and Peschel, Kristen, 704 Tupelo Lane, $172,000.


Legband, Karri J. and Thomas R. Trust to Eggers, Easton and Crista, 11013 S. 172nd St., $315,000.

Volkman, Joshua D. and Bahr, Kimberly M. to Polinko, Robert and Patricia, 15812 Cottonwood St., $136,000.

Roenfeldt, Trevor and Alicia to Goodman, Holly and Purcell, Josh, 16118 Cottonwood St., $160,000.

Hardin, Ronald B. Jr. and Molly C. to Baker, John D. III and Laura S., 16536 Saffron Circle, $520,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Glover, James M. and Danielle J., 17221 Chutney Drive, $277,000.

Dunlap, Gerald D. and Mary M. to Cochran, Ronald E. and Janice M., 17606 Colonial Ave., $391,000.

Wilson, Sarah F. to Zoucha, Shane M. and Chandris M., 17844 Edna St., $135,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Byers, Robert II and Kari, 7317 S. 189th St., $255,000.

Gitt Homes to Denton, Ryan and Breanne, 7675 S. 159th St., $265,000.

Baker, Laura S. and John D. III to Phillips, Paul J. and Tammie R., 7705 S. 164th St., $212,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kayara, Stephen and Lisa, 8009 S. 190th Ave., $213,000.

Elmore, Brian and Connie L. to Ryan, Micah and Theresa, 8552 S. 160th St., $305,000.


Palimenio, Jessica and Treghtin to Andruss, Kelly R., 13913 Barrets Circle, $130,000.

Koraleski, Jeffery M. and Patricia A. to Zobel, Brent L., 14002 Virginia St., $156,000.

Fry, Rebecca A. to Andrews, Rich and Patterson, Linda, 16109 Edna St., $187,000.

Richland Homes to Eisenmenger, Adam J. and Lisa M., 17014 Centennial Road, $265,000.


Wiegman, Gerda M. to Young, Thomas E. Jr., 3004 Pleasant Drive, $117,000.

Batt, Robert E. and Heather M. to Wright, Donald I., 3803 Emiline St., $111,000.

Daniels, Kristina A. and Charles R. Jr. to Posadas Rios, Jose A. and Rios, Mayra, 4160 High Meadows Lane, $93,000.

Huxhold, Kirk K. and Seina, Pamela M. to Davidson, Dean E. and Verry, Julie K., 810 Virginia St., $77,000.


Celebrity Homes to Arehart, David and Sarah, 6625 Elm Hurst Drive, $219,000.

Ziegler, Shirley R. to Lepe, Blanca A. and Perez Dominguez, Rosa L., 7312 S. 53rd St., $132,000.

Oppong, Benjamin and Victoria A. to Sapkota, Yadu, 8422 S. 65th St., $187,000.



Hummel, Kenneth K. Trust to Meadowlark PP&S LLC, 805 First Ave., $90,000.

Jensen, Virginia E. to St. James Investment Co., 27 S. 22nd St., $28,000.

Fletcher, Debra M. to Cruz Perez, Jose L., 2630 17th St., $116,000.

Foote, Dennis E. and Janis to Covert, Frederick W. III and Trisha K., 4014 Ramelle Drive, $120,000.

Tiger 107 Partnership to Vixen Construction LLC, 4031 Ramelle Drive, $60,000.

Vixen Construction LLC to Meyer, Mae and Shayla, 4031 Ramelle Drive, $110,000.

Old Lincoln Investments to Montgomery, Hubert R., 1511 23rd Ave., $66,000.

Nielsen, Phillip to Coffelt, Jaymison R., 1010 31st St., $85,500.

Benson, Imogene B. to Christo, Jeanne, 2709 Ave. G, $70,000.


Hummel, Peggy B. Trust to Meadowlark PP&S LLC, 718 Bluff St., $89,000.

Grudle, Linda A. to Ternus, Jane W. and Leonard W., 101 Discovery Circle, $287,000.

Trotter, Emily L. and Sean M. to Phippen, Jodi and Matthew, 113 Sleepy Hollow, $257,500.

Meineker, LaDona B. to Caskey, Marvel E. and Robert D., 438 Lincoln Ave., $109,500.

Abel, Chad C. and Dake-Abel, Julie to Richardson, Gary D. and Jeanie P., 715 S. Third St., $82,500.

Coyle, Jason E. and Jennifer A. to Wood, John, 2241 Rolling Hills Loop, $204,000.

Neighbor Works Home Solutions to Maguire, Justin R. and Shantel, 411 Spencer Ave., $142,000.

Moon, Brian C. and Stephanie to Rogers, Janie K. and Ryan C., 159 Norwood Drive, $230,000.

Gadbois, Maureen S. and Maurice J. to Miller, Chris, 415 Wendy Heights Road, $164,500.

Casson, Angela N. and Kyle C. to May, Taylor C., 202 Redbud Lane, $160,000.

Jones, Gary L. Jr. and Jacqueline A. to Hayes, David M. and Diane J., 1210 Jim Brown Parkway, $140,000.

Davis, Andrea M. to Haney, Arthur and Marie, 246 Euclid Ave., $187,000.

Stuhr, Brittney and Derek E. to Finlayson, Clara and Kevin T., 24 Lynnwood Drive, $128,000.

Getzschman, Karl and Tracie R. to Dickey, Nicholas L. and Portrey, Rachel M., 4812 Cedarbrook Drive, $185,000.

Kaeding, David W. and Laura and Kaeding-Vogel, Kristina and Vogel, Joe to Booth, Jessie R. and Joni M., 24597 Richfield Loop, $305,000.

Hanwright, Jennifer and Mark and Kathol, Jay to Cole, Kristina J., 410 Damon St., $66,000.

Marshall, Harlan F. Trust to Bothwell, Carolyn A. and Donald G., 135 Elmwood Drive, $130,000.

Boehm, Luann and Michael to Olson, Rose, 331 Benton St., $60,000.


Wirth, Lynn E. Estate to Sages Services LLC, 458 S. Elm St., Avoca, $20,000.


Hildebrand, Barbara and Patricia J. to Pierce, Erin and Jane, 43565 Mahogany Road, Hancock, $316,500.


Harrill, Bobby G. and Marilyn E. to Norman, Edward D., 205 Evans St., Macedonia, $55,000.


Long, Martha R. to Danker, Gladys I. and Jefferey D., 14768 320th St., Treynor, $50,000.

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