Dreessen, Adrian and Paula M. to Wright, Joseph R. and Jessica L., 15307 Weber St., $515,000.

Barr Homes to Walsh, John C. and Nicole M., 18518 Northern Hills Drive, $366,228.

Miller, Jeffrey T. to Samson, Clete P., 16373 Mormon St., $310,000.

Knaizuk, Dereck I. and Camron M. to Aldrich, Christopher L. and Misti L., 7203 N. 153rd Circle, $307,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hoover, Harrison and Jillian, 15813 Jardine Circle, $199,107.

Shields, Morgan M. to Watson, Tara L., 14601 Leeman St., $142,500.

Puls, John M. and Courtney N. to Miller, Cassie and Petersen, Jake, 15312 Tucker St., $140,000.

Cabrera, Courtney and Marisela to Michels, Brent J. and Alyssa A., 20330 Sheffield Circle, $75,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage to Timberline Homes, 14962 Sage Circle, $46,000.

Stratford Park Development to Zych Construction, 8945 N. 172nd St., $40,500.

Stratford Park Development to Richland Homes, 8910 N. 169th Ave., $40,500.

Stratford Park Development to Venture Contracting, 17206 Bondesson St., $40,500.

Stratford Park Development to Charleston Homes, 17136 Bondesson St., $40,500.

Paramount Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 12119 Elmwood Drive, $29,900.

State Street Investment to Sherwood Homes, 15944 Grebe St., $27,750.


Maloley, Ann to Rynaski, Theresa M., 18902 Nicholas St., $495,000.

Truvision Custom Homes to Speck, Robert J. and Christina M., 1807 S. 220th St., $489,060.

Castle Brook Builders to Ashley, Brian and Angele, 21005 Walnut St., $477,520.

Huntington Homes to Cook, Andrew J. and Kristy J., 1806 N. 197th St., $430,000.

Reid, Arden M. III and Childers, Stacey to Thompson, Matthew L., 20007 Harney St., $351,000.

Charleston Homes to Bradley, Shannan D., 20602 Fowler Ave., $341,127.

Home Co. to Weel, Brenden B. and Alison A., 19401 Ruggles Circle, $327,000.

Home Co. to Elske, Sharon K., 19322 Franklin Circle, $254,000.

Home Co. to Bloom, Stuart, 1443 N. 194th Circle, $231,000.

Keffer, Noel J. and Janet L. to Bartz, Jonathan H. and Shannon M., 20751 Emmet St., $145,000.

Lanoha Real Estate to Rosso, John and Gail, 21916 Martha St., $76,500.

Pacific Windgate II to Landmark Performance Corp., 1871 Blue Sage Parkway, $70,000.


Spitzenberger, Timothy J. and Phromrattana, Orawan to Hwang, Soonjo, 2503 N. 55th St., $335,000.

Harrington, Amanda L. and Matthews, John M. to Holle, Monica E. and Nicholas I., 2324 N. 52nd St., $184,000.

Kimberling, Ashleigh and Austin to Niedbalski, Christopher J., 5851 Lake St., $146,500.

Harden, Matthew C. and Shellie to Prochaska, Amy L. and Miller, Bradley O., 2536 N. 65th Ave., $118,000.

Bacon, Sarah M. to Byrd, Paula and White, Ryan, 2023 N. 70th Ave., $98,000.

Gniffke, William and Lucy to Wilder, Trevor J. and Tabitha M., 6717 Laurel Ave., $96,000.

Hoffmann, Cheryl to Perry, Athena R., 3748 N. 54th St., $75,000.

Reining, Jerry L. and Pamela to D Pack LLC, 3705 N. 55th St., $58,500.

Huber, Steve to Little, Barton, 2815 N. 71st St., $43,000.

Kipling, David L. and Susan to Styl Properties, 2044 N. 63rd St., $30,001.

Great Western Bank and Ticknor, Morris A. Trust to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 6650 Decatur St., $35,000.

Minning, Mary E. to Perry, Conway T. Sr., 6216 Fowler Ave., $43,000.


Otteman, Mona A. to Mink Enterprises, 3018 S. 34th St., $51,000.

Quint, Katherine M., personal representative, to Dickes, Erik K., 3548 Hickory St., $140,000.


England, Brittany and Dan to Vazquez, Maria D., 5724 Rees St., $182,900.

Kennedy, Travis D. and Ann M. to Osterhout, Charles M., 4909 Pine St., $168,000.

Wilkins, Corrine to Shawhan, Robert L., trustee for Shawhan Trust Agreement, 4611 Hascall St., $123,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Samson, Christopher M. and Richards, Chelsea N., 536 S. 50th St., $71,000.

Henvey, Kathleen M. to Krause, John P. and Amy P., 601 S. 50th Ave., $60,000.

Western Financial and OM 4511 Mason Trust to KBL Investments, 4511 Mason St., $90,000.


Cisneros, Kimberly and Rudy to Rocha, Emmanuel A., 5131 S. 41st St., $92,000.

Foley, Nathan and Andrea to Perez, Adela A., 1343 Z St., $86,000.

Bravo, Ricardo to Garcia Jose M. and Oseguera, Maria E., 4204 S. 29th St., $80,000.

Fader, Patrick M. and Beverly to MDET PC, 4112 V St., $45,000.

Medina, Juana to De Cardenas, Lucia, 3525 U St., $35,000.


Perlera, Blanca to Lopez, Roberto, 3024 S. 21st St., $57,000.


RE Investments to Royce, Michael, 3734 Wirt St., $135,000.

Westbrook, Jesse J. to Lytle, Geneva, 3416 Manderson St., $60,000.

Palmer, Jacob to De Hernandez Espeleta, Hayclee, 3608 N. 44th Ave., $42,000.

Core Services to Thomas, Garold D., 5356 N. 34th St., $26,000.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Ideal Properties, 4329 Grant St., $24,000.


Wildner, Dennis F. Sr. and Linda K. to Garcia, Chris and Nelson, Yuriko, 6519 N. 36th St., $90,000.

Abboud, Dana J. and Sharon T. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 3034 Ida St., $47,000.


Schulz, Bradley J. and Anne M. to Schulz, Zachary J. and Emily M., 8305 Webster St., $82,000.


Goertz, John G. and Kelly K. to Lund, Andrew D. and Julia S., 15609 Grant Circle, $445,000.

Prestige Homes to McMahon, Neal D., 17812 Corby St., $430,000.

Prairie Homes to Briggs, William J. and Loretta D., 6510 N. 163rd St., $393,466.

Birchwood Homes to Peterson, Kyle W. and Megan L., 17215 Emmet St., $344,000.

Home Co. to Sambol, Jeremy R. and Allison R., 15185 Laurel Ave., $291,000.

Lefler, Craig S. and Heidi A. to Clark, William J. and Pamela S., 4012 N. 158th St., $260,000.

Arnold, Richard W. and Kelly L. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 15217 Corby St., $255,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Curns, Madeline E. and Aaron O., 15217 Corby St., $255,000.

Venteicher, Leo H. to Morris, Patrick A., 3812 N. 158th St., $230,000.

McGrath, Justin and Aminda to Hulett, Jim G. and Angela A., 16429 Ames Ave., $206,500.

Wheeler, Sandra J. and J.T. to Hefta, Daniel G., 16405 Patrick Ave., $202,000.

Bergman, Matilda to Echter, Gregory and Lynette, 4324 N. 162nd Ave., $185,000.

Gibson, Joshua L. and Lacy M. to Dabelstein, Linda L., 14713 Sprague St., $180,000.

Foit, Dieter H. and Sally A. to Rupp, Robert Jr. and Kristi, 2926 N. 155th Ave., $167,900.

Hession, Mary A. to Woxland, Nicole R., 14454 Ames Ave., $146,000.

Moore, Matthew D. and Traci L. to Pfeifer, Kenneth and Rhonda, 16463 Burdette St., $140,000.

Lynch, John G. and Winona Trust to Ahlstrom, Walter C. Jr., trustee for Ahlstrom Family Trust, 16709 Jaynes Circle, $215,000.


Thompson, Robert N. and Ann M. to Lagunas-Sanchez, Martin and Lagunas, Esmeralda, 5409 S. 51st Ave., $144,000.


Durr, Randall E. and Yvonne D. to Salazar, Nathan D. and Jennifer D., 1417 N. 160th St., $255,000.

Allen, James S. and Julianne L. to Pritchard, Marc A. and Nadja, 16135 Capitol Ave., $240,000.

Rockwell Omaha to Sunderland, Ernest G. Personal Trust, 17121 Marcy St., $174,305.

Murray, Mary J. Trust to Augustine, Stephen W. and Ann E., 16217 Chicago St., $245,900.

Mercer, Minna L. Trust to Sempek, Edward J. and Deborah L., 15759 Jackson Drive, $149,000.

Larmon, Ronnie D., personal representative, to Casey, Charles J. and Mona L., 17665 Parker Plaza, $132,000.


Collins, Anthony to Sullivan, Darla M., 7265 N. 74th St., $219,000.

Chipps, Daniel E. and Lisa B. to Roberts, Michael and Jessica, 7325 N. 106th Ave., $215,000.

Crawford, Gwendolyn D. to Cramer, Katherine, 7376 N. 85th St., $165,000.

Horsley, Andrew D. and Adrian H. to Smith, Todd L., 7323 N. 77th St., $155,000.

Pavka, Justin V. and Amy L. to Redmond, Leila K., 7408 N. 76th Ave., $140,500.


Whisman, Ray J. and Eileen A. to Morris, Shawn A. and Kristal D., 7711 Pine Circle, $184,000.

O’Day, Kyle P. and Lauren to Gauff, Aaron M. and Jessica S., 2902 S. 76th Ave., $130,000.

McCright Properties to Lar-Rent LLC, 8106 Grover St., $128,000.

Williams, Peggy L. and McElroy, David to Hiatt, Ricky D., trustee for Mallett, Nichole L. Trust, 3612 S. 91st St., $102,000.

Ottoson, David T. and Lora J. Trust to Henry, Scott B. and Tristan N., 3409 S. 102nd St., $312,500.

Urich, Ronald E., personal representative, to Wickersham, Danielle, 8229 Castelar St., $128,000.


Rossman, Joel and Karen to Schultz, Rodney M., 6241 S. 103rd St., $230,000.

Bukowski, Kenneth to Baker, Ronald F. and Karen M., 9205 Adams St., $210,000.

Niemiec, Douglas R. and Amanda J. to Witkovski, Travis and Novak, Jessica, 6612 S. 86th Avenue Circle, $157,000.

Bishop, Kevin J. to 1124 LLC, 6606 S. 83rd Ave., $80,000.

Graham, Jan R. Trust to Devora, Enrique, 10129 Weir St., $144,000.


Ruffalo, Stacey L. to Harbison, John M. and Ashley M., 19269 Williams St., $440,021.

Tyrakoski, James E. and Meredith B. to Schrader, Cora and Kody, 18121 Atlas St., $330,000.

Aschoff, Bridget and Matthew to Spurlock, Douglas L. and Virginia M., 2935 S. 158th Circle, $190,000.

Leader, Douglas M. to Trizila, Danielle and Walter M. III, 16612 Pierce St., $160,000.

Lindsey, John E. Jr., trustee for Lindsey, Debra B. Trust to Garcia, Washington A. and Aguilar, Valeria, 2502 S. 186th Circle, $480,000.


Jones, Lori R. to Schneider, Christopher and Annamarie, 3812 Davenport St., $134,000.

Stone, Micheal L. and Cynthia A. to Penke Properties, 122 N. 34th St., $78,000.

Cash, Lillian to Glispie, Charlene, 3107 Charles St., $50,100.


Volenec, Michael B. and Andrew J. to Perry, Brad and Lynn, 5203 Izard St., $465,000.

Pitlor, Rose to Deroin, William J. and Byars, Ashley K., 827 Dillon Drive, $340,000.

Devin Brad Mike LLC to Glynn, Benjamin H., 412 S. 49th St., $142,000.


Batten, Lisa A. and Anthony A. to Francis, Robert W. Sr., 4326 N. 86th Circle, $135,000.

Dagerman, Kathryn A. Trust to Pavka, Justin V. and Amy L., 10629 Boyd St., $187,000.


McMahon, Neal D. to Dame, Jodi, 19341 H St., $270,000.

Haver, Dianne F. to Cromer, Chad, 17631 Monroe St., $263,000.

Celebrity Homes to Fitch, Lloyd L. and Sherry L., 4529 S. 198th Ave., $251,100.

McMillan, Philip W. and Lori A. to Clark, Jacob T. and Larson, Kirsten A., 16608 S St., $244,000.

Meyer, Cody A. and Amanda N. to Hepinstall, John D. and Sherry R., 5116 S. 193rd St., $199,000.

Celebrity Homes to Lachendro, Michael F. and Lisa, 5306 S. 196th St., $164,500.

Magee, Kyle and Heather to Curtis, Josh L. and Durham, Kristen M., 4867 S. 157th St., $158,500.

Wolodkewitsch, Cindy R. to Lisiecki, Sean and Reed, Elizabeth, 5863 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $144,500.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 5608 S. 193rd St., $131,000.

CRC Properties to Langfeldt, Sarah M. and Keller, Tammy, 4807 S. 190th St., $122,515.

Hodgson, Naomi K., trustee for Hodgson Living Trust to Unruh, Sherry and Joshua, 5007 S. 165th St., $182,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties, 16917 M Circle, $96,000.


TAB LLC to Keeton, Joseph C. and Diane M., 6820 S. 125th Circle, $239,000.

Neff, Casey P. and Shawn A. to Delehant, Brian P. and Kristin R., 4116 S. 148th St., $199,000.

Inoyatov, Akram and Inoyatova, Halima to Sapkota, Tika R. and Bishnu K., 11617 Drexel St., $176,000.

United Equity to Bresel, Michael, 15261 Blackwell Drive, $154,000.

Walter, April E. and Tim to Emodi, Stephanie, 11015 Borman Ave., $142,500.


Celebrity Homes to Noble, Terry G. and Victoria J., 7017 N. 139th St., $210,900.

Celebrity Homes to Reinken, Sven J. and Jennifer A., 7404 N. 143rd St., $164,450.

Combs, Joshua D. and Valerie to Xiong, Keng and Cheelou, 7319 N. 111th Ave., $139,000.

Davis, Kelly R. and Thomas A. to Maxey, Michael J., 7503 N. 111th St., $116,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Trademark Homes, 8214 N. 123rd St., $48,500.

Celebrity Homes to Welsh, G.J., 14083 Wood Valley Drive, $157,600.


Mitchell, James D. and Joann R. to Dorgan, Josh W. and Balkovec, Valerie R., 13417 Frances St., $214,500.

Brodkey, Peter J. to Ramirez, Joseph S. and McBride, Eileen, 13026 Shirley St., $195,000.

Blubaugh, Amy M. to Koenig, David P. and Christina S., 12230 Crawford Circle, $160,000.

Risley, Robert R. Sr. to Altman, William J. and Danielle, 13852 Frances St., $145,000.

Genthe, Barbara P., trustee for Stuart, Donald R. Trust to Plunkett, Marguerite E., 1605 S. 113th Plaza, $300,000.


Burns, Jayte S. and Melissa D. to Storovich, Trevor and Sara, 1605 N. 131st Ave., $299,000.

Smith, Bernadette C. to Rios, Martha A. and Albert, 11945 Miracle Hills Drive, $100,000.

Deckert, Darlene P. to Schulze, Kyle K., 12727 West Dodge Road, $64,000.


Ruby, Mark A. and Cynthia A. to Kruse, John G. and Ashton C., 11030 Laurel Circle, $149,900.

Cuoio, Joshua D. and Heather L. to Erdman, Daniel R. and Chester, Antonia, 2706 N. 142nd St., $145,000.

Montoya, Jhoan and Cervates, Ana L. to Bardin, Bruce A. Trust, 11372 Raleigh Drive, $145,000.

Dick, Justin I. and Lauren to Sorrentino, Victoria M., 4206 N. 130th Ave., $117,000.



Holden, Virnon R. and Lea M. to Crum, Rachel, 1001 Durand Drive, $168,000.

Sundberg, Jacquelyn J. to Damann, Franklin E. and Stephanie D., 1002 Bellevue Blvd. North, $190,000.

Spahn, Darren L. and Sandra L. to Rubio, Tyler S. and Grindstaff, Bailey, 1003 W. 29th Ave., $108,000.

Sigler, William B. Jr. and Linda K. to Bjerke, Mark O. and Aguirre Bjerke, Rene, 1203 Potter Road, $180,000.

Wagner, Paul R., personal representative for Wagner, Pauline J. Estate to S&P IV LLC, 1232 Bellaire Blvd., $125,000.

Swaney, Scott C. and Victoria L. to Hofer, Michael R., 1808 Anna St., $124,000.

Christensen, Steven F. and Karen J. to Boukal, Timothy D., 207 E. Mission Ave., $91,000.

Groff, Timothy L. and Rebecca A. to Rubek, Lenny, 2304 Calhoun St., $80,000.

Molnar, Steve S. to Karim, Nikki S. and Abdul and Herbst, John L., 3510 Hancock St., $38,000.

Townsend, Douglas A. and Mary K. to Miller, Jacklyn D., 416 Ridgewood Drive, $275,000.


Advantage Development to Reoh, Amy L., 11607 S. 202nd St., $322,000.

Burns, Keith and Paula to Schuler, Chad W. and Angela R., 11619 S. 198th St., $347,000.

Prairie Homes to Johnson, Randall A. and Joey B., 12230 Bobwhite Road, $480,000.

Charleston Homes to Dierkhising, Trevor R. and Toni L., 17215 Morgan Ave., $226,000.

Scribner, Sean M. and Lisa M. to Deibert, Christopher M. and Amanda L., 19840 Gertrude St., $389,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Carson Custom Homes, 21120 Quarry Lane, $424,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Villone, Jason and Tamara C., 21323 Quarry Lane, $286,000.

Ryan, James F. and Jennifer L. to BT Properties LLC, 21429 Parkview Drive, $163,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Burns, Keith W. and Paula P., 22227 Copper Ridge Road, $430,000.

Ostlund, Michael D. and Tracy A. to Falcone Enterprises, 23106 Buchanan Circle, $145,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to North, Michele and Adam, 7415 S. 198th St., $378,000.


Timberline Homes to Paradise Homes, 10116 S. 124th Ave., $35,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11012 Edward St., $60,000.

Kautsch, Natalie J. and Timothy to Barney Isenhart, Erin L. and Isenhart, Jay W., 1106 Surrey Road, $175,000.

Advantage Development to Pickens, Matthew W. and Louise M., 11455 S. 122nd St., $85,000.

Southbrook Development to Empire Homes & Remodeling, 11769 S. 110th St., $46,000.

Barr Homes to Rosenthal, Jennifer M. and Donald P. II, 12224 Montauk Drive, $371,000.

Campbell, Allyson M. to Johnson, Jennifer R., 2103 Marilyn Drive, $140,000.

Belle, Daniel and Kim, Jiyoung to Schmidt, Christopher J. and Candace J., 2104 Petersen Drive, $214,000.

Pabian, Brian J. and Lisa J. to Pettit, Nathaniel and Pettit Daniels, Sarah, 305 Pheasant Run Lane, $290,000.

Woolhiser, Jerry J. and Nancy C. to McLaughlin, Michael M. and Samantha D., 810 Richelieu Court, $150,000.

Walter, Bernard A. to Christie, Daniel P., 822 Tipperary Drive, $127,000.

Behne, Andrew K. and Crystal R. to Pewett, Kenneth and Emily, 828 Clearwater Drive, $169,000.


Hrabik, Dan, personal representative for Hrabik, James Estate to Hollendieck, Shawn M. and Aimee C., 20703 Meadow Oaks Drive, $213,000.


Felstead, William to Tran, Tuyet N., 1307 Terry Drive, $160,000.

Galvan, Margaret S. to Felstead, William and Arlene A., 13603 S. 40th Circle, $217,000.

Celebrity Homes to King, Trevor D. and Angela M., 13715 S. 43rd St., $193,000.

Dalrymple, David T. II to Sam, Ralph A., 14103 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $135,000.

Abshire, David and Wendy to Smith, Wade and Charlsa R., 14315 S. 25th Ave., $148,000.

Press, Heather L. to Ingram, Shonda C. and Terry, 14405 S. 22nd St., $225,000.

Bielstein, Lee A. and Susan K. to Weiler, Joseph, 2008 Crawford St., $172,000.

Elliott, Robert to Ondego, Nicodemus W. and Shonnette T., 4307 Hike Circle, $150,000.


Wright, Jessica L. and Joseph R. to Fichter, Walter E. and Carol J., 10162 Olive St., $360,000.

Simmonds Properties to TNT Holdings, 12245 McDermott Plaza, $360,000.

Loghry, Donna I. to Blubaugh, Amy M., 7320 Frederick Circle, $179,000.

Isbilir, Birol and Baker, Angela R. to Robertson, Kyle J. and Slocum, Lindsey P., 7715 Terry Drive, $122,000.


Smith, Bruce M. Sr. and Virginia M. to Maguire, Brian and Katharine, 107 Carolina Drive, $190,000.

Althoff, Joseph R. III and Cynthia R. to May, Angela and Jeffrey A., 15333 S. 63rd St., $450,000.

Louviere, Daniel A. Jr. and Kimberly F. to Tiger, Jaclyn J. and Elton J., 4505 Victoria Ave., $273,000.

May, Jeffrey A. and Angela M. to Behne, Andrew K. and Crystal R., 609 Fall Creek Road, $300,000.

Celebrity Homes to Chhetri, Raj K. and Gurung, Aiti M., 6645 Elm Hurst Drive, $199,000.

Griffin Homes to Gottner, Richard E. and Anna A., 9803 S. 68th St., $395,000.


Bruner, Nicole and Clarence to Lasauskas, Evan J., 15830 Briar St., $140,000.

Richland Homes to Boyll, Jay W., 16913 Aurora St., $260,000.

Farani, Sayed M. and Meschgan to Straatmann, Jeremy L. and Amber N., 18613 Holch Drive, $299,000.

Hegge, Brett and Amanda to Lee, Daniel R. and Cassandra J., 18706 Josephine St., $305,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bartz, Ryan W. and Carlie M., 18817 Black Walnut St., $237,000.

D’Agosta, Christine D. to Reining, Phyllis K. Trust, 6915 S. 163rd Circle, $148,000.

Celebrity Homes to Horbach, Suzanne, 7114 S. 183rd Ave., $174,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kessler, Robert W. and Farnan, Julie A., 7223 S. 183rd Ave., $176,000.

Billman, Lisa L. to Haver, Dianne, 7426 S. 173rd St., $146,000.

Jensen, Matthew J. and Jessica M. to Boyd, Jenni L., 8210 S. 161st Terrace, $150,000.

Grams, Richard G. II and Jasmine F. to Henning, Andrew and Anna, 9606 S. 173rd Ave., $285,000.

Home Co. to Pinkerton, Matthew C., 9805 S. 173rd Ave., $285,000.


Hansen, Travis and Robyn to Schoonover, Kyle, 14813 Borman St., $139,000.

Stewart, David R., trustee for Lorello, Josephine L. Trust to Jensen, Matthew J. and Jessica M., 15124 Borman St., $237,000.

Keyes, James B. to Spearman, Michael A. and Jaralyn R., 15218 Redwood St., $155,000.

Foster, Anthony L. and Autumn Y. to Schlegel, Brad A. and Tera N., 15371 Papio St., $160,000.

Robinson, Wendy to Klabunde, Tracy, 7118 S. 154th St., $132,000.

Roll, Timothy G., trustee for Roll, Janice M. Trust to Tritsch Enterprises, 7514 Trumble Ave., $100,000.


Hoekstra, Andrew W. and Lisa M. to Eby, Ablansandrinelau and Pascal, 1304 Georgia Ave., $250,000.

Macias, Amado to Macias-Palomar Ramon and Cordova, Marta A., 2820 Margo St., $37,000.

Blondie Investments to Lippincott, Matthew C. and Stephanie M., 2908 Greene Ave., $129,000.

Pohl, Michael R. and Kathleen to Svendsen, Robert H. Trust, 3345 Harrison St., $110,000.

Marsicek, Francis M. and Patricia A. to Elshalaby, Barakat, 3951 McMahon Ave., $135,000.


Wesely, Todd V. and Kara J. to Aguilar, Agustin, 4925 Red Rock Ave., $140,000.

Celebrity Homes to McGuire, Mark P. and Sandra K., 6621 Elm Hurst Drive, $221,000.

Bradley, Karen K. and Randall to Sage, Don Jr. and Jean, 7009 S. 53rd St., $128,000.



Sales, Lyle D. Supplemental Need Trust to Holeton, Robert L., 1612 S. 10th St., $57,500.

Liston, John and Rebecca to Spears, Dana and Scott, 5628 Merlin Lane, $199,000.

Hilger, Jamie and Scott M. to Revis, Deborah S., 23 Glenview Drive, $86,000.

Nielsen, James E. to Lewis, Richard D., 2123 Ave. B, $52,500.

Lewis, Richard D. to Frizzell, Julie, 2123 Ave. B, $102,000.

Gutheil, Juanita and Loren D. to Skinner, Flo M. and Steve R., 3138 Fifth Ave., $77,500.

Neal, Kaley M. and Keith L. to Dady, Patti J. and Stokes, Chad W., 4037 Ramelle Drive, $118,500.

Knauss, Harriett F. to Knauss, Robin S., 2714 Ave. F, $75,000.


Townsend, Duane and Helen to Eicher, Amanda R. and Dan T., 22751 Cottonwood Road, $185,000.

Jefferis, Jerrid J. to Mrsny, Erin M. and Thomas J., 14871 Hillcrest Road, $245,000.

Baumbach, Cynthia S. and Leslie A. to Kruse, Jacqueline and Thomas, 212 Wildwood Road, $185,000.

Clark, Jeanne and John S. to Sulentic, Kyle and Meredith, 412 Fuller Ave., $78,000.

Nolan, Catherine C. to Woodward, Carl and Patricia, 13 Spencer Circle, $129,000.

Otto, Robert L. to Richardson, Judith, 106 Sylvan Drive, $156,000.

Eldridge, David and Rachael to Boysen, Jacqueline M., 122 Rosebud Lane, $156,000.

Russell, Donna L. and Shawn T. to Loess Hills Properties, 720 E. Pierce St., $90,000.

Tobin, Beatriz and Craig to Hilyard, Jessie L. and Thatcher E., 12577 Oakridge St., $300,000.

Arbaugh, Connie J. to Baxter, Kenneth L. and Linda M., 107 Fenwick Circle, $203,500.

Roll, Diane to Schuster, Jeffry A. and Stephanie M., 123 Fenwick Circle, $219,000.

Hancock, Joseph H. Estate to Schultz, Alfred E. and Megan, 16520 State Orchard Road, $130,000.

Booth, Joni M. and Jessie R. to Clemens, Jessica M. and Ring, Christopher R., 459 Forest Drive, $158,000.

Rastarl LLC to Veit, Jeffrey and Michel, 351 Golden Oaks Drive, $237,500.

Snipes, Shirley to Cowan, Sueanne, 185 Corinne Ave., $127,000.

McConkey, Charles H. and Sheryl to Kmezich, Courtney L. and Quist, Sandra E., 316 Arnold Ave., $107,000.

Lisiecki, Melanie E. Estate to Fipps, Christopher A., 1456 Indian Hills Road, $155,000.

Schultz, Justin to DeLong, Nicole and Stephen, 11291 Woodland Trail, $195,000.

Petersen, Newton and Rachel to Schultz, Justin, 19770 Mynster Springs Road, $250,000.

Smith, Ryan D. and Stacey to Ervin, Mary A., 222 Frank St., $160,000.

Doner, Rosemary S. to Bristol, Derek B. and Devine, Heidi M., 665 Franklin Ave., $43,000.

Williams, Edward C. and James R. and Marie M. and Sandra L. and Sharla A. and Terry L. and Timothy J. to Gonzalez, Mary F. and Gonzalez-Espinoza, Aldo O. and Williams, Robin J., 923 Ave. B, $33,000.

Funkhauser, Lisa D. and Mark H. to Miller, Pamela R., 303 Benton St., $85,000.

Midwest Homesteads to Page, Charles and Julie, 621 Harrison St., $85,000.

Clausen, Dale M. to Golwitzer, Bradley M., 13505 Berryhill Ave., $165,000.


Rosenkranz, David C. and Janis K. to Bellows, Karen L. and Michael, 29498 340th St., Minden, $294,000.


Bank of New York to Reed, Bradley, 304 Brown St., Oakland, $30,000.

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