Deutsche Bank Trust Co. to Johnson, Lance and Whitney, 10219 N. 185th Circle, $435,000.

Sederburg, David S. and Diane M. to Struebing, Brian L. and Jennifer A., 16360 Leeman St., $340,000.

Empire Homes and Remodeling to Wulff, Roger A. and Rachel A., 8526 N. 169th St., $337,315.

Sherwood Homes to Erickson, Joshua E. and Rebecca L., 14825 Prairie Star St, $318,995.

Sherwood Homes to Clark, Kyle B. and Marcella M., 9520 N. 151st St., $297,666.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha, 8127 N. 172nd St., $268,000.

Marque Custom Builders to Newsome, Angela, 7120 N. 154th St., $226,960.

Milan, Leo F. III and Kelly J. to Riederer, Richard Jr. and Sarah, 8029 N. 150th Terrace, $208,000.

Vercoe, Zachary C. and Laura R. to Hoer, Caitlin M. and Roberts, Kevin P., 14887 Eagle St., $201,000.

McAleer, Keely S. and Justin P. to Barua, Moon and Nehar K., 15091 Mormon Circle, $200,000.

Franz, Matthew to Birge, Kelly M. and Ryan-Dean M., 10403 N. 150th St., $200,000.

Camgrave LLC to Johnson, Tracy K. Trust, 8425 N. 161st Plaza, $192,900.

Erickson, Joshua and Rebecca to Jorgensen, Michael A. and Bailey J., 14854 Mormon St., $191,500.

Tennison, Lynden and Sue A. to Rushing, Cynthia D., 16024 Weber St., $185,000.

Camgrave LLC to Egan, Michael E., 16020 Willit Court, $180,000.

Ostler, Thomas A. and Kristyn to Marron, Brian and Cassandra, 7925 N. 152nd St., $170,000.

Baker, Gerald F. and Eileen L. to West, Nickolas J. and Tierney A., 109 N St., $154,500.

Drake, Carol A. Trust to Coyle, Craig and Laura, 12606 N. 177th Circle, $100,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Falkinburg, Jeffrey L. and Britney L., 18541 Northern Hills Drive, $93,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Wildermuth, Ryan T. and Dawn M., 11728 N. 173rd Circle, $82,500.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha, 17164 Phoebe St., $49,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes, 9022 N. 173rd St., $43,600.

Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction, 9009 N. 169th Ave., $43,600.

Waterford Development to Zadina, Mary, 14454 Read St., $27,000.


Paradise Homes to Dobson, Jeffrey B. and Jaime L., 1705 S. 210th St., $435,950.

Paradise Homes to Gernandt, Brian and Jodie J., 19406 Sprague Circle, $401,095.

Judkins, Jeffrey M. and Dawn M. to Main, Gary L. and Christy L., 663 S. 195th St., $385,000.

Sillyman, Judy M. to Grimshaw, Joseph W. and Dawn C., 420 S. 201st Ave., $380,000.

Coyle, Craig and Laura M. to Bahle, Tracy M. and Theresa M., 19639 Mayberry St., $378,000.

Kinney, Angie L. and Chad to Smith, Andrew J. and Shannon N., 20815 Woolworth Ave., $370,500.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Holland, Luke, 1518 S. 208th St., $364,502.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pamukov, Diana L. and Yavor Y., 4709 N. 205th Ave., $312,406.

Jorgensen, Julie R. to De La Torre, Everardo, 18707 Jones St., $255,000.

Sole, Rodney and Gayle to Schneider, Ashley and Jesse, 18422 Farnam St., $232,800.

Crawford, Douglas G. to Thompson, Kevin T. and Darla J. Trust, 21723 Greenlawn Road, $210,000.

Dooley, James L. to Sadowski, William and Kathryn, 1031 Skyline Drive, $210,000.

Collingsworth, Elizabeth and Cameron J. to Lewis, Andrew and Alicia, 1046 S. 217th St., $181,250.

Malibu Holdings to Piatkowski, Eric T. and Kristin, 1603 S. 218th Ave., $169,000.

Homesellers of Omaha to H3 Custom Homes, 1910 S. 214th Ave., $115,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Royal Development, 21109 Marinda St., $90,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Hildy Construction, 2105 S. 220th Ave., $76,500.

SNGF Development to Jeffrey, Kristi and Terry, 19017 Hamilton St., $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 1727 S. 207th Ave., $60,000.

Murphy, Gerald to Wegener, Nicholas and Jessica, 23514 N St., $55,500.

Woodland Homes to Prairie Homes, 18471 Mason St., $53,500.

Pacific Windgate II to Binks Construction, 1823 S. 211th St., $50,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Binks Construction, 1811 S. 211th St., $50,000.

FRK Development to Trademark Homes, 4016 N. 189th St., $39,900.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hildy Construction, 20409 Taylor St., $38,900.


Wilson, Mary A. Trust to Snyder, Robert A. and Susan M., 118 Ginger Cove Road, $420,000.

Warner, Marcella A., personal representative, to Conrad, Joseph G. and Sara F., 64 Shaker Place, $385,000.

Bluewater Development to Bluewater Builders, 6622 N. 289th St., $175,000.


DeVreede, Gerardus J. to Shive, Stephen M. Trust, 24359 Douglas Circle, $900,000.


Norris, Theresa A. to Pook, Ryan and Kelly, 2019 N. 54th St., $255,000.

Rathjen, Keith C. Jr. and Kay R. to Ledesma, Jose L., 6313 Taylor Circle, $155,000.

Kruse, Lowen V. and Ruth A. to Ndagijimana, Michel and Ndayishimiye, Francoise, 5404 N. 50th Ave., $139,000.

Falke, David C. to Mu, Paw and Nay, Eh S., 2938 N. 56th St., $126,500.

Janssen, David C. and June F. to Hohenstein, Melissa, 4819 Erskine St., $111,800.

Delatorre, Everardo and Gabriela to Smith, Tony L., 4214 N. 65th Ave., $108,000.

Nelson, Tim D. and Karen A. to Hofer, Jamison M. and Laura M., 5634 Blondo St., $95,000.

Santiago-Stommes Enterprises Inc. to Sterling, Jaime, 5213 Boyd St., $67,500.

Wild, Janice E. and Marks, Christina C. to Naw, A., 6412 Jaynes St., $101,000.

Blue Group LLC to Kat, A. and Thaw, Tain, 4140 N. 65th St., $100,000.

Franklin, Paul and Dawn to Reyna-Degante, Humberto, 4309 N. 56th St., $67,000.


Vaughn, Richard J. and Delores M. to Mumm, Joshua D. and Kerry L., 2126 S. 33rd St., $220,000.

Prucha, Brent and Rebeca A. to Brtek, Michael D. and Nancy A., 2333 Hanscom Blvd., $172,500.

Musinsky, Tracy to Rockhopper Enterprises, 4224 William St., $165,000.

APK Ventures LLC to Carpenter, Kimberly S., 3708 Castelar St., $152,000.

Powers, Mark A. and Tina M. to Thompson, Paul and Marcy, 4212 Pacific St., $131,000.

Efken, Jason N. and Meredith E. to Firoz, Anurag S., 1015 S. 30th Ave., $120,000.

Cuevas, Gregorio and Maria to Pano, Marcela S., 3922 Wright St., $110,000.


Beisheim, Bryan K. and Mary A. to Becker, Eric T., 515 S. 51st Ave., $225,000.

Tieken, Craig A. to Sichmeller, Anna, 849 S. 59th St., $200,000.

Van Ormer, Claire to Woessner, Taylor M., 4514 Hickory St., $191,000.

Jons, Julie J. to Wyllie, Kimberly K., 5619 Briggs St., $175,000.

McGhee, Kurt and Brianna L. to Aguirre, Lisa M., 5134 Pine St., $165,000.

Sehi, Eugene D. to Ettinger, Jennifer M. and Saladino, Andrew P., 5028 Arbor Circle, $159,000.

Katskee, Pola and Bucheister, Arie to Hines, Nathaniel L. and Dawn, 5023 Hickory St., $137,500.

McNulty, Charles L. and Carol to Le, Quynh and Nang, 4911 Hickory St., $130,000.

Czarnik, Roman and Janina to Hoffman, Nicholas E. and Elizabeth A., 828 S. 49th St., $125,000.

Vermillion, Daniel A. and Draga to Fowler, Bryce J., 4816 Grover St., $117,000.

Herman, Jamie to Bennett, Jennifer L., 5830 Cedar St., $116,000.

Goodrich, Mark A., personal representative to Stilko LLC, 711 S. 69th St., $110,000.

Dunn, Blakely J. to Spellman, Ashleigh M., 5618 Spring St., $104,000.

Clement, Julie D. to Hogan, Lenice P., 2107 S. 48th Ave., $96,000.

Mrsny, Charles D. to Woobs LLC, 4693 Pacific St., $37,000.


Stanek, Helen M., personal representative, to Black, James A. and Erica L., 1310 Drexel St., $119,200.

Pedersen, Larry D. and Julie A. to Jaimes, Sanjuanita and Cortes, David J., 4952 S. 41st St., $112,000.

Nolasco, Ramon and Josefina V. to Garcia, Victor H. and Barrios, Guadalupe M., 2120 Monroe St., $96,500.

Wilson, Ronald W. to Lopez, Fernando N. and Garcia-Amezcua, Gabriela, 5101 S. 39th St., $85,000.

De La Torre Santiago, Alberto and Bravo De La Cruz, Evangelina to Santacruz, Miguel, 3207 X St., $36,266.

McCarthy, Debra L to Western Financial and OM 3261 Monroe Trust, 3261 Monroe St., $25,000.

Western Financial LLC and OM 3261 Monroe Trust to Ruiz, Jaime D., 3261 Monroe St., $43,000.


Thomsen, Mary A., trustee for the Dasovic, Pearl M. Trust to Albers, Tregan D. II, 1948 S. 15th St., $67,000.

1234 South 10th LLC to Koening, Phillip and Boman, Steven P., 1232 S. 10th St., $67,000.

1234 South 10th LLC to Krajicek, Jeremy B. and Beyer-Krajicek, Jay, 1205 S. 10th Court, $67,000.

Equivest Financial LLC to Molina-Rodriguez, Miguel A. and Bibiano-Salas, Odila, 2014 Spring St., $30,000.


TSW Properties LLC to S & P Development, 6130 Florence Blvd., $48,250.


Wurgler Properties LLC to Maganda, Beatriz A., 3018 Seward St., $57,500.

Salvation Army to Wojtalewicz, Jerry, 4270 Maple St., $25,000.


Walter Thomas Inc. to Mukherjee, Sumit and Chrissta, 9747 Fieldcrest Drive, $735,000.

McClendon, Gary L., trustee for McClendon, Elmo W. Trust, to Thiemer, Joshua P. and MMJPT Trust, 8222 Howard St., $305,000.

Gray, John W. Jr. and Courtney L. to Bass, Patricia, 9307 Decatur Plaza Circle, $165,000.

KFM Properties LLC to Trease, Andrew and Wetterstrom, Morgan, 8210 Decatur St., $150,000.

Muskin, Helen C., personal representative, to Buckley, James M., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $122,500.

Nice, Kathy S. to Reale, Casey L. and Andrea S., 758 Cole Circle, $116,000.

Mews, Paul and Jessica to Solberg, Thomas E. and Hanna, 7731 Hamilton St., $113,500.


Singh, Ricky B. and Martineau, Brigitte to Chu, Jeffrey and Yeh, Chiu F., 17104 Sherwood Ave., $370,000.

Ummel, Craig A. and Jill C. to Orlich, Jonathan and Sheryl, 5815 N. 166th St., $360,000.

Hrdy, Sally A. to Holmgren, Kyle and Stephanie, 4203 N. 154th Ave., $305,000.

Rohrig, Jeffre L. Trust to Schmoll, John P. Jr. and Nicole M., 16018 Curtis Ave., $289,900.

Peake, Steven J. and Kimberly A. to Toller, Stephen P. and Page W., 16066 Sprague St., $280,000.

Richland Homes to Garrett, Cheryl, 17567 Wirt St., $269,536.

Celebrity Homes to O’Leary, Andrew J., 17415 Browne St., $261,100.

Schrage, Michelle R. to Alsalami, Huda, 3213 N. 170th St., $256,500.

Weiss, Jordan D. and Suzanne to Bedlan, Karen L., 14958 Himebaugh Ave., $250,000.

Voss, Andrew T. and Alison M. to Price, Chad and Kristin, 16369 Sahler St., $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Finn, Kevin P., 17583 Grand Ave., $227,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ramey, Scott C. and Jennifer L., 16410 Lilac St., $222,350.

Amick-Stockner, Becki and Stockner, Michael E. to Kinney, Mary F. and Hall, Taylore, 4765 N. 148th St., $210,000.

Norland, Don C. and Shelly E. to Szynskie, Tom, 3207 N. 168th Ave., $210,000.

Celebrity Homes to Chaudhary, Ishwar and Himkala, 17582 Grand Ave., $202,600.

Celebrity Homes to Gayer, April M. and Weaver, Benjamin D., 16316 Saratoga St., $199,800.

Celebrity Homes to Chandler, Kathleen R., 17509 Ames Ave., $196,500.

Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group, 4004 N. 162nd Ave., $178,000.

Kalkwarf, Trevor G. and Sonja A. to Hanthorn, Thomas D. and Ellen M., 16414 Butler Ave., $177,500.

GFT Property Holdings II to Wilcox, Jordan T. and Briana L., 4251 N. 165th St., $173,000.

Putnam, Barbara S. to Putnam, Craig S. Trust, 2206 N. 153rd Ave., $172,000.

Vance, Erik T. and Stephanie L. to Maaske, Brieanna K. and Gorsett, Cody W., 16901 Tibbles St., $166,000.

Biery, Todd A. and Nicole to Bednar, Mackenzie G., 15310 Spencer St., $160,000.

Yager, Andrea to Macaitis, Diane, 15464 Spencer St., $157,000.

Spychalski, Donna L. to Goren, Eran, 4908 N. 155th Ave., $147,000.

Feld, Kelly Trust to United Equity, 15057 Emmet St., $137,100.

Saraogi, Ashish and Jain, Archana to Coler, Brett and Stephanie, 5054 N. 155th St., $125,000.

Meester Enterprises to Ohlrich, Nate and Angela, 5134 N. 144th Court, $123,000.

Perchal, Dustin A. to Grimaldi, Anthony J. and Catherine C., 6015 N. 167th Terrace Plaza, $120,000.

Castle Creek Development to Showcase Homes, 15148 Himebaugh Ave., $43,950.


Niebaum, Zach and Amber S. to JWH Enterprises, 4832 S. 50th St., $119,884.

Krimmel, Earl E. and Dorothy to Bishop, LaCorkney, 5605 S. 48th St., $87,900.

Peterson, Laura J. to Schott, Amanda R., 4213 S. 61st St., $78,000.


Hock, Peter T., trustee for the Hock, Peter and Sullivan, Margaret Trust to Murphy, Melanie A. and Terrence T., 720 N. 157th Circle, $655,000.

Wilson, Mary A. and John to Gilmore, Alan L. and Cronin-Gilmore, Julia, 15942 Burt St., $515,000.

Kovarik, Nancy J., trustee for the Legg, Kenneth A. Trust, to Ramaswamy, Sriram and Malik, Shruti, 569 S. 175th Circle, $440,000.

Walowitz, Joshua and Hui, Leng D. to Moreano, Ken J. and Rachael W., 552 S. 175th St., $440,000.

Rockwell Omaha to Marquis, Lesley A., 17121 Marcy St., $261,310.

O’Grady, Teresa M. to Eckerman, Steve and Jill, 15733 Jackson Drive, $236,000.

Fitzgarrald, James F. and Cheryl R. to Bloomquist, Thomas D. and Kinzy, 879 S. 156th Ave., $185,000.

Bellinger, Linsey L. and Derek to Starmer, Heather D., 15938 Nottingham Drive, $185,000.

Petersen Family Enterprises to Wright, Nathan, 1510 N. 158th Ave., $168,200.

Morgan, Larry and Joanne to JML Properties, 1767 N. 177th Plaza, $146,000.

O’Leary, Andrew J. to Ward, Timothy J. and Kay L., 1875 N. 176th Plaza, $139,500.

Greer, James R. to Morgan, Larry D. and Joanne, 1791 N. 177th Plaza, $135,900.

Gerdes, Kyle and Watanabe-Gerdes, Pamela to Grace Custom Homes, 16314 Webster St., $100,000.


Covell, John and Lorinda to Duenas, Stephanie L. and Diaz, Emanuel, 10606 Baker St., $187,000.

McDonald, Kevin W. to Holdcroft, Michael W. and Amy K., 10614 Baker St., $185,000.

Pontious, Stephen and Allison to Zywiec, Lori, 7360 N. 87th St., $179,900.

Growth Equity Group LLC to Jeanette M. Gabay Traditional IRA and Provident Trust Group, 8023 Hanover St., $161,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Galdamez, Rosa M., 9121 Black St., $145,200.

Schmitz, Jason C. to Falcone, Joseph, 6969 N. 89th Ave., $132,500.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to United Equity, 8317 Sheffield St., $129,100.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 7335 N. 80th St., $116,000.


Grimsley, Shawn M. and Amy T. to Nabity, Colin and Summer, 3105 S. 106th St., $165,000.

Charf, Randall R. and Clarice F. to Fellows, Randall C. Jr., 3276 Westgate Road, $154,500.

Kenison, Robert W. and Lisa M. to Lovely, Jeffrey L. and Anne M., 3075 S. 74th St., $133,001.

Hanna, Christopher D. and Erika A. to Stanesick, Neal and Raneri, Anna, 7453 Frederick St., $133,000.

Olsen, Greg and Bench, Lisa to Matulka, Lucas R., 3117 S. 74th St., $132,000.

Ward, Stephen M. to Halsey, Laurence S. and Cynthia B., 9107 Arbor St., $87,000.

Liebentritt, Kim and Laura L. to Anderson, Dave and Janet, 3270 S. 77th Ave., $65,000.


Sorensen, Ed and Lexey to Allee, Anthony J., 10529 Monroe St., $285,000.

Mattke, Gainard L. and Connie L. to Berglund, Donald D. and Mary F., 6212 S. 91st Ave., $178,000.

Simon, David and Bacome, Adam to Olsen, Lisa M. and Gregory D., 7217 Washington St., $173,000.

Marshall, Frances A. to Macrander, Benjamin A. and Michelle N., 6613 S. 83rd Ave., $146,000.

Fichter, Walter E. and Carol J. Trust to Perrin, Eugene A., 5322 S. 93rd St., $145,000.

Rollings, Taylor R. and Peetz, Pamela R. to Djurren, Gail M., 6114 S. 76th Ave., $131,000.

Davey, Pamela A. Trust to Czerwinski, Mark L. and Michele, 7912 Oakwood St., $71,000.


Hanson, John E. and Jill A. to Liekweg, Joseph E. and Katie I., 1817 S. 186th St., $520,000.

Cameron, Terry K. and Diane M. to Eccker, Randy and Theresa, 1520 S. 189th Court, $360,000.

Reed, William A. and Lori E. to Stice, Coleen and Wells, Robert C., 1309 S. 190th Plaza, $340,000.

Sills, Christopher M. and Jaime S. to Kucera, Sara B. and Matthew, 1362 S. 197th Ave., $300,000.

Matthes, Brandon W. to Alsina-Sanchez, Angel A., 16618 Dorcas Circle, $244,000.

Lyman, David L. and Beverly A. to Trumm, Gerald A. and Rosalyn M. Trust, 1403 S. 176th St., $243,000.

Maggio, Samuel and Vicki L. to Carrell, Donna L. and Donald L., 17265 Pine St., $238,000.

King, Brian M. and Shawna S. to Boldt, Randall, 1616 S. 162nd Circle, $185,000.

Helgenberger, David L. to Martin, Stacey J. and Tevis, Daniel L., 16967 Woolworth Circle, $178,000.

Stogner, Randall T., personal representative, to Shimerda, Anna, 15712 Hascall Circle, $155,000.


Curtis, Kwame A. and Christy to Miller, Michelle and Jarad, 1024 N. 32nd St., $131,500.

Fischer, Kathleen, trustee for the Fischer, James Trust to King, Gerald A. and Maureen M., 335 N. 35th Ave., $126,000.

Valle, Noe and Maria to Cronkleton, Robert T., 1124 N. 40th St., $115,000.

Montgomery, Robert C. to Vallet, Victor J. and Ashley T., 3421 Lafayette Ave., $96,500.


Dutton, Gary M. and Pamela S. to Vlcan, Jeremy and Herman, Anne, 5201 California St., $573,000.

Douglas, Deborah A. and Keith L. to Dyer, Kyle F. and Cheryl E., 5967 Western Ave., $244,000.

Collum, Katrina to Reznicek, Kathryn, 6934 Cuming St., $213,000.

Patterson, Richard L. and Michelle K. to Hanna, Christopher D. and Erika A., 320 S. 49th Ave., $180,000.

Anderson, Lynne B., trustee for the Bennett, Evelyn S. Trust to Bagby, Lisa, 6630 Western Ave., $140,000.

Cobesa Corp. to Hehnke, K.C. and Deborah, 101 N. 69th St., $60,000.


Stimpson, Brett R. and Sally to Miller, Melissa L., 2428 N. 100th St., $165,000.

Avery, Patricia to Parsons, Jerry L. and Marcia L., 10606 Spaulding Circle, $148,000.

Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group, 9711 Yates St., $147,000.

OC3 Properties to Mabrey, Rachel, 2617 N. 97th St., $144,500.

Dunbar, Coralee M. to Leger, Daniel P. and Jill, 10623 Nebraska Ave., $142,000.

Zakrajsek, Richard A. and Amy V. to Edson, Luke and Amberlyn, 7330 Lake St., $125,000.

ARP Investment to Bryant, Seth G. and Kelli, 9504 Spencer St., $101,075.

Dale, Clinton C. and Wagoner, Lauren to Lenagh, Luke A. and Agnes A., 4622 Parkview Drive, $99,000.

Zaller, Betty V. to Egger, Nathan G. and Lila M., 4645 N. 94th St., $90,000.


Marshall, Trent A. and Debra A. to Spath, Rodney D. and Hammerstrom, Paulette, 17811 Holmes Circle, $429,000.

Rookstool, David G. and Kimberly K. to Morrisey, Robert W. and Sally A., 6012 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $365,000.

Spears, Hui L. Trust to Radtke, Donald C. and Jonna G., 4817 S. 178th St., $345,000.

Dynasty Homes to Garth, Paul and Heather, 4558 S. 198th St., $312,000.

LutherCorp LLC to Ramirez, Jose L. and Diaz, Elvia M., 17515 Renfro St., $310,000.

Mahoney, Candace R. Trust to Blackerby, Lisa M. and Jason S., 17625 Monroe St., $298,000.

Kinkaid, Scott R. and Amy M. to Rajendran, Anitha and Jagadesh, Sunil K., 5709 S. 161st St., $290,000.

Celebrity Homes to Younts, Walter B. Jr. and Kelley A., 19871 L St., $287,850.

Fools Inc. to Podwinski, Scott R. and Amanda S., 6208 S. 195th St., $287,500.

Efferding, Barbara and Kenneth to Rose, Sarah A. and Jesse J., 17605 S St., $275,000.

Lagen, Zac and Kari to Mukka, Vijayendra R. and Mopuri, Naga D., 19347 G St., $270,000.

Cox, Nathan to Wilkison, John P. and Kelly A., 6757 S. 159th Ave., $242,000.

Meyer, Wayne E. and Allen, Donna J. to Tran, Tina H. and Pham, Steven T., 15633 Drexel Circle, $230,000.

Blake, Justin M. and Emily to Bjornsen, Zack and Abby, 4868 S. 186th Ave., $205,000.

Mendez, John E. to Seymour, Robert L., 4760 S. 194th Ave., $186,000.

Huffman, John A. and Ashley J. to Ascherl, Leae and Zachary, 4631 S. 168th Ave., $180,000.

Ferguson, Anthony R. Jr. and Smith, Leah M. to Frohlich, Rebecca R., 17904 Karen Circle, $180,000.

Podwinski, Amanda S. and Scott R. to Janovsky, Ryan E. and Laurie L., 18707 Cinnamon St., $175,000.

Fehrman, Daniel L. and Katie M. to Manchinasetty, Amarendra and Hemalatha, 6214 S. 191st Terrace, $166,000.

Morrissey, Robert W. and Gutschow, Sally A. to McCarroll, Jason A., 18620 T Circle, $165,500.

Williams, Jana M. to Patel, Saumil J. and Shivani S., 6015 S. 191st Terrace, $165,000.

Haist, Christopher L. to Hurst, Jamie M., 16011 O Circle, $163,000.

Brown, Mary J. to Wordekemper, Tamara S., 5037 S. 196th Circle, $148,500.

Westover, Adam and Tierney, Jeana R. to Baker, Donald, 5313 S. 186th Ave., $145,000.

Osborne, Joshua and Marlane A. to Guda, Chittibabu and Purnima, 19519 X St., $141,000.

Pham, Dat M. and Vo, Han N. to Jones, Kenneth C. and Huynh-Jones, Evie A., 16277 Jefferson St., $95,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp., 6023 S. 193rd St., $30,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6011 S. 193rd St., $30,000.


Moore, Brian and Emily to Salkin, Nikolai, 5505 S. 151st St., $179,000.

Fleming, Scott C. and Angel D. to Smith, Tessie L. and Jory I., 15421 U St., $171,000.

Golden, Margaret A. to Burrows, J. Richard trustee for Burrows Living Trust, 12125 Y Plaza, $169,000.

Schrader, Steven D. to Harder, William and Patricia, 14610 Weir Circle, $155,000.

Asmussen, Jerry A. to Scott, Brittney L. and O’Neall, Levi C., 11019 X St., $147,500.

Unruh, Ashley J. to Allu, Divya K. and Kollu, Laximiteja R., 15349 Amy Plaza, $145,000.

Carlson, John D. to Musinsky, Tracy K., 5160 S. 149th Court, $141,500.

Miles, Michelle M. to Fix, Kenneth A. Jr. and Wendy L., 5066 S. 149th Court, $140,400.

Brown, Kyle J. and Aubrey to Nelson, Mark R., 6123 S. 152nd St., $137,000.

Freiberg, William C. and Amanda A. to Ro Dan LLC, 11111 U St., $115,000.

Paulin, Katherine J. and James to Kuhl, Brenda, 6640 S. 152nd St., $105,000.


ADF Properties Inc. to Sanley, Michael, 12668 Read St., $415,000.

Steigleder, Zachary to Goethel, Benjamin and Morgan, 7315 N. 126th Ave., $385,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Beaumont, Laci L. and Tomas W., 7810 N. 116th St., $239,900.

Daubert, Samuel and Amanda S. to Larson, Brent J. and Bartlette, Teri C., 7055 N. 142nd St., $199,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jennings, Cory J. and Karissa K., 14202 Weber St., $194,900.

Celebrity Homes to Frazee, Dean and Maxine, 6901 N. 142nd Ave., $171,000.

Celebrity Homes to Grade, Andrew W., 7450 N. 139th St., $166,900.

Celebrity Homes to Vigness, Carla J., 13949 Wood Valley Drive, $159,900.

Hand, Evan L. Jr. and Cynthia M. to Merrill, Gregory, 11030 Girard St., $139,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Zajicek, Benjamin and Anna, 7325 N. 125th St., $42,000.


Ancona, Elizabeth A. Trust to Turkel, Jennifer L., 11204 William Plaza, $357,500.

Eccker, Randy F. and Theresa A. to Grant, Shawn and Julie, 1659 S. 152nd St., $305,000.

Orsi, Samuel D. and Vicki L. to Justice, Chad A. and Emily M., 2305 S. 155th Circle, $268,000.

Blattner, Aaric and Robin to DiBaise, John K., 1528 S. 141st Circle, $173,000.

Nelson, Janice C. Trust to Knightly, Robert F., 2115 S. 113th Ave., $157,000.

Carver, Courtney D. and Daniel J. to Molzer, Nicole, 15247 Ontario St., $148,000.

Surber, Cynthia Trust to T Walk Creative Inc., 3110 S. 108th St., $95,000.


Lahey, Kenneth P. and Marla M. to Volpone, Guinio and Sarah, 13810 Hamilton St., $770,000.

Reuting, James R. and Sheila M. to O’Grady, Teresa M., 754 Palamino Road, $369,000.

Krzyzanowski, Brian E. and Rawlings, Christina to Ward, Stephen, 12320 Westover Road, $325,000.

Kohll, Sandra F. Trust to Marianne, Day C. Trust, 11740 Mayberry Plaza, $325,000.

Dunne, Tim and Jenny to Damme, Patrick and Melissa, 12307 Izard St., $235,000.

Bestenlehner, Robert W. and Mary E. to Kane, Steven J. and Tina M., 934 Palamino Road, $229,000.

Mataya, John R. to Vacek, Chad D. and Jennifer J., 12239 Cuming St., $218,000.

Bell, Brennan and Margaret L. to Hagel, Will and Lusk, Grace, 314 N. 153rd Avenue Circle, $193,000.

Frazee, Dean D. Jr. and Maxine L. to Busteed, Bryan and Kerrie, 12133 Franklin Circle, $191,000.

Culbertson, Linda F. to Walker, Robert T. and Nina L., 630 N. 152nd Circle, $189,500.

Elhabbal, Muhannad M. and Danielle P. to Epstein, Andrew U. and Beatrice, 12309 Deer Hollow Drive, $160,000.

Peters, Stewart L. and Vicky L. to Peterson, Laura J., 815 N. 122nd Court, $94,900.

Margritz, Sandy to Margritz, Sandy S. and Blumel, Jill, 15416 Parker St., $71,200.


Brown, Jeffrey L. and Carla L. to Carver, Daniel J. and Courtney D., 5004 N. 140th St., $324,900.

McCarthy, Emily R. Trust to Flynn, Star and Brandon, 4901 N. 140th St., $290,000.

Hannam, John W. and Kallie D. to Petersen, Nicholas P., 4906 N. 127th St., $182,000.

Schnieder, Michelle R. to Mapstone, Cole and Eleysha, 11022 Grande Ave., $177,500.

Growth Equity Group LLC to Provident Trust Group, 11430 Kansas Circle, $152,000.

Bloomquist, Thomas D. and Kinzy J. to Ramaeker, Andrew I., 11216 Curtis Ave., $151,500.

Hartwig, Phillip A. and Sarah M. to Vogel, Joshua, 5615 N. 112th Circle, $149,000.

Murphy, Ryan P. and Nicole S. to Sheets, Tiffany M., 12939 Nebraska Ave., $140,500.

Zgoda, Matthew E. and Rebecca C. to Stanard, Andrew L. and Wanda J., 2347 N. 143rd Ave., $139,900.

Riederer, Richard A. Jr. and Sarah M. to Hummel, Sandra C. and Jeffrey S., 12984 Redman Circle, $134,500.

Cantrell, Joshua J. and Susan M. to Rotert, Schuyler W. and Rebecca M., 14212 Patrick Ave., $133,000.

Legacy Ventures 1 LLC to Growth Equity Group, 6133 N. 109th St., $121,000.

Green, Ray C. and Pamela B. to MCS Rentals LLC, 10931 Hilltop Ave., $105,000.



Hadwin, Hamilton R. and Caitlin E. to Trutna, Samuel and Symington, Piper, 1506 Sunshine Blvd., $176,000.

Rush, Timothy M. to VanHaaften, William and Linda, 2104 Main St., $50,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Riera, Eduardo and Brooke, 1913 Winnie Drive, $82,000.

Hansen, John F. and Janet L. to Labart, Wayne A., 703 Garden Ave., $83,000.

Wilson, Dennis M. to Earl, Kelly M. and Benjamin J., 2101 Victoria Ave., $110,000.

Carmichael, Steven A. and Debra L. to Carmichael, James A. and Nicole E., 1802 Sherry Drive, $115,000.

Smith, Shirley L. to King, Ashley N., 208 Arenz Drive, $120,000.

Wood, Brandon M. and Suzanne M. to Poehling, Alyssa M. and William J. II, 718 Pluma Drive, $128,000.

Latta, David C. and Margaret K. to Junio, Vinard and Punia, Nicole G., 508 Wilshire Drive, $135,000.

Beneficial Financial I to Cobbs, Rory J. Sr. and Charlene, 309 Fawn Court, $150,000.

Gundrum, Kyle J. and Jennifer L. to Mattera, Anthony J. and Sarah, 1203 Hillcrest Drive, $151,000.

Krajicek, James C. Jr. and Sharon L. to Armstrong, Casey, 1011 Bea Circle, $160,000.

O’Brien, Dennis S. and Carol A. to Condrey, Robert L. and Susan E., 1105 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $175,000.


McCune Development to Heavican Homes, 448 Sherwood Drive, $46,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Showcase Homes, 8124 S. 194th St., $60,000.

H & S Partnership to Uhl, Theodore B. III, 330 Highland Drive, $115,000.

Craft, John G. and Heather M. to Pfister, Kenton J. and Sandra A., 19734 Bellbrook Blvd., $232,000.

Charleston Homes to Horvath, Mark Jr. and Erin, 11417 S. 173rd St., $243,000.

Celebrity Homes to Madden, William K. and Kandi K., 18805 Blackwalnut St., $249,000.

Wacker, Jodi R. to Kreikemeier, Adam and Penny, 20212 Crystal Ave., $249,000.

GDR LLC to Ball, Andre and Anne T., 11418 S. 173rd St., $260,000.

Mackling, Justin J. and Crystal E. to Pfaff, Chad W. and Stacey J., 21209 Schofield Drive, $295,000.

Silverstone Building Co. to Stimpson, Brett and Sally, 8126 S. 193rd St., $343,000.

Showcase Homes to Griffen, Paul Jr. and Miki, 10621 S. 189th St., $395,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Wiegert, Joel L. and Margaret M., 20077 Gertrude St., $466,000.


Glazebrook, Amanda and Joshua M. to Spreitzer, Cheri A., 846 S. Washington St., $115,000.

Lovings, Judith G. to Walton, MacArthur and Rapajon, Karen C., 822 Matthies Drive, $165,000.

Hoevet, William H. and Margaret J. to Donley, Matthew S. and Amber L., 701 S. Taylor Circle, $184,000.

Anderson, Robert F. to Fleming, Sharon L., 1101 Deer Run Lane, $245,000.

Sidwell, Paul and Melissa to Gabel, Curtis and Tara, 902 Gayle St., $255,000.

Richland Homes to Hazen, Robert M. and Jill M., 10807 Cimarron St., $264,000.

Nicholls, Timothy J. and Min, H. to Baird, John W., 801 N. Madison St., $297,000.

Pochinski, John and Erin L. to Edwards, Teri J. and Michael J., 11913 S. 49th St., $300,000.

Gowen, Lon D. to Novotny, Frank J. and Geraldine M., 7707 Saddle Drive, $425,000.

Gray, Jonathan A. and Kristen M. to Nothelfer, Jenifer and Kirk D., 7669 Castle St., $425,000.


Sorensen, Michael to Orion Land Management, 9900 S. 252nd St., Lot 36P, $25,000.

Sorensen, Michael to Orion Land Management, 9900 S. 252nd St., Lot 10E, $40,000.


Brink, Edward E. Trust to Otto, Elizabeth J., 3112 Golden Blvd., $97,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to VKB Properties, 11621 S. 31st St., $113,000.

Alderman, Jeffrey and Jenna L. to Alderman, Jenna L., 14416 S. 28th St., $118,000.

United Equity to Wolken, Larry L., 3302 Mirror Lane, $120,000.

Mizzell, Christopher J. to Schroeder, Stephen C. and Erika N. and Van A., 3402 Daniell St., $130,000.

Lin, Hai F. and Huang, Hua Y. to Holz, Terry J. and Julie E., 3314 Comstock Ave., $134,000.

Monroe, Joshua K. and Shannon C. to Crete, Adrien J. and Christine K., 3416 Schuemann Drive, $152,000.

Goldfarb, Christopher and Tammy A. to Jennings, Daniel J. and Kate M., 1005 Eureux Circle, $154,000.

Eder, Ronald J. and Sherrye L. to Mills, Joseph W. and Madison C., 3302 Leawood Drive, $154,000.

Bosley, Thomas R. and Tammy L. to Hellbusch, Shane, 2201 Morrie Drive, $169,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gomez, Joni L., 13906 S. 42nd Ave., $177,000.

Pavon, Emilie to Parker, Jason and Rikki, 13606 S. 27th St., $185,000.

Horton, Brian D. and Jane M. to Hemmelman, Christopher J. and Mindy S., 4212 Longview St., $199,000.

Price, Robin W. and Renee L. to Rutland, Nathan A. and Ashley N., 11805 Quail Drive, $200,000.

Strandquist, Nathaniel J. and Joann F. to Connelly, Robert E. Jr. and Shantae M., 2914 Kelly Drive, $224,000.

Butters, Brian J. and Cristalin to Surley, Loren M. and Geri A., 1801 Scott Drive, $232,000.

Ritter, Christopher and Laura E. to Libby, Jamie L. and Abraham R., 11706 Trumble Loup E., $247,000.


HBI LLC to Flores, Eloy and Del Toral, M. Teresa, 7403 Terry Drive, $60,000.

Midstates Bank to Dizrami Holdings LLC, 7934 Cottonwood Ave., $79,000.

Gomez, Marcia A. and Newman, Bradley J. to Poulsen, Scott M. and Murphy, Margaret A., 8629 S. 103rd St., $280,000.


O’Connor, Steven J. and Diane to Melcher, David W. and Kristi S., 9401 S. 70th Circle, $54,000.

Chuvala, Raymond Jr and Linda L. to Holden, Peter and Nicole, 2715 Liberty Lane, $228,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Merkle, Edward J. and Heather M., 13809 S. 49th St., $308,000.


Podany, Christopher J. and Danielle R. to Sernett, Matt and Chelsea, 16409 Heather St., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes to Schnoor, Daniel N. and Jenna R., 16401 Virginia St., $204,000.

Reichmuth, Lee and Cindy to Micucci, Sergio V. and Emily J., 7033 S. 159th St., $228,000.

Castillo, Jared S. and Shannon M. to Unruh, Keith and Ashely, 8627 S. 165th St., $241,000.

Sadowski, William J. and Kathryn S. to Handley, John R. and Tara L., 19026 Margo St., $245,000.

Hamilton, James R. and Susan K. to Johnson, Mat, 9220 S. 173rd St., $248,000.

Celebrity Homes to Thornton, Brock A., 18814 Cottonwood St., $255,000.

Moore, Gene P. and Stephanie D. to Westover, Adam and Jeana, 18710 Emiline Circle, $318,000.

Kolc, Richard J. and Donna J. to Christensen, David A. and Julaine F., 10813 Fairway Drive, $380,000.

Burkle, Ronald and Sheryl A. to Hamilton, James R. and Susan K., 16768 Tarragon Circle, $425,000.

Brian Carder Construction to O’Gorman, Johnathan P. and Hershey, Syd T., 10915 S. 175th St., $616,000.


Putney, Connie F. and Ronald E. to Patrick Kaye Enterprises, 13403 Carpenter St., $87,000.

Espinoza, Rodolfo and Claudia to Lewis, Nicole, 13522 Emiline St., $109,000.

Gill, Brian L. to Cook, Randy L. and Caroline R., 12822 Josephine St., $150,000.

Fairbanks, Jon to Cunningham, Peter and Zimmerman, Beth, 12819 Olive St., $153,000.

Salisbury, Jeffrey C. and Andrea J. to Craig, Bryce A., 13507 Lillian St., $165,000.

Krueger, David G. and Geneva Z. to Boyce, Brien T. and Jill M., 15534 Gertrude St., $200,000.


Jones, Kelly T. and Mark to McDaniel, Sue, 2729 Olive St., $58,000.

Hurlbutt, Matthew J. to Richardson, Debra J., 7303 S. 42nd St., $76,000.

Cornelison, Margie A. to Navarro, Nicholas, 2945 Chandler Road West, $110,000.

Albanez, Richard L. and Betty J. to Oshin, Kayode D. and Melissa M., 9510 S. 28th St., $240,000.


Stoysich-Huerta, Jacqueline K. and Huerta, Edward G. to Chavez, Abigail and Chavez-Herrera, Josue, 7505 S. 50th St., $135,000.



Gilmore, Kelly R. to O’Laughlin, Sean M., 3920 Ave. B, $135,000.

U.S. Bank to NIE-RO LLC, 3121 Ave. D, $29,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Council Bluffs to Carnagey, Aftin A., 1017 Eight Ave., $110,000.

Houston, Katie and Verne to DC Solutions II, 1714 Sixth Ave., $39,500.

Carberry, Ellen M. Estate to Weimern, Sherri, 1809 Sixth Ave., $52,000.

RCW Enterprises to Surpassets LLC, 4017 Ramelle Drive, $82,000.

Stokes, Alan T. and Mary L. to Rea, Krystal L. and Matthew A., 5219 Navajo St., $90,500.

Castle 2016 LLC to Meyers, Helen M. and John E., 400 N. 32nd St., $23,500.

Jiant Properties to Forbes, Thomas, 1619 14th Ave., $60,000.

Pedersen, Leslie D. to Collins, Catherine J. and Storey, Shirley J., 3231 Ave. F, $129,000.


Franklin Hill LLC to Griffis, Tiffany Family Trust, 18 Kingsridge Drive, $300,000.

Carta, Luigi Trust to Western Iowa Investments, 107 Shaley Circle, $229,000.

Michl, Audrey A. and Christopher C. to Hardisty, Lance W. and Marilyn F., 110 Millard St., $413,000.

Ramirez, Reyna G. and Rubin F. to Penner, William E., 1519 Tipton Drive, $250,000.

Rock, Christopher A. and Megan to Salladay, Erin and Jacob, 438 N. Sierra Drive, $131,000.

Lawrence, Jack and Robbin C. to Brownstone Capital, 108 Marian Ave., $67,500.

Walker, Donna L. Trust to Dickinson, Carol L. and Cheryll L., 129 Glen Oaks Drive, $257,000.

RCW Enterprises to Surpassets LLC, 353 Frank St., $53,000.

RCW Enterprises to Surpassets LLC, 137 Nicholas St., $70,000.

Kainsville Builders to Burton, Julie D., 12879 Traceview Loop, $28,000.

Westcott, Gary A. Sr. and Susan K. to Samson, Tonya M., 248 Sylvan Drive, $127,000.


Billy Bob Housing to Hadan, Jacob C., 1465 Dorene Blvd., Carter Lake, $85,000.


Johnson, Cheryl and Keith E. to Davis, Paul J. and Kosmacek, Elizabeth A.,29338 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $292,500.


Adler, Kandy and Thomas to Oberdorfer, Andrew M. and Lynette S., 21858 Teakwood Road, Neola, $325,000.


Haines, Connie J. and Roger L. to Scofield, Gerald F. and Joan E., 805 Scenic Circle, Oakland, $91,000.


Trede, Don H. and Kara R. to Maron, Steven P., 210 First Ave., Underwood, $115,000.

Pursell, Jerry L. and Linda L. to Bach, Delbert D. and Toini, 22476 Idelwood Road, Underwood, $17,000.


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