Stratford Park Development to Empire Homes and Remodeling, 8925 N. 169th Ave., $43,600.

Charleston Homes to Girard, Jason C. and Elizabeth A., 8919 N. 171st St., $327,532.

Celebrity Homes to Covemaker, Blake M. and Stephanie A., 8832 N. 161st Ave., $289,300.

Sanchez, Christopher R. and Martin-Sanchez, Christine C. to Meador, Amie S., 8219 N. 153rd Terrace, $136,000.

Barks, Brian A. and Eileen M. to Humphrey, Shane M. and April L., 7712 N. 164th Circle, $319,500.

Waterford Development to Mercury Contractors, 7120 N. 151st Ave., $26,000.

Patak, Luanne to Leiderbrand, Kenneth L. and Deborah, 18930 Northern Hills Drive, $190,000.

Celebrity Homes to McWhirt, Sean, 16163 Sunflower St., $256,850.

Sherwood Homes to Pritchett, Aaron and Tara, 15944 Grebe St., $291,661.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 14804 Starlite Circle, $50,000.

Waterford Development to Mercury Contractors, 14440 Vane St., $25,000.

Fleuren, Paul and Schulze, Amy J. to Butterfield, Kylie R. and Cynthia B., 11809 N. 157th Ave., $148,000.

Woodlands Crossing to Olsen, Korey and Jamie, 10320 N. 183rd St., $114,500.


ER-North Development to Showcase Homes, 902 Elk Ridge Drive, $60,000.

ER-North Development to Palmer, Glenn C. and Heather D., 811 Elk Ridge Drive, $105,000.

Roop, Christopher E. and Priya to Baker, Travis and Julie, 714 S. 200th St., $370,000.

Charleston Homes to Gardner, Melvin J. II and Calida L., 4622 N. 208th St., $301,525.

Mittura, Todd L. and Melissa J. to Large, Samantha J. and Encarnacio, Ranilo S., 4005 N. 213th Circle, $119,000.

Showcase Homes to Pontow, Phillip R. and Amanda F., 3105 N. 194th St., $409,000.

Ramm Construction to Plautz, Brian E. and Wendie E., 3002 N. 194th St., $470,870.

Fitzpatrick, Mary M. to Peterson, Monte L. and Molly J., 296 Skyline Drive, $695,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Castle Brook Builders, 2445 S. 219th St., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Lueck Mack Enterprises, 2430 S. 219th St., $230,625.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 2415 S. 219th St., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Crown LTD, 2345 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Crown LTD, 2325 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Todd Menard Construction, 2315 S. 220th Ave., $153,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to LPC Properties, 2314 S. 218th Ave., $166,875.

Luxe Design Co. to Jacobi, Jonathan and Jamie, 2217 S. 218th St., $144,200.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Luxe Design Co., 2217 S. 218th St., $124,200.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 21910 Martha St., $76,500.

Malibu Holdings to John, Jason A. and Amber L., 21874 Marinda St., $125,095.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 21874 Marinda St., $124,200.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Oster Construction, 21865 Marinda St., $103,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Belt Construction Co., 21862 Martha St., $76,500.

Kennedy, Dean to Evans, Matthew E. and Stacy L., 21708 Harney St., $225,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Showcase Homes, 20909 William St., $230,850.

Davis, Pamela A. and Gary M. to Knobbe, Roger F., 20875 Rawhide Road, $465,000.

Faller, Daniel B. to Otte, Jeffrey A. and Pamela J. Trust, 20555 Ames Ave., $334,000.

Morgan, Delmar W. to Ritter, Alexander F. and Marguerite J., 20506 Laramie Road, $165,000.

Sigma Investments to Falcone Enterprises, 2006 S. 214th Ave., $89,888.

Frazell, Greg L. and Katie M. to Podany, Christopher J. and Danielle R., 20023 Farnam St., $250,000.

Flint, Joshua R. and Katie R. to Flint, Robert L. and Rebecca O., 19814 Rees St., $270,000.

Nawrocki, Michael D. and Jan M. to Skrivan, James A. and Cherie R., 19518 Jones St., $350,000.

Larson, Lindsay A. to Welborn, James A. and Lynn A., 18881 Pacific Plaza, $244,000.

Absolute Contracting to Gramercy Homes, 1702 S. 219th Ave., $125,500.

Paradise Homes to Thompson, Jason B., 1611 S. 207th St., $420,000.

Pohland Custom Homes to Kronberg, Kent and Kim, 1604 S. 219th St., $100,000.

Tige Development & Design to Morales, Chelsie, 1512 S. 211th St., $85,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Kohler, Brian and Lisa, 1214 S. 209th Circle, $65,000.

Thomas David Builders to Castle Brook Builders, 1214 S. 209th Circle, $56,300.


Archistructure Inc. to Hoich, John L., 5410 N. 279th St., $712,500.

Van Engen, Mervin R., trustee for Van Engen Trust to Van Dyke, Gregory A., 88 Ginger Cove Road, $470,000.


Nielsen, Douglas S. to Toth, Christopher L. and Christina, 24421 Chicago St., $950,000.


Thai, Gayla L. and John S. to Gade, Robert A. and Palmquist, Theresa M, 1214 Howard St., $331,999.


Bruce, Michelle L. to Bennett, Nicholas J., 6509 Decatur St., $87,501.

Muhammad, Naeem J. and Carolyn L. to Moo, Ku B. and Htoo, Eh, 6229 Fort St., $95,000.

Hoch, Jacqueline A. to Allen, Ndedi J., 5523 N. 69th Ave., $89,000.

Darnell, Lewanna G. to Daily, Julie, 5216 Northwest Drive, $70,000.

4D Management Holdings to Dollen, Jeff, 5006 Spencer St., $123,000.

Murphy, Larry L. and Donna R. to Renderos, Hugo, 3714 N. 71st St., $98,000.

Idnar Properties to Lynch, Robin and Piper B., 3502 N. 47th Ave., $65,000.

Wunderlich, Sally J. and Richard L. to McGill, John A. and Jane L., 3338 N. 55th St., $57,000.

Faughn, Jarrad and Kimberlee to Tworek, Jessica B. and Alex P., 3115 N. 47th Ave., $117,500.

Lyons, Kyle S. and Julie W. to Conley, Megan and Philip, 2940 N. 58th St., $150,000.

Lulow, Daniel J. and Shelley K. to Shada, Tonya J., 2936 N. 57th St., $89,900.

Coehen, Stephen M. and Amber L. to Hawkinson, Ashley M. and Matthew D., 2318 N. 70th Ave., $119,000.

Stoltenberg, Daniel G. and Sheppard, Laura A. to Bennett, Jennifer L., 2045 N. 65th St., $105,000.

Morse, Ralph E. and Anita J. to Hall, William J. and Ann E., 2043 N. 50th Ave., $154,000.

No Equity Homes to Christian, Wynn A. and Virginia A., 2040 N. 55th St., $315,000.

Rusie, Maxine D. Estate to Berriel, Ismavis L., 6003 Seward St., $77,000.


Fitzpatrick, Robert M. to Babcock, Kathleen A., 4246 William St., $136,500.

Baker, Karen M. and Ronald F. to Vaccher, Lino and Tina, 4216 William St., $213,000.

Plack, Martin M. to Bacome, Adam and Mary, 3067 S. 33rd St., $45,000.

Perry, Rozella E. to Gray, Theodore S., 2813 S. 40th St., $45,000.

Grieves, Donald P. to Van Winkle, Leslie J., 2140 S. 40th St., $106,500.

Greer, Robin W. and Myrtice C. to Neneman, Matthew R., 1739 Park Ave., $180,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to O & H Investments D LLC, 2911 Martha St., $33,000.


Louis, Edward E. Jr. and McGuire, Susie M. to Advocacy Issue Management, 5820 Spring St., $127,000.

Kemp Consulting LLC to Cole, Rachel M. and Matthew J., 508 S. 58th St., $196,760.

Willey, James L. and Cheryl C. to Cascio, Brennan T. and Alfred F., 4821 Leavenworth St., $175,000.

Thompson, Helen P. to Scott, Tyrone J., 2706 S. 50th St., $100,000.

Goett, Patricia D. and David to CBNFVR LLC, 2219 S. 51st St., $86,500.

Strauch, Joel C. and Dawn R. to Klein, Sara, 2102 S. 49th Ave., $150,000.

Filipi, David H., trustee for Filipi Trust to JKP Properties, 813 S. 68th St., $117,000.

Dinan, Patricia A., personal representative, to Dinan, Bradley J., 1943 S. 61st Ave., $117,000.


DN Enterprises to Duke, Linda K., 5118 S. 23rd St., $35,000.

Lidgett, Clayton J. and Brittany to Valadez, Juan J., 3211 X St., $95,000.

Jeck, Audrey L. to Degner, Andrea D., 1306 Madison St., $117,000.


HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 3446 S. 14th St., $67,800.

Ochi, Satoshi to Youtz, Ryan A., 1449 S. 12th St., $80,000.


Besmer, Russell L. to Williams, Jon D., 3974 Read St., $46,000.

CitiBank and OneWest Bank to Fleetwood Investments, 3405 Martin Ave., $50,000.

Peck, Frances H. to Hoover, Kelly and Christopher, 12212 N. 40th St., $235,000.


Wiles, Mary M. and Jim to Issaka, Saluhu and Jordan, Josephine, 9902 Broadmoor Road, $571,000.

Owen, Richard N. and Judith A. to Wolpert, Michael and Joanna, 9744 Ascot Drive, $712,814.

Kelly, Cathy S. to Lutton, Richard P., 8825 Edgevale Place, $190,000.

Dickinson, John A. and Darlene J. to Mekiney, James and Preslie, 7421 Schuyler Drive, $145,500.

Eblen, Sharon M. and Agers, Sharon M. to Rainey, Erin and Justin, 10523 Izard St., $140,000.

Calhoun, Richard P. and Kirsten Trust to Baird, Kara B. and Christopher G., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $123,000.


Skrivan, James A. and Cherie R. to Jochim, Neal and Emilee, 6209 N. 151st St., $229,900.

Jones, Anastasia E. and Knox to Petrovick, Beth D., 5927 N. 166th Court, $135,000.

Taylor, Bernadet M. to Constantino, Thomas M, 5708 N. 159th St., $255,000.

Showcase Homes to Helgenberger, Dave and Lafferty, Sheila, 5702 N. 153rd St., $325,000.

KSG Properties to Silberman, Andrew and Ebling, Rebecca, 4804 N. 177th St., $154,000.

Newby-Knight, Khea to Perales, Gaston and Norma A., 4647 N. 155th Ave., $183,000.

Witkowski, Mark S. and December E. to Graf, Brandon and Armstrong, Andrea, 4224 N. 166th St., $202,000.

Hasenjager, Jeffrey T. and Nicole M. to Roitstein, Darrin M. , 4010 N. 163rd Circle, $232,000.

Lown, Alfred L. II and Sara J. to Akers, Dylan and Hill, Natalie, 3821 N. 173rd Ave., $160,000.

Eglseder, Debbie L. Trust to Craig, Cheryl D. and Barry W., 2635 N. 161st St., $385,000.

Belt Construction to Woodland Homes, 2202 N. 176th Ave., $57,500.

Brockmann, Aaron and Amanda to Nagel, Joseph, 2107 N. 167th Circle, $165,000.

Ramm Holdings to Widhalm Custom Homes, 17673 Burdette St., $65,000.

Hemmer, Mark J. to Voss, William C. and Elisabeth L., 17621 Patrick Ave., $445,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Dienstbier, Barbara and Jamie, 17601 Patrick Ave., $239,868.

Celebrity Homes to Padala, Sravya and Koppisetty, Karthik, 17578 Grand Ave., $217,500.

Richland Homes to Newland, Carol N., 17575 Wirt St., $262,530.

Wedberg, Gregg D. and Patricia R. to Wedberg, Darcie L., 17215 Manderson St., $130,000.

Brothers, Troy W. and Jill A. to Das, Arobindu and Biswas, Aparna, 17018 Grant St., $348,000.

Cox, Jennifer A. and Justin to Witzel, Brandon and Bryon, 16305 Browne St., $149,000.

Clausen-Wright, Susan to Clausen-Wright, Susan and Leger, Andrew J., 16109 Sahler St., $121,000.

Castle Creek Development to Mercury Contractors, 15459 Jaynes Circle, $40,000.

Sherwood Properties to Lane Building Corp., 15151 Nebraska Ave., $26,000.

Incontro, Dianne L. to Nocita, Carrie and Robert Jr., 14968 Himebaugh Ave., $270,000.

Roper, Clifford M. and Kristine J. to Lucke, Bryan, 14918 Vernon Ave., $160,000.

Rodgers, Christopher G. and Barbara J. to McClure, Andrea L., 14521 Patrick Ave., $243,500.

Burns, Christopher K. and Minna E. to Olson, Spencer D., 14461 Grand Ave., $159,000.

Rushing, Cynthia D. Trust to Schmitt, Nicholas J., 14909 Newport Ave., $159,000.


Boyce, Jill M. and Brien to Roberts, Jaycie, 6206 S. 51st Circle, $124,000.

Manzo, Ma S. to Valdovinos-Nunez, Jesu and Gutierrez-Solis, Yessica M., 5316 Weir St., $115,000.

Vacek Homes Services to Thompson, Rick E. and Costello, Rachel M., 5235 Drexel St., $144,000.

Iflip Omaha LLC to Suesz, Tyler, 5184 Y St., $90,723.

Kaminski, Richard J. to Mapes, Jennifer, 4816 S. 46th Ave., $84,500.

Blessie, Leon C. and Elizabeth A. to Gonzalez, Sergio and Araceli, 4659 Drexel St., $105,000.


Eichelberger, Gregory and Judy to Johnson, Jolene J., 17655 Parker Plaza, $147,500.


Celebrity Homes to Cook, Paul A., 9113 Black St., $146,500.

Ring, Ronald L. to Thune, Nicholas T. and Isabel M., 8941 N. 81st Ave., $130,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Seibel, Eric W., 8823 N. 81st Ave., $138,000.

Schmoll, John P. Jr. and Nicole M. to McNary, Matthew R., 8075 Redick Ave., $133,000.

Mehmood, Khalid and Sultana, Azra to Haskin, Micheal M. and Jorday, 7958 Bondesson St., $144,000.

Smith, Christopher P. and Shawnda L. to Hofferber, Joseph A. and Cindy L., 7869 Redick Ave., $134,500.

Cornett, Timothy L. and Sheila A. to Gatere, Maureen W., 7719 N. 107th Ave., $200,000.

Burlingame, Dennis R. and Shirley to Schlittenhard, Bryan A., 7647 N. 80th St., $145,000.

Meador, Chad and Hyatt, Mary F. to Wilson, Christopher and Brittany, 7605 Dutch Hall Road, $387,000.

Trouba, Tyler J. and Jaekels, Barbara J. to Pfanstiel, Daniel and Atkins, Hannah, 7419 Hanover St., $149,950.

Miller, Daniel L. and Tina M. to Goldstein, Russell D. and Amy, 7302 N. 106th Ave., $183,500.

Hicks, Frank L., trustee for Hicks Trust to Harris, Andrew R. and Jolene, 7018 N. 74th Circle, $160,500.


Daeges, Edwin J. and Kim to Vandament, Troy L. and Jamie L., 7825 Grover St., $128,000.

Kenton, Terry T. and Melinda E. to Ryan, Ronald R. and Julie A., 3410 S. 74th St., $180,000.

Taylor-DiPrima, Katy and DiPrima, Adam to Mathews, Wayne and Patricia, 2710 S. 100th St., $360,000.

Corritore, Janet M. and Frank A. Jr. to Brookshier, Robert and Moriah, 2105 S. 80th Ave., $360,000.

Macaitis, Stephen G. and Margaret R. Trust to Buonafede LLC, 2805 S. 102nd St., $150,000.


Schaap, Aaron R. and Danica T. to Valenzuela, David M. and Lindsey A., 9136 Adams St., $175,000.

Smith, Michael D. and Lisa W. to Grosserode, Scott W., 6311 S. 93rd Circle, $195,000.

Foy, Edward D. Trust to Marino, Joseph D., 8216 Oakwood St., $110,000.


Hanley, Maribeth to Rule, Michelle, 3914 S. 187th St., $282,000.

Anderson, Britt A. to Weber, Anthony J., 2837 S. 163rd Plaza, $125,000.

Dickerson, Ching C. to Russell, Charles A. Jr., 2760 S. 165th Ave., $240,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Wilson, Kelly and Weiler, Mitchell, 2133 S. 192nd Ave., $308,000.

Bannon, Sharron L. to Pittman, Patrick L., 19905 Hansen Ave., $435,000.

Parks, Scott M. and Jennifer A. to Haist, Christopher L. and Randall, Jennifer, 18918 Ontario St., $230,000.

Handley, John R. and Tara L. to Tefft, Patrick A. and Lori M., 1862 S. 160th St., $177,000.

U.S. Bank to Hansen, Merrilee D. Trust, 1808 S. 193rd St., $390,500.

Pacheco, Joseph P. JR. and Stephanie M. to Kastanek, Anthony R., 17217 Pierce St., $226,000.

Snyder, Robert A. and Susan M. to Morhardt, Michael J. and Crystal A., 1717 S. 177th Circle, $320,000.

Radtke, Donald C. and Jonna G. to Boone, Tracy, 16606 Elm St., $342,700.

HBI LLC to Graeve, Nicholas M. and Jenna L., 16228 Wright Plaza, $111,000.

Matthes, Tracy R. to Mekala, Sekhar, 1368 S. 197th Ave., $280,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Rodencal, Jeffrey J., 1273 S. 165th Ave., $177,000.

Burry, Kimberly L. Trust to Sommer, Mark A. and Heidi M., 16318 Westfield Circle, $291,000.


Rogers, Caleb J. and Kaleigh M. to Goebel, Daniel, 4338 Cass St., $132,000.

CYRI Properties to JSD Real Estate Co., 3000 Farnam St., $47,500.

Beribak, Ronald and Mary to Hazel and Hydrangea LLC, 216 N. 32nd Ave., $84,500.


Callander, Martha L. to Fleming, Maxwell J. and Natalie A., 6015 Charles St., $172,000.


V Mortgage REO 2 LLC to Rodriguez, Manuel and Consuelo, 9628 Meredith Ave., $89,700.

Nieman, Roger A. and Monica L. to McDermott, Mitchell P., 9614 Maple St., $197,500.

Bridges, Amanda K. to Wolfe, Deanna L., 9368 Ogden St., $126,000.

Becker, Josh T. to Colburn, Emilee A. and Hinkle, Brian R., 9117 Meredith Circle, $147,500.

Hoover, Shaun and Anne to Carpenter, Noah W., 8217 Meredith Ave., $144,900.

Bishop, James L. Jr. and Meadows, Ginger to Rigatuso, Eli R., 5715 N. 81st St., $145,000.

Chvala, Michael R. to Jones, Samantha and Gerald, 5522 N. 92nd Ave., $140,000.

Brown, Denny R. and Aimee R. to Faughn, Jarrad W. and Kimberlee L., 5006 N. 105th St., $220,500.

Yenny, John A. to Groeneweg, Craig and Jessica, 4008 N. 93rd St., $146,000.

Lewis, Andrew B. and Alicia A. to Kaue, Sai H. and Breh, Aye, 3853 N. 100th Ave., $130,000.

Soderquist, Clark L. to Baumann, Austin J., 2317 N. 79th St., $75,000.

Pitschmann, O.A., personal representative, to Pettit, Jamie L. and Matthew W., 9912 Emmet St., $144,000.

Syas, Donald V., personal representative, to McGrath, Lyndell J., 9406 Maplewood Blvd., $128,000.


Pine Crest Homes to Morgan, Anne M., 6214 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $353,544.

Morhardt, Michael J. and Crystal A. to Lidgett, Clayton J. and Brittany J., 6008 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $265,000.

Herrin, Colby T. and Brittany N. to Herdrich, Jakob D., 5707 S. 190th Terrace, $160,000.

Boeck, Justin and Megan to Biery, Todd A. and Nicole, 5610 S. 163rd Ave., $310,000.

Hopkins, Lauren D. and Blake A. to Stade, John K. and Katherine L., 5401 S. 165th St., $268,000.

Celebrity Homes to Trout, William C. and Kaitlin E., 5333 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd.., $160,900.

Boone, Tracy D. to Kool, Dane P. and Monica V., 4821 S. 194th Ave., $194,500.

Simmons, Tierre J. and Tiffany L. to Peters, Benjamin R., 4522 S. 176th Ave., $159,000.

Splonskowski, Kyle D. and Tressa R. to Schramer, Justin and Kimberly, 4164 S. 200th St., $260,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Bedore, William J. and Marjorie, 20003 Polk St., $330,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jones, Elizabeth R. and Washkuhn, James F., 19891 K St., $300,600.

Kreikemeier, Adam L. and Penny M. to Babe, James T. and Victoria L., 19512 Laci St., $149,900.

Bedlan, Karen L. to Tantillo, Megan G., 19421 R St., $152,500.

Nielsen Investments to Bruegman, Ray A. and Dana L., 19417 W St., $150,000.

Blocklinger, Jeffrey M. and Michaela P. to Ruddick, Jamie R., 18701 Washington St., $180,900.

Kumm, Randy and Lorri to Kumm, Amanda J., 17708 Jacobs St., $155,000.

Endorf, Diane to Marshall, Christopher and Brittany, 16536 Weir St., $179,950.

First National Bank of Omaha, trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 17826 Monroe St., $244,000.

Lemay, Margaret S. Trust to Wohlenhaus, Frederick and Deborah K., 17051 Karen St., $235,700.


Newman, Michael L. and Rebecca L. to Smith, Amy C., 5941 S. 109th Circle, $185,000.

Smollen, Mitch and Meinzer, Lacey to Fields, James G., 5729 S. 137th St., $159,900.

HBI LLC to White, Kenneth M. Sr. and Martha L., 5017 S. 128th St., $136,080.

Ring, Jason and Jessica to Praeuner, Ryan, 15320 Monroe Circle, $151,000.

Peters, John F. III and Meier, Christine J. to Marsh, Douglas L. and Carol T., 14613 Washington St., $248,000.

Wilson, Patricia D. Trust to ROYA LLC, 6215 Cypress Drive, $93,000.

Kaspar, Ronald M., personal representative, to Kriegler, Adam and Lynette, 14071 Drexel Circle, $160,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Dynasty Homes, 7501 N. 130th St., $46,000.

Jensen, Sarah M. and Bryan J. to Shagabandi, Shiva K., 7414 N. 143rd St., $167,000.

Celebrity Homes to Cooper, Jonathan D. and Courtney D., 7311 N. 142nd St., $201,050.

Wiener, Marvin B. to Benson, Katie L., 7175 N. 126th Ave., $313,000.

Simonson, Kristine B. and Biegert, Douglas J. to Luethge Homes, 12920 Scott St., $55,000.


Holland Robert L. and Nancy J. to Schwegler, Jeffrey J. and Amanda M., 3523 S. 116th St., $196,000.

Druivenga, Charlotte L. to Cordell, Kristofer H., 3417 S. 130th St., $125,000.

Collins, Russell S. and Kelly A. to Morrow, Sean and Sandy, 3303 S. 116th Ave., $218,500.

West, David D. to Block, Michael J., 2305 S. 125th St., $130,000.

Shirk Management to Grant, Thomas J. and Koris, Kylie J., 1864 S. 122nd Ave., $190,000.

Haagenson, Lowell J. and Nancy S. to Soulliere, Deanna L. and Jeffrey G., 11706 Cryer Ave., $216,800.

Acquazzino, Diane O., trustee for Olson, Rae A. Trust to Jamrozy, Sherry, 3108 S. 109th St., $145,000.

Brick, Edward E., trustee, to NVESTCO LLC, 12418 Martha St., $86,000.


Ware, Yvonda to Sumlut, Sam, 6238 Read St., $113,000.

Olive Crest United Methodist Church to Morse, Ralph E. and Anita J., 6102 Country Club Road, $170,000.


NAT LLC to Brozek, Jason and Michelle, 1805 N. 130th Circle, $331,000.

Noel, Simon and Donna D. to Paulmeyer, David and Kristen, 1630 N. 129th St., $354,950.

Nelson, Andrew C. and Stephanie S. to Trosper, Joseph R. and Lisa M., 15383 Burt St., $185,000.

Preul, Jason C. to Eblen, Sharon and Sam, 15017 Fieldcrest Drive, $193,000.

Rohrig, Kyle P. and Amanda L. to DeBord, Cameron and Petrovich, Audrey, 14543 Franklin St., $180,000.

Cherney, Michael G. and Isabelle D. to Kapalis, Matthew and Molly, 12212 Rose Lane, $390,000.

Haug, Dwayne P. and Linda D. to Hauganseven LLC, 10911 Jackson St., $70,664.


Jochim, Emilee A. and Neal to Black, Stephanie I., 6318 N. 112th Circle, $136,500.

Showcase Homes to Line, Mark R. Jr. and Hullinger, Elizabeth L., 5414 N. 134th St., $199,900.

Showcase Homes to Skelly, Stephen, 5410 N. 134th St., $199,900.

Cadelynn Properties to Newby-Knight, Khea, 4815 N. 109th St., $125,000.

Visionary Construction and Mehlhoff, Jacquelyn to Callander, Martha L., 13544 Miami St., $215,000.

Jorgensen, Michael A. and Bailey to Albright, Paul, 13012 Browne Circle, $128,000.

Keyes, Malini to Glissman, Gary L. Trust, 12959 Corby St., $145,000.

Legacy Ventures I to George, Gary L. and Linda, 12460 Evans St., $257,000.

Heitman, William D. and Eileen F. to VIP Homes, 12228 Patrick Ave., $23,500.

Ronk, Kenneth L. and Tracy A. to Halverson, Amanda, 11221 Ellison Ave., $155,000.

Sevrench LLC to Lorenzen, Benjamin, 11219 Corby St., $116,000.

Weber, Chad T. and Tina to Clawson, Charles C. and Nancy R., 10923 Taylor St., $182,000.

Villotta, James D. Trust to Brock, Karen D., 13319 Hillsborough Drive, $180,000.



Bowen, Jared J. and Stephanie M. to Rivera, Brandon and Fitzgerald, Leah, 1014 Day Drive, $195,000.

TSW Properties to James, Daniel F., 105 Lorraine Drive, $112,000.

Ehlers, James and Melinda to Lyles, Siguard Jr. and Michelle L., 1216 Bellevue Blvd., $175,000.

Goeringer, Michael L. and Nicole D. to Richardson, Jonathan P. and Anna L. 211 Douglas Drive, $153,000.

Schneckloth, Ronald and Julia C. to Knight, Delbert L. and Sherell L., 2612 Jefferson St., $125,000.


Charleston Homes to Riel, Richard and Amador-Riel, Maria K., 17217 Christensen Road, $253,000.

McCune Development to D & E Custom Building & Design, 19805 Oak St., $37,000.

Koke, John J. and Gloria E. to Wohlers, Terrie F., 21015 Hampton Drive, $230,000.

Blue Jay Development to Pieper, Amy M., 21415 McClellan Circle, $211,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Green, Marlon and Hunt, Shannon, 1011 Edgewater Drive, $310,000.

Woodland Homes to Hoehne, Richard C. and Ellen M., 10118 S. 124th St., $412,000.

Dave Paik Builders to Rupiper, David A. and Rebecca A., 10503 S. 123rd Circle, $429,000.

Fisher, Duane and Natalie to Guy, Karen L. and Michael E., 2006 Sunburst Ave., $235,000.

H & H Holdings to Weale, Kevin and Melani, 405 Laredo Road, $150,000.

Daup, Richard M. and Kathleen to Rodriguez, Delfino and Annette, 447 N. Monroe St., $19,000.

Daup, Lorraine and Denise D. and Kritenbrink, Kandis M. and Gerald L. and Erxleben, Lisa M. and Daniel to Rodriguez, Delfino and Annette, 447 N. Monroe St., $76,000.

Lolley, Trevor and Annette to Monmel Properties, 525 N. Adams St., $150,000.

Zurek, Connie S., trustee for Zurek Residence Trust to Tworek, Benjamin J. and Laura M., 713 Elm Hurst Drive, $215,000.

Crockett, Brian and Ali to Banks, Ira III and Bettina, 7634 Legacy St., $414,000.

Kole, Eric and Tara to Warner, Brett S., 831 Spruce Drive, $195,000.

Gebhart, Susan E. and Thomas J. Trust to Hayes, Jeremiah A. and Amanda J., 919 Iron Road, $209,000.


DeLaney, Brian W. and Laura A. to Schuck, David L., 1005 Grenoble Drive, $165,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jenison, Oscar D. Jr. and Juanita L., 13801 S. 42nd Ave., $223,000.

Snow, David M. to Bateman, Emily C., 14102 E. Tregaron Ridge Ave., $143,000.

Robinson, Sara A. to Williams, Marlyn J. and Desiree, 14309 S. 25th Ave., $151,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Ngamelue, Camillus S., 1707 Meadowlark Lane, $267,000.

Lewman, Johnathon L. and Angela M. to Stier, Carissa J., 2315 Willow Circle, $150,000.

Wilson, Kyle B. and Jessica to Baig, Mirza M. and Fariha, 2706 Michaela St., $130,000.

Kean, Christopher S. and Jocelyn A. to Johnson, Jay L. and Nanci D., 3215 Chad St., $195,000.


Lindhorst, Dale P. and Susan J. to Kenton, Terry T. and Melinda E., 10220 Brentwood Drive, $217,000.

McNerney, Gerald and Cara to Cantu, Sonia A. and Maria L., 10419 Hillcrest Drive, $300,000.

Padilla, Angel A. and Karen B. to Zhang, Rui X. and Xian C., 6721 Hillcrest Lane, $203,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to B Properties LLC, 7414 Harvest Hills Drive, $116,000.

CMS Mowing Service to Wright, Qwinn M. and Abigail, 7530 S. 75th Ave., $124,000.

Schwab, Robert J. and Robin D. Trust to Wilhite, Clark C. and Robyn A., 9139 Brentwood Drive, $360,000.

Johnson, Lois A. to Mikesh, Timothy and Mary, 9222 Granville Parkway, $290,000.


Currey, Steven C. and Carol A. to Dennis, Jeff and Heidi, 1804 Deerfield Way, $234,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Jensen, Andrew G. and Kelly J., 2120 Alexandra Road, $244,000.

Celebrity Homes to Auske, Robert M. and Sheila R., 8527 S. 69th Circle, $216,000.


JMF LLC to Royal Development, 10707 S. 174th Ave., $90,000.

Celebrity Homes to Schmidt, Philip P. and Jessica A., 18802 Willow St., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes to Taylor, William J. and Karen M., 18812 Blackwalnut St., $238,000.

Weatherly, Michael T. and Rachel B. to Acosta, Kimberly, 7822 S. 161st Terrace, $165,000.

Neilson, Jeremy J. and Brittany to Robinson, Scott and Amanda, 8807 S. 164th St., $181,000.

Maher, Ryan J. to Garrean, Darren K. and Renae D., 9205 S. 172nd St., $279,000.


Dickman, Alisha N. and Paul to Miller, Tina L. and McDowell, David A. Sr., 13521 Glenn St., $173,000.

Fishler, Joseph and Renee J. and Kruse, Brian to Introfiant LLC, 13613 Redwood Circle, $119,000.

Carroll, Michele P. to WLR Properties, 14609 Gertrude St., $97,000.

Cunningham, Reginald W. and Catherine to Penix, Keith, 15208 Gertrude St., $209,000.

Wichert, Michael A. and Marie M. to Swierczek, Jordan L. and Rebecca R., 7120 Audrey St., $162,000.


Pierce, Leshane to Williams, Kenneth and Janet, 2703 Alberta Ave., $165,000.

Noesen, Michael H. and Julie L. to Cascio, Samuel R. and Ivette A., 4201 Olive St., $194,000.

Dietz, Andrew H. and Rebecca J. to Wilson, Alan W. and Racheal A., 9205 S. 17th St., $201,000.

Duerr, William G. and Kaoru to Jaquiz, Ruben and Jayme, 9306 S. 28th Ave., $265,000.

Solberg, Christopher C. to Nelson, Richard E. and Kimberly D., 9407 S. 27th Ave., $253,000.

Byerly, Eleanore K. to Gilane, David W. and Blakely, Alyssa V., 9414 Briarwood Lane, $139,000.

Woodman, Patricia A. to Mabe, Donald R. and Carrie, 9602 S. 23rd St., $195,000.


Robertson, Timothy M. and Ellen M. to Blocklinger, Jeffrey M. and Michaela P., 5001 Red Rock Ave., $140,000.

Medina, Getulio E. and Alina S. to Nguyen, Hien and Le, Thinh, 7101 S. 49th Avenue Circle, $130,000.

Banks, Ira III and Bettina to Whittington, Phillip G. and Michelle R., 8389 S. 64th St., $240,000.



Ziegenfuss, Cameron M. and Stephanie to Hecker, Melanie M. and Schwery, Nathan R., 2300 Ave. D, $106,500.

Triplett, Coleen M. and Marc C. to Mickey, Jason J., 2545 Ave. F, $68,000.

Herr, Colin W. to Zaloudek, Kayla M. and Kyle, 3405 Seventh Ave., $102,500.

92 Investments to BC Homes, 3225 Middle Ferry Road, $39,500.

92 Investments to BC Homes, 3111 Middle Ferry Road, $39,500.

Baltic Avenue LLC to Steinbach Enterprises, 1129 Sixth Ave., $11,000.

Wright, Edwin D. to Rice, Kasey L. and Thompson, Matthew S., 2721 Pavich Drive, $140,500.

Hanson, Jeffrey A. and Staci E. to Ray, Ronald L. Jr., 2736 Ave. D, $83,000.

U.S. Bank to Bendorf, Robert A., 2932 Ave. B, $22,000.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. to Secretary of HUD, 915 Third Ave., $82,000.

Colbert, Elizabeth I. and William H. to Patterson, James D. and Madeline, 5100 Crogans Way Road, $203,000.


Armitage, Katrina and Terry A. to Hutcheson, Benjamin J., 1230 Fairmount Ave., $147,000.

Nelson, Amber R. and Jerry L. to Dynamic Properties, 116 Rosebud Lane, $69,000.

Gearhart, Dwylan R. Trust to Gearhart, Nathan B., 213 Langstrom St., $45,000.

McHenry, Arthur C. and Cherlyn A. to Campbell, Spencer R. and Congdon, Nicole A., 18245 Northline Drive, $132,500.

Hansen, Jean C. to Mass, Mary E., 1112 Arbor Ridge Drive, $74,000.

Lamplot, Daniel P. and Jill A. to Goodin, Cynthia L. and Wayne A., 305 Delmar Ridge Lane, $427,500.

Kjeldgaard, Howard and Mary E. and Loser, Anthony to Maxwell, Chad B. and Tracy L., 57 Happy Hollow Blvd., $106,000.

Jones, Leonard L. to Fellhauer, Dennis O., 527 Bluff St., $126,000.

Kenney, Erin to Cowsert, Christine and Sean, 51 Opal Drive, $132,500.

BC Homes to Carmichael, Jay B., 1420 Larchmont Drive, $300,000.

Kersten, Matthew G. to Doner, Daniel P., 303 Locust Lodge Ave., $175,000.

Roarty, James B. to Brown, Allison M. and Hoyt, Justin L., 406 Huntington Ave., $123,000.

Council Bluffs Development Corp. to Habitat for Humanity of Council Bluffs, 215 Fuller Ave., $15,000.


McWilliams, Michelle R. to McMannus, Thomas L., 195 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $115,000.


Schlueter, Sherri to Kelley, Christopher T. and Joni, 14943 449th St., Carson, $250,000.


Pettigrew, Alicia L. and Brent A. to Fischer, Donald E. Jr. and Tamara L., 1410 Golden Hills Drive, Crescent, $220,000.

Hansen, Bernice L., trustee for Hansen, Richard W. Trust to RBD Farms, 14579 Rosewood Road, Crescent, $95,000.

Hansen, Bernice L. Trust to RBD Farms, 14577 Rosewood Road, Crescent, $95,000.


Hook, Larry J. and Rachel to Johnson, Melissa and Michael P., 17286 Scotchpine Lane, Honey Creek, $259,500.

Stone, Henry R. to Brinkman, Floyd H., 20002 Sage Lane, Honey Creek, $250,000.

Rupiper, Cole L. to Lockman, Brian, 29510 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $209,500.


Cochran, Alexia L. and Carl L. to Clevenger, John W. and Willard, Andrea R., 508 Park St., Minden, $155,000.


Eagle Ridge Rentals to Wilson, Joseph F., 605 Second St., Neola, $104,500.


Near, Beau M. and Heather to Dawson, Lowell W. and Sheila N., 707 Park Lane, Oakland, $78,000.


Neuman, Robert L. and Sara R. to Long, Brandon M. and Jennifer D., 25995 Juniper Road, Underwood, $325,000.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email