Prairie Homes to Pecor, Robert L. and Dawn M., 12925 N. 184th St., $423,668.

Celebrity Homes to Utterback, Deon D. and Chalee M., 8840 N. 161st Ave., $269,300.

Charleston Homes to Schrock, Cara A. and Jeramiah M., 9017 N. 172nd St., $257,355.

Ervin, Denise to Gregersen, Charlotte and R.B., 15311 Gilder Ave., $350,000.

Bassett, Robert G. and Keri A. to Nabower, Anthony N. and Angela R., 10524 N. 152nd Avenue Circle, $240,000.

Frerichs, Brittian D. and Breanna M. to Annis, Mika and Larry, 8809 N. 157th St., $220,000.

Weakley, Derek R. and Leah to Matthews, Henry and Diane, 7914 N. 152nd St., $189,000.

Real Growth LLC to Beal, John F. and Joan P., 16216 Mormon St., $181,000.

Totten, Maria and Nick to Liddell, Camillus and Kametera, 14506 Knudsen St., $155,000.

Smith, Eric L. to Carey, Charles R. III and Remm, Kari J., 122 N. Molley St., $104,000.


Ramm Construction to Shaw, Stuart and Penny, 1611 S. 221st Circle, $545,451.

Castle Brook Builders to Foreman, Graydon and Marla, 20715 Shirley St., $446,870.

Pine Crest Homes to Rasmussen, Michael J. and Ann M., 20710 Boyd St., $386,722.

Johnson, Michael L. and Joni L. to Martinson, Ryan P. and Andresen, Kari M., 525 S. 206th Ave., $298,000.

Heavican Homes to Nudurupati, Ravi R. and Gunda, Praveena, 2720 N. 189th St., $266,000.

Woodall, Deborah S. to Koel, J.S. and Tami, 18704 Mayberry St., $255,000.

Celebrity Homes to Daly, Scott A. and Cleo A., 1809 N. 208th St., $203,550.

Bond, Jeremy W. to Jensen, Trudy B., 2615 N. 191st Ave., $187,000.

Lanoha Real Estate to Advance Design and Construction, 2211 S. 218th St., $160,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Hildy Construction, 18657 Webster Circle, $85,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Kuehn, Michael and Jaime, 1730 S. 220th Ave., $85,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Hildy Construction, 2396 S. 218th Ave., $77,625.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Anthony Co. Builders LLC, 2354 S. 218th Ave., $77,625.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Anthony Co. Builders LLC, 2355 S. 220th Ave., $76,500.

Pacific Windgate II to Paradise Homes, 1852 Blue Sage Parkway, $50,000.

FRK Development to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 4210 N. 191st St., $39,900.

Herrick, Paul D., trustee for Herrick, Sally A. Trust to White, Bernard D. and Gail L., 21222 Arbor Court, $417,500.


Walvoord, Jared and Nicole to Broz, Jeremy L. and Mackenzie J., 26528 Manderson Court, $155,000.


Hausman, Larry and Joann to Moe, Ti and Reh, Hsor, 6019 Curtis Ave., $123,000.

Carey, Charles R. III to Kult, Kelsea K., 4219 N. 66th St., $101,000.

Drummond, George D. to 99 SKS LLC, 3505 N. 56th St., $75,000.

Forsman, Travis to Caniglia, Tony J., 2523 N. 48th St., $40,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Kerary Investments LLC, 3910 N. 52nd St., $30,000.

Nixon, Charles D., trustee for Kinney, Mary E. Trust to Wah, Wah and Lar, Paw, 6305 Fort St., $100,000.


Vision Properties to Rodriguez, Juan M., 1510 S. 26th St., $29,000.

Campbell, Linda K. Trust to 99 SKS LLC, 4204 Pacific St., $114,500.


Brosnan, Emili L. and Brian to Keyes, Amy, 6169 Oak St., $131,500.

U.S. Bank to Radden, Gary, 975 S. 50th Ave., $52,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Cartagena-Martinez, Yuin, 4055 H St., $90,000.

O’Dell, Paul and Victoria to Cerna-Rodriguez, Jose L., 1506 Washington St., $70,000.


Whitaker, David and Tasler, Jenna to Old Town Village LLC, 1239 S. 14th St., $55,000.

Gable, William J. and Patricia G. to Weinstein, Lee, 517 Pierce St., $45,000.


1 Chron 29:11 LLC to D-Pack LLC, 6311 N. 24th St., $26,000.

Nelson, Betty, trustee for Nelson, Earlene M. Trust to Kean, James V. and Diane P., 5850 Florence Blvd., $42,000.


Thomsen Properties to Moo, Mories, 3355 N. 40th St., $32,000.

Jones, Joe Trust to Pascual, Julie A., 3151 Paxton Blvd., $49,600.


Legacy Partners LLC to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 2551 Titus Ave., $45,000.

Pearey, Steven S. to Matthews, Kyle A., 7512 N. 28th Ave., $24,573.


Soash, Dustin J. and Melissa to Morrison, Jarrod and Teresa, 1525 N. 76th St., $145,000.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Larson, Sara and Paul, 2419 N. 173rd St., $428,000.

Nilius Builders Inc. to Crawford, Chad M. and Stacy S., 2327 N. 178th St., $398,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Amick, Rebecca K. and Stockner, Michael E., 6428 N. 160th Ave., $344,360.

Feldhacker, Ronald L. to Nastase, Todd and Michelle, 16613 Ogden St., $335,000.

Nastase, Todd A. and Michelle K. to Totten, Nicholas W. and Maria O., 5523 N. 164th St., $314,000.

Richland Homes to Heggen, Marcy J. and James A., 15404 Crown Point Ave., $269,255.

Foster, Brad M. to Guilbe, Alejandro and Chavez, Arlin, 16017 Manderson St., $216,000.

Celebrity Homes to Shell, Melinda S., 17607 Ames Circle, $213,200.

Rosenbaugh, Jonathon to Rasmussen, Micah, 4307 N. 166th St., $196,000.

Johnson, Jay D. to Hernandez, Shalimar, 15537 Burdette St., $190,000.

Ahmed, Khalid and Haq, Qudsia to Ringblom, Eric D. and Niday, Marissa J., 15051 Fowler Ave., $162,000.

Shanahan, Terrence O. and Mary C. to Burrow Management Co., 2902 N. 145th St., $138,000.

Lewis, Todd M. and Colette S. to Adkisson, Frank M., 15205 Camden Circle, $135,000.

Manley, Thomas J., trustee for Manley Trust to Sanders, Brian W. and Caitlin M., 16015 Vernon Ave., $292,000.


McNutt, Julie A. to McBreen, Branden S., 5234 Drexel St., $121,000.

Quach, Hung N. to Gonzalo, Arturo F., 5617 S. 52nd St., $105,000.


Barmettler, Gregory T. and Kay to Inda, David, 17025 Howard Plaza, $600,000.


Vogel, Kenneth R. and Karen to Happel, Tina and Travis, 10275 Mary St., $219,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Lindau, Robert H. III and Sarah M., 8511 Sheffield St., $183,000.

Matulka, Dana F. and Blake to Boeve, Kandice K., 7764 Potter St., $128,000.

Beenken, Nathan W. and Jenny M. to Riley, Jacob and Skala, Kelsie, 7976 Bondesson St., $127,000.

Kinart, Chad and Zickefoose, Nicole to Cushing, Alan L. and Rachel E., 7859 Bauman Ave., $120,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Safarik, Duane J. Sr., 8733 Quest St., $100,000.


Melnikova, Vladislava O. and Zaitsev, Dmitry to Chirumamilla, Mohan and Bhavana, 10611 Gold Plaza, $585,000.

Erixon, James R. and Mary C. to Finocchiaro, William L., 9941 Ontario St., $185,000.

Carpenter, Susan L. to Joyful Restorations LLC, 1516 S. 98th St., $185,000.

Dean, David L. and Lois D. to Hamilton, Dustin R. and McCain, Andrea R., 9208 Adel Circle, $134,000.

Zimmer, Ethel J., trustee for Zimmer, Raphael J. Trust to Blankman, Joseph H. and Lisa J., 1312 S. 93rd Ave., $170,000.


Galaska, Phillip M. and Sugandhi M. to Maskel, Jeremy E. and Pivonka, Ryan A., 10224 Y St., $237,500.

Svagera, James E. and Tamera S. to Brown, Travis, 5064 S. 105th St., $177,850.

Wells Fargo Bank to Munchrath, Roger D. and Maryann, 5223 S. 104th Avenue Circle, $100,102.


Bachulis, Kenneth F. and Amy to Cygan, Jennifer C. and Robert P., 17234 Valley Drive, $840,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Ahmed, Khalid and Haq, Qudsai, 19676 Grover St., $327,000.

Lee, Patrick J. and Paola A. to Mohn, Adam R. and Rachel A., 1420 S. 157th St., $315,000.

Pink, Daniel P. and Amy L. to Johnson, Michael J. and Lindsey R., 1903 S. 199th St., $290,000.

Jones, James R. and Gretchen M. to Green, Rodney J. and Jody M., 16618 Pierce St., $153,000.

Watts, Sallie G. Trust to Hamilton, Jill A. and Adam M., 2503 S. 167th Avenue Circle, $215,000.


Hayes, Ramona L. to ICARUS LTD, 4212 Lafayette Ave., $25,000.


Sartori, Michael J. to Shoop, Edward T. and Casey R., 5440 Lafayette Ave., $177,000.

Duda, Patricia L. Asset Trust to Sauvageau, Phillip A. and Emily, 5819 Nicholas St., $320,000.


Wilmes, Jeffrey S. to Kehn, Todd A. and Kalinda M., 3502 N. 82nd St., $145,000.

Fischer, Gary L. to LaFarr, Brooke, 7630 Davis Circle, $118,000.

MEG Enterprises to Beecher, Jacob and Membreno, Pamela, 8709 Pinkney St., $110,000.

Zwart, Lawrence J., personal representative, to Crosspoint Bible Church, 7835 Fort St., $180,000.


Lindahl, Alan D. and Elizabeth to Hurley, Paul M. and Emily K., 17313 U St., $269,000.

Hill, Patricia M., personal representative, to Taylor, Christopher and Whitney, 4308 S. 176th St., $240,000.


Growth Equity Group to Gomez, Jose H. Trust, 6111 S. 135th St., $176,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 5017 S. 128th St., $136,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF8 Master Participation to Moore, Brian, 5505 S. 151st St., $135,500.

Burger, Barbara J. and Huggins, Robert L. to Woodworth, Cody J. and Kristi, 12749 Woodcrest Plaza, $55,000.

Western Financial and OM 5035 Marshall Trust to R & BB Enterprises, 5035 Marshall Drive, $106,000.


Cambridge Homes to Goetz, Timothy E. and Anne K., 12660 Deer Creek Drive, $322,500.

Chapple, Helen S. and James R. to Piechota, Matthew P. and Kami L., 11507 Scott St., $272,500.

Celebrity Homes to Latif, Abdul, 7303 N. 142nd St., $211,600.

Celebrity Homes to Gose, Diane K., 14059 Wood Valley Drive, $159,900.

Addison, Shayla C. to Ruzek, Thomas J., 11202 Potter St., $134,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Amerud, Alex, 10902 Girard St., $131,500.

Sealy, Ruth J. and Alan to Kimsey, John R. and Wehner, Kim, 10914 Weber St., $115,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Brown, Debra and Thomas, 13016 Craig St., $52,000.


Cramer, Alan D. and Jean E. to Hoch, Michael J. and Megan E., 15418 Pine St., $356,000.

Vogt, Beverly J. to Weinstein, Lee, 13404 Hickory Circle, $155,000.

Paladino, Pamela to Freel, Deanna, 2912 S. 122nd St., $95,000.

Valadez, Josefina and Santiago to Bacome, Adam and Mary, 2915 S. 135th St., $70,000.


McGill, John to Hurt, Terry, 5775 McKinley St., $56,000.

Kirchofer, Adam A. Trust to White, Danny J. and Sheri L., 7025 Country Club Road, $200,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Anderson, Caleb and Jessica, 5115 Bauman Ave., $75,000.


Jan Eric Pusch Enterprises to Moran, Dennis and Janet, 115 S. 121st St., $310,000.

Gagliardi, Lawrence to Paulsen, Dennis L. II and Jacqueline M., 12305 Parker Circle, $180,000.


Perry, Gregory E. and Rebecca L. to Weber, Travis L. and Seier, Kristine, 2735 N. 113th St., $148,900.

Shoo, Laetare A. and Ndosi, Mercy O. to Villegas, Arturo and Cortez, Blanca, 2611 N. 130th St., $139,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Steffes, Paul and Ronette, 4723 N. 109th Circle, $104,000.

Frost, Richard D., trustee for Frost, Nadine M. Trust to Kaiser, Jeremy J., 6217 N. 109th St., $98,000.

Hanna, Edward to Costello, Daniel J., 11658 Camden Ave., $130,000.



Durden, Mitchell L. Jr. and Billie S. to Glazebrook, Amanda M., 808 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $127,000.

14C LLC to Ninkovic, Bojan, 7901 S. 22nd Ave., $165,000.

York, Michael C. to Heim, Kelly A. and Michelle R., 412 W. Mission Ave., $120,000.

Labadie, Philip E. III and Julie to York, Michael C., 305 Marian Ave., $190,000.

Crews, Sandra L. to Dooley, Edwin E. and Mink-Dooley, Lori J., 2409 Franklin St., $88,000.

Schram, Brian D. and Amy L. to Casale, Kathleen, 2230 Wilson Drive, $70,000.

Atkins, Thomas M. Sr. and Linda J. to Parkin, David E. Jr. and Amberle D., 2103 Warren St., $80,000.

Adams, Jerome L. and Frances D. to Squires, Elizabeth J. and Richard W. II, 1305 Wilshire Drive, $154,000.


Kostic, Edward D. III and Abigail E. to Roll, Danielle L., 418 W. Westplains Road, $135,000.

McCune Development to 3DS Construction and Property Management LLC, 11622 S. 202nd St., $36,000.

Truax, Jason M. and Kari L. to Giacalone, Andrew, 11587 S. 206th St., $158,000.

Charleston Homes to Janecek, Virgil D. and Elizabeth A., 11329 S. 173rd Ave., $220,000.

Doolhoff, Adam C. and Kristen J. to Turner, Sheena and Douglas Jr., 11266 S. 202nd Circle, $221,000.


Vail, Catherine A. to Groteluschen, Amber, 916 Claudine Ave., $172,000.

Hiemer, Ryan P. and Jessie K. to Wright, Nathan J., 911 Edgewater Drive, $172,000.

Thomas, James L. and Nancy K. to Wayman, Benjamin S. and Lana M., 702 S. Fillmore St., $184,000.

Isenberg, Rick M. to Schildhauer, Clint J. and Susan L., 702 Elm Hurst Drive, $235,000.

R & B Properties to Cameron, Robert L. and Christie A., 2307 Aberdeen Drive, $255,000.

Brown, Ethan A. and Amanda R. to Parker, Ryan P. and Grosnold-Parker, Annie V., 2206 S. River Rock Drive, $228,000.

L & L Custom Builders to Grell, Perry R. and Barbara L., 11431 S. 123rd Ave., $94,000.

Southbrook Development to Charles Thomas Homes, 10902 Edward St., $53,000.

Diaz, Melissa and Antonio to Hiemer, Ryan P. and Jessie K., 10802 S. 110th Ave., $260,000.

Richland Homes to Del Campo, Kathy and Joe, 10611 S. 110th St., $279,000.

Castlebridge Homes to Toczek, David and Carla, 10309 S. 124th Ave., $350,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Koch, Steven A. and Patricia L., 1012 Jacqueline Drive, $206,000.


Kildow Properties to Baughman, James R. and Natasha L., 160 Vine St., $242,000.


Napravnik, Joseph F. and Teter, Jeanie C. to Pauley, Robert, 9900 S. 252nd St., $4,000.


Leinbach, Cynthia P. and Jerry to Sevdy, Jacob and Jackie, 3264 Tammy St., $227,000.

Herman, Steven M. and Alexis J. to Rodriguez, Fernando A. and Jessica M. 2812 Michaela St., $156,000.

Keeney, David and Dallas to Arnold, Brett S. and Alyssa M., 2809 Parkside Drive, $179,000.

Nabower, Anthony N. and Angela R. to Borji, Omar B. and Allison R., 2603 Calvin St., $220,000.

Johnson, Mark J. and Serena to Reid, Jacob R. and Ashley A., 2503 Morrie Drive, $235,000.

Baker, Jay K. and Susan E. to Cheshinski, Albert D. and Jolley-Cheshinski, Sheree D., 14918 Bordeaux Ave., $190,000.

Pace, Ryan E. and Audra L. to Le, Khang V., 14401 S. 31st St., $195,000.

Clearwater Falls to Charles Thomas Homes, 13817 S. 49th St., $43,000.


J & B Resources to Gutierrez, Aaron T. and Desirea R., 7736 Cottonwood Ave., $137,000.

Sekera, Angela L. and Daniel J. to House, Ashley L. and Christina R., 7725 S. 71st Ave., $193,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Cerveny, Nicholas, 10415 Cary St., $279,000.


Celebrity Homes to Fuksa, Corey T., 6811 Elmhurst Drive, $222,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Koca, Susan K. and Timothy J., 6651 Clear Creek St., $281,000.

Arcadia Custom Homes to Albert, Jock A. and Pamela R., 5103 Waterford Ave., $350,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Plourde, Brian J., 2121 Park Crest Drive, $284,000.


Celebrity Homes to Maydew, Brandon and Tera, 7811 S. 188th St., $262,000.

Celebrity Homes to Manley, Kyle, 19068 Robin Drive, $207,000.

Richland Homes to Rolfes, Justin A. and Samantha R., 17043 Aurora St., $252,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Tangeman, Clifford R. and Debra J., 17013 Oakmont Drive, $304,000.

Atkinson, Lori A. to Newham, Jason and Sarah, 16626 Ridgemont St., $425,000.

Pohland Custom Homes to McLachlan, Shanon G. and Christine L., 10805 S. 174th Ave., $563,000.


Prochnow, Landen to Papstein, Kenton, 8506 S. 143rd Ave., $139,000.

Wagenknecht, Travis S. and Katie L. to Flanagan, Chad J. and Emmylou A., 7912 S. 151st Avenue Circle, $153,000.

Weber, Donald E. to Oswalt, Kyle R., 13218 Carpenter St., $90,000.

Jacobsen, James K. and Christine E. to Bahe, Ryan J. and Kelsie J., 13106 Olive St., $145,000.


Cliff, Donald G. and Kazu M. to Emmanuel Realty LLC, 801 Virginia St., $65,000.


Boltin, Mary K. Estate to DeGraff, Daniel R., 4941 Bernadette Ave., $140,000.

Oberembt, Jason G. to Boyles, Sandra R., 8407 S. 45th Ave., $126,000.

Thiele, Matthew C. to Gonzales, Will S. and Mikaela R., 7210 S. 49th Circle, $158,000.



Hedell, Dwaine A. and Izella A. to Baker-Forbus, Jennifer L. and Forbus, Eric R., 106 S. 23rd St., $20,000.

U.S. Bank to Wittwer, James E. and Susan M., 3510 Ramelle Drive, $75,500.

Western Iowa Land Development to Kephart, Travis, 2349 Ave. M Way, $142,500.


Cohano Investments LLC to Dimmn LLC, 227 Bluff St., $85,000.

Woita, Michael and Rebecca to Chain, Mary L. and Tony S., 19500 Virginia Hills Road, $164,000.

King, David and Mary J. to Gibson, Meggan E. and Kemp, Daniel E., 1209 Wedgewood Drive, $126,000.

Richards, Keira and Randy to Pixler, Kerry M., 348 Scott St., $12,500.


Hiers, David A. Jr. and Michelle to Romans, David D. and Karen M., 1102 Redick Blvd., Carter Lake, $61,500.


Gray, Damon P. and Kimberly M. to Kiesel, Brent and Trish, 1220 N. Cherry St., Avoca, $230,000.


Poole, Carol J. and Daniel L. to Thacker, Danielle L. and Keith E., 31801 170th St., Honey Creek, $53,000.


Wedemeyer, Brian and Susan to Arnold, Kyle and Sara, 117 Meadow Lane, Minden, $248,000.

Kahler, Marilyn to Pattee, Emily T. and Nathan T., 115 Hillside Drive, Minden, $95,000.


Danker, Betty L. and Richard G. to Gingerich, Karen K. and Kyle M., 12148 Desoto Ave., Missouri Valley, $245,000.


Madsen, Kimberly A. to Leaders, Rebecca A., 500 Milwaukee Ave., Underwood, $209,000.

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