Bayne, Brooke to Hohman, Marshall S. Jr. and Karen, 12102 Elmwood Drive, $268,000.

Brewer, Randall S. and Michelle C. to Fleck, Jason A. and Molly A., 14856 Grebe St., $190,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Vesta Properties, 15524 Knudsen Circle, $103,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rasmussen, Randall H. and Connie J., 8925 N. 161st St., $274,900.

Celebrity Homes to Norland, Shelly E. and Don C., 7830 N. 147th St., $167,650.

Celebrity Homes to Fischer, Michael C. and Streiff, Morgan K., 14620 Sunrise St., $168,700.

Charleston Homes to Frans, Jeffrey C. and Koehn, Rebecca L., 7702 N. 158th St., $326,435.

Houser, Michael A. and Sherry L. to Kirby, Michael T. and Kathy M., 8151 N. 158th St., $230,000.

Huston, Brian and Jillian to Miller, Michael and Kimberly, 15683 King St., $344,900.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Carstens, Richard and Ashley, 17008 Clay St., $365,146.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Katzman, Charles and Merrylee, 14424 Read St., $272,938.

NS-Newhill to NS-Newport/Heritage, 12809 N. 184th St., $34,400.

Pacesetter Homes to Kitchens, Perry W. and Jeanne M., 14822 Wild Indigo St., $327,000.

Patten, Greg E. to Reining, Jerry L. and Pamela, 14505 Knudsen St., $133,000.

Peterson, Ricky L. to Bencker, Brian T. and Anne, 16393 Mormon St., $272,500.

State Street Investments to Sherwood Homes, 16105 Mormon St., $28,950.

Stratford Park Development to Marc David Custom Homes and Charleston Homes, 8920 N. 169th St., $40,500.

Stratford Park Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 8532 N. 169th St., $43,600.

Stratford Park Development to Johnson, Shane and Jodie, 17208 Clay St., $44,600.

Stratford Park Development to Home Co., 17201 Clay St., $34,200.

Stratford Park Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 16929 Bondesson St., $49,100.

Timberline Homes to Grade, Douglas and Mardella, 14962 Sage Circle, $346,857.

Vernier, Benjamin M. to Schmitz, Jason C. and Alexander, Gracey R., 14712 Black St., $345,000.


Cassling, Amy J. to Schrage, Michelle R., 18616 Jones Circle, $267,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Sutej, Matthew and Lauren, 1615 S. 208th St., $432,342.

Celebrity Homes to Cross, Thomas and Erin, 20822 Clark St., $226,350.

Five Fountains to Waggoner, Timothy A. and Amanda N., 613 N. 189th St., $90,000.

Gerber, Kari A. to Cassling, Amy J., 19014 Ohio St., $184,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Homes to Huff, Cody A. and Marsha M., 18914 Corby St., $257,500.

Hildy Construction to Copeland, Darin M. and Tara L., 20617 Ames Ave., $359,900.

Hoss, Alan F. and Sally L. Trust to Schulz, Eric S. and Rachel M., 3870 N. 209th St., $254,640.

Lambert, Adam L. and April M. to Moldenhauer, Kyle and Mullady, Sarah, 19907 Leavenworth St., $395,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Dickmeyer, Daniel and Adrienne, 3902 N. 191st St., $366,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Wang, Bangchen and Shi, Xiaoyi, 1822 S. 211th St., $451,315.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Davies, Tracy M. and Gareth A., 2524 N. 191st Ave., $278,000.

PAC 211 to KLM Enterprises PC, 1301 S. 210th St., $76,950.

Pacific Windgate II to CCE Investments, 21118 Cedar St., $80,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Thomas David Builders, 2019 S. 211th St., $80,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Nilius Builders, 2002 S. 211th St., $75,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Thomas David Builders, 1897 Blue Sage Parkway, $140,000.

Pohlad Custom Homes to Samuelson, Eric M. and Brandy K., 20911 Marinda St., $693,549.

Prairie Homes to Mollner, Daniel J. and Nancy A., 1323 S. 208th St., $510,000.

Wilson, Sandra R. to Brady, Jaymeson, 1744 N. 207th St., $132,000.

Zaroban, Thomas R. and Audre L. to Burg, Matthew A. and Nicole G., 1604 N. 212nd St., $267,500.


Bluewater Development Corp. to DeLashmutt, Edward A., 6701 N. 293rd St., $225,000.

Marshall, Abram D. and Stephanie M. to Fools Inc., 26836 Taylor St., $55,000.


Clanton, Orville S. and Janye E. to Enloe, Mary E., 204 Madison St., $87,000.

Letak, Stephen P. and Josephine A. to Aaronson, Michael L. and Jodi A., 519 S. 249th Circle, $1,042,250.


Bantner-Lindblom, Sandra to Benae LLC, 5042 Miami St., $38,000.

Barker, Daniel W. and Aubrey A. to Arthur, Janelle M., 2012 N. 60th St., $103,100.

Desch, Ryan M. and Jaclyn Y. to Sorsensen, Scott and Melissa, 2707 N. 53rd St., $275,000.

Dodla, Vamsi K. and Saritha to Schwartz, Travis and Margaret, 5060 Spaulding St., $56,000.

Gorski, Daniel P. and Kelly to Senkbile, Jeremy D. and Michele, 2507 N. 56th St., $255,000.

Hunter, Christopher M. and Jennifer to Dills, Christopher S., 3543 N. 47th Ave., $58,500.

Jones, Lori R. to Taylor, Thomas H. III, 5311 N. 51st St., $136,000.

Limoges, Justin S. to Jensen, Patrick J. and Lynne N., 2501 N. 61st St., $64,000.

Losee, Stephen T. and Aimee to Witti Investments, 4413 N. 56th St., $45,000.

O & H Properties to Arthur, Marcus and Amber, 6205 Nebraska Ave., $125,000.

Osborne, Andrew to Wertz, Natalie R., 5047 Pinkney St., $67,000.

Phillips, Ronald L. Sr. to Phillips, Ronald L. Jr. and Dwanda L., 5136 Pinkney St., $118,000.

RMR Inc. to Bopp, James L. and McDevitt, Mandy, 2201 N. 56th St., $330,000.

Schiltz, Kimberly to Ware, Mark A., 3702 N. 52nd St., $117,000.

U.S. Bank to TSW Properties, 4925 Browne St., $45,500.


D & E Custom Building and Design to Hromas, Steven L., 4307 Barker Ave., $126,000.

Grant, Steven P. and Eyberg, Patricia L. to LaFollette, Bobbie, 3066 S. 32nd Ave., $132,000.

Lubrant, Judy A. to Woodard, Jessica, 4055 Vinton St., $69,500.

Reyes, Arturo H. to Chipp, Joshua and Alcala-Chipp, Brittany, 3619 Oak St., $89,400.


Claycamp, Fred L. Sr. and Ardean M. to Wilwerding, Patrick A. and Jodie, 4919 Spring St., $135,000.

Erdman, Hollyann and Brandon to Bargman, Tracy J., 4533 Marcy St., $150,000.

Hinchey, Amity B. to Le, Nicholas A., 2509 S. 49th Ave., $110,000.

Holdenried, Jake R. to Barnard, Thomas W., 6215 William St., $164,900.

Maples, Kris D. to Petersen, Zachary D. and Michelle R., 5812 Pacific St., $188,000.

Marquez, Maxine P. to Wiggins, Michael S. and Judith L., 6468 Poppleton Ave., $72,000.

Rainwater, H. Greg and Matthew G. to Young, Kyle A., 6323 Poppleton Ave., $225,000.

Sorys, Leonard J. Trust to Cabrera, Kelsie L. and Matthew A., 4657 Woolworth Ave., $159,900.

Usonia Properties to Bhogal, Neil S. and Lauren N., 4828 Pierce St., $171,500.


Bird, James K. to Douglas Sarpy Investments, 6809 S. 36th St., $50,000.

Coplin, Arlene K. to Norton, Austin and Sharayah, 4352 J St., $107,500.

Dasovic, Fred J., trustee for Dasovic, Elsie Trust to Chavez, Juan M. and Chavez-Hull, Desiree R., 5324 S. 36th St., $115,600.

Long, Christina D. to Serrano, Jose J., 1726 Jefferson St., $75,000.

Mason, Kristina B. to Aviles, Simitrio, 4203 S. 42nd St., $48,500.

Machuca Ron, Ruben and Delgado De Machuca, Maria del R. to Lorenzo, Lilian H., 4152 K St., $96,000.


1234 South 10th LLC to Matter, Janella, 1211 S. 10th Court, $67,000.

1234 South 10th to Janky, Eric, 1202 S. 10th Court, $67,000.

Cyr, Keith and Sharon to Cyr, Edward and Hali, 3452 S. 13th St., $85,000.

Zepeda, Arthur to Book, Kelly S., 3319 Hoctor Blvd., $110,000.


Dahlin, James W. and Christine C. to Brizendine, Travis D., 3744 Hartman Ave., $47,000.

Dexter Properties to Heidt, Kevin, 3473 Grand Ave., $42,000.

Rimel, Linda L. to Gallegos-Ramirez, Ofelia, 1712 Military Ave., $88,000.


Christian, Milan E. to Erickson, Susan M. and Trent, 6820 Minne Lusa Blvd., $78,500.

Harris, Crystal M. and Sarah L. to STYL Properties, 2782 Sharon Drive, $33,000.

Heiss, Kim and Ramona to Lansford, Mark, 7259 N. 36th Ave., $88,500.

Huber, Steven J. and Waugh, Cindy I. to Alitz, Nathan D., 8124 N. 30th St., $100,000.

Issaka, Saluhu O. and Jordan, Josephine to Grant, Daron, 3344 Ernst St., $69,500.


Baird, Christopher G. and Kara B. to Fingeret, Abby L., 714 S. 90th St., $425,000.

Fox, Roy F. and Mary A. Trust to Roecker, Joshua J. and Sarah M., 1469 N. 96th Ave., $180,000.

FTF to Heng, Corey, 745 N. 75th St., $165,000.

Tramp, Marjorie L. Trust to McDowell, David J., 1504 N. 75th Ave., $130,000.

Yates, Jeanne M. and Ronald to Wallin, Casey C., 1706 Maenner Drive, $137,000.


Biel, Jacob and Lauren to Suing, Megan and Miller, Ethan, 15311 Spencer St., $157,000.

Brothers, Jerry M. Sr. to Dutton, Rowena M., 6002 N. 167th Plaza, $125,000.

Castle Creek Development to Wolfe, Philip M. and Kimberly G., 5902 N. 152nd Ave., $43,950.

Castle Creek Development to Pine Crest Homes, 15463 Ellison Circle, $42,950.

Castle Creek Development to Reinhard, Creighton, 15141 Himebaugh Ave., $45,950.

Celebrity Homes to Carlson, Eric J. and Kristy J., 4809 N. 175th St., $254,600.

Celebrity Homes to King, Sherri M., 17201 Grand Ave., $192,600.

Craft, Melissa and Phillip to Sirva Relocation Credit, 16252 Yates St., $200,000.

Durant, Charla L. and Travis J. to Ross, Weston D. and Moscola, Nicole, 16302 Larimore Circle, $192,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to ASA Properties, 15467 Wirt Circle, $119,000.

Holt, Tyler S. and Cortnie J. to Gillett, Breanna L. and Adison T., 17601 Fowler St., $239,000.

Hunter, F. Aaron and Alison M. to Hiemstra, Jennifer L., 4221 N. 169th St., $152,000.

Land Building Corp. to Bergman, Kyle R., 2632 N. 166th Ave., $263,968.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hajek, Brandon L. and Allison M., 17624 George Miller Parkway, $235,000.

Loper, Corrie L. and Blake R. to Getzfrid, Steven G. II, 4229 N. 163rd St., $220,000.

Martin, William G. and Barbara J. to Krause, David A. and Pamela J., 15860 Curtis Ave., $345,000.

Melstad, Kevin G. and Karen A. to Boyd David D. and Michelle M., 2611 N. 161st St., $428,000.

Miller, Michael A. and Kim to Kaufmann, Jerad and Davidson, Casie, 15072 Meredith Ave., $203,000.

Mosher, Michael A. to Byrd, Mark H. and Kimberly J., 17409 Browne St., $250,000.

Muhs, Donald J. and Diane H. to Rutter, Perry, 16515 Camden Circle, $175,250.

Musselmann, Lindsey L. and David to Freese, Bridget M., 16402 Sherwood Ave., $205,000.

Nielsen, Paul and Jessica to Smith, Michael K., 15230 Fowler Ave., $220,000.

Pojar, Jacob A. and Jenna to Bailey, Bruce, 14650 Ames Court, $115,000.

Ramey, Robert F. and Caitlyn M. to Vollmer, Turner and Sarah, 16032 Butler Ave., $237,000.

Riggs, Michael S. and Amy E. to Price, Ron and Stacey, 16313 Miami St., $215,000.

Sarma, Simanta and Chakravorty, Prashuti to Dworshak, Christopher and Ashley, 14872 Ogden St., $263,000.

Sirva Relocation Credit to Hornstein, Amber, 16252 Yates St., $200,000.

Weyhrich, Eric E. and Cara N. to Lempka, Matthew K. and Hartmann, Lindsey M., 6514 N. 165th St., $325,750.


Kantor, Marjorie T. Trust to Parks, Steven and Teresa, 5103 S. 60th St., $61,000.

Neseth, Mark M. and Pamela to Godinez, Juan C. and Maria G., 4726 S. 51st St., $104,900.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Metry, Victor B., 4617 S. 48th St., $56,000.


Christoffersen, David A. and Cindy to Scott, James S. and Lynette J., 512 S. 178th St., $460,000.

Foster, Trevor J. and Melissa K. to Natarajan, Nagendra and Eilenstine, Shalia A., 16315 Page St., $455,000.

Lovewell, Trent D. and Christina M. to McPherson, Scott and Kimberly, 15705 Capitol Ave., $225,000.


Bloodworth, Nathan and Sarah to Rai, Purna, 9110 Weber St., $134,900.

Browning, Jo A. to Mataya, John R., 7923 Read Plaza, $109,789.

Cohrs, Sara J. to Hewitt, Nina M., 6964 N. 90th St., $135,000.

Nelson, Brian and Dawn to Klynsma, Randall and Julie, 8340 Sheffield St., $190,000.


Gillett, Breanna L. and Adison T. to Matz, Collin J. and Kali F., 3202 Westgate Road, $132,000.

Haug, Peter G. and Dorr, Cassandra M. to Kiscoan, Nicholas G., 3201 S. 74th St., $129,000.

Hughes, Kay D. to Connerton, Maura and Holmes, Mark, 9181 Pine St., $272,000.

Litwin, Philip J. and Jennifer R. to O’Keefe, Anne L. and Patrick E., 10329 Pinehurst Ave., $330,000.

O’Doherty, James M. to Van Pelt Investments, 2407 S. 80th Ave., $127,000.

Rath, Hans and Betty C. to TSW Properties, 2117 S. 87th St., $245,000.

TCP Corp. to Nielsen, Troy, 3515 S. 82nd St., $113,000.


Comstock, Shawn to Orsi, Matt and Newman, Jamie, 6311 S. 74th St., $145,000.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to Bel Fury Investments Group, 4955 S. 87th St., $108,000.

Kaipust, Michael P. Jr. and Jones, Jennifer M. to Thernes, Brooke L., 9806 O Circle, $183,000.

NAMN to Alvarado, Leymin B. and Perez, Lilian D., 7525 Highland St., $115,000.

Stigge, Matthew S. and Patti L. to Vincent, Joseph M. and Lindee A., 9242 Z St., $215,000.


Baker, Linda K. Trust to Lenhoff, Randall R. and Debra J., 1214 S. 194th St., $453,000.

Boyvin, Charles G., trustee for Boyvin, Magda Y. Trust to Bubac, Duane J. and Gregg-Bubac, Julie L., 1209 S. 189th Court, $370,000.

Brown, James P. and Vicki A. to Kunz, Mark and Christine, 16811 Pine St., $226,100.

Buller, Timothy and Bethany to Killeen, Jeffrey M. and Jessica A., 3227 S. 188th St., $465,000.

Dickmeyer, Daniel I. and Adrienne D. to Rubek, Bryan and Juliana, 19701 Poppleton Ave., $216,000.

Finn, Kevin F. and Linda S. to Fremming, Bradley A. and Laura L., 19369 Woolworth Ave., $455,000.

Hollander, Jacob M. and Natalie C. to Albaum, Thomas G. and Laura M., 3901 S. 183rd Ave., $309,250.

McCaul Contracting to Proplesch, Howard R. and Deanne Trust, 1320 S. 190th Plaza, $268,824.

Patterson, David A. and Ingrid C. to Western Financial and OM 16546 Dorcas, 16546 Dorcas St., $116,000.

Shaul, Tanya M. to Ostler, Christine S., 15915 Cedar Circle, $176,000.

Smith, Andrew J. and Shannon to Brockmann, Brett R. and Maggie L., 17332 Poppleton Ave., $273,000.

Turley, Jesse O. and Linda L. to Kollasch, Thomas S. and Michelle K., 3111 S. 165th Ave., $230,000.


Caro, Bruno and Anna L. to Swan, Timaree, 4405 Chicago St., $155,000.

Jones, Joe Trust to Holmes, Jeremy and Hawes, Florence, 3116 Lafayette Ave., $76,000.

Purnell, James M. to Mattheis, Michael and Heilman, Laura, 4117 Lafayette Ave., $135,000.


Cihacek, Marian W. and Dennis J. to Kuehl, Joseph and Lucy, 4836 Charles St., $80,000.

Cushman, Bruce A. to Winkler, Don A. and Jeannette, 1010 Mayfield Ave., $30,000.

Esterline, Christopher M. and Cynthia to Mena, Judith, 1105 N. 50th St., $134,900.

Hilleman, Thomas D. and Liechty, Samantha J. to Rouse, Michael A., 6940 Cuming St., $190,000.

Hughes, Tyler C. and Cassie L. to Van Hauer, James R. Sr., 320 S. 50th Ave., $205,000.

Mitchell, Nolan W. and Patricia L. to Russell, Steven J. and Emilee J., 4712 Wakeley St., $119,000.

Shuey, James I. and LaFollette, Bobbie K. to Anderson, Emilio M. and Olson, Margaret R., 5640 Western Ave., $180,000.

Simon, James R. and Kim T. to Cullan, Joseph P. and Allison M., 840 Fairacres Road, $1,477,500.

Thiry, Sarah to Panopoulous, Demetria K., 4907 Davenport St., $126,000.


Bratty, Robert M. and Jacqueline A. to Seals, Nicholas W. and Sara M., 9111 Grand Ave., $107,500.

Brockmann, Brett R. and Maggie to Fox, David K., 8712 Pratt St., $141,000.

Cronkhite, Pamela S. to Petersen, Cory R., 6422 N. 105th St., $230,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to O & H Properties, 9255 Spaulding St., $73,000.

Johnson, Josephine to Hoefker, Joshua S., 8010 Arlington Drive, $132,000.

Newsome, Joanne M. and Jason to Shirah, Jessica M., 8941 Miami St., $77,000.

Valasek, Walter and Barbara S. to Madden, Daniel F., 8417 Vernon Ave., $100,000.

Williams, Latoya N. to Johnson, Barry S. and Jody R., 6223 N. 78th Ave., $129,900.


Abou-Nasr, Faisal K. to Cooper, Scott and Steffany, 16816 Holmes Circle, $210,000.

Al-Goran, Ali B. and Mohammed, Ban J. to Grove, Kyle C. and Kayla R., 5618 S. 169th St., $340,000.

Blackledge, Shannon P. and Justin to Olsen, Zachary M. and Hubbard, Katie J., 6120 S. 190th Terrace, $210,000.

Bollen, Wouter H. and Carter, Karla to Ashmore, Marlin and Lynn, 17809 Karen St., $163,000.

Celebrity Homes to Fox, Timothy A. and Makinzie S., 5329 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $168,100.

Cords, Steven A. and Katherine A. to Bruno, Kristopher and Sonja, 17025 Polk St., $254,500.

Driggs, Angela M. and Nicholas J. to Fryman, Mitchel D. and Robin C., 19471 U St., $150,000.

Flynn, Conor T. and Nicole L. to Nielsen, Kristin J., 19401 T St., $160,000.

Fryman, Mitchel D. and Robin to Bittinger, Patty, 6811 S. 181st Court, $110,000.

Heath, Michael D. and Kathleen A. to Nielson, Clay L. and Michelle H., 19315 Holmes St., $205,000.

Jacobs, Matthew C. to Landelius, Michael G., 19413 W St., $147,000.

Jasic, Senad and Mina to Mahoney, Ryan P. and Larsen, Makayla S., 18716 U St., $160,000.

Keller, Mark J. and Robin to Kilburn, Jeremy, 4824 S. 194th Ave., $215,000.

Lirette, Roland J. Jr. and Jori J. to Dahlhauser, Shawn P. and Rebecca M., 19325 Holmes St., $240,000.

Madden, William K. and Kandi K. to Clark, Brent and Missy, 18635 Ohern Circle, $239,900.

Matheson, James A. Jr. and Jessica V. to Brown, Kyle J. and Aubrey J., 16004 S St., $200,000.

Mitchell, Laura E. to Rocks, Eric R., 4304 S. 174th Ave., $272,500.

Mosqueda, Fernando and Jaime L. to Land, Joshua D. and Christine C., 17305 Y St., $363,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Pesek, Alex N., 16354 R St., $237,500.

Penner-Gardner, Michelle E. and Gardner, Richard L. to VerWey, Evan M., 18713 Washington St., $177,000.

Petersen, Janette and Mary J. to Erdman, Brandon M. and Hollyann L., 5080 S. 174th St., $311,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Backhaus, Luke F. Trust, 18303 Drexel St., $310,530.

Quakenbush, Lee M. and Rachael L. to Wolfe, Ronald J. III, 5321 S. 194th St., $150,000.

Russavage, Patrick J. and Pamela S. to Johns, Danielle A. and Schlabs, Ryan D., 17015 I St., $255,000.

Sutton, Charles D. Trust to Steinkraus, Roger D., 4568 S. 189th St., $144,000.

Tran, Thai T. and Tina to Jurgens, Jacob and Angela, 16411 Jefferson St., $170,000.


Calaunan, Mary A. to Gallu, John, 6558 S. 117th St., $119,500.

Chae, Augustina J. to Shields, Jarrett Z. and Schultz, Lindsay A., 13555 Z St., $151,000.

DeVries, Wade and Courtney to Putjenter, Judith M., 12212 Kuehl Circle, $130,000.

Gilson, Casey D. and Christa A. to Mayer, Kevin L., 6752 S. 154th St., $167,000.

Holdcroft, Marilyn J. to Sanchez De Jesus, Jose and De Oliveira, Marilia S., 11017 U St., $135,000.

Hoskinson, James G. III and Ashley to Johnston, April L. and Joshua, 5822 S. 136th St., $134,000.

Kathol, Benjamin L. and Lianna M. to Caven, Joshua T., 5929 S. 140th Ave., $160,008.

Ladenburger Investments to Clements, David P. and Lauralisa A., 12737 Woodcrest Plaza, $92,000.

Lampsa, Stephen and Stephanie to Miller, Douglas D. and Deborah A., 6206 S. 143rd St., $135,000.

Perez, Avidan and Rosalinda to Harbin, Zachary and Allison, 12583 Ohern St., $145,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group, 5506 S. 114th St., $81,000.

Wheeler, Eric J. and Erin L. to Brown, Gunner W. and Kush, Tiara R., 14511 M St., $154,000.


Celebrity Homes to Finken, Barbara and Michael, 6905 N. 142nd Ave., $171,800.

Dennis, Heidi D. and Jeffrey S. to Reinders, Edward J., 11217 Black St., $165,000.


Bowden, Thomas W. and Janice C. to Kohls , David J. and Susan E., 1426 S. 134th St., $249,900.

Clark, Anthony W. to Hoffee, Kareen M., 10937 Prairie Village Drive, $160,000.

Foss, Warren to Moore, Joseph A., 2329 S. 125th St., $134,000.

Grote, Matthew R. and Navien to Jensen, Andrew T., 3518 S. 120th St., $129,000.

Hollingsworth, John E. to Anderson, Eric D., 1623 S. 133rd St., $142,000.

Lathrop, Margaret M. and Matthew A. to Ketcham, Aimee M., 2320 S. 116th St., $233,500.

Melonis, Timothy J. and Kristine K. to Gutschow, Wilfred R. and Nancy J., 1912 S. 121st St., $178,000.

Moore, Mollee M. and Michael O. to Lahowetz, Jamie R. and Bresel, Amy B., 11325 Gold St., $156,000.

Novotny, Maureen M. to Osmera, Jeremy P., 3405 S. 122nd St., $128,000.

SLABS to Tuttle, Ian B. and Harouff, Kayla R., 2220 S. 122nd Ave., $119,500.


Advantage Investment Properties to Buesing, Keely L. and Keller, Jordan M., 12022 N. 58th St., $105,000.

Eames, Aaron M. and Renee A. to Hensel, Schyima and Richard, 4629 Manchester Drive, $233,000.

Sladovnik, Amy Trust to Armstrong, Bryan T. and Shannon, 7637 Fairway Drive, $300,000.

Steiner, Mark E. to Brown, Lucille M. and Payne, Monica, 6824 N. 64th St., $142,000.


Blum, James E. to Tietz, Ryan M. and Engdahl, Courtney E., 216 N. 153rd Circle, $140,000.

Coughran, John F. and Nancy S. to Wheeldon, Sarah J., 11105 Farnam St., $150,000.

Eggley, Joshua M. and Jennifer L. to Ryder, Nissa L. and Cohen, Eric I., 562 S. 122nd St., $184,000.

Hanna, Rofael A. and Iriny to Dirks, Ashton D., 15003 Davenport Circle, $151,000.

Hanson, Jacquelyn M. to Mitchell, Daryl and Stacey, 15343 California St., $198,000.

Keast, Deborah L. to Perrigo, Scott A., 15507 Mason Circle, $158,000.

Metzler, Michael A. and Cheri A. to Leavitt, Danny C. and Marisa, 15375 Burt St., $210,500.

Molzer, Douglas S. and Lori A. to Gottberg, Jeanette Y., 12727 West Dodge Road, $105,000.

Trenerry, Mary L., trustee for Italia, Sam J. and Lucille M. Trust to Cobb, Darren and Tami, 1836 N. 155th Ave., $176,000.


Andersen, Irmajean Trust to Rosonke, Jennifer R., 2647 N. 131st Circle, $167,000.

Bolding, Hunter J. to Achermann, Lauren K., 10903 Crown Point Ave., $149,900.

Hively, Todd and Heidi J. to Miller, Jason L., 11405 Rambleridge Road, $160,000.

Holmes, Vicki to Milone, Janet M., 12917 Browne St., $126,000.

Mobley, John P. and Vivian N. to Artz, Amy, 6123 N. 116th Circle, $130,500.

Olson, Kevin and Arianne to Hall, Sean and Gomex-Hall, Ireydisa, 14117 Patrick Ave., $138,000.

Page, Bryon N. and Michelle L. to Chamberlain, Davin R. and Patricia J., 6339 N. 115th Avenue Circle, $144,000.

Rosso, Larry and Penny to Eichenberger, Case, 12667 Grand Ave., $205,000.

Soto, David P. and Kipple, Brandy M. to Harter, David A. and Debra K., 2206 N. 141st Ave., $140,000.

Theisen, Mark D. to Altman, William and Danielle, 3330 N. 134th Circle, $595,000.

Weber, Katie O. to Fetzer, Elizabeth and Roberts, Michele, 12911 Browne St., $122,900.

Western Financial and OM 6028 N. 110 Trust to Thomsen, Michelle, 6028 N. 110th Circle, $134,000.



Boulevard Terrace LLC to Whitesides, Donald D., 709 Bellevue Blvd., $67,000.

Hurlbutt, Geraldine A., personal representative for Hurlbutt, Lee P. Estate to Stensvad, Bruce J., 504 Bellevue Blvd. North, $73,000.

Raines, Richard A. to Pilachowski, Bernard M. and Carmen R., 1901 Thurston Ave., $80,000.

Witkowsky, Jay B., personal of Witkowsky, Sheryl M. Estate to Delaney, Matthew M. and Waker, Jessica E., 1011 Bluff St., $130,000.

Elm Home Services to Watson, Maria, 1006 Willow Ave., $135,000.

Rodriguez, Anthony J. and Best-Rodriguez, Elizabeth A. to Montgomery, Cameron and Rachael, 802 Jewell Road, $165,000.

Valentine, Ronald J. and Karen A. to Witkowsky, Jay, 805 Hidden Hills Drive, $240,000.


Pieper, Amy M. to Pieper, Amy M. and Barton, Kenneth D. Jr., 21415 McCellan Circle, $106,000.

Wilhelm, Jeremy and Abby to Hanson, Markus W. and Angela M., 11706 Willow Park Drive, $165,000.

Engel, Christopher D. and Amber to Smith, Cody A. and Stephanie L., 20719 Locust St., $210,000.

Post, William and Lizabeth A. to Cannon, Dennis and Phyllis, 21321 Castle Rock Lane, $247,000.

Bartram, Edward J. and Holis, Elizabeth to Hunter, Stewart A. and Catherine L., 7414 S. 198th St., $260,000.

Charleston Homes to Lombardo, Spencer and Laura, 17314 Soldier St., $286,000.

Marasco Homes to Jurca, Candin and Cristina, 19504 Audrey St., $326,000.

Cambridge Homes to Zegers, John T. and Boruch, Emily, 8008 S. 193rd Ave., $381,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Andrews, Craig and Lisa, 7915 S. 193rd Ave., $385,000.


Israel, Lanny C. to Israel, Lanny C. and Buettner, Kelly R., 720 Villa Plaza, $112,000.

Hine, Debra R., personal representative for DeVriendt, Robert A. Estate to Jade Restorations Inc., 1130 Laport Drive, $152,000.

Hajek, Curtis J. and Heather A. to Monmel Properties, 710 Laredo Circle, $154,000.

Jacob, Eric C. and Julia to Newman, David M., 2306 Corn Drive, $171,000.

Pietig, Justin G. and Kelli R. to Lockhart, Chelsea S. and Luke, Adam N., 824 Donegal Drive, $172,000.

Harrison, Gary Jr. and Josette to Sears, Nicole 2302 S. Mineral Drive, $173,000.

Drey, Sheryl E. to Haveman, Joel and Mary, 1808 Southview Drive, $180,000.

Looper, Ronald S. and Janet L. to Smith, Daniel P. and Rebecca R., 1121 Sally St., $188,000.

Wilson, Daniel L. and Jill R. to Lohmeyer, Mark N. and Katelyn S., 901 Claudine Ave., $189,000.

Massey, Dane A. to Gille, Joseph P. and Sarah A., 809 Gayle St., $203,000.

Waldron, Brian E. and Jessica L. to Jakopovic, Scott P. and Danielle A., 344 N. Jefferson St., $205,000.

South, Kristen M. and Rusk M. to Kidd, Kory L. and Serene K., 2005 Lakewood Drive, $224,000.

Kerns, Steven L. and Valerie R. to Camerlinck, Mark W. and Robinson, Sara A., 802 Oak Ridge Road, $235,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to O’Nate, Jose J. and Cynthia, 12308 Longshore Ave., $268,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Bintner, Adam J. and Lisa M., 10316 S. 124th Ave., $344,000.


Domenici, Shandon R. and Chasity to Popken, Blake J., 620 Elm St., $149,000.


Montero, Adolfo S. and Silvana C. to Williamson, Stanley J. and Cynthia L., 2703 Lynnwood Drive, $50,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K., 9907 S. 10th St., $102,000.

Cordwin, William T. and Lucille to Altman, Christopher R., 3306 Mirror Lane, $140,000.

Lugo, Jolene S. to Daubert, Samuel J. and Amanda S., 13307 S. 35th St., $144,000.

Fulson, Jeffrey S. and Phyllis D. to ECEE Enterprises, 3207 Wilhelminia Drive, $152,000.

Smeby, Jacob R. and Courtney M. to Werner, Matthew and Kara, 10709 S. 19th St., $159,000.

Pauly, Christopher A. to Kittelson, Korhan T., 10605 S. 27th St., $170,000.

Walenz, Teresa M. and Mark C. to Coleman, Michael P. Jr., 12724 S. 38th St., $181,000.

Celebrity Homes to Presley, Ian R., 13712 S. 43rd St., $197,000.

Schafer, John C. and Shelley R. to Terrigino, Nicholas and Laura, 2606 Century Road, $207,000.

Wilsey, Gerald F. Jr. to Welty, Deron and Candace, 2515 Lynnwood Drive, $210,000.

Cary, Nicholas A. and Tiffany M. to Hermosillo, Esperanza and Schultz, Aaron M., 2916 Kelly Drive, $219,000.

Raabe, Kathleen and Derek J. to Parrish, James L. and Lori E., 722 Cedar View Circle, $220,000.

Teutschmann, David D. and Susan K. to Hughes, Charles A. and Deresa L., 13310 S. 29th Ave., $223,000.

Regler, Jeffrey J. and Kimberley K. to Mellars, Derek S. and Sara J., 13906 Kelly Drive, $224,000.

Zuress, Jason and Laura L. to Smeby, Jacob and Courtney, 1602 Leona Circle, $235,000.

Newton, Karen J. and Brian P. to Taylor, John C. and Diane L., 4305 Edgerton Drive, $258,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hoekstra, Christopher L. and Damaris, 14804 S. 21st St., $296,000.


Hawkins, Joseph M. to OM 7316 Frederick By Western Financial, 7316 Frederick Ave., $58,000.

Munchrath, Roger D. and Mary A. to Sousan, Katherine, 7304 La Vista Circle, $100,000.

Martinez, Raphael and Sarah to Ryck, Aaron G. and Amy M., 7509 Terry Drive, $119,000.

Schlautman, Mary S. to Pistillo, Sarah F. and Kimpson, Damian M., 7121 Park Crest Drive, $137,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 9807 Florence St., $159,000.

Christiana Trust to Sheehan, Allison M., 9106 Grove Court, $175,000.

Bish, Dorothy R. and J. William Trust to Kamphaus, Michael J. and Yvonne M., 7404 Frederick St., $190,000.

Lewis, Pamela M. to Martinez, Raphael M. and Sarah L., 10015 S. 100th Circle, $236,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Diehl, David and Angela, 10093 Quail Ridge Drive, $238,000.

Richardson, Amy N. Trust to Abebe, Shumet H. and Gebreyes, Dege G., 9932 S. 100th St., $300,000.


Rogers Development to MJ Design Build Inc., 6805 Park Crest Drive, $64,000.

Rogers Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 611 Ruby Road and 2127 Alexandra Road, $92,000.

Myers, Faron L. and Laura S. to Ulozas, Paige, 303 Hilton Head Drive, $183,000.

Pokorski, Frances K. and Michael D. Jr. to Ryan, Trisha S. and Timothy V., 5205 Woodlane Drive, $262,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Riggins, David and Alyssa, 22132 Park Crest Drive, $277,000.

Welty, Deron L. and Candace L. to Wendt, Marysue B. Trust, 6910 Harvest Drive, $300,000.

Horizon Realty to McMullan, John D. Jr. and Kris L., 2107 Titan Springs Drive, $307,000.

Perry, James D. and Mary C. to Tran, Tu and Viet and Nguyen, Huong, 1808 Greyson Drive, $320,000.

Smith, Josh M. Jr. and Wagg, Angela D. to Grubb, Charles E. and Catherine M., 6602 Crest Ridge Drive, $349,000.

Mau, Ronald G. and Ruth E. to Van Voorhis, Mark M., 6802 Capehart Road, $370,000.

Barkley, James R. and Tammy J. to Pokorski, Michael D. and Frances K., 4602 Crestview Drive, $370,000.


Stover, Thomas W. to Reincke, Nickolas D. and Jyssica, 7914 S. 157th Ave., $145,000.

Garrett, Donnie R. and Maria H. to Scott Bruhn Enterprises, 15724 Cottonwood St., $152,000.

Bergman, Kyle R. to Johnson, Thomas C. and Courtney L., 18036 Olive St., $165,000.

Gerke, Riah A. and Leland, Steven R. and Harig, Edward to Oxtal, Anthony D., 8119 S. 159th Ave., $165,000.

DeGeorge, Sharen S. to Thomas, Phillip L. and Joan M., 16420 Audrey St., $167,000.

Oliva, Peggy A. to Smith, Gary D. and Catherine, 7119 S. 180th Ave., $175,000.

Fey, Adam P. and Teresa A. to Poots, Ryan and Tuttle, Jennifer K., 8815 S. 164th St., $205,000.

Colvin, Ryan M. and Monica J. to Anderson, Britt A., 7210 S. 158th St., $225,000.

Mikesh, Cynthia D., trustee for Mikesh-Lichtenegger Trust to Hansen, Adam and Robyn, 14120 Frederick Circle, $225,000.

Brandt, Jordan to VanRyckeghem, Mark J., 17108 Joanne Drive, $230,000.

Ohlman, Andrew L. and Abbie A. to Eberspacher, Rex A., 7520 S. 189th St., $236,000.

Parks, Kevin C. to Thomassen, Paula L., 16310 Birch Ave., $243,000.

Ross, Shawn M. and Rebecca S. to Brandt, Jordan, 16409 Willow St., $255,000.

Kramer, Ann M. to Dredla, Mitchell A., 10409 Spyglass Drive, $258,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Stauch, Thomas D. and Roxanne R., 17017 Oakmont Drive, $268,000.

Richland Homes to Gilson, Casey D. and Christa A., 17021 Centennial Road, $270,000.

Richland Homes to Novotny, Allen M. and Jolene L., 17021 Greenfield St., $272,000.

Elam, Andrew and Megan to Nunes, Darryl and Haley, 18614 Edna St., $282,000.


Shaffer, Lila J. to Bruner, Joey, 13229 Carpenter St., $48,500.

Shaffer, Lila J., personal representative for Shaffer, Robert M. Estate to Bruner, Joey, 13229 Carpenter St., $48,500.

Koltes, David R. to Donaldson, Sean R. and Alicia S., 14513 Gertrude St., $125,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to O & H Investments D Inc., 15542 Newell St., $130,000.

Kent, Michael E. and Pamela A. to Simons, Richard J., 13955 Jennifer Road, $138,000.

Bartling, Bradley A. and Christina S. to Rosenbaum, Andrew, 13409 Chandler St., $148,000.

Younker, Christopher A. to Levell, Ryan E., 7016 Joyce St., $162,000.

Stroud, Shala A. to Holland, Mikelle W., 14701 Echo Hills Drive, $165,000.

DeFreece, Andrew and Gina to Leland, Steven, 15111 Borman St., $220,000.


Barton, Lee L. to Baylor, Bruce R. and Brummel, Mary J., 8013 Volt St., $60,000.

Craig, Richard H. and Paula A. to Sorensen, Carol L., 9609 Linden Ave., $64,000.

Kruse, Jason D. and Sandra R. to Martinez, Monica, 7112 Chandler Hills Drive, $110,000.

Mickells, Josephine to Harris, Ronald M. Jr., 4008 Valley View Ave., $117,000.

Loftus, John M. and Elizabeth A. to Villacorta, Daniel and Ventura, Nadia G., 7210 S. 33rd St., $123,000.

Thomas, Steven D. and Hermelinda to Neseth, Mark M. and Pamela R., 2511 Fairview St., $230,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Walker, Eric and Michelle and Jeffrey, 7712 S. 41st St., $72,627.


White, Brian J., personal representative for White, Nancy M. Estate to White, Megan and Goergen, Jeff, 4552 Schroeder Drive, $93,000.

Krysl, Matthew J. and Rebecca L. to Shugart, Jerry W. Jr., 7163 S. 53rd St., $159,000.

Boganowski, Bryan D. to Cervantes, Alejandro and Sasha A., 7609 S. 50th St., $168,000.

Hrabik, JoAnn to O’Dell, Steven and Jessica, 8433 S. 65th St., $199,000.


Carrington Mortgage Services to VKB Properties, 6903 S. 148th St., $105,000.



Mass, Kevin and Rebecca to Peters, Savannah, 1903 Sixth Ave., $69,000.

Channell, Jenny and Nicholas to Ruckman, Joseph M., 1611 Second Ave., $64,000.

Wilson, Sheryl K. to Rich, Katherine K., 2101 Ave. F, $84,500.

Hiers, David A. and Michelle L. to Lasher, Nickole R., 924 26th Ave., $120,000.

Ware, Jacob M. and Tawnie to Bassich, Rachel B., 1823 Sixth Ave., $80,000.

Bell-Lynch, Katrina E. and Lynch, Brett L. to Dickman, Kyle, 3511 Ave. F, $78,000.

Aldrich, Jeanne M. and Robert to Davis, Richard T. and Shoemake, Julie M., 2434 Sixth Ave., $122,000.

Lochland Holdings to Haynie, Mary J. and Stites, Terence J. Jr., 3130 Ave. K, $115,000.

Figueroa, Jose A. to Chambers, Andrew J., 2741 Ave. L, $99,500.

Goodsell, Chanda and Nicholas A. to Stokes, Alan and Mary, 3563 Fifth Ave., $88,000.

Evans, Jodi L. to Leinbach, Megan L. and Stephen A., 207 Peregrine Place, $185,500.

Dinh Do, Alice to Davis, Kaleb J., 2927 Second Ave., $110,000.

Farmer, Katie E. and Nicholas A. to Arrick, Rena M. and Ruhr, Kyle, 2101 Ave. H, $114,000.

Clark, Rachel A. to Smith, Travis R. and Rachel A., 2315 Eighth Ave., $113,000.

Hume, Mary F. Family Trust to McCollough, Blake, 3224 Middle Ferry Road, $207,000.

92 Investments LLC to BC homes and Hume, Mary F. Family Trust, 3115 Middle Ferry Road, $39,500.

Sorensen, Blaine K. and Lynda J. to Hensley, James L. and Mary L., 14 Lakshore Court, $110,000.


DeMarco, Kristen J. and Matthew J. to Dockendorf, Jared F. and Kristina M., 223 Turley Ave., $115,500.

Bachman, Linda K. to Henrikus, Dale and Denice M., 19296 Mynster Springs Road, $145,000.

HCC Investments to Homes by Premier, 1506 Abercorn Drive, $55,000.

Landolt, Dawn and Joe to Leach, Donna R. Trust, 109 Autumn Circle, $177,500.

Olsen, Joseph R. and Kelly M. to Western Iowa Investments, 2731 Tara Hills St., $227,500.

Montelongo, Mark A. and Nichole J. to Western Iowa Investments, 633 Spencer Ave., $164,000.

Huffman, Carol S. to Mosemann, Russell, 217 W. Ferndale Drive, $238,000.

Deutsche Bank to Kathol, Jay, 109 Cambridge Circle, $146,000.

Fox, Michael L. to Joneson, Christopher M. and Stephanie S., 613 Hillcrest Ave., $186,000.

Wymore, Jeffrey J. and Julie H. to Overbeck, Thomas, 48 Sylvan Drive, $160,000.

Plowman, Aubrey to Morrow, Mary, 780 Lori Lane, $164,000.

Brunow Enterprises to Ashcraft, Abbie R. and Gary A., 611 Delong Ave., $212,500.

Johnstone, Gordon and Suzanne L. to Montelongo, Mark and Nichole J., 131 Brentwood Heights, $285,000.

Doty, Deborah L. and Gerald P. to Wall, Kelsey A. and Kyle A., 304 Sierra Drive, $121,500.

Chapman, Melissa A. to Forman, Linda L., 112 15th Ave., $115,000.

Western Iowa Investments to Almaguer Martinez, Miriam C. and Torres Sanchez, Santiago E., 519 Monterey Circle, $210,000.

Conrad, Abby L. and Derek and to Schaefer, Colton M. and Jarzynka, Brittney J., 114 Adrian Ave., $135,000.

Harris, Kimberly D. Trust to Johnstone, Gordon J. and Suzanne L., 19655 Deer Run Lane, $695,000.

Loveless, Burton W. Jr. and Helen to Schlott, Robert N., 19414 Mynster Springs Road, $35,000.

Knoell, Mary K. and Timothy L. to Doebelin, Roxann L. and Steven J., 5 Coral Lane, $176,000.

Tweedt Engineering & Construction to Robinson, Patricia I. and Rick L., 1403 Chestnut Drive, $403,500.

Merksick, Patricia M. and Tony to McElroy, Mark, 392 Lincoln Ave., $27,500.

Bauman, John T. and Sarah H. to Elker, Robert M. and Wik, Karen G., 8 Scarlet Oaks Lane, $235,000.

Mings, Jani S. and Kathleen L. and Robert J. to Cooper, Aaron and Tressa, 15063 Brookside Lane, $415,000.

McGee, Donivan M. to Schwid, Christopher A. and Tamara A., 2216 Rodney Ave., $143,500.

Bonnett, Katie A. and Matthew W. to Wiges, Katie A. and Schard, Kasi L., 2222 Walton Ave., $122,000.

Ferndale, Debra J. and Frank W. to McGinn, Tamara J. and Swanson, Jeffrey B., 1029 Jennings Ave., $235,000.

Hutchison, Opal V. Trust to Bailey, Kristian A. and Wesley A., 19 E. Ridge Drive, $154,500.


Hegwood, Mary J. and Robert E. to Mitchell, Teena M., 1004 Shoal Point Drive, Carter Lake, $225,000.


Olsen, J. Christopher II and Tonya R. to Kerr, Jennifer and Steven, 1908 N. Willow St., Avoca, $195,000.


Dollen, Brenda L. and Roger L. to Hurst, Glenn and Noel-Hurst, Rhonda, 210 Fifth St., Minden, $12,000.


Thompson, Patricia A. to Southerland, Rachael L. and Robert C., 12790 Desoto Ave., Missouri Valley, $100,000.


Olson, Joyce E. and O. Dean to Morrison, Christopher P. and Lisa N., 34761 York Road, Shelby, $25,000.


Carman, Dana Jr. to Trede, Don and Kara, 112 Hannah Circle, Underwood, $202,500.

Shiloh Properties to A & N Enterprises, 211 Faith Ave., Underwood, $39,000.

Shiloh Properties to A & N Enterprises, 210 Faith Ave., Underwood, $154,500.

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