Bussey, Rachel and Timothy to McLouth, Cale, 12618 N. 177th Circle, $82,500.

Celebrity Homes to Kimnach, Phillip and Dianne, 8836 N. 161st Ave., $265,800.

Haack, Terrence L. and Theresa A. to Wilson, James S. and Tanith L., 7958 N. 163rd Circle, $332,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Baideme, Joshua and Eby, Logan, 17304 Mormon St., $220,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Kuhn, Jeffrey D. and Nicole, 17160 Phoebe St., $269,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Gufford, Kevin E. and Tisha R., 12918 N. 182nd St., $66,000.

Ossenkop, Andrew to Hoover, Shaun E. and Anne R., 8057 N. 158th St., $234,000.

Phillips, Christopher L. and Amy L. to Gallo, Antonia J., 15409 Bondesson St., $175,000.

Pickinpaugh, Christopher and Valerie to Rapalje, Beth A., 8115 N. 158th St., $235,000.

Plaso, John and Susan to Flowers, Tracy and Rosa L., 7738 N. 151st Circle, $455,000.

Real Growth LLC to Simpson, Corey and Linda, 16114 Mormon St., $191,000.

Rivera, Kirk and Ann M. to Bohan, Nicholas and Heather, 7915 N. 152nd Ave., $180,000.

Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction, 9006 N. 172nd St., $43,600.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Royer, Todd and Denecia, 12701 N. 179th St., $93,000.

Vernon, Jason and Rachelle to Gilmour, Ian C. and Winkel, Brandi, 8610 N. 155th St., $163,000.

Waterford Development to Underwood, Scott W. and Deborah L., 14455 Vane St., $22,000.


203rd Plaza LLC to Vecchio, Michael J. and Linda M., 5529 S. 241st Circle, $99,500.

Belt Construction Co. to Engle, Brian J. and Teri L., 2121 S. 212th St., $540,065.

Bonney, Brittney N. to Baxter, Trevor and Sarah, 21222 Appaloosa Drive, $141,000.

Bray, Catherine A. Trust to Riley, Jennifer L. and Blaskovich, Steven P., 610 S. 197th St., $225,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Enger, Todd and Jamie, 2323 S. 219th St., $547,482.

Castle Brook Builders to Gordon, Jeffrey D. and Kimberly K., 1602 Blue Sage Parkway, $412,900.

Castle Brook Builders to Speer, Steven A. and Elisa I., 1002 N. 190th St., $536,500.

Charleston Homes to Stednitz, Spencer S. and Christina M., 20611 Grand Ave., $236,950.

Cullen, Michael and Legenza, Michelle P. to Mullen, Michael J. and Meghan A., 18107 Leavenworth St., $442,500.

Dynasty Homes to Leisey, Laurie A., 18822 Spaulding St., $359,900.

Echelon Homes to Schultz, Charles G. and Rebecca J., 1618 S. 221st Circle, $560,000.

Falcone Enterprises to Peeples, Eric S. and Lauren M., 19025 Hamilton St., $615,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Castle Brook Builders, 607 N. 189th St., $90,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Royal Development, 19045 Cuming Circle, $63,500.

Five Fountains LLC to Royal Development, 19044 Cuming Circle, $63,500.

Five Fountains LLC to Royal Development, 19019 Cuming Circle, $63,500.

Five Fountains LLC to Hildy Construction, 18663 Webster Circle, $90,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Hildy Construction, 20450 Yort St., $38,900.

Hildy Construction to Niranjan, K.C. and Malla, Arpana, 4111 N. 191st St., $402,500.

Hildy Construction to Jorgensen, Robb A. and Cain, Heather J., 18658 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $483,500.

Jacox Enterprises to Vondrak, Harry N. Jr. and Stephanie A., 19503 Marcy St., $400,000.

Kousgaard, Julie A. to Yunker, Christopher S. and Pamela J., 1315 N. 181st St., $344,000.

Kruse, Mark W. to Clanton, Orville S. and Jayne E., 3426 N. 207th Terrace, $152,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Mroczek, Nicholas C. and Melissa A., 1620 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to R & A Builders, 2205 S. 218th St., $569,950.

Liekweg, Joseph E. and Katie I. to Boyer, Kurt W., 18092 Jones St., $300,000.

Lynch, Michael J. II and Susan G. to Waggoner, Jason M. and Stephanie L., 21514 Harney St., $269,500.

Charleston Homes to Vannoy, Dennis and Marla, 19409 Manderson Circle, $274,900.

McIntyre, Christopher W. Trust to Turner, Julie B. and John W., 3124 N. 193rd St., $555,000.

Murphy, Kelly D. and Kristi A. to Aden, Erik and Ashley R., 4205 N. 195th St., $385,000.

Nemecek, Nicole to Klotz, Daniel J. and Tresa J., 1755 N. 207th St., $135,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Advantage Development, 21110 Cedar St., $90,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Advantage Development, 20761 Shirley St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Paradise Homes, 20752 Pine St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Landmark Performance Corp., 2035 S. 212nd St., $80,000.

Pacific Windgate II to JKC Construction, 1874 Blue Sage Parkway, $50,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Advantage Development, 1810 S. 211th St., $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Todd Menard Construction, 1804 S. 208th St., $170,000.

Pawlowski, John M. and Amber J. to Ahrens, Michael and Ginny, 1425 N. 181st Ave., $287,000.

Pollard, Jenna M. and O’Dell, Michael A. to Mardell Enterprises, 3313 N. 209th St., $225,000.

Ramm Construction to Harsh, Yogesh K. and Kalindee, 1209 S. 209th Circle, $434,950.

Rubek, Juliana to Gossman, William and Sheryl, 18716 Mayberry St., $260,000.

Sanders, Michael J. and Patricia E. to Broadhead, Susan D., 18109 Mayberry St., $470,000.

Schneider, Patricia A. to Nelson, Scott and Lammers-Nelson, Heather, 20101 Wirt St., $198,000.

Smith, Jeremy T. and Stephanie to Mahloch, Gregory, 19807 Harney St., $355,000.

Stodola, Kathryn and David F. to Hess, Jason M. and Kimberly E., 19601 Browne Circle, $182,500.

Woods, Carl S. and Audrey E. to Dunn, Brant and September, 19609 Amelia Circle, $256,000.


Lathrop, Joseph W. and Pamela A. to Vogt Real Estate, 123 E. Gardiner St., $150,000.

PBK Valley LLC to PBK Real Estate, 5405 N. 284th Circle, $31,000.

PBK Valley LLC to PBK Real Estate, 5404 N. 284th Circle, $23,000.

Sladek, Barry N. and Kristine to Buffington, Matthew C. and Erika C., 409 S. Lakewood St., $97,000.


Ayoub, Geoffrey B. to Foster, Robert A. and Diana M., 24429 Chicago St., $823,000.

Jensen, Megan J. to Bayer, Nicholas W., 503 Shorewood Lane, $111,000.

McCardle, Timothy M. to Bayer, Nicholas W., 503 Shorewood Lane, $111,500.

Miller, Jennifer S. to Hartung, Robin L. and Leslie B., 430 Riverside Drive, $307,000.


1234 South 10th LLC to Cramer, Justin, 1003 Johnston Plaza, $67,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Anderson, Caleb and Jessica, 6901 Pratt St., $51,000.

Daeges, Jacie D. and Andrew to VanderSchaaf, Aimee L., 5406 N. 63rd St., $116,000.

Dahlhauser, Rebecca M. and Shawn P. to Waggener, Miles B., 3135 N. 58th St., $165,000.

Davis, Peggy M. to Carter, Brian and Brea, 2003 N. 50th Ave., $190,000.

Franciscan Monastery of St. Clare to Belloma Inc. and Cook, Brett, 3626 N. 65th Ave., $230,000.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to Bel Fury Investments, 6014 Franklin St., $41,000.

Hedden, Ryan M. and Ashley R. to Sandhoefner, Neil, 2035 N. 54th St., $217,000.

Irvington Enterprises to Ballpark Properties, 4826 Wirt St., $25,000.

Jenkins, Colleen A. to Hunter, Addie T., 2318 N. 48th St., $95,000.

Phillipps, Taylor R. and Adrian to Oxer, Spenser and Lydiatt, Becky, 2321 N. 62nd St., $150,000.

Pinger, James J. to Than, Thomas and Win, Naw T., 6211 Camden Ave., $107,000.

Podroza, Martin to Zhao, Gege, 5619 Ruggles St., $50,000.

Schultz, Teresa C. to Johnston, Valerie R., 2305 N. 70th Ave., $140,000.

Serlet, Michaella A. to Mann, Alyssa, 2039 N. 68th St., $135,000.

Sevener, Mikayla E. to Parker, Savanah S., 6811 Kansas Ave., $120,000.

Thomas Properties to Fairchild, Ronicka, 6425 N. 68th St., $128,000.

Waldron, Michael F. and Michele E. to Johnson, Rayna M., 6306 Taylor Circle, $119,000.


Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Mayo, John D. and Ifoley R., 1326 S. 30th Ave., $136,000.

Elmwood Real Estate to Retzlaff, Duane and Kathryn E., 4302 Woolworth Ave., $225,000.

Fehrenbacher, Keith K. and Beth M. to Sesemann, Lisa M., 4439 William St., $231,500.

Francis, Suzann G. and Terry to Scholl, Laurence W. and Kelly N., 4331 Bancroft St., $95,000.

Jacowski, Thomas J. and Caitlin F. to Hultgren, Elizabeth M. and Ryan R., 2227 S. 32nd Ave., $220,000.

Johnson, Thomas R. and Donna L. to Shannon, Jack R. and Donna M., 2106 S. 38th Ave., $140,000.

Kallina, Patrick A. and Megan A. to Allen, Charles M. and Ahmed, Shobia, 2961 Ed Creighton Ave., $185,000.

Kimble, Lois J. Trust to Ronin Ventures LLC, 2909 Clarkson Ave., $70,000.

Mena, Judith to Burmeister, James R. II and Kelli A., 819 S. 35th Ave., $155,000.

Mims, Jason L. to Monico, Chuck and Marlo, 4378 Mason St., $120,000.

Morrow, Sean P. and Sandra K. to O’Neill, Jessia L. and Jennifer M., 4427 Pine St., $146,500.

Pendley, Dustin S. and Megan R. to Moore, Ryan J., 3704 Gordon St., $110,000.

Russell, George, personal representative, to Murguia, Luzelena, 3519 Walnut St., $100,000.

U.S. Bank to My Own Dominion LLP, 3242 S. 40th St., $39,520.


Cook, Gates C. and Chelsey to Clark, Zach A. and Parizek, Bridget E., 4607 Pacific St., $131,500.

Dahlke, Joshua D. and Laura D. to Cook-Mikkelsen, Heather, 4531 Hickory St., $225,000.

Disseler, Kathryn A. and Eric to Fogarty, Adam J., 4680 Mason St., $185,000.

Ernst, Ann M. and Ronald L. to Ernst, John E., 5805 Briggs St., $170,000.

Grove, Kyle and Kayla to Zabih, Omaid and Jill, 849 S. 52nd St., $250,000.

Hermanson, Jamie and Applegarth, Josh to Scott, Kayla, 4912 Vinton St., $135,000.

Johnson, Jensine R. and David K. to Bozarth, Sean P. and Natalie, 6642 A St., $109,000.

Johnson, Terry L. and Michelle L. to Grazier, Ryan T. and Caryn E., 1616 S. 60th St., $140,000.

Keller, Weston W. and Julie E. to Jones, Korey D. and Gebru-Jones, Rita A., 2148 S. 48th Ave., $154,000.

Russell, Bill Jr. and Mary S. to Lofties, Paul and Joann, 630 S. 69th St., $117,500.

Salzinger, Fred H. and Lynn B. to Freeman, Ally and Geoffrey, 5620 Howard St., $436,000.

Shapland, Katina to Rennels, Zachary and Clark, Dayna, 1803 S. 55th St., $139,000.


Anderson, Mariann S. to Melgar, Javier A., 5838 S. 19th St., $106,000.

Bates, Eric D. and Hieu to Valadez, Juan and Erlinda R., 2504 H St., $57,000.

Bayles, Leslie J. to Acevedo, Roxana E., 1605 Drexel St., $72,000.

Dolezal, Bart K. to Vazquez, Oscar L. and Vital, Veronica D., 6209 S. 36th Ave., $88,000.

Hood, Jon and Susan to Pintor-Placido, Fernando and Pintor, Brittany S., 6241 S. 39th St., $122,000.

JCT LLC to Martinez-Gomez, Luis A., 3136 X St., $70,000.

Lawver, Leslie K. Trust to Guerrero, Jesus C., 4124 R St., $108,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Hrubes, Emily K., 1328 Monroe St., $62,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Semin, Dolores M. Trust, 3005 S. 23rd St., $49,000.

Gray, Amanda to Eichbrecht, Miles, 1205 Pierce St., $231,000.

Haferbier, Donald to Bannick, Emily A., 615 William St., $120,000.

Marroquin, Marlon S. to Morales, Esther N., 3018 S. 21st St., $90,000.


Omaha 100 Inc. to Lantex LLC, 2211 Grand Ave., $42,500.

Omaha 100 Inc. to Lantex LLC, 2012 Emmet St., $35,000.


All Star Financial LLC to Holder, James D., 4111 Miami St., $40,000.

Brooks, Linda G. to Mujica, Eduardo and Maria S., 2420 Manderson St., $70,000.

Mosley, Brontelle G. Sr. and Nola to McTizic, Thomas R., 5832 N. 27th Ave., $35,000.

Omaha 100 Inc. to Lantex LLC, 3319 Spaulding St., $60,000.

S & K Home Solutions to Wojtalewica, Jerry, 2209 N. 37th St., $22,500.


Freeman, Travis and Jeanine to Martinez, Shane, 2889 Titus Ave., $58,000.

Johnsen, Curt to Evans, Laura K., 3119 Sheffield St., $70,000.

Mather Investments to Bacon, Launa, 3044 Whitmore St., $80,000.

Vandelay Investments to Hickam, James B., 3702 Ernst St., $48,500.

Vescio, Edwin J. to Hanusek, Christina N., 12408 N. 40th St., $145,000.


Blumkin, Christina M. Trust to Huber, Jeffrey J., 9405 Davenport St., $330,000.

Brechbill, Lauren A. to Dillon, William E. and Vicki S., 8204 Parker St., $90,000.

Deboer, Eugene C., trustee for Bertrand, Virginia D. Trust to Elmwood Real Estate LLC, 9958 Devonshire Drive, $430,000.

Kocourek, John and Karen to Dougherty, Rebecca L. Trust, 319 S. 94th St., $455,000.

Mellen, Catherine A., personal representative, to Kocourek, John W. and Karen, 10064 Fieldcrest Drive, $375,000.

Meusey, Margaret A. to HBI Omaha LLC, 8724 Harney St., $303,450.

Miller, James D. and Judy S. to Tierney Enterprises, 7736 Burt St., $80,000.

Mittal, Sumeet K. and Ambika to Blumkin, Christine M., 8113 Howard St., $395,000.

Rosenberger, Michael J. and Stephanie L. to Fichter, Austin C. and Jourdan E., 7905 Bowie Drive, $133,500.

Ross, Andrew G. and Amy J. to Woita, Robin S., 815 S. 95th Circle, $810,000.

Schlickbernd, Paul J. and Debra M. to Rush, Josilen M., 9110 Meadow Drive, $140,900.

Shields, Pamela J. to Kush, Misty, 8824 Seward St., $123,500.

Weber, Emmy B., trustee for Brock, Rita M. Trust to Bartek, Drew, 7704 Lafayette Ave., $115,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Cardinal Ventures, 1105 N. 88th St., $92,500.


Advantage Development to Trusty, Joshua T. and Maria H., 17710 Erskine St., $563,938.

Blair, Jay C. and Kristen C. to Schiessler, Nathan M. and Theresa A., 3112 N. 170th St., $250,000.

Bradley, Jason P. and Sarah J. to Smith, Brian G. and Brenda M., 6103 N. 160th Ave., $295,000.

Cain, Heather J. to Balak, Jonathan and Lauren, 16508 Butler Ave., $205,000.

Castle Creek Development to Home Co., 5804 N. 153rd Ave., $46,950.

Celebrity Homes to Ndebele, Sitabile M., 4813 N. 172nd St., $207,550.

Celebrity Homes to Atholi, Ashish, 16402 Saratoga St., $176,900.

Chirumamilla, Mohan and Bhavana to Jacobs, Jeffrey H. and Louise, 5544 N. 151st St., $225,000.

Clines, Thomas J. and Cheryl L. to Rivera, Ann M. and Kirk, 16517 Bauman Circle, $308,000.

Colombe, Patricia L. to Clayton, Christopher J. and Rachel L., 6429 N. 151st St., $260,000.

Davis-Lundgren, Jennifer R. and Lundgren, Brent E. to Morrissey, Lauren M., 4251 N. 146th Court, $113,000.

DeSanto, Adam A. to Penka, Andrea and David, 15321 Meredith Ave., $167,000.

Feilmeier, Jonathon J. and Evans, Alyssa K. to Keasling, Barbara, 4828 N. 177th St., $169,900.

Gaarde, Robert F. and Patricia A. to Shanahan, Terrence O. and Millea, Megan P., 2915 N. 144th Ave., $177,000.

Isgro, Daniel R. and Kristen H. to Eure, Janell M. and Kahlil G., 14823 Sprague St., $170,000.

Jorgensen, Donald L. to Kampfe, Andrew and Jessica, 15010 Himebaugh Ave., $229,900.

Lampkin, George J. Jr. and Tracy L. to Young, Adam and Tawni, 6122 N. 147th Ave., $185,000.

Lee, Donald and Priscilla to Clark, James A. and Nina K., 15709 Hartman Ave., $280,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Darji, Prafulkumar H. and Vishakha P., 17458 George Miller Parkway, $319,249.

Lewis, Stephanie W. and Marc to Oldenkamp, Eric D., 4911 N. 150th Ave., $190,000.

Mullin, Margaret W. to Dallan, Ryan M., 14456 Tibbles St., $132,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Sutko, Nicholas J. and Heather L., 17208 Spencer St., $280,000.

New York Community Bank to Marie, Joan, 3315 N. 147th Court, $87,500.

Petersen, Nicole A. and Kevin to Norris, Juanita, 5104 N. 155th Ave., $140,000.

Popa, Leonard and Tammie to King, Mark and Ann, 15122 Newport Ave., $330,900.

Rivers, Linda A. to Caraway, Vincent A. and Carol S., 14464 Ames Ave., $170,000.

Schmitz, Leslie L. and Christina C. to Morrissey, Michael P. and Debra L., 16310 Sprague St., $235,000.

Slater, Scott W. and Molly G. to Cich, Timothy R. and Dawn C., 2337 N. 154th St., $225,000.

Stieren, Ryan R. and Pannapa Trust to Beaudin, Cody and Annie, 4729 N. 163rd St., $197,500.

Tillman, Eric A. and Debra D. to Hasenjager, Jeffrey T. and Nicole M., 15217 Bauman Ave., $250,000.

Vannoy, Dennis and Marla to Northrup, Timothy L., 15220 Evans St., $215,000.

Wagner, Christopher M. and Kristin T. to Ruhlman, Michael T., 5907 N. 166th Court, $130,000.

Wegener, Micaela A. and Brian to Eltiste, William and Erin, 4902 N. 151st Circle, $191,500.

Weisheit, Paul A. and Holly M. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 17208 Spencer St., $280,000.

Witte, Lucas S. and Samantha J. to Killian, Kodie W. and Tiffany R., 4734 N. 163rd St., $217,000.


Breci, Anne L., personal representative, to Zander, Jeffrey L., 5034 S. 54th St., $150,000.

Castro, Rene and Castaneda, Ana F. to Martinez, Jackie L. and Michael R., 4829 S. 47th St., $109,000.

Drewel, Brian and Michaela M. to Rock, Sarina J., 5639 S. 51st Ave., $118,500.

First National Bank of Omaha to Bel Fury Investments LLC, 4912 S. 50th Terrace, $56,000.

MacCallum, Daniel P. to Louka, Ekram and Moussa, Narges S., 4421 S. 48th St., $83,000.

Smith, Catherine M. and Kevin E. to Czerwinski, Mark L. and Wulfekuhl, Douglas, 4713 S. 54th St., $33,000.


Conrad, David and Teresa to Dameier, Jedidiah B. and Jill E., 15917 Jackson Drive, $265,000.

Curtis, Galen E. and Joella C. to Smith, Christopher P. and Shawnda L., 16172 Wakeley St., $218,000.

Finkenbiner, James A. and Micki S. to Clemans, Robert W. and Kara L., 310 S. 158th Circle, $269,000.

Schenkelberg, Mark T. and Michelle J. to Phillipps, Taylor R. and Adrian, 17173 Franklin Drive, $284,500.

Silverthorn Custom Homes to LaMotte, Regina, 17601 Douglas Circle, $589,900.


Bansal, Ojas and Jindal, Prachi to Scobee, Toby Sr., 6504 N. 105th St., $169,950.

Foral, Matthew J. and Anna M. to Beaman, Daniel C., 8827 N. 82nd St., $145,000.

Frans, Jeffrey C. and Koehn, Rebecca to Parker, David, 8317 Potter St., $175,000.

Hale, William L. and Ronda L. to Blair, Maxwell R., 8015 Howell St., $128,000.

Henry, Pamela S. and Larry O. to Dykstra, Laura E. and Seth O., 7355 Weber St., $143,000.

Hess, Michael A. and Jennifer M. to Beebe, Thomas C., 10618 Baker St., $172,000.

Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC to Welsh, Nicholas C., 8707 N. 83rd Ave., $133,000.

Levkoff, Sean M. and Fox, Angela S. to Fuhrman, Ashley and Shea, 7954 Morris St., $152,000.

Mason, Robert W. to Wolterman, Todd and Terri, 8437 Craig Ave., $155,000.

Pfeiffer, Andrew to Kaasch, Brandy, 7622 Redick Ave., $85,500.

Spellman, Adam C. to Dean, Sumer N., 8017 Read St., $140,000.


Bosworth, Mark and Dustina to Edwards-Walter, Sarah E., 3205 S. 91st St., $152,000.

Miller, Allen R. and Janet Trust to Schmitt, Sarah M. and Rathouz, Mark G., 10622 Castelar St., $322,000.

Parkin, Thomas A. and Kelly B. to Dahl, Anne, 3279 S. 77th St., $163,500.

Security National Bank and Tokheim, Mary C. Trust to LJI LLC, 1308 S. 91st Ave., $192,600.

Simon, Cynthia M. Trust to LJI LLC, 1326 S. 91st Ave., $200,000.

Yowell, Eric J. to Schroeder, Alyssa, 9826 Nina St., $130,000.


Budzinski, Daniel J. to Guthrie, Benjamin, 5104 S. 92nd St., $121,000.

Dixon, Gregory C. to D & J Properties, 6509 S. 89th Circle, $145,000.

Felici, Ann to Brunt, Christopher B. and Carrie L., 10221 Monroe St., $225,000.

Fry, Gretchen M. and Wayne E. to Hardy, John F., 6003 S. 93rd St., $225,000.

Harding, Nathan and Shawna to KBL Investments LLC, 6741 S. 81st St., $111,000.

Heller, Steven E. and Laura J. to Graser, Amanda and Jeremy, 6727 S. 73rd Ave., $166,000.

Larmon, Sallie A. to Storm, Douglas A., 10305 P St., $169,500.

Melichar, Donald J., personal representative, to Smoot, Shane M., 7604 Sunset Drive, $135,000.

Sempek, David L. and Jody L. to Meicher, Robert S. and Dianne L., 8721 Sarpy Circle, $165,000.

Seume, Rita L. to Lyda, James K. and Jeanette R., 5864 S. 104th Ave., $165,000.

Sorensen, Lois M. to Stephens, Peggy and Larry, 7784 Oakwood St., $60,000.

Stephens, Larry and Peggy to Harmon, Katie M., 7784 Oakwood St., $90,000.

Svehla, John and Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen to Pratt, Russell I. and Elizabeth, 5875 S. 104th Ave., $250,000.

Van Fleet, Rita A. to Sevick, Marisa R. and Welch, Joshua J., 8504 Monroe St., $119,000.

Zielke, Joshua M. and Wendy K. to Bradley, Nathan A. and Heather, 10235 Mockingbird Drive, $174,000.


Ajlouny, Issa A., personal representative for Ajlouny, Jaad A. Estate to Marasco, Taylor E., 1318 S. 163rd Ave., $60,000.

Ajlouny, Victor A. and Audrey I. to Marasco, Taylor E., 1318 S. 163rd Ave., $60,000.

Alberts, Troy K. and Susan E. to Francis, Jeffrey E. and Keri L, 19258 Walnut St., $650,000.

APREC LLC to Musquiz, Raul G. and Stark, Synthia S., 1132 S. 185th Circle, $645,000.

Bagwan, Brady and Lynn E. to Lovewell, Trent D. and Christina M., 3406 S. 197th Circle, $360,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co., 1601 S. 198th Ave., $50,000.

Caniglia, Jesse and Michelle to Lofdahl, Christopher and Kelly, 19257 Williams St., $462,000.

Caplan, Steven H. and Naslavsky, Naava to Zhang, Xintian and Wang, Hongbo, 2412 S. 167th St., $198,000.

Carlson, Darren R. and Tammy J. to Svajgr, Jeffrey A., 16811 Spring Plaza, $450,000.

Cooper, Scott R. and Kelsey C. to Blair, William J. and Victoria E., 16912 Woolworth Ave., $185,000.

Davenport, Marian J. Trust to Newell, James R. and Eide, Regina M., 18105 C St., $332,000.

Dennis, Susan K to Stewart, Mark A. and Christina I., 16511 Hickory St., $212,000.

Fendrick, Gilbert J. Trust to Anderson, Monika E., 20206 C St., $259,500.

Francis, Timothy P. and Elizabeth A. to Colvin, Ryan M. and Monica J., 2027 S. 193rd St., $360,500.

Herrera, Marco A. and Diaz, Adriana F. to Sandoval, Jose D. and Monica C., 17308 Pierce Circle, $225,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction to Azimi, Monem A. and Babak, Haseena, 19721 Nina St., $562,194.

Karel, David A. and Jo A. to Adams, James A., 3105 S. 158th St., $189,000.

Kavan Homes to Langewisch, Eric and Tien, 3313 S. 186th St., $652,140.

Kirkpatrick, Marcus and Heather to Reising, Logan, 2015 S. 163rd Circle, $169,500.

Lenhoff, Randy R. and Debra J. to Ross, Shawn M. and Rebecca S., 16306 Valley St., $360,000.

Makovicka, Joel P. Trust to Smith, Corey L and Courtney L., 19293 Pierce St., $415,000.

Matthies, Cynthia A. to Cox, Lovell and Moton-Cox, Dana, 19258 Poppleton Ave., $540,000.

Morton, Jon A. and Brandea to Eslinger, Nathan J. and Carly M., 18902 D St., $227,000.

Mullen, Michael J. and Meghan A. to Petolick, Donald R. and Ashley K., 19704 Briggs St., $262,000.

Rogers, David and Teresa to Kastle, James A. and Samantha D., 16823 Pasadena Court, $690,000.

S & M Realty LLC to Jako Investments LLC, 16110 Hickory St., $136,000.

Schendt, Mark S. to Dicks, Wayne and Jennifer, 1419 S. 162nd Ave., $205,000.

Thompson, Jason B. to Morton, Jon A. and Brandea, 3239 S. 188th Ave., $465,000.

Wilson, James S. and Tanith L. to Nelson, Robert E. and Terry L., 15934 Dorcas Circle, $169,050.

Woods, Jeremy L. and Julie A. to Spencer, Tad M. and Kathryn J., 16236 Wright Circle, $259,950.


Anderson, Melissa A. to Rybar, Stacey, 613 N. 41st Ave., $130,000.

Anton, Rosemary and Kennedy, Charles A. to Thomsen, John C. and Jean A. Trust, 106 S. 37th St., $141,000.

Brusky, Michael A. and Rebecca J. to Hinman, Randal, 3602 Lincoln Blvd., $310,000.

Dyer, Kyle F. and Cheryl E. to Chiao, Jonathan, 4206 Davenport St., $157,500.

Huss, Joseph M. to Hoffman, Dennis, 3866 Dodge St., $70,000.

Manning, John W. and Don T. to Design Tech Inc., 326 N. 35th Ave., $103,000.

McCarthy, Howard W. to Smith, Scott M. and Haugland, Madison D., 356 N. 41st St., $141,000.

Moore, Rose-Marie to Zadina, Nicholas J., 216 N. 32nd Ave., $116,000.


Bintner, Adam and Lisa to Braun, Joseph and Emily, 669 N. 59th St., $332,000.

Hernandez, Louis P. and Patricia A. to Hariri, Wissam and Hiba, 7037 Lafayette Ave., $114,000.

Kayser, Phillip G. and Kathryn M. to Collen, William J. and Sarah L., 4841 Farnam St., $170,000.

Perry, Douglas J. and Roberts, Nancy A. to Frank, Michael R. and Roberta L., 673 N. 56th St., $657,000.


Carlson, Marsha A. and Jacob to Linares, Lissette A. and Garcia, Huascar R., 7671 Davis Circle, $131,000.

Elliott, Richard W. and Lori A. to Elliott, Alexander W., 8616 Pratt St., $130,000.

Fleck, Benjamin K. and Olena V. to Bates, Colby D., 8121 Burdette St., $127,000.

Gray, Terry D. Trust to Eccleston, Kimberly A. and Hagen, Shane, 3402 N. 82nd St., $148,000.

HBI LLC to Ford, Michael G., 9122 Sahler St., $127,000.

Kerrigan, Robert L. and Ryanne L. to Ma, Scott, 2517 N. 84th St., $87,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra to Atkins, Jason J. and Hrabik-Smith, Kathleen M., 3525 Old Maple Road, $170,000.

Rennels, Zach and Clark, Dayna to Gaskell, Spencer G. and Jessie I., 7728 Curtis Ave., $117,500.

Sacks, Jason C. and Kim K. to Johnson, Jeff A., 7633 Davis Circle, $129,000.

Schnake, John R. to Albers, Ryan M., 9724 Saratoga St., $100,000.

Speer, Elisa J. to Garris, Erica R. and Chanler V., 2218 N. 99th St., $168,000.

Stein, Justin J. and Meghan T. to Wolfert, Ryan and Kasandra, 10015 Pinkney St., $152,000.

Udofia, Amos B. and Sharon A. to Everhart, Stephanie A. and Heilig, Stacy L., 6328 N. 104th St., $205,000.

Vrooman, Cheryl L. to Nixon, Erik H. and Alisha L., 8209 Vernon Ave., $133,500.


Adair, Kimberly to Beckwith, Alexander W., 18179 Southdale Plaza, $111,000.

Aristy, Rafael A. and Victoria M. to Exum, Caitlin D., 5641 S. 193rd St., $161,000.

Briggs, David A. and Melissa A. to DeFreece, Gina L. and Andrew, 17514 Ohern St., $387,000.

Burr, Gary B. and Beverly J. to Oliva, Peggy and DeVries, Wade, 4405 S. 173rd St., $310,000.

Celebrity Homes to Severson, Orlando J. and Joyce P., 5303 S. 195th St., $161,700.

Celebrity Homes to King, Mark J. and Cindy L., 4508 S. 199th Ave., $280,700.

Davey, Robert A. II and Kuhlenengel-Davey, Kimberly S. to Green, Vanessa, 18901 K St., $143,500.

Doht, Nicholas G. and Courtney to Dubuc, Adam C. and Angela L., 18327 Drexel St., $262,500.

Essay, Doris A. to Elliott, Jon A. and Barbara A., 17623 Polk St., $165,000.

Floerchinger, Martin L. to Puthiaveettil, Shibani V., 18813 Polk St., $231,000.

Gerber, Blake and Jenna M. to Collins, Laure A., 18190 Polk Plaza, $109,500.

Gerdes, Scott R. and Nathlich-Gerdes, Cindy to Madiraju, Bhanu P. and Yarramsetty, Anileswar, 5602 S. 161st Ave., $270,000.

Gifford, Asher B. and Stephanie to Hericks, Desiree, 15933 R Circle, $195,000.

Gilbert, Nicholas J. and Brittany to Hubert, Gretta R. and John F., 19618 W St., $167,000.

Gutierrez, Fernando C. and Alison M. to Blanford, Kerri L., 6320 S. 174th St., $345,500.

H & S Partnership to Lisenby, Charles, 15617 N Circle, $147,500.

Ham, Kerby S. and Cheri J. to Wertz, Luke M. and Lexie L., 6723 S. 163rd St., $248,000.

Hazen, Matthew V. to Lessig, John, 6008 S. 187th St., $171,500.

Hild, Lisa R. to Palermo, Nicholas Y. and Amy K., 18637 Anne St., $195,000.

Hovorka, Larry Jr. and Clayton, Elizabeth A. to Trevett, Wayne and Bernadette, 18163 Hayes Plaza, $108,000.

Krafka, Martin J. and Lanell to Mitchell, Mary L. and Joseph A. Jr., 17210 P St., $245,500.

Little, Kevin D. and Luanne M. to Tracy, Matthew J. and Christine D., 4976 S. 175th St., $440,000.

Marshall, Michael D. and Madoka to Hiller, Jeff and Cara, 5409 S. 159th Circle, $203,000.

Mazur, Edward J. and Sheryl L. Trust to Gelvin, Matthew R. and Sherri L., 5902 S. 174th Ave., $272,000.

McAdams, Christopher W. to Werner, Jameson J. and Pieper, Sara A., 5423 S. 190th Terrace, $154,000.

McIntosh, Wesley A. and Christine R. to Sullivan, Carol and Thomas, 4552 S. 179th St., $163,000.

Niles, Christopher M. and Stephanie L. to Smith, Kyle and Arment, Kylie, 18728 W St., $153,000.

Pfister, Kenton J. and Sandra A. to Marshall, Michael D. and Madoka, 17120 R Circle, $355,000.

Pickens, Matthew M. and Louise to Norwine, Ronee, 4827 S. 189th St., $142,000.

Ramirez, Wilfredo and Zayra I. to Muibi Properties, 6778 S. 181st Court, $105,000.

Reding, Sandra S. to Krause, Kasey E., 5060 S. 161st Circle, $162,000.

Rice, Brendan J. and Teresa A. to McDonald, Jerome, 5934 S. 186th Ave., $165,000.

Schlueter, Kevin and Cortney M. to Dougherty, Jeffrey, 19454 U St., $155,000.

Schwenk, Mark W. and Sabrina J. to Borcyk, Tyler J. and Kathleen M., 4951 S. 162nd St., $164,000.

Sexton, Matthew R. and Casey to Bromley, Kelly and Martina, 18674 T St., $163,000.

Shadow Creek Custom Homes Inc. to Gillis, Ron B. and Jeanette A., 17519 I St., $320,000.

Trimble, Steven M. and Nancy D. to Shaikh, Farooq M. Trust and Millard West Trust, 6759 S. 181st Court, $108,000.

Umiker, Bryan B. and Heeren, April A. to Deterding, Rebecca L. and Willis L., 4343 S. 175th St., $310,000.

Waller, James C. and Karen S. to Jones, Kimberly A. and Scott A., 6419 S. 172nd Ave., $327,000.

Warren, Jeffrey D. and Tara A. to Sempek, David L. and Jody L., 16011 Borman Circle, $280,000.

Witt, Evan C. and Tatum R. to Marrinan, Jason R. and Jackie L., 17625 Jefferson St., $277,900.


Andrews, Craig A. and Lisa K. to Goltl, Dillon H. and Audrie M., 14874 Polk St., $175,000.

Beethe, Ryan and Amy to Henry, Donald S. and Pope, Joshua L., 11616 Drexel St., $159,000.

Blue Jay Development to Harris, Robert B. Jr. and Weis, Jamie E., 13973 Polk St., $138,000.

Bryan, Sharon A. to Vanlandingham, Lindsay, 14809 N St., $156,000.

Christiansen, Patrick A.and Tanya J. to Hagelstein, Brett and Melissa, 6213 S. 149th St., $193,000.

Coonce, Kim-Marie to Gifford, Asher B., 14705 Washington St., $176,000.

Gelvin, Matthew and Sherri to Anderson, Matthew D., 15346 Amy Plaza, $145,000.

Goaley, Jennifer L. and Daniel to Goaley, Shirlee A. and Susan M., 11417 Nancy Circle, $130,000.

Hakola, Kristina M. to Kusler, Taylor J., 14855 Polk St., $173,000.

Hill, Tysha K. to Cameron, Joshua M. and Sarah L., 15208 Patterson Drive, $220,000.

Horak, Timothy F. and Edith V. to Barrows, Rhonda J. Trust, 4253 S. 149th St., $179,900.

Howard, John J. and Brigitte R. to HBI Omaha LLC, 6533 S. 108th Terrace, $140,250.

J & B Resources to Sulzbach, Zackery and Randi, 6423 S. 137th St., $158,000.

Jones, Scott A. and Kim Trust to Mitchell, Russell G. and Janet C., 4382 S. 154th St., $176,500.

LP Ventures LLC and LP LLC to Morrill, Alexander, 4817 S. 126th St., $147,000.

McKenna, Sean E. and Desiree A. to Govindaswamy, Ragavan, 11105 Roxbury Drive, $158,000.

Medetognon, Eteapke N. and Ayigah, Ayawa to Graham, Lori J., 6217 S. 140th Ave., $150,000.

Mitchell, Russell G. and Janet C. to Gentile, Brian J., 5133 S. 121st St., $135,000.

Pawloski, Joseph M. and Nancy L. to Fochler, David J. and Lisa M., 12764 Deauville Drive, $66,080.

Spence, Larry A. and Kathleen M. to Brusky, Michael and Rebecca, 5027 S. 150th Plaza, $144,750.

Swope, Jayson E. and Jeanette M. to McNeil, James P., 6711 S. 140th Ave., $182,000.


Celebrity Homes to McGraw, Jack P., 7458 N. 139th St., $178,400.

Celebrity Homes to Hovorka, Elizabeth and Larry Jr., 7219 N. 139th St., $208,400.

Celebrity Homes to Buesing, Lorraine A., 7123 N. 139th St., $227,500.

Celebrity Homes to Robinson, Mark A. and Catherine M., 7111 N. 139th St., $215,900.

Hill Custom Homes to Engelgau, Karen S. Trust, 12658 Iowa Circle, $377,207.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to A1 Built Homes, 12906 Deer Creek Drive, $46,000.

Newport Homes to Crawford, Douglas G., 8069 N. 129th Ave., $265,000.

Platinum Builders to Otten, Molly C. Trust, 13040 Craig St., $459,000.


Caraway, Vincent A. and Carol S. to McGinnis, Michael F. and Deborah K., 13523 Westwood Lane, $163,000.

Carson, Kent P. and Marina E. to Capece, Kevin T. and Laura A., 3617 S. 114th Ave., $208,000.

Conrad, Josh J. and Jenny A. to Covrig, Joseph R. and Kara M., 3719 S. 116th Ave., $221,000.

Custard, Joyce A. Trust to Nicola, Ashton A., 3430 S. 130th St., $110,000.

Dameier, Jedidiah and Jill E. to Campbell, Lori P., 1513 S. 122nd St., $193,000.

Gomez, Cissily and Cruz, Buddy to 4D Management Holdings, 2926 S. 134th Ave., $80,000.

Johnson, Norma B. to Johnson, Mark R., 13567 Montclair Drive, $200,000.

Kingswood Estates to Ridgeland Homes, 3143 S. 133rd St., $41,900.

Kucera, Nicole R. and Robert to Rediger, Justin J. and Alison N., 10925 Olin Ave., $167,000.

Ludwin, Mark and Laura to Morrison, Robert S., 1417 Pine Road, $370,000.

Rose, James G. and Jana L. to Goodwin, Amy, 13456 Frederick St., $137,000.

Todd, Alex S. and Ali to Janes, Robert, 13712 Shirley Circle, $223,000.

Welch, Jeffrey D. to Luedtke, Joseph R., 3510 S. 120th St., $142,500.


Peters, John E., personal representative for Benash, Dan L. Estate to Negus, Ryan S. and Huerta, Angela M., 10715 N. 50th Ave., $205,000.

Broucek, Marin J. to Merkley, Der III and Julian, Caitlin, 5004 Read St., $128,000.

Schlautman, Reed J. and Stephanie to Everett, Orentheian J. and Jazmine, 5034 Read St., $125,000.

Jensen, John H. and Diane K. to Velez, Juanita and Richard, 7255 N. 50th St., $157,500.

Oleson, Leslie L. and Joanne A. to Jordan, Ricky R. and Lisa M., 7635 N. 57th St., $84,000.


Allen, Bruce E. to Stiffler, Michael R. and Pencietta R., 320 N. 153rd Avenue Circle, $173,000.

Baker, John J. and Glass, Patricia M. Trust to Aspect Homes, 12249 Izard St., $157,000.

Cole, Jarod R. and Autumn D. to Robinson, Adam B. and Megan C., 1860 N. 150th Plaza, $166,500.

Griffel, Meghan K. to Miller, Dan and Natalie, 12806 Pacific St., $269,900.

Lennard, Carolyn E. to Gill, Jason A. and Collett, Brittney A., 862 S. 129th Avenue Circle, $209,000.

Meztista, Edward C. Jr. and Mary E. to Tjeerdsma, Rodney, 609 S. 126th St., $233,900.

Miller, Daniel E. and Natalie E. to Brundo, Gerald II, 11634 Douglas St., $239,000.

Muffly, Nancy D. to Colegrove, Rachel A., 828 N. 122nd Court, $103,000.

Paley, Dennis S. and Susan L. to Huff, Kim M., 716 N. 148th St., $270,000.

Pfeifer, Susan M. to Thompson, Kelley T. and Marilyn C., 753 N. 155th Ave., $215,000.

Smith, Brian G. and Brenda M. to Rodriguez, Erick and Chin S., 15024 Fieldcrest Drive, $190,000.

Weber, Blaine A. and Laura G. to Sheridan, Martin M. and Nieto, Elena C., 15509 Western Ave., $209,000.


3Sheets LLC to Schutt, Ryan and Jessie, 11042 Taylor St., $200,000.

Bradford, Russell P. and Kathleen A. to Wilson, Richard A., 11415 Saratoga St., $160,000.

Dalmann, David J. and Michelle T. to Diamantis, John S. and Lia A., 3333 N. 128th Circle, $325,000.

Drvol, Kimberly R. and Scott C. to Schissel, Kandis K. and Dennis M. Jr., 14005 Sahler St., $296,000.

Emerald City LLC to Sanchez, Mabel A., 5745 N. 115th Circle, $135,000.

Glassman, Sean P. and Michael J. to Thompson, Barry G., 5319 N. 126th St., $137,000.

Hanson, Travis J. and Kimberly K. to Hannah, Angela, 2627 N. 122nd Circle, $162,000.

Herschlag, Charles H. and Katherine L. to Reilly, James L. and Mary A., 14273 Redick Ave., $204,500.

Janecek, Larry D. and Kerry L. to Miller, Jerald Jr. and Misty, 12906 Taylor Circle, $132,000.

Jepsen, Aaron and Muriel to Schallert, Cassandra, 6711 N. 111th St., $148,000.

Johnson, Heath M. and Melissa J. to Kozak, Mitchell D. and Heather M., 5267 N. 130th Circle, $149,900.

Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC to Hullinger, Rick T. and Lori J., 5272 N. 129th St., $135,000.

Meeves, Mary L. to TenEyck, Hayley M., 4618 N. 131st St., $120,000.

Mines, Gerald M. and Karen K. to Moore, Gerry C. and Teri, 2206 N. 140th Ave., $275,000.

Peters, Sarah J. to Philip J. Maschka Partnership, 2629 N. 129th Circle, $149,000.

Robinson, Mark A. and Catherine M. to Olsen, Megan C., 10943 Curtis Ave., $132,000.

Thomas, Travis C. and Erin M. to Ingraham, Jeffery and Christina, 4258 N. 143rd St., $284,900.

VIP Homes to Peters, David W. and Barclay, Deluris J., 2524 N. 137th St., $275,885.

Yau, Cheng C. Trust to Lathrop, Margaret M. and Matthew M., 13320 Eagle Run Drive, $482,500.



Crum, Judith J. to Grote, Adam, 1107 Grandview St., $113,000.

Todd, Marilyn E. and Richard L. to Iraheta, Adolfo A. and Paz, 1119 Willow Ave., $91,000.

Camperud, Douglas A. Jr. to Mathews, Dennis J. and Davis, Ginny, 1301 Prairie Ave., $146,000.

Souder, Ryan W. and Chelsea P. and Dean, John T. to Fitzgerald, Angelica and Adam, 1310 Hansen Ave., $125,000.

Aspect Homes to Santos, Ryan 1327 Hancock St., $124,000.

Adams, John and Julie to Pendley, Dustin S. and Megan R., 1703 Smith Road, $163,000.

Welte, Amy to Haywood, Cory and Gigac, Joshua, 1907 Jefferson St., $154,000.

Shelman, John E. and Jane M. to Hefel, Alysha M., 2812 Janan Drive, $132,000.

Grove, Kendra R. and Troy to Plagmann, Jacob M. and Hess, Jessica L., 36 Martinview Road, $120,000.

Wulf, Crystal A. to Snavely, Michael C. Sr., 804 W. 31st Ave., $115,000.

Heller, Stephanie to Beisswenger, Daniel H. and Holli M., 923 McLaughlin Circle, $118,000.


McCord, Rick L., personal representative for Horstman, Dorothy A. Estate to Stewart, Kyle, 11597 S. 207th St., $219,000.

Lyle, Roger K. to Lyle, Roger K. and Stotts, Jane A., 12404 S. 234th St., $72,000.

Burling, Michael J. and Patricia R. to Kempcke, Sarah N. and Craig A., 19429 Bellbrook Blvd., $356,000.

Rankin, James D. and Mary A. to Whitney, Charles N. and Katherine J., 21317 Castlerock Lane, $290,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Frear, Luke E. and Kimberly A., 8011 S. 193rd St., $346,000.


Funk, Kristyn S. to Backhuus, Joel M. and Katie, 1019 Hickory Hill Road, $222,000.

Woodland Homes to Morfeld, Michael L. and Joann F. and Melvin L. and Arlene T., 10510 S. 125th St., $400,000.

Wiese, Christopher A. to Connolly, Greg and Kaitie, 10701 Highway 370, $285,000.

Paben, Shane E. and Michelle to Shelman, John E. and Jane M., 1111 Edward St., $180,000.

Birchwood Homes to Free, Toby D. and Elise M., 11437 S. 120th Ave., $555,000.

Birchwood Homes to Jorn, Vincent and Dawn, 11451 S. 123rd Ave., $637,000.

Birchwood Homes to Ditoro, James A. and Wendy L., 12502 Longshore Circle, $600,000.

Wilson, Isaiah II and Bridgett D. to Paben, Shane and Michelle, 1305 Joy St., $403,000.

McCullough, Michelle A. to Krasser, Troy W., 14206 S. 96th St., $265,000.

Johnson, Ronald L. and Christina D. to Lenon, La Vonne, 1504 Walnut Creek Drive, $207,000.

Ahrens, Matthew W. and Bonnie E. to Keup, Aaron, 1820 Bristol St., $154,000.

Belford, Jamie M. and Lucas P. to Harrison, Debra K., 2106 Diane St., $208,000.

Lenon, Lavonne M. to Sigg, Martin D. and Linda A., 2261 Placid Lake Drive, $260,000.

Payton, Claudine A. to Wiese, Christopher A., 603 Mikelluke Circle, $184,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Hanson, Ryan L. and Grabenschroer, Stacy L., 6711 Greyson Drive, $296,000.

Vann, Tim E. and Cindy M. to Hernandez, Louis P. and Patricia A., 710 Matthies Drive, $195,000.

Skipton, David P. and Thomas Skipton, Sharon O. to Chaudhari, Yasir and Swanson, Rebecca J., 817 Pineview Drive, $213,000.

Schnuelle, Chad J. to Seip, Mark and Post-Seip, Rhonda M., 8209 Molokai Drive, $445,000.


Seip, Mark D. and Post-Seip, Rhonda M. to Block, Douglas E. and Katherine S., 15657 S. 180th St., $315,000.

Unruh, Lori A. and Dolsky, Elaine M. to Tyler, Timothy D. II and Nicole D., 260 N. Eighth St., $160,000.

Ullman, Frank C. and Denise D. to Beshaler, Aaron R. and Laura C., 280 Elm St., $221,000.

Kinnally, Kyle F. to Murtha, Kacie L., 445 N. First St., $68,000.


George, James N. and April D. to Vest, Sherri L., 10606 S. 27th St., $195,000.

Cupit, Timothy J. and Sheena M. to Lazaga, Jommel C. and Charmaine M., 11002 S. 25th Ave., $172,000.

Keefe, Kevin to Hendon, Johnathon L., 11762 McCarty Circle, $215,000.

Hartmann, Thomas A. and Susan to Fowler, Michael L. and Ashlee A., 13202 S. 33rd St., $165,000.

Campbell, Christopher D. and Nerland-Campbell, Kristine M. to Olagunju, Amanda E. and Angela, 13712 S. 17th St., $260,000.

Celebrity Homes to Karoumi, Allan E., 13716 S. 42nd Ave., $194,000.

Eavenson, Taylor D. and Kristen M. to Norton, Dale E. and Kathy A., 14219 S. 34th St., $212,000.

Neumann, Patricia K. and Charles W. to Heller, Sebnem, 14902 Normandy Blvd., $110,000.

Sullivan, Joshua G. and Tracy L. to Vetter, Matthew and Kirkpatrick, Kelsey, 2506 Winding River Drive, $176,000.

Brown, Jason R. and Catherine M. to Gans, Randal R. and Terry L., 2518 Sheridan Road, $205,000.

Misiewicz, Jerome J. and Karen A. to Suleiman, Mennen and Karen, 2925 Blackhawk Drive, $228,000.

Lara, Julio F. and Andrea G. to Hickman, Earl W. Jr. and Stephanie S., 3724 Schuemann Drive, $177,000.

Kreitzer, Patrick and Ilona to Barajas, Francisco E. and Sarah J., 4208 Mark St., $189,000.


Flinn, Alan J. and Sanger, Michelle L. to Coonfield, Dale W., 10239 Margo St., $350,000.

Koehler, James and Laureen D. to Forrestor, Richard F. Trust, 7005 S. 74th St., $150,000.

Primavera, Andrew and Bailey to NEI Global Relocation Co., 7166 Thorn Apple Lane, $215,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Deichert, Meagan, 7166 Thorn Apple Lane, $215,000.

Peterson, Connie M., trustee for Knox, William and Helen Trust to Moneto, Timothy J. and Chelsi, 7411 S. 73rd Ave., $105,000.

Fuksa, Corey to Miles, Elijah A., 7511 S. 97th St., $180,000.

Stoller, Amy L. to Edoh, Gbenade K. and Ziggah, Genevieve K., 7737 Greenleaf Drive, $128,000.

Goldsberry, Mark A. and Tammy S. to Waymire, Dillon S., 8115 S. 66th Ave., $232,000.

Sarver, Chad A. and Trisha L. to Perkins, Kayla and Micah, 8705 Wilbur St., $148,000.


Hughes, Ryan J. and Trisha L. to Harris, Gabriel T. and Elizabeth M., 11915 S. 53rd St., $275,000.

Jashinske, Andrew and Kelly P. to Rachow, Thaddeus J. and Erin E., 13505 S. 42nd Ave., $215,000.

Kordik, James S. and Nicole D. to Walker, Joan, 1809 Ridgewood Drive, $274,000.

Carroll, Colleen G. to Thomas, Adam J. and Christy L., 202 Fleetwood Drive, $230,000.

Horizon Realty to Jacobson, Beau A. and Sylvia B., 2108 Titan Springs Drive, $339,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hoshor, Patrick, 2206 Alexandra Road, $253,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Baxter, Anthony D. II and Giesick, Hope L., 2210 Alexandra Road, $205,000.

Charleston Homes to Wesely, Todd V. and Kara J., 4514 Brook Circle, $277,000.

Harvey, Patricia L. to Brennauer, Mary L., 4817 Coffey St., $300,000.

Anticoli, Melva J. Trust to Johnson, Daniel L. and Linda A., 5002 Fountain Drive, $220,000.

Celebrity Homes to Johnson, Terry L. Sr., 6646 Michael Circle, $205,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wirth, Kirk and Kimberly A., 6713 Elm Hurst Drive, $236,000.

Fuksa, Linda E. Trust to Johnson, Rodney K. and Shawna M., 6828 Park Crest Drive, $342,000.

Celebrity Homes to Tanghanwaye, Gnandi and Agbosse, Afi F., 8528 S. 69th Circle, $199,000.

Celebrity Homes to Borgan, Katelyn and Spencer, Joshua, 8540 S. 69th St., $219,000.


Trademark Homes to Husen, Jeremy L. and Andrea M., 10615 S. 191st Ave., $403,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Charlson, Elynn G. and Theresa L., 10636 S. 189th St., $380,000.

Brown, Danelle and Corbin N. to Link, Justin D., 15818 Briar St., $146,000.

Devall-Wood, Mindy J. Trust to Wiitanen, Jeffrey C. and Gina R., 16823 Chandler St., $399,000.

Richland Homes to Mishra, Saket, 17025 Centennial Road, $257,000.

Celebrity Homes to Koller, Michael S. and Melissa S., 17225 Banner St., $234,000.

L’Heureux, Tim and Meredith to Corry, Spencer B., 18050 Margo St., $160,000.

Van Dyke, Amaris Z. to Desoe, Cheryl M., 7402 S. 173rd St., $246,000.

Celebrity Homes to Pykiet, Tarah A., 7812 S. 190th St., $293,000.

Carnes, Daniel W. and Ann E. to McWilliams, Ethan and Alicia, 8018 S. 190th Ave., $185,000.

Tome, Justin B. and Foster, Kyle G. to Hurlbert, Terry R. and Paula A. Trust, 9102 S. 171st St., $274,000.

Kozol, Robert A. and Kristi M. to Devere, Brian and Julie, 9203 S. 171st St., $270,000.

Aberg, John and Racheal to Nienaber, Brian and Brooke, 9391 Cinnamon Drive, $110,000.

Anderson, Valerie L. and Jason J. to Raines, Michael D. and Christy I., 9580 S. 163rd Ave., $435,000.

Timberline Homes to McHatton, Scott and Elisa, 9814 S. 173rd St., $411,000.


Hauschild, Kelli and Kyle to Kozel, Thomas A. and Carol L., 12917 Olive St., $166,000.

Palermo, Nicholas Y. and Amy K. to Van Camp and Son LLC, 12959 Chandler Road, $131,000.

Coric, Omer and Zineta to Contreras, Sheila A., 13306 Emiline St., $150,000.

Genant, Maurissa E. and Zachary J. to Reid, John C. and Zulkoski, Angela M., 13605 Chandler St., $159,000.

Cobb, Gage R. and Melissa K. to Burrow Management Co., 14111 Barretts Drive, $130,000.

Harding, Don L. and Joan to Moore, John E. and Harding-Moore, Jessica D., 14610 Margo St., $130,000.

Williams, Shannon R. and Alvin E. III to Davis, Julie K. and Michael M., 15102 Irene St., $148,000.

Abboudd, Nicole M. and Matthew R. and Hild, Rolland and Dixie to Lehr, Thomas C., 15304 Chalco Pointe Drive, $143,000.

Hericks, Daniel and Debra to Nocita, Michael A., 7125 Joyce St., $160,000.

Sanchez, Angela L. and David M. to Edgar, Scott A. and Barbara L., 8119 S. 154th St., $143,000.

Block, Douglas E. and Katherine to Peterson, Phillip A. and Jodi A., 8406 S. 139th Circle, $125,000.


Adams, Lorie J. to Anderson, Lesley J., 2807 Josephine St., $125,000.

Houser, Gloria R. to Reynolds, Mandy S., 4007 Valley View Ave., $118,000.

Jaimes, Hernandez E. to Blazek, Andrew R., 7325 S. 18th St., $125,000.

Brouillard, Richard J. and Marcy to Stolt, Alyssa and Heinz, Trevor, 7606 S. 41st Ave., $130,000.

Rivera, Alfredo and Veronica E. to Fellbaum, Trevor J. and Jaira R., 9305 S. 28th St., $238,000.


Slowik, Donald G. and Cindy K. to Ledesma, Diego and Orona, Jeny, 4977 Virginia St., $138,000.



Huynh, Lan to Foo, Samson and Teresa, 2310 S. Sixth St., $122,500.

Hug, Joshua C. to Schaaf, Nichole M., 2731 Ave. L, $128,000.

Petersen, Elaine and Paul to Hanover, Rachel M., 2933 Ave. F, $104,500.

Graves, Donald to Gates, Brenda, 1204 N. 29th St., $40,000.

South, Gloria and Larry Trust to Martinez Arroyo, Victor and Lopez Banderas, Marisol L., 2214 S. 11th St., $75,000.

Voudry, Jamie and Lawrence to Clayton, Angela M., 3005 Ave. J, $130,000.


Graning, Beverly A. to Whittington, Jeffrey C, 109 Franklin Ave., $94,000.

Smith, Melissa A. and Sean P. to Grannis, Anna M., 118 Graham Ave., $89,500.


Poorker, Karen L. and Randy D. to Chaplin, Spencer T. and Lawless, Alisha A., 1401 Neptune Drive, Carter Lake, $150,000.


Jens, Patricia to Woltmann, Justin H. Trust, 42753 Tamarack Road, Avoca, $70,500.


Wilson, Paul A. and Sharon M. to Harmon, Michael, 16024 Lime Kiln Road, Crescent, $35,500.


Russell, John D. and Nancy E. to Chambers, Peggy, 301 Evans St., Macedonia, $159,500.


Peters, Bridgett M. and Patrick L. to McMullen, Daniel and Katie, 14447 275th St., Treynor, $270,000.

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