Celebrity Homes to Betancourt, Rodolfo M. and Jimenez, Adriana P., 8803 N. 160th St., $208,200.

Charleston Homes to West, Craig D. and Lindsey K., 17136 Bondesson St., $245,274.

DG3 Properties to Thompson, Barry G., 15354 Reynolds St., $145,000.

Drummond, Douglas J. and Shandra L. to Reiling, Judy V., 8169 N. 159th St., $215,000.

Hildy Construction to Ocken, Travis and Casey, 9015 N. 169th Ave., $364,900.

Hunter, Stewart A. and Catherine L. to Cherek, William T. and Mattheis, Kellyn R., 15311 Young St., $147,500.

Kendel Homes to Charleston Homes, 7507 N. 160th St., $30,000.

Legacy Model Properties to Hajek, Kenneth L. and Kelly A., 15802 Jardine Circle, $246,900.

Marque Custom Builders to Fulton, Steven C. and Roberta J., 7008 N. 154th St., $226,963.

Petersen, Shawn K. and Pamela J. to Knobbe, Michael J. and Carol E., 12001 N. 178th Circle, $98,000.

Ritchie, Molly J. and Jeffrey T. to John, Samuel L. and Thorstensen, Emily J., 8908 N. 155th St., $177,500.

Sandeen, Mark L. and Carole M. to Westphal, Andrea R. and Brian L., 15121 Gilder Ave., $365,000.

State Street Investment to Charleston Homes, 7704 N. 159th St., $40,950.

State Street Investment to Home Co., 16107 Reynolds St., $42,950.

Stratford Park Development to KC Homes and Cerise Construction Inc., 8611 N. 173rd St., $36,800.

Stratford Park Development to Lane Building Corp., 8510 N. 168th Ave., $38,600.

Swain, Christine to Hinkle, Jeffrey L. and Martha A., 14612 Read Circle, $248,000.

Waterford Development to TJL Consulting, 7512 N. 155th Terrace, $28,375.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 15508 Potter St., $29,000.

Waterford Development to Burmeister, Seth and Kim, 14755 Weber St., $33,500.

Watts, Jeff to Williams, Matthew C. and Lyndsay A., 8151 N. 159th St., $265,000.

Zych Construction to Klostermann, Todd J. and Natashia S., 8945 N. 172nd St., $341,232.


Castle Brook Builders to Degner, Brian, 625 N. 189th St., $433,322.

Celebrity Homes to Auxier, Joseph W., 20818 Clark St., $225,200.

Charleston Homes to Burks, James D. and Christina J., 20453 Grand Ave., $235,189.

Cunningham, Michael J. and Candy L. to Maynard, Jarret and Darren, 21204 Palomino Road, $129,000.

Eichler, Delores S. Trust to Kruse, Caleb J. and Brittany F., 3402 N. 206th St., $152,500.

Five Fountains to Feldhacker Custom Homes, 19014 Nicholas Circle, $85,000.

Fools Inc. to Dugger, Robert G. and Karen J., 20707 Fowler Ave., $284,000.

Franzen, John and Marcellene to Anthony Co. Builders LLC, 1513 S. 219th St., $105,000.

FRK Development LLC to Charles Thomas Homes, 19008 Sahler St., $39,900.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders to Melstad, Kevin G. and Karen A., 2716 N. 189th St., $263,000.

Home Co. to Neid, Robert L. and Elaine S., 1434 N. 194th Circle, $255,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Pohland Custom Homes, 2410 S. 219th St., $212,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Luxe Design Co., 21871 Marinda St., $103,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Luxe Design Co., 21816 Dorcas St., $160,000.

Matson, John V. and Whitney A. to Kahlandt, Kristopher and Marissa, 20063 Hopper St., $207,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Todd Menard Construction, 1623 S. 207th Ave., $190,000.

Plettner, Linda L., personal representative, to McQuade, Lynette A., 20522 Taylor St., $278,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Broniecki, Stephan M. and Kathleen A., 1715 Blue Sage Parkway, $491,014.

Smith, Brock D. and Elizabeth D. to Flint, Joshua R. and Katie E., 948 S. 198th St., $375,000.

Trademark Homes to Stargel, Rob and Ashley, 19614 Dewey Ave., $364,098.


Ausdemore, Jodee to Hayden, Jennifer L., 112 W. Hudspith St., $130,000.


Meester, Jessica to Murphy, Richard and Mary, 24348 Douglas Circle, $375,000.

Shive, Stephen M. Trust to Lusk, James F. and Mary E., 24504 Mason St., $840,000.


Aspect Homes to Dose, Benjamin L., 3533 N. 59th St., $97,000.

Bruton, Mildred E. to McGhee, Patricia A., 5445 Kansas Ave., $120,650.

Engelken, Kirsten M. to Kyaw, Maung T. and Ku, Ka M., 4943 Emmet St., $144,000.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 4110 N. 54th St., $66,900.

Honeywell, Larry L. and Shirley A. to J. Adams Investments, 4820 Browne St., $35,000.

Ingraham, Jeffery L. and Christina A. to Mejstrik, Keith and Taylor, Mara, 2701 N. 60th Ave., $170,000.

Powell, Mildred S. to Soe, Plo and Wah, Lah R., 4921 Browne St., $87,000.

Stahlke, Nathan A. to Bayliss, Stephen W., 3952 N. 53rd St., $94,000.

US Bank and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to YK Holdings, 6117 Franklin St., $56,500.

Woita, Randall J., personal representative to Woita, Ronald R. and Robin S., 6620 Seward St., $37,150.


Bae, Kay and Carballo, Luis M. to Suh Real Estate, 1116 S. 31st St., $245,000.

Brown, Angela R. and Mark W. to McGranahan, Cory, 1014 S. 38th Ave., $97,000.

Hawkins, Fred H. Jr. Trust to Hawkins Construction Co., 2512 Deer Park Blvd., $360,000.

Hughes, William F. and Patricia to Arnold, Melanie N., 818 S. 37th Ave., $63,000.

Maresch, Alexander J. and Samantha J. to Pangkerego, Christoffel, 1325 S. 33rd St., $194,000.

Ptacek, Michael C. and Ria F. Trust to Wesely, Rita J., 615 S. 32nd Ave., $88,000.


Barrett, John C. and Verla K. Barrett Trust to Toledo, Kristin P., 3722 S. 49th Ave., $129,000.

CMS Mowing Service Inc. to Terry, Daniel R., 5423 Poppleton Ave., $116,500.

Davis, Deana K. Trust and Security National Bank to Forbes, Neil T., 2610 S. 49th St., $135,000.

Klinker, Luke and Christine C. to Bechaz, Jill E., 5519 Emile St., $230,000.

Precision Properties Group to Pietsch, Jeffrey and Laura L., 5611 Jackson St., $135,000.

Rezac, Rex A. and Aida A. to KBL Investments, 6475 Poppleton Ave., $117,750.

Theobald, Scott and Ard, Brenda K. to Chizek, Quinn R. and Melo, Shannon B., 1920 S. 50th St., $102,000.


Asche, Wesley D. Trust to Asche, David W., 4428 S. 21st St., $46,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to South O Joe LLC, 3547 Madison St., $41,000.

Bronte Companies LLC to Flores, Tito, 3920 U St., $37,600.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 4221 Drexel St., $110,000.

Hernandez, Margarita N. to Hernandez, Jose S. and Sandra, 5515 S. 32nd St., $50,000.

Liska, Madeline to Camarillo-Mendoza, Tomas, 1346 Drexel St., $96,000.

Sapienza, Richard and Medley, Melissa M. to Hernandez, Nelson and Natasha S., 5102 S. 37th St., $135,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Semin, Joseph, 5022 S. 41st Ave., $42,000.


Melendez, Melvin and Arias, Norma Y. to Flores, Eligio J., 3315 S. 19th St., $104,000.

THR LLC to EVH LLC, 1942 S. 14th St., $54,000.


Bank of New York to AVS Properties, 3705 N. 40th St., $26,000.

Shaddy, Jake to Nabulsi, Ahmad Y., 3809 Camden Ave., $30,000.


Becher, Karen M. to Freeman, Robert W. and Kristen S., 2956 Rainwood Road, $515,000.

Bronte Companies to Scarlett, Seth, 4242 Willit St., $160,000.

Katzenberger, Cathy A. to Adler, Daniel and Corey, 9656 N. 29th St., $185,000.


Proskocil, Mary L. and Eyberg, Rose M. to Trilogy Investments, 1024 S. 91st Circle, $175,000.

Woods, Judith H. Trust to Fulcher, Joseph T. and Jennifer B., 9732 Brentwood Road, $600,000.


Castle Brook Builders to Durio, Jeffrey and Karin, 2102 N. 176th St., $418,000.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 6010 N. 152nd Ave., $42,950.

Castle Creek Development to Pine Crest Homes, 5964 N. 155th Ave., $42,950.

Castle Creek Development to Pine Crest Homes, 5514 N. 153rd St., $43,950.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 15319 Kansas Ave., $42,950.

Castle Creek Development to Richland Homes, 15264 Crown Point Ave., $45,950.

Celebrity Homes to Bohn, Joel M. and Summit, Rachel M., 17420 Redman Ave., $293,050.

Celebrity Homes to Evert, Jeffrey M., 16406 Saratoga St., $177,200.

Eckerman, Steven W. and Jill D. to Merle, Michael A. and Catie M., 4756 N. 148th St., $190,103.

Fieler, Kevin and Kay to Holmes, Vicki L., 5163 N. 144th Court, $130,900.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to ASA Properties, 16922 Boyd St., $125,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Sherwood Homes, 6208 N. 165th St., $44,900.

Herman, Margo C. to Overly, Shirley H. and Steven A. Trust, 2202 N. 166th St., $139,900.

Huff, Cody A. and Marsha M. to Zipperlen, Matthew C. and Brittany M., 15134 Evans St., $169,500.

Knobbe, Roger F. and Leslie A. to Conell, Daniel A. and Jane M., 6403 N. 150th St., $236,000.

Richland Homes to Cooper, Julie and Jeffrey, 17559 Wirt St., $262,500.

Thomas David Builders to Cardenas, Ronnie C. Jr., 17566 Corby St., $65,000.

Tworek, Benjamin J. and Laura M. to Peterson, Shane M. and Houfek, Rachel L., 17039 Boyd St., $156,000.


Kems, Jeremy C. and Nicole L. to Senkbile, Zachary J., 4718 S. 53rd St., $110,000.

Palos, Martin H. and Silva, Agueda to Albiter-Albiter, Mirno and Benitiz-Rebollar, Ladislao, 4729 S. 48th St., $58,000.


Abraham, George H. Jr. to Edward, Chris and Stacey L., 731 N. 156th Ave., $330,000.

Baker, Travis A. and Julie L. to Cassidy, Adam R. and Lindsay, 16111 Decatur St., $265,000.

Conlin, Steven and Ashley to Prudhon, Christopher W., 16018 Capitol Ave., $195,000.

Moluf, Barbara L. and Melvin Trust to Williams, Carol A. and Ardis J., 1830 N. 176th Plaza, $137,000.


Cich, Timothy R. and Dawn to King, Andrea, 8111 Girard Plaza, $155,000.

Cochrane, Dakota G. and Lacey to Caspers, David and Sanders, Elizabeth, 7924 Newport Ave., $128,000.

Gartner, Troy G. and Monica to Woster, Matthew, 7641 N. 80th St., $139,000.

Growth Equity Group to Pryor, Mica M., trustee for Maloney, Loyd Trust, 7335 N. 80th St., $148,000.

Hammond, Correll L. and Patin-Hammond, Antonia L to McLaughlin, Chris, 7362 N. 89th Ave., $177,900.

Hawthrone, James E. III and Ashley to Myers, Michael M. and Katie S., 7412 N. 74th St., $147,000.

Hruska, Katherine R. and Kimmerling, Matthew C. to Knighton, Jaren and Deborah C., 8841 Quest St., $145,000.

Roitstein, Darrin M. to Cade, Cody and Elaine, 7976 Bondesson St., $129,900.


Hartung, Jeffrey C. and Shannon R. to Miller, Matthew G., 9789 Frederick Circle, $710,000.

Matthiessen, Brad and Gail to Grogan, Sean P. and Hoch, Shannon R., 9836 Pierce St., $265,000.


Boop, James M. and Jill M. to Coppertree LLC, 10350 Z St., $180,000.

Bradley, Brian T. and Krystal to McClinton-Wilson, Lavonda L., 8213 Wildewood Drive, $118,000.

Queen, Patricia to Rassman, Heather D., 8810 Ohern St., $136,000.


Armbrust, Amy L. Trust to Smith, Michael D. and Lisa M., 3023 S. 163rd St., $230,000.

Backhaus, Luke to Devol, Ross and Elizabeth, 2024 S. 198th St., $235,000.

Holland, Dana L. and Lorena J. to Caplan, Steven and Naslavsky, Naava, 18473 Van Camp Drive, $473,000.

Johnson, Marlene R. to Carman, James A. and Becht, Deborah A., 2006 S. 163rd Circle, $137,500.

Johnson, Sandra A. to Hove, Alan C. and Barbara A., 16105 Arbor Court, $134,000.

Kluver, Douglas D., trustee for Roots, Ronald B. Trust to Bodensteiner, Michael E. and Arora, Monica, 2407 S. 182nd Circle, $95,000.

Latham, Crista L. and Bryan P. to Marchese, Sam and Connie J., 19662 Hickory St., $275,000.

Marburger, Susan K. to Deturk, David L. and Linda D., 18913 Ontario St., $198,000.

Ricker, Phillip A. and Karin C. to Evans, Richard and Elizabeth, 15926 Arbor Circle, $140,000.

Semin, Gina M. to Semin, Frank D. and Julie A., 18132 Atlas St., $257,000.

Septak, Larry E. and Debra M. to Septak, James M. and Chrisman, Kaitlin S., 2219 S. 164th Ave., $192,000.

Vacanti, Christopher A. and Belinda S. to Bierle, Dennis D. and Joann, 17835 Bay Wood Drive, $740,000.

Whitehawk Development to Sherwood Homes, 3817 S. 192nd Ave., $39,950.


EGAD LLC to Wisnieski, Donald J., 4112 Nicholas St., $159,000.

Holmes, Mary E. and John T. to Flick, Nathaniel and Zacharia, Thomas, 131 S. 39th St., $123,000.

Stacy, Richard and Walter, Georgia to Fagundes, Daniel N. and Heather A., 116 N. 40th St., $132,000.

Wallace, Robert A. and Margaret A. to Bohlen, Barry A., 105 N. 31st Ave., $129,000.


Boganowski, Amanda K. to Harms, H.A. and McNall, Megan R., 4818 Douglas St., $290,000.

Ellis, Brian C. and Corinne G. to Micek, Benjamin J., 1026 N. 63rd St., $252,500.

Spieker, Terri to Carlson, Jessica E., 4921 Charles St., $110,000.


Berry, Duane E., personal representative to Mink Resources LLC, 9712 Ohio St., $106,800.

Dickson, Bradford W., trustee for the Dickson, Betty L. and William M. Trust to Miller, Michael P. and Rhoda W., 9915 Emmet St., $107,500.

Evans, Matthew E. and Stacy L. to Doghman, Mohamad I. and Mary K., 6411 N. 79th St., $130,000.

Junker, Wade M. and Allison M. to Mills, Jack P. Jr., 10627 Laurel Ave., $144,001.

Medeiros, Michael N. to Barron, David and Cindy, 3616 N. 76th St., $138,700.

Sanders, Daniel C., personal representative, to Rose, Hope S. and Shepherd, Christine A., 8505 Evans St., $138,000.

Whitfield-Stoller, Carli A. and Stoller, Tim to Flanagan, Bradley and Jamie, 5006 Parkview Drive, $147,000.


Brown, Vanessa L. and Karpisek, Andrew to McClenahan, Jillian, 5370 S. 194th St., $159,900.

Brummett, James R. and Kimberly K. to Jha, Lokesh K. and Mishra, Kalpana J., 6405 S. 171st St., $356,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp., 19958 Monroe St., $52,000.

Celebrity Homes to Larsen, Eugene and Melissa, 5302 S. 194th Ave., $162,400.

Cirian, Phillip P. and Helen M. to Dant, Stephan W. and Sharon E., 6810 S. 182nd Court, $107,000.

Cummings, Brian J. and Alicen V. to Almery, Tanner C. and Maurstad, Kelsey M., 4235 S. 174th Ave., $260,000.

Gail, Matthew J. to Sopher, Dylan A. and Mary E., 19354 V St., $156,000.

Hedstrom, Heath and Rhea to Li, Zhimin and Chen, Zhan, 19409 Gail Ave., $147,000.

Jensen, Richard E. Jr. and Darlene M. to Steele, Richard A., 17305 U St., $285,000.

Kavan, Amy C. and Jake to Marsh, James and Alycia, 19617 U St., $160,000.

Lane, Scott A. and Katrina to Lura, Patrick L. and Ashley N., 5819 S. 160th St., $242,000.

Loder, Ronald D. and Angela to Chen, Zhan and Li, Zhimin, 19460 T St., $145,000.

Lutzen, Dale C. and Renee to Conlin, Steven and Ashley, 17015 O Circle, $292,000.

Pedersen, Justin L. and Alexis M. to Sean, Thanhson and Nguyen, Tri T., 19371 W St., $150,000.

Ray, Sally and Jones, Brandon to Rygg, Kathy S. and Osentowski, Jeffrey S., 19315 I St., $272,000.

Thill, Andrew J. to Deans, Christopher and Alese, 15612 Holmes Circle, $165,000.

Tran, Vinh M. and Nguyen, Minh T. to Hoant, Phuoc and Truong, Minh, 19521 Laci St., $115,000.


Aksentowitz, Kathleen A. to Welch, Everett C., 12630 O St., $135,000.

Barker, Rexford J. and Mary J. to Harrington, Daniel and Sylvia, 4204 S. 148th St., $236,000.

Cunning, Scott L. and Anne E. to Hopp, David and Allyson, 15308 Summerwood Drive, $231,000.

Curtis, Terri K. and Matthew D. to Vacanti, Matt J., 6819 S. 125th Circle, $185,000.

Davis, Janelle L. to Dussetschleger, William V. and Zelasney, Kelcie N., 6515 S. 129th St., $186,000.

Fitzgerald, Jessica J. and Jeffrey E. to Ulmer, Laura L. and Eric R., 15251 U St., $169,900.

Liermann, Bret A. and Lynn L. to Bradley, Brian T. and Krystal, D., 4364 S. 146th St., $191,000.

Neid, Robert L. and Elaine S. to Malmstrom, Matthew A. and Sandra L., 13116 Old Cherry Road, $200,000.

Sevrench LLC to Lenagh, Paul A., 12006 Ohern St., $115,000.

Troy, Laura A. to Rodriguez, Rafael and Perez-Vargas, Sandra L., 14719 Madison Circle, $160,000.

Van Epps, Matthew R. to Clements, James D. and Chelsea R., 13606 Polk St., $164,000.

White, Phyllis L., personal representative, to Peyton, Paul D., 12236 N St., $87,500.

Wilson, Brett and Paula to Matson, John and Whitney, 12455 Oakair Drive, $247,000.

Younglove, Bradley C. and Martha A. to Volcheck, Gerald S., 14839 Walnut Grove Circle, $150,000.


Celebrity Homes to Kanellis, Robert E. and Kimberly L., 7211 N. 139th St., $220,400.

Celebrity Homes to Shaffer, Brian D. and Kimberli S., 13939 Wood Valley Drive, $159,900.

Diamantis, John and Lia to Barker, Rexford J. and Mary J., 12727 Read St., $460,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Heavey, William H. and Schuala, Susan M., 12330 Read St., $47,900.

Upton, Betsy L. to Witkowski, Mark S. and December E., 11501 Scott St., $295,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Mahnke, Jeff, 12668 Deer Creek Drive, $378,420.


Blair, Robert T. and Kathy C. to Wright, Amanda J. and Matthew G., 2411 S. 123rd Ave., $127,000.

Estee, Brent J. and Jacqueline A. to Hansen, Adam and Lisa, 14206 Cedar Circle, $255,000.

Fortune, Bridget M. to SAS Properties, 10942 Spring St., $103,000.

Hiemer, Anton to Baker, Shawn W., 15238 Grover St., $161,500.

Miller, Paige E. and Esch, James to Parker, Jason R. and Brienn R., 2125 S. 118th St., $310,000.

O & H Properties to Blair, Robert and Kathryn, 2239 S. 148th Ave., $176,900.

Peterson, Loren M. and Sherie G. to Schroeder, Lois, 3372 S. 130th St., $138,000.


Bourne, James N. Jr. to Lewis, James A. and Laurie L., 1326 Harrison St., $75,000.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stone, Amanda J., 5314 Read St., $125,000.


Bell, Robert M. to Schrader, Steve R. and Karen R., 15520 Seward St., $248,000.

Burke, Ryan M. and Bridget A. to Townsend, Chad D. and Megan A., 1211 N. 123rd Circle, $286,100.

Fulton, Steven C. and Roberta J. to Gerdes, Kyle E. and Jocelyn M., 723 N. 154th Ave., $208,000.

Geiger, Michael P. and Mary to Beatus, Carrie A., 15106 Fieldcrest Drive, $111,239.

Hartzell, Cindy L. to Huston, David C. and Daniel C., 1817 N. 110th St., $180,000.

Henneman, Sherry A. to Meyer, Todd A., 10819 Franklin St., $67,500.

Kerrigan, Michael A., trustee for Tobin, John and Frances Trust to Haynes, Stephan and April, 821 S. 154th St., $178,000.

Ramsey, John M. and Lien, Emily to Islam, Kamurul and Sultana, Nigar, 1611 N. 150th Plaza, $188,000.

Russell, Charles A. Jr. to Peterson, Kathryn M. and Mitteer, Daniel R., 15446 Harney St., $192,500.

Saal, Margaret A. to Miller, Mark and Libby, 12075 Jackson St., $192,000.

Stageman, Sandra S., trustee for Casey, James R. Trust to Brownfield, Nancy, 12727 West Dodge Road, $107,000.


Acharya, Sunil and Mridula to JAKO Investments LLC, 12669 Meredith Ave., $145,000.

Barsell, James L. and Helen to Walzer, Amy and McFeely, Shane M., 4005 N. 117th St., $185,000.

Bermel, Kathleen A. to McQueen, Laura Trust, 13633 Miami St., $47,500.

Dresslar, Michael J. and Jeanette to Kortright, Matthew S. and Hogan, John G., 13809 Larimore Ave., $273,500.

Dupell, Ron and Bahl, Joan to Gehrig, Roger R. and Cynthia A., 5528 N. 134th St., $234,700.

Growth Equity Group to Pryor, Mica M., trustee for Maloney, Loyd Trust, 6133 N. 109th St., $153,000.

Kortright, Matthew S. and Megan C. to Meadows, Donald T. and Vickie L., 12918 Vernon Ave., $148,000.

Melcher, Allison and Justin to McKeever, Nicholas, 11102 Mary St., $141,000.

Mountaintop Investments to S & P Development, 12978 Lark St., $158,000.

Quist, Renee A. and Jamie J. to Sebron, Harold E. and Crystal D., 2225 N. 142nd Circle, $150,101.

U.S. Bank Trust and Newlands Asset Holding Trust to Van Meeteren, John, 4747 N. 131st St., $113,250.

Williams, Lyndsay A. to Lance, Joseph M. and Raven J., 13010 Curtis Ave., $140,500.



Ruiz, Benjamin and Olga to Hanion, Steven, 1405 Madison St., $191,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Sears, Anissa D., 1905 Thurston Ave., $81,000.

Leber, John C. Jr. and Diana S. to Kehm, Douglas L. and Lorianne L., 1708 Bellevue Blvd. North, $350,000.

Thomas, Sheila M., trustee for Pfeiffer Trust to Bosaw, Rebecca, 2407 Hancock St., $115,000.

Arriola, Rene and Erica and Meyer, Mark and Janessa to Lage Enterprises, 2311 Clay St., $85,000.

McElroy, Thomas D. and Lamardo-McElroy, Bethany A. to Bookless, Samuel L. and Sara E., 1506 Ninth St., $134,000.

Krause, Michael and Emily to Donovan, Stephen and Christopher Jr., 2800 Crawford St., $87,000.

Kramer, Ellen L. to Gillespe, Timothy J. and Theresa J., 705 Bellevue Blvd. N., $84,000.

Kumor, John M. and Jessica to Jones, Jason J., 920 McLuahlin Circle, $97,000.

H & S Partnership to Adams, Julie C., 601 Nob Hill Terrace, $120,000.

Stangl, Rosanne E., personal representative for Cook, Robert W. Estate to Mullen, John F. and Mary E., 2405 Crawford St., $132,000.

Matchett, Michael B. and Anna C. to Marx, Michael D. and April N., 1703 Chaput Drive, $235,000.

Bloom, Jason C. to Strode, Scott E., 2706 Bryan Ave., $112,000.


Wakefield, Kevin R. and Linda G. to Salisbury, Jeffrey C. and Andrea J., 19828 Acorn Drive, $226,000.

Schmitt, Michael and Jessica to Spofford, Scott C. and Kecia K., 10706 S. 215th St., $240,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Davis, Wayne R. and Patricia A., 12202 S. 214th St., $260,000.

Hildy Construction to Engel, Christopher D. and Amber L., 19807 Birch St., $358,000.

Whigham, Corey B. and Roxie A. to Hall, Thomas A. and Megan, 12529 S. 217th St., $212,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Williams, Jana M., 8010 S. 192nd Ave., $276,000.

Copper Ridge to WILTECH LLC, 22109 Copper Ridge Road, $78,000.

Fireside Construction Co. to Charleston Homes, 7906 S. 193rd St., $56,000.

Ridgeview Homes to Charleston Homes, 8018 S. 192nd Ave., $56,000.

McCune Development to Hildy Homes, 512 Sherwood Drive, $47,000.

Wiegert, Joel and Margaret to Kozisek, Mark D. and Stacey J., 19434 Bellbrook Blvd., $335,000.


Dunham, Regina F. to Berninger, Barbara A., 805 Buckboard Blvd., $185,000.

Southbrook Development to Griffin Homes, 11066 Edward St., $60,000.

Southbrook Development to Fools Inc., 10905 Lake Tahoe Drive, $43,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Douthett, Steven C. and Rita A., 11405 S. 120th Ave., $544,000.

Raffensberger, Vincent and Angela to Kenney, Peter T. and Michelle E., 901 Elm Hurst Drive, $252,000.

Ferguson, Rebecca to Rezanka, Christopher G. and Fair A., 1316 Scott Road, $192,000.

Heartland Investors/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 919 Gayle St., $30,000.

Tax Cert Investment to Adair Holdings LLC, 917 Gayle St., $30,000.

India Investments/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 915 Gayle St., $30,000.

Central Properties/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 1101 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Heritage Management Services/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 923 Crest Drive, $30,000.

MWM/BMO Harris to Adair Holdings LLC, 920 Crest Drive, $30,000.

Compound Assets to Adair Holdings LLC, 922 Crest Drive, $30,000.

Central Properties/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 924 Crest Drive, $30,000.

Pointe Group to Adair Holdings LLC, 1103 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Poorman, William L. and Susan D. to Fairchild, Bruce M. and Marilyn J., 2017 King Drive, $170,000.

Smith, David J. and Maura S. to Soto, David P. and Brandy M., 1024 Tekamah Lane, $278,000.

Hall, Lucretia E. and Joseph G. to Swiercek, Justin R. and Powell, Megan N., 813 Fort Circle, $190,000.

Rankin, Virgil J. to Michelic, Bob and Stacey, Karen, 906 Quail Ridge Circle, $264,000.

Galman, Marcus B. and Ansley K. to Cloonan, Patrick and Nicole, 1104 Fulkerson Road, $315,000.

Woockman, Heath S. and Deanna J. to Richardson, Matthew and Amber L., 319 Remington Road, $265,000.

Hackbart, Kim L. to Fritz, Joshua and Vremes, Cornelia, 7971 Ponderosa Drive, $285,000.

Marty, Mark M. and Barbara J. to Bird, Derek B. and Veronica M., 12562 S. 81st Ave., $440,000.

Jeck & Co. to Kellogg, Thomas J. and Beverly Trust, 11417 S. 122nd St., $85,000.

Woodland Homes to Anderson, Timothy D. and Holly A., 10354 S. 124th St., $430,000.

Jeck & Co. to Papineau, Scott R. and Kelly S., 10202 S. 124th Ave., $375,000.

Jeck & Co. to Cloyd, Tyler J. and Tonya K., 12402 Caspian Drive, $422,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Advantage Development, 12027 Pintail Drive, $59,000.

Advantage Development to Widhalm Custom Homes, 10204 S. 123rd Ave., $59,000.

Moore, Patrick M. and Nancy K. to Bare, William, 446 S. Jackson St., $116,000.


Pope, Jai R. and Annie U. to Barber, Joseph, 13608 S. 27th St., $185,000.

Howe, Michael D. and Jennifer to Duhon, Jerome and Andrea, 14102 S. 21st St., $235,000.

May, Robert J. and Haylie A. to R & B Properties, 10907 S. 25th Ave., $150,000.

Rhine, Debbie K. to Pierce, Nicholas, 13305 S. 35th Ave., $103,000.

Celebrity Homes to Lewman, Johnathon L. and Angela M., 15005 S. 22nd St., $250,000.

O’Hanlon, Matthew R. and Abigail E. to Miles, Nelson W. and Amber M., 13607 S. 29th Circle, $210,000.

Santillan, Bryan B. and Miranda N. to Roller, Gerald B., 2914 Parkside Dr, $179,000.

Klein, Geraldine A. to Murillo Alvarez, Nancy, 3402 Redwing Drive, $185,000.

United Equity to Willbrand, Brian T. and Nagy, Madison C., 10117 S. 11th St., $190,000.

Madison, Aaron D. and Kristi to DeVol, Brian P., 2601 Arrowhead Lane, $195,000.

Gallagher, Charles and Colleen to Devine, Silas J. Jr., 14504 S. 21st St., $230,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Tracey, Sean and Valeria, 1803 Meadowlark Lane, $245,000.

Charleston Homes to Cooper, Kenneth D. and Shelly C., 4311 Brook Drive, $262,000.

Bailey, Linda K. to Baker, Michael J., 3720 Gayle Ave., $93,000.

Fincher, Blake A. and Johanna E. to Aitmassaoud, Najib and Kristine, 2912 Kelly Drive, $205,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sauberzweig, Ethan J. and Ashley M., 13715 S. 42nd Ave., $202,000.

Starke, David T. and Sarah E. to Thomas, Emily and Phillip L., 1509 Halifax St., $235,000.

Howarth, Vina E. and Charles B. to Kimball, Mark and Melissa, 13306 S. 34th Ave., $177,000.

Celebrity Homes to Luna, Raymond and Christina Y., 2302 Oriole Drive, $245,000.

Celebrity Homes to Berry, Everett S. and Julie A., 13709 S. 42nd Ave., $214,000.

Henry, John W. and Peggy S. to Johnson, Barbara A. and Ernest E. Jr., 2907 Blackhawk Drive, $280,000.

Mullen, John F. and Mary E. to Hay, William A. III and Victoria E., 11911 Quail Drive, $180,000.


Davis, Lavern H. and Shirley A. to Decent, David S., 7108 Park Crest Drive, $142,000.

Call, James F. to Park, Timothy R. and April G., 7710 Meadow Lane, $130,000.

Lawson-Avla, Latevi and Olympio, Efakone to Silva, Angeles E. and Juan, 7402 Plum Drive, $130,000.

Dynasty Homes to Smith, Joseph P. IV, 8528 S. 106th St., $300,000.

Beneficial Financial I to Hansen, Samantha, 7713 Chestnut St., $116,000.

Richardson, Matthew and Amber L. to Krause, Emily A. and Michael J., 7303 Elm Drive, $152,000.


Buhs, Daniel J. Jr. and Parrish-Buhs, Teresa to Jensen, Matthew and Jessica, 711 Fall Creek Road, $282,000.

Celebrity Homes to Connell, Michael J., 8525 S. 68th Circle, $228,000.

Krogman, Glenn R. and Amy L. to Foster, Vincent S., 405 Black Forest Drive, $232,000.

Husker Partners/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 914 Arlene St., $30,000.

Bravo Securities/BMO Harris to Adair Holdings LLC, 916 Arlene Circle, $30,000.

Cass Street Capital/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 920 Arlene Circle, $30,000.

BI/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC 922 Arlene Circle, $30,000.

DI/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 1001 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Continental Resources/BMO Harris to Adair Holdings LLC, 1003 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Foxtrot Liens/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 1005 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

JCA Lenders to Adair Holdings LLC, 1007 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

ABC Liens to Adair Holdings LLC, 1009 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Alpha Capital/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 1011 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Gulf Ventures/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 1017 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Echo Financial/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 1019 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

MWM/BMO Harris to Adair Holdings LLC, 1021 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Compound Assets to Adair Holdings LLC, 1023 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Coco Assets/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 921 Arlene Circle, $30,000.

Hawkeye Lien Services/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 919 Arlene Circle, $30,000.

Eastern Properties/U.S. Bank to Adair Holdings LLC, 917 Arlene Circle, $30,000.

Summit Liens to Adair Holdings LLC, 912 Arlene Circle, $30,000.

Coco Assets/BMO Harris to Adair Holdings LLC, 913 Gayle St., $30,000.

Rogers, Leigh A. and Edward T. Jr. to Vernier, Rodney C. Jr. and Kelly A., 2130 Cobblestone Road, $235,000.

Charleston Homes to Rasmussen, Ryan, 4605 Brook Circle, $213,000.

JDM Advanced Builders to Cassone, Victor R. and Feekin, Chelsey E., 1412 Beechwood Ave., $216,000.

Laughlin, Thomas W. and Evelyn E. to Frantz, Brian P., 2005 Eagle Ridge Drive, $220,000.


Ebert, Jennifer J. to Laurila, Joshua and Mackenzie, 16419 Cary St., $200,000.


Maulick, Michael J. to Krueger, David G. and Geneva A., 7020 S. 183rd Ave., $190,000.

Hildy Homes to McCarthy, Andrew and Christina, 11011 S. 175th St., $468,000.

Berends, Corey and Charlene M. to Devall-Wood, Mindy J. Trust, 10209 S. 164th St., $893,000.

Winey, Mary M. to Garris, Mandi L. and Zachary L., 19011 Chandler St., $230,000.

Celebrity Homes to Graham, Gregory J. and Elizabeth C., 16426 Virginia St., $228,000.

Burg, Matthew A. and Garrett-Burg, Nicole to Florea, Zachary and Denniston, Carrie, 16114 Willow St., $177,000.

Heimes, Douglas and Angela to Rhodes, Teresa L., 17113 Oakmont Drive, $290,000.

Celebrity Homes to Brabban, Willima T. Jr. and Andrea J., 18916 Redwood St., $241,000.

Savatovic, Paula K. to Hakimi, Abdul H. Trust, 17857 Olive St., $136,000.

Dugdale, Cary D. and Judy K. to Smith, William and Amy, 16109 Timberlane Drive, $194,000.

Boni, John A. and Diane L. to Cords, Steven A. and Katherine A., 17209 Oakmont Drive, $323,000.

Steinkraus, Roger and Zoucha-Steinkraus, Mary to Sharron, Darrell J. and Kimberly A., 7802 S. 162nd Ave., $268,000.


Stoermer, Steve and Sue A. to Castellano, Icel, 14504 Borman St., $128,000.

Jensen, Joshua L. and Lisa M. to Wagner, Nicholas and Catherine, 15338 Papio St., $150,000.


Laguzza, Stefanie J. to Crawley, Loyd M. and Vacek, Katherine, 4209 Olive St., $165,000.

Finken, Michael D. and Barbara A. to Hathaway, Christine G., 909 Fairview St., $145,000.

Waggoner, Lisa C. and Brian to O’Hanlon, Matthew R. and Abigail E., 9508 S. 27th St., $263,000.

Sterup, James L. and Joan M. to Shovers, Jacob, 2406 Lucille Drive, $192,000.

Schutt, Ryan F. and Jessie N. to Hawthorne, Diana L., 8808 S. 16th St., $230,000.



Bank of New York to Schultz, Alfred E. and Tucker O., 3506 10th Ave., $52,000.

Rossell, Connie M. Estate to Schmidt, Danny W. and Deborah L., 203 N. 26th St., $25,000.

Catron, Sara to Roberts, John and Patricia A., 906 Pine St., $40,000.

Smith, Judith A. and William L. to Hurd, Kenneth D., 2123 Westside Drive, $80,000.

Bernstein, Marcia M. to Delina Real Estate Investments, 1602 Ave. G, $145,000.

Franks, Sandra C. and Wesley D. to Fisher, Christopher R. and Jennifer C., 2312 Ave. D, $64,500.


RCR Properties to Surpassets LLC, 345 Scott St., $41,000.

Lauver, Dale L. and Rose to Lauver, Andy and Jamie, 15402 Kurtwood Drive, $150,000.

Matuszeski, Robert L. to Edwards, Eric E. and Theresa E., 84 Hillside Drive, $229,500.

Haney, Arthur to Larchick, Marie and John and Melissa, 246 Euclid Ave., $194,500.

Larson, Janet S. and Michael K. to McKeighan, Jadeen, 880 Simms Ave., $96,000.

Larchik, John and Melissa A. to Awe, Angela J. and Robert L. Jr., 50 Norwood Drive, $231,000.

Tweedt Engineering and Construction to Robertson, Kay L. and Scott P., 1399 Tanglewood Drive, $400,500.

Madsen, Joe R. and Julie A. to Debruzzi, Daniel, 217 Timber Drive, $186,000.

Smith, Helen D. and Dodson, Robert A. to McHale, Margaret, 513 Iowa Ave., $97,000.

Kendall, Terry D. and Deborah R. to Fellhauer, Dennis, 422 S. First St., $40,000.


Funk, Lou E. and Philip J. to Ring, Myron T., 767 Cedar St., Avoca, $140,000.


Weuve, Eric E. to Elenbass, Melissa J. and Richard J., 328 Broadway St., Carson, $96,000.


Troyer, Cynthia R. to Frost, Carly K. and Rupiper, Cole L., 19337 Shadow Ave., Honey Creek, $320,000.


Maynes, Beth A. and James A. to Miller, Scott E., 4 Heesch Ave., Treynor, $121,000.


Ehrens, John S. to Moran Beef Inc., 21900 Mesquite Ave., Underwood, $200,000.

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