Empire Homes and Remodeling to Kotil, Ashley and Darin, 8907 N. 169th Ave., $398,000.

Elms, Krystal G. and Kenneth to Formanek, Robert S. and Judith K., 7961 N. 160th St., $390,000.

G Lee Homes and Frazell Contracting and Design to Pile, Benjamin J. and Christie M., 14817 Prairie Star St., $382,462.

Charleston Homes to Reiss, Scott D. and Melissa A., 16209 Young St., $309,728.

Proline Custom Homes to Palensky, Andrew M. and Samantha S., 15963 Reynolds St., $286,386.

Slobotski, David M. and Holly to Rall, Logan A. and Kylee M., 12016 Ashwood Drive, $242,000.

Marque Custom Builders to Meyer, Craig and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri, 7128 N. 154th St., $232,560.

Marque Custom Builders to Meyer, Craig and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri, 7126 N 154th St., $229,260.

Mathews, Kristopher S. and Melissa R. to Schott, Dave and Jennifer, 15716 Rosewater Parkway, $227,000.

Walter, Thomas K. and Krista A. to Bogatz, Douglas J. and Lindsey E., 7806 N. 153rd St., $215,000.

Watkins, Merrill S. and Marcy J. to Anderson, Jason A. and Ann M., 7917 N. 153rd St., $205,000.

Formanek, Robert and Judy K. to Kruse, Bradley and Megan, 14768 Mormon St., $205,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Kent, Ryan K., 12095 Elmwood Drive, $194,000.

EKW Properties to Cook, Andrew J. and Kristen N., 433 N. Molley St., $173,000.

O & H Properties to Tatum, Alex and Lauren, 12014 N. 156th Ave., $165,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Sintek, Chris and Cory, 12702 N. 178th Circle, $89,900.

Sass, Dorothy L., personal representative, to Hawkins, Matthew R. and Natalie A., 217 N. Molley St., $75,000.

State Street Investments to Barr Homes, 7714 N. 160th Circle, $42,950.

Stratford Park Development to Nelson Builders, 8908 N. 171st St., $40,900.

Stratford Park Development to Charleston Homes, 8521 N. 169th St., $40,500.


R & A Builders to Ringenberg, Kyle and Megan, 2223 S. 218th St., $783,000.

Morrisey, Sean F. to Peters, Darrick D. and Haley, 3114 S. 217th St., $690,000.

Raby, George E. and Mindi E. to Music Guy and Hennessey, Kristin, 23632 Laci St., $630,000.

Tighe, Les D. and Karen C. to Smith, Jeremy T. and Stephanie R., 3216 S. 219th St., $499,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction to Kumar, Biju P. and Minu B., 1706 S. 208th St., $486,417.

Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction to Idiculla, Koshy M. and Samuel, Thankam K., 1622 S. 207th Ave., $473,136.

Heng, Dustin M. and Kremla, Stephanie N. to Sutter, William D. III and Kelli, 19914 Dewey Ave., $445,000.

Woodland Homes to Hedden, Ryan M. and Ashley R., 1716 S. 207th Ave., $429,450.

Prairie Homes to Miller, James M. and Vicky S., 1805 S. 208th St., $397,998.

Paradise Homes to Zumbrennen, William J. and Andrea D., 1852 Blue Sage Parkway, $390,207.

Nelsons Builders to Sorenson, Eric V., 19308 Boyd St., $387,980.

Cohn, Jonathan M. and Amber to Schendt, Matthew W. and Hillary A., 20020 Marcy St., $375,000.

Brooks, Randy E. and Joan E. to Tickle, Dean and Diane, 20117 Douglas St., $336,000.

Donohue, Christine A. and Patterson, Michele to Gervase, George J. and Amanda J., 1307 N. 182nd St., $332,000.

Nyffeler, Gregory and Christine to Thomsen, Bart A. and Sara J., 19866 Davenport St., $315,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Ponnuraj, Rajlatha K., 18964 Spaulding Circle, $314,760.

Hunsberger, J. Bryan and Jamie N. to Clement, Thomas and Christina, 18353 Harney St., $287,000.

Heavican Homes to Suh, Paul and Irene, 2711 N. 190th St., $277,000.

Sutter, William D. II and Kelli A. to Thomsen, Alex, 21270 Greenlawn Circle, $272,500.

Campbell, Conor D. and Michelle to Iflip Omaha LLC, 705 S. 186th St., $247,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gipson, Sean M. and Angela C., 20814 Clark St., $232,900.

Hall, Robert R. and Linda H. to Freeman, Michael P. and Cheryl, 18878 Mayberry Plaza, $232,000.

Blohm, Michael and Amanda to Osten, Joel J. and Amy C., 3814 N. 206th St., $229,000.

Jerman, Jeffery J., trustee, to Madsen, Michael and Maghan, 4015 N. 210th St., $223,000.

Celebrity Homes to Woslager, Christopher J. and Amber A., 20817 Parker St., $199,300.

Clanton, Orville S. and Jayne E. to McClelland, Barbara A., 3432 N. 206th St., $141,000.

Abels, Douglas C. and Cheri L. to Rose, Jeremy E., 4107 N. 213rd Circle, $137,000.

PAZ 211 LLC to G Lee Homes and Frazell Contracting and Design, 1305 S. 211th St., $76,950.

EVE LLC to Matrix Homes, 3006 N. 193rd St., $58,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 4501 N. 205th Ave., $46,900.

FRK Development LLC to Trademark Homes, 3803 N. 189th St., $44,900.

FRK Development LLC to Ramm Holdings, 18958 Manderson St., $44,900.


Lemon, Clyde E. Jr., trustee for Lemon Family Trust to Dana, Chloe H., 148 Ginger Cove Road, $525,000.

Home Building Consultants to Holmes, Gerald T. and Kris, 3916 N. 265th Court, $444,875.

Mallard Landing Builders to Pine Crest Homes, 3802 N. 269th Ave., $70,000.


First State Bank to Fools Inc., 2118 Campbell Drive, $34,000.


Potter, Kelly and David to Lincoln, Mary F. and Jeffrey A., 1812 N. 58th St., $251,000.

Culhane, Elizabeth A. and Murgatroyd, Yale W. to Meeker, Joshua E. and Clare E., 5116 Decatur St., $180,500.

Haddix, Jared and Hillary A. to Myat, Moses and Moo, Lwe, 6236 N. 68th St., $127,500.

McDonald, Donna J. to Loguda, Michael and Takijah, 6211 Kansas Ave., $118,000.

Weinstein, Lee to Barnes, CharDale and Rebecca A., 5635 Burdette St., $118,000.

Rutledge, Pamela K. to Anderson, Dayne E., 6516 Pinkney St., $102,000.

Proplesch, Judy A. to 200 Properties LLC, 3616 N. 52nd St., $25,000.

Ingram, Deneise I. to Baltimore, Adriel C. and Megumi, 3503 N. 45th Ave., $20,000.


Rhoades, Rosalind R. to Oliver, Maria D., 3861 Gordon St., $100,000.

O & H Properties to Raymond Evans Real Estate, 3639 Hascall St., $75,000.


Syslo, Susan M. to Connely, Thomas and Colleen, 4501 Pine St., $240,000.

Fishbaugh, Christie W. to Meschede, Mark and Susan, 3118 S. 57th Circle, $187,000.

Cavanaugh, Thomas F., personal representative, to King, Elisabeth C., 4708 Shirley St., $178,000.

Its In The Bag LLC to Youngblade, Kathryn, 6215 Pacific St., $154,000.

Anderson, Leigh K. to Hagemeier, Brielle, 5824 Rees St., $150,000.

Jackson, Kelly N. to Smith, Al and Ruf, Amy, 4694 Marcy St., $122,460.

Leonard, Megan C. to Root, Erin, 5527 Hickory St., $118,500.

Christensen, Thelma G., personal representative, to Tierney Enterprises, 3422 S. 49th Ave., $71,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, 2507 S. 60th St., $52,000.


Trautman, Jeremy M. and Brandi to Olsen, Jessica B., 3707 X St., $125,000.

Freeman, Deborah A. and Theodore D. to Rowell, Christopher, 6202 S. 33rd St., $85,000.

Olazabal, Fernando and Salas, Mirna S. to Diaz, Ma L. and Negrete, Carlos C., 5230 S. 21st St., $80,000.

Maschka, Sandra L. to Trummer, James E., 4233 S. 39th Ave., $65,000.


Vieyra, Juvenal and Maria to Franco, Marvin M. and Santana, Jose C., 2310 S. 23rd St., $117,000.

Nesbitt, Beverly to Chinn, Raymond, 856 S. 21st St., $84,000.


Melton, Curtis A. and Brenda J. to Williams, Lawanda J., 3716 N. 18th St., $50,000.


YK Holdings LLC to Sage Casa Inc., 5417 N. 37th St., $72,000.

MM Homebuyers LLC to Great House 21 LLC, 4101 N. 42nd St., $70,000.

S & H Homes Solutions to Wojtalewicz, Jerry, 4717 N. 37th St., $25,000.


Sanger, Scott and Amanda to Randle, Daniel, 8115 N. 37th St., $165,000.

Devin Brad Mike LLC to Sehr, Matt and Kari D., 2426 Redick Ave., $130,000.

YK Holdings LLC to MM Homebuyers LLC, 4024 Mary St., $46,000.


Paulitz, Kevin H. to Hegarty, Douglas and Melissa, 9802 Ascot Drive, $600,000.

Beck, Darcy J. Trust to Beerman, Martin W. and Jane E., 8704 Douglas St., $510,000.

Moh, Tony T. and Song, Huarui to Nehls, Andrew J. and Lori A., 8604 Broadmoor Drive, $285,000.

Myers, Julie A. to Freeburg, Connor P., 9855 Louis Drive, $274,875.

Carlson, Joel W. and Teresa E. to Brester, Derek, 1461 N. 91st St., $137,000.

Schatzberg, Rachel M. and Andy to Hendricks, Mark A., 1041 N. 77th St., $130,000.

Nguyen, Truc B. to Kam, Hugh K., 7743 Nicholas Circle, $100,000.


McQuillan, Colleen M. Trust to Hill, Jerrold A. and Katie E., 15709 Lake St., $437,500.

Mittal, Sumeet K. and Ambika to Hochstein, Aaron and Bengston, Megan, 2616 N. 161st Terrace, $383,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes to Weaver, Michael J. and Nancy, 16351 Lothrop Circle, $367,780.

Fools Inc. to Bush-Kennedy, Wilhelmina, trustee for Bush-Kennedy Trust, 5904 N. 154th St., $359,834.

Stockton, Ricardo and April to Boganowski, Matthew D., 2008 N. 174th St., $345,000.

Robbins, Brian L. and Penny S. to Toddy, Clayton J. Jr. and Gina A., 5610 N. 162nd St., $290,000.

Fritch, Jeanne L. to Alexander, David and Brandi, 15224 Bauman Ave., $285,500.

Spicer, Bryan and Loukota, Lorie A. to England, Wanda L., 17515 Browne St., $284,000.

Render, Joshua J. and Rayanne to Askeland, Cory and Ashley, 14471 Grant St., $271,000.

Hill, Jerrold A. and Katie E. to Witt, Phillip W. and Angela K., 5543 N. 150th St., $265,000.

Mlnarik, Ryan R. and Denise to McDonald, Paul M. and Leanna R., 15129 Vernon Ave., $264,000.

Miller, James M. and Vicky S. to Mornin, Mary, 2505 N. 154th Ave., $254,000.

Perrotto, Matthew and Theresa to Bitter, Klint A. and Lindsey B., 6439 N. 150th St., $244,500.

Young, Nathan W. and Jami S. to Folts, Jeffrey E., 2405 Nelsons Creek Drive, $243,000.

Zhu, Weidong and Cheng, Xiaoyan to Quick, Mitchell J. and Kathleen B., 15365 Sherwood Circle, $239,900.

Martin, Glenn T. to Johnson, Shamus M. and Rachel L., 3216 N. 171st Ave., $237,000.

Schaefferkoetter, Victor H. III and Karen E. to Schneweis, Jason and Debbie, 4315 N. 166th St., $230,000.

Orlich, Jonathan J. and Sheryl J. to Kuszak, Judene E. and Loren G., 6221 N. 151st St., $225,000.

McDonald, Janice A. and Kevin R. to Aldy, Luke M. III, 15317 Saratoga St., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hunter, F.A. and Alison M., 16422 Lilac St., $209,400.

Stevenson, Thomas L. and Michele M. to Amatulli, Anthony and Maria, 4308 N. 162nd Ave., $207,500.

Mazzarella, Vincenzo and Margo to Krasne, Seth E., 4815 N. 163rd St., $207,000.

McClelland, Barbara A. to Braden, James M. and Gwendolyn J., 5736 N. 167th Avenue Circle, $200,000.

Wesch, Elizabeth A., personal representative, to McKinney, Kenneth L., 15401 Armstrong St., $187,000.

McDermott, James F. to McDonald, Kevin R. and Janice A., 3225 N. 150th Ave., $174,000.

Gilles, Jeffrey L. and Deborah A. to Hawkins, Terry, 16415 Taylor St., $170,000.

DeGeorge, Frank P. Estate to Treat, Travis L. and Danielle V., 3515 N. 150th Ave., $169,500.

Potsch, Christopher A. and Shirley M. to Dapo, Dani and Paolo, 6506 N. 149th St., $166,000.

Venuto, Chauncey B. and Katie M. to Paudel, Shishir and Acharya, Sangita, 17171 Ruggles St., $164,000.

Litt, Stanley E. to Hindmarsh, Debra, 14466 Ames Ave., $162,000.

Lehr, Patrick and Paula to Woockman, William B. and Allison M., 4219 N. 171st Ave., $160,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to SKG Properties, 5197 N. 144th Court, $107,000.

Castle Creek LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 5608 N. 153rd Ave., $46,950.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 6318 N. 160th Ave., $44,900.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha, 5822 N. 152nd St., $43,950.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Charleston Homes, 15204 Norwick Drive, $43,950.

Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 16363 Lothrop Circle, $43,900.

Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 16359 Lothrop Circle, $43,900.


Cervantes, Sasha A. and Alejandro to Curry, Nichole, 6523 S. 51st Avenue Circle, $132,000.

Nolett, Donald E. Jr., trustee for Nollett, Evelyne Trust to Nollett, Trevor R., 6703 S. 49th Ave., $130,000.

Culjat, Lisa G. and James P. to Taylor, Kindra L., 6820 S. 49th Ave., $118,900.


O’Connor, Stephen M. and Karen J. to Carson, Jeffrey and Joslin, 629 N. 157th Circle, $500,000.

Adams, John C. and Bettie L. to Bottros, Maryam and Youssef, Mina, 16211 Western Ave., $257,000.

Kriskey, Mary B. to RO-DAN LLC, 17034 Seward St., $180,000.

Estep, Victoria A. and Steven to Jensen, Daniel L. and Irene A., 1726 N. 175th Plaza, $143,000.


Golti, Melzina to Mitchell, Barbara J., 6810 N. 102nd Avenue Circle, $230,000.

Johnette, Cherish and Michael to Koehler, Joshua and Amy, 7208 N. 76th St., $185,000.

Barton, Erin R. and John to Friesen, Trenton and Rachel, 8924 Wyoming St., $175,900.

Parker, Tyson and Deanna to Wiegand, Geary J. and Christine E., 7375 N. 89th Ave., $167,000.

Radachi, Katherine A. to Dailey, Ruth L., 7511 N. 77th Terrace, $155,000.

Little, Suzanne E. and Andrew A. to Quirk, Aaron P. and Greg P., 7168 N. 80th St., $154,000.

Ayala, Arthur A. to Xiong, Simon S. and Song, Ying, 7714 N. 80th St., $126,500.

HBI LLC to L Pete Iinvestment Property LLC, 6529 N. 78th St., $95,555.


Hernandez, Roderick and Pamela A. to Siebert, Jason and Celia, 9788 Frederick Circle, $578,500.

Orians, Karen S. Trust to Becker, Jonathan E. and Deborah J., 2022 S. 80th Ave., $419,000.

Seidl, Richard J. and Colleen O. to Roose, Jeremy and Bhatia, Supriya , 8054 Martha St., $370,000.

MCS Rentals LLC to Molai, Nazar, 3034 S. 107th St., $300,000.

Dingman, Boyd W. and Diana L. to Dingman, Darcie L., 2612 S. 87th St., $235,000.

Haney, Staci and Ryan to Frazee, Megan, 3409 S. 78th St., $150,000.

B Douglas Construction Solutions to Liesner, Katherine E. and Orear, Thomas E., 8711 Grover St., $138,000.

Kanago, Patricia J. to Holthus, James R., 3052 S. 74th St., $136,000.

Blum, Connie L. and Wayne A. to Hauptman, Melissa and Andrew, 8302 Gold St., $92,500.


Tate, Allen M. and Ruth S. to Jangulo, Maxwell G. and Alissa N., 5721 S. 93rd St., $180,000.

Fritchman, Thomas C., trustee for Fritchman, Barbara Y. Trust to Henderson, James M. and Laura A., 10118 P St., $159,000.

Hernandez, Arthur R. Sr. and Jessi E. to Yarbrough, Amanda J., 4959 S. 87th St., $142,000.

Medina, Janet C., trustee for Medina Living Trust to Medina, Sharon A., 5405 Woodlawn Ave., $140,000.

Golden Properties LLC to Asay, Alexander M., 8102 Oakwood St., $135,000.

S & H Homes Solutions to Elatta, Mohammed, 4911 S. 77th Ave., $115,000.

Deutsche Bank to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 10305 N St., $85,200.


Roseland, Mike and Conni to Clark, Kevin and Kimara, 3129 S. 174th Circle, $1,075,000.

Head, Michael J. and Hodges, Kathryn E. to Kreml, Stephanie and Heng, Dustin M., 1201 S. 184th Circle, $695,000.

Adamson, Carl T. Jr. and Melisa L. to Contonis, Christopher and Gayle, 18452 Vinton St., $625,000.

Cockerill, Adam L. and Kristina M. to Sadler, Ryan R., 2126 S. 181st Circle, $435,000.

Weaver, Michael J. and Nancy J. to Towne, Mark R. and Cynthia J., 15620 Hickory St., $279,900.

Ringenberg, Kyle J. and Megan L. to White, Jody L. and Michelle M., 19703 Pine St., $272,000.

Pool, James C. and Shelley K. to Chase, Joshua R. and Kimberly A., 1261 S. 165th Ave., $181,900.

Morris, Troy and Mark to Ellifson, Jesse, 16015 Martha Circle, $180,400.

Gaasvig, Glenn A. and Costa L. to Reyes, Seth A. and Kruger, Jacob W., 2019 S. 163rd Circle, $165,000.


Pinkerton, John M. and Rhonda M. to Dorsey, James B., 3828 Cass St., $95,000.

Tribedo LLC to Howland, Nathan, 105 N. 31st Ave., $91,000.


Frenking, John and Noreen A. to Townley, Meghan A. and Kalhorn, Benjamin T., 762 N. 57th Ave., $505,000.

Blankman, Charles A. and Lindsay to McCreery, Ryan W. and Rebecca L., 5203 Cuming St., $455,000.

Lincoln, Mary F. and French, Jeffrey A. to O’Mahony, Renaye M. and Gavin D., 5119 Chicago St., $450,000.

Araujo, Trisha A. to Barr, Deborah and Michael, 5810 Webster St., $407,000.

Silverstone Investment Properties to Wohlers, Jolene R., 320 S. 68th St., $375,000.

Tokalema Inc. to 123 South San Rafael LLC, 111 S. 52nd St., $257,000.

St Lucas, Frank J. Jr. and Jennie E. to Potter, Kelly and David, 316 S. 68th St., $220,000.

RORNEB LLC to Fradon LLC, 1006 N. 49th St., $128,000.

Hansen, Jeffrey F. to Productive Property Group, 1009 Mayfield Ave., $118,000.

Melby, William F. to Melby, Susan M., 6792 Lafayette Ave., $24,000.


Wesack, Theodore C. and Carol K. to Grabow, Michael and Groseclose, Jennifer, 4406 Morningside Drive, $184,500.

Ryan, Rebecca J. to Carpenter, Andrew and Miller, Amy, 8012 Manderson St., $153,000.

RLM Realty LLC to Suiter, Sarah and Katt, Jordan, 9418 Taylor St., $150,000.

Klindt, Timothy J. and Misty D. to Gross, Andrew and Sara, 4111 N. 94th St., $139,300.

Thacker Properties to Jones, Eric, 4427 Ridgeway Road, $139,000.

Letcher, James M. and Kiley N. to Bartlett, Josiah Z., 9632 Sprague St., $135,000.

Bode, Theodore H. and Colleen E. to Mitchell, James B., 2635 N. 98th St., $135,000.

Schaecher, Randy and Lela to Pruitt, Andrew N., 5418 North Oaks Blvd., $132,000.

Kyllo, Christopher A. and Trisha L. to Buckley, Robert F., 9489 Binney St., $130,000.

Carey, Steven L. and Amy J. to Howell, Morgan and Clark, Meaghan, 9630 Larimore Ave., $128,000.

Radford, Robert C. to Witti Investments LLC, 5004 N. 103rd St., $115,000.

George, Richard I. and Janice to Doering, John W. III, 4629 N. 94th St., $79,900.


Nelsons Builders to Wand, Ryan D. and Kimberlee L., 4324 S. 198th St., $369,250.

Nelsons Builders to Johnson, Curtis D. and Kelly A., 4608 S. 198th St., $369,000.

Robb, Mitchell W. and Kelli M. to Gummert, Zachariah and Raina, 6161 S. 177th St., $338,000.

Ekeler, Amy and Nikole to Cooper, Charles A. Jr. and Higgins, Nicole L., 17355 Y St., $315,000.

Vesta Properties to Sacks, Jason and Kim, 4317 S. 193rd St., $300,000.

Celebrity Homes to Johnston, Eric S. and Elisa M., 4434 S. 199th Ave., $299,850.

Pacesetter Homes to Korger, Patrick S. and Amanda M., 16252 R St., $291,663.

Pacesetter Homes to Kissinger, Kipp R., 6108 S. 193rd St., $289,000.

Anderson, Ronald W. and Catherine A. to Ahl, Carolyn T. and Jensen, Derek J., 5908 S. 175th Circle, $287,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Chilvers, John S. and Kimberly R., 6025 S. 193rd Ave., $271,000.

Pirraglia, Ryan N. and Christine M. to Swim, Cody S. and Anne N., 17105 Drexel St., $260,000.

Celebrity Homes to Julius, Allan C. and Nancy W., 4602 S. 199th Ave., $256,600.

Pacesetter Homes to Eppert, Chris T., 16366 R St., $252,900.

O’Neill, Ryan P. and Kathleen to Koffman, John and Mahnken-Koffman, Rebecca, 18612 Anne St., $232,000.

Hindmarsh, Debra D. to Robb, Kelli M., 6711 S. 188th Ave., $231,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 4515 S. 194th St., $209,000.

Taylor, Elizabeth K. and John F. IV to Walker, Ladd and Donna, 5108 S. 162nd Ave., $192,500.

Thomas, Jason and Jill to Schuett, Samantha and Kooienga, Brian, 17716 I St., $192,000.

Sullivan, Michael C. and Heather to Meyers, Thomas Jr. and Sara, 16614 Jefferson St., $185,000.

Delaughter, Adam M. and Emily G. to Squier, Katherine A., 16508 Weir St., $180,000.

Zerzan, Shirley L. to Meyers, Carl L. and Sherrolyn A., 4863 S. 189th Circle, $179,000.

Smutny, Christopher and Christine to Becker, Jesse and Dana, 16514 Ohern St., $177,900.

Garcia, Teresa and De La Rosa, Jonathan to Hamilton, Jeffrey S. and Jordan E., 18969 Cinnamon St., $175,000.

Craig, John A. and Katie B. to Pirraglia, Ryan N. and Christine M., 5737 S. 190th Terrace, $173,000.

Bruno, Kristopher S. and Sohnja to Schakat, Dana L., 16742 Jefferson St., $172,000.

Whitcomb, Durward C. III and Sherry K. to Stubbe, Ryan and Tschudin, Erin, 16264 Adams St., $169,000.

Jackson, Kevin D. to Johnson, John E. and Violet L., 4512 S. 179th St., $168,000.

Celebrity Homes to Onken, Justin L., 19630 R St., $162,700.

Hughes, Kevin and Rani to Koestner, Tiffany J. and Carson, Jennifer M., 6401 S. 167th Ave., $160,000.

McLean, Sarah F. to Svatora, Gregory P., 19455 Gail Ave., $160,000.

Cooper, Charles A. Jr. to Keegan, Karla S., 16715 Washington St., $150,000.

Fahrenholz, Dawn to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 18656 T St., $145,000.


Pacesetter Homes to Wolfson, Ira R. and Sheryl A., 4807 S. 154th Plaza, $361,200.

Beaton, Chris and Renee to Diediker, Andi and Katie, 6536 S. 109th St., $195,000.

Leeder, William M. and Sandra J. to Nyberg, Colton A., 14947 L St., $145,000.

Renken, Trent D. and Jennifer A. to Warner, Jerry A. and Naomi I., 12223 Kuehl Circle, $130,000.

Rhodes, Christopher E. to Burns, Kevin and Anna, 15129 Adams St., $120,000.

Wilkinson, Tyler L. to Doud, Randy, 12760 Deauville Drive, $62,000.


Janzen, William D. and Jayne S. to O’Neill, David and Emily, 7913 N. 124th St., $485,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Cunningham, Gary L. and Bennett, Kenneth H., 12724 Read St., $332,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Pedersen, Chad M. and Melissa A., 7901 N. 116th St., $258,000.

Celebrity Homes to Nall, Margaret M. and Baumgartner, Mark A., 7469 N. 139th St., $201,300.

Gaul, Steven D. and Trively-Gaul, Shelby to Marreel, Joshua M. and Miranda R., 7310 N. 112th Ave., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes to Evans, Richard A. and Lemona A., 6919 N. 142nd Ave., $169,400.


Heller, William A. and Jewell, Michelle M. to McWilliams, Amy and Matt, 12626 Shirley St., $325,000.

Langendorfer Properties to Schwartz, Joseph A. and Jennifer L., 2010 S. 139th Circle, $230,000.

Reyes, Santos and Mayra E. to Nielsen, Clint and Candace, 15247 Shirley St., $230,000.

Stuckey, Paul R. to Vraspir, Dennis K. and Cinnamon M., 12420 Pinewood Drive, $215,000.

Klein, Julie L. to Jiron, Keith I. and Kathryn A., 1210 S. 126th St., $205,000.

Ahl, Carolyn T. to Dechant, Corie D. and Jeffrey C., 13441 Cedar St., $187,000.

Dorsey, Robert J. to Reyes, Santos and Mayra E., 15247 Shirley St., $182,000.

Prefountain, Matthew D. and Kara L. to McKay, Cheryl D. and Jerry M., 13215 Martha Circle, $175,000.

Jacox, Sally L. to Hamer, Ethan, 15291 Valley St., $169,000.

Norlund, Jay O. and Jennifer L. to Hoover, Travis, 15230 Garfield St., $152,000.

Smagacz, Caleb J. and Suzanne R. to Knapp, Monica L., 3523 S. 127th Ave., $148,825.

Seaton, Eileen M., personal representative, to Hernandez, Stephanie L., 3111 S. 138th St., $140,000.

Rauert, Mark J. and Elizabeth A. to Kokesh, Daniel C., 2924 S. 135th St., $139,000.

First National Bank of Omaha and Hammes, M. Helen Trust to Bachman, Michael J., 13595 Walnut St., $130,000.

Thoma, Michelle M. to Thoma, Alexander, 13623 Grover St., $100,000.


Husker Hawkeye Dist Inc. to Feilmeier, Robert A. and Durflinger-Feilmeier, Lori G., 6628 Plum St., $75,000.


Dimauro, Luciano and Rose E. to Menard, James M. and Elizabeth R., 13505 Seward St., $418,000.

Storovich, Trevor and Sara to Forsyth, Steven P. and Julie L., 1605 N. 131st Ave., $307,200.

Dibelka, Geraldine C. to Twiford, Annette M. Trust, 724 S. 129th Ave., $273,000.

Cogburn, Barbara to Funk, Eric and Megan, 819 N. 148th St., $245,000.

Langle, Ryan P. and Rebecca to Iteffa, Banti, 928 Fawn Parkway, $210,000.

Depue, Eric and Jillian to Wilke, Trevor and Tiffany, 15349 Davenport Circle, $198,000.

Breitkreutz, Jeanne F. to Meyer, Michelle N., 11206 Jackson St., $143,000.

Fleming, Carroll V. to Michalak, Alexander J., 11678 Capitol Ave., $135,000.


Ketcham, Dan H. and Aimee M. to Cipolla, Mark S. and Ann T., 3314 N. 130th Circle, $425,000.

Sopinski, Paul R. and Catherine J. to Marcotte, Adam and Tracy, 2406 N. 134th St., $269,000.

O & H Properties to Ibanez, Lourdes and Fernando, 3345 N. 124th St., $219,000.

Quick, Mitchell J. and Kathleen B. to Bohelski, Dominick J. Jr., 12622 Fowler Ave., $161,000.

Sims, Kennyada N. and Anthony to Perkins, Michael S., 6635 N. 142nd St., $155,000.

Stava, Lindsey to Fonyonga, Mark and Susan J., 2702 N. 112th Ave., $155,000.

Brizendine, April M. to Evans, Robert L., 11440 Nebraska Circle, $154,000.

Couvillion, James C. and Christie M. to Cervantes, Nilo and Rebecca, 2520 N. 131st Circle, $153,000.

Kaiser, Jeremy J. to Schutz, Lindsy D., 6217 N. 109th St., $145,000.

Conklin, Robert W. to Unger, Tyrel W., 11854 Newport Ave., $144,500.

Marcotte, Adam and Tracy to Murphy, Mitchell and Jennifer, 11025 Laurel Circle, $143,000.

George, Clinton T. to Haynes, Shamonica D., 12716 Camden Ave., $140,000.

Sinsel, George and Stacy to Seifert, Deanna M. and Brandon E., 6716 N. 110th St., $139,000.

King, Donald J., personal representative, to Prokop, Gerald and Karen, 11037 Crown Point Ave., $136,000.

Moore, James L. to Jarvis, Dewayne A., 4606 N. 130th Circle, $113,000.



McGuire, Chad and Jenna to Gares, Adam B. and Rodriques, Jessica J., 1001 Hopkins Drive, $105,000.

Silverthorne Partners to Sears, Justina M., 1905 Thurston Ave., $81,000.

First State Bank to McNeill, Michael, 3105 Wallace Ave., $45,000.

Freeman, James R. and Trudi J. to Batterman, Jason M., 410 W. 29th Ave., $139,000.

Hill, Dennis M. and Beverly J. to Westercamp, Dwayne and Twilla, 704 Harrington Ave., $370,000.

Richmont Villas LLC to Schreiber, Ernest F. and Joanne, 706 Fort Crook Road S., $208,000.


Charleston Homes to McCurry, Craig J. and Tara D., 10807 S. 215th St., $243,000.

Campbell, Kyle W. and Alyssa B. to Thompson, Robert B., 11215 S. 212th St., $164,000.

Hecht, John D. and Stacy M. to Muffly, Andrew C. and Lisa M., 11909 S. 222nd Circle, $520,000.

Beerman, Robert P. Jr. and Julie A. Trust to Stevens, Laura N. and John M., 12261 Bobwhite Road, $675,000.

Celebrity Homes to Koch, Lance R. and Kristine L., 19020 Redwood St., $271,000.

Sherwood Homes to VanRoy, Ryan M. and Julie M., 19255 Robin Drive, $328,000.

Home Co. to Hall, Timothy S. and Tammi R., 19906 Ash St., $310,000.

Kohles, Micah R. and Ashley M. to Hartman, Steven and Lindsay, 20906 McClellan Circle, $259,000.

Hailey, Douglas A. and Bridget A. to Tighe, Lester D. and Karen C., 20912 Hampton Drive, $310,000.

Leach, Penny L. and Frances A. to Carson Custom Homes, 21318 Castlerock Lane, $45,000.

McCune Development to Peters, Phillip and Susan, 505 Locust St., $44,000.


Jackson, Kelly W. and Darcy J. to Born, Phillip G. and Kelly M., 1008 Clearwater Drive, $352,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Dickman, Paul and Alisha, 10106 S. 124th St., $400,000.

Comstock, Patrick and Ashley to Stenseth, Bradley S., 10601 S. 111th St., $250,000.

D’Amour, James C. to Dolan, Jason B., 1109 Creighton Road, $237,000.

Hess, Timothy S. to Stevens, Scott and Krista, 1112 Port Royal Drive, $225,000.

Harley, Anne J. to Thiede, Karen L., 1120 Woodview Circle, $167,000.

Southbrook Development to Griffin Homes, 11604 S. 110th Ave., $48,000.

Charleston Homes to Hansen, Kurt and Koryn, 12202 Windward Ave., $283,000.

Yunker, Michael P. and Frejus L. to Comstock, Patrick and Ashley, 122052 S. 78th St., $403,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling to Rowell, Jonathan B., 12611 S. 79th Ave., $384,000.

Miller, Paul E. and Paula E. to Hughes, David and Kimberyle, 12702 S. 124th Ave., $389,000.

Willenborg, Chad M. and Kelly to Daniel, Christopher L. 1703 Southview Drive, $214,000.

Jackson, Steven D. and Deborah S. Trust to Reyes, Thomas and Rose M., 1706 Savannah Drive, $197,000.

Ritz, Karen R., trustee for Turtscher, Ruby A. Trust to Buffington, Thomas J. and Carol, 230 W. Fifth St., $238,000.

DeVoe, Alexander F. and Michelle L. to Sears, Ronald W. Jr., 2331 Crystal Creek Drive, $358,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Jr., master commissioner, to Universal Investments, 2407 Laura Circle, $200,000.

Hoke, Melissa S. to Ferris, James R. and Manuela, 346 N. Beadle St., $127,000.

Sykora, Randall C. and Karen S. to Gesche, Mark D. and Krista L., 604 Michael Drive, $170,000.

Anderson, Scott E. and Miriah to Wildman, Christopher J. and Casey L., 638 Osage Drive, $136,000.

Stanfield, Lorraine J. to Schleusener, John and Rachel L., 700 S. Harrison St., $125,000.

Murphy, David M. and Allison C. to Skoufis, William and Christie, 7653 Leawood St., $370,000.

Winkler, Edward S. Jr. and Kathleen M. to Covarrubias, Shee W., 801 S. Grandview Ave., $192,000.

Broman, Patricia A. to Warner, Valarie, 820 Lake Tahoe Drive, $210,000.

Shannon, Bryan T. and Cassandra L. to Failma, Kimberly and Marcos, 904 Summit Ridge Drive, $228,000.

Christensen, Scott A. to Manning, Matthew W. and Jana K., 9402 Fairview Road, $405,000.


Scholting, Mark and Kim to Mathews, Jacob J. and Scholting, Amanda J., 18203 Buffalo Road, $140,000.


Bostock, Jeremy S. and Kathleen K. to Symons, Eric and Cara, 10608 Jamestown Drive, $150,000.

Celebrity Homes to Pannell, Terrence R. and Stacie M., 13711 S. 42nd Ave., $205,000.

Peterson, Christopher W. and Jill N. and Herrick, Cynthia M. and Patrick T. to Anderson, Curtis D., 14505 S. 22nd St., $240,000.

Moskal, Leonard S. and Shelah M. to Scott, David C. and Angela M., 14511 S. 22nd St., $209,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Bultez, Anthony and Isheea, 1709 Meadowlark Lane, $282,000.

Dunlap, John A. and Ghurre L. to Rogers, Jane C. and Gillette, Charles, 2304 Willow Circle, $148,000.

Briscoe, William M. Trust to Klimiades, Stephanie A., 3001 Duane Ave., $125,000.

Collins, Kenneth and Kathleen to Schuldt, Dana E., 3305 Lynnwood Drive, $170,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Dalabeck Homes Corp., 3508 Lynnwood Drive, $128,000.

Parks, Perry M. and Joan M. to Carnes, Brandon and Kara, 3713 Helwig Ave., $235,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Home Co., 5109 Clearwater Drive, $60,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Self, Scott A., 10421 Cary St., $295,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11751 S. 110th St., $60,000.

McChesney, Mark to Wedige, Diane K. and Karnish, Theresa L., 7011 S. 79th St., $130,000.

Sweet, Paul M. and Julie R. to Stokely, Ian B. and Thompson, Tessa J., 7101 La Vista Drive, $90,000.

Kellner, Douglas E. and Marla J. to Wees, Stephen W. and Merri L., 7315 S. 93rd St., $276,000.

Ecker, Robert E. to Ecker, Robert E. and Pecha, Rebecca S., 7411 S. 93rd St., $111,000.

Ziola, Mary J. to Donnelly, Michael and Macala, 7733 S. 71st Ave., $180,000.

Copple, Michael J. and Andria L. to Strawhecker, Ryan J. and Jennifer E., 7920 S. 97th Circle, $250,000.

Harvey, Todd to Bonzo, Douglas, 8621 S. Glenview Drive, $120,000.

Carnes, Kara L. and Brandon to Scott Bruhn Enterprises, 8709 Granville Parkway, $139,000.

Newell, James A. and Sheryl P. to Souder, Ryan W. and Chelsea P., 9006 Granville Parkway, $210,000.


Utley, David W. and Bertha B. to Privett, Charles A. and Katie J., 11710 S. 53rd Ave., $239,000.

Forrestal, Charles D. and Mary L. to Weaver, Meaghann S., 11905 S. 47th St., $335,000.

Bell, Thomas A. and Laura L. to Bierschenk, Monte G. and Melissia A., 16055 S. 63rd St., $630,000.

Maurer, Florence C. and Fouts, Linda S. to Isacco, John and Molly, 2129 Ashwood Ave., $250,000.

Heithier, Anna to Hart, Douglas O. and Anita A., 215 Fleetwood Drive, $244,000.

Newton, Daniel A. and Judith to Culjat, James and Lisa, 408 Black Forest Drive, $225,000.

Ludwig, Jeremy D. and Karel D. to Collera, Ramer E. and Analynn M., 4608 Helwig Ave., $290,000.

Celebrity Homes to Fraser, Eric J. and Jessica B., 4614 Waterford Ave., $179,000.

Balthrop, Todd A. and Cynthia A. to Williamson, Mark L. and Michelle M., 4807 Ponderosa Drive, $283,000.

Mills, Frank S. and Saez, Lourdes E. to Barton, Loyd E. and Jennifer A., 4816 Sierra St., $230,000.

Harrison, Gary J. Jr. and Josette M. to Johnson, Ronn and Christine, 5002 Westlake Circle, $515,000.


Dye, William M. and Joann J. to Owens, Robert J. and Kimberly A., 10003 S. 173rd Circle, $317,000.

Key, Nathan R. to Bailey, Craig, 16129 Cottonwood St., $150,000.

Cox, Rebecca A. to Kelly, Brian M. and Jordan C., 16130 Black Walnut St., $153,000.

Celebrity Homes to Brown, Corbin and Danelle, 16402 Virginia St., $216,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jabbar, Abdul and Dilshad, 16410 Virginia St., $228,000.

Hatcher, Darlene R. to Bank, Michelle D., 16411 Aurora St., $192,000.

Ragsdell, Gary T. and Bridget L. to Dahmke, Brent C. and Amy N., 16537 Cottonwood St., $250,000.

Schilmoeller, Ryan and Angela to Donahoo, Tim and Amy, 16819 Greenleaf St., $293,000.

Best, Justin S. and Erika to Phelps, Brandon and Kristin, 16907 Blair St., $248,000.

Richland Homes to Appuhn, Jason and Keli A., 17007 Aurora St., $295,000.

Hildy Homes to INE LLC, 17520 Summit Drive, $460,000.

Nelson Builders to Burkard, Mark G. and Rhonda S., 18817 Alder Drive, $339,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bogle, Bradford A. and Melissa D., 18908 Redwood St., $251,000. Celebrity Homes to Wees, Daniel J. and Hovinga, Kylie L., 19075 Greenleaf St., $178,000.

Guardian Property Services to Sutton, Daren L., 7111 S. 167th Circle, $184,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sheedy, James T. and Tracy L., 7754 S. 190th St., $287,000.

White, Joell D. and Dennis to Medina, Georgette, 7922 S. 159 St., $145,000.

Petersen, Layne L. to Husebo, Joel E. and Patricia L., 7922 S. 157th Ave., $160,000.

Celebrity Homes to Powers, Nicholas A. and Shantel R., 8123 S. 190th Ave., $232,000.

Celebrity Homes to Garman, Paul G. and Melinda G., 8127 S. 190th Ave., $226,000.

Mixan, Gary A. and Allison A. to Muehling, Adam M. and Kelci J., 9329 S. 172nd St., $268,000.


VanVoorst, Rick A. and Jessica M. to Poskochil, Jared, 12812 Olive St., $165,000.

Bidrowski, Robert to Noe, Matthew, 13264 Emiline St., $128,000.

Swanson, Charles J. and Cori S. to Schuster, Kevin J., 13616 Schirra St., $165,000.

Lopez, Earl R. and Cathy to McKewon, Bradley J. and Mallory A., 14113 Margo St., $165,000.

Lane, Eric J. to Hospodka, Austin and Helvey, Caitlyn, 14713 Echo Hills Drive, $130,000.

Henrich, Thomas J. Jr. and Stephanie to Becker, John F., 14717 Willow Creek Drive, $129,000.

Miller, William L. and Sheila J. to Gibbs, Van A. and Bevia D., 14730 Emiline St., $130,000.

Hoops, Travis D. and Rachelle D. to McCarville, Scott and Tristen, 15216 Edna St., $215,000.

Richardson, Rick D. and Deborah K. to Horak, Timothy F. and Edith V., 16322 Olive Circle, $290,000.

River Oaks Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 6955 S. 185th Circle, $28,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Shaw, Taylor M., 7507 S. 147th St., $110,000.

Sullivan, Terrance L., trustee for Sullivan, Thomas J. and Caroline M. Trust to Eledge, Yolanda S., 7754 S. 155th Ave., $135,000.


HBI LLC to Silver Dollar Properties, 8907 S. 36th St., $105,000.


R & B Properties to Rombach, Eric L., 4660 White Cloud Drive, $258,000.

Opella, Libby A. Trust to Chavez, Luis M. and Emma, 4816 Glenmorrie Drive, $138,000.

Marts, Richard D. to Stevens, Richard A. and Deanna L., 4949 Logan Lane, $173,000.

Guilliatt, Karen and Michael to Pospichal, Jeffry and Michelle, 7118 S. 52nd St., $122,000.

Theer, Lonnie and Patty to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 7309 S. 52nd St., $95,000.



Reinsch, Darlene to Bokelman, Seth H. and Kaufman-Bokelman, Holly L., 124 Traders Point Circle, $360,000.

Western Iowa Investments to Carruthers, Jefferey A., 2204 S. 12th St., $127,000.

Husa, Ivan and Bonnie Trust to Peterson, Taryn R., 3413 37th Ave., $122,500.

Jones, Shelley to Robinson, Barbara and Donald, 2325 Ave. J, $137,500.

Rayburn, Carole L. and Duane F. to Edwards, Brian J. and Karissa B., 110 Otoe St., $71,000.

Johnson, Melissa R. and Michael P. to Young, Jennifer M. and Matt A., 2727 Ave. A, $165,000.

Craig, Beth and Jeff to Martin, Gary M. II and Heather A., 2535 Sixth Ave., $55,000.

Robinson, Barbara E. and Donald A. Jr. to Fingerhut, Emily A. and Joshua G., 3515 Fifth Ave., $92,500.

Thomas, Daniel J. and Paula J. to Greer, Benjamin A. and Salazar, Nyssa, 2206 Ave. J, $142,000.

200 Properties LLC to Properties Group, 2460 Ave. G, $135,000.

Scheffel, Melvin L. Trust to Leaders, Harley and Sandra, 2 Westlake Village, $370,000.

Quandt, Lisa R. to Sawyer, Breanna and Tyler, 2631 Ave. C, $105,000.

Shea, Timothy P. to Petit, William L. Jr., 3625 Ave. B, $97,500.

Brayton, Wilma J. to MBI Inc., 2389 Poplar Drive, $20,000.

Elder, Mathew L. to Koedam, Jennifer N., 2923 Ave. I, $108,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to ACE Realty, 1115 Fifth Ave., $20,000.

Delaney, Norma R. to Ayala, Chrystopher G., 1505 Ave. K, $20,000.


Choice Homes to Lacson, Filipina F. and Wilfredo L. and Tran, Hoang P., 28 Kingsridge Drive, $325,000.

Stogsdill, Claudia J. and Kent D. to Anderson, Eric H. and Susanne L., 1355 McPherson Ave., $134,000.

Cox, Carroll E. and Elizabeth M. to Kafka, Nicholas A. and Sindy R., 46 Norwood Drive, $240,000.

PBM Inc. to B Douglas Construction Solutions, 344 Lincoln Ave., $65,000.

Watson, Bridgette E. and Matthew J. to Ballain, Joshua L., 202 Midland Drive, $115,000.

200 Properties LLC to Properties Group, 123 Rosebud Lane, $135,000.

Bailey, Ellen and Jason to Petersen, Stephanie M., 115 Fenwick Circle, $205,000.

Awe, Angela J. and Robert L. Jr. to Hildreth, Teresa M. and Large, Derek W., 4 Hall St., $75,000.

Jackson, Douglas C. to Meyers, Helen M. and John E., 269 Morningside Ave., $144,000.

McCartney, James W. and Lou A. to Lenihan, Christy L. and Matthew J. and Socha, James A. and Lesa L., 22 Swan Road, $35,000.

Moreno, Curtis to Jacobsen, Sarah A. and Siems, Cody A., 777 Madison Ave., $94,000.

Grasz, Nancy to Culjat, John R. and Sharon M., 134 E. View Drive, $210,000.

Davidson, Jane A. and Richards, Doreen D. to Kalstrup, Joan A. and Michael D., 2718 Tara Hills St., $189,000.

Englund, Pamela to Wulff, Jay E. and Leann K., 1153 Longview Loop, $125,000.

Kincaid, Sherry E. to Waggoner, Matthew D., 236 Morningside Ave., $72,000.

Gibbs, Jon M. and Kimberly A. to Schoening, Chad M. and Marla J., 110 Antioch Drive, $259,000.

Knott, Wyllye E. Trust to Halligan, Patrick T., 553 Gogleywood Lane, $143,500.

Nielsen, Barbara E. to Jones, Daniel R. and Kylee, 1401 High St., $80,000.

MBI Inc. to Anderson, Ronald J., 15 Becky Lane, $89,000.

Randolph, Miles and Victoria to Helm, David R. and Robin G., 4902 Spring Circle, $238,000.

Caskey, Marvel E. and Robert D. to Finken, Jessica M. and Green, Patrick C., 104 Bonham Circle, $210,000.


Mossman, Mark E. and Mitzi G. to Abbott, David R. and Robin G., 721 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $275,000.


Kinney, Shirley A. to Kinney, Charles A. III and Rose M., 708 Johnson St., Crescent, $145,000.


Kretschmer, Jamie J. and Shawn D. to Bender, Jess and Katie, 33859 168th St., Honey Creek, $385,000.


Shanno, Angela and Nicholas to Arrick, Douglas D. and Yvonne, 30453 330th St., Minden, $179,000.


Ablett, Gregory D. to McCombs, Kristine A. and Matthew J., 27914 Chestnut Road, Treynor, $395,000.


Uhrlaub, Michael B. and Shawna M. to Olesen, Lynda K., 528 Highway Ave., Underwood, $150,000.


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