Proline Custom Homes to Chapman, Donald P. and Tracy A., 18440 Stargrass Road, $371,954.

Fitch, Kyle J. and Jennifer L. to Sommer, Andrew J. and Jennifer A., 7139 N. 160th Ave., $339,500.

Elwood, Shannon R., trustee for Elwood Family Trust to Charlesworth, Adam B. and Alexandria, 8013 N. 164th St., $320,000.

Venture Contracting Inc. to Hunter, John and Harrison, Venessa, 17206 Bondesson St., $318,004.

Proline Custom Homes to Stapleton, James R. and Angela M., 8508 N. 173rd St., $303,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jueden, Toshia R. and Tyler J., 8902 N. 161st Ave., $291,600.

Home Enterprises to Bell, Leo and Charisse, 9807 Rosewater Parkway, $289,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Falk, Sandra, 8213 Kilpatrick Parkway, $233,044.

Kroenke, Lindsy L. and Sean to Ellis, Kayla M. and Trent W., 8019 N. 147th Ave., $209,000.

Haynie, Jeremiah J. and Amanda L. to Markley, Paul J. and Shea M., 7843 N. 154th Ave., $190,000.

Cameron Townhomes to Day, Frederick C. and Michele, 8719 N. 160th Plaza, $188,900.


Young, Gregory B. and Ashley to Roberts Family Partnership, 1418 N. 191st Ave., $690,000.

Colwell, James C. and Jodi L. to Waibel, Brett and Sherry, 1204 N. 187th St., $665,000.

R & A Builders to Galligan, Tim and Mary, 2012 S. 214th Ave., $612,252.

3Sheets LLC to Ham, Kerby and Cheri, 21040 X St., $579,000.

Grace Custom Homes Co. to Kalabhai, Gaurang and Bhavini, 1307 S. 210th St., $530,000.

Showcase Homes to Lirette, Roland J. and Lori J., 19614 Charles Circle, $467,900.

Barker, Michelle M. and Richard L. to Kucera, Robert E. and Nicole R., 605 S. 197th St., $377,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Harvey, John P. and Jordan P., 1702 S. 207th St., $375,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Weber, Eric S. and Katie O., 18810 Sahler St., $372,448.

Armstrong, Michael C. and Haley A. to Zadina, Elissa P., 18257 Farnam St., $301,000.

Home Co. to Erkes, Jerry J. and Bonnie J., 1442 N. 194th Circle, $233,000.

Crotty, Lindsey L. and Richard J. to Peters, Thomas and Katherine, 21420 Harney St., $220,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Ramm Holdings, 1514 S. 208th St., $190,000.

Island Development to Meester, Evan and Jessica, 1527 S. 218th St., $165,662.

Humphrey, Elizabeth B. to Hendricks, Joseph F., 2619 N. 189th St., $155,000.

ER North Development to Sokol, Todd C. and Jennifer M., 19406 Hamilton Circle, $130,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to TG Holdings, 1519 S. 219th St., $100,000.

Cypress Group Inc. to Scribner, Zachary, 22002 Kent Circle, $83,000.

Great Western Bank to Zito, Richard T. and Sandoval, Andrew J., 5029 S. 239th St., $26,000.


Criss, Ronald L. Jr. to Brown, Thomas B. and Linda J., 204 W. Waring St., $165,000.


Hochstein, Dennis R., trustee for Hochstein, Lynnette L. Trust to Colwell, James C. and Jodi, 502 S. 249th Circle, $1,350,000.


Bogenhagen, Lewayne M. Trust to Gurung, Kumar, 6314 Boyd St., $235,000.

Waite, Jason and Tonya L. to Myers, Wendy R., 6123 Park Lane Drive, $115,000.

Gould, Candace to Oo, Aung N., 5012 N. 62nd St., $109,900.

Poljanac, Laura L. and Trapnell, Lindsay B. to Rison, Donald Jr., 2316 N. 66th St., $109,000.

Rolfs, Larissa and Brandon J. to Solarana, Hayley A. and Daehling, Nicholas P., 2515 N. 61st St., $105,000.

Horani, Farouk G. to Wheaton, Gregory A., 4945 Pratt St., $100,000.

Simmons, Sarah L. to Polak, Kelly A. and Amanda R., 5125 Pinkney St., $58,000.

Western Financial and OM 2323 N 67 Trust to Laundromat 120 LLC, 2323 N. 67th St., $50,000.

Breezy Mountain Investments to Rubio, Virginia G. and Macias, Guerrero C., 2920 Fontenelle Blvd., $45,000.


Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Scott, Abby L., 912 S. 37th St., $290,000.

Miller, Michael P. and Jennifer L. to Loneman, Teri A. and Zachary A., 4424 Poppleton Ave., $198,000.

Johnstone, Evan D. to EGAD LLC, 3331 Hickory St., $125,000.

Humphreys, William and Cynthia to Hale, Rebecca and Kasel, Michael, 4223 Marcy St., $124,000.

Brown, Barton E. to Walter Thomas Inc., 3511 Pine St., $120,000.

Shininger, Stephen and Nicole to Staley, Rita, 2302 S. 31st St., $104,000.

Aliano, Erin E. and Joseph to Stanton, Holly A. and Bilek-Stanton, Tiffany, 3306 Vinton St., $80,000.


Schmitt, Sarah M. and Rathouz, Mark to Tooley, Jacob C. and Kelsea, 4696 Woolworth Ave., $187,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Blue Jay Development, 6235 Poppleton Ave., $180,000.

Mollner, Joseph A. and Jayne E. to Mattea, Corey S., 5312 Hascall St., $155,000.

Wright, Sally to Frates, Michael, 4663 A St., $142,000.

Thompson, Blake and Katie to Braun, Austin J. and James B., 3519 S. 51st Ave., $142,000.

Swirzinski, Paul R. to Boschult, Shelby and Curtis, 3059 S. 48th Ave., $138,000.


Woods, Kathleen M. and Michael J. to Mullen, John A. and Karen R., 4531 S. 14th St., $154,000.

HBI LLC to Harder, Daniel and Carey, 6218 S. 39th St., $150,000.

Nowak, Mary A. to Kleine, Kevin M., 3958 I St., $120,000.

Preston, Bobby and Kate to Gough, Ryan R. and Natasha M., 1405 U St., $120,000.

Cruz, Luis and Jose R. to Overbay, Sina J., 4313 S. 23rd St., $113,000.

Kessler, Daniel J., trustee for HVAC DOC Trust to Lawrence, Robert and Jessica, 6804 S. 31st St., $22,000.


Lukas, Dorothy M. to Blankenfeld, Christopher, 2424 S. 14th St., $135,000.

Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust to Velasquez, Domingo L. and Juan R., 3005 S. 23rd St., $100,000.

Pierce, Madeline V. to Palacios, Juan C., 411 Hickory St., $95,000.

Kudrna, Frank J. Jr. to Hickman, Dale M., 429 Center St., $53,000.


Tomjack, Brandon R., trustee, to Freedom Worship Center Omaha, 3025 Parker St., $238,000.

Holmes, Nathan to AOA Holdings, 3341 Meredith Ave., $59,000.

Poole, William C. to Thomas Properties 1, 4328 Browne St., $35,000.


Miller, Marie K. to Schultz, Teresa, 2736 Iowa St., $107,000.

Houseworth, James S. and Forsythe, Margo E. to Smith, Michele E., 8015 N. Ridge Drive, $62,500.


Akins, Candace to Torson, William and Jacquelynn, 8610 Broadmoor Drive, $308,000.

Brown, Joshua and Carrie L. to Peter, Matthew M. and Jennifer L., 1464 N. 96th Ave., $275,000.

Yunker, Christopher S. and Pamela J. to Layendecker, Richard J. and Jeanne E., 1712 N. 107th St., $180,000.


Elmwood Real Estate to Graves, Chris and Jennifer, 16122 Bedford Ave., $525,000.

Liebherr, Roger M. and Mary P. to Sopinski, Paul R. and Catherine J., 2529 N. 173rd St., $405,000.

Tillwick, Mark R. and Sandra B. Trust to Runyan, James B. Jr. and Laurie C., 15819 Burdette St., $395,000.

Rowland, Allen I. and Dianne M. to Novak, Randy J., 6811 N. 162nd St., $380,000.

Kimnach, Aaron J. and Jennifer J. to Borman, Matthew and Jamie, 17407 Erskine Circle, $350,000.

Celebrity Homes to Lovette, Gregory A. and Sue E., 17501 Browne St., $293,000.

Flowers, Tracy A. and Rosa M. to Frith, Chris N. and Lisa D., 6238 N. 155th Ave., $280,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Mattson, Bruce M. and Susan E., 2610 N. 165th Ave., $257,700.

Pfanstiel, Diane L. to Rubio, Monica M. and Bolanos, J.O., 15362 Grant St., $250,000.

Borman, Matthew D. and Jamie R. to Barker, Travis and Erica, 2210 N. 151st St., $245,000.

Austin, Michael M. and Cynthia R. to Stroup, Christopher S., 2404 N. 163rd St., $238,000.

Huang, Chih C., trustee for Huang, Sharon H. Trust to Newton, Mark P. and Leslie, 6215 N. 146th St., $223,000.

Olson, Luther T. and Holly C. to Burkdoll, Tyler W., 6116 N. 147th Ave., $217,500.

Koller, Michael S. and Melissa S. Trust to Grimlie, Matthew and Samantha, 16316 Sherwood Ave., $217,500.

Barger, Linda K., personal representative, to Binder, Keith J. and Kathy A., 6403 N. 149th St., $210,000.

Hardy, Nicholas A. and Emily P. to Stupka, Staci B., 14902 Meredith Ave., $189,000.

Lawson, Ryan J. to Osmanski, Brian C., 4625 N. 160th St., $187,000.

Stapleton, James and Angela M. to Hale, William L. and Ronda, 16531 Meredith Ave., $180,000.

Chilvers, Kimberly R. and John S. to Nielsen, Rick and Lori, 2121 N. 167th Ave., $173,000.

Chaika, Charles and Crosby, Monica J. to Ferry, Kimm, 17261 Ruggles St., $160,000.

Ashmore, Todd J. and Jennifer to Popken, Curtis D. and Ebel, Chelsea S., 17129 Sahler St., $160,000.

Castle Creek Development to Fools Inc., 15201 Jaynes St., $45,950.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 6326 N. 165th St., $44,900.

Gottsch Land Co. to Charleston Homes, 6314 N. 163rd St., $44,900.


Becker, David C. Jr. to Knoll, Michael C., 5618 S. 48th St., $112,000.

Radnov, Michael to Dees, Christian M., 5818 Orchard Ave., $94,500.

Matthews, Robert P. to Torres, Kathy V. and Reyes, Tomas A., 5503 Holmes St., $40,000.


Christensen, Christopher D. to Depue, Eric and Jillian, 345 S. 166th St., $365,000.

Jensen, Terri L. and Larry G. to Sussman, Deana R. and Berezin, Jared, 16108 Harney St., $305,000.

Fritts, Darrel E. Jr. and Maureen L. to Huang, Jia and Feng, Zhigang, 1523 N. 160th St., $257,500.

Lesko, Anne M. to Cummings, Stacy L., 17098 Western Ave., $220,000.

Grant-Leanna, Kevin L. and Connie D. to Stone, Nicholas and Megan R., 16211 Franklin St., $180,500.

Tran, Hoan C. and Nguyen, Thuy H. to Brodahl, Katie, 15743 Franklin St., $175,000.

Engelmann, Beverly to Martin, Daniel R., 1864 N. 175th Court, $139,950.


Bolling, Phillip D. and Nicole N. to Townsend, Aaron C. and Elizabeth A., 7506 Girard St., $190,000.

Gilmore, Eric J. and Sheree A. to Herr, James G. and Michelle M., 7030 N. 74th Circle, $188,920.

Moore, Gerry and Teri to Stirtz, Loretta A., 8438 Hanover St., $187,800.

Swaggard, Jason A. and Dana M. to Budukiewicz, Alex and Vicki, 8705 Wyoming St., $184,900.

Banks, Michelle D. and Christine D. to Thibodeau, James R. Jr. and Mary A., 8190 Willit St., $147,500.

Celebrity Homes to Rai, Dil B. and Budhi M., 9109 Black St., $145,900.

Celebrity Homes to Petersen, Marianne R., 9129 Black St., $145,400.

Safarik, Duane J. Sr. to Hagedorn, William J. and Delezene, Taylor, 8733 Quest St., $127,000.

Scobee, Toby T. to Colon, Christina N. and Lew, Brandon J., 8737 Quest St., $122,000.

Clark, Brandon D. and Latisha to Teitge, Aaron, 6630 N. 77th St., $119,000.


Hempel, Hollye and Peterson, Terry to Michelic, Meghan S., 1310 S. 78th Ave., $596,824.

Schafer, Justin P. and Elizabeth A. to Pick, Patrick R. and Hannah R., 3518 S. 102nd St., $393,000.

Garcia, David and Kimberly to Cornell, Timothy D. and Kasey C., 2134 Ridgewood Ave., $225,200.

Pullum, Genevieve J., personal representative, to Johnson, Lana C., 3611 S. 105th Ave., $182,000.

Bateman, Joseph G. and Sherrie S. Trust to Moutlon, Mark A. and Audrey A., 7523 Pasadena Ave., $175,000.

Fago, Dianne L. and Charles J. to Floerchinger, Martin, 3421 S. 79th St., $170,000.

Arter, Kim R. to Guehring, Paul N. and Linda J., 8002 Grover St., $154,000.

Holmgren, Kyle and Stephanie to Testin, Jason J. and Krista M., 7507 Frederick St., $135,000.

Baker, Christy M. and Fischman, Matthew M. to MeKiney, Kristen M., 7524 Pasadena Ave., $132,500.

Stultz-McNeill, Janice F., trustee for Pelecky Living Trust to Odd Properties, 3605 S. 82nd St., $120,000.

Lanoha, Thomas J., trustee for Lanoha, Margaret C. Trust to Lanoha, David F., 3413 Westgate Road, $120,000.

Hissong, Kimberly K. Trust to Dobel, Christine B., 9105 Arbor St., $90,000.


Leise, David M and Pamela A. to Chmura, David and Robyn, 10525 N St., $183,000.

Grigas, Kimberly J. to Tanner, Betty, 7411 Washington St., $175,000.

Reed, Joseph R. and Cassandra E. to Woodward, Brent, 8317 Oakwood St., $120,000.

Locke, Dory to Hobson, Kathleen E., 8004 Main St., $105,000.


Dunn, Steven P. and Janine S. to Layne, Robert J. and Peterson-Layne, Cathleen, 1114 S. 185th Circle, $680,000.

Turley, Jesse O. and Linda L. to Kollasch, Thomas S. and Michelle K., 3111 S. 165th Ave., $565,000.

Darling, Kristina J. and Nathan J. to Brookfield Relocation, 19294 Poppleton Ave., $465,000.

Brookfield Relocation to Downs, Joseph B. and Erin S., 19294 Poppleton Ave., $465,000.

Royal Development to Jacobs, Paulette S., 1316 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $459,900.

Royal Development to Dunn, Janine S., 1312 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $435,000.

Nelson, Zachary S. and Chelsea M. to Samala, Madhavi and Thirumalareddy, Joseph, 19907 Lamont Circle, $430,000.

Billington, Martin and Kelley to Lobb, Patrick and Julie, 3904 S. 193rd Circle, $417,000.

Mason, Holly G. to Venuto, Katie M. and Chauncey B., 3912 S. 182nd St., $405,000.

Anderson, Clifford D. and Monika E. to Dorr, Cassandra M. and Haug, Peter G., 3228 S. 185th St., $355,000.

Hallgren, Christopher A. to Homan, Robert and King-Homan, Laura, 18302 Nina St., $340,000.

Liederbrand, Kenneth L. and Deborah L. to Miller, Christopher W., trustee for Miller Living Trust, 17717 Frances St., $335,000.

Smullin, Brian R. and Jenifer G. to Morrisey, Andy and Michelle, 16322 Wright Circle, $290,000.

Anderson, Stanley and Sharon Trust to Sorrentino, Joseph A. and Madeline L., 16317 Westfield Circle, $286,000.

Homan, Robert E. and King-Homan, Laura S. to Bell, Justin A. and Johanna L., 19030 B St., $200,000.

Hanrahan, Kevin M. and Elizabeth A. to Kephart, Barton L. Jr. 16011 Shirley St., $172,500.


Citylight Church of the Christian to Bridge RWC, 1023 N. 40th St., $300,000.


Feloney, Michael P. and Suzanne to Rorie, Andrew and Jaime, 714 N. 58th St., $400,000.

Fergus, Robin F. to Westerhuis, Brian T. and Hillary A., 914 N. 48th Ave., $184,500.

LA Investment Group LLC to Sawatzki, David, 4709 Wakeley St., $138,000.

Wilwerding, Richard J. and Lori L. to Criss, Scott S., 6506 Western Ave., $122,200.


Knaus, Deidra to Holland, Darian R., 5623 N. 92nd Ave., $165,000.

Johnson, John D. Jr. and Rita L. to Jensen, Christopher and Kelli, 3707 N. 77th St., $159,700.

Carter, Jason T. and Carissa G. to Po, Be, 9628 Cady Ave., $141,000.

Speckmeier, Michael W. and Christine A. to Anchondo, Ricardo and Francine, 4310 Terrace Drive, $135,000.

Everhart, Stephanie A. to Warthen, Lauren and Krzycki, Phillip, 10029 Bedford Ave., $135,000.

Holquist, Richard O. to Stuck, Elizabeth M., 10609 Hartman Ave., $121,500.

Rychly, Cheri L. and Jeffrey E. to Engel, Danyel, 7510 Richmond Drive, $113,300.

Stanislaus, Martin L. and Deborah L. to Stanislaus, Brian, 9210 Sahler St., $100,000.


Naughton, William T. and Barbara M. to Kalamaja, Joseph M. and Lisa M., 17520 Ohern St., $438,000.

Dupell, Catherine A. and Groller, Gloria G. to Dixon, William J. and Mary J., 4405 S. 167th Ave., $395,000.

Elshinawy, Walied and Bahari, Mahani to Brooks, Randy and Joan, 4321 S. 169th Circle, $362,000.

Daeges, Matthew N. and Kathryn P. to Bos, Timothy J. and Terra L., 19332 Blaine St., $318,000.

Celebrity Homes to Willenbring, Todd R. and Amy M., 4620 S. 199th Ave., $302,900.

Engle, Teri L. and Brian to Nielson, Eric and Carol, 5715 S. 166th Avenue Circle, $302,425.

Bligh, Robert A. and Tanya to Reed Michael and Tegan, 17516 Karen St., $256,900.

Celebrity Homes to Gninefou, Roger K. and Adaku, 19883 K St., $232,900.

Burke, David W. to Burrus, Sarah C. and Schuyler R., 5078 S. 186th Ave., $200,000.

Brown, Daniel M. to Howley, Leslie R. and Coutts, Michael J., 18650 U St., $171,500.

Bennett, William and Josephine M. to Smith, Daniel C., 4873 S. 157th St., $170,000.

Celebrity Homes to Dizona, Kimberly A., 19510 R St., $162,100.

Celebrity Homes to Miller, Debra S., 5302 S. 195th St., $160,900.

Phelps, Jeffrey A. and Maggie A. to Davis, Timothy W., 5353 S. 194th St., $156,000.

Demers, Amanda M. to Ashe, Richard A. and Marla Y., 15864 Ohern St., $154,900.

Pagels, Ryan to Scott Bruhn Enterprises, 5853 S. 193rd Ave., $152,500.

Polito, Mark T. Trust to Beber, Joslyn, 19118 Drexel St., $151,000.

Smith, Lance M. and Katelin R. to Ferris, Joseph, 19428 Laci St., $150,000.

Lowman, Camden W. and Karina O. to Conlin, Anthony J. and Alicia C., 19358 X St., $148,000.

Robb, Jason R. and Carey J. to Geary, Michael, 18178 Polk Plaza, $102,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pine Crest Homes, 19902 Tyler St., $60,000.

Whitehawk Development to Fools Inc., 4413 S. 193rd St., $38,500.


Hammerstrom, Paulette R. Trust to Otte, Randee E., 13044 Sky Park Drive, $260,000.

Fangmeyer, Harlan B. and Diane A. to Bruner, Clarence A. and Nicole R., 6827 S. 147th St., $185,000.

Reed, Michael D. and Tegan R. to Dultmeier, David and Rebecca, 10834 T Circle, $175,000.

Buchholz, Danielle and Jason to Buchholz, Pamela, 5023 S. 131st St., $170,000.

Pratt, Russell I. and Elizabeth F. to Rolfs, Brandon J., 15274 Blackwell Drive, $165,000.

Ralya, Sandra and Michael A. to Spagnola, Doyle R. and Sarah M., 6632 S. 152nd St., $150,000.

Irish, Shane A. to Bohrer, John L., 6535 S. 109th St., $149,600.

Sok, Mark A. and Roxanna F. to Tranmer, Megan M. and John R., 11201 Y St., $145,000.

Omann, Ronald L., personal representative, to Nance, Marianne and Fulkerson, Brian K., 13506 Z St., $142,000.

Fredette, Joshua J. and Maribel to Manzer, Michael J., 5167 S. 147th Circle, $139,950.

Prosper Homes to Botdorf, Patricia A., 6040 Oakcrest Plaza, $137,000.

O & H Properties to Yinpeng, Liu, 12113 Ohern St., $131,000.


Craig, Andrew G. and Kristi M. to Brookfield Relocation, 7123 N. 121st St., $345,000.

Brookfield Relocation to Estee, Jacqueline A. and Brent J., 7123 N. 121st St., $345,000.

Celebrity Homes to Lennard, Carolyn E., 6915 N. 142nd Ave., $179,200.

Utesch, Gavin and Andrea to Mollak, Timothy and Arduser, Jessie, 11209 Black St., $160,000.

Havor, Essi M. and Koffi to Gaene Investments, 10801 Girard St., $138,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to A1 Built Homes, 8114 N. 127th Ave., $57,500.

Deer Creek Holdings to Hurley, Timothy A. and Julie L., 13109 Craig St., $52,000.


Ware, Michael X. and Trina L. to Thompson, Nicholas J. and Christopher E., 1624 S. 155th St., $285,000.

O’Grady, Charles W. and Donna M. to Levkoff, Sean M. and Angela S., 3343 S. 114th St., $265,000.

Holmberg, Robert E. and Mary A. to Merrell, David J. and Janet L., 13612 Montclair Drive, $200,000.

Richards, Bart K. and Shannon N. to Rezac, Jason A. and Maureen E., 2255 S. 133rd Ave., $185,000.

Hicklin, Lorri L. to Schulte, Cosondra L. and James, 3123 S. 145th St., $184,500.

Woodworth, Robert W. and Jody D. to Beyond Realty LLC, 15307 Nina St., $175,000.

Christensen, Tyrel R., trustee for Christensen Trust to Goolsby, Ryan M., 12117 Grover St., $165,000.

Henson, Theresa D. and Crmkovich, Todd to Kesterson, Thomas K. and Jacquelyn R., 2419 S. 113th Ave., $156,000.

Christiansen, Brian G. and Sarah G. to Wilson, Matthew M. and Chelsey E., 12535 C St., $144,500.

Atkinson, Avery and Susan to Koster, Corey D. and Brenda L., 3626 S. 155th St., $135,000.

Schulte, Cosondra L. to JKH Properties, 3434 S. 126th Ave., $131,650.

Kohl, Brenda L. to Bartek, Richard and Dianne, 12213 Westwood Lane, $98,000.


Keller, Joseph J. and Laurie to Carl, Gabriel and Annika, 6035 Bridle Path, $345,000.

Maycock, Frederick E. and Elizabeth A. to South, Rebecca A. and David L., 6405 Country Club Road, $260,000.

MCS Rentals to Amador, Miguel E., 5470 King St., $180,000.


Siedschlag, Michael and Stephanie L. to Lawson, Jarrod M. and Courtney J., 13511 Charles Circle, $490,000.

Caldwell, Charles M. Trust to Vertovec, Daniel, 1024 N. 128th St., $245,000.

Hasterlo, John S. to Siebrant Investments, 742 Palamino Road, $230,000.

H & S Partnership to Bouda, Lori A. and William P., 11415 Pacific St., $205,775.

Joekel, William and Elizabeth to Montague, Malorie M. and Nicholas J., 1508 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $168,000.

Petersen, Judith D., trustee for McQuin, Mary E. Trust to Jackson, Thomas C. and Janet L., 814 N. 131st Court, $153,000.

LaPuzza, Elaine M. to Dahlquist, Lauren, 757 N. 130th Plaza, $128,000.


Williams, Charles L. and Kristine K. to Gibilisco, Michael and Jacquelyn, 6622 N. 142nd St., $194,000.

Richarz, Terry A. Trust to Otterberg, Frederick, trustee for Otterberg Family Trust, 5121 N. 134th Ave., $186,000.

Wright, Earl G. and Amy M. to WLR Properties, 5005 N. 129th St., $162,000.

HBI LLC to Swigart, Bradley J. and Henderson, Jennifer L., 10932 Curtis Ave., $155,000.

Palmer, Laura A. to Stephenson, Ty J., 6223 N. 128th St., $139,000.



Gilmore, Craig P. and Cathy L. to Ochsner, Matthew R. Sr. and Autumn, 1714 Childs Road East, $218,000.

Sears, Erik R. and Springer Sears, April N. to Loyselle, Janette, 2108 Main St., $105,000.

Ristow, James L. and Judith A. to Aspect Homes, 2504 Main St., $48,000.

Webb, Brant W. to Lusk, Caleb C. and Kimberly I., 2710 Bryan Ave., $92,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 2804 Janan Drive, $79,000.

Rangel, Jeremy S. and Elizabeth M. to Diaz Mora, Adrian A., 2807 Lloyd St., $120,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 311 Fawn Court, $128,000.

Dail, Sherry L. to Gatlin, David and Jenea, 408 Augusta Ave., $259,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co., 409 W. 22nd Ave., $70,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Investments, 906 W. 32nd Ave., $76,000.

Strom, Lyle E. to Craig, Becky M. and Shawn R., 907 Bayberry Drive, $220,000.


Charleston Homes to Baumann, Paul E. and Jennifer R., 11328 S. 173rd St., $248,000.

Muffly, Andrew and Lisa to Hascall, Jennifer A. and Kyle J., 11739 S. 210th St., $167,000.

Volcheck, Timothy E. and Sara M. to Petermann, Samuel M. and Leslie A., 19613 Bellbrook Blvd., $435,000.

McCune Development to D & E Custom Building & Design, 19781 Devonshire Drive, $55,000.

McCune Development to D & E Custom Building & Design, 19788 Devonshire Drive, $50,000.

Jessen Ingram, Robin L. to Blankman, Dennis and Bryna, 21815 Quail Drive, $210,000.

Tasler, Nathan M. and Natasha R. to Trade Well Pallet Inc., 22777 Fairview St., $190,000.

Pabst, Nicholas M. to Ziebell, Kevin M., 417 W. Plains Road, $63,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bridges, Constance and David, 7804 S. 190th St., $273,000.

Home Co. to Owens, Jeffrey T. and Patrice L., 8121 S. 193rd St., $291,000.

Jill, James R. and Patricia J. to Johnson, Richard and Larissa, 9224 S. 232nd Circle, $650,000.


Ryder, Benjamin J. and Kimberly S. to Fischman, Matt and Baker, Christy, 1007 Creighton Road, $290,000.

Herre, Jacob J. and Dominique to Thompson, Lisa M., 1013 Fenwick St., $182,000.

Richland Homes to Herbert, George W. Jr. and Jodi B., 10805 Laramie St., $258,000.

Click, Anthony J. and Lisa A. to McNeal, Robert D. and Sara A., 1115 Stony Point Drive, $220,000.

Southbrook Development to Empire Homes & Remodeling, 11512 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Southbrook Development to Baranko Construction, 11514 S. 111th St., $52,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11606 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Southbrook Development to A1 Built Homes LLC, 11607 S. 109th St., $46,000.

Southbrook Development to Sherwood Homes, 11611 S. 110th Ave., $54,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11710 S. 109th St., $48,000.

Southbrook Development to Nelson Builders, 11748 S. 110th St., $45,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11761 S. 110th St., $46,000.

Troia, Anthony M. and Sarah B. to Kreis, Anthony J. and Krzykowski, Jessica L., 12123 S. 79th St., $420,000.

Nichols, Bradley W. and Susan to Blazek, Thomas R. and Nancy P., 12221 S. 78th St., $400,000.

Castlebridge Homes to MJ Design Build Inc., 12410 Osprey Lane, $67,000.

Bolduc, Nicholas and Holly M. to Moore, Kevin and Shreese, 1610 Madison Circle, $174,000.

Brozek, James and Michelle Trust to Armitage, Troy and Ivy, 501 Woodbine Circle, $215,000.

Baranko Inc. to Drahn-Hoffman, Shana L. and Hoffman, Raymond A., 7529 Reed St., $389,000.

Keyser, Philip E. Trust to Westphal, Gary and Karen, 7951 Shadow Lake, $290,000.

San Miguel, Anna M. to Furukawa, Makoto and Kari, 805 Evergreen Drive, $192,000.

Guidoni, Raymond R. to Southworth, Brian and Nicole, 810 Tara Road, $194,000.

Marple, Brian M. and Erin M. to Hacker, John W. and Donna E. Trust, 906 Summit Ridge Drive, $210,000.


Heese, Chad J. and Keely F. to Douglas, Nathan and Eitzen, Brandi, 1100 N. Second Ave., $145,000.

Harpenau, Andrew K. and Heather F. to Hamell, Robert J. and Laura A., 19552 Van Circle, $98,000.

Cleveland, Gregory J. to Hornacek, Dennis J. II, 260 Elm St., $148,000.

Schuster, Kevin J. and Jane V. to Heese, Chad J. and Keely F., 513 S. Eighth St., $253,000.


Brown, Julie A. to Volinski, Thomas J., 10404 S. 27th St., $185,000.

Louis, Wendy and Gabriel to Michaud, Derrick and Tracy, 11661 Trumble Loup W, $240,000.

Riley, Molly M. to Puvogel, Nick and Kelly, 12725 Forestdale Drive, $220,000.

Bell, Leo J. and Charisse to Lotz, Edward and Julie, 12734 Forestdale Drive, $185,000.

Hybner, David F. Jr. and Teresa M. to Zanders, Gerald H. and Delores F., 13507 S. 30th St., $169,000.

Celebrity Homes to Pense, Casey T. and Brandy N., 13714 S. 42nd Ave., $179,000.

Loch, Joanne E. and Shawn to Sloan, Kimberlee, 14109 E. Tregaron Ridge Ave., $144,000.

Patton, Jared W. to Chivers, Kathryn H. and Curtis B., 14412 Canyon Drive, $172,000.

Smith, Kyle and Power-Smith, Sarah to Smith, Bradley R., 2106 Whitted Drive, $140,000.

Smith, Russell D. and Carol L. to Richards, Johnathan M. and Mary A., 2908 Rahn Blvd., $270,000.

Hanson, Nathan D. and Megan to Peterson, Debra L., 3306 Wilhelminia Drive, $170,000.

Ames, David N. and Melissa S. to Kerby, Stephan M. and Angela R., 3414 Schuemann Drive, $168,000.


Griffin Homes to Hines, Molly E. and Andrew S., 10618 Brentwood Drive, $231,000.

Campbell, Teresa to Albin, Mauricette L. and Prettyman-Foot, Michelle J., 7233 Valley Road, $107,000.

Backhuus, Joel M. and Katie to Pigsley, Mitchel S. and Ullrich, Renee, 7433 S. 97th St., $180,000.

Thompson, Benjamin W. and Cami to Fisk, Eric A. and Rebecca L., 7544 Valley Road, $90,000.

Martin, Diana C. and Merrel L. to Christie, Stacy A., 7712 Tallowood St., $137,000.

Safarik, Duane J. Sr. to Elyea, Cynthia K., 7906 Clover Court, $90,000.

Von Weihe, Larry and Karen to Pickle, William E., 8027 S. 68th Avenue Circle, $185,000.


Dalby, Jesse J. and Barbara to Kluthe, Gerald and Susan, 13805 Springview Drive, $239,000.

Kieckhafer, Ryan L. to Carter, Greg E. and Talena M., 1508 Charleston Drive, $156,000.

Burger, James S. and Jill A. to Pope, John T. III and Donna L., 2701 Bluff Hills, $325,000.

Yeshnowski, Andrea M. to Hoover, Todd and Sarah, 313 Inglewood Drive, $322,000.

Murray, Brandy and Darrick to Gilmore, Craig P. and Cathy L., 4501 Edgerton Drive, $250,000.

Harrison, Gary J. Jr. and Josette M. to Horton, Jason D. and Angela M., 4813 Coffey St., $315,000.

Deeds, Dena M. and Donald to Slazinik, Ian M. and Courtney E., 5302 Timberridge Drive, $285,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bald, Jordan B. and Mackenzie E., 8534 S. 68th Circle, $213,000.


Jones, Charlene G. to Ferzely, Richard M. and Mullen-Ferzely, Mary E., 10917 Fairway Drive, $395,000.

JMF LLC to Best Construction Inc., 11013 S. 175th Ave., $42,000.

Dziurzwiec, Gregory and Tiffany to Syed, Abrar A. and Nasir, Arfa, 16228 Virginia St., $222,000.

Payne, Jeffrey S. and Elizabeth A. to Stahl, Jennifer A., 17012 Rampart St., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes to Nguyen, Hoang, 17012 Rampart St., $209,000.

JMF LLC to Racek, Robert E. and Renee L., 17464 Ridgemont St., $85,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Campbell, Warren L. II, 18215 Edna St., $159,000.

Radian Services LLC to Sharpe, Sara B. and Jared A., 18839 Edna St., $266,000.

Wenke, Christopher D. and Vicki L. to Stransky, Brian E. and Nicole E., 7205 S. 158th St., $270,000.

Sparta, David P. Trust to Johnson, Rex D. and Julie A., 7221 S. 180th Ave., $180,000.

Shunk, Brian and Darcie to Hlivko, Matthew J. and Kimberly L., 8639 S. 154th St., $256,000.

Richland Homes to Jennings, Brian D. and Schneider Jennings, Pamela S., 8712 S. 169th St., $284,000.

Busby, Kevin J. and Taylor J. to Nemecek, Nicole L., 8903 S. 166th St., $190,000.

Raines, Michael D. and Christy I. to Hauschild, Kyle and Kelli, 9407 S. 173rd Ave., $322,000.


Gates, Lori A. to Pierce, Nicholas A., 13222 Slayton St., $102,000.

Ajlouny, Issa, personal representative for Ajlouny, Jaad A. to Whitney, Travis A., 13514 Emiline St., $72,000.

Ajlouny, Victor A. and Aufrey I. to Whitney, Travis A., 13514 Emiline St., $72,000.

Wiig, Andrew A. to Eberhardt, Chad and Campbell, Holly, 14502 Edna St., $150,000.

Edwards, Logan D. and Michael R. to Reeves, Travis D. and Bruno, Mary K., 14715 Margo St., $163,000.

Law Farms LTD to Law, Melita R., 15147 Redwood St., $178,000.

Gelster, Amber L. and Bryan to Schultz, Andrew J. and Sarah K., 15222 Chalco Pointe Drive, $155,000.


Newport Homes to Glenn, James D. and Linda J., 2108 Barbara Ave., $343,000.

Barnes, Joan C. to Rippey, Stephen S., 2802 Childs Road W., $195,000.

Stangl, Daniel F. and Janice A. to Storm, Matthew J., 2810 Sandra St., $130,000.

Nielsen, Frances and Murcek, Frank Jr. and Josoff, Nancy, co-trustees for Murcek, Dareen Trust to Truttmann, Bryan and Ortiz, Tamara, 7650 S. 41st St., $113,000.

Mosey, Shaun to Loya, Oscar A. and Loya-Duncan, Toccara D., 910 Fairview St., $141,000.


Carbis, Tammie L. and Anthony S. to Maravilla-Hernandez, Guadalupe, 4556 Ruth St., $140,000.

Costello, Scott A. and Sue A. to Brazell, Larry G., 4876 Virginia St., $160,000.

Scheid, Martin and Kelly to Knight, Stacy K., 4926 Copper Hill Drive, $165,000.

Torchia, James to Hernandez, Angel, 7306 S. 49th Ave., $157,000.

Kasischke, Jacob M. to Cherek, Brian and Donette, 7321 Wood River Drive, $120,000.



Baker, Elle E. to Huggings, Elizabeth M. and Sutherland, Ian S., 2021 Ave. B, $99,500.

Cox, Junko and Maurice E. Jr. to Ramsey, Emily and John, 3123 Traders Point Road, $297,000.

Halverson, Gregory H. and Stacianne M. to Leidel, Erica and Jason, 5225 Crogans Way Road, $287,500.

McCart, Michael T. and Miller, Cassandra A. to Mendoza, Amy L. and Patrick G., 3028 Seventh Ave., $119,000.

Porter, Sara and Scott N. to Hayes, Karen S., 1308 N. 22nd St., $78,500.

Cowell, Amanda and Nathan to Singley, Andrew J., 2607 S. 16th St., $144,000.

Williams, Sheryl E. to Koves, Gergely A., 2628 Ave. L, $13,000.

West Tax Asset Group to Mark Hanwright LLC, 2731 Third Ave., $36,000.

Mark Hanwright LLC to McAlpin, Chad R., 2731 Third Ave., $115,000.

Baker, Sheri to Beltran, Jessica L. and Robert D., 1904 Ave. F, $85,000.

McKern, Joshua V. to Lochland Holdings, 1705 Second Ave., $64,000.

Powell, Debra J. and Wayne R. to Donley, Anthony J., 2 Wallace Ave., $180,000.

Cartledge, Christopher M. and Rachel to Worley, Rodney L., 2216 Sixth Ave., $85,000.

IHH/BIG 12/D & T LLC to Fisher, Christopher and Jennifer, 3559 Fifth Ave., $94,500.

Lundstad, Joann to Bachman, Linda K., 2613 S. Ninth St., $150,000.

Mabbitt, Nissa K. and Todd J. to Gomez, Josef S., 2552 Ave. L, $74,000.

HBI LLC to Wright, Susan C. and Todd O., 2434 Ave. G, $70,000.

Hartman, William M. Jr. to Guest, Joe, 803 S. 13th St., $125,000.

R & R Equities to DIMMN LLC, 1608 S. Eighth St., $37,500.

R & R Equities to DIMMN LLC, 3653 Fifth Ave., $37,500.


McLaughlin, Christopher and Laura to Voudry, Jamie R. and Lawrence E., 20260 Victoria Drive, $178,000.

Stessman, Stacy L. and Christopher M. to Matulka, Sarah E., 4907 Spring Drive, $230,000.

Bernard, Michael to McMillen, Keith D. and Kimberly E., 376 N. First St., $105,000.

LSF9Master Participating Trust to Council Bluffs Development Corp., 321 Voorhis St., $15,000.

Regan, Teresa L. to Wagoner, Darren J., 21 Indian Hills Road, $150,000.

Hiatt, Diane and Jerry M. to Martin, Michele and Steven J., 23 Ridge Drive, $160,000.

Downey, Alice M. to Regan, Teresa L., 1121 Arbor Ridge Drive, $130,000.

Vanscoy, Mary A. to Pierson, Jim C. and Thomas, Laura A., 1509 Sunset Drive, $110,000.

Tawzer, Brandy and Trede N. to Fisher, Marlys J. and Michael L., 4818 Spring Circle, $188,000.

Lalk, Lori L. and Lyman E. to O’Brien, Karol L. and Tyler J., 214 Wendy Hights Road, $150,000.

Pettepier, Eva M. and Robert L. to Coberly, David and Susan, 19387 Garner Ave., $220,000.

Casey, Frances and Jonathan to Busing, Bobbie J. and Justin D., 307 Harrison St., $40,000.

Haller, Pamela J. and Smith, Todd G. to Anderson, Angus L. and Jessica L., 12 Tower Circle, $190,000.

Fuller, Jim A. and Marilyn J. to Bent, Patrich L., 153 Helen Ave., $150,000.

U.S. Bank to Wagner, Jason, 185 16th Ave., $14,000.

Cline, Jerry D. to Wirt, Megan L., 715 Hazel St., $124,000.

Rapalje, Beth A. to Lewis, Kristy M. and McKern, Joshua C., 13824 Sunrise Terrace Lane, $249,000.

R & R Equities to DIMMN LLC, 136 E. Graham Ave., $37,500.

R & R Equities to DIMMN LLC, 613 Damon St., $50,000.

R & R Equities to DIMMN LLC, 233 Bluff St., $50,000.


Hempel, Megan M. to Carter, Marsha, 100 Hillside Drive, Minden, $120,000.


Marvin, Janet to Carley, Erica and Jason, 610 E. Ridge Court, Oakland, $168,000.

Strong, Carol A. and Herbert J. to Peterson, James G., 711 Glass St., Oakland, $140,500.


Pestotnik, Adam J. to Bothwell, Robert J. III, 31 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $102,000.

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