Stratford Park Development to Hildy Construction, 9009 N. 173rd St., $45,000.

Hansen, Adam L. and Katie J. to Marmo, Robert A. Jr. and Kristen A., 8225 N. 150th St., $188,000.

State Street Investment to Sherwood Homes, 8208 N. 162nd St., $27,750.

Celebrity Homes to Ogden, Kyle P. and Natasha A., 7822 N. 147th St., $160,250.

State Street Investment to Legacy Homes Omaha, 7701 N. 158th St., $40,950.

Reall, Krystal L. to Proctor, Larry L. and Sonia S., 7208 N. 154th St., $275,000.

Stratford Park Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 17008 Clay St., $44,600.

Pollard, Scott A. to Ruegsegger, Timothy and Amanda, 15974 Reynolds St., $328,000.

State Street Investments to Sherwood Homes, 15921 Mormon St., $27,750.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Reimers, Kyle K. and Hanson, Lexi L., 15807 Jardine Circle, $198,574.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Rauso, Ralph J. and Paige, 15001 Cherry St., $241,491.

Sindelar, Brad J. and Amy C. to Meyer, Luke J., 14859 Eagle St., $170,000.

Thomson, Robert and Laurie to Venter, Dean N. and Watzke, Jennifer M., 14850 Hanover St., $323,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage to Sherwood Homes, 14813 Prairie Star St., $43,000.

Madsen, Tamra L. to Tingelhoff, Thomas E. and Mary A., 14741 Black St., $270,000.

Deutsche Bank to Gansebom, Darin D. and Melinda J., 12602 N. 189th Circle, $395,000.

Paramount Land Co. to Legacy Homes Omaha, 12095 Elmwood Drive, $29,900.


Henry, Joshua P. and Lori A. to Hunsberger, Bryan and Jamie, 731 Elk Ridge Drive, $79,250.

Paulson, Clinton M. and Katie M. to Runco, Nicholas M. and Larm-Runco, Stephanie A., 653 S. 212th St., $206,000.

Mittelstaedt, Allan L. and Collett, Jacquelyn J. to Arora, Balwant and Urmil, 514 S. 183rd Ave., $345,000.

Charleston Homes to Moreno, Sergio A. and Edmonds, Tameka R., 4840 N. 208th Ave., $258,550.

Charleston Homes to Horizon Land Corp., 4720 N. 205th St., $124,000.

Charleston Homes to Michener, Christopher J. and Shawna L., 4712 N. 204th Ave., $280,228.

Logemann, Darrell J. and Coe L. to Jones, Shade A., 3806 Appaloosa Drive, $118,900.

Berggren, Kristine K. to Wissink, Justin D. and Sarah D., 3631 N. Main Circle, $134,000.

Masterson, Lashel M., trustee for Paasch, Janice M. Trust to Ellingson, Larry W., 3412 N. 207th Ave., $215,000.

Small, Linda C. to Patak Properties, 3411 N. Main St., $108,000.

EVE LLC to Castle Brook Builders, 3003 N. 194th St., $49,950.

Elkhorn Highlands to Heavican Homes, 2717 N. 190th St., $41,000.

Elkhorn Highlands to Heavican Homes, 2709 N. 190th St., $41,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Nowka, Anson and Amy, 2273 S. 218th Ave., $103,500.

Murphy, Orral M. to George, Luz A. and David C., 21406 Leavenworth Circle, $203,000.

Lill, Melissa S. and Patrick to Kaiser, Kirk R. and Jennifer L., 21401 Walnut St., $405,000.

Renner, Mark A. and Sherry A. to Jurgensen, Roland and Lois M., 21240 Arbor Court, $325,000.

Celebrity Homes to Haffke, Joshua J. and Kristi A., 20812 Parker St., $211,900.

Nietfeld, Andrea K. to Brdicko, Jason D. and Dawn, 20782 Sequoia St., $270,000.

Gehrki, Bernard J. and Elizabeth to Fearnow, James D. and Lisa K., 207 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $261,425.

Charleston Homes to Home Co., 20606 Larimore Ave., $40,000.

Franconia Real Estate Services to Blair, Chris and Tracy, 19912 Mason St., $360,000.

Kavan, Richard T. and Leona to Scribner, Zach, 1921 S. 220th St., $80,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes to Mogensen, Brent and Carmen, 18935 Sahler St., $406,772.

Celebrity Homes to Stary, Nicholas M., 1805 N. 208th St., $200,400.

Castle Brook Builders to Swanson, Sean and Lydia V., 1620 S. 207th St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Castle Brook Builders, 1609 S. 207th Ave., $60,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Rohrig, Jeffre, 1609 S. 207th Ave., $70,000.

Jones, Shade A. and Heller, Michelle A. to Triplett, Zachary M., 1411 N. 208th St., $214,900.

Home Co. to Milan, Rosalyn A., 1403 N. 194th Circle, $325,000.


Furrow Properties to Peyton, Paul, 6324 Decatur St., $30,000.

Kerary Investments to Howell, Patrick M., 6120 Pinkney St., $80,000.

Bowens, Lovenia D. to RKCK LLC, 5614 Spaulding St., $55,000.

Langfeldt, Brett and Jennifer to Ethridge, Russell J., 5512 N. 57th Ave., $95,000.

Anderson, Caleb, and Jessica to Moo, Sah B. and Hser, Paw K., 4920 Manderson St., $85,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Anderson, Caleb and Jessica, 4920 Manderson St., $50,000.

Emery, Rose B. and Vincent R. to Douglas Sarpy Investments, 3015 N. 45th St., $31,000.

Furrow Properties to Peyton, Paul, 2608 N. 70th St., $36,500.


Mandl, Drew M. to Brower, Beau S., 4385 Mason St., $148,750.

Midtown Properties to Dibar Enterprises, 3518 Jones St., $125,000.

Midtown Properties to Dibar Enterprises, 3515 Jones St., $45,000.

Wrieth, Lindsay J. to Lampe, Andrew, 2150 S. 34th St., $99,000.

Cizek, Edward J. IV and Crystal to Owens, Scott and Tammi, 2118 S. 38th Ave., $129,000.

Maxco Inc. to White Cobra Investments, 1002 S. 30th Ave., $60,000.


Lesenberg, Louise E., personal representative, to Krause, Paul F., 623 S. 50th Ave., $82,500.

Nielsen, Adam C. and Emily T. to Its In The Bag LLC, 6215 Pacific St., $150,000.

Hess, Aubrey M. and Corey to Bauer, Andrew G. and Ashley A., 6012 Walnut St., $179,000.

Western Finance and OM 5529 Pine Trust to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 5529 Pine St., $76,000.

Tower Grove Investments to Little, Daniel J., 4848 Hickory St., $205,000.

Slunicko, Suzanne and Fueller, Michelle to McCloskey, Jerry and Candy, 3722 S. 48th St., $110,000.

Santos, Yolanda M. to Streeter, Troy D., 1943 S. 62nd St., $135,242.

Radniecki, Sarah and Kimbrough, Christopher to Crawford, Maxwell, 1334 S. 55th St., $105,000.


3103 LLC to Atlas Enterprises, 5008 S. 39th St., $88,000.

Whetstone, Mary to Moreno, Marlen J., 4143 X St., $97,000.

Mende, Austra, personal representative, to Martinez, Javier D., 1712 O St., $60,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Joe Real Estate Ventures, 1502 Drexel St., $47,000.


Knox, Randall J. and Lesley M. to Sudar, Dasha and Nenad, 1726 S. 14th St., $100,000.


Vandelay Investments to Fleetwood Investments, 4212 Browne St., $32,900.

Lollar, Paula A., personal representative, to Salter, Matthew B., 3936 N. 37th St., $22,000.

U.S. Bank to Sautter Properties, 3728 Hartman Ave., $22,500.

Andersen, Richard D. Trust to Canterbury, Troy L. and Barth, Allison R., 3510 Parker St., $60,000.

Brown, Agnes and Daniels, Lois J. to Davis, Mitchell, 2581 Evans St., $31,000.


Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Anderson, Caleb and Jessica, 9510 N. 31st St., $88,000.

Burgess, Kelly J. to Rice, Spencer, 3124 Willit St., $95,000.


Rossi, Charles C. and Karen K. to Lanum, Wade and Nicole, 911 N. 89th Circle, $295,000.

Lee, Sabrina G. to Smith, Timothy and Christine, 7614 Charles St., $67,000.

Siref, Steve, trustee for Ferer, Aaron to Pace, Ryan E., 1907 N. 102nd St., $272,000.


Charleston Homes to Sanford, Todd C. and Adrianna J., 5515 N. 153rd St., $336,893.

Khan, Azam and Zahir, Sidra to Langfeldt, Brett and Jennifer M., 5410 N. 151st Circle, $234,900.

Deutsch Bank to SKG Properties, 4662 N. 155th Ave., $114,111.

Inciarte, Douglas J. and Balza, Marisela to De La Vega, Luis, 4644 N. 155th Ave., $139,000.

Horwich, Mark and Sarah to Kuk, Sheena M., 4231 N. 163rd Ave., $213,000.

Edwards, Anthony R. and Karolina to Neumann, Andrea K., 3002 N. 150th St., $160,000.

Ramm Construction to Fitch, Kyle and Jennifer, 2726 N. 178th St., $65,000.

Wielgus, Paul R. and Beverly L. to Mattson, Benjamin A. and Katie J., 2711 N. 145th Ave., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hiykel, Joseph J., 17425 Redman Ave., $282,800.

Celebrity Homes to Smith, Heather L., 17214 Grand Ave., $197,000.

Peters, Kenneth R. to Johansen, Kenneth and Mary P., 16060 Spencer St., $74,000.

Peters, Jeanne A. to Johansen, Kenneth and Mary P., 16060 Spencer St., $74,000.

Beyerink, Cynthia R. and Thomas D. to Bower, Rahn and Christie, 16004 Fowler Ave., $228,000.

Briggs, William J. and Loretta D. to Paulson, Clinton M. and Katie M., 15215 Vernon Ave., $248,000.


Miji, Abdikadir and Haji, Naima to Currin, Christopher and Julie, 312 N. 160th St., $210,000.

O’Brien, Debbie C. and Timothy K. to Bolt, Michael G. and Connie Trust, 1725 N. 162nd St., $227,000.

Rockwell Omaha to Simpson, John G., trustee for Simpson, Sherman D. Trust, 17121 Marcy St., $400,000.

Watts, Ronald E. and Nancy A. to Cole, William W. and Petersen, Crystal, 15715 Capitol Ave., $245,000.

Pink Properties to Revord, Stephanie R., 15678 Hamilton St., $150,000.


Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I, 8823 N. 81st Ave., $93,500.

Rogers Construction to Johnson, Marlyn, 8546 Sheffield St., $115,315.

Rogers Bros Inc. to Rogers Construction, 8546 Sheffield St., $23,000.

Yuan, Yang and Jing to Pounds, Chelsea, 7969 Bondesson St., $129,300.

Dehart, David W. and Rebekah L. to Munch, Michael and Kendall R., 7414 N. 73rd Circle, $135,000.

Martinez Morfin, Primitivo and Morfin, Mariana to Akasheh, Zeid and Haddad, Rula, 7410 N. 73rd Circle, $131,000.

Morris, Amy J. and Zachary M. to Sanchez, Adam P., 7005 Irvington Road, $160,000.

Dick, Justin D. and Veronica J. to Reyes, Kimberly, 7004 N. 89th Ave., $150,000.

Celebrity Homes to Boger, Michael D. and Darcy R., 6953 N. 90th St., $142,900.


Gage, Peter Jr. and Corrine K. to Van Pelt Investments, 7930 Grover St., $128,000.

Elliott, Jacqueline B., trustee for Elliott, Clarice J. Trust to Jackson, Todd and Mamie, 3630 S. 91st St., $105,000.

Shemwell, James E. and Debra K. to Gorton, Richard D. and Candace M. Trust, 3324 S. 107th Ave., $150,000.


Van Fleet, Winifred G. to Culbertson, Dale, 9005 S Circle, $145,000.

Hanel, Mona R. to Koubek, Cody, 8722 Ohern St., $130,000.

Foxworthy, William F. and Lois Trust to Zelensky, Michael S., 5417 S. 104th Ave., $149,000.

Zelensky, Karen M. to Forbes, Trevor and Wolz, Samantha, 10766 Nancy Circle, $155,000.


Proline Custom Homes to White, Kurt J. and Jeanna A., 3829 S. 192nd Ave., $322,737.

Simonsen, Eileen B. to Nickerson, Michaela R. and Joel F., 20009 Nina St., $257,000.

Brumm, Bruce H. and Patricia A. to Zeller, Alex M. and Brumm, Kristen M., 18757 Atlas St., $345,000.

Dzikiti, Jennie M. and Daniel to Johnson, Jay D., 18305 Nina St., $325,000.

Evans, Christopher T. and Janna E. to Lin, Yanliang and Xinyu, 17340 Poppleton Ave., $242,500.

Hickman, Elizabeth to Fitzsimmons, Lisa B., 16367 Poppleton Ave., $183,000.

Becker, Jacquelyn L. to Harm Holdings, 16010 Wright Plaza, $93,500.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 16006 Wood Drive, $136,000.

Nilles, Robert G. and Kathy S. to Ancona, Michael J. and Susan K., 1308 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $435,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Legacy Ventures I, 1273 S. 165th Ave., $106,500.


Adler, Bernice E., personal representative, to Brayfield, Stephen N. and Jill A., 915 Hillcrest Drive, $168,000.

Akron Properties to Omaha Opportunity Fund, 4633 Douglas St., $180,000.

Grow, Jonathan L. and Patty A. to Hess, Aubrey and Corey, 110 S. 52nd St., $435,000.


Collins, William J. Trust to Varga, David, 9717 Ohio St., $65,000.

Young, Kenneth G. and Andrea L. to King, Edward L. III and Brittney L., 9510 Sprague St., $152,000.

Grindstaff, Philip J. and Shirley to Devers, Rondo, 6412 N. 79th St., $118,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 3705 N. 101st St., $119,000.

Locher, Thomas Tr. to Sortino Asset Management, 3516 N. 101st St., $78,000.

McClellan, Lois M. to Stewart, Jamie L. and David L., 2321 N. 79th St., $67,000.


Rhodes, Sean L. and Laura J. to Osmer, Jason J. and Jenette A., 6545 S. 170th Ave., $281,000.

Clausen, Scott M. and Amanda M. to Hospodka, Joel L. and Jennifer L., 6408 S. 165th Ave., $160,000.

Cauble, Jeffrey S. to Boyd, Terry S., 5006 S. 171st Circle, $260,000.

Larm, Stephanie A. to Stewart, Kurtis R. and Sarah E., 4310 S. 179th St., $127,500.

Schultz, Jordan L. and Heather L. to Clausen, Scott M. and Amanda M., 4307 S. 202nd Ave., $240,000.

Beacon, Kimberly A. to Horak, Dillon, 19413 V St., $161,000.

Engdahl, Jeff M. to Hess, Michaela M., 19119 Adams St., $142,000.

Queen, Justin R. and Jorgensen, Amanda R. to Keyes, Matthew W. and Cheri L., 18960 Cinnamon St., $152,000.

Teut, Tami M. to Marvin, Alan M. and Hanna J., 18932 U St., $145,000.

McWhirt, Sean D. to ECEE Enterprises, 18739 T St., $138,500.


Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 6111 S. 135th St., $146,000.

Landaw, Carmella R. and Miles I. to Autism Center of Nebraska, 5080 Magnolia St., $125,750.

Le, Thanh Q. and Nguyen, Thu X. to Calabretto, Diana, 4917 S. 121st St., $125,000.

Sibson, Jesse D. and Rachel L. to Whalen, Carol, 15118 Madison St., $123,000.

Sarmiento, Valentin M. and Maldonado, Kristina M. to Yang, Xiao S., 14832 N St., $150,000.

Farnan, Benjamin M. and Nichol to Renn, Jean A. and Richard M., 13563 W Circle, $160,000.

Taylor, Sherry L. to Willenborg, Brett, 13562 W Circle, $156,000.

Jones, Tyler A. and Kate E. to Petersen, Nicholas and Brianna, 12468 Woodcrest Drive, $195,000.

Walker, Tara M. and Brown, Hilary A. to Stodola, Eric and Peng, Yuye, 11649 Drexel St., $155,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Neal, Donald J. Jr. and Lakisha L., 7608 N. 116th St., $259,365.

Celebrity Homes to Webster, Jason D., 7513 N. 142nd St., $229,500.

Celebrity Homes to Olsen, Eric E. and Lori A., 7103 N. 139th St., $212,100.

Celebrity Homes to Thelen, Jena L., 14206 Wyoming St., $166,400.

Celebrity Homes to Luedtke, Brandy A., 14203 Weber St., $165,400.


Melton, Robert S. and Aimee to Marcuzzo, Michael, 3212 S. 120th St., $128,000.

Kingswood Estates to Homebuilders LLC, 3155 S. 133rd St., $41,900.

Davis, Harold A. to Fox, Orion K. and Stephanie, 2004 Mayfair Drive, $174,000.

McCaskill, Kevin P. to Knoll, Dale H. Jr. and Donna L., 15204 Pasadena Ave., $157,000.

Bosse, Jerome L. and Leona Trust to O’Connor, Kenneth W. and Theresa E., 14210 Woolworth Circle, $173,000.

Anderson, Gregory T. and Brandi to Weese, Jared and Christine, 13936 Pine St., $180,000.


Growth Equity Group to Robert Nelson Wells IRA, 15327 Douglas Circle, $163,000.

Homann, Derek B. and Jennifer L. to Swearingen, David M. and Tracy R., 15217 Harney Circle, $175,000.

Hollenbeck, Jeffrey S. to Allen, Matthew D. and Courtney A., 12111 Jackson St., $200,000.

Peter, Eugene W. Trust to Futhey, Carol, 11304 Harney Plaza Circle, $220,000.


U.S. Bank to KP3 Investors LLC, 4412 N. 142nd St., $200,000.



Gamble, Renee and Bryan to Gibson, Jayne, 1332 Camp Gifford Road, $250,000.

Li, Kevin K. and Rose C. to Daughtery, Rhonda E., 1702 Chaput Drive, $134,000.

Converse, Daniel W. and Julia L. to Ransom, Brad M. II and Aleah J., 1908 Madison St., $149,000.

Sales, Jeffery A. and Gina I. to Steinert, Michael, 3206 Jackson St., $136,000.


Milhan, Ronald R. and Sarah E. and Proline Custom Homes to Bruggeman, Matt R. and Ronda R., 11702 S. 201st St., $318,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Sherwood Homes, 19320 Robin Drive, $42,000.

Thamm, Tina and Dieter to Doggett, Daniel B. and Kimberly A., 20201 Oak St., $273,000.

Growth Equity Group to Tnarake Hackberry Drive LLC, 230 Hackberry Drive, $141,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Sherwood Homes, 8017 S. 192nd Ave., $42,000.


Pipes, David I. and Lara L. to Venteicher, Nickolas L. and Brandi N., 1002 Port Royal Drive, $230,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 1004 Mesa Circle, $121,000.

Muller, Bruce D. and Kathryn J. to Lewis, Michael F. and Sarah E., 1009 Fenwick St., $208,000.

McClure, Michael D. and Vieva M. to Davis, Justin W. and Sheila V., 1101 E. Cary St., $294,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Stevenson, Douglas H. and Victoria L., 12513 Cove Hollow Drive, $310,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design to Keepes, Kenneth P. and Christina M., 1805 Lakewood Drive, $333,000.

Renaldi, Laurena R. and Joseph M. to Thompson, Sarah A., 2302 S. River Rock Drive, $171,000.

Growth Equity Group to Gomez, Jose H. and Grasiela L., co-trustees for Gomez, Jose H. 401K PSP, 704 Hogan Drive, $173,000.

Lachner, Seth A. and Deborah D. to Stumpf, Erin L., 713 Laredo Circle, $145,000.

Hargrove, Travis M. and Tammy M. to Adams, Kyle and Donna, 901 S. Fillmore St., $197,000.

Woods, Beverly R. Trust to Pipes, David and Lara, 9305 Fairview Road, $418,000.


Johnson, Steven B. and Zielinski-Johnson, Elizabeth A. to Cecchini, Michael J. and Sizemore-Cecchini, Brittany M., 11420 S. 43rd St., $184,000.

Raab, Joe E. and Courtney K. to Hamilton, Matthew L. and Dulguun, 12701 Ridgewview Circle, $165,000.

Werner, Tiffany L. and Haack, Lindsay to Galloup, Robert L. and Melissa S., 13413 S. 33rd St., $160,000.

Yanez, Nicholas Jr. and Angel C. to Staebell, Alex, 2715 Morrie Drive, $230,000.

Brill, Wayne and Jeanetta-Brill, Phyllis to Hickman, Daniel M. and Robyn M., 2909 Lynnwood Drive, $184,000.

Rathman, Beth H. and Scarborough, David to Cruell, Damion and Jennifer, 2929 Leawood Drive, $155,000.

Bagley, Michael D. to Messer, Sara and Jonathan, 2939 Lone Tree Road, $165,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 3010 Coffey Ave., $116,000.

Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group and Stephen Johnson Traditional IRA, 3306 Granada Parkway, $132,000.

Barnes, Whitney J. and John P. to Seymour, Taylor N. and Kaleb J., 3354 Tammy St., $178,000.

Growth Equity Group to Provident Trust Group and Stephen Johnson Traditional IRA, 3410 Daniell St., $166,000.

Wall To Wall Properties LLC to Smith, Raymond, 3518 Glory Circle, $150,000.

Johnson, Vera, personal representative for Luskutoff, Naida M. to Clarke, David W. and KukNomi, 3718 Gayle Ave., $93,000.

Clearwater Falls to Sherwood Homes, 4808 Birchwood Drive, $46,000.

Butler, Clarence W. and Judy C. to Mathouser, Tobi A. and Matthew J., 10218 Emiline St., $283,000.


Petry, Robert J. and Angela M. to Teuton, Lynn S., 7025 Heartwood Road, $188,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 7410 Ivy Lane, $121,000.

Kruis, Anthony R. to Perkins, Jeffrey K. and Kimerly G., 7715 Cottonwood Ave., $130,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 7802 Cottonwood Ave., $121,000.

Weedman, Douglas J., trustee for Weedman, Ardes S. Trust to Gable, Marilyn D. and Daniel F. and Pease, Shirley, 9120 Granville Parkway, $290,000.


Bowen, Kendrick to Middleton, Michael D. and Juwarn V., 2008 Apollo Lane, $248,000.

Horizon Realty to Jordan, Joseph F. and Deborah A., 2103 Titan Springs Drive, $322,000.

Lynch, Dawn D. Trust to Locklear, Alfred W. and Amanda J., 4502 Mark St., $288,000.

Growth Equity Group to Santon, Joseph W. and Frances L., 711 Tupelo Lane, $219,000.


Wegener, Gene L. and Charlene M. to Hazeldine, Edward A., 14907 Versaille St., $150,000.


Barr Homes to Scholting, Trevor and Michelle A., 10611 S. 188th St., $358,000.

Celebrity Homes to Williams, Matthew K., 18920 Briar St., $228,000.

Dewitt, Anthony M. and Debra A. to Engdahl, Jeffrey M., 7609 S. 164th Circle, $245,000.

Home Building Consultants to Farnan, Benjamin and Nichol, 7807 S. 173rd St., $262,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Schnebel, Gary L. and Sandra L., 7934 S. 162nd St., $213,000.


Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 12719 Emiline St., $121,000.

Hay, Michelle, personal representative for Eyeston, Joan M. Estate to Hulke, Collin and Lauren E., 13709 Lillian St., $164,000.

Jones, Donald W. and Gwalthney-Jones, Annette to Fisher, Raymond A. and Sherry D., 13908 Gertrude Circle, $193,000.

Moore, Matthew E. and Tanda K. to Barnett, Anne, 14517 Borman St., $137,000.


Sopinski, Martha M. and Harter, Amy J., co-trustee for Wolf, Ernest F. Trust to Swanson, Linda R., 3502 Sherwood Drive, $120,000.

Tilley, Janet S. to Heller, Christopher, 3629 Emiline St., $85,000.

Glasgow, Cynthia, personal representative for Becker, Mary A. to R & B Properties, 7512 S. 43rd St., $90,000.

Nelsen, Krystal K. and Donald A. to Yanez, Nicholas and Angel C., 9311 Spring Creek Drive, $330,000.



MAC Investments and Old Investments to Shonka, Edward J., 3506 Fourth Ave., $81,000.

MAC Investments and Old Investments to Lantis, Megan, 3450 Fifth Ave., $69,500.

Surpassets LLC to Shay, Donald A. and Dorothy J., 2606 S. 18th St., $128,000.

Gallner, Michael to KAD 360 LLC, 803 Third Ave., $180,000.

Bank of New York to Husa, Dee, 1903 S. Seventh St., $73,500.

Feekin, Donald R. and Judith A. to M & R Capital, 1631 Eighth Ave., $47,000.

Mueller, Christopher and Dawn J. to Sulley, Jake, 2003 S. 12th St., $32,000.

Hansen, Nancy M. to Ottesen, Ian C. and Megan M., 2807 Twin City Drive, $110,000.

Neuman, Paul to Danker, Albert D. and Paula, 4614 Apache St., $50,000.

Barker, Connie L. and Dorcee A. to Bresley, Misty L. and Yochum, James A., 2814 Ave. B, $155,000.

Holder, Patricia A. to Grantski, Mary K. and Walt E., 2306 Ave. B, $82,000.

Lee, Patricia E. to Robey, Margaret and Travis, 1124 23rd St., $140,500.

Western Iowa Land Development to Smart, Lona M., 213 Kestrel Court, $173,000.

Davis, Loretta K. to Davis, Jeffrey M., 2328 Ave. I, $111,500.


Plagge, Michael and Michele to Elsea, Charles J. and Kristi L., 17709 Newberry Circle, $375,000.

Buckentine, Adam R. to Gunzenhauser, Dawn M. and Nicholas A., 360 Steven Circle, $142,000.

Kutchara, Joel M. and Ma R. to Hodges, Donna F., 300 Benton St., $115,500.

Smith, Matthew T. and Tracy L. to Raszler, Kathleen, 113 Rosebud Lane, $120,500.

United Credit Union to Edmonds, Justin, 110 Bluff St., $47,000.

Devine, Annette M. and Dennis P. Jr. to Loess Hills Properties, 722 E. Pierce St., $110,000.

Roundy, Consuelo M. to Christensen, Daniel K. and Paula D., 32 Wenwood Circle, $70,000.

Christensen, Paula D. to Tinley, Patrick E., 32 Wenwood Circle, $152,000.

O’Connor, Denise L. to SLAJ LLC, 1033 Washington Ave., $49,500.

Williams, Aaron M. and Dana M. to Tidiane, Cheryl, 4816 Oneida Circle, $235,000.

Thomas, Gilbert L. to Meyer, Ben and Tamara, 29 Norwood Drive, $285,000.

Burgett, Keith E. and Marcia L. to Palser, Christina A. and Darrel L., 300 Kingsridge Drive, $275,000.

HBI LLC to Red Surfer LLC, 18250 Northline Drive, $90,000.


Feekes Family Trust to Dammann, Darwin C. and Elizabeth A., 417 W. Jack Frost St., Avoca, $82,000.


Woods, Cory J. to Boswell, Benjamin L., 23 Holst St., Treynor, $79,500.

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