Stratford Park Development to Prairie Homes, 9114 N. 169th Ave., $40,500.

Stratford Park Development to Legenza, Jonathan and Tara, 17405 Timberline Circle, $42,000.

Waterford Development to De Boer, John P. and Alice E., 14806 Iowa Circle, $65,000.

Combalecer, Renante J. and Venus R. to Williams, Kee A. and Rebecca J., 15362 Mormon St., $134,000.

Scobee, Brian L. and Angie to Schaefer, Nick and Thonen-Schaefer, Debra, 8111 N. 153rd Ave., $155,000.

Chaganti, Venkata N. to Bassick, James M. and Megan A., 7922 N. 153rd St., $193,000.

Baumgart, Caley L. and Lindsy M. to Scobee, Brian L., 9007 N. 157th St., $243,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Christiansen, Brian and Rebeca, 15041 Cherry St., $251,035.

Posekany, Jeffery and Lori to Billner, William J. III and Julie W., 8115 N. 163rd Ave., $275,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Bussey, Ricky L. Jr. and Melanie R., 16013 Young St., $282,144.


Gottsch Land Co. to Dreier, Libby A., 20506 Yort St., $37,900.

FRK Development to Pine Crest Homes, 19010 Pratt Circle, $49,900.

Pacific Windgate II to Paradise Homes, 1705 S. 210th St., $50,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Landmark Performance Corp., 1702 S. 207th St., $50,000.

ER-North Development to Showcase Homes, 1801 N. 196th St., $59,000.

TruVision Custom Homes to Gove, Brian W. and Wendy A., 1602 S. 221st Circle, $85,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Belt Construction Co., 2363 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Goeser, Diane C. Trust to Schneider, Tami R., 20220 Gateway Road, $117,000.

Hamilton, Jeffrey P. and Angie to Beam, Brianna, 21312 Palomino Road, $130,000.

Farnham, Dan L. and Jean C. to Lundy, Allen E., 3321 N. Main St., $135,000.

Precision Properties Group to Fedde, Kenneth E. and Lucinda J., 20018 Pearl St., $168,000.

Mullins, Douglas E. and Lynette E. to Vang, Gena, 3452 Piney Creek Drive, $243,000.

Pearce Construction Group to Dynasty Homes, 831 S. 185th St., $255,500.

Beller, Daniel J. and Becky J. to Murnan, Jeffrey R. and Joanna, 4014 N. 207th St., $261,750.

Charleston Homes to Svoboda, Nicholas I., 4810 N. 208th Ave., $268,572.

Moulton, Stephanie A. and Robin L. to Pei, Bing and Qian, Lu, 521 S. 188th Avenue Circle, $269,000.

Sibbernsen, Andrew D. and Christina M. to Ketcham, Laurel and Kyle, 20119 Chicago St., $277,000.

Sattem, Donald W. Trust to Liang, Yan, 18251 Farnam St., $325,000.

Schlosser, Kenneth W. and Patty Trust to Smith, Timothy E. and Margaret L., 21216 Arbor Court, $342,500.

Woodland Homes to Young, Alexander G., 4702 N. 192nd Avenue Circle, $373,000.

Kronaizl Investments to Sharko, Dmytro and Taraschenko, Olha, 19620 Parker St., $407,500.

Whit Smith Construction to Johannes, James D. and Susan M., 1165 S. 212th Circle, $437,300.


Spier, Kevin M. to Aulton, James R. and Ford, Diana J., 110 W. Meigs St., $118,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Clark, Susan M., 5706 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Bergmeier, Jay, 29105 Laurel Circle, $300,000.


Century Development to Malibu Holdings, 159 S. 243rd St., $82,500.

Century Development Co. to Luxe Design Co., 807 S. 243rd St., $87,500.


Hillebran, David W. and Jacqueline L. to Simon Holdings, 3520 N. 47th Ave., $40,000.

U.S. Bank and Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Biggs, Cristina, 3854 N. 65th Ave., $54,000.

Western Financial and OM 6912 Kansas Ave Trust to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 6912 Kansas Ave., $66,000.

Victory Investments to Kona Properties, 2922 N. 49th St., $67,000.

Deutsche Bank to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 2008 N. 48th Ave., $67,840.

Money, Kristan E. to Bush, Renae B., 3129 N. 48th St., $75,000.

Self LLC to Htoo, Ta M. and May, Ma C., 4770 Jaynes St., $88,000.

Inns, Laura B. to Palmisano, Victoria M. and Anthony R., 2762 N. 49th St., $95,000.

Simons, Constance E. to Lawler, Jeffrey W., 5406 Seward St., $167,000.

Cavico, Anthony and Czajhowska, Ada K. to Jones, Jeffrey M. and Gisele C., 2004 N. 52nd St., $200,000.


Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group, 1029 S. 42nd St., $28,000.

Woosley, Joyce E. to Legge, Douglas and Heather A., 3560 Jackson St., $40,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group to Martin, Kathy L., 1029 S. 42nd St., $60,000.

Sullivan, Teresa to Garcia, Christopher and Nelson, Yuriko, 3636 Oak St., $74,000.

ABNS LLC to Ackley, Thomas F., 2410 S. 41st St., $100,000.

Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Reyes, Uhlices A. and Peres, Janet M., 1314 S. 30th Ave., $136,000.


Bel Fury Investments Group to Bradley, Duane and Nancy, 5534 Mayberry St., $60,000.

Bergstrom, Debra R. to Stratton, Benjamin D. and Baucke, Beth A., 6190 Walnut St., $103,000.

Drear LLC to Henkel, Amber, 1932 S. 50th Ave., $129,900.

Vanecek, Valerie S. to Fenwick, Matthew W. and Bonnemaison, Mathilde, 5141 Woolworth Ave., $133,000.

Everhart, Kyle S. and Kristin to Scott, Nikki and McGlade, Jacob, 5515 Pierce St., $167,500.


Janousek, Josephine M., personal representative, to Alberto, Avalos D., 5111 S. 21st St., $74,000.

Casebeer, Titus L. and Amber L. to Garcia, Christopher and Nelson, Yuriko, 6618 S. 31st St., $80,000.

Emmanuel Realty to Contreras, Dulce M. and Pascual, Erik T., 4821 S. 19th St., $100,000.


Barben, Kristin M., trustee for Estes, M. Diane Estate to Orta, Carolina G., 420 Valley St., $45,800.

Sneed, Robert L. Jr. to Weaver, Hanna R., 1610 Elm St., $50,000.

Garza, Jose and Massiel to Degante, Joaquin, 2935 S. Fourth St., $110,000.

Sheehan, Donna J. and Dennis D. to KCCT LLC, 2010 Martha St., $190,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Chism, Teairra L., 3912 N. 21st St., $122,100.


Marshall, George L. Jr. to Habitat For Humanity of Omaha, 2572 Evans St., $20,000.

Strong, Shane E. and Laura K. to Carazo, Julio and Sara M., 2418 Ohio St., $48,000.


Fanning, Dustin H. to Meador, Alexandria Q., 3417 Ernst St., $74,000.

Hromek, Robert A., trustee for Hromek, Ruth H. Trust to Bittner, Gary D. and Sherry L., 7721 N. 36th St., $80,000.


Gabrielle, Rose M. to JKP Properties, 7720 Western Ave., $68,000.

Ketcham, Laurel E. and Kyle to Ding, Hongfen, 725 N. 75th St., $150,000.

Murphy-Weaver, Donna K. to Kiefer, William F. and Kathleen M., 110 N. 87th St., $160,000.


Marasco PC to Silverthorn Custom Homes, 16364 Lothrop Circle, $39,900.

Castle Creek Development to Dreamscape Homes and Fools Inc., 5904 N. 154th St., $43,950.

Castle Creek Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 5804 N. 152nd St., $43,950.

Liss, Kyle E. and Sarah A. to Hoberg, Adam M., 17180 Ruggles St., $158,500.

Marshall, Chad E. to Konajeski, Scot and Jill, 16503 Meredith Ave., $175,000.

Levermann, Sandra J., trustee for Croft, Ewing T. and Betty Joint Trust to Meinecke, Barbara A., 15363 Burdette St., $176,000.

Zuke, Randall D. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 16423 Ames Ave., $185,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Johnson, Janis A., 16423 Ames Ave., $185,000.

Bernstein, Eric and Theresa R. to Justice, Adam J., 2417 N. 155th St., $186,000.

Hall, Jesse A. and Terah R. to Baumgart, Caley and Lindsy, 14901 Spaulding St., $186,400.

Bonilla, Francisco and Carmen to Rowand, Corey C., 14830 Spaulding St., $191,500.

Sutton, Shawn T. and Cynthia Trust to Zarei-Bidmeshki, Malihe, 16270 Patrick Ave., $196,500.

Grimes, Royce and Brittney to Armstrong, Gregory S. and Leah M., 17586 Taylor St., $205,900.

Sather, Andy and Amy to Whitman, Michael and Rebeka, 4322 N. 163rd St., $206,000.

Kogele, Patricia A. to Maysles, Beth M., 15707 Sahler St., $218,000.

Celebrity Homes to Winter, John G., 17408 Redman Ave., $244,800.

Cheloha, John A. and Leigh R. to Garcia, Cesar A. and Jeanie E., 2419 N. 149th St., $262,000.

Richland Homes to Harvey, Peter and Francois-Harvey, Hansy K., 15313 Kansas Ave., $266,255.

Fools Inc. to Darwin, Edward M. and Johnson, Valerie L., 6001 N. 152nd Ave., $274,294.

Trademark Homes to Kozeny, Jonathan and Jessica, 2717 N. 179th St., $280,660.

Wardlow, Jenny D. to Smith, Benjamin C. and Culwell, Karley A., 4322 N. 176th Ave., $294,000.

Firoz, Muhammad N. and Kanwal to Meyers, James S. and Nicole R., 6416 N. 158th St., $296,000.

Adams, Todd W. and Brittany N. to Hill, Lance A. and Tiffany L., 17209 Emmet St., $315,000.


Lucas, John C. and Theresa L. to Cronican, Luann, 5621 S. 47th St., $43,250.

Damme, Patrick R. and Melissa L. to Nunn, Devaute and Myiesha, 5924 S. 50th St., $115,000.


Carpenter, Terry A. and Eric to Athipatla, Ravikanth and Peram, Roja, 1750 N. 175th Plaza, $129,000.

Siref-Simons, Linda D. to Behm, Byron, 1847 N. 175th Court, $134,900.

Fonda, Greg W. and Adrienne to Hughes, Jade and Janssen, Ariel, 15665 Marcy St., $232,000.

Hardy, Nicole R. and Steven T. to Redbird Group, 908 S. 177th Circle, $266,000.

McAlpine, David L. to Augustus, Laura and Cody, 426 S. 158th Ave., $271,000.

Malloy, Timothy R. and Carver, Jaime L. to DuPree, Edwin W., 16644 Jones St., $295,554.

Urban, Joshua A. and Amy M. to Rosenberry, Carrie L. and Nicholas P., 16706 Marcy Circle, $385,000.


Worley, Melvin O. to Hohn, Sondra K. and Nicole E., 7716 Mary St., $48,000.

Thomas, Allen R. and Martha M. to Subba, Mangal and Oma, 8328 Weber St., $137,500.

Graalfs, Brandon and Danielle to Wedberg Gregg D. and Patricia R., 6980 N. 88th St., $140,000.

Bassick, James M. and Megan A. to Demerly, Rachel K. and Ethan S., 7420 Hanover St., $142,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Oliver, Joshua D. and Katelyn D., 8630 N. 81st Ave., $145,000.

Olson, Sandra L., personal representative, to Karpf, Charles T. Jr. and Margaret, 6505 N. 105th Ave., $147,500.

Dabelstein, Linda L. to Hicks, Richard and Louann, 8024 Weber Plaza, $149,000.

Snook, Daniel J. and Tami L. to Paudel, Saraswati and Dhruba R., 7704 N. 107th St., $160,000.

Redick, John C. and Proescholdt, Jennifer K. to Tamang, Dawa and Kewal, 7401 N. 88th St., $175,000.

Harper, Nickolas J. and Maelyne A. to White, Regina K., 7514 N. 106th Ave., $176,750.


Lucks, Verna K. to Graham, Kierstin R. and Ethan J., 3321 S. 79th St., $158,000.

McGlade, Jacob M. to Filbrandt, Daniela and Jeffrey R., 2219 S. 88th St., $290,000.

Freeman, Robert W. and Kristen S. to Chocolaad, Christopher A., 1130 S. 99th Circle, $385,000.


Flowers, Michael J. and Consuelo M. to Mejia, Carlos, 4709 S. 99th Circle, $139,000.

Curran, Kenneth J. to Seffron, Gerald L. Jr., 8454 Lakeview Drive, $149,500.

Wer, Joann E. Trust to Patten, Scott S. and Mary K., 10544 O St., $167,500.


Reynolds, Jerry L. and Rita B. to Kellogg, Monica L., 3304 S. 158th St., $132,250.

Ganer, Ronald S. Trust to DeVere, Brandon D. and Lauren R., 16641 Frederick Circle, $290,000.

Kinsler, Evelyn, personal representative, to Daday, James J. and Elizabeth A., 1708 S. 189th Court, $300,000.

FTF LLC to Hartz, Todd E. and Barbara C., 17518 William Circle, $332,500.

Fischetto, Barry C. and Victoria A. to LaCrosse, Benjamin T., 4005 S. 177 St., $605,000.

Sutter, David T. and Amber J. to Christoffersen, David A. and Cynthia K., 3552 S. 203rd Circle, $625,000.

Schutte, Dara L. Trust to Westfall, Ryan and 3939 S 179, 3939 S. 179th Terrace, $714,250.


Miserez, Clara to TAB LLC, 3424 Davenport St., $70,000.


McIntyre, Donna L., personal representative, to Rinn, Kevin, 1306 N. 50th Ave., $60,000.

Duester, Megan M. to Parde, Teresa L. and Balfour, Christopher N., 6109½ Charles St., $120,000.

Metschke, Ron A. and Kimberly B. to Cole, Kevin and Austin, 1101 N. 50th Ave., $150,000.

Dohmen, Amy E. and Theodore P. to Bishop, James L. Jr., 6119 Lafayette Ave., $151,000.

Metz, Anthony and Diane B. to Garcia, Crystal E. and Jacob N., 319 S. 51st St., $175,000.


Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to H & S Partnership, 4629 N. 95th St., $38,312.

Wells Fargo Bank to Molnar Investments, 7864 Vernon Ave., $90,200.

Kohles, Ronald to Kohles, Daniel P. and Barbara A., 7862 Ames Ave., $132,000.

Campbell, Linda K. Trust to Welchen, Teresa N., 7948 Curtis Ave., $132,500.

Burmeister, Seth and Kimberly to Koch, Sandra, 2812 N. 99th St., $157,500.

Holstein, Donald F. Trust to Schinck, Chris and Fay, 10644 Fowler Ave., $173,000.


Whitehawk Development to Richland Homes, 4620 S. 193rd St., $35,550.

HBI LLC to Montoya, Jhoan and Ana, 4979 S. 157th Circle, $122,500.

Malesa, Tracie to Malesa, Tracie L. and Edgerton, Kevin S., 6613 S 185th Ave., $133,500.

Tedrick, Jason E. to Ecee Enterprises LLC, 18908 T Circle, $139,500.

Devore, Jared R. to Troutman, Kirk D., 5635 S. 190th Terrace, $161,000.

Osmer, Jason J. and Jenette A. to Ludwick, Caleb D., 18803 Cinnamon St., $165,000.

Jacobsen, William T. and Vivian K. to Mathre, Dale R., 5025 S. 163rd St., $168,000.

Hood, K.R. and Renee to Parkhill, Kyle P. and Brianna K., 5113 S. 194th St., $169,000.

Hartz, Todd E. and Barbara C. to FTF LLC, 4954 S. 193rd St., $170,000.

Celebrity Homes to Molina, Sara J., 19619 R St., $172,050.

Legacy Ventures I to Jones, Jason M., 16522 Riggs St., $172,500.

Molai, Nofel and Cori to Fiet, David A. Jr. and Joyce L., 6210 S. 167th Ave., $176,000.

Li, Kit K. and Seu Y. to Messan, Emile, 6214 S. 167th Ave., $195,000.

Christiansen, Kristine K. to Richtarik, Doris A. and Johnson, Patrice A., 16292 Holmes St., $223,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Conway, Bernard J., 6104 S. 193rd St., $263,361.

Celebrity Homes to Matthews, Jack R., 19852 K St., $265,600.

Celebrity Homes to Gurav, Yogesh and Gayatri, 19872 K St., $268,350.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Geiler, Jennifer J. and Matthew F., 6720 S. 185th Ave., $270,310.

Reher, Jeffrey P. and Elizabeth R. to Sather, Andrew P. and Amy L., 17215 Patterson Drive, $273,000.

Subat, Moreed and Munira to Hanmer, Nathan M. and Crystal B., 17521 Karen St., $275,000.

Woodland Homes to Addison, Jeffrey S. and Rebecca R., 19627 G Circle, $387,019.


Knecht, Lucile L. to Western Financial and OM 5035 Marshall Trust, 5035 Marshall Drive, $70,000.

Staack, Jacob and Melinda to Cornwell, Dallen and Kaitlyn, 14030 O St., $130,000.

Stalker, Lorraine A. Trust to Long, Ryan, 12666 O St., $145,000.

Dunne, Daniel J. and Kathleen J. to Casson, Julia A., 5712 S. 151st St., $149,000.

Usmanov, Daler and Akhmedova, Mavzuna to Gregg, Cheryl L., 11648 Drexel St., $151,500.

Jacobson, Sylvia B. and Beau A. to Aldana, Efren Jr., 6212 S. 109th Avenue Circle, $157,000.

Prugger, Daniel A. and Donna J. to Kinman, Jason L., 11324 Jefferson St., $163,000.

Perry, Julie A. and Kevin J. to Felstow, Joseph L. and Lori M., 11106 Madison St., $175,000.

Haakinson, Stephen J. and Melanie L. to Petzoldt, Scott M. and Bridgett E., 5611 Oak Hills Circle, $240,000.

Patten, Scott S. and Mary K. to Carpender, Chad D., 12824 Sky Park Drive, $245,000.


ADF Properties to Westergard, Mark A. and Jan L., 12711 Scott St., $35,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rai, Sangita and Lal, 14218 Wyoming St., $177,400.

Celebrity Homes to Layton, Emil C. and Elzway, Somayah M., 7206 N. 142nd Ave., $210,900.

Celebrity Homes to Gurung, Kishor and Rajesh, 7315 N. 142nd St., $217,600.


Volmer, Matthew F. and Gwendolyn L. to Bowes, Michael W., 3435 S. 126th Ave., $133,500.

Klabunde, Susan J. to Stodola, Jacob L. and Kelly C., 13404 Montclair Drive, $142,000.

Tobin, Matthew J. and Margo M. to Christensen, Andrew J. and Nichollette L., 12443 Westwood Lane, $145,000.

Barry, Michael T. to Long, Daniel L. Jr., 13915 Pine St., $163,500.

McMenamin, John to Taylor, Genny L., 15418 Shirley St., $205,000.


Kovar, Cyrill R. and Jessica G. to Telford, David J. Jr. and Amy J., 7038 Girard St., $220,000.

Campbell, John J. and Renee L. to Vacha, Sarah M., 8233 N. 47th St., $227,000.


McNeil, Joel T. to Vidal-Sierra, Matthew, 10809 Franklin St., $104,000.

CMS Mowing Service to Ackley, Thomas F., 621 S. 111th St., $105,000.

Sampson, Barbara L. and Sam G. to KBL Investments, 11133 Leavenworth St., $124,200.

Grace, Laura J. to Thomas, Ashley and Porter, Alyssa, 11022 Jones St., $135,000.

Henery, Brandon L. and Donna M. to Huffman, Stephen T. and Alisha A., 15371 Burt St., $165,500.

Fried, Marshall C. and Norma to Reeves, Kyle and Kara, 12665 Farnam St., $190,000.

Wilson, Yaravi L. and Joseph L. to Jones, James R. and Gretchen M., 12001 Douglas Circle, $230,000.

Jepson, Brett R. and Jennifer L. to Forsberg, Grant A. and Shawna L., 14005 Charles St., $615,000.


Boyd, Marlene K. to Western Financial and 6028 N 110 Trust, 6028 N. 110th Circle, $85,000.

Sevrench LLC to Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M., 2538 N. 130th St., $110,000.

LA Investment Group to Bullerman, Kyle E. and Kiara N., 12742 Fowler Circle, $125,000.

Bank of New York to Bads Investments, 11448 Nebraska Circle, $127,950.

Knowski, Larry to Owens, Kevin L., 11310 Corby St., $137,000.

Luther, Ann E. and Marshall, Pamela K. to Gratopp, Cole and Emily, 2715 N. 127th St., $147,500.

Forsyth, Nicholas and Boon, Tasha to Dales, Dustin and Pfeifer, Heather, 2225 N. 141st Ave., $150,000.

Loehr, Kristina and Jared W. to Dufek, Jonas J. and Brianna M., 5011 N. 114th St., $155,000.

Meyers, Nicole R. and James S. to Helt, Laura E., 12609 Fowler Ave., $165,000.

Trifecta Properties to Williams, Deontae M., 2233 N. 120th Ave., $165,800.

Waugh-Taylor, Mary E., personal representative, to Wieser, Ronald J., 2234 N. 128th Circle, $168,000.

Cleghorn, Sharon K. and Norman to Christensen, Donald, 14217 Huntington Ave., $175,000.

Blum, Jeffrey J. and Nancy A. to Roberts, Brandon S. and Kathy J., 5115 N. 138th St., $267,000.



Eaton, Dean R. and Donna J., co-trustees for Eaton 1990 Living Trust to Proline Ventures LLC, 2105 Van Buren St., $75,000.

Eaton, Dean R. and Donna J., co-trustees for Eaton 1990 Living Trust to Proline Ventures LLC, 1108 Hillcrest Drive, $75,000.

Kirlaine Properties to Warner, Steven, 2005 Winnie Drive, $79,000.

HBI LLC to Ruiz, Benjamin and Olga, 1405 Madison St., $89,000.

Hogenmiller, Stephen E., personal representative for Hogenmiller, Scott G. Deceased to Shapland, Gregory and Patricia, 2603 Hancock St., $96,000.

Glomb, Sean M. and Allison to Gundersen, Aaron J. and Urwin, Nicole M., 413 W. 30th Ave., $97,000.

Jensen, Misti N. to Sheldon, Sean and Bari, 108 Kirby Ave., $105,000.

Cunningham, Steven C. and Tiffany K. to Miller, Jonathan and Molly, 2512 Washington St., $116,000.

Wilcox, Christopher and Regan to Gorobchuk, Vladislav, 2907 Calhoun St., $119,000.

Buckley, Nadine Y. to Julsen, Allen J. and Michaela D., 2247 Franklin St., $120,000.

Holmes, Marlan and Rose Trust to Vessels, William K. and Amanda D., 2213 Lloyd St., $155,000.

Earsley, Philip D. and Kateryn P. to Blankenship, Michael, 1415 St. Joachin Court, $155,000.

Gray, Stephen M. to Frisbie, David I. and Glenda L, 1007 Julius Place, $155,000.


Boyer Young Equities XIV to Home Co., 19268 Robin Drive, $41,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Silverstone Building Co., 7916 S. 193rd Ave., $55,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV to Home Co., 8106 S. 194th St., $60,000.

Copper Ridge LLC to Zych Construction, 12245 Bobwhite Road, $115,000.

Legacy Homes to Mrsny, Bradley M. and Brittany L., 21319 Quarry Lane, $190,000.

Bruggeman, Matt and Ronda to McCallister, Brandon and Angela, 11308 S. 201st St., $226,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Menendez, Joseph C. Jr. and Cindy L., 20211 Crystal Ave., $228,000.

Richland Homes to Reed, Timothy J. and Bonnie L., 17052 Aurora St., $241,000.

FOOLS INC to Eubanks, Bradley S. and Amy N., 11907 S. 213th Ave., $262,000.

Charleston Homes to Kennell, Larry D. and Blair Kennell, Lisa A., 17018 Colleen Drive, $299,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Spaccarotella, Pamela L., 7914 S. 193rd St., $302,000.

Showcase Homes to Hellbusch, Jordan and Jennifer, 8013 S. 193rd Ave., $307,000.

Aurora Homes to Sodoro, Rosemary M., 8023 S. 193rd St., $312,000.

Myers, Thomas M. and Jennifer J. to Smyser, Phillip S. and Charla M., 19715 Bellbrook Blvd., $349,000.

Showcase Homes to Smith, Warren L. and Natasha L., 10625 S. 189th St., $354,000.


Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11706 S. 109th St., $48,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11520 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Lake View 126 to Woodland Homes, 12350 Windward Ave., $49,000.

Lake View 126 to Woodland Homes, 12320 Freeboard Drive, $49,000.

Lake View 126 to Woodland Homes, 12308 Windward Ave., $49,000.

Lake View 126 to Woodland Homes, 12304 Windward Ave., $49,000.

Lake View 126 to Woodland Homes, 10510 S. 125th St., $57,000.

Stokes, Lori and Wade to Thompson, James R., 503 E. Patton St., $100,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to ASA Properties, 306 Corral Circle, $106,000.

Dailey, Jason and Erica N. to Lootens, Michele S., 1103 Rawhide Road, $150,000.

Kerwin, James A. and Jessica to Ingram, Nichole, 2404 Walnut Creek Drive, $172,000.

Marsden, Scott to Alvarado, Matthew E. and Alison M., 2102 Quartz Drive, $214,000.

Timberline Homes to Burr, Justin J. and Drelicharz, Julianne, 12501 Cove Hollow Drive, $287,000.

Chandler, Billy D. and Cynthia K. to Ekeler, Christopher C. and Michelle M., 16507 Hilo Circle, $315,000.

Cerveny, Mary C. Trust to Marsden, Scott J. and Cheryl A., 7801 Molokai Drive, $320,000.

Miller, Annabeth D. and Drew to Eckhardt, Janna, 1904 Barrington Parkway, $325,000.

Dave Paik Builders to Gartner, Jeffrey L. and Monica M., 10358 S. 124th St., $325,000.

Kendel Homes Corp. to Stankiewicz, Anthony F. and Elba, 10317 S. 124th Ave., $325,000.

Woodland Homes to Eisenmenger, Patrick T. and Lindsay M., 12419 Osprey Lane, $367,000.


Christensen, Kevin C. and Pamela A. to Sarpy County Agricultural Society Inc., 90 Cedar St., $200,000.

Barr Homes to Oltman, Joseph and Andrea, 21662 S. 196th Circle, $452,000.

Downs, Ryan D. and Valerie W. to Spearman, Jay and Melissa, 16009 Cornish Road, $625,000.


Eaton, Dean R. and Donna J., co-trustees for Eaton 1990 Living Trust to Proline Ventures, 14911 Versaille St., $120,000.

Horak, Alex and Savannah and Mark and Kathy to McShannon, Shayla and Michael, 2303 Coventry Drive, $157,000.

Emblin, Sean J. and Pennelope A. to Nicarly Properties, 2921 Lynnwood Drive, $185,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kornegay, Montego B. and Mariechen A., 13714 S. 43rd Ave., $213,000.

Houdesheldt, Randal J. and Tami J. to Toel, Wayne F. and Toel-Wiese, Karen M., 1909 Arlington Circle, $215,000.

Sanders, Jervaughn L. and Wendy C. to Rettinger, Jason and Merideth, 14102 S. 18th St., $220,000.

McAllister, Brandon and Catherine A. to Crocker, Wayne, 9703 S. 26th Ave., $230,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Goodro, James D. and Katherine R., 2402 Spring Creek Drive, $354,000.


U.S. Bank to Bellino, Vincent, 7812 La Vista Drive, $118,000.

Giles Road No 2 LLC to Cookaroo Investments LLC, 10711 Chandler Road, $245,000.

Rotella, James M. and Becky L. to Sewell, Justin M. II and Destynie J., 7820 S. 93rd St., $293,000.


Muschall, Matthew S. to Aguilar, Martin A., 302 Sea Pines Drive, $150,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Hedgepeth, James B. and Leanne H., 4622 Brook St., $204,000.

Fisher, Raymond to Harman, Daniel C. and Jessica A., 610 Castle Pine Drive, $205,000.

Pacesetter Homes to Hertz, Roger D. and Patricia, 2304 Kara Drive, $238,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Schager, Dewey D. and Erin E., 2208 Alexandra Road, $246,000.

Wrice, Trampis and Jonna L. to Heinert, Thomas J. and Amber N., 114 Wilma Road, $275,000.

Sherwood Homes to Foiles, Jacob M. and Amanda M., 9404 S. 70th Ave., $300,000.

Mignon, Paul K. and Frances M. to Spiers, Andrew D. and Melody M., 7024 Beth Ave., $330,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Mickells, Thomas J. and Maureen K., 6902 Harvest Drive, $341,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Nguyen, Hieu and Gemma, 9054 S. 71st Avenue Circle, $377,000.


JMF LLC to Woita Homes, 17508 Summit Drive, $64,000.

JMF LLC to Grace Custom Homes Co., 11023 S. 175th St., $75,000.

Grace Custom Homes to Hubka, Wesley K. and Sonja M., 11023 S. 175th St., $80,000.

Mutual of Omaha Bank to Falcone, Lisa, 16707 Cheyenne Road, $95,000.

Baumgartner, Barrett and Rebecca to Hoser Inc., 17841 Lillian St., $104,000.

Smith, Jason E. and Kathleen M. to Morris, Joshua, 17618 Chandler Circle, $152,000.

Schneider, Diana L. to Johansen, Ashley D. and Hendrickson, Michael W. and Debra A., 16208 Heather St., $161,000.

Howe, Rodney E. and Teresa to Fendley, Teresa A. and Ronald J. Jr., 7922 S. 190th Ave., $170,000.

Dana, Brian P. and Sarah M. to Race, Ranae S., 8907 S. 163rd St., $197,000.

Celebrity Homes to Whitaker, Jo E., 7830 S. 190th Ave., $205,000.

Celebrity Homes to Brown, Jason and Danielle, 18907 Redwood St., $250,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Grow, Shane, 17009 Oakmont Drive, $251,000.

Jacoby, Jeffery P. and Kristin L. to Falcone, Jae and Laura, 7940 S. 171st St., $255,000.

Richland Homes to Muhle, Jason and Crystal, 9005 S. 169th St., $256,000.

Roth, Matt A. and Jessica S. to Dixon, Gary D. Jr. and Samantha A., 17232 Saga St., $276,000.

TruVision Custom Homes to Charvat, Frank and Carol, 17222 Colony Drive, $357,000.


Arellano, James D. and Pat to Sacco, Sam A., 8721 S. 138th St., $88,000.

Messan, Pauline and Emile to Rager, Michael and Kristan, 14011 Rose Lane Road, $131,000.

Jackson, Robert M. and Connie G. to Nelson, Mark A. and Wendy L., 13963 Meadows Parkway, $135,000.

Bacon, Nikki and Gary to Rector, Margaret L., 13418 Chandler St., $137,000.

Winter, Mark J. and Tracy M. to Furley, Chad W., 13963 Margo St., $166,000.

Knaub, Brenda L. and Mark to Moore, Tyler C. and Rachel C., 13909 Edna St., $195,000.

Ferrell, Derek and Lori to Lines, Raymond and Meloni, 15118 Edna St., $219,000.


Koons, Geri A. and Randall and Lisa to Garcia, Christopher and Nelson, Yuriko, 7621 Chandler Hills Drive, $78,000.

Vanhessche, Michael E. and Susan A. to Horak, Alex and Mark, 2106 Lucille Drive, $90,000.

Morrison, Irene B. to Bravo Rojas, Francisco, 7210 S. 40th St., $105,000.

Cross, Marla J. to Brookfield Relocation, 4102 Patricia Lane, $165,000.

Brookfield Relocation to Cook, Jeffrey and Mary A., 4102 Patricia Lane, $165,000.


Aldrich, Patricia A. and Dale L. to Stetzel, Sally A. and Westerberg, Josephine, 8603 S. 46th St., $129,000.

Noradki, Allyn to Schenkelberg, Steven E. and Gunia, Cynthia M., 8508 S. 46th Ave., $160,000.

Schneider, David R. and Tara to Martinez, Rosendo and Kira, 8421 S. 64th St., $179,000.

Shackelford, Aimee and William to Quiggle, Kyle and Sarah, 6451 Elm Hurst Drive, $193,000.



Delaney, Amber and Jeremy to Bottger, Linda M. and Clark, Richard D., 2901 Renner Drive, $130,000.

Citifinancial Servicing to Council Bluffs Development Corp., 2815 Ave. G, $28,500.

Danielsen, Fritrena R. and Richard V. and Mallory A. to Knutson, Kelsey M. and McCormick, Matthew D., 2818 S. 11th St., $113,000.

Stensrud, Cynthia E. and Gilbert to Hanwright, Jennifer and Mark, 2018 Ave. A, $109,500.

Petersen, Arthur G. to Buckentine, Adam R., 203 S. 35th St., $44,000.

Swanger, Morey C. and Tonya L. to Deutsche Bank, 2146 Seventh Ave., $55,500.


Seitz, Sheri J. to Sharp, Katherine M., 1541 Sunset Drive, $102,000.

Evanoff, Julie A. to Thorton, Carla S., 2817 Tara Hills Circle, $232,000.

LaFleur, Kelly and Philip to Carstensen, Jenna M. and Kevin J., 4809 Cedarbrook Drive, $232,000.

Bachman, Desirae T. and Gregory S. to Ferguson, Kelly, 619 Simms Ave., $194,000.

Schultz, Alfred E. and Megan to Vande Hoef, Christopher and Lindsey, 719 Lori Lane, $165,000.

Stander, Frank T. to Stander, Brooke M., 224 Jordan St., $108,000.

Fisher, Dixie L. and Wilbur R. to Torres, Carlos A., 118 N. Seventh St., $37,000.

Bellows, Karen L. and Michael D. to Witte, Barton A. and Rebecca A., 340 Kingsridge Drive, $242,500.


Larson, Jennifer L. to Johnson, Alicia K. and Brent, 20097 Magnolia Road, Crescent, $330,000.

Bruning, James A. to Larson, Jennifer L., 19464 Jefferson Ave., Crescent, $225,000.


Lynch, Michael J. to Schmid, Gregory L. and Jody M., 15379 Cornelia Lane, Missouri Valley, $93,500.

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